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                         FLU - Viral Tools Improve Health
                    (Remedies are in the last few paragraphs.)


Influenzas, also called flu, are primarily viral. Colds are mainly bacterial. As
I stated in my books and as you will find in any notable biochemistry book,
VIRUSES ARE NOT ALIVE. What the biochemistry books will not explain is that
viruses are protein-constructs that disassemble and/or dissolve organic
and inorganic structures and particles. Those books lead us to believe that
viruses are radical protein structures that indiscriminately destroy cells,
causing disease. However, viruses are highly specific solvents produced by
cells. The body resorts to viruses when the inter-cellular tissue structures are
very contaminated with non-bioactive chemicals. The non-bioactive chemicals
can be any thing from processed food to industrial waste. In such cases,
the tissues are so contaminated that our bodies natural janitors, bacteria,
fungus and parasites, are poisoned to death. The body has no alternative
other than to produce and utilize non-living solvents – viruses - to
disassemble and/or dissolve industrial toxin-damaged tissues and the toxins
that caused them. Supporting that serious diseases are the result of industry,
U.S.-government employed anthropologist Vilhjalmur Stefansson in his book
Cancer – Disease of Civilization, states that he found cancer did not exist
in primitive tribes. Cancer is caused by industrial chemicals, processing
and waste. Viruses are ultimately the only tool we have to cleanse ourselves
of industrial toxicity. Oncologist Don Morris at Calgary's Tom Baker Cancer
Centre said, "It's common to hear that cancer patients who pick up a virus
get a regression of their disease."

Viruses do not multiply. When added to fertile petrie dishes that sustain
cellular life, not one additional viral protein structure appears. Only when
cells are added is there multiplication of viral protein structures. That
is because petrie dishes are not the proper environment for cells. Also, the
solutions used in petrie dishes that sustains cellular life, are sterilized
and toxic, causing intercellular damage that requires viruses to cleanse and
maybe even destroy the natural cellular life in the unnatural petrie dishes. In
a sterile environment, cells cannot use their normal detoxification-methods
that are bacterial, fungal and parasitical. Therefore, viral waste should be
expected in petrie dishes containing live cells. Cells produce viruses for
self-cleansing in a sterile or industrial toxic environment.

Now that we understand viruses a lot better, I will broach the latest
daily medical media hype causing most people to worry about a foreboding,
impending AVIAN flu. Although there has never been a killer flu in history,
they say it is an impending reality that will find us and kill or maim us. I
perceive many of you thought as you read that last sentence, "What about the
Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 in which millions of people died." Let's look
at it. Considering only one factor inspires understanding that reality:
It was the first time that a flu vaccine was internationally offered by
pharmaceuticals. Millions did not die of the flu; they were killed by the
flu vaccine. According to researcher R B Pearson who witnessed the Spanish
flu "epidemic",[1] few people died who received natural therapies during
that period. Seventeen of twenty people died employing medical assistance,
especially the vaccine. The vaccine was the epidemic.

When I was heavily researching vaccines through the 80's and early 90's,
I began where anyone might. I studied everything I could on Louis Pasteur's
work. I was shocked to learn, and it is not well known, that not one of
Pasteur's laboratory animals survived vaccination. At the time, and as it is
today, many physicians wholeheartedly believed in forced immunization. They
seemed to ignore the fact that everyday people were exposed to every natural
and industry particle. Daily people were naturally inoculated and building
resistance, unless they were overdosed or on very poor diets.

What was different in 1916-18 was that the pharmaceutical industry,
spearheaded by super-wealthy, supposedly philanthropic, Rockefeller and
Carnegie, wanted to prove vaccines worked. They envisioned pharmaceutical
miracles and great profits. Like Pasteur, they claimed to believe that
vaccines would cure many ills. The Spanish flu vaccine took its toll. How
philanthropic were Rockefeller, Carnegie and the injecting physicians? Did
they accept responsibility for millions of deaths from their vaccine,
or did they blame the Spanish flu? Rockefeller, Carnegie and physicians
everywhere knew that if their vaccines were to blame, they would be legally
liable. Pharmaceuticals funded the cover-up stories written by doctors and
writers quoting physicians. They claimed the first recorded killer flu epidemic
had finally fallen upon the human race and they were there to fight it with
their vaccines. Without any evidence, they claimed that the vaccine prevented
millions of deaths. The flu-vaccine failed people but profited Rockefeller
and Carnegie. Probably, those responsible believed that it was an important
experiment and the casualties were worthwhile. They probably assumed that as
pharmaceutical technology progressed, vaccines would ultimately prove helpful
to mankind. Has advanced medicine proved flu-vaccines?

Canada's first attempt to prove that flu-vaccines are effective failed
miserably. Canadian researchers at the University of Ottawa used their
universal free flu vaccine as the proving ground beginning in 2000. It cost
Ontario taxpayers more than $200-million. The researchers published in the
journal Vaccine that the average monthly incidence of flu virus jumped over the
first five years of the program. "All we do know is rates haven't decreased,
and there has been a lot of money spent," said professor Dianne Groll who
led the study. "The program was designed to reduce the incidence of flu, and
this hasn't yet happened." A faulty plan of the research structure is that
it did not measure the extreme and unusual cases that affect the vaccinated
compared to the unvaccinated.

|                                                                         |
|                               VIRAL TRUTH                               |
|                                                                         |

Viruses are extremely specific solvents to disassembling and/or dissolving
exact cellular structures, in many cases preventing cellular death and
rendering cells only temporarily nonfunctional. If we were to compare cells to
a mechanic, the mechanic finds the specific problem part or system, chooses
specific tools (viruses) and removes the specific part of the machine and
replaces or fixes it. When viewed from a short-sighted perspective, viruses
look destructive. However, if viewed long-term without medical intervention,
viruses prove to be beneficial. They provide our bodies with the cellular
ability to regenerate themselves. Viruses completely change at least every
72 hours. The cell allows itself about 72 hours of detoxification with a
specific virus or set of viruses. Then, it will produce a different virus or
set of viruses for different cleansing. The medical and scientific communities
identify that as viral evolution. Yet, they know viruses are not alive. Any
flu vaccine that is produced is specific to a virus that was obsolete six
to eighteen months prior to distribution of the vaccine. Big pharma knows
that. If they know that then the vaccine business is a racket all about money.

