Raw Dairy Is Healthy But Illegal

(Appendix B)

Commercially available unpasteurized raw fresh dairy products are outlawed in most states except California. Every state health department is administered by medical doctors. All doctors are taught to fear raw dairy - afraid that it is a carrier and cause of disease. Although there have been thousands of testimonials for the healthy benefits of raw dairy and there has not been one case of disease or illness as a result of certified raw dairy in California, California health officials still try regularly to outlaw raw dairy and deprive the people. Their argument rests solely on germ theory. They recently forced the raw dairy industry to put a warning label on their products. These labels scare people away from eating those healthy foods. Health conscious people who are fully aware of the benefits of raw dairy in California have had to fight hard and long over the years to maintain their right of choice. "Health" officials allow people the choice of cigarettes and alcohol which have been proved harmful, why not allow us the healthful choice of fresh raw dairy? See Obtaining The Foods You Want And Need, page 208.