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             What Would Happen If Aajonus Ate Some Cooked Meat?


I received so many queries about what would happen if I ate cooked meat
that I finally did in Laos October 2008. I had eaten one ounce cooked meat
chicken in 1978. Before that, I had not eaten cooked meat since 1974. This
time, I ate one ounce cooked water buffalo from a feeble elderly lady in
the jungles of Laos. It was slightly spiced with her homemade hot sauce
and no salt. I must say, it was delicious. I loved cooked beef when I
ate it almost daily until December 1967. I was a little frightened that
I would sufferer because after stomach surgery, every time I ate it,
I broke out in large painful postulations from head to knees.

Within several hours after eating it, I noticed that my afternoon
sleepiness increased. That night I slept 2 hours more than I normally
do, losing 2 hours of wake productiveness. The most prominent reaction I
had was body odor. I had forgotten that I had that odor daily 3 decades
ago. I reeked and had to bath daily instead of every 5 days. I got a
slight headache on the 2nd day but do not know if it had anything to do
with eating cooked meat. Finally, the morning of the 5th day, I had to
smell my shirt armpits to detect the odor. The odor was gone on the 6th
day. That was from just one ounce of cooked meat. I am not interested
enough to experiment what would happen if I ate a pound of cooked meat.