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                       Loss Of My BIOHAZARDS Research
                  But Another Book That Vilifies Pollution


Although, as I stated hundreds of times in the last 13 years, vaccines
cause every person receiving them the greatest harm to health that is
thrust upon the "civilized" world, there are myriads of toxins thrust
upon us daily made of at least 60,000 chemicals that did not exist 100
years ago. My long over-due book on detoxification was going to include
much information on biotoxins.

I spent 22 years collecting data on all types of biocontaminants. Two
years ago, all of my files in my Biohazards folder on my computer were
infected with a virus or worm that could not be removed. I lost about
two thousand pages of research, references and documentation. It was the
only folder contaminated of my 256 folders. I have used every ultimate
virus program, trying to clean this folder but none has worked.

How was it that the only folder affected by that uncleanable virus/worm
was my BIOHAZARDS folder? How could only one folder out of 256 be
targeted and why? How did someone get through my firewalls of computer
protection? Three high-tech computer virus technicians told me that the
virus/worm infecting my Biohazard folder was personal and specific,
programmed to destroy that single folder. I was told that it had to
have been a very high-tech operation such as those used by FBI and CIA
to monitor and destroy "enemy" data.

So, the question that begs in my mind to be answered is WHO created
the virus/worm and trespassed into my computer and installed it? Who
conspired to devastate 22 years of my work on biotoxins. Since every
industry pollutes, every industry is suspect but who conspired to take
the time to illegally break and enter/invade my computer and take the
time to forage through 256 folders to infect just one? Who oversees the
integrity and protects all industry?

GOVERNMENTS oversee and regulate all money-making operations and schemes
from which their revenues are taxes and payoffs. However, that is no
smoking gun and there is no trace of a smoking gun. By following the
money, I know the most likely culprits. I simply have to conclude that
the industries that most likely fear my work are pharmaceutical, medical,
and food. So, my work directly affects the income of 7 of the world's
wealthiest families, including the Windsor family who owns at least 70%
of all industrial food-manufacturing in the world through web-works of
trusts, diversionary companies and other owner-concealing contractual

To some extent, those ruthless money-mongers have been vilified, not
to the extent that I would have denigrated industrial polluters that
cause so much disease but at least a crater-sized dent in their esteem.
"The Hundred Year Lie" by Randall Fitzgerald reveals how the totality of
our environment, including water, processed food, and pharmaceuticals are
permeated with innumerable toxic synthetic chemicals. The scientific basis
for these conclusions is well documented and impeccable and presented
in readable and gripping style.

Although it does not include much of the information that would have
appeared in my book, it documents the point very clearly that industry
protected by government cares specifically about profits and "pays"
little attention to health concerns. As I asked above, when they do pay
attention to health concerns, is it usually just a smokescreen and fraud?