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                           Salt And Headaches
                              (Appendix J)


I worked with people who had long histories of headaches. Ninety percent
of these people ate a lot of salt. When they stopped consuming all types
of condiment salts (which are radical, that is, harmful), including sea
salt, they stopped having frequent headaches.

Periodically their headaches returned. Whenever the headaches returned, I
had their blood and urine analyzed. Each analysis showed sodium molecules
clumping - just as if they had recently consumed condiment salts. They
assured me they hadn't. Also, all of the analyses showed high levels of
dead cells, especially liver and brain cells. The conclusion I drew was
that radical salts had stored in the body and killed the surrounding
cells by dehydrating them. I realized that the salt and dead cells in
the blood and urine indicated that the body was cleansing salt and dead
cells. And that salts store throughout the body, especially in the brain
and sometimes liver and brain.

"Should she continue drinking a lot of distilled water?" Ray asked
as we stood in the vitamin and supplement aisle.

"Distilled water makes all problems worse in the long run. It's
hungriest water that starts leaching nutrients from the digestive tract
and blood, then from the rest of the body. All water disturbs the balance
of the digestive juices and intestinal flora. Sometimes, that causes
people to lose a little weight and they falsely think it's healthy.

"Balanced minerals in natural unadulterated waters, if drunk moderately,
help dissolve and bind with toxins in the body. Then blood fat or protein,
if available, binds with the mineral/toxin mass and are eliminated from
the body. Balanced minerals in natural unadulterated waters help dissolve
and neutralize toxins, cleanse and soothe.

"The only naturally distilled water I would ever recommend would be
fresh unpolluted rain water with its high bacteria content. It may cause
diarrhea for a few days, but that's always a healthy cleansing process.
To balance the effects of diarrhea, I suggest any or all of the following:
raw plain kefir, a little banana, no-salt-added raw cheeses, and a
Nut Formula [page 194]. Oh, and your wife should not eat salt in or
on anything."

"She craves salt! What's wrong with salt?" Ray asks alarmed.

"It causes sodium molecules to clump in the blood. That reverses ion
magnetism and pulls the guts (so to speak) from cells. The affected
cells can no longer eat anything and they shrivel and die. Four little
bitty grains of salt - including sea salt - destroy approximately two
million red blood cells. It takes at least three hours to replace the
blood cells and about 24 hours to cleanse the dead cells. During those
processes important nutrients are leached from the blood and body. As
a result, salt speeds aging.

"The craving for salt is symptomatic of a mineral deficiency. To satisfy
her craving for salt, I suggest that your wife eat any or all of these
foods: fresh raw tomatoes, no-salt-added raw cheeses, fresh celery juice
and raw fish. (Eating raw shell fish, like oysters and clams, several
times a month is particularly effective in quickly correcting a mineral
deficiency.) These foods will supply a concentrated balance of minerals
that the body can utilize easily and pleasurably."