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       Bacteria and Other Microbes Are Responsible for Vibrant Health


The greatest myth and trap of society today besides the banking
system is that microbes cause disease. Many astute people chide me for
my resoluteness that bacteria NEVER cause human disease. Since very
intelligent people all over the world firmly believe the pharmaceutical
and medical theory that bacteria and other microbes cause most human
diseases, I must be crazy.

This article revisits microbe phobia again because so many of the same
people continue to argue that there is plenty of proof that microbes
cause disease. I hope that this article will help people open their
minds to realize where human diseases originate.

I have not seen ANY clear-cut evidence that proves microbes cause human
diseases. Maybe that myth believed today is as sensible and true as
the belief that the world is flat. The idea of a flat-Earth was argued
mathematically, scientifically and theosophically up to as recently as
1980. Why and how? Some people just could not get their heads around
global-Earth. So they argued and argued until most stopped after Russia's
sputnik photos. Since I am a living example of a person who ought to have
died millions of times from eating microbe-infested food, it is time that
people acknowledge once and for all that microbes do not cause disease.

Why do people believe that microscopic creatures could usurp entire
bodies and bodily systems but dangerous chemicals that kill bacteria
are safe for our bodies?

Our bodies are 90-99% bacteria[1]. There are 100 times more bacterial
DNA in our bodies than human DNA. Therefore, we are actually 99%
bacterial and 1% human. Every microbiologist is taught and programmed
during collegiate years to believe that some bacteria are malicious and
dangerous. They do not see that the cells that are eaten by some bacteria
are already dying or dead. Professors point to those bacteria and say,
"they are eating cells; there is your evidence that some bacteria are
harmful." Everyone is taught this incorrect biochemistry that is myth.
Students are not given the opportunity to study them with an open mind. If
they did, they would eventually find that those so-called bad bacteria
are simply janitors, consuming severely damaged, dying or dead cells.

Children are taught by cartoons, TV shows and commercials that microbes
cause disease. They do not understand that those media propaganda are as
true as the cartoons they watch. Everyone is trained to be prejudiced
about microbes as thoroughly as children raised by racists accept that
certain races are evil. We are conditioned to accept false concepts.

Corporations that control the media and government constantly brainwash
us with rhetoric stating that microbes cause disease. Corporations make
chemicals that are dangerous to us and our environment but tell us that
their new or improved product will somehow save us from disease because
it destroys microscopic creatures. Since our bodies are 90-99% bacteria,
that makes as much sense as 900+47=1.

People who live more in nature and on farms do not easily accept such
propaganda because they see healthy animals licking and eating fecal
matter off each other's butts and thriving. Do farmhands ever see
animals washing their hooves and faces before they eat? Do they ever
see animals clean their troughs before they eat? Do they see animals
vibrantly healthy in the midst of so called microbial contamination?

Probably, the reason most intelligent people believe microbes cause
disease is because of the spectacular advancements in electronics and
mechanical technologies. Technology is extremely impressive. Intelligent
people think, "if we can have such great advancements, surely medicine is
equally advanced." The average individual simply unconsciously transfers
those advancements onto medicine. However, medical advancements are as
factual as Bugs Bunny because none of the technology is curative.

|                                                                         |
|                 EXPLORING OUR BACTERIALLY-VIBRANT NATURE                |
|                                                                         |

We begin digestion in our mouths by infiltrating our food with bacterially
rich saliva. We have more bacteria in our saliva than dogs and cats,
according to many bacteriologists. Depending upon a person's health
or lack of health, 80-90% of digestion should be bacterial from
mouth to sigmoid colon. Digestive enzymes, which healthfully should
be 10-20% of digestion, disassemble large particles of food so that
bacteria can infiltrate and eat food molecules.  Bacteria eat our food
molecules. Bacterial byproducts (feces and urine) are our food!

Yet corporations that can afford to spend $100 million yearly on ads tell
us we will have brighter smiles, more sex, more friends, more money and
happier lives if we use antibacterial toothpastes and mouthwashes that
destroy not only digestive bacteria in our salivary glands and mouths
but in our brains.

Health departments bombard us with news-bites that microbes attack
us. For decades E.coli was blamed for tens of thousands of cases of
food- poisoning resulting in severe vomit and/or diarrhea, and some
deaths. However, in about 1985, as more microbiologists observed that
E.coli is a helpful and harmless natural part of bowel digestion, medicine
and government diverted attention from their general E.coli-blaming to a
newly created monster E.coli 0157:H7 (genetically modified?). I did not
hear one peep from the scientific community and government apologizing
for decades of prejudice against E.coli.  Instead, they ushered to the
stage this new varmint E.coli 0157:H7.

