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             What Role Do Genetics and Microbes Play In Disease?


Genes are linear sequences of nucleotides along a segment of DNA
with varying characteristics. I only partially agree with the theory
that DNA provides the coded instructions for synthesis of RNA, which,
when translated into protein, leads to the expression of hereditary
character. I believe that nucleotides express themselves through
electro-magnetic and metaphysical energies that determines appearance
and behavior. It is an active energy-process rather than merely
plan-execution or fate.

Take for example, a formidable athletic team. In a winning team, you
will find a group of highly energized and skillful athletes working
well together to accomplish the manipulation of the object of the game
played. The players are not simply instructed or coded to function
well, they have natural ability and skill. Natural ability and skill
are integral parts of their beings and their bodies. Therefore, it is
not simply code but energy, innate intelligence and ability coupled with
large degrees of muscular health.

Appearance and behavior will be similar to the people from whom they
are offspring. However, the role of genes appears to be much more choice
than fate, except when industrial chemicals and the free- radicals that
result from industrial chemicals disrupt bacteria and other nutrients,
and nucleotides, resultantly disrupting and destroying and/or altering
important RNA and DNA structures. The greatest damage to genes in our
"advanced" societies are all vaccines that contain very toxic and
harmful adjuvants.