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       100% Of Fresh-Water Lakes And Streams Are Polluted With Mercury


One hundred percent of the 291 freshwater fish tested by the
U.S. Geological Survey contained mercury contamination. Sixty-six
percent of those fish had levels higher than "level of concern" set by
the Environmental Protection Agency. Mercury pollution occurs most from
air-born emissions, primarily burning coal. We need to stop burning coal
on this planet. As I stated in my books, the level of multiple chemical
contamination in freshwater rivers and lakes is 35%, and in oceans 8%.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for regulating
industrial mercury from factories and plants but it does not enforce
those regulations. Instead, money goes to FDA to stop raw-milk farmers
from producing raw milk. Do not think for one minute that authorities in
our government have any interest in our health. Government authorities
are concerned 95% with economy. Is the 5% concern for us just for show
and smokescreen, giving only an impression of concern?