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                             Q&A Of November 7, 1999


Welcome to our event with Aajonus Vonderplanitz. It's November 7, 1999. Aajonus
is a revolutionary raw food advocate. He's a man whose passion is contagious.
He's been an inspiration to us, and he's here today to talk to us about his
program and answer our questions. So please help me welcome Aajonus!

Hello. Thank you. I don't know if I'm going to sit, sit all the time. I'm
Aajonus Vonderplanitz. We're here about learning how to prevent and reverse all
disease. At least I've discovered that you can. I was born a very sickly child,
52 years ago, born into a violent household, where a brother who was 18 months
older than I, still in diapers, was very sad about me coming home and taking the
attention. So he pretty much began my life by torturing me the day I got home
from the hospital.

And it went on until he went to the Vietnam war when I was 15.5. That put a lot
of stress on me because I was always terrified. My father did not know how to
control his temper either. He'd pop my eardrums, one time he said `I told you to
listen to me', *smack* broke both eardrums, another time he put a golf club in
my head, a nine-iron, right through my skull. All the way in. And that went on
for quite a while, so by the time I was 10 years old, I was pretty sensitive to
everything. So I had my 3rd polio vaccine, and I had a traumatic reaction from
it, it gave me peritonitis.

It was misdiagnosed as appendicitis, but they took out the appendix while they
were in there, just in case it gave me trouble in the future. And by the time I
was 13.5 I developed diabetes. I didn't begin taking insulin at that point. But
I was diagnosed with it, no direct treatment at that point. By the time I was
15.5 I developed angina pectoris, with muscle spasms in and around the heart so
severely, that I would pass out. They didn't know what to do about it, because I
was so young, so I would have these spasms in class, and I would fall in the
aisle, and they would just let me lay there for about 20 minutes, then I would
get up, and class is going on normally, so this is all normal for me. I didn't
know anything else. And then I got married when I was 16 years old, and my son
was born the first week of my senior year in high school. So I had to go to
school and work at the same time. School was very difficult because I was
dyslexic and borderline autistic till I was about 15.5-16 years old. My wife and
I didn't have to communicate with words at all. So it was very easy, and that's
probably why I got involved with her.

And I was very sensitive, so she liked that. I was dyslexic to the point where
if I looked at the printed page it swirled, and I got vertigo, and I'd vomit.
And back in the 50s when I was learning to read they wouldn't allow children to
use their fingers to keep their place, because they said it developed bad
reading habits and prevented the mind from moving quickly. My mind couldn't move
at all, because this page was spinning, and they thought I was just giving them
a tale. So I basically had to cheat my way through school. And I did a good job
of it. Because I was a pretty good artist. I would look at this massive objects
and figures on a page and I would copy them. Everything that the neighbour...the
girl that was smart next to me would write, that's what I would write. And
sometimes of course the images weren't clear, so they were completely gibberish,
but nobody seemed to call that to my attention. Don't know why.

When I got into college it was okay because there were teachers that began
understanding it, and they gave me oral examinations but always told me `if you
can't read, and you can't write, you will never be successful'. I said `well, I
am what I am, that's all I can do.' So by the time I was 19 I ended up in a
divorce, because I was so dysfunctional and basically I handled any problem, any
difficulty, the way I was raised to, and that's with anger. So that didn't make
for a good partnership, I was not a good partner. So I ended up in a divorce at
19 with an ulcer. The doctors treated that with Maalox. I had enough Maalox to
turn into a chalk. Was gonna donate my body to a school. And that caused a
tumour, all that Maalox. They told me `any time you have the discomfort and the
acidity in the stomach, take the Maalox'. I was taking bottles of that. They
told me `no restrictions, or anything.' It caused to tumour next to the ulcer.
So they decided to treat that by giving me a vagotomy pyloroplasty, which means
they cut me open from here to here, they went and severed all the vagus nerves
to the stomach so I would never again be able to digest anything. So I wouldn't
have the HCL there to irritate the ulcer. So it could heal. Well if I'm not
eating anything, how the hell am I gonna heal anything? You know,
short-sightedness is beyond me, of the medical profession. So then they also
stretched the pyloric 3 times its normal size, so the tube would get held up in
there, maybe bile would dump in there, and some other, who knows what they
thought would happen. But they just wanted the food to be held up in the
duodenum. So basically any time I ate anything at all, especially meat, I got
terribly sick, I broke out, my face looked like hamburger most of the time. And
I was not an attractive child to begin with, and then, to have that happen, it
was pretty traumatic. Then the incision began keloiding, and it got about 2"
wide and about 0.75-1" high. And they became a little alarmed and said `well, we
better irradiate that before it becomes tumerous, before it becomes malignant.'
So they gave me massive doses of radiation treatments for about 10 weeks. And it
damaged my entire spine because they irradiated me all along here. And of course
the radiation goes through the back. Got a little story about that. One time I
was travelling through Oklahoma, and I asked the woman at the cash register not
to scan my food because it's low-level radiation and an accumulation of that can
cause me to get nauseous, because I had radiation therapy. And she says `you are
kidding.' And I said `no', she said 'just a year ago, I was a radiologist and I
quit because when I was taking a photograph of this man, I spaced out this one
day and left 2 shields right over the area where I had to take the photograph.
And I thought I had wasted the film. But I developed it, and it came out just as
clear as there was no lead shield.' She quit the next day. Now she's gonna quit
being a cashier because of the radiation with the scanner. So the radiation gave
me blood and bone cancer. So they said `okay, now you're in really serious
shape, multiple myeloma, you know, maybe 2% of people survive to 7 years, and
that's all. Everybody else dies.' And those that live 7 years, do it feebly. So
we're going to give you some chemotherapy to make sure you make it beyond 3
months to 6 months. So maybe we can give you, a few years, maybe 7 years. At
this point I was still walking. I had severe back pain all the time, and I went
through 3 months of chemotherapy and by the time that was over, I was an
invalid. I couldn't walk, I couldn't go out of the house without a diaper, I
couldn't be away from a toilet for more than 5 minutes. And I couldn't be on the
bed because usually when I got up, I would get so dizzy, in combination with the
diabetes, that I would pass out and hit the floor. So I began living on the
couch, and I would roll off the couch on the floor, and scoot my way around the
house on my elbows. And sometimes use my legs, but I was so sore in the back,
and in so much pain that it was not easy. So I refused all treatment after 3
months, I said `you guys absolutely have no idea what you're doing. You guys are
killing me. I had an ulcer. And here I'm dying of 3 types of cancer.' And the
last time I went which was 4 months after I began chemo, they had diagnosed it
as also having lymphoma. So then I had developed 4 types of cancer, but I was
not gonna go back for the confirmation. They had given me enough bad news, as
well as creating the bad news. So that was the last time I ever went to a
doctor. And I was 22 years old. I went home to die, and there was a hospice
nearby, and rather than to stay there, I didn't want to be crawling around all
over the floor, so they had some of their volunteers come over and, clean the
house, some of them would do shopping and sometimes fix food for me. And one of
them brought a little pamphlet over, a little booklet, about 82-86 pages, and
this woman had written it, who had claimed that she cured herself of ovarian
cancer by drinking a gallon of carrot juice a day. I said `I beg your pardon?
Carrot juice cured her of cancer?' I have 3 uncles who are doctors, only one's
still alive. And 8 aunts and uncles who are nurses, my mom's an RN. And my
father was an inventor and scientist. So, anything like that was an absolutely
bizzare notion. Food has absolutely nothing to do with your health. Well wait a
minute, if you're ingesting all these pills, how can that have an effect, if
whatever else you're putting in your stomach doesn't have effect. I mean they
have all of these double standards, and non-sequiters that don't make any sense.
But it took me a while to figure that out because I was enmeshed in that
thinking. So this fellow at least got me to try the carrot juice. Didn't believe
for a second it would ever cure anything. But it tasted delicious. And if you've
ever been through radiation and chemotherapy, you know that you don't taste
anything any more. Nothing tastes good. This carrot juice tasted good. I loved
it. So I began drinking it. About 10 days, my dyslexia disappeared, I could
read. I felt I was in heaven, I'm gonna die and now my life's starting. Reading,
to me, was a big thing, because I was so embarrased that I couldn't, I'd be
called in the class to stand up, and all I could see were lines and symbols, I
didn't know what they meant. I could not read, so they would laugh at me and
ridicule me, and the nuns were horrendous. And I went to a catholic school, and
they were absolutely conscienceless. So I was elated and excited to be able to
read. I didn't really relate it to the carrot juice and I just stopped drinking
the carrot juice because I was so excited, went out and got $110 worth of books,
and I began reading. Mainly about nutrition, because I was hoping for something.
Stopped drinking the carrot juice, my dyslexia returned. Drank the carrot juice
again, my dyslexia disappeared. Stopped drinking the carrot juice. It came back
again. I drank it. It went away again. So I was convinced after 3 times that it
was the carrot juice. Spurred my mind into raw foods of all types. Foods.
Vitamins, supplements, I was after everything, and everybody had this spiel on
vitamins, because in 1969 and 70, that was the new big thing, supplements,
supplements, supplements. And it was a big market, but not anything like what it
is today. Now the pharmaceutical industry's into it. Back then, they weren't
into it. Now it's big money, they're into it. But none of those vitamins helped
me. And I took a lot of supplements. The only thing that I found that worked for
me was raw food. And it worked all the time. I always felt good and better. So I
decided I wasn't going to find the answers in this society, and I put most of

