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                           London Times Interview


Plenty of people have already told me how happy they are with the [Primal]
diet, so something must be working! As a long-time lover of sushi, sashimi
and steak tartare I'm delighted to hear such foods could be beneficial...

Q: What foods are the basis of the diet?

A: Since we have a carnivorous digestive system, including mainly acidic
digestives juices and bacteria, 90-95% of my Primal Diet is any raw
flesh food, raw dairy and raw eggs. Five to ten percent of my diet is
raw vegetable juices and non-high carbohydrate raw fruits.

Q: What - briefly - is the effect such foods have on the body?

A: In 98% of all cases, digestion is improved and usually easy.  Because
the body gets an array of raw nutrients, bodies are able to reverse 95%
of all diseases. Usually, energy, mental clarity and emotional well-being
are acquired within 30 days to 2 years.

Q: Raw food is obviously seen by many as a health and safety threat.
What is your response to this?

A: That is opening a Pandora's-box question. Healthy raw foods are
a health and safety threat only to profits of 4 industries. Sadly,
microbial fear is the result of propaganda from processed-food, chemical,
pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Life is created and maintained by symbiotic microbes. People and foods are
full of thousands of trillions of bacteria, parasites and fungus. It is a
known fact that tribes who live on raw animal foods, including diary have
no degenerative disease. In an ideally raw world, most microbes facilitate
building and maintaining bodies. Others are janitors. For instance, before
man began bathing, 3,200 varieties of salmonella ate your dead skin every
moment of every day. If we did not have those salmonella, we would have
looked something a little less bizarre than peeling snakes. Right now,
the average person has up to 1,600 varieties of salmonella in their
noses. They are merely janitors not causes of disease.

All health-promoting raw foods are full of microbes. Those natural
microbes are nature's way of helping us decompose and digest foods, and
for recycling when the foods have not been completely eaten or digested.
However, those microbes cause fermentation and spoilage in packaged
foods and lower shelf lives. Lower shelf-lives mean food "spoilage"
and less profit.  Processed food industries gain enormous profits on
products that have almost endless shelf-life, such as the completely
chemical substance Twinkies. Such substances that are not really food, as
well as foods have to be completely dead of all natural health-promoting
microbes for them to have endless shelflives.

In order for people to ignore and fight adamantly against healthpromoting
raw foods and eat only processed foods, people must be afraid of microbes
in their foods. Take for example the scares of last 2 years. First, it was
contaminated spinach which was always considered blood and musclebuilding
via character Popeye. Well, according to health authorities, Popeye died
during that 2007 contamination. However, I visited those fields and I
could find no contamination. It was a ploy to scare the public against
raw foods. Then this year it was contaminated tomatoes. Science seems
to have left the theatre of life today.

Who gained from such fiction? Chemical companies like Dow and Monsanto
and food industries gain political and legal ground to force more
anti-microbial chemicals on people and their food, and food-processing
gains more shelf-life, equals more profits for them. There is a parallel
in pharmaceuticals and medicine. In order for people to accept medicines
that ALWAYS have side effects, people must have something to frighten them
into accepting toxic chemicals into their bodies. Pharmacy/medicine is
based on the theory that microbes cause disease. However, it is chemicals
that cause disease not janitorial microbes.

We have myriads of tests that show industrial pollution causes enormous
amounts of disease, including cancers. However, industry would come to
a near halt if people new that they had to accept 90% of present day
diseases with modern conveniences. So, basically, we are trapped into
a quagmire of illusion created by those industries and people who want
to profit by them.

In order for processed-food, chemical, pharmaceuticals and medical
industries to thrive, people must be full of fear. For instance,
in the early 1930's, Knudsen Dairy was not selling its pasteurized
milk because people liked the taste of raw milk better and raw dairy
facilitated improved health.  Even Hippocrates used an all raw-milk
diet to reverse diabetes and emphysema. Pasteurized dairy was seen as
grossly inferior. So, owners and management hired doctors and writers
to fabricate stories that raw milk caused diseases, especially typhoid
and tuberculosis.