To this day, I have not found one 0157:H7 in nature, including
at the infamous California fields of spinach "contamination" or at
factory-farms. The only 0157:H7 I have been able to observe is a culture
given to me by a university professor who got his culture from the
FDA/CDC. Is this man-made creature being planted in society, hospitals
and food to continue brainwashing us into believing our microbial
nature is bad and that industrial chemical poisons are good? Microbial
"pathogenic" activity in food does not cause food-poisoning or disease.
Industrial agricultural chemicals, food additives and processing cause
food-poisoning, period.

Health departments are empowered with the job of protecting people from
contamination. However, their hands are tied by Big Pharmacy, Big Food
and Big Industry who are the real culprits creating disease. So, who can
people that are entrusted with our health blame for diseases? They blame
Nature and Creation's big mistakes, microbes! They want us to believe
that although man has lived at least 4 million years amongst microbes
and is 90-99% microbes, microbes are giving us diseases and killing us.

| Then what causes all of the vomit, diarrhea, including bloody diarrhea,
| a kidney disease?

Diarrhea and vomit are not diseases but a process of the body discarding
toxins rapidly to prevent diseases.  Chemical contamination causes most
cases of food-poisoning, not microbes. Even old isolated toxins may be
mined from our bodies at any time and dumped into stomachs or bowels to
remove those toxins through vomit and diarrhea. Toxins of all kinds can
mix in the body creating more volatile chemicals. It can occur at anytime
and is usually unrelated to food previously eaten. However, sometimes
chemicals in food will cause diarrhea and vomit. if someone is tested at
the time of diarrhea and vomit and high janitorial bacteria (so-called
pathogenic) are found eating the damaged cells, whatever was previously
eaten is blamed even if it were raw food instead of the chemicals that
caused the problem. That is not science but prejudicial ignorance.

Industrial chemicals accumulated alone or mixed within the body are very
volatile substances that can cause any minor or severe disease. How many
people do you know who have had severe burns or rashes as a result of
chemical exposure and contact? Imagine how volatile those substances
are internally.

Antibiotics, such as Cipro, cause severe kidney disease when administered
to some children or elderly in a weakened state. The original leaflet
inside Cipro warned about kidney damage. Now, that information is not on
the insert leaflet. Anyone who believes that E.coli 0157:H7 can multiply
in raw apple juice that is less than 15 days old and dissolve a little
girls kidney and kill her has not done objective testing and believes the
paid propaganda of Coca Cola through health officials. The little girl
who died of kidney disease (HUS) was treated with Cipro but E.coli that
was claimed to have been in the RAW apple juice and the juice was blamed.

|                                                                         |
|                     CONDITIONING BEGINS IN CHILDHOOD                    |
|                                                                         |

Commercials drum into children's and parents' minds that microbes
will destroy children, relationships, sexuality and lives. People
are conditioned to believe that the new or improved anti- bacterial
soaps, clothing and blankets will keep children safe from dangerous
microbes. The chemicals added to fabric, and the fabrics themselves,
are toxic and dangerous. Lint from those synthetic antibacterial fibers
(that are usually forms of plastic) will enter children's mouths, nasal
passages and lungs.

The toxic lint will dissolve then contaminate our children with chemicals
that cause serious diseases.  As those fabrics age, they produce more
lint.  Consequently, our children are very likely to develop cancers
sooner than later in their lifetimes. Are children the only ones to
ingest those fibers? What about siblings, and mothers who wash and handle
those fabrics, and parents who cuddle their children swaddled in those
fabrics? Everyone who wears them breathes lint every momement. Even
bystanders may breathe the toxic lint. Synthetic fabrics are already
plastic and plenty toxic.

Very few industrial advancements create better longterm well-being
and health. All medical equipment is designed to alter your body and
temporarily improve function without improving health. For example,
laser eye surgery unnaturally changes the shape of a weak or damaged
cornea. It does not improve poor eye-health that caused corneas to
misshape. If an individual is on a very poor diet, the warped corneas
will warp again within 5 years in 90% of cases.

