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           Diarrhea-based Detoxification Hotel By Medical Doctors
               And You Thought Aajonus Was Just A Little Nuts
                    (Suggested remedy in last paragraph.)


A novel new 40-million-US dollars health clinic is being constructed
at Phuket, Thailand, reported The Phuket Gazette April 2, 2006. It
will be the world's first detoxification hotel consisting of 150 rooms
specializing in state-of-the-art diarrhea-based treatments. I kid you not.

Dr Somchai Hongnamsakul of Johns Hopkins University told a press
conference that the facility would offer patented self-induced diarrhea
regimens. Explaining the new therapy, Dr Hongnamsakul said, "The word
‘detoxification' is widely used these days, but much misunderstood. Some
spa treatments touted as detoxifiers, such as aromatherapy and
oil massage, actually have no clinically proven detoxifying effect
whatsoever. Diarrhea, on the other hand, is nature's most potent
detoxification strategy. Its purgative effects on the human system are
indisputable," he said. "Induced diarrhea can also be an effective tool
for weight loss. It is our considered belief that it may also be useful
in treating people who exhibit anal-retentive behavior. Right now we
can see no end to the number of uses of the therapy," he said.

Guests at the detoxification hotel (termed "detoxotel") will be treated
from 3-14 days. Each guest will receive comprehensive tests to determine
which of many known diarrhea-causing bacteria matches the patient's
needs, and the precise dosage. The doctor stated that detoxification
initializes when the bacteria begin to multiply in the digestive tract
and the body naturally tries to expel the toxicity. "We have an effective
biological agent for just about anyone, including the most well-traveled
people who have already become immune to the bacteria responsible for
Montezuma's Revenge, Bangkok Belly and many other strains known to cause
diarrhea. We will be able to administer effective antibiotics for any
of the strains we use, allowing us to bring the treatment to an end in
a matter of hours, if necessary," Dr. Hongnamsakul said. He admitted
that an aggressive public relations campaign would be needed to overcome
negative preconceptions about diarrhea.

"We understand that many people harbor negative ideas about diarrhea,
but our aim is to change that. When people see just how luxurious our
open-plan bathroom designs are, with marble tiles, built-in plasma screen
TV connected to 57 cable channels, and even a mini-bar, they'll soon
come to realize that a week with diarrhea can actually be an enjoyable
experience," he said. He claimed that their SID method is far more
effective than other detoxification strategies, such as fasting. "Fasting
can detoxify the system, but it takes too long – and most people just
don't have the required self-control to refrain from food for that long,
which, in many cases, is why they need detox in the first place. Unlike
at fasting resorts, which charge guests hundreds of dollars a day without
having to provide them with meals, our facility will allow guests to
eat as much as they want – it won't make any difference. They will
be able to order from room service with our discreet staff serving them
on specially-designed toilet serving trolleys. And our cuisine will be
second to none. We plan to bring in some of the world's top chefs from
Europe." Guests at the facility will be monitored regularly by licensed
physicians to ensure they do not suffer dangerous side effects. (End
of report.)

Firstly, I have nothing to do with this new detoxotel. It is owned
and will be operated by licensed medical doctors. Through my books,
you know that I consider diarrhea the second best natural method of
quickly dumping toxins. The first, of course, is vomit. In vomit, we do
not lose so much fluid and nutrients. Vomit is mainly poison-laced mucus
and digestive juices. Vomit is created when our bodies use our stomachs
as the elimination point.

I do not know anything about those doctors' knowledge of detoxification
but vomit and diarrhea are most often byproducts of detoxification that
occur other than in the digestive tract. When focusing a therapy to induce
diarrhea, only the intestinal tract is likely to be detoxified. However,
whether experiencing diarrhea or vomit, the safe and practical remedy
to reduce vomit and diarrhea is eating no-salt-added raw cheese, not
taking antibiotics. Antibiotics damage digestive abilities and cause a
myriad of other side effects, such as Chrone's disease, chronic fatigue,
eczema and psoriasis.