In the stories, fictional towns were overtaken by typhoid and 1/3 or
more of residents perished. People believed the stories because they
were published in newspapers and magazines. The fictional propaganda
is alive and kicking today. However, take a look at the royal family;
all of the family consumes raw milk from the royal herd. If there were
a problem with raw dairy, wouldn't the royal family pasteurize their milk?

In order to get people to believe that microbes are a problem, prejudiced
science places microbes in environments that cause aberrations and
mutations. In my laboratory work, janitorial bacteria and parasites
grown in unnatural containers in an unnatural but "fertile" fluid
become mutant and may consume most cells contaminated within the same
unnatural environment. However, microbes are not the problem. It is the
toxic environment. They are merely janitors cleaning up damaged and dead
cells from a very toxic environment. For example, poisoning a stomach
with even a natural toxin creates many dead cells. The body's first
response is to call upon microbial janitors, such as campylobacter. Just
because you find the microbes present at sight of damage does not mean
that they caused the damage. That's like blaming the mess at a party on
the janitors who arrive later to clean the mess.

Q: My husband was informed by his contacts who follow the diet, that e
coli plays an important role in nourishing our brains and nervous systems
and therefore that some e coli in our systems is beneficial. His contacts
consume "high" animal meats and eggs to aid this process. Why is this so?

A: As Dr. Sarah Arab discovered at Toronto University nearly 30 years
ago, the byproduct of E.coli dissolves human brain tumors in 2-5 days,
I discovered that brain and emotional well-being increases when E.coli
are fed to meats and eggs. They are called "high" because they are high
quantities of those microbes and byproducts. I have patients who were
taking up to 27 does of psychotropic medication daily and functioning
minimally, consume the "high" meats and eggs and were happy within 20
minutes and off medication within weeks. Ooops, now we know why that
therapy is not promoted; pharmaceuticals and medicine lose profits,
and, possibly, people will lose fear of microbes. Ooops, many industries
will fall.

Q: Following on from this, my husband was also informed in its purest
form some adherents consume fresh, healthy animal feces in an aqueous
solution. Could this also have a beneficial effect and why?

A: For the same reasons that I stated above, microbes predigest our
food. That is the natural process of digestion. The process is this:
Digestive juices fractionate chunks of food into smaller particles
to be eaten by intestinal microbes. Byproducts of those microbes
are our food that nourishes every cell in our bodies. Therefore,
basically, we thrive on the feces, urine and sweat of microbes. Wow,
if that were understood and taught in schools, we would have no fear
of microbes. Ooops, will industries fall. We were told for decades
that trichinosis was a deadly disease. However, Dr. Joel Weinstock, a
gastroenterologist at the University of Iowa about 18 years ago, found
that giving patients trichinosis reversed 5 of 6 cases of inflammatory
intestinal diseases. They were symptom-free in less than one week but
had suffered grossly from 10-32 years of medical failure.

Consuming non-dried unprocessed fecal matter is simply adding probiotics
to our digestive tracts. I have witness and received testimony from
at least 5,000 people that their health improved, including difficult
tumors dissolving, and that none of them suffered vomit, diarrhea or
bleeding diseases from consuming such fecal matter. E.coli byproducts
are the finest molecules to feed our brain and nervous-system cells.

To further prove my microbes-are-all-good-in-a-natural-environment
theory, I attached my last PD Newsletter with an article about healing
a severe laceration to a UK citizen, with photos, when raw foods,
including raw meat, were applied to the wound. Enjoy! Thank you for
your interest in my work to help people out of fear and into controlling
their health. That is, until governments remove our rights to raw foods
by telling us that microbes cause disease when in fact it is poisonous
chemical food-additives, pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers
and anti-microbial chemicals that cause diseases.

                                      By Julia Llewellyn Smith | 2009-03-17