my cancers in remission, not, I should say, in a reversal state, in a dormant
state, wasn't getting better, and wasn't getting worse. But I was able to
function. Still had a lot of back problems because of the radiation therapy. I
guess because of all the severance of many nerves that lead back to the spine
and to the brain. And I began bicycling all over the north american continent.
Seeking out primitive ways of healing. I knew I wasn't going to find it in our
society. So I lived with coyotes, alligators, eskimos, native americans in
canada and northern america, and northern US, all the way down to Yukatan, with
some ancient mayans. Descendants of the mayans. And along the way I heard about
the raw meat, and of course I poo-pooed it because everything that I had read in
alternative, especially the spiritual thrust of the time in the hippy age, and I
definitely became a hippy, I had the long hair and the beard, and I was
bicycling around, and it was much more enjoyable way of living for me, living
outdoors, I liked that. But living outdoors is very very stressful. You have the
elements, you're always outside in that kind of weather, either windy, hot,
cold, no matter what it is, you're going sometimes from 30 deg to 80 deg, 90 deg
even, temperature changes. Very stressful on the body. So after 6.5 years on a
fruitarian-vegetarian raw diet, my multiple myelomas resurged again. My diabetes
was in with a vengeance. My cirrhosis. So I decided `well, I didn't find the
answers, so I'm gonna die.' So I decided to fast myself to death in an old
Indial burial ground. So there I was, couple of weeks, this den of coyotes that
lived up in the canyon would come down every night to go hunting. And they'd
wake me up about midnight. And they would do this little dance and this little
thing and one night they brought me a jackrabbit. Jackrabbit was about this
high, about 7.5 lbs or so, and I hadn't eaten meat in 6.5 years. One of the
reasons I stopped eating meat, was because I loved animals. I was not going to
kill an animal. Of course it didn't dawn on me that I had to go and rip off a
leaf off a lettuce, that that was also dismembering it. Or killing a carrot by
eating it. Didn't dawn on me at that point. So I was very against it, but I
remembered all of my educated background of saying `if you ever come in contact
with a wild rabbit, even if you cook it, do not eat it, because they contain an
enzyme which can kill a human being in a very very gross way in 24-48 hours.' I
thought `hey, that's what I want.' I will have to go maybe 40-60 days,
suffering, in a fast. 24-48 hours of suffering, I can do that. So I decided to
eat this rabbit. So I sat down with the rabbit, ate a bite, ugh, it was warm,
and it was bloody, and it was gooey, and it was soft, and it was squishy, and
ugh, so it came right back up. So I decided `okay, that isn't going to work', so
I decided to psych myself out, I sat down in 5 minutes and said `tough guy, come
on, you can do it. You can do it. you can do this. you're gonna do this. you
won't suffer 60 days.' So I ate it, and I ate it, and the more I ate, the
tastier it got. And I felt compulsive, and I was eating and eating, I ate about
3.5 lbs. Then I let the...I didn't have to let them, they just came and took it.
The coyotes shared the rest of it. So I went back to my campsite to die. And I
had near-death experiences twice on the operating table and once on a
recreational drug trip, when my blood level went so low that I died for 4 hrs 17
mins. And I remember leaving my body, I remember the euphoria of letting go of
the body, having no pain, no ill sensation, and this wonderful euphoria of love,
stretching infinitely. So as I lay down waiting to die, waiting to go into pain
first, I felt this euphoria. I thought `I'm already dying, I'm not gonna suffer.
This is terrific.' So next thing I wake up in the morning, and the environment's
the same, I'm not in heaven, I didn't go through the sun, like I did in my death
experience, the tunnel, when I went through it, was not a tunnel, it was
actually the sun. So I went through the sun, I became the sun, swelled up, went
out, and became the universe. When I did this experience, I had none of that, I
just woke up, but I still felt good. And I had no pain. But as soon as I started
moving then I could feel it again. I said `oh, I'm still here.' I waited 3 days,
no ill effects from the rabbit, I felt better. So I figured out, it had to be
the rabbit. So, meat. I remember the Indians tried to get me to eat raw meat. In
fact, the Eskimos fooled me into eating raw meat. They take caribou, and they
beat it into a mince, and roll it in whale or seal blubber, they fold it in a
pouch, like from a spleen or a bladder, and they bury it under the ground about
6", and they wait for it to rot. For about 6 weeks, and when it smells 1/2 mile,
it's ready. And they will eat it like it's candy, and they do this in the
summer, getting ready for the winter. And they actually eat it. They love the
smell of it. And I couldn't get within 5 feet of it without vomiting. So I took
cotton balls with musk oil from the actual moose balls, and shoved it up my
nose, and then they sliced some off for me, and I'd run over stick it in my
mouth and run back. Swallow it. And it worked, I had maybe the size of a golf
ball. The next day I was warm for the first time in my life. And I had multiple
myeloma. I hadn't gotten rid of it. I just put it in suspension. I was cold all
of my life, and cold to the bone. If it dropped below 72 deg I was freezing. I
would chatter, I would just shake. Here I was, it was already getting down to
the 40s at night in Alaska, and I was warm. But I didn't know, they told me it
was some remedy. But I didn't know at the time that it was raw meat. With all
this blubber and fat that of course I would never eat, except for avocados. I
ate a lot of avocados, like 7 a day, sometimes, living outdoors. To withstand
those temperatures. So I had poo-pooed meat all of this time, even the Mayans
talked about raw meat will fix you, eat the raw meat. I said `no, it's not
spiritual, and it's gross, forms lots of uric acid and all other kinds of
toxins.' Well then after this rabbit feeling pretty good, after 3 days, and I'm
saying `okay, gotta open my mind, maybe this is it.' So the first thing I ran
into was a rattlesnake. So I stepped on his head, picked him up by the rattler,
and I swung him around like the...I had watched the Sudu, and they snap it like
that, and the head shot right off, I'd skin it and eat it. And it does not taste
like chicken. It tastes like fish. Raw snake tastes like fish. So I ate it and I
ate it and it was delicious. I began hunting birds, and everything else, and
then I decided `well, hunting is really risky out in the desert.' Because you
don't eat much. Unless you're eating scorpions, and scorpions don't taste so
good, and tarantulas are awful, and I actually ate those things. So I started
bicycling down to the farms, shoveling goat manure, for raw goat's milk, and
eggs, and chickens, and whatever I could get. Within 3 months, I gained 30
pounds, and I'd gone down to 113 lbs. I gained 30 lbs, and I felt, `I'm pretty
good here', so I went back to LA to spread the great news. And they said `ah,
are you out of your mind? You're going to get a brain fluke. And it will eat
your brain up. And then you will be a dope. A blabbering idiot, you'll babble.'
And I said, `you know something? I'll have to take that chance because I feel
pretty good doing this, I've never felt this good in my life, I've never had
this kind of energy, I've never felt this happy, in fact I never felt happy in
my entire life. And I actually feel happy. I feel joy. So I'm going to continue
eating it.' So for the next 13 years, every time I ate raw meat, it was `uhh,
this is gonna be the time, the fluke gets my brain.' So, I was in fear. Almost
every time that I ate meat, I thought `uh, this is gonna get me this time.'
never did. So after 13 years, I thought `wait, I gotta put 2 and 2 together
here. I have no vagus nerve, I have no HCL dumping into my stomach. The medical
profession and scientific community put me in the class of octogenarians who do
not secrete HCL, who they say are in danger of death from parasitical and
bacterial invasion. Why am I not getting it? Why am I not having a problem? Are
they so full of shit?' Yes they are. Their brains are so full of it. You think
about this, you've got this huge massive brain, and science and medicine go
around bragging about how large man's brain is, and he only uses 5%. Why? Maybe
it's a garbage dump. So think about it, toxins store in fatty tissue. Wherever
there's concentrations of fat, and you can't find any fattier tissue than the
brain and the liver, and every time I look in people's eyes and look at
iridology, at least 60% of their brain is scarred and toxic and is the most
toxic part of the entire body. I met a guy yesterday, for the first time I met
somebody who actually had only 5% of his brain not toxic. What's he gonna do if
he loses another percent? Good that he went on a raw diet. Because I think he
has a chance, now. So here I realize that the medical profession was full of it.
Full of ignorance. Full of stupidity. Full of blindness. Bacteria are a problem.
The parasites are a problem. So you know what I did? I went out and ate
pinworm-infested salmon. It undulated. I ate fluke-infested brain. Do you know
what? I had my feces checked for 10 weeks. Not a sign of any kind of parasite. I
was convinced of it. So then a lab technician and I went around collecting
animals with every kind of fluke we could find. And we put them in 3 separate
categories. This was a very expensive test too, and I had to pay for it. We took
dogs and cats with various kinds of flukes, and we took several of each
category, and put them in 3 groups. 3 control groups. The first 2 control groups
contained subdivisons in those. One in group 1 and 2, section A. And that was
the group that received only the canned food and the kibble. Canned food and
dried food. One section of them received pharmaceutical grade dewormers, the
other group received herbal dewormers. The other group A1, 60% of them died, of
group A2 with the herbal dewormers 40% of them died. The rest of them that
recovered did not recover with any spirit. After about 1.5 yrs. The 2nd group,
B, 1 and 2 also, they got all raw foods. Raw milk, raw meat, raw eggs, and raw
butter. Sometimes we'd give them a little bit of honey. When some of them were
very low on energy. Group 1 of group A got the medical dewormer, group 2 of
group B got the herbal dewormer. 20% of the ones who received the medical
dewormer died, and about 7% of the group that got the herbal dewormer died. They
progressed pretty well, they healed in about 9 months, all of them within 9
months, and they looked pretty good, and did pretty well. The final group, group
C, was just one group, all they received was raw food, no dewormers. They were
slower in recovering, but when they recovered, they were all like kittens and
puppies again. They were vital, they were dextrous, they were ambitious, they
were everything. And some of these animals were very very old. So what we
concluded from that, and we did examine the tissues with sonograms, he did take
some X-rays, which I wasn't in favour of, but he took some X-rays, and the
bones, everything, the tissue seemed a lot dense and more alive in the group
that received no dewormers. So we concluded that the parasites fed on the
degenerative tissue, and as long as we fed them the raw foods, they were able to
regenerate the tissue. And they were able to heal very quickly. So now for 17
years I've been saying, `parasites are good, bacteria is good, don't be afraid
of them.' People are still saying I'm out of my mind. But you know what went on
CNN in december 1998? Not even a year ago? A Dr. Low from Yale came out with his
tests that said salmonella shrinks tumours and reverses cancer. But we
genetically altered it. Sure you genetically altered it, so you can patent it.
But that doesn't mean mean it doesn't work, and it does. It reverses cancer. You
don't have to go out and buy their brand, which will cost you $50/cc or
something like that, or $500/cc. And the University of Toronto, in conjunction
with the Children's Hospital of Toronto, released in June issue of this year,
few months ago, of Oncology Journal, that the toxin produced by E. Coli
completely dissolves brains tumours and reverses cancer. Gee, why isn't
everybody letting their meat rot and eat it? Like the Eskimos do. Like lots of
tribes do, like the Turks do. They let their meat go green before they eat it.
`Like the french do.' Yea, they don't do it any more very much for some reason.
They used to. But lots of cultures used to do that. But our bacteria-phobic
microbe-phobic culture has just made us more ill every day. When I was 10 years
old in 1957 the death rate from cancer was 1 out of 1000. Today it's 1/3. And
2/3 will get cancer. There's something wrong here. The propaganda is, that
you're getting healthier and living longer. Oh yea? According to the statistics,
we're not living longer. In major cities we are, because in cosmopolitan
societies, they didn't have refrigeration, food got into the city spoiled,
hunting took place way outside of the territory because the local areas were
hunted out. So if they got meat, they were lucky, and when they got it, it was
stinky and full of maggots and worms, and it was...there was a lot of cooking
because of that. Those people who lived in cosmopolitan societies had very short
lives. But all the people living out in the farmland, that were butchering the
chickens, and eating the eggs, and everything, very long lifespans. 140, 120,
105. Sometimes, of course, the elements were so difficult, that some people
didn't survive. But basically they did very well. So again, we have propaganda.
Feeding us propaganda. So I ate lots of raw meat, various ways of having it,
rotted, stinky, and every time I would eat it, I got better. This is the first
diet that I've been on, where I had not run into a brick wall. I still get
better every day. In fact he says to me, `I saw you 1.5 yrs ago, was it, and you
look better.' I said `good'. Because it's still working. And I do, I feel better
every year. Now according to Pottenger's work, it takes 40 years to get a body
from ill health to optimal. Now the way he surmised that, or derived that, was,
he'd take cats. And he put them on, he had some that were on a completely raw
diet, no diseases, no dental caries, no abscessed or deformed jaws, nothing like
that, all bones created perfectly. Developed perfectly. All the animals that he
fed cooked foods, and there were various types of cooked foods, all the way down
to canned milk, condensed milk, which is the most processed, all of the animals
that got the most processed got the worst disease and all the diseases that man
got. When you take those animals and put them on a good diet, it took 5
generations to get them back to optimal. The only thing is, that he took that
animal, as soon as it reproduced, he would kill it, commit an autopsy,
photograph it, and show the development of progression. But he didn't let an
animal life its full life eating the raw foods to see whether that animal could
reach its own optimal in its own lifetime. From my experimentation I would have
to say yes. Because I'm only 17 years eating meat on a daily basis, where I eat
meat every day, maybe 5 days out of the year I don't, but almost every day I eat
raw meat. 1-3 lbs. I can tell I get better every year. I'm already satisfied
with my health. But I can see in my irises that I have scar tissue, massive scar
tissue still in my bronchials, all around my heart, I mean ropes of scar tissue.
All around here, the incision, the radiation around my spine, all around my
intestines where they'd done the stretching, massive scar tissue, and 60% of my
brain is scar tissue. That's why I'm pretty stupid. So I've got a lot of stuff
to remove, I've got a lot to break down and get out, but my eyes were brown and
green when I was going to die. I've cleaned out all of the acrid plaque and
incrustations that developed from eating cooked food over that amount of time. I
cleaned those. Now I have to remove the scar tissue. I'm already satisfied by my
health, but I still have 20 years to go. I can imagine what I'm going to feel
like when I'm 72. I think it's going pretty well. And you have to figure, when I
was 15, I couldn't touch my knees. Now I can touch the floor. So I get better
every year. So I'm going to encourage you that if you want to be really really
healthy, forget everything that's ever said to you out there. And eat lots of
raw fat and eat raw meat. Eat lots of bacteria-infested food, and you're likely
to get very very healthy.

