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                       How To Remove Fear Of Microbes
             And Embrace Them For Improved Digestion And Health


Probably the most blatant proof that microbes are not any animal's
enemy is that all animals frequently, daily, lick each other's feces
from rectums. That activity is only disgusting to humans. Why? Because
we are indoctrinated to believe that bowel microbes are pathogenic
(disease-causing). We are indoctrinated to believe that many digestive
and janitorial microbes cause disease. However, we don't have it drummed
into our heads that industrial chemicals, including medicines especially
vaccines, cause 90% of all diseases. I have discussed microbes in several
issues since 2006.

The theory that microbes cause disease is one of the greatest fallacies
of our "advanced" society. As I have stated many times before, we are
advanced technologically but most of us are in disease-abyss ignorance
regarding health. People administering health information and treatment
are people who know nothing about health or methods to achieve it. They
have been taught disease and disease-chemistry that microbes are the
greatest causes of disease. How many doctors do you know look for
toxicology when someone goes to them with intestinal or other health
complaints? How many cases do they check for microbes? Almost all
cases. If tests find any microbe, usually without any in depth science,
instantly the microbe is named the main cause of disease. That pertains
to most diseases.

Understanding how our bodies digest naturally is often all that is
necessary to eliminate fear of microbes and embrace them. In healthy
humans, digestive acids, juices and enzymes prepare food for digestion
by breaking chunks of food into small particles. Digestive microbes,
including bacteria and parasites, then eat food particles. Microbes'
excrement and secretions are our food just like milk cultures (bacteria)
predigest milk and the cultures' wastes are our nutrients. Please realize
that proper and efficient digestion occurs in no other way and that those
and trillions of other microbes are our best symbiotic friends. With
their help, we spend little energy and resources digesting food.

disgusting to us, we have been harmfully miseducated.

Food additives, pesticides, herbicides and medication, especially
antibiotics and vaccines, destroy intestinal microbes. If we have
destroyed our intestinal microbes, our bodies have to intensely
increase the amount of digestive acids, fluids and enzymes to digest
and absorb food. That process is very taxing on our bodies' energies
and resources. Most of us cannot produce enough digestive fluids and
enzymes to accomplish those tasks properly. Digestive acids, fluids and
enzymes are never efficient enough to fractionate food molecules into
a balanced diet for most cells. Especially deficient are our brains and
nervous systems.

E.coli are responsible for the final stages of digestion. E.coli and
other bowel microbes digest proteins and fats into the finite particles
necessary to feed our brains and nervous systems. Many people suffer
depression resulting from low populations of bowel microbes even if they
eat the best of diets, including my Primal Diet. It does not matter how
good your food is if you cannot digest food well enough to assimilate
it. However, even with poor digestion, foods on my Primal Diet will not
add insult to injury and deficiencies.

We have to improve digestion by feeding, repopulating and supplementing
our digestive microbes. Eating raw foods with all of their natural
bacteria supplies us with much needed beneficial bacteria to facilitate
digestion. However, that is not enough to develop optimal health for
people with poor digestion caused by low intestinal microbes.

All naturally living animals eat lots of dirt with everything they eat,
ingesting soil microbes that help digestion. Soil bacteria, such as from
earth worms, help digest animal, insect and plant material in soil so
that they can be recycled to feed plants. In fact, earthworms produce
wonderful soil bacteria that help human digestion quickly. I know people
who grow earth warms and eat the black rich soil in which earthworms are
grown. As other naturally living animals, we can increase our intestinal
microbes by eating dirt and/or clay.

|                                                                         |
|                    IMPROVE DIGESTION WITH PROBIOTICS                    |
|                                                                         |

Many people call soil bacteria Probiotics. Some effective probiotics are
made from dirt which is rich in worm casings (feces and urine). They
are barely effective when processed and pressed into pills. They are
somewhat effective as powder as long as they were not heated over 92°
F (37° C) in drying processes. Higher heat will alter and eventually
kill most soil organisms. Probiotics would be more effective if they
were sun-dried below 82° F (28° C). Probiotics would be most effective
fresh and alive in moist dirt and clay.

