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               What Is Our Likelihood Of Developing Cancer(s)?


The world's most prominent cancers expert Dr. Samuel Epstein stated that
1 of every 2 men and 1 of every 3 women will develop cancers. I stated
many times, most people get cancers 5-8 times in their lifetime. Some
researchers have stated that we get cancers 6-10 times in our lifetime. We
are getting cancers because of our intense reliance upon chemicals that
cause cancers. Most of us may have cancers throughout our lives but not
full-blown die- with cancers. Cancer is not something to fear, it is
something to prevent or reverse. Cancer is our bodies' inabilities to
dissolve and discard dead cells; it is that simple. However, removing
toxins that cause cancer is not easy.

|                                                                         |
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The pharmaceutical companies have ruled, and therefore the medical
community agrees that concentrations of approximately 50 cancer cells per
million cells are "treatable" cancers. Pharmaceutical and medical fortunes
abound with their diagnostic procedures and most people get sicker. As
people get sicker and accept more medical treatments, pharmaceutical
and medical fortunes compounds. The amount of people born after 1947
who survive beyond 7 years after medical cancer treatment is about
32%. The amount of people born after 1960 who survive beyond 7 years
after cancer treatment is about 17%. Decrease in survival rate is due
to increases of vaccines, medications and industrial chemicals in food
and the environment. It is my opinion that chemotherapy and radiation
should never be accepted, and that surgery be accepted only if tumor(s)
blocks breathing, digestion, urination or defecation.

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|                     BUT CANCER IS DEADLY, ISN'T IT?                     |
|                                                                         |

That is what pharmaceuticals and medicals want you to believe. However,
their scare tactics are simply profit-motivated terrorism. If cancers
in themselves were deadly, people would not be alive. People spend
tremendous amounts of energy worrying about ailments. People worry more
about cancer than any other illness. Worrying is a waste of energy and
nutrients that could be utilized to reverse cancer sooner than later.

As compensation for cancer-stress, I have seen cancer sufferers do
everything that increases cancer. Foods that progress cancers most (not
considering additives) are high carbohydrate foods that are fried such
as chips, French fries, donuts and cereals. When many cancer sufferers
get upset, those become comfort foods. Comfort for what? That they will
certainly suffer more and maybe die with very active cancer?

Again, cancer is nothing other than our bodies' inability to dissolve
and discard dead cells so dead cells collect and form tumors. Regardless
of who comes to me with cancer(s), I tell them to accept that they will
die with cancer(s) and stop worrying about it. I suggest that they do
everything possible to avoid anything that causes or exacerbates their
cancers and make the quality of their lives as high as possible. If
they do so, the likelihood of their cancer(s) reversing increases
exponentially, sometimes miraculously but most often gradually. Running
to medical doctors for treatment usually exacerbates cancer and reduces
life- quality. How does it make sense that out of fear and panic, we
contaminate ourselves more?

I am a believer in the Hippocratic Oath's first principal, DO NO
HARM. Once when I questioned a doctor's oath when he frequently
used antibiotics, all of which destroy digestion and consequently
detoxification and healing, he stated that he did not take the oath
under "legal circumstances; it's just something we pledge." That is the
sad truth. Medical and pharmaceutical industries have conditioned us to
ignore the Hippocratic Oath because everything they do has side effects,
short and/or long term. Everything they do causes harm to people and
the environment.

Considering that 1 of every 2.5 people in our industrially poisoned
society and world have "treatable" cancer(s) throughout their lives, any
test is senseless. Expect that we have cancer and do everything rational
to reverse it. If we want to reduce our likelihood of suffering from
cancers, we have to avoid anything that causes cancers. That includes
avoiding processed foods and foods grown with chemicals, soaps, cosmetics
and environmental pollution.

|                                                                         |
|                WHAT KIND OF BREAST TESTING WOULD BE BEST?               |
|                                                                         |

If you want to check, gently palpate breast and  armpits. The jobs of
lymphatic glands are to  neutralize, dissolve and dump toxins to be
secreted or  excreted from our bodies. The glands in the upper  torso,
especially breast and arm pits, have the most  work to do because of all
of the carcinogenic  chemicals that enter lungs and stomach. We should
expect swollen lymphatic glands as a daily part of our  toxic lives. Some
toxins will be dumped into the  digestive tract to pass with feces or
urine. Most will  be secreted through skin after lymphatic systems  dump
neutralized and dissolved toxins under skin.

A swollen lymphatic gland is not an indication of  lymphatic cancer. It
is an indication that we have  given that gland a toxic load and it
is working very  hard at its jobs to neutralize and discard waste and
toxins. Never consider that a lymphatic gland is  cancerous until it is
as hard as rock and no longer  functioning. We can palpate any swollen
area of our  bodies. If swollen areas are hard as rock, it is  probably a
protective coating after injury or it may be  advanced cancer. If swelling
is not hard as rock, it is  simply our bodies isolating concentrations
of toxins to neutralize and expel them.

However, for those diehard minds who want to  know, thermographic
screening measures infrared-radiation heat emitted from our bodies
without discharging much EMFs into our bodies. The data is  translated
into anatomical images. It can register  increased and intense blood
flows to cancerous areas, if any exist.

|                                                                         |
|                                                                         |

Are we going to run to the medical profession to  pollute us more and
drastically increase our chances  of dying of painful cancers, as well
as considerably  reduce life-quality? Or are we going to approach it
rationally, eliminating any more exposure to  carcinogenic substances
in food, air, water and  environment, and gradually removing those
toxins  from our bodies that caused cancer? Remember, that  if you are
under 50 years young, your chances of  survival after medical therapies
are minimal. Your chances of survival utilizing my Primal Diet are 95%
or better (Dr. Elnora Van Winkle 2001).

The remedies in my books are simple but tedious and sometimes
difficult. We must get the lymphatic system flowing as much and as quickly
as possible without causing excessive detoxifications. Often,  toxic fats
from cooked oils have hardened and  clogged lymphatic glands and sweat
glands. It takes  repeated heat applications of 102-104 degrees F. for
long periods to melt them; this can take years. To  help a swollen area,
we can apply heat with hot-water  bottle(s) through much of the night. To
affect the  whole body, I suggest Lymphatic Baths (see under  Lymphatic
Congestion in the book: We Want To  Live, Revised In 2005).


Note: There is a typo in many printings of WWTL  stating the baths
should reach a maximum of 110  degrees F. That temperature will work to
melt  hardened fats in lymph, skin and surrounding tissues  quicker, and
perspire them through skin but it might  destroy enzymes and vitamins in
skin and connective  tissues. Also, it is difficult to remain in baths
long  enough at that high temperature and most people get  too exhausted
to take the slow walk after bathing. It  might be better to keep long
lymphatic baths no  lower than 102 degrees F. and no higher than 106
degrees F. Consuming the pineapple, coconut cream  mixture before long
lymphatic baths (from the book)  will help dissolve lymphatic congestion.