Aajonus May Have Faked His Death

As a recent primal dieter, I went to examine what really happened 6 years ago. Here I will give timestamps and quote the interview as well as write my thoughts in parenthesis as to why I think it's a story and why I think Aajonus faked his death.

Please watch the video along with the timestamps to see what I mean.

Overall comments


Lucky: this was the worse construction I've ever seen, ever. The boards were literally breaking, the pathway up to the lake.


Interviewer: and during your journey up there, you actually broke them just walking in

Lucky: I broke 2 boards.


Wasma looks at Lucky. Gives a big laugh. Lucky gives a look at Wasma.


Lucky: it was a hard place to survive in

Talking about Thailand.


Lucky: that's why I think he went to Phillipines

Interviewer: he liked phillipines, that was his thing

Wasma: says Aajonus wanted to build a healing center, like a resort in Thailand but didn't go as planned because it was very difficult.


Wasma: planning, but it doesn't go to the plan. He just stop everything. He just only the house for his stay over for when he in Thailand, you know


Interviewer: This conversation is more about him passing away


Interviewer: more likely in the world was it was accident, it is not a safe place.

Lucky: Nobody in the world would have been ever able to get in there and hurt him

That sounds like truth coming from Lucky, the way he says it, shuts down the assassination possibility.


Lucky: There's gates, remember we had locks on gates, you couldn't just drive in there, you could walk but it's a long walk

Wasma: I can't even remember how to get there


Lucky nods, looks down, looks nervous. Lucky and Wasma look at each other. Smiling, laughing? For a good 15 seconds. Were talking about looking at Aajonus' corpse and they are laughing and Lucky is smiling.


Wasma is trying really hard to purse her lips.


Cremated, ashes, no body. Left in Thailand at his house.


As interviewer talks about ashes, Wasma gives a big smile again.


Wasma looks away. They look at each other again at 10:51, like they both know something look, and smile, big smile. Remember we are talking about Aajonus' ashes here.


Interviewer: Maybe someday I will

Doesn't sound very emotional, just calm.


Lucky: You need somebody to help you find it, there's no addresses

Interviewer: I believe you


Interviewer: Lucky is this what you are looking for? To put this conversation at rest?


Interviewer: I lived with Aajonus, he was like a dad to me.


Interviewer: Look I believe this but need someone's eyes to see him. I was in communication with US state department, and us military, local congress people to make sure, verified by multiple sources, including people that were his patients and friends. Don't know what else you want, what else you looking for?

Looking for a body, xrays, photos.

Jim in the back: People called me when he died, people emailed me when he died saying what really happened, happened.


Interviewer: That's what really happened


Interview: So I wish it didn't happen, I wish we didn't have to have this conversation, I wish he could pop in to the frame right now but no he's not in Wisconsin or Arizona. Aajonus wouldn't keep silent if you paid him a million dollars a week. He would be loud, he would be somewhere right now, screaming, yelling and wanting everyone to throw him out.

Look at how they word it, saying how if Aajonus was still alive, he would be loud, trying very hard to convince you he's really dead.

Talks very calmly, he seems in on it.

At the end:

Interviewer: So it makes 0 sense that he just had enough of us all and that he hide some place

Now I know for sure the interviewer is in on it.

It makes complete sense. They brought up the possibility that he could be murdered, confidently says he wasn't. Brings up he could be hiding, they look away, ends the video.

More reasons for him to leave us

Ebrahim Rafatjah:

Yes it was hard for all of us. He lived mostly in LA and his clients were very close to him, especially when we had Rawesome club. As we all know he went through hell as a child and he had lots of darkness in his character. He didn't like people to disagree with him. In the last 2 years after the police raid at Rawesome he had lots of issues with us because we didn't agree with his decisions and broke relation with us and started suing us for stupid reasons. I had many private email with him and were keep telling him we are not his enemies but he couldn't let go his anger. Finally in the court he lost very bad and admit to his lies about us and for the first time I saw him letting go his past and not being a bully. I told that to James and he said he saw the same thing. 3 weeks after the court he had his accident and died. His death was after he finally let go the past and became a greater man. He completed his journey in his life as a great man and it was his time to go. He also completed his research on PD and left us so much to continue his work. When he had his accident the doctors told him they can save him but he will be paralyzed waist down. He agreed with them and refused the surgery. So he died for his cause and became a martyr. I knew him so well because I was filming him every 3 months for ten years and saw the changes he went through as a human being being. You will be very impressed with my films on his political life especially in the raid movie. I will post it on YT soon. Please share my clips with others. Many people were trying to trash him and my films prove them wrong and had I said in the video 2 minutes after he met me he gave me the right to film his story of saving his son and film his lectures. Right away he knew I was going to capture his private life.


Aajonus faked death in Thailand, ditched it and went to go live undisturbed in the Philippines

Motives for leaving the MATRIX

Note: This is speculation, anyone can believe what they want. After all, there is no public traceable evidence for either supporting argument. However with some experience in spotting deception, seeing the red flags in this interview, Rawesome ordeal aftermath and what his intelligence, position, motives, end goals were is what led me to my conclusion.

By Richard from Primal Life