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                  Microbe Food-Poisoning; Fact or Fiction?


No matter how many times I revisit the microbe food-poisoning issue,
people have extreme difficulty grasping the reality of it. Consider
ourselves in the Dark Ages where we believe Earth is flat. Although we
see that the moon, sun and planets are round, we cannot fathom that
celestial objects are balls rather than circular disks. Why? Because
clergy, teachers and representatives of the elite control education,
that is, what is taught, acceptable and learned. We are ridiculed if we
think too differently.

Now, let's return to the present. We are in the same circumstance
today. All academic thought has been tunneled into junk science to
protect industrial and economic values that have nothing to do with
human welfare and well-being. The present BP oil gusher and the way it
has been handled is the best evidence of that. Countless millions of
people will suffer and die because of it.

The imposed microbe food-poisoning perspective of our time is a
prejudicial perspective. It is completely tunneled into a framework
created and controlled by pharma/medicine. How do they control that
perspective? The few major pharmaceuticals use the medical industry as
their puppet. Big Pharma (as it is called) controls and finances tests,
controls how they are interpreted to be drug-favorable and then published
in "Peer-review" magazines.[1] They finance major university research
and funding.  They promise scientists and researchers enormous shares
in profits for drugs and/or prestige.

The medical prejudicial perspective of microbes is invested in finding
inner and outer culprits that can be treated with medical drugs. If they
can scare us into fear, or at their best scare us into terror, we will
unwittingly attack the nature of our bodies. However, the basic factors
that could identify any microbial direct scientific link to any food are
not within our present scientific resources. Probably, that limitation
is purposeful.

If people realized that most negatively interpreted microbe
detoxifications were unrelated to a specific contaminated food, people
would have to acknowledge that their diets are causative. That would
destroy the processed food and the medical industries. Big Pharma would
fall fast and hard.  People would realize that most cases of so called
"pathogenic illness" are unrelated to a particular food but are related
to an accumulation of toxic food-stuffs in the body from their diets,
either in the stomach or intestines or being eliminated through those
walls, resulting in vomit and diarrhea.

All of those minds that argue microbe nonsense- science and discovery
approaches accusing raw milk or any food of causing immediate foodborne
illness should be ignored. Just as any racial prejudice must be learned
and ingrained, present prejudicial microbe- science is taught from
within our homes through media and nonsense advertising through to our
universities. Notice that the CDC, FDA and biologically trained minds
argue that microbes may not be found in the food that caused an "epidemic"
because they were "killed-off". You cannot have it both ways. If you have
a bacterially contaminated product, bacteria may die but the bodies do not
disappear. If there are no bodies, the product under investigation could
not have been causative of a microbial illness, period. Such lawyer-type
garble from microbiologists simply confuses people. Is that their intent?

The following question has been posed to me numerous times: If lots
of people spontaneously get sick from the same batch of food, then it
seems that food is contaminated, correct? That is likely to be correct
in the following case. Consider that bacteria get diseases like other
organisms when their food sources are contaminated/processed. They suffer
comparable experiences to vomit and diarrhea as a response to consuming
contaminated processed food.  People who consume such a product could
get sick from their wastes but not directly from bacterial presence in
the food. The contaminated processed food causes the bacteria to get
sick and consequently consumers to get sick. In such cases, food would
have a direct impact causing vomit and diarrhea.

In nearly a hundred experiments before I began eating only raw foods,
I consumed bacteria-laden cooked and processed food. I experienced vomit
in over half of the experiments and sometimes diarrhea.  After becoming
a raw-food eater, I experimented thousands of times with microbe-laden
raw foods including raw milk, meats and eggs. I experienced vomit several
times when the meat or eggs were from non-organic sources. Most immediate
food-poisoning in raw foods is not from bacteria but additives/ chemical
poisons that rarely if ever get blamed. Foods are rarely if ever analyzed
for additives/chemical contamination including fertilizers, pesticides,
herbi- cides, hormones and genetically modified food- allergens.

The food industry controls the food market. How?! By supporting
the theory that inner and outer microbe-culprits are to blame for
disease. They do not want their additives scrutinized. They rejoice in
the ignorance that predominates our health departments. They support the
mythic bacteria-theory that imprisons our entire civilized world; this
theory is mainly media and education-driven. If they can get "educated"
people to believe that spinach, which we have been educated to believe is
our greatest iron- rich muscle-building food epitomized by the character
Popeye, can cause disease when fertilized naturally with the Earth-old
fertilizer manure, you can get those "educated" people to believe that
we should outlaw raw and naturally occurring foods.

What is left that is safe? According to Food-Giants, their lobbyists
and supporters, only chemically grown processed "foods" are SAFE and
the unproved conclusion is that they are healthy.  Advertisers, media,
education and politicians are the world's greatest liars.

Appraise the antics of Food Giants (technically a misnomer because
their products are all chemical and not food). Take for example Coca
Cola. It wanted to expand its beverage business. In about 1996, the
chemical beverage company decided to acquire the fastest-growing and most
lucrative of beverage companies that had mass moral appeal, California-
based Odwalla juices company.