`You said your eyes were green and brown'

Now they're blue. Completely blue. I just thought everybody could see they're
blue, but with the light behind me, I guess you can't see. I look like a
silhouette. I'm a ghost. Ha ha. Okay, this ends the free seminar session of it,
we're going to go into a workshop after this, anyone who would like to stay,
it's $50, he takes a credit card, or cash , or cheque, anything like that, what
we will do is answer any questions that you have, we'll go several hours, also I
take a look at the palms and I'll help you get started, most people don't know
what kinds of meat to eat, whether red meat, chicken, fish, what quantities,
what proportions, anything else that they might need for their particular
problem, so I will look in your palm, and I'll read the glandular areas and the
skin a little bit, and look into the eyes a few moments, and give you
suggestions, that'll take about 5-7 minutes per person. And it's good to stick
around if you're going to stay in the workshop, to hear other people because
there's lots of information that could apply to you at some time that you may
have the same condition or the same changes going on in your body that I may
suggest to someone else, at that time. Okay.


Oh, and my book's out there. My publisher hates me, I go to these talks and
never push my book. It's 2 volumes in one book, the first one's the story of how
my son who's 35 now, when he's 22 was in an automobile accident, fractured his
skull in 3 places, damaged his brain by 1/5th, they said nobody's ever lived
with that much brain damage, and that he couldn't, and it's how he ends up going
to college and graduating and being fine. So how I got him through that, and
also flashback into my life, how I explored and got well. And other anecdotes of
other case histories of people that I've counseled with nutrition and only food,
no vitamins, no supplements, again they're just chemicals like anything else.
And then part 2 are raw food remedies for over 200 common diseases, and some
explanation how I perceive and look at foods. And food preparation section, and
storage, how to store food, like not refrigerating your eggs. Anyway, so the
book is $29.95, if you like it. And plus tax. `Special today, no tax.' Haha.
That gentleman's going to pay the tax, okay. So 29.95. Or throw in a nickel and
make it an even 30, there you go. Okay, thank you very much. I hope you stay.

Lecture Part 1

Well, hopefully, all of you will be. Let me pass them out. Anyone else not get

So I'll be taping the workshop, it won't pick up your questions real well from
far away, but Aajonus has a microphone, so anyone near him, it'll pick up...

Okay, what I'm going to do is when you have a question, I'm going to approach
you. And I'll probably get down like this so I hear the question in the mike,
and that will get it.

And then whatever tape I'm on I'll have a little sign here, so if you decide
afterwards you want a tape, come tell me which number tape. And that way you can
buy all the tapes, one tape, whatever you want.

I'm going to take this young lady right here because she has to go right away.
I mean in 10 minutes or less. So I'm going to go ahead and read. I think I'm
going to have to do the reading over here like I did last time. Because of the
light. Natural's better. Okay, your sex glands are very active, even overactive.
Your adrenal glands are fine, they're relaxed. Your pancreas is edemic

What does that mean?

Holds a lot of water. Which means it won't produce sugars well. You're plaquing
because of the large amount of glycotoxins that are storing in the body. So you
need to stay away from cooked carbohydrates. Very creative. You're
strong-willed. The left thyroid is very active, the parathyroids are overactive,
the lymph glands in your neck are in very good shape, the right thyroid gland is
debilitating. The parathyroids are very overactive, and the glands again, in the
throat and neck are fine, even overactive. So your glands are protecting you.
But this advanced glycation endproducts that you have, are causing some plaque
all throughout your system. I suggest that you eat pineapple on a regular basis
with some coconut cream to help dissolve it. Butter and cream when you can get
it, also with some honey. Let me see your eyes. Did you have chelation therapy
at all?

You take mineral supplements?


I would suggest that you stop that. Because it's causing your bones to become

There's a lot of lime and calcium in my water.

No, this is not those kinds of minerals. This is, you've got lead, you've got
all kinds of minerals that are storing in your bone, and putting pressure on
your lymph system a little bit. Other than that, you look pretty healthy,
because your glands are so strong. A lot of water retention everywhere. Probably
60% of your weight is water. Excessive water, not just the normal 55% that we
should have. You're somewhat anemic, you're not transporting oxygen well in the
blood, so I suggest that 65% of your meat be buffalo or beef your lamb, about
30% should be chicken or turkey, and another 5-10%, vary it with fish. It's
funny for somebody who likes salt, not much fish. If you're going to eat fish,
go for the saltier fish like oysters or clams, that'll help. Scallops. I
recommend that you do some exercise, because you have so many glands that are
overactive, you have a tendency to get restless. And that kind of over-activity,
even though your adrenal glands are pretty mellow, it might have a tendency to
make you irritable. I suggest that you have 5 cups of vegetable juice a day,
about 80% celery, and about 5% parsley, and 15% cucumber. And if the cucumbers
are not organic then peel it. That'll help with the retention of weight, it'll
give you the natural sodium instead of the sodium concentrated in rock. Do you
have any questions?

There was a small tumor in my throat, that I found out has been blocking
assimilation of oxygen when I sleep, I wonder if it's been surgically reduced, I
never want to do anything like this again, but that has to do with why I'm
anemic I think. A benign tumor.

Well benigns are the scary ones, because they don't dissolve easily. The
pineapple and the coconut cream will get rid of that problem. And the oxygen, it
isn't just that blocking it. See, benign tumours don't have, when a malignant
cell dissolves, it secretes a fluid which dissolves all the surrounding dead
cells that make up a tumour. In a benign tumour, you don't have that advantage.
So it will not instantly reverse, or instantly be removed, it takes years and
years to break it down. And coconut cream and pineapple are very good solvent
for that, and also keep them from creating. There's one thing about salt, is
that it creates a lot of fibroid tumours. That's one reason that I suggest you
go for lots of tomatoes and lots of celery juice. And even eat some celery, and
that'll help break that, because you do need the sodium, but not in that form.
Because it will, like I say, destroy a lot of cells. And then that'll collect,
and unless you have malignant cells, it's gonna be difficult to get rid of them.
But it's very common in people who eat a lot of salt to have fibroids.

You mentioned a lot of shellfish. And I'm concerned about them being so toxic.
I'm really attracted to salmon and oilier fish.

Well, those shellfish build their toxins in the shells. You're not eating the

I did have a severe allergic reaction to shrimp once, that I was told was...


When you cook any kind of food, you release the toxins in it, they become free
radicals, if there's lead and mercury that's naturally a good thing, in a
biochemic form, once you heat it, you cauterize it, and you cause that to become
a free radical, it's no longer bound in fat. So it's no longer a good element,
it's a toxic element. But you wouldn't have that reaction from raw shrimp. It's
just from cooked shrimp. Okay.

Question about fibroid tumors – what about raw beet? Would that work to

Yes it will help dissolve in some people, but there's a problem with beet
juice, it'll lower your bacteria levels sometimes and prevent the natural
function...there's a problem again in the whole beet, it can cause such a
reduction of bacteria that it can make you fatigued, that's why I limit people's
intake of beets.

What about garlic being a natural anti...?

Garlic's a good one, as long as it doesn't do what it does to me. Most people,
like 92-94% of the people, it lowers their blood pressure. It makes mine

Okay, let's get into questions.