Don't expect to supplement your microbe needs from plastic-covered or
plastic-contained compost piles. When plastic-covered or plastic-contained
compost piles reach temperatures up to 168° F (76° C), most soil
microbes are killed. The highest temperature of compost depends on which
organic wastes are composted. Low heat compost will render the best
soil microbes. Some people produce earthworm-rich soil in wood-covered
or slate- covered, sunken-in-the-ground old porcelain bathtubs full of
earthworms in their yards. Some worm- growers use wooden boxes inlayed
in the ground. Containers are used so that worms do not migrate away
from their worm ranches. People eat a little of the dirt every day or
every other day. Some eat earthworms with dirt.

Another way to supplement intestinal microbes is to eat the small and
large intestines of organically grown pigs. Our digestive tracts are
more similar to pigs than other primates. Healthy pigs and humans harbor
the Trichuris suis whipworm that makes digestion and assimilation of
food optimal. Dr. Joel Weinstock of Iowa University proved that pigs
which are kept too clean lacked Trichuris suis and were very sick and
lethargic. His experiments proved that implanting the much maligned
Trichuris suis parasite into pigs and humans with severe and long-term
digestive diseases cured them in 5 out of 6 cases within days. Trichinosis
is not the dangerous parasitical disease that we have been brainwashed
into believing. Trichuris suis is our best digestive partner. Truchuris
suis has been used to cure one of the worst intestinal diseases, namely

If you live in a city, you probably will not find non-contaminated
dirt. If you live in a rural area where pesticides, herbicides and
other chemicals are sprayed or manufactured, you will not find healthy
non-contaminated soil. Packaged commercial top soils are usually
cooked, steamed or chemically contaminated to destroy microbes and
dehydrate them for lighter-weight shipping. If you do not have access
to non-pollution-contaminated, organic, non- steamed, non-kiln-dried
and non-sanitized top soil, I recommend supplementing soil microbes
(probiotics) with Terramin clay to promote and improve digestion.

Terramin clay is mined from an extinct ancient thermal spring in a
California desert. Terramin clay is mined where the spring never exceeded
99° F (37° C) so phosphorus, which is cauterized about 99° F (37° C) and
above, is raw and stable. Most other clays are mined from lava beds where
temperatures from 1,300° F to 2,200° F (700° C to 1,200° C) had cauterized
all of the minerals. Those clays are laden with lead, mercury and other
heavy toxic metals that too often become free-radicals when consumed.

To prepare clay as a probiotics supplement, I suggest that you pour
and stir 4 oz of Terramin clay into a glass jar with 5 ounces of good
mineral water that was bottled in glass, not plastic. Put a lid on it
but loosely. Let stand for 4-5 days in a dark cupboard and beneficial
bacteria will flourish. Stir the clay/water mixture every time before
eating it. If using naturally carbonated bottled water, carbonation must
be removed because it will destroy microbes. You can remove carbonation
by pouring the water into a jar and shake it until all the bubbles are
gone before you mix it with clay.

For poor digestion that does not stem from Crohn's disease, I suggest
consuming 1-2 tablespoons moist clay daily at the same time you consume
vegetable juices or milk. For children with poor digestion that does
not stem from Crohn's, I suggest 1-2 teaspoons daily. When digestion
improves substantially, I suggest reducing clay consumption to once to
thrice weekly.

For adults and children with Crohn's disease, I suggest consuming 8-30
raw eggs daily as well as consuming probiotics such as moist clay and/or
pigs intestines. Our stomachs and intestines digest raw eggs eaten by
themselves in about 30 minutes with very little digestive energies or
resources spent. Eggs supply our intestines with rich proteins, fats,
vitamins and other nutrients quickly and efficiently to cleanse and heal
intestines as quickly as possible.

Another method to increase digestive microbes is to eat high meat. See
information about and methods to make high meat in my recipe book pages
148, and 174-177.


 1. Trichuris suis therapy in Crohn's disease