Nothing in science supports the THEORY that viruses leap from creatures to
man. How can viruses leap when they are not alive? Every animal has viruses
that disassemble or dissolve similar tissue-structures but putting them in the
category of contagion is the same as saying laundry soaps are contagious. The
theory is preposterous. Those theorists should be hired only by Hollywood to
write inane B-class horror stories.

Does anyone remember the dreaded impending SWINE flu of the mid 1970's? For
about one year several times daily, parroting the pharmaceutical and medical
industries, media warned us of the swine flu that was leaping from the
supposed-dirtiest of creatures, pork, and was going to kill us unless we all
received the vaccine. President Ford received his swine-flu vaccine on national
TV to prove its safety. Guess who was our vice president? Rockefeller. His
pharmaceutical company received $7 billion dollars of U.S. citizens' hard-earned
tax dollars that funded the government-sponsored national assault on the
dreaded impending swine flu epidemic of the century. Does anyone remember
the death toll? The standard yearly estimate of 30,000-50,000. Does anyone
remember why the government-sponsored program disappeared 2 weeks after the
free vaccines were initiated?

The government swine-flu escapade was exposed by national consumer advocate
Ida Honorof and Dr. E. McBean, PhD, ND. Ida was syndicated in hundreds of
national radio programs. She and Dr. McBean filed a lawsuit against President
Ford, VP Rockefeller, the Surgeon General and the US Government for creating
and sponsoring the dangerous flu-vaccine. Honorof and McBean predicted that
thousands of elderly and children would die as a result of the vaccine and
that the Swine flu epidemic was a hoax. The media and medical professionals
were ready to prove them wrong or not. Honorof's reputation was impeccable so
the media covered the story many times daily for weeks. During the two weeks
of giving the "free" vaccine, approximately 2,300 people died within days
after receiving the vaccine. Because of media exposure, the vaccine program
was stopped.[2] And guess what? There was no Swine flu epidemic that killed
millions of Americans. Guess who is still paying for the storage of the $7
billion of swine flu vaccine? The tax payers. Why are we storing it?

Will it be relabeled Avian flu vaccine? If you think that is preposterous,
consider this: In the mid and late 1960's, AZT was a new herald chemical for
fighting cancer. A year later, it was banned by the FDA as too toxic. Then
in the 1980's, it was pulled from pharmaceutical vaults and prescribed for
AIDS patients. There was no research proving or disproving efficacy of AZT
with AIDS patients but pharma needed to make a profit from its flop. The FDA
approved it. Nearly every AIDS patient who received AZT died and pharma made
a grand profit.

|                                                                         |
|                           FINALLY TO THE POINT                          |
|                                                                         |

Since flu are a natural response to bodily toxicity, and viruses are created
by cells to self-cleanse, we should not focus on stopping flu. Stopping
flu causes the accumulation of toxicity and waste that would lead to severe
diseases. If we focus on helping our bodies virally detoxify with diet and
lifestyle during each flu, we will rid our bodies of some of the dangerous
disease-causing waste. There is no other rational approach to influenzas.

If we believe and analyze the observations of Dr. Weston Price and similar
researchers, we can safely assume that cooked food causes no more than 10%
of diseases. Industrial toxicity, even in our modern technologically sanitary
world, causes 90% of all diseases, and their chronic and fatal extremes. If we
believe and analyze the work of Dr. Francis Pottenger, MD and Edward Howell,
we can also safely assume that in such a toxic world, a near 100% raw-food
diet that is heavy in fat is disease-preventative and disease-reversing.

With over 30 years experimenting and utilizing different raw-food
formulas, I derived two regimes that work most effectively to insure proper
flu-detoxification, waste removal and regeneration. They are the same for colds,
pneumonia and most intense detoxification. Note that Colds and flu are the
heavy process of secreting and excreting the accumulated waste from prolonged
detoxification. The detoxification may have lasted months to years. In some
cases, the secretion and excretion of detoxification-waste may take many
months. We must conserve energy during such a radical elimination because
so many nutrients will be utilized to harness the waste. Since raw eggs are
the most easily digestible complete food, they should be the primary food
consumed during flu.

My suggested dietary regimes for influenza are:

* 1/2-1	pound fowl daily 



Or the following regime works the best but may not
be as convenient:

From the moment we awaken, I suggest consuming:

* 1 raw egg every 30-60 minutes

* After each raw egg, eat 1 teaspoon

* At about 3 PM eat a grapefruit with either avocado or raw cream

* At about 7 PM eat 1/2-1 pound fowl or ocean-caught fish.

* Immediately before sleep consume 1 cup warm raw milk or raw kefir.

* Once every 3 days drink a green vegetable juice consisting of 85%
  celery, 5% carrot and 10% parsley first thing in the morning, followed
  30 minutes later with the first egg.

Either regime, or alternating them daily, should be followed until
symptoms have subsided and normal functions resume.


 1. Man's Correct Diet, R.B. Pearson, Health Research (1921).

 2. Vaccinations – The Silent Killer, A Clear And Present Danger,
     Ida Honorof and E McBean, Ph.D, N.D., Honorof McBean (1977).