I was curious about the garlic, because I came with that question, garlic being
an antibacterial, do you have to be concerned with that when you're eating it?

I found that it is not antibacterial unless you're cooking it. Raw, it is not
an antibacterial. But if it'll keep me from sleeping, it makes me so
horny that I can't stand myself. Cause it's all I think about.

I wanna ask about vegetable and nut oils, what do you recommend, what brands,

what kinds, walnut oil, stuff like that.

The only oils that are pressed below 96 degF that I know of -- peanut oil and
olive oil, and that's it. Spectrum is the only one that does it, you have flax
oil, of course that's common, they do press those about 82-86 deg, and Barlians
is the best because they press it the day before they ship it. Borage oil is
nothing other than cottonseed oil with another name and it is very toxic. It
makes animals very sick.

What about sesame?

Sesame oil -- you cannot get it pressed below 160 deg. For your skin, you want
something great, I've been experimenting for the last year with different skin
things because now I'm taking more liberty to get vain, but not for myself, for
other clients, and I had one client who had breast cancer 9 years ago, she's
been on the diet 9 years, she lives in Connecticut, she's always had very thick
skin, she had breast cancer. So she had very thick scarred skin. And what they
call adipose tissue. I told her to take 3oz raw cream, and juice ginger, take an
ounce of ginger juice, blend it together to make a whipped cream. She puts it
all over her body. I didn't see her for 1 year and 1 month, and all of that
adipose tissue was gone and she lost about 15 years off her age, her appearance.

Wow. Just leave it on for a while?

You can leave it on until you take a bath. And then put it on after you get out
of the bath.

Like a moisturizer?

Yes, that's it. Yea. For exterior. And it works incredibly. I just wish I were
vain. I'd do the same thing.

This is all in the book?

No, these are new things.

Question about the oils – I understand that peanuts can be very high in
alfatoxins and other toxic things, so is that a problem in the oil?

It's not a problem because it's not heated. Now aflatoxin comes from a
bacteria. It's a mold. But you don't have that problem until you cook it and
those molds breed on the cooked stuff, and excites and abstract chemical.

Can you recommend a brand for the peanut oil?

The Spectrum Natural. Peanut oil and olive oil. The olive oil that I like best,
if you can get it, is Oliflix, from Italy. It's the best-tasting, smoothest, yet
still strong. And also I want to say that oils, pressed oils, do not soothe or
condition the body, or stabilize it. 90% or more is used as a solvent to get rid
of degenerative tissue, clots, plaques, you name it. So if you're going to take
it as a supplement for butter, cream, milk , anything like that, it will not
work. If you want to calm and relax you, it will not do that. And it will dry
you out, there was a Russian general, who put in his journal in WW1, he said as
long as my men were able to get the raw dairy, their hair and skin stayed
supple. And lubricated. As soon as we had to resort to olive oil and other
pressed oils, their hair and skin dried out within 3 months. And back in those
days nobody in Russia or Europe pasteurized anything. Okay, you wanted to ask.

What about grinding your own flax seeds for the oils in them?

The problem with any kind of a seed like that, is it's high in carbohydrate.
I've learned, and experimented with quite a few things since I've written and
the book was published. I have turned against high carbohydrates of any kind.
Nuts once in a while, seeds, I still have not found a good thing. They work for
birds. But not well for the human being. The NYC university medical center did
tests with AGEs, and they found that a healthy human body stored them at a rate
of 70%. In an unhealthy body at a rate of 90%. So if you have a sugar problem
like diabetes or malfunctioning kidney or challenged kidney, you will store AGEs
at a rate of 90%. Now if you were to get them cooked, or even spoiled starting
to turn from being powdered and cracked like that, sometimes the body reads them
as already having been burned as glycogen. So instead of turning it into
glycogen, and almost all your cooked carbohydrate works like this, the body says
`oh, you've already been burned', so instead of turning into glycogen, it will
turn it into an AGE which is a glycotoxin and the body will store it at that
same rate, 70% in a healthy body, 90% in an unhealthy body. What that means is,
over a period of 30-50 years in the body, it starts melting the tissue because
it becomes like coca-cola. An acid, and that's why you have the skin and the
muscle that starts sagging. All natives, no matter how old they get, who eat no
carbohydrate, like the Masai and the Eskimo, never had any sagging flesh and a
lot of the islanders who ate nothing but fish and a little bit of fruit and
occasionally some roots, they never had flesh sag, even in their old age. For
people who have constipation, I've recommended that they take the flax seed,
grind it up, and mix with oil and egg. And it works most of the time as a

I want to say this about constipation. Vegetables on this diet will make you
constipated. Vegetables are very difficult to digest in the human body. A
vegetarian animal has a digestive tract 2.5 longer than ours. They have 2-4
stomach, we have 1. They have 60000 times more enzymes to disassemble the
cellulose molecule. It takes 48 hours, even with them regurgitating,
re-masticating many times the same food to get that cellulose to break down.
Takes 48 hours to pass through. It passes through us in 24 hours. That means
that the secreting, that cellulose is secreting alkaline fluids, throughout the
digestive tract the entire time. And most of our digestive tract has to be acid,
80% has to be acid. Unless you have an over-acidic digestive tract, that will
create an over-alkaline condition, that means the acid bacteria and the acid
juices that work on proteins and fats will be neutralized. So you will not
digest your food properly. It will also reduce the activity of E Coli and the
other bacteria that make feces. Now feces are 60-80% bacteria. When fecal matter
passes through the intestinal walls into the colon, the E Coli and other
bacteria feed on it, and they sponge it out. Swell it. Their byproducts, as we
now know, destroy brain tumours, and other kinds of tumours, and they have all
of these great effects, and we know that they produce B vitamins and amino
acids, and that's backup for our immune system. And if you're living outdoors,
those people needed it every day. So if you're having that alkaline substance go
down into the colon, it neutralizes that bacteria, you do not create the feces.
So then you have your feces, which would be about the size of marbles, the
texture of granite, and they will scrape your anus as they move out. And rip you
to pieces. So those E Coli and bacteria make feces movable. Comfortably
moveable. Pleasantly moveable. So if you eat whole vegetables, it is not a good
thing for you to do, and you don't have lots of impactations in your colon, and
you don't have lots of acidity, don't eat whole vegetables on a regular basis.
Once in a while. Anybody has severely acidic impacted intestines, I still only
suggest that they eat salads twice a week, for maybe 6 months, and then maybe
for only 3 months, eat it 2 times a week and then cut it down to 1 for the next
3 months, depends upon how severely acidic, and how much plaque, has collected
in that individual.

Well I don't eat any whole vegetables but I still have constipation. So what
else can you do to avoid it, or not have it happen?

What is your diet? Are you on a completely raw diet, with raw meat and stuff?

Sometimes I have cooked food. Is that the reason?

Yea. Especially if it's cooked starch. Cooked carbohydrate. Grains, bread,
pasta, anything like that, is just gonna jam you up.

Can you give us an update on that, because in the book it was OK

No, I said it was okay for,...that was the first time I had cooked..that baked
potato, first time in 13 years. Because I was so panicked with my son being
ready to die, and I was about to go into an arena like the gladiators going into
the arena, I didn't know if I was going to be eaten up or end up in jail for
what I was about to do. So I couldn't sleep and I needed to calm myself down, so
it was an emergency situation, where I needed to get this adrenaline arrested.
And the meat and the nuts weren't doing it, so I ate some baked potato with lots
of butter, and you notice that the only time in the entire book that I ate that
baked potato. And whenever I suggest it in the book, it's either for very
elderly person to stop them from detoxing, but I mainly suggest only cooked
chicken for that, and for people who have hyperactive glands who like Tyson,
he'll beat his girlfriend up or he'll beat anybody up because he's got too much
energy, and he can't control it. So I don't mind him harming himself, his body a
little bit, by having that, rather than harming somebody else. So, that's when
I'd suggest that in there, only for an emergency and desperate situation.

Could you talk a little bit more about vegetables and how much should be in our
diet and whether it should be juiced, or which ones, or raw.

Okay, you know you can eat any vegetables you want as long as your body needs
it. Like I say if you have an impacted intestine, over-acidic intestine, salad a
week, 2 salads a week, may be just what you need. Otherwise I don't suggest
anybody eat any vegetable except on a rare occasion. I have one salad a year if
I'm lucky. But I drink, I average around 2 cups of vegetable juice a day.
However, almost everybody who hasn't been...I've been on a raw diet since Feb
72. 28 years. So that's been a while. I'm pretty clean. My eyes have gone from
poop-brown to blue. I don't have all that acrid solution in there. I am clean,
so if I have any more vegetable juice than that, my heart'll start going racing
and racing, and I just go on like a live wire, and I can't,'s not
appropriate. But other people, when I put them on a raw diet, when I suggest a
raw diet for them, I suggest a minimum for about 10 years of having a quart a
day. 4 cups of vegetable juice a day. And only in rare instances do I suggest
anybody have carrot juice. Should be mainly celery...

Small percent of carrot?

It depends upon the individual. Most people I do not give them. I would say
that 90% of the people I see I tell them to stay away from carrot juice. Some
people have some kind of liver conditions, they have a lot of bile in their
system, they're very jaundiced, like our dear guest here, she is very jaundiced,
she has lots of bile, her liver shut down at one time, and the body was
producing bile in place of the fat to deal with the toxins throughout her body,
so she is full of bile. And still, and you've been on the diet? Almost 2 years?
And she's still full of bile. She is somebody that I would tell to drink carrot
juice about, sometimes I'll start off with 40% if the bile is tremendous in the
system, and cut it down to 20% and then 10% over time. The reason for that is
bile is a very acrid substance. And if it comes through the skin it can create
lesions, it can create cirrhosis, eczema, all kinds of problems. It'll also
create a lot of nausea. Even vomiting, if it starts dumping into the stomach.
Carrot juice, with all of its carotene and vitamin A, has affinity to throw it
out the skin. So when people get orange from carrot juice, they're not getting
orange from the carrot juice, they're getting orange because carrot juice has
the ability to dispel bile. If it were the carrot juice, the carotene, even if
somebody were not digesting it properly, it would not turn their skin orange.
It's the bile. And if the doctors would get off their closed-mindedness, all you
have to do is skin test, and you'll find that it's mostly bile in their skin,
and not orange from the carotene.

