Needles Of Disease and Death Continue In The Name Of Saving Children

On Halloween, I received the most alarming terrorist threat to existence - next to military wars - that kills innocent children. I received it in a letter from Care2 organization that read, "This Halloween season, we're haunted by a completely preventable disease - polio. Most of us have never witnessed the crippling effects of polio, but the fight isn't over. Polio is still endemic in three of the world's most difficult countries - Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This is the scary truth: levels of polio are at an all-time low, but polio anywhere remains a threat to children everywhere. Eradication is within reach, but we need your help. In fact, if we don't end polio now, it could result in as many as 200,000 new cases every year.

The United Nations Foundation's Shot@Life campaign needs you to help reach their goal of $40,000 - enough to vaccinate 40,000 children - by Halloween. We're almost there!

It costs less than $1 to vaccinate a child against polio - that's less than the cost of downloading a song on iTunes. Do your part to end polio by donating $50 to vaccinate 50 children against polio and give them a shot at a healthy life...Let's scare away this disease once and for all!

In the name of saving children's lives, it begs for donations to jab poor mostly unwilling children with harmful toxins that include liquid mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, detergent(s), ethyl ether, MSG and a myriad of other toxic additives promoted as a cure for polio. It completely misstates the facts about polio, fails to warn against toxic side effects of the vaccine and never mentions causes of polio. It lies about the cost of each vaccine for each child; the cost of manufacturing and distributing one vaccine is more than $4. It does not consider the cost of preparing and injecting those harmful chemicals into a child.

What are vaccines?

Firstly, vaccines are aimed at viral diseases. Viral diseases are ones that cannot be blamed on microbes such as bacteria, parasites or fungus because there is nothing alive in viral "diseases". Viral diseases are identified by the specific type of tissue dissolved not by a microbe.

Certain bacteria, parasites and fungus are our cellular-waste janitors. They eat organic cellular debris the way white blood cells eat dead red blood cells to keep the blood clean and efficient. It is misleading that our janitorial microbes are called pathogens. Only in unnatural environments can they seem to cause the degeneration of tissue called disease.

Animal cells in a petri dish, test tube, or other artificial environment/fluids are not biologically equipped to thrive outside of animal's bodies. They can be forced to live in artificial environments with certain chemicals but that is not the natural state of life. All cells in artificial environments lose homeostasis and begin to degenerate. Of course, in such artificial environments, the cell's janitorial microbes will become prominent and try to consume all of the waste, which is all that exists in an artificial environment. Try to keep a body part that is no longer connected to the body alive and see what happens.

Laboratory technicians point to the microbial janitors and say that they are causing the demise of the tissue. It is the artificial environment that has caused the degeneration, not the natural janitors. The janitors are not responsible for the waste and mess that they must clean, the artificial environment and the contaminated environment is responsible.

As I have explained many times, when viruses are identified, the matter being identified is particular dissolved cells by some kind of solvent. The solvents are produced by cells. Cells create non- living bio-chemical dissolving solutions to dissolve degenerative and dead cells, and cellular debris that are too toxic for bacteria, parasites, and fungus to eat.

Therefore viral diseases are not based on the "living" disease premise called the "bacteria theory". The bacteria theory has been continually proved to be false. No matter what the theory, viral diseases can only be logically and scientifically identified as being caused by industrial toxins-contamination.

So, the idea that vaccines can eradicate any viral-associated disease is based on another medical false premise. If the cause is industrial pollution, how can a vaccine full of some of the most toxic industrial pollutants cure a disease caused by industrial toxins? The concept is inane. Further, how can diseases that are considered microbial be prevented or eliminated by consuming or injecting poisons?

Because of our present knowledge of the damage to health from industrial toxins, isn't the notion that 'adding more industrial toxins will improve health and prevent disease' preposterous and insane?

Besides strengthening an industrially- poisoned body, detoxification of industrial contaminants must be the main focus of reversing the disease, not injecting more contaminants. Since polio is a virally-based disease, it is without a doubt an industrially produced disease.

Cause(s) of disease with focus on Polio

To establish the cause of a disease, we must analyze the cells in the part(s) of the body which are affected. In poliomyelitis, the spinal cord is the tissue that is mainly affected. Since polio as it existed in its prime in the mi-1950's when it was declared a disease, I had to find people who had had polio in the early 1950's.

Since at least 35 years passed before my inquiry, I had to acquire the scare tissue of those people affected. Scar tissue is dead cells that the body did not dissolve and discard but mummified to use like bricks in a wall. The body uses scar tissue to mend areas when it is unable to reproduce cells quickly enough to heal properly. If the cells did not die natural deaths, most often dead mummified cells contain the properties that killed them during contamination.

When I analyzed scar tissue in the affected areas of the spinal cord in 3 people who had had polio in their youth before the implementation of polio vaccines, the laboratory found metals. The metals found were related to the amalgams wherein organotin (toxic form of tin) is prevalent. Organotin was and is used for its biocidal effects, that is as fungicides, pesticides, algaecides, wood preservatives, and antifouling agents. One such compound is Tributyltin oxide which was used for all of the above and in boats paints and steel to prevent marine microbe decay.

