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          Whole Foods Markets, Inc. Friend To Better Health Or Foe?


Whole Foods Markets (WFM) has been around for over a decade. The company
bought every successful chain healthfood store in America, including
California's Mrs. Gooch's. Most of the healthfood stores they purchased
carried at least 50% organic produce and meats. However, as soon as WFM
took over the stores and became the only major healthfood stores around,
the supply of organics fell dramatically.

WFM created a slogan "Go Organic". They advertised everywhere with that
slogan. However, when shopping at their stores, no more than 5% of produce
was organic. In winter, the best was 2% organic. WFM continues the slogan
with no more effort to obtain organic than a sleezy car salesman intends
to fix a bad car and cons you into buying it.

After WFM was well established, one of my patients and I researched WFM
and its "All Natural" meats. Its head offices are in Texas and owned by
several other companies/trusts with ties to the powerful Bass and Bush
(U.S. presidents) families.  Like all chain-food companies, they ruled
all of the many ranches and ranchers' methods of caring for and feeding
animals that supplied WFM meats. After many calls, WFM home-office
management reluctantly allowed us to speak with the man who regulated
meat-growers for WFM. We discovered that the all-natural diet included
15% bakery waste.  You know, stale donuts and cakes that were boiled in
hydrogenated (plastic) vegetable oils.

I called the head office again and asked them to remove the All Natural
ads. I was refused based on the fact that donuts are made with grain that
cows naturally eat. I countered that cows do not find and eat donuts and
cake boiled in plastic oil in fields. The response was, they naturally
do in our fields. So literally, he stated that the "All Natural" was
not the universal meaning but natural to cows at WFM- controlled ranches.

I called the FDA who told me that anyone can call their meats natural
as long as no more than 15% unnatural feeds were fed to cows. That was
my revelation that WFM company statement of noble intent was nothing
other than a scam by profiteers for the sole purpose of taking money
from trusting health-conscious individuals who were unlikely to ever
question WFM integrity.

Ten years passed and WFM had not added any more fresh organics than
the 2-5%. However, 2 years ago one of its officials began to fight
for raw milk with us in California, appearing at Senate and Assembly
hearings. I was impressed and amazed until the last month's slap in the
face when WFM announced they were not going to carry raw milk products
any more. Its excuse was they could not get insurance for raw milk. That
is a lie. About the same time, WFM made two diehard vegetarians the chief
operations managers for all stores who think that milk is the worst food
man consumes.

Soon the stores will be overrun with all sorts of non-animal products,
especially "organic" soy products. The irony is sad. Humans cannot eat
raw soy. It must be chemically treated and heated. So even though soy
may be grown organically, after it is processed for human (or poultry)
consumption, it is full of contaminants that are not organic. Not one
soy product is organic when made for human consumption. So, just like
WFM's slogan "Go Organic", the entire food store will is predominantly
a health scam. Considering that the Bush family financially supported
Hitler's genocide campaigns, would it be unrealistic to consider that that
family with more wealth than it could spend would create a company set
on false-health conditioning and annihilating health seeking individuals?

Did the attack on my person create a paranoid schizophrenic, you may
ask? Or did the attack on my life make me more determined to speak
about the ills of the controlling members of this planet, exposing
their misdeeds?