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                      At What Age Is Death Inevitable?


Death comes seldomly in my work. I consider death only 2-3 times yearly
in my several hundred clients who are over 60 years of age when most
deaths are expected. My mind views any death prior to at least age 138
as a premature death.

I arrived at that figure because all creatures in nature live 7 times
the time that it takes them to finish maturity. For humans, that is 147
years. I substract about a decade because I do not have any record of
anyone living longer than 138.

When anyone who comes to me that dies before 138 years of age, I
constantly think about what more I could have done to delay death by and
while restoring health. Also, I always consider if a premature death was
as peaceful as possible. I want to know all that I can. I want to help
as much as I can. I want to discover new natural ways to help endlessly.

Most medical doctors must consider one or two deaths weekly from all
ages because of the toxically harmful treatments they are forced to
administer. Especially oncologists, who are forced by law to cut, burn
and poison their cancer patients.

Medical doctors might be aware of a patient if they pay attention and/or
truly care about any one patient. Almost completely, they focus not on
their patients but the patients' medical charts full of pharmaceutical's
pseudo-scientific jargon about their patient's state of health. Most
medical tests are designed to promote continuous treatments, not to
promote good health.

Medical doctors' blinders are so tight that they are numbed and some
even ignorant of the premature deaths they cause. They are focused on
three issues:

1. prescribing drugs as mandated by the medical procedural manuals that
   are financed by big pharma

2. financial and career statuses, emulating their master the
   pharmaceutical empire

3. keeping their licenses to practice by doing what is designated by
   medical law

There are a handful of medical doctors who battle against the
pharma-goliath, such as Drs. James Privitera, Stanislaw Burzynski and
Joseph Mercola.

However, even though they are crusaders striving for better treatments
for patients, they still believe the basic fallacies about how our bodies
behave and function, especially believing that supplements are magic
bullets. It is the same business as pharmaceuticals selling harmful
so-called medical magic potions.

To better understand how our bodies function, I suggest that
you watch and listen to the Primal Diet® Workshop DVD set.

Medical doctors are forced by law to administer only those treatments
that are acceptable to the body of law that was established and is
maintained by the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceuticals movement
to outlaw healing and curing therapies was begun in full-force and
funded in the USA by the Rockefellers and Carnegies in the late 1890's
after honoring the non-biochemist, non- medical doctor, crystal observer
Louis Pasteur. If Mr.  Pasteur had worked all of his life with people
sick with industrial pollution, probably he would not have been so duped
by the medical profession using his work to prove that microbes caused
disease. Rather than explore that history herein, I leave it to your
curiosity to research.

However, separation of a person from her or his loved ones is a difficult
emotional fait a compli. First, let's begin this issue with life.