I was unable to use any of the tens of thousands who got polio after receiving polio vaccines because the polio vaccine gave bodies metal-poisoning and caused many people to get polio. (Please re-read Appendix D in my book We Want To Live. There I gave the facts about polio. One of those facts was that polio was almost gone when the polio vaccine was released in 1958 and the vaccine had nothing to do with polio being considerably reduced. In fact, the incidence of polio skyrocketed after the vaccine was instituted, mainly in people who received multiple polio vaccines. Those facts have been suppressed by medicine and government.)

My next inquiry was to discover how people in the early- and mid-1950's acquired so much tin- related toxicity that it caused degeneration of their spinal cord, sometimes ending in paralysis. I could not find tin in any measure in medications of the time to cause such contamination except tetanus shots. But some people who got polio did not have tetanus shots. I had to exclude anyone who got tetanus shots.

I had to exclude people who worked in the tin industry who got polio because most people who were reported to have polio did not work in that industry. Wherever the tin was introduced, it had to have been introduced into the general population within 5-10 years prior to 1955.

I delved into industrial manufacturing and the most prominent enterprise at the time was canned food and roofing metal. I noticed that canned foods were sold to the world with World War II. Advertisements at the time were variations of: Support your loved ones fight the War, eat convenient canned foods.

What did canned foods have to do with fighting the war? In marketing tests done at the time with canned foods, most people with developed taste buds did not like the flavors of canned foods and stated that they would continue to buy fresh foods. Those marketing-tests revealed that the new canned- food industry needed marketing help. So, those who controlled the food-industry marketed their products disgracefully with soldiers and their housewives or girlfriends.

Despite people's taste preferences, most opted for chemically inundated canned foods. But, why? My mother thought it was the greatest thing since the invention of automobiles. She did not have to shop for different foods, or wash them, or peel and/or slice or chop them. She simply grabbed a can from the cupboard, opened it with her new can opener, and dumped the ingredients into a pot to heat the heavily processed and precooked, nutrient-deprived foods. Even cooking-time was reduced. What a boon to housewives and bachelors in food-preparation.

Although it is reported that tin is used because of its less corrosive nature, the metals from the cans leached into the processed food, especially acidic foods like tomato soups and sauces, apple sauce, and pineapple. Was the tin coating too thin or of the Tributyltin oxide variety to reduce bacterial growth in the processed food? Or are we being miseducated about industrial tin being non-toxic? Is the entire body of metallurgic science as fraudulently fixed as medicine, protecting industry from lawsuits and closures? Since I am not a metallurgist and do not experiment in that field, I cannot answer those questions.

Many of the food preservatives used in canned foods contain metals. The downside to the new luxury was gradual metal-poisoning in the general population. However, growing industry was using metals for everything from agriculture to food- processing. Identifying only one source of metal poisoning as the culprit for polio or any other metal- contaminant-based disease would be negligent.

Regardless, if a person's body could not eliminate the metals, the body stored the metals in various places depending each individuals body. Some people stored metals in their tonsils, poisoning their tonsils and causing constant cellular damage. That cellular damage required infections (detoxifications) to eliminate the damaged mouth and tonsil cells. In many cases, white blood cells left the bloodstream to eat damaged or dead cells in the tonsils instead of eating dead red-blood cells – which is their true purpose and by which they would keep blood clean and efficient.

Resultantly, we had a greater epidemic of tonsillitis than polio that appeared instantly upon the introduction of canned foods. The tonsils are supposed to protect the mouth and brain from direct contamination from substances introduced through the mouth.

Tonsils are basically, very large lymphatic glands that protect the mouth and brain. Cutting-out the tonsils was the medical preference instead of eliminating the cause, that is, canned foods and agricultural contaminants. Eliminating the tonsils removed the body's oral defense of the brain.. The pharmaceutical preference was penicillin instead of eliminating the cause.

For those who stored the metals in the spinal cord, damaged spinal-cord cells resulted, sometimes causing paralysis. Pharma saw its chance to create another phony cure for a disease even though it had no pseudo-link to microbes and was completely industrial-contaminant-caused.

A food-manufacturing-employed medical doctor of that era told me that they were aware of the metal-poisoning and were complicit in hiding the fact that several diseases were caused by using the cheapest-grade of metal cans. Polio and tonsillitis were only 2. He said that by 1954, they had invented a trade-secret sealant-coating that would stop the leaching of metals into the food from cans. It came to be known as plastic. (Plastic causes a myriad of other diseases that can be researched online.)

