How Are Nutrients Delivered To Our Cells?

Somehow, all raw nutrients and cellular life have beneficial bonds to each other. Those bonds make it easy for our bodies to deliver an entire smorgasbord of nutrients to cells, including bacteria (99.6% of our bodies' genes are bacterial), enzymes, proteins, fats, vitamins, a little carbohydrate and a myriad of health- giving unknowns. Cellular food is supplied in a smorgasbord of those nutrients. There are supposed to be 92-117 nutrients in each smorgasbord.

However, when we cook anything, we cause most of the bacterial and ionic nutrient-bonds to fractionate, even isolate. Cooking, processing and contaminating food destroys the normal bonds made by raw nutrients, mostly accomplished by bacteria in the digestive tract. After cooking and/or processing, water is no longer properly bound to nutrients. Resultantly, transporting water with nutrients to cells becomes most difficult. Bacterial and enzymatic alterations must occur to keep cells hydrated.

Also during cooking and/or processing, nutrients are altered and adulterated, greatly diminishing their value to our cells, our bodies. Nutrients are unable to remain coupled for particular cellular activity that would translate into body energy for us.

I gave a fairly thorough list of damage in my books but did not elucidate on free-radical reactions because I did not want readers to get bogged in chemistry. Chemistry has been violated by industries and their governmental and academic lapdogs to denigrate nature into an inanimate, dissectible, lifeless Frankenstein monstrosity. It has been and is used to convince us that science is pure and knows what it is doing for our benefit. When in actuality, 95% of the time it is just the opposite. Science still cannot manufacture a seed from scratch that will grow healthfully and produce fruit.

Therefore, I suggest that you rein-in chemistry to make it important only as a means to an explanation. When chemistry violates life via experiment, it becomes the means rather than explanation. Our entire industrial foundation is built on destroying life rather than nurturing and protecting life. Mobility and production industries force toxic fuel use that pollutes air, creatures (including us), land and water. Agricultural and pharmaceutical industries isolate and remix compounds into life-altering substances that will pollute air, creatures, land and water for centuries.

When nurturing life is the goal, protecting life is automatic and natural. So, please consider my view of chemistry as explanatory.

In chemistry, free radicals are atoms or molecules that bear an unpaired electron. They are extremely reactive (firing, dashing and bombarding other particles). creating a virtual destructive chain- reaction. Those free-radicals are capable of causing rapid chain-reactions that destabilize other molecules, generating many more free radicals inside our bodies. Free radicals cause cellular damage, degeneration and death which result in multiple accelerated toxic conditions called diseases, such as cancer, Crohn's and 2,000 other diseases.

In biochemistry, free radicals are altered nutrients that cause radical reactions resulting in damage inside and outside of cells and is not limited to unpaired electron damage. Literal to the words "free radical" are all of the toxins (32 known) that are produced from cooking. The most notorious are acrilymides, heterocyclic amines and lipid-peroxides. (The Recipe for Living Without Disease, pages 154-159.)

Salts in non-food form are rocks. We do not digest rock. Vegetation digests and transforms rock into living substances by diluting and linking the minerals into substances that structure life's growing potential.

Like free-radicals, salts of any kind also destroy nutrient bonds. When those bonds are broken, cells are malnourished. Cells may receive only 1/5 to 1/2 the nutrients that were intended for them because of cooking, processing and other contamination.

However, disease is the cure not the cause of the health problem. Disease is the process of our bodies eliminating toxins (accumulated industrial chemicals) including degenerative tissue caused by industrial chemical reactions in our bodies, or by other injuries. Except in injuries incurred in mobility accidents (such as falls or collisions), the causes of diseases are always industrial chemical contamination. Free radicals inside our bodies are always the result of industrial chemicals whether from earth, such as manufacturing, agriculture, food-processing or medical contamination (especially vaccines) that contaminate air, water, creatures and land for centuries or longer.

As I mentioned above and explained in my recipe book, cooking is an industrial process that causes at least 32 known toxins (industrial chemicals) to form. Three of those have proved to be cancer- causing. They are: acrilymides, heterocyclic amines, and lipid-peroxides. The others may very well be as disease-causing but no one has spent the time, energy and money to prove and publish it. No one in business wants their processes proved dangerous.

It appears that people would rather have physical conveniences than optimal health. The price of those conveniences is their physical, emotional and spiritual health. Maybe, our dollar bills should picture various diseases so people are completely informed about the costs of the items they buy.

Antioxidants, uric acid, particular bacteria and enzymes can neutralize free-radical chain-reactions. Foods that are concentrated in bacteria and enzymes that help neutralize free radicals are all organic: no- salt raw butter and cheeses, raw milk and cream, raw coconut cream, raw berries, raw apple cider vinegar, raw coconut vinegar, raw cilantro (coriander) juice, raw liquid whey, pineapple, and lime and lemon juices. A form of raw fat must be consumed with any of those foods that are not already fatty. Fats insure that free-radical toxins are contained and do not cause more damage on their way out of our bodies. Long hot baths will insure that they are eliminated by perspiration through skin.

Consuming lots of lime juice without fat sometimes causes caustic compounds to surface on skin quickly and in large amounts, sometimes causing bumps, rashes or warts. However, it is better to rid the body and suffer some skin alterations than to contain caustic compounds inside the body.

Sport Formula contains most of those ingredients and is a way to facilitate careful detoxification. And/or having the one fruit meal daily of 1/2 cup berries, 1/4 cup diced pineapple, 1 tsp. to 1 T. raw apple cider or coconut vinegar, 1.5 T. lime juice, 1 tsp. lemon juice, 2-3 T. coconut cream and 1.5 T. raw cream works well to facilitate careful detoxification. If detoxification gets overwhelming, I suggest that you reduce consumption of raw apple cider vinegar and lime juice daily to 1 T. each.c

Hot baths of 35-90 minutes at 104-110 degrees F, help the body eliminate toxins through skin readily and efficiently. Be sure to add ingredients to municipal waters to neutralize the toxins (such as chlorine and fluoride) so that they do not enter skin and body causing damage. (See Baths under Health Modalities in my book We Want To Live, for suggested ingredients.).