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                  How Do Electromagnetic Fields Affect Us?
                  (Remedies are in the last 3 paragraphs.)


We have made electricity an integral part of our lives. Because
of it, we constantly bombard ourselves with electromagnetic fields
(EMFs). EMFs emit waves of neutrons and protons that exchange and change
the molecular structures of most biological substances within their
ranges. Electromagnetic fields are measured in gauss. Scientists proved
that animal cells exposed to EMFs above 3 gauss altered the molecular
structure of those cells. In animal cells, EMFs created an imbalance
in the electron/proton balance of the atoms, ultimately altering the
molecular structure and behavior of cells. In too many circumstances,
fragmentation of electrons occurred and the effects were similar to huge
meteors striking Earth.

In my subjective and objective experiences, high EMF exposure caused
various symptoms: tinnitus, hyper-allergic, hypersensitivity, soreness,
hyperac- tiveity, ADD, ADHD, and even anger, joint soreness, muscle
soreness or tightness and/or fatigue, insomnia, nausea and chronic
fatigue. Radiation toxicity has many similar symptoms.

My awareness of EMFs dawned on me in 1993 after purchasing my first
laptop computer at the same time that I moved into an old cottage house in
Venice, California. I began having pains in my hands, wrists and elbows
that mimicked carpal-tunnel syndrome and early bone cancer. I recalled
not getting carpal tunnel when I used my old manual typewriter on which
I had typed and retyped 7 screenplays and 3 books. Typing on a manual
typewriter put a lot of friction on the fingers and wrists but no one
got carpal-tunnel. Plus, govern- ment, industry and media told us that
EMFs do not cause carpal-tunnel or any harm.

I thought maybe I was experiencing another detoxifi- cation in my bones
from radiation therapy I received many years before (that caused my
bone and blood cancers). Were they returning? The pain continued for
weeks. Before I decided on a remedy, I hired an environmental expert to
see if something in my new home were toxic.

He arrived with several types of gadgets to measure radon,
electromagnetic, electrical and radiation fields. He found one improperly
grounded electrical outlet in my bedroom but it was too far from the
bed to cause harm. After exhausting all possibilities with construction
and location, he spotted my laptop on my desk and asked me to turn it
on. He held his meter 1/4 inch above the keyboard. The meter jumped to
85 gauss over the F11 and F12 keys. When typing on the keyboard, my
right hand and wrist received from 23-85 gauss, depending on hard-disk
activity. My left hand received 23-50 gauss. Farthest point of lower
gauss-registration was 7 inches from the bottom of the laptop.

He suggested I get a separate keyboard, plug it into the laptop and
keep the top of the keyboard at least 6 inches from bottom of the
computer. Skeptically, I bought and used a separate keyboard. Amazingly,
within 2 days, all of the discomfort and pain disappeared. Several times
during the next year when I traveled, I did not take my separate keyboard,
thinking that the few hours that I would type on my laptop would not cause
harm or pain. I was wrong. Within 1 hour, my hands felt a little swollen,
slightly prickly with some joint discomfort. When I returned to using the
separate keyboard, the symptoms disappeared within 48 hours. My present
model of Acer laptop has a higher EMF field so I must keep the top of
my separate keyboard 9.5 inches from the bottom of the laptop.

Epidemiological studies by Maria Feychting of Sweden showed that people
exposed to high EMFs at home and work had 3.7 times greater risk of
developing leukemia compared to people who were not exposed.

Other things we use for longer than 3 minutes at a time that can
negatively alter our cells with very high EMFs are hair dryers,
vibrators, electrical and radio clocks, electric blankets and pads
including therapy pads, electrical shavers, water beds, vibration chairs
and beds, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, Jacuzzis and hot tubs,
computer towers, exterior hard drives, backup units, printers, copiers,
infrared and bluetooth mice, telephones especially cellular and bluetooth,
electrical transformers and voltage regulators on anything including
computer peri- pherals and laptops, sound equipment especially most
speakers, and automobiles. Anything that is electrical including battery
operated toys emits EMFs.

The EMFs in electrical cars including hybrids are extreme, especially
in the driver's seat from the pedals to 5 inches above seats. In certain
hybrids where there is a large battery unit under the rear seat or trunk
(Honda), EMFs in the back seats where we sit our children are worst. Also,
cars with complex computer systems have extremely high EMFs, especially
in the driver's and front passenger's seats. The more expensive a car,
the greater are EMFs because of the computer techno-logy. In airplanes
with jet engines on wings, EMFs are extremely high all the way from
the cockpits through the business sections; it is best to sit in rear
of those planes. If engines are on tails of planes, it is best to sit
several rows before and at wings.

