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                    Soy Toxicity In Poultry Meat And Eggs
                   Ask your grower to select better feeds.
           (Remedies to remove soy toxicity is in last paragraph)


Many poultry feeds contain antibiotics, hormones, arsenic and toxic soy
protein. The reasons that arsenic is used in feed are to keep insects and
rodents from eating feeds, and as an antibiotic. Antibiotics are used to
suppress symptoms of and hide diseases. Hormones and soy proteins are
used to hasten and increase growth. All of those compounds are toxic
and dangerous, causing diseases, including cancer, heart, osteoporosis
and diabetes. I covered Arsenic in my accompanying article "Arsenic
In Poultry Meat And Eggs; Another Cancer Connection". Here, of course,
the topic is soy.

Soy must be treated to alter natural substances in it that cause
sickness or death to poultry and humans when eaten. The beans must be
bathed in acidic baths and heated at extreme temperatures. Then they
spray dry it with nitrates to produce protein powder, and add artificial
(chemical) flavorings, MSG, preservatives, sweeteners and other synthetic
ingredients to trick the pallet of poultry and humans to eat the toxic
matter. According to Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD, nitrates have been known
for decades to cause cancer, yet the FDA allows them in many foods. Soy
contains many phytoestrogens, IGg and trypsin inhibitor that have caused
cancers and inhibited growth in hundreds of animals. There are many
websites that site toxicity and tests utilizing soy chemicals. Search:
"Soy toxic".

Poultry, especially chicken fed high ratios of soy protein to increased
meat and egg production, taste unappetizing. The more soy in the feed,
the blander and oddly unappealing is the taste. Fifty years ago,
the population would have rejected eggs and poultry meat that tasted
like that. Poultry grown on mainly corn and other grains is rich and
healthy-tasting, as well as health-giving.

Very often, poultry meat and eggs that are labeled organic are fed
mainly soy, such as Rosie Organic Chicken. It is not only a misnomer,
it is an outright advertising fraud. Even though the soy that is fed
to its chickens was organically grown, when the soy is processed with
chemicals and used as feed, it fails to be organic. Rosie "Organic"
Chicken feeds its chickens up to 75% chemically-treated and processed soy.

To get your poultry and eggs producers to grow tastier and healthier meat
and eggs, I suggest that you write to them, give them this information
and ask them to feed their poultry raw meat scraps (fresh or rank -
poultry love rank raw meat because they are omnivorous scavengers) for
protein, and corn and other grains for delicious, flavorful and healthy
meat and eggs. If they need a good mineral supplement to make eggshells
stronger, suggest that they add a little Terramin clay (
to their feed.

To gradually remove soy byproduct toxicity from within the body,
I suggest eating a combination of 2-3 ounces coconut cream, 1-inch
cube no-salt-added raw cheese, 1 tablespoon unheated honey, 2-3-inches
section of unripe raw banana and 1-3 raw eggs. Eating enough raw meat
daily helps remove body-stored soy-protein toxicity.