So just to clarify, in her case, having carrot juice, is a good thing.


And then slowly ease off as her liver gets more healthy.

Yes. Well, it's the bile. Her liver could be working very well right now, I'd
have to look and see, but she still has bile, her system is drenched with bile.
So until that is exhuded, then I would recommend that she have the carrot juice,
continue with the carrot juice. And then when it's all out, then I would say no
carrot juice.

Could you go over again why it's better to have your vegetables in the form of
juice rather than whole?

Okay, like I say, we cannot digest vegetables. We do not have the digestive
tract to do that properly. So we use all of our energy, we take the vitamins and
enzymes that we extracted from it, and try to break down the cellulose to get
the fat and the protein from it, we cannot do it. So our body gets exhausted
from it, it over-alkalinizes the system, so it causes constipation, it causes a
reduction in E coli and the other bacteria that are necessary to back up our
immune system. So it's very destructive to eat whole vegetables. Taking the
juice, you can assimilate every bit, every molecule of the vitamins, enzymes,
and minerals that are contained in the juice. Every bit. And that's your
supplement. If you were to take a bottle supplement, what you could get in a
glass could not fit in a hundred bottles of vitamin supplements. Because they
are toxic. They are dehydrated, they're no longer active, and you only utilize
2-12% if you're lucky. And the rest is toxic.

Aajonus, do you make a distinction between vegetable foods that have cellulose
and those that don't, I mean, we can't eat grass because we don't have a cow
stomach, but we can eat sweet corn and various other kinds of very easily
digestible vegetables that appear to be very good for us.

Those aren't vegetables. Those are fruits. Those are bland fruits. The corn is
a bland fruit, zucchini, cucumber, all of those, don't contain a lot of
cellulose, are bland fruits, and those are fine. However, corn I say, high in
carbohydrate, starches, in some situations they are very beneficial, but again
you have the high sugar, high and low problem. If anybody is nearing PMS time of
the month, you notice that if you stay away from fruit 5 days before that occurs
you will have very little emotional problems. If you're eating fruit and high
carbohydrates, you are going to have emotional problems. Anybody is feeling
emotional any particular time, cut out fruit for a few days, anything with high
carbohydrate, and you'll see you'll mellow out almost overnight. Too much fruit,
I have found, and I'm going to ammend that, when the softback comes out, of the
book, but there are quite a few situations where I use fruit where I would no
longer do that any more. Or not in the way that I've suggested and not the
amounts that I've suggested. Somebody by the name of Greg Lauer in San Diego
turned me on to that, looking at it, and I was very adamant against it, because
I knew the benefits of fruit, however, when I started utilizing some of his
widsom about it, I found that he was very right. So fruits can make you very
emotional. And if you want to have a good crying spell for a couple of days,
spend the whole day eating fruit. Ha ha. Dried fruit will do it too.

1. Why not the carrot juice? 2. Where are we going to get enough fiber if we

don't have the fibrous material from eating the whole vegetables or grains?

Vegetable juice, again like I say, carrot juice is a vegetable. The fiber is
indigestible. It's full of cellulose. It'll alkalinize the system. A vegetable
is a vegetable is a vegetable. Cellulose is a problem, we can't digest it. It'll
destroy our bacteria. It'll destroy digestion of the meats and fats. The

fiber thing is another fallacy that man has created. We don't need that fiber,
we don't need any fiber, I don't eat ANY fiber. None, zip, zero. I have one
salad a year, if I have that. The last time I had salad, I think, was 1.5 yrs
ago. And that was only because somebody forced me to have it. Ha ha. I eat
absolutely NO fiber, and my bowel movements are huge. Now why? I only eat meat,
milk, and eggs. That's almost all I eat, I have maybe a piece of fruit every 3rd
day. And it's very little. I had 3 little bitty figs today, and that's all I
have for another 3 days. I have huge bowel movements. And I eat so little. Right
now I'm through my detox program. So I've lost about 4" off my waist. It's only
amounted to 10 lbs. For some reason, I don't know. I went from 185 to 175.
Nobody would know, but I'm 175, that's because on this diet with raw meat, meat
muscle is dense and heavy, and the fat that I had as a layer to protect me and
absorb toxicity, only weighed 10 lbs, but yet it put 4.5" on my waist and all
over. You do not need fiber. It is not necessary. The feces grow by the
utilization, the ingestion of microbes, of bacteria, E Coli, Salmonella,
Campylobacter, all those that feed on fecal matter make it big and sponge it
out. Fiber is for people who eat cooked foods, because there's no vitamins and
enzymes to help digest and move it, so you need something to keep it going,
otherwise it'll putrify in one spot and rot the stomach or the intestines and
create ulcers all other the place. So that fiber moves it through.

So you would not recommend carrot juice because of the sugar content?

Correct. It's high in sugar, and it does cause that same high-strong emotional
effect that fruit will.

You've said which juices are not good, so which would you recommend as being
really beneficial?

I tried every kind except for herbal juices which are rare and hard to get,
fresh. So I've used all of the typical vegetables, spinach, celery, lettuces,
all of those, the only ones that I use consistently, because consistently they
are the most healing, are celery, and parsley. Celery, anywhere from 60-80%,
sometimes even 90%. Parsley, anywhere 5-20%. Now, if there's somebody who has a
skin problem, I might suggest 5-10% cucumber or some other kind of problem that
involved a lot of silicon in their tissues, that would be helpful, or zucchini
for somebody who has a mineral balance, especially zinc. And I'll go through and
pull out different vegetables, but the main ones are celery and parsley. Always.
No exceptions. Because the blood is very high like the ocean in sodium, celery
meets that almost perfectly without causing the clumping of the sodium molecules
that salt does. And salt will destroy your RBCs so quickly and age you inside
even though you don't notice it. It numbs nerves, it burns them, and you don't
notice. And then all of a sudden it'll hit.

Were you saying a minute ago that you do a cleanse periodically?

Okay. What I've learned over the years is that the body will go through
tremendous detoxes on its own, that can be frightening and can be debilitating
and worrisome and cause people to freak. So to avoid that what I decided was I
would experiment with different detox programs. And the ones I found worked the
best, where people got flus and colds that didn't wipe them out, they could
continue working, and they still feel pretty good, and all they're doing is
filling up a lot of handkerchiefs or towels with mucous. Or maybe just
debilitated and having to sleep a lot more. That is to put on lots of fat for a
cycle of 3 months. That means gaining anywhere from a normal weight, let's say
what your normal weight is supposed to be for your size, and your frame, you
need to gain 15-35 lbs over that weight. And that means get chubby. And what I
found is, that fat goes in there, and will absolutely start dissolving the
compounds that make you ill, that have stored in your body. Plaque, all kinds of
things. Just like motor oil in your car will absorb the carbons and absorb the
shavings from the piston movements and the rod movements. It will absorb all
that, turn black, and then you change the oil. And that's what you do in the
human body. With my girlfriend, she didn't know why she was chronically fatigued
at 20 years old, and had been chronically fatigued for 7 years, almost 8 years,
when I met her she was 28. Her eyes were dark brown. Full of plaque and garbage.
One sister had hazel eyes and the other sister had blue eyes. Her mother had
dark brown eyes, her father had very dark brown and green eyes. Both of her
parents were very toxic. They raised these children on microwave food and
McDonalds. They didn't have anything else. Microwave food, TV dinners, stuff
like that, microwaved. Why she got so ill and her younger sisters didn't,
probably because she ended up in the hospital with abdominal surgery in her
teens, early teens. She didn't know why she was chronically fatigued, she could
only work 1 day a week for 8 years, since she graduated from college. She didn't
know what was going on, she didn't have a clue. I took a look in here eyes, and
I found worry circles. Worry circles indicate that wherever you hold tension,
you cannot store toxins. That's usually a person who does well with exercise.
Hers were blue. That meant her eyes were blue. Really blue. And her eyes were
dark brown. So I began with her doing this overweight thing, and she was a
skinny girl. And she was not my girlfriend when we started. She was a patient.
Yes, and I went overboard. And it wasn't my suggestion, but this was after 6
months. And anyway, I got her, I convinced her that she needed to get fat. And
she said `I'm skinny and beautiful, I'm ill but I'm skinny and beautiful.' And I
said `I agree with that, but you're skinny and ugly.' Ha ha. Because you are not
healthy. How can you be beautiful? So I suggested that she get real fat. So she
gained 35 lbs. She went from 112 lbs to 14? lbs. And she did not look fat, she
just looked stocky and heavy. And she hated that word, she hated me to say
stocky. `I'm not stocky!' Ha ha. The worst word you can use for a woman. I said
`but that means to me you're strong-looking.' But in 1.5 yrs, I've never seen it
before, her eyes went from dark brown to hazel. Now when that cleaned out, all
of a sudden I saw, she had cancer of the kidney, attached to the adrenal gland,
cancer of the breast, and cancer in her hip. I only told her about the cancer in
the kidney. She had a sonogram done, and sure enough, she had a tumour there.
Those tumours have not shrunk, have not changed. But all the other chemicals in
her body are dissolving and removing faster than I've seen anybody else, because
she will. She'll go fat, and then she'll take off the weight, get fat, take off
the weight, in a cycle, in a 6 month cycle. 3 months putting it on, 3 months
taking it off. And I'm doing this with all my clients now. And they are moving
much faster, they don't get the heavy flus, they don't get all the meningitis,
they don't get all those other, pneumonia, everything that most people need to
go through.

I think it was in the book that you said that generally the animal fats are
more healing and soothing, and the nut fats are more dissolving, now when
they're going on the phase of losing weight, would you have them use more nut
oils vs animal fats, or do you use that?

No, I use that during the putting-on-the-weight stage. Unless somebody has
cancer. Then I will use them even in a detox stage. But because you're eating
less foods, I need foods that'll calm the body. So I usually stay away from
those. Just use them in the building up. So what I usually do, and it depends on
the individual, probably learn to discover yourself, but I haven't really
figured out how other people can tell, I do intuitively, and also from the
knowledge that I have. I would put a person on juice and eggs or juice and meat
and that's all they eat. And milk. They can have a little milk, not a lot. They
can have milk if they get wired, feel imbalanced, or ill-at-ease, they can have
a cup of milk every 2-3-4 days.

When putting it on or taking it off?