Will doctors make money again for the same procedure? Probably, the
person will pay thousands of dollars to have it done again if it is
possible. In many cases, the surgery can only be performed once in a
lifetime. There are no effective instructions to patients on how to
increase health of eyes prior to or after surgery. When eyes do not
get healthier, ophthalmologists will continue to reexamine eyesight,
sell glasses and contact lenses and make lots of money.

Medical technology has NOT been developed to heal us but to repeatedly
treat us for profits. As most machines are made to breakdown rather
than last, (termed "planned obsolescence"), medicines are made to
treat symptoms but not correct the cause of symptoms. Medications are
developed with a similar concept as planned obsolescence, ensuring
that we continue to consume medicines and medical therapies. However,
most medication fails most people. In people whom they seem to help,
medications eventually stop working. All will create longterm harm.

| Why are poisons that destroy our natural bacteria implemented en masse?

Bacteria are responsible for 99% of all of our bodies'
functions. Antibiotics destroy all types of bacteria, reducing
digestive functions. They destroy bacteria responsible for ALL bodily
functions. One 5-days antibiotic regime can destroy 1% of our bodies'
bacteria, destroying 1% of our bodies. We become weaker and sicker. Who
benefits from that?

Let's look at fluoride[2] in toothpastes, mouthwashes and water
issues. Does fluoride really prevent or stop tooth decay? In children,
it often causes deformed palates and salivary glands, crooked and/or
discolored teeth and tooth loss. In a test to prove fluoride was good,
the community that got fluoride in their drinking and bathing water had
fewer cavities because they had more tooth loss compared to the community
which did not have fluoride in its water. Of course, fewer teeth equates
to fewer possible cavities. So, government and corporations tell us
fluoride prevents cavities. However, proportionate to number of teeth,
fluoride subjects had slightly more cavities.

Government and corporations' uncanny support of fluoride is matched only
by fluoride's toxicity. It is an industrial poisonous waste that cost
billions of dollars to isolate, store and/or decontaminate. Government‘s
military industrial complex is responsible for much of it, so they force
us to add it to our municipal water systems to dispose of it and save
them money.  However, is that the only reason?

| Could governments and corporations that control governments be using
| chemicals in thousands of products to control the masses?

All endocrine disruptors in tens of thousands of products reduce hormones
that normally give people gumption to stand up for their rights. Animals
subjected to fluoride in their water became so docile that they did not
fight back when attacked and beaten to death by peer animals who were
not subjected to fluoride. In concentration-camps, Hitler's regime used
fluoride in water to make prisoners docile, feel powerless and disrupt
mental focus. In times like these, when governments are controlled by
corporations, and are completely undermining our Constitutional Rights -
and our tax dollars are given as welfare to banksters and Wall-Street -
does government want us docile so that we cannot maneuver a revolution
as our Constitutional father's did around 1776?

| How do we remedy ourselves?

Keep natural. Use coconut cream as soap. If you do not want your hair to
be so oily from using coconut cream as shampoo, simply let it ferment out
of the refrigerator until it turns pink and dilute it with water. Then
wet your hair before applying the diluted coconut cream. Wear and use
only natural materials, cotton, wool, silk and hemp. The same natural
fabrics should be used for bedding, furniture and rugs.

We must avoid industrial and medical contamination. We should eat a
balanced raw diet, such as my Primal Diet.

Let's return to the subject of bacteria.

What do we have to do to reverse the brainwashed myth that microbes
cause most diseases? First, each of us has to realize that microbes do
not cause disease. We must realize that microbial presence in disease
does NOT constitute proof that microbes caused disease. Instead, it
should be observed that when creatures are fed their natural diets of
healthful organic foods, the greater concentrations of bacteria equate
to quicker and more thorough digestion, cleansing and healing. The first
time I realized that phenomenon, I was studying two cases of polio.

One case was hospitalized, receiving massive medication including
antibiotics. Bacteria levels throughout the body were very low. According
to medical science, that was a good thing but the patient was weakening
and deteriorating more everyday. The other person experiencing polio was
cared for at home with a raw diet of mainly raw meats and raw dairy. She
improved everyday without antibiotics.  Her bacteria levels were high
everywhere within her body.

The more evidence of bacteria and poliomyelitis debris, the greater her
improvements. Her poliomyelitis ran its course of cleansing her spinal
cord in just 6 weeks and another 4 weeks to heal to where she could
move well enough. I was astonished and elated that health could be so
much more tangible and natural than the fear-mongering medical industry,
its community and cohorts had made me believe.