A smokescreen was established where huge Procter and Gamble would
make beverages for Coca Cola but the profits for Coca Cola would be
meager. The smokescreen was to distract other beverage companies and the
public from noticing their maneuvers on Odwalla. Behind the scenes, Coca
Cola's secret agents were preparing to defame Odwalla into ill repute.

In 1996, they targeted an area in Washington State where many people drank
Odwalla juices. Those agents manipulated health department employees
into accusing a batch of Odwalla apple juice for so-called E.coli
food-poisoning in 10 of 13 people. What contaminated the other 3? They
had not consumed Odwalla juices, so they were ignored. To this day,
I have not been able to obtain the documents claimed to prove Odwalla
juice as culprit. I was refused names, addresses and investigative
documents into the issue. Why the secrecy?

The incident was publicized, of course. Soon Colorado health officials
claimed the juice had damaged 4 people. Now, consider that over 40,000
people had consumed apple juice from that particular batch. Why did
only a tiny fraction of those people "get" E.coli "food-poisoning" if
the apple juice caused the vomit and diarrhea? At least 30,000 people
should have experienced vomit and/or diarrhea.

All of the ridiculous notions of "fingerprinting" as a means to
isolate and trace bacteria are nonsense.  Any microbiologist with
more than cursory intelli- gence can see the junk science that is
used in bacterial fingerprinting. The fingerprinting label was used
to legitimatize the science without proper science. People were led
to think that because literal fingerprinting is a fairly good science
that bacterial "fingerprinting" must be accurate. That is a false and
dangerous assumption.

Odwalla was a company of people who really cared about the health of
people. They got into the business because they wanted to do good,
providing raw juices with all of the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients
unadulterated. Although the science was not definite that it was Odwalla
juice that caused those 14 vomits and/or diarrhea, Greg Steltenpohl of
Odwalla said the company issued its recall of thousands of juices because
its primary concern was for the "safety and health" of its customers. They
were duped.

Odwalla was fraudulently defamed and Coca Cola bought the company in 2001
for a pittance of what it had been worth if Odwalla had not been defamed.
Coca Cola representatives acted like they were a caring mother, offering
to help Odwalla out of its guilt-ridden conscience, buy its company
and make the lawsuits and ill repute disappear. Odwalla's creators may
not have sold to Coca Cola if all of the microbe-related law suits were
not pending.

To consider the degree that the good people of Odwalla were duped, you
must consider that in 17 tests, I was unable to get E.coli from fecal
matter felled from cows, goats or sheep to grow in pure fresh raw apple
juice. I was able to get E.coli to slightly populate when fecal matter
was taken fresh directly from intestines of a cow and spiked into apple
juice but all E.coli died in less than 2 hours.  Since the E.coli was
inactive, even theoretically, how could it have caused illness? There
are only inferences that the apple juice caused illness and not any
accurate science.

I hear all of the scientific voices shouting, But it was E.coli 157:H7! As
I stated in a previous edition of this newsletter, E.coli 157:H7 does
not exist in nature. It appears to be a genetically modified manmade
bacteria that must be introduced.

At the time of the apple juice escapade, Don Schlimme with the University
of Maryland suggested the apples could have become contaminated through
feces from cows grazing near an apple orchard. Why was this Schlimme
character, far from Washington or Colorado, interviewed for this situation
with no direct knowledge, only opinion and conditioned health- department
rhetoric? Because he stated exactly what Coca Cola wanted. He said that
pasteurization would have killed the bacteria in the Odwalla products;
that when people drink nonpasteurized juice, they run the risk of becoming
sick; and they should boil juice before drinking it.

Boiling juice is another process that families do not have time to do,
so they must buy boiled juice from a store, profiting beverage producers
and sellers. The story does not end there. As I established above, Coca
Cola is a company that demands the highest profits through any means
it can, even criminal. Coca Cola wanted to eliminate any competition
from other juice companies such as Naked Juice Company. They wanted
to ensure the greatest profits, meaning little or no spoilage and
returns. How is that accomplished with raw juices containing healthful
bacteria that cause fairly rapid digestion and fermentation? You cannot,
so you pasteurize them to insure at least 2 more weeks of shelf-life in
refrigeration. The apple juice incident and Schlimme's opinion were not
enough to make pasteurization of juices into law. It had to be legislated.

This is the most immoral of corporate schemes. A little girl who was said
to have been harmed by the apple juice developed Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome
(HUS). Her kidneys dissolved and she died. The mother was brainwashed into
believing that the "E.coli-ladened" apple juice caused her daughter's
HUS and death. However, antibiotics often cause HUS, especially Cipro,
the antibiotic used to treat the little girl's bloody diarrhea[2], and
aspirin and other painkillers that prevent clotting caused the bleeding
to continue.

Coca Cola agents told the mother that her daughter could have been
spared if the apple juice had been pasteurized. They sponsored her to
take it to the US Congress to get a law passed that would criminalize
the commercial sales of bottled raw juices. Paid lobbyists assisted
her. They financed the literature and got puppet health officials to
appear before congress and make absurd claims of impending deaths from
raw juices. Just about every sucker in the civilized world will fall for
"Raw apple juice killed a little girl and it should be outlawed."

