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               Dissolving Plaque from Our Circulatory Systems


Gaining more health and avoiding medical procedures are my main goals in
life. Since I was an infant and all through my childhood, adolescence and
young adulthood, I received many medical procedures including horrific
vaccines and surgeries.  All of them caused great harm to my body which
it sustained throughout my life. Tests as early as 15.5 years of age
proved that I had plaque in my right internal carotid artery of PSV 223
cm/sec and EDV 76 cm/sec.

PSV is Peak Systolic blood flow velocity. The higher it is indicates the
faster the blood has to be forced through arteries and veins because of
obstruction. Obstructions can be excessive weight causing pressure on
the arteries or buildup on arteries. If it is buildup on arteries, the
higher the number the greater the buildup. According to pharma/medicine,
the higher the number, the greater the propensity for heart attack. I do
not agree with that. If the buildup is made of hardened fats that could
brake away from the arterial wall in large enough chunks, that could a
clot. High blood pressure and high blood velocity to not cause strokes
or heart attacks.

EDV is End-diastolic velocity. It has similar meaning as PSV but is
usually measured to see if there is propensity for cerebral stroke.

My high PSV and EDV meant that I had plaque buildup in my right carotid
artery resulting in increased blood flow velocities. That categorized
me as someone who was in danger of heart attack and cerebral stroke. It
is believed, and sometimes observed, that if a large chunk of plaque
breaks from an internal arterial wall, it can cause a clot - restricting
blood flows to heart and/or brain, depending on where the clot lodges in
the body - and cause stroke and/or heart attack. My mother was alarmed
because that condition is almost unheard of in adolescents.

The tests were performed because I developed angina at 15.5 years
young. The angina began within 10 days after my third polio-vaccine
injection.  Doctors and my mother, who was a nurse, never put the vaccine
and my immediate on-set of angina together because they were conditioned
not to.

Fast forward to 2001. When it became more common to check arterial
plaque with ultrasound, I began having mine checked every 3-4 years.
Ultrasound is only harmful if done more than twice in a 6-months period,
or to a fetus if done more than once every five weeks for more than 4
minutes at a time.

The company Life Line Screening made ultrasound tests easily accessible
once or twice yearly, inexpensively. Although 4 tests over 10 years
revealed my right carotid artery showed plaque buildup of at least PSV
181 cm/sec and EDV 59 cm/sec, I did not feel the need to bother with
correcting it. I was and am not a physically active person and was not
concerned. My lowest reading was PSV 168 cm/sec and EDV 49 cm/sec in the
tests of 2/24/2007, showing that as I continued to eat my Primal Diet,
it helped my body gradually remove plaque.

However, while my right carotid artery contained the buildup, my body had
to have high velocity blood flow. I am for higher velocity flow because
it is a symptom that something causing it to be necessary. I agree with
eliminating the cause but not simply reducing velocity with medication
that can cause stokes. A person is much more likely to have a stroke
while taking medication or eating chocolate. The 3 people I know who
had strokes while partially follow my Primal Diet were heavy consumers
of regular brand chocolates.

In September 2010, I decided to see how long it would take me to dissolve
it if I tried. Thrice weekly, I began to consume 1-2 tablespoons of raw
apple cider vinegar mixed in 2 ounces of raw milk immediately followed
by another 2 ounces raw milk to rinse the vinegar out of my mouth,
insuring it did not deteriorate my dentine. Occasionally, I consumed
vinegar in my Sport Formula or vegetable juices instead of milk. I was
not consistent because I traveled frequently and did not bother while
traveling and away from home. Another food that helps remove plaque is
citrus, especially pineapple.  However, as I stated in my book WWTL,
over-eating pineapple can cause extreme emotionality. If eating pineapple
daily to remove arterial buildup, I suggest eating only 1 ounce per day
with a raw fat such as 3- 4 tablespoons coconut cream and 1 tablespoon
raw cream or 1 teaspoon no-salt raw butter.

My estimate is that I had raw apple cider vinegar about 30 times before
my next tests of 8/4/2011, eleven months later. The 2011 tests returned
these results: Carotid Artery: Left: Normal; Right: Normal; No Atrial
Fibrillation; No Aneurysm, and Peripheral Arterial condition Normal. The
abnormal plaque buildup was gone! Interestingly, my neck, thyroid and
two lymphatic glands under my lower jaw slightly diminished in size. I
do not have as much right-side stiff neck ache and fatigue after very
long airplane travel as I used to experience.