Now, take a look at the 3 countries that the Care2 letter/advertisement quoted above stated were plagued with polio: Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. What do those countries have in common? They are all war zones where metal bombs were exploded and vaporized into the atmosphere contaminating air, soil, water and creatures. Starving war-torn children have inhaled those metals at an astoundingly toxic rate. Additionally, many of the bombs were made with uranium. Adding insult to injury, many of the foods supplied from aid programs to the children are metallically contaminated with food-additives and agricultural contaminants.

Conclusion: Polio is caused by industrial pollution and no poisonous vaccine full of metal will prevent polio. Stabbing children with industrial contaminants for profit and any other reason is at least violent and cruel offense, and at worst murderous.

Reversing/curing most diseases, including Polio

With all that I have witnessed inside and outside of laboratories, there is only one cause of disease: Industrial pollution in medication, food, air, soil and water. Strengthening a body's constitution and lymphatic system is the first step to reversing/curing disease.

Our lymphatic systems' jobs are cleaning waste from the body and detoxification. Detoxification is the extraction and elimination of toxins from the body. In cases of polio, the toxins are mainly metals.

In the detoxification-processes, toxins often cause damage to tissue/cells just as they did when they first entered the body. Predominantly, the lymphatic system relies upon fats to harness, dissolve and neutralize waste, mainly for elimination through the skin via perspiration.

Almost all of the lymph's processes are executed by bacteria and require all of the bacteria in raw foods. However, in cases of severe metal- poisoning wherein bacteria cannot fulfill those tasks because bacteria are poisoned, a solvent-oriented fat should be utilized to assist bacteria in the lymph. I discovered by trial and error, the safest and most efficient fat for detoxification is raw coconut cream.

Raw coconut cream is 93% water-soluble fat that is more concentrated in delicate vitamins and other nutrients than any other food except for raw dairy cream. However, raw dairy cream lacks the nutrients to help our bodies expedite intense detoxification. With the nutrients in raw coconut cream, our bodies have the ability to detoxify more quickly while it soothes us of many side effects that result from detoxification. Raw dairy cream should always be consumed with coconut cream to further soothe and protect cells during detoxification, especially nerves and neurons.

Although fats are needed in exorbitant amounts prior to and during detoxification, our digestive bacteria cannot digest or utilize fats properly without feeding them proteins. Eating raw meat, raw eggs and raw milk supply substantial protein. For people with impaired or poor digestion, eggs are most helpful because they are easiest and quickest to digest.

Harnessing metals and other toxic contaminants

Lime juice has some amazing nutrients that no other food has. Our bodies can use lime juice to coat foreign substances that normally would cause ill reactions within us. When those foreign toxic substances are coated with lime juice, they are almost completely isolated from doing much damage. The coating is like a barrier. When applied to a dirty wound such as one contaminated with asphalt from a pavement wound, the coating surrounds the asphalt. Infection (detoxification) is delayed without harm.

Normally in such a condition, the body will recruit white blood cells from the bloodstream to inundate the contaminated area and puss results. Puss is mainly white blood cells with the contaminants and the cells that the contaminants have damaged. I have found that using lime juice helps control even intensely toxic accumulations such as occur in appendicitis, preventing rupture from intense swelling. However, in such a situation, I do not rely upon lime juice alone if I have other resources.

Raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar has amino acids (proteins) that bind with toxic metals similar to lime juice. However, apple cider vinegar requires many more nutrients to be utilized properly. Therefore, I usually recommend smaller amounts of apple cider vinegar than lime juice.

A recommended diet for metal contamination

(Including for Polio and Appendicitis)

Once or twice daily consume a mixture of 3 ounces raw lime juice, 2 tsp. lemon juice, 3 ounces unheated honey, 2-3 ounces coconut cream, 2 ounces raw cream, 2 T. unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and 4-6 ounces coconut water (or raw milk). At least 6 ounces of that mixture should be consumed at once. Any remainder may be consumed 2 ounces at a time every 2-3 hours.

Since raw no-salt cheeses are very helpful in attracting toxins from blood, nerves and lymph as they circulate through stomach and intestines, raw cheese may be and should be consumed regularly. Consume at least 1/2 tsp. no-salt raw cheese every 30 minutes to help attract toxins to stomach and intestines. The cheese will absorb most if not all of those toxins and prevent them from harming the stomach and intestinal walls as well as prevent much contamination to digestion and recycling toxins into the body.

Sip milkshakes or smoothies throughout the day, consisting of 4-5 raw eggs, 1 cup raw milk, 1/2 cup raw cream, 2 T. unheated honey and 1/2 cup blueberries (if available; adding berries to milkshake makes it a smoothie). In cases of appendicitis, I suggest 1 cup of tomatoes in place of 1/2 cup berries. Mix 6 ounces no-salt raw butter with 2 ounces unheated honey (3:1 ratio respectively). Consume 2 T. every 4 hours.

If strength to be active is necessary, I suggest consuming about 1 cup pureed raw meat, red or white, with at least 1.5 T. no-salt raw butter.

If appetite is low, I suggest consuming 1-2 T. fresh raw pineapple or papaya as needed to facilitate digestion.