This is for taking it off. Taking it off, you have nothing but juice and eggs
or juice and meat, and never together. You have to do the eggs rocky style. That
means you take a cup of juice, when you get hungry, hour or two later, you suck
an egg or two, usually one if you want to lose the weight faster. If you want to
do it slower, have 2 eggs at a time. Then wait until you get hungry again, then
you have juice, and then you have egg again. Or, you have juice, and then you
have a golf ball size or an egg size of meat. Juice, when you get hungry again,
meat again. And just keep alternating. And that's all you eat for months. The
healing is incredible. The detoxification and the weight loss is incredible.

How do you add on 30 lbs without stuffing yourself with fruitcakes and sugar?

Lot of...


..with the meats, lots of eggs, I have people eating all the way up to 33 eggs
a day. Raw. Let me give you an example. In Jan, an MD called me from
Massachussets, and she said `I read your book about 5 months ago. And..... I
think it's a fascinating book, and I'm ready to try something. I have a patient
who is emphysemic.' And I'm saying to myself, `oh, here it goes.' `I've got a
patient who's emphysemic, she was diagnosed 4 years ago. She's been bedridden
for 2 years, she's 72 years old, she's on a respiratory system, she's going to
die probably in the next 2 days, is there anything I can do?' I said `you're
calling me a little late, aren't you?' She said `well, you know I'm an MD, I
have a protocol, I have my license, I have a family, I can't take a risk.' I
said `well, that's your conscience. But the only thing I can suggest for you
from my experience is that you get her 16 dozen eggs, free range, do not
refrigerate them, you put them by her bed, and you tell her to eat as many as
she can eat rocky-style, do not whip them. Break them in a glass, or stick a
hole in each end and suck them out or just swallow them down.' She says `well I
don't know if she's gonna do that.' And I said `that's the only thing that I
even remotely think could help her in that stage.' This was on a friday. On
monday morning, the woman calls me herself. She says `Hi, I is this Aajonus?
(raspy voice)' And I said `yes,' she says `this is Mary Jones from
Massachussets, and I want to thank you, I'm out of bed for the first time in 2
years.' She was out of bed for the first time in 2 years, from eating...guess
how many eggs she ate? 66 eggs in 2 days. 33 eggs a day. Ha ha ha. We both were
crying. Because it didn't make her well, but it gave her what she needed to
start recovering. She says `I'll eat anything you want me to eat.' I said `okay,
here's what I want you to eat.' And I told her, lots of meat and eggs, and milk
if she could get it. That's all I wanted her to eat. And that's what she ate.
She's alive today, and she's still able to be on her own. She's not well, she's
not over the emphysema, that'll take years and years, but at least she's on the
road to recovery.

When you eat this egg, how do you do it?

You saw me in there, I poke a hole with my eye teeth in each end and suck it
out. Sometimes it won't break that little membrane, so I'll take a knife and
stick it in there, or a key. Rocky style, you saw Rocky's movie, 5 eggs into a
glass, and just drinks them down, it's running all over his mouth, you don't
have to do that, that's a waste. He was being macho.

Why not blend them?

I have a client also another one in Masachussets, who is a very wealthy,
influential woman, and both a public nature, and she's on the diet, and I was
telling to eat the raw eggs, and she has a scientist friend who is a very
elderly doctor and is ~80. And he's done all this research and he said that is
true, people should eat raw eggs, why didn't I think about it? We found enzymes
and protein in a raw egg white that is destroyed by oxygen, and we've been
trying to figure out how to...and it dissolves cancer. Cancer cannot live in an
environment with these enzymes and proteins. So if you just eat the egg without
whipping it, it won't be destroyed by the oxygen. If you blend it with cream or
milk or something like that, that'll prevent it from oxidizing. But when you
have it alone, you should not whip it.

So what does refrigeration do?

Refrigeration will destroy the enzymes and protein responses, the longer it's
refrigerated, the more it's destroyed. And if you take it out, in room
temperature, it'll start building up again.

When you get this fertile egg then, it's already been refrigerating.

That's why I said, you leave it out, and it'll build up again.

So you can buy refrigerated eggs, leave them out, ...

And if you do what I do sometimes, I'll stick it in the sun so it stinks. And
it's full of bacteria. And let me tell you, if I got a lot of work to do, and
I'll eat that, I can move mountains.

Leave the eggs for 6 months, and then eat them?

There's a Chinese century egg, they bury them from 1 year to 25 years, 25 year
old egg, you pull it out of the ground, it is completely bacteria-mold, black or
white, and it costs you $1000 for one of those eggs. And it is great for
longevity. Some of those Asians reach it. And it's only the wealthy ones. Cause
they're the only ones that can afford $1000 an egg.

To clarify, if you blend them with milk or whatever, then it's okay. But if
it's by itself, you don't blend it. Then for the Y2K or earthquake preparedness,
just put a bunch of eggs, that won't break even if they're sitting for a long
time, that would be good emergency food?

Good bacteria emergency food to give you good strength, yes. But if somebody
around here has a wild turkey, or a deer, and you share that meat, and you let
it sit in a room like this, it will dry in 24 hrs without fermentation, and you
have jerky. And in a month you could put 90lbs of meat away. Now what I'm doing,
I'm starting at Jan 1. I'm gonna get 50 lbs of meat, and I'm gonna dry it. And
then I'm going to soak it in either olive oil or peanut oil. If butter's
available. I'm gonna have some that'll even smell like cheese when I'm finished.
Cause I'm gonna let the butter melt at room temperature, get the room up to
about 90 deg, so it'll melt, that meat will absorb those fats, that's called
pemmican. The native American Indians used to make it, and they could go from
one continent, the pacific coast, to the Atlantic coast on a 90lb block.

What kind of meat?

I'm getting New Zealand beef which is completely grazed. Anything that's
grain-fed will have a tendency to ferment and sour a little bit. Because of the
high carbohydrate sugars in it. I would just cut it thinly and leave it out on
plates to dry.

Just around the house? And how long before you know it's dry enough?

Well you want as dry as possible, because the drier it is the more fat it will
absorb, so I would say 2-3 days.

And how do you store it after that?

Well once it's absorbed absorb the fat is going to take about a
week. So you might want jars, you might to cut it in longer strips once it's
dried, or tear it, and put it in jars, like you do pickles, lots of them, and
then put the oil in it.

So you first dry it on a plate, then when it's dry, you stick it in a jar, and
fill the jar with oil?

Correct. And there you have really good concentrated nutrients.

The thing you're talking about in the form of a fish butter made by ... when
she opened this up, the whole room smelled, ...and what do you do with this?
Just put it on toast. It was really salty, really rank, but said this is a
traditional food, it comes ...but it was made with fish, or whale. Is that the
same concept?

It's the same concept, but if you're using animal oils, it's going to really
stink. That's why I say, they took the caribou, and rolled it in whale or seal
blubber, and it stunk, and I couldn't get within 5 feet of it, the butter's
going to have that type of effect, it's going to smell like a rank cheese. But I
know what the butter does for me. So I'm going to do it anyway. But the oils,
the pressed oils, will make's peanut oil, meat and peanut oil is
absolutely delicious. And meat and olive oil is delicious. And it you eat the
meat by itself, jerky, it will not last you very long. But the oil in it, it
will go forever. The Indians used to eat just a little handful a day, and drink
water, and that's all they would have for a whole day. And they would forage
through places where they'd have to chop as they went through. Uncharted
territory, or animal trails, from one continent to the other on 90 lbs block on
their back wrapped in skin.

Back to this, when you gain the weight, 30 lbs on, 30 lbs off, if you're
somebody who's just starting out on this program, and let's say you're already
carrying 20 lbs over your normal weight, do you only have to gain 10 lbs, or do
you have to gain the 35? Ha ha.

You only have to gain the 10 lbs. But I'd still like you to be on the diet for
3 months, to stabilize with good raw foods before you start taking it off
yourself. So you're still on the diet, and your goal is to be on it 3 months, to
gain 10 lbs in that 3 months. And then to take it all off.

And, wheatgrass juice. That's really high in sugar, but the molecular structure
is so close to human blood, that I thought it was a good healthy thing to eat.
But now I'm wondering on this diet, whether it is or not.

No, it's not. The only time, I've been experimenting for the past 8 months with
mixing wheatgrass juice and milk. And it does create some growth hormone effect.
Otherwise, the wheatgrass juice has the tendency to over-alkalinize the
intestines but over-acidify the blood. That's why my book, I don't suggest it
for anybody but diabetics. People have sugar problems, their blood is too
over-alkaline. And then that'll help acidify it. But since then I've been
playing with the idea of all these people developing growth hormones, and
putting them into these solutions, and a few people have got me to try with some
people, and it's had detrimental effects on a raw diet. So to...even though for
Owanza, she claims it's helped her, one of my long-time clients, reversed
cancer, 63 tumours, and some of her clients, she's a nutritionist now, claim all
of these things. Now I wasn't able to duplicate those kind of reactions and
whether I could attribute it to that or not, and Bonnie Arizona who claims that
it made such a drastic change, there comes a point in someone's healing where
all of a sudden things will kick in. And it may have nothing to do with that
immediate change. And that growth hormone she was taking, it's like $125/month,
so I tried to invent something else and I came intuitively, if I take the
wheatgrass juice, 2oz per quart of milk, it would create that beneficial effect.
And sure enough it is. Not the best-tasting milk, but I was never a wheatjuice
grass fan, I hated it. However, in this milk, I do like it. But after a quart of
it a week, I've had enough for the week.

There are some commercially available supplements that are precursors to the
human growth hormone. Are there any of those that you'd recommend?

That's what I'm talking about, no. I haven't found one that is beneficial.

About this pemmican – after you get it all done, how long does it keep?

The Indians, if they didn't utilize it within the year and the spring came, and
the new game was about, they never used it. They would just bury it. And let
worms and stuff like that eat it, or decompose. I don't know. I've not done that
before. I've done the drying of the meat and letting it absorb. And I've watched
the Indians do it, but I have never let it sit for a long period. I'm too much
of a pig, it tastes too good.

How do you plan on storing it?

In jars.

But if it's in glass, you better pad them, because in earthquakes, they could

Yea. It's true. But I'm putting them in a lower shelf. With blankets through
them. I don't have them in a high cupboard. I keep all my glass, big jars, down
below, under the sink.

What about the coconut cream,..