What created the polio epidemic of the 1950's?  Canned foods were thrust
onto the masses during WW II. People at home were told to eat canned
foods to support soldiers. How would people at home, away from war,
benefit soldiers by eating metal- contaminated additive-rich processed
food? No one benefited except Big Food and its investors.

My mother and many women who were food- quality-education deficient loved
canned foods. They did not have to wash, cut and slice food anymore;
simply open a can and plop it into a pan or dish.  What followed as
a result of the new tin-poisoning were epidemics of tonsillitis and
polio. Tonsils are endowed with the job of protecting thyroid and brain
from direct assault of substances in the mouth. When tin accompanied
by additives enters the tonsils, they damage cells. Tonsils utilize
fatty cells, either lymphatic or white blood cells to harness toxins.
When damage to tonsil-tissue occurs, discharge of toxins throughout
surrounding tissue results, causing throat and mouth rashes and swelling.

When tin and additives enter the spinal cord, polio may result if the
spinal cord tries to discharge it rather than containing it in fat. Polio
is a cleansing process to rid the spinal cord of metallic toxicity.
Polio and tonsillitis are cleansing processes that should not be stopped
but assisted with proper nutrition.

The Earth is not a flat disk and microbes are not the causes of
diseases. Industrial chemicals and pollution are always the cause of
disease, whether it is cooking, processing, medication or any of the
causes of environmental pollution. Microbes are our helpers whether
supplying, building or cleansing. All of us should be elated and relieved
that we can do much more for our health than we have been brainwashed
to believe. We do not have to be victims of diseases.

After that realization, we can spend worriless days and nights tending
to naturally cleansing and healing our bodies, even though sometimes
tediously and while having to endure cleansing reactions that are
detoxification. We should celebrate our janitorial microbes.

|                                                                         |
|                           THE CONTAGIOUS TRAP                           |
|                                                                         |

Thinking that diseases are contagious is false and blocks our peace of
mind. We blame animals, other people and microbes for our diseases. If
we blame others for our illnesses, including microbes within us, we trap
our minds into thinking that diseases are not a part of us. We believe
that we are helpless victims.  Subconsciously we believe that we cannot
and must not trust nature, creatures and our fellow man. When we believe
that someone "gave" us a disease, we automatically think we must attack
that person and our bodies to remove the disease. Everyone is scathed
in wars, including victors.

Reality is that diseases come from industrial toxicity only. And when
toxicity accumulates, it often destroys parts of or entire systems in
our bodies. I have heard so many people claim that an ex- boyfriend or
girlfriend gave them herpes virus. In cases of herpes, toxins such as
heavy metals store in nerves. Everyone has metal in her/his nerves in
our industrial societies. We may not know that we have metals in nerves
because we do not have signals (symptoms). Often metallic minerals
cluster and cannot pass out of nerve endings easily. However, when our
bodies decide to detoxify metals from our nerve-endings and it causes
painful sores, we discover we have herpes.

According to Robert H. Shaw, M.D., Beverly Hills, California 85% of
people in industrial society have herpes, including maidens who have
never had sex. Elderly people who do not engage in kissing or sex get
it. Viruses are not contagious; they are a natural part of every body.

Why, then, do some people develop herpes after being in contact with
someone who has herpes? Is it the person whose body has already begun to
detoxify metals from his or her nerve-endings and has herpes sores? That
is who the medical and industrial community want you to blame. However,
the only contagion that is possible is educational, not microbial. Your
body may learn how to detoxify nerve endings by observing another body
in the process.

There is the climate-factor that is constantly written off as
contagion. Flu is the most widely believed to be contagious because people
in the same family get it one after another or all at once. Here is the
best analogy I know. Bears rise from hibernation earlier in USA than
they do in Canada and then Alaska. Are bears contagious because they
appear first in USA then Canada and then Alaska? All intense cleansing
cycles of our bodies are periodic, sometimes seasonal.

Our lifestyles that cause us to ingest toxic industrial metals are
responsible for herpes and all diseases. We can change our lifestyles. If
we are fortunate enough, we can live in rural areas without industry and
its contamination. However, even if we cannot, we can avoid processed food
full of 60,000 different industrial chemical additives. We can eliminate
or at least drastically reduce toxins in our homes and offices. Then we
can create environments that are conducive to better health.



 2. "The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our
     Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That keep it
     There" by Connett, Beck and Micklem. Publisher at
     and reviewed by Prof. Vyvyan Howard