Where is the objectivity that those "highly" educated people are supposed
to embody? If bacteria were the killer that health departments, pharma,
medicine, advertisers, education and food producers claim, animals
would be dying like flies all over the world. They lick fecal matter
from each others and their own anuses daily, even animals who meet for
an instant. Primitive tribes and economically poor people all over the
world would be dying like flies because they do not wash their hands after
touching animals, fecal matter and handling their food and eating. They
may bathe once weekly or monthly. It seems that education has made us
into stupid creatures with facile intricate brains that can handle lots of
complex issues, have faith in science and industries but no common sense.

Let's return to the microbe-food-poisoning issue.  Most cases of
diarrhea and vomit are not the result of a particular food at the time
of consumption. Most often, vomit and diarrhea result from accumulated
substances from processed food that are absorbed through intestinal walls
and into the body, or from injections or consumption of medicines. Vomit
and diarrhea often result when the body decides to discard those toxins
or the cellular-destruction-waste caused by those toxins. If stomach or
intestinal walls are damaged during detoxification, bleeding may result.

Many astute individuals argue that many people experiencing vomit and
diarrhea simultaneously is evidence of microbial food-poisoning. I argue
that it is not. Most detoxifications are seasonal. Are bears contagious;
since they seem to appear simultaneously but appear in USA first and then
in Canada and then Alaska? Similarly, bacteria, that cease hibernation
in usually climatically-inspired cycles, create such detoxifications
as colds, vomit and diarrhea, appear- ing simultaneously amongst many
people. However, the pharma/medical profession makes big bucks on the
myth that colds, vomit and diarrhea are contagious, unhealthy and must
be stopped or prevented. Those bacteria are doing their job of cleansing
certain types of waste or contamination at cyclical times for most people.

Food does not have to be pasteurized or processed to be safe and
health-giving; that is a present-day developing myth. Food does not have
to be raised with chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and be
genetically modified to be safe and health-giving; another present-day
developing myth. Food is not a chemical derivative of food. Most foods in
markets today are not foods at all but merely plastic versions of real
food with indefinite shelf-lives. In fact, the only safe health-giving
food is raw, unpasteurized, unprocessed, and non-chemically-exposed
naturally evolved (non-GM) raw foods.

One more case that disproves microbes cause disease: Remember from
my books that I was always a sickly child and after a vagotomy at 20
years old, I was told that I would die from eating anything raw. I was
instructed that I had to at least steam bananas and apples if I wanted to
eat them or the microbes that are in them would kill me. As I relive those
medical terrorist statements, I realize that they are beyond ignorant,
they are stupid. I have eaten microbe-laden foods everyday for 41 years,
am 63 and 42 years beyond the death-sentence given to me by medical
doctors. If we, every one of us, do not make the time to fight the
legislatures who are financed by Big Pharma and Big Food, we will lose
our access to health-giving foods. It will be criminal to grow or possess
health-giving raw foods. We will be condemned to disease, like it or not.

It is time for us to take off the gloves and fight for our rights. We
must look closely at congress persons who introduce bills that contain
legislation that will deprive us of rights to healthy raw food. We
must look closely at any congressional member who co- sponsors such a
bill. We must make them suffer by disrupting their lives while and after
they are in office and we must let them know our stance on health and
nutrition. How do we do that legally?

For example, when Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed our hard earned SB201
bill in California that would have reinstated our ability to buy healthier
raw milk in stores, we should have faxed, called, mailed, emailed and
picketed him everyday all day long until he signed the bill. We should
still be harassing him for his violation to our health. We should still
be harassing every member of California Senate and Assembly.

But why would we want to harass the California congressional members;
they passed almost unani- mously our bill? Because they had the ability
to override Schwazeneggar's veto but would not even consider it. It
is one of the time-old routine side-steps of placating the people
into thinking that they have a voice in law. You may get a little law,
fairness and justice in local government but on State and Federal levels,
politicians are bought and paid. Behind closed doors, politicians rob
citizens of everything with a one-minute-signature veto. In this case,
one politician took the flack while most legislators looked good and we
the people still do not have the right to better health.

As long as we do nothing, they have nothing to fear and we will lose our
most precious asset, our health.  Unless you enjoy suffering disease
while immersed in high lifestyles, our health is basic and primary.
Everything else pales in comparison when you have suffered disease. Take
every spare moment you have and picket, call, fax, email and mail all
of your representatives daily to let them know what you think. If you
can think of any other way to persuade them, do it.


 1. Internet-search associate professor
     of medicine, and family and preventive medicine at the
     University of California at San Diego Dr. Beatrice Golomb, M.D.,
     Ph.D.'s research showing and proving how Big Pharma manipulates
     the scientific method to their benefit and people's detriment.

 2. I read several test reports on Cipro when it first hit the
     market. A large percentage of the test animals suffered kidney
     symptoms that were identical to HUS. During the first year
     on the market, even the information insert in Cipro packages
     warned of kidney problems as a side effect. A year after,
     the mention of kidney complications disappeared from the insert.