Coconut cream would be great except that it's very volatile and it'll only last
3 days without fermentation. So again it'll be like the butter, it'll be raunchy
and smelly, and let me tell you the mold that will grow on it will be worse than
the butter. It'll have green, it'll have yellow, it'll have black, it'll have
every mold that you can imagine, it'll probably be very good, but it'll be rank
and difficult to eat probably.

Have you ever run across anybody using human placenta to make this?

I'll tell you a story about it. In my training, chinese medicine, the placenta
helps save lives in china. Like cooking it and making soup with it. I just
thought you run across anybody making this concoction with human placenta.

No I have not. I've never met a human I'd eat, I mean actually ingest, who's
healthy enough. I witnessed an ape give birth. That ape actually ate the
placenta. Ate it. So that she could nurse better. And it was a great thing, but
we humans are not very well. So I don't know how toxic or how degenerative...I
don't know, I'd prefer to get some animal's placenta if I were going to do that.
And I have eaten placenta, but not of a human. And let me tell you, they're

And this brings up another subject, if you have a low thyroid, if you have low
female hormone productivity, if you have malfunctioning kidney, I have utilized
the glands of sheep, deer, cow, buffalo, and supplemented with those. Now I had
a terribly low thyroid reaction along with all my other problems, and I had
taken medical T3 and T4 according to the doctors. That made me very sick. Gave
me acne you would not believe. I mean scarring acne. Here I had acne all my life
without any scarring, and then I took the stuff, and then I got scarred. The
first time I decided to try this, I took the thyroid of a calf which is about 3
lbs, and about this large. And what I do is cut it into thirds, and it would
come out about the size of my fist, and I would blend it with that much milk.
And with a little red onion. And I would blend it. In a 12oz canning jelly jar.
And it tasted like clam chowder. My thyroid functioned perfectly without any
let-up for 6 months. So I got another thyroid, and I did it again. The next time
it lasted for a little over 9 months. The third time it lasted for 1.5 yrs. The
last time that I had it, before a month ago, it lasted 3 years. Before I tried
that, I also tried the freeze-dried thyroid supplements, the freeze-dried
glands. The same thing I was eating fresh, I had it freeze-dried, raw
freeze-dried. I still had to take them continuously to have an effect. But with
the raw thyroid gland, I eat it, and I can go and I don't have to touch it for
months. It's quite delicious, but very very rich and salty, just like clam
chowder. Brain, I've been eating that on and off, only one time with flukes. But
they're making it more and more difficult to get brain where I am in LA. Now to
discourage me from getting brain, what they do is they send me the whole fricken
head. They will not cut up the brain. The brain in a calf is about this big.
They give me the whole fricken head now. So I have to do the surgery to open the
head up to get the brain out. And it's...they're just doing everything to
discourage people from eating glandular tissue. But anyway, any light meat like
the brain, the thyroid, the kidney, when you blend it with milk and red onion it
tastes like clam chowder. All the time. Some saltier, some less salty. But
they're all very salty. And it's very easy way to eat it, and if you want to get
well quicker, eat it. The liver does not taste like that, I don't like it in
milk, some of my clients do, but I hate it, blended with milk. I'll just put it
in a food processor with a little red onion, and it tastes like liver pate. And
that's a good kickstart for your liver. And that's something that you should
have too.

Do you have to be concerned about the toxins in the brain, from how the cow was

Yes. If the cow was raised on hormones, do NOT eat any glandular tissue, like I
just said in the book as well. Do not eat glandular tissue unless it's from an
animal that's not been tampered with.

On the internet chat group, there are numerous people on there that commented
when they started eating meat, their body odor changed, and some people said
that they didn't like the odor, some people didn't mind it. I noticed the same
thing to a certain extent, I'd ask you to comment on that.

It isn't because of the meat that you're eating, it's because once you provide
the proteins, your body can dispel a lot of toxic tissue. And that tissue, as
soon as it reaches oxygen, will putrify instantly. It's like I can take a cow's
meat that has been grazed, and I can take cow's meat that's been grain-fed. If
you put the two together in the room, one will stink and spoil and ferment, and
it'll stink terribly. The other one that's grazed dries clean without strong
odor. You're built on cooked carbohydrates and a lot of garbage, so those cells
that are now discharging from you will reek. I bathe once every 5-7 days and I
don't have a problem.

How long does it usually take for that to disappear?

It depends on how toxic someone is, my girlfriend in Minnesota, Lake City is a
town of about 6000 people, this girl because of her recovery has 1/2 of her
relatives on it, even her grandmother who's 80 years old now, has her on the
diet, lots of people. One of her sisters. Her mother is the only that that isn't
into it and thinks it's outrageous. Her father's on it. Her genetic father is on
it. That just came to mind because I was going to bring up her one sister, her
one sister smells like an italian restaurant. Discharing. She's on the diet
completely. Constantly , .. she smells like an italian restaurant, like she came
out of a tomato paste factory, and everybody smells, if she'll start perspiring,
you can be, from that wall to here, 12 feet away, and you can smell it. And it
only started happening when she started eating properly and discharging all that
stuff. And I said, `why do you smell like an italian restaurant?' She said `well
my mother fed me pizza, tomato soup, pizza, tomato soup, etc, microwaved.' And
that's basically what she was raised on. My girlfriend went through that too,
not that strong, for some reason it was not as strong in my girlfriend as in her
sister. But that went on for quite a while, and because my girlfriend had
consumed coffee to stimulate her because she was chronically fatigued, she
smelled like coffee cafe and an Italian restaurant. Starbucks, there you go. ...

Anyway, so she is just now after 2.5 years on the diet, losing all those strong
odors. But she's also been one of the first people to do that gain weight lose
it, etc. religiously. Other people, with their odors, I've seen it take up to 6
years. Of course I got little tricks to alleviate that too, if you don't take it
too far, pineapple sweetens body odor. But make sure that you eat the pineapple
with fat. Any fruit should be eaten with fat. So it doesn't screw up the sugar
levels. So it goes, time-releases into the system. So you don't have all that
emotional stress.

Why is it the meat specifically, because these same people said that eating
fish didn't seem to have that.

Oh it does.

But to a lesser extent?

To a lesser extent, because the beef that they're eating is very high in
carbohydrates, it's grain-fed beef, same thing doesn't happen with grazed beef
as much. So all that fermentation that occurs from all that carbohydrate that
has stored in the cow causes that fermentation. Like I say you take the
grain-fed beef and you put it out in the same room, in the same temperature and
it will turn rank. It'll start fermenting and turn foul and the other one
doesn't smell like that.

So if you can't get grass-fed beef, are you better off to leave it alone?

Oh no. Definitely grain-fed, definitely eat it. Because you're still going to
be building your body. You just have to deal with more odors.

What about essential fatty acids, omega 3's, omega 6's, etc.

Want to know about those great Udo Erasmus things, Udo Erasmus is a good
scientist, but what happens in a chemistry lab does not happen in the human
body. It's a great sales tool, it's a great oil marketing tool, but again, those
are mainly used as solvents to break down degenerative tissue. They do not
stabilize the system, they have the effect of course of creating let's say
antioxidants, giving that whole picture in the blood but reacting in the body it
does not do that, it dries it out.

More fish oil?

Oh no, if you have the fish oil, it's great, but they're not producing that.
But the fish oil, again, is a processed oil. Do you want a good oil? Go down to
Chinatown somewhere, and get some fish livers. And if you put them in a food
processor and just spin them and let it sit for a day, the oil will go right to
the top and you spoon it off. And it will cost you 1/100 of what it's
minor what it will do. But yes, fish oil is great. But they're pushing the
omegas from vegetable oils, is what they're doing. But fish oil is tremendous.

I've been taking fish oil capsules lately.

Well the capsules are some kind of either gelatin or it's cellulose and neither
of them are digestible and they clog up the system, so if you're gonna do that,
you have to make sure that it wasn't a hot capsule when they pressed it and
melted it together, that damaged the oil, and you have to make sure it's pressed
under 82 deg. And I've not been able to find an oil extracted under 82 deg
without chemical extraction from fish in ~20 years. So it's mainly cooked
processed fish oil.

I seem to like crunchy things....

No, not unless you're crunching on meat and eating steak and not ground beef,
that gives you lots of chewing power. Just chewing, that's what I like, I like
to chew my hamburger.

I've got a client in Tahoe, a dentist, when he read this interview that I've
done with M2M which is a hygienist organization that's on the net, and
hygienists don't eat any meat, they eat all raw foods, but they eat no meat.
They heard about my work and talked to some people who'd been on it and reversed
their illnesses, read the book, and the 2 that ran it decided they wanted an
interview. I did the interview. This guy in Tahoe is a member and he read it.
And he said `there are all these wild claims that this Vonderplanitz makes, he's
got all this energy, eats 1-3 lbs of meat a day, only sleeps 4.5-5 hrs a day,
keeps going all the time, can go go go.' So he decided to disprove it. So he
...and got a 4lb chicken. And he began eating it. And ...45-minute trip, he had
consumed the whole thing, bones and all. He went on to tell the experience for
the next month. He'd eat the whole fricken thing. When he got home he found out
it was 4.1lbs that he'd eaten. And he barely left his dog any bones. Because
he'd eaten them all. And he said he had so much energy, the first he had that
much energy in 20-30 years, something like that. But he said `I couldn't do it
more than 30 days, I just couldn't keep up that consumption of meat.' Sure, he
just started. I've been doing this for many many years. People can't eat that
much meat repeatedly unless they know how to balance it with vegetable juice.
Vegetable juice is so important to eat meat because it alkalinizes the blood. If
your blood is acidic you are going to be repulsed by meat. It will make you
nauseous. So it is so important to have the vegetable juice between meals, never
have vegetable juice or vegetables with meat. Because one's acid, and one's
alkaline. You have them together, they neutralize each other, and neither digest

That gain 30lbs for 3 months...if somebody's just starting out the diet, how
long would they want to do said this one person did it for 2.5 you do it continuously?