Electrical transformers and regulators on electrical and telephone poles
create EMFs that bombard areas up to 150 ft. (45 meters). Usually, such
objects are found at rears of buildings, closest to bedrooms of houses
and apartments. Many apartments and hotels have their own electrical
transformers and regulators. Get an apartment or room away from those
objects. In hotel rooms, high EMFs frequently will be found where beds
and walls meet. Often it is an electrical clock but sometimes it is
wiring in walls. Pull beds away from walls where EMFs broadcast. Worst
EMF-emitters are MRIs.

Some of the highest EMFs to which anyone could be subjected are Magnetic
Resonance Imagings (MRIs). The main magnet discharges 75,000 gauss;
remember it takes only 3 gauss to alter the molecular structure of animal
cells. The MRI antennas that aim at your bodies shoot 12,000-75,000 gauss
into our bodies at every moment it engages. The exposure time required
to complete an accurate image with MRIs depends upon the patient and
patient's tissues being imaged.

Each image requires about 260 bombardments of EMFs and radio waves with
3-seconds delay. With each bombardment, it takes approximately 3 seconds
for the cells to regain an ionic state similar to what it was prior to
each bombardment before another phase of imaging can occur. If they did
not delay for 3 seconds, the image would be diffused in a glow of ionic
bombardment and resultant disarray. With each EMF-bombardment, cells are
slightly altered, most often negatively. Usually, a patient is subjected
to MRIs for at least 20 minutes. Gross cellular alterations occur in 20
minutes and proper ionic balances may never be restored unless eating
a proper diet and practicing several ionic-restoring actions.

Anyone who states that MRIs are safe in the majority of patients has not
studied their effects on the mole- cular and atomic levels. They merely
parrot the marketing rhetoric of institutions involved in producing and
utilizing MRI technology. Their statements should not be believed or
trusted. To compound MRI-EMFs' effects upon cells, sometimes contrasts
are used. Injecting or swallowing metallic minerals (toxic free-radical
metallic solutions) helps generate a clearer image of blood and nervous
systems and brain but further poison the body. Any statements that
contrasts are safe are fraudulent.

|                                                                         |
|                                EMF METERS                               |
|                                                                         |

I suggest that people buy EMF meters. I use the Tri-Field meter because it
measures 3 different fields: electromagnetic, electrical and radiation
(such as measuring cell phone levels). I carry mine most everywhere
because I travel so much. Many times I would have accepted hotel
rooms that were extremely high in EMFs and I would have been bombarded
throughout my nights and days. I measure hotel rooms and if EMFs are high,
I asked for another room. If no other room is available, I change hotels.

|                                                                         |
|                                 REMEDIES                                |
|                                                                         |

The 100% Primal Diet, I have observed, helps to gradually improve ionic
imbalances within 6 months. Consuming a vegetable-juices mixture of
30% celery, 20% carrot, 5% cilantro, 5% parsley, 5% zucchini, and 35%
cucumber puree helps facilitate ionic balances. To make this juice/puree
mixture, first juice everything but the cucumber. Then peel and slice
the cucumbers, and blend them in a canning jar with enough vegetable
juices to fill the jar. Add a little honey for preservative and blend.

To decrease ionic restoration-time while eating the Primal Diet, two
primary restorative therapies should be utilized:

1. Daily lying on healthy ground for minimum of 40 minutes for 4-8
weeks, and/or

2. Daily long baths in healthy water for a minimum of 40 minutes for
6-8 weeks.

When lying on ground, a cotton, silk or wool blanket or towel may be
used. Lying on sand such as at a beach or desert also helps to rebalance
our ions. (If bathing in municipal waters, adding 11/4 - 13/4 cups raw milk,
3 T. raw apple cider vinegar and 2 T. sun-dried sea salt will neutralize
the many industrial toxins in municipal waters.)

However, even with all those therapies, the original and perfect ionic
balances may never be completely achieved because our bodies have been
bombarded by non-organic ions which have become part of our bodies.

I have been told by several electronic engineers that it would be as
easy as using transistors instead of capacitors to remedy the high EMF
problem. For most products, the cost per item would increase about 50
cents to $1.