Since I've seen how quickly it helps people, I used to do it all the time. But
I see how quickly it helps them, and when I look in my eyes, I photograph the
eye, and blow it up now, I can see how much scar tissue, I was never able to see
that in my own eyes before. Now that I can blow my own eye up, in the computer,
I'm looking and saying `Jesus, all that scar tissue, I have to get rid of..this
will be great if I can get rid of it, maybe I can do something athletic some
day.' Because all that scar tissue around the heart and the bronchials just
doesn't allow that. So I'm thinking, `well, maybe if I do what I preach, then I
will improve quicker.' So I'll see. I'll know in a couple of years. Whether it
starts breaking down quicker. But I recommend that people do it for at least
until their eyes clear up with the yellow and the brown...I've mainly found 3
colors of eyes -- blue, green, and amber. If somebody's eyes are dark brown,
they will turn amber. If they're really brown. If they're brown and they should
be green or blue, they have a lot of toxicity to remove. Either way, once they
get clean, you've removed most of the plaque. Then you have to get rid of the
scarring and the degenerative tissue. And I think that until you get rid of the
plaque, you should do that religiously. Beyond that, it depends. Still, people
come to me, looks like they don't have any plaque and they have perfectly blue
eyes but they have all these lesions and degenerative tissue. I still find that
I tell them to gain the weight and lose it, and it helps get rid of the
degenerative tissue too. I just don't know if it's going to work on scar tissue
the same way. But I'm trying.

Will that help your vision improve then? And this process is also happening in
your brain cells? I know I sometimes feel fuzzy in my thinking, than other
times. But I'm also having problems with blurry vision, and I'm wondering if
it's related.

I've never seen that the coloration of the eyes relates to vision.

What about night blindness?

I've seen people with really manure-colored eyes that had perfect vision, and
people with clear clear blue eyes that looked like they were fairly clean,
hardly any plaque, but were blind as a bat. So I haven't found any correlation
there. However people who do have eye problems, especially blurring, I find it's
a red meat deficiency. Fish does not alter it. Chicken, turkey does not alter
it, but red meat will alter it within an hour or so.

I was told to avoid red meat and egg yolk because of arachidonic acid.

But the arachidonic acid is not bad unless you cook it. And I have a doctor
who's an expert witness for the government in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She had coke
bottle thick glasses, she had respiratory disease, emphysema. She used to take
tremendous amounts of steroids for it. And used inhalers all day long. She's
been on the diet about 6 years now. After about 1 yr 3months, she cut down to 1
inhaler a month, and only using the steroids when she absolutely thought she was
going to die because she couldn't breathe. And that was maybe 2 spells a year.
Now she's down to one about every 2 years. That's it. After about 1 yr 3 months
I think it was on the diet, she calls me and says `I'm going blind. Diet's
making me blind.' I said `wait a minute. You've got your coke-bottle-thick
glasses, you've had degenerative eye process, and now you're going to blame it
on the diet that's practically gotten you well from your respiratory problems
and all of that? Doesn't quite make sense. What's the problem?' She says `I put
my glasses on, I still can't see a thing.' So I said `go to them optometrist and
see what he has to say.' Her prescription had to be reduced by 50%. But what I
told her to do, because she was an expert witness, her eyes were always bright
red, the whites were always bright red, and she wanted to know what she could do
to remove the redness of the eyes because ... and all of that didn't work and of
course they were poisoning the eye. So I said apply egg white to your eye, take
about 1/2 tsp and put it in an eye cup, put your head back, and stretch your
eyelid up, roll it all the way around, and do it to your other eye. And do it
once a day. And do not rinse it out, just wipe it off. You'll look like somebody
who just woke up. So wipe it off, do not rinse it out. So that's what she was
doing and her eyes improved. Anybody who does that, their eyes usually improve
just from the egg white. And it will remove red eyes within about 20 mins.

You're talking about actual vision improvement from that?

Vision improvement from that, yes.

We have a friend who was at your lecture 1.5 yrs ago, she does not do the diet
fully, she's still smoking, but she does the egg white. Her vision has improved.
She's gotten a new prescription, it's amazing.

Just feed your eye from the outside.

And they're less sensitive to bright sunlight.

So the body can eat from the tissues inward. That's why I say that formula of
the ginger and the raw cream on the skin, I've never seen anything like that
before. And with this person and the egg white, I've never had anybody do that
before consistently but this woman had the vanity of wanting to be believed on
the witness stand in front of jurors, and didn't want to look like she was
stoned on drugs all the time. Or on alcohol with these red eyes. So vanity will
get people to do a lot of things. And it's terrific results. I get to discover a
lot of things because of that.

From your perspective on bacteria and virus, can you comment on what's
happening with a contagious disease or what we call a contagious or infectious

Like I said in my book, I don't believe, my theory is that there is no

contagious disease. It's like saying bears are contagious because they come

out of hibernation at the same time. If the climate is right for it, it's time

for them to come out. They come out simultaneously on the people who have the

degenerative tissue, the bacteria that feed on that kind of degenerative

tissue. So it comes all out at the same time. And colds and flus happen all

year round, it used to be pockets, it used to be in the fall and spring. Why?

Because the body has to change over the fat system. So the fat system has to

change. Now if we were good and healthy, and eating raw fats, we may not have

to detox the old ones to put on the new ones. And that's why I have the 6

month cycle, I like it to be in the same cycle, with the seasons. But if

somebody's too sick I'll start them mid-season.

So you're convinced that there are absolutely no bacteria, no virus, that we
need to fear as being contagious?

Well, let's say I have a dead carcass out in a field. It's going to attract a
crow or vulture from somewhere, and it's going to be outside of the nature of
that own tissue of that rotting carcass. So you could call (force?) a bacteria
let's say if you're swapping slobber with somebody, but it's doubtful. Because
it's almost impossible to do that because of the nature of the salivary enzymes
breaking it down. And if you swallowed it, of course it would be difficult
because your HCL would destroy it, except in a case like mine where there is no
HCL. It's possible that bacteria could enter your body. But only if it's
injected. Like AIDS is supposed to have been injected with the hepatitis
vaccine. Does everybody know that AIDS is a man-made virus?

No, I thought it just mutated somewhere in Africa...

Yea, that's what they want you to believe. Dr. Strucker,

And Len Horowitz. Horowitz has this whole thing on the wide variety of
contamination in many vaccines, not just hepatitis B in the NYC trials, but all
of them. And especially the WHO used the vaccines in Africa. WHO has
contaminated Africa by use of contaminated smallpox vaccines.

Yes, they gave 75 million vaccines to Africans. And they found out that they
were all contaminated with the AIDS virus. Only those people who got the vaccine
got AIDS. Now that sounds to me, because of the other facts that I know, and
I'll just give them to you.

Dr. Strucker was hired by an insurance company in San Francisco to study the
illness and death rates of people with AIDS because the company was buying
another company that hired 60% homosexuals. And the rate for AIDS, they wanted
to know what to charge for the health rate. The insurance company. So they hired
this internationally-known Dr. Strucker, biochemist and oncologist. He has 3
PhDs. He takes a virus, and he fractionates it. He puts a particular enzyme in
it, fractionates into 5 parts. Every time he fractionated the AIDS virus, it
bisected. Didn't fractionate. And of course with his extreme knowledge about all
this, he said `this had to have been man-made after 1000...

(NEXT TAPE) looks like this vaccination of smallpox in africa was to destroy a race
intentionally. What happens when you make a poverty-stricken country? You get
all of its resources. You run its country economically, `you get the disease,
we'll come over and help you.' And that's what the US did. `But you owe us this,
you have to do this for us, you have to let us do this, your government', and
they ended up running all the countries that had a problem. So there you have
it. Let's get on back to better stories. Getting rid of disease.

I see the sun is going down and the natural light is fading away here, so can
you do it with room light?

I can do it with room light. Yea, we're fine. Not a problem.

When you talk about crunchy things, what about nuts? Organic nuts and seeds?

Nuts are very hard to digest. For first couple of years, and then the problem
with them is they have a tendency to cause nerve detoxifications, so if you have
any cavities, if you have any damaged nerves in your spine, or anywhere in your
body, it's going to make you painful. So you have to be careful about the
quantity that you eat. And let me tell you when I eat them, because I have
gaping cavities in my teeth, I've decided that I'm going to do another
experiment on myself. I'm not going to have any of my cavities filled. I have
cavities that are the size of a pea, back in some of these teeth. I go to a
dentist about once a year, and he doesn't do anything but tell me whether the
tissue's getting softer, and still decaying, or if the decay has stopped, and am
I growing any new dentine. Cause Price in his work said that when natives went
out and ate their good diet, they stopped degenerative process and even grew
back dentine. I want to see if that works for...probably should wait till the
entire 40 years that it takes me to be optimal, but I'm going to do it now
because I don't want to keep drilling and losing natural teeth and having
plastic and epoxy. So for me, I'm going out on a limb. But I was supposed to
lose all my teeth at 21. Because after radiation therapy my teeth dangled. And
if I ate anything, I'd lose about 1/2 cup of blood. I had to drink from a straw.
And they wanted to pull all of my teeth then. I still have all my teeth. I've
got a cavity that's wide open down here and the nerve's exposed, and it doesn't
bother me at all. And that's since I cut out fruit. If I eat fruit, it disturbs
the mineral balance, and pain increases. Now that I'm only eating fruit once
every 3 days, I have no problems even with the abscesses. No pain.

Does sprouting seeds and nuts help with digestion?

It makes it worse. It turns it into a vegetable. So if you want to take nuts
and do what I do, I make a paste of it, I'll make a nut butter sauce, or like a
pudding, I'll take 1/2 cup of either walnuts which are very soft and the oil's
pretty good, and/or pecans, rarely use almonds because they're so difficult to
digest, pine nuts, and macademia nuts, if you can find them non-kiln-dried in
the shell, otherwise any already-shelled macademia is going to be kiln-dried at
110 deg or more. It makes it very difficult to digest. What I do is take 1/2 cup
nuts, one of those four, and I'll blend them into a powder, and then I'll add
peanut oil or butter and egg, definitely put an egg in, if I have butter I'll
use butter first. Raw cream second. Peanut oil third. And I'll add 1-2 tbsp
honey. And sometimes tsp of raw carob powder and blend that together and have
myself a little pudding treat. And I found no ill effects from eating the nuts
that way. And it does not promote detoxification of nerve tissue the same way.

Would that be the same for seeds?

If you're talking about sunflower and pumpkin seeds, yes. Sesames are really
difficult to digest. There's something about the fiber that's so sharp in them.
But they are helpful for some people, so I won't cancel it out, if you have a
craving for sesame seeds, and that's really what you want, I'd say there's
something in it that you need.

Pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkin seeds are great. So are sunflower seeds.

Question about honey -- can you eat too much honey, it's sugar.

Too much honey can be a sugar problem. Yes it can be. When the bee collects the
nectar it swallows it. It infuses, it creates an insulin-like substance that
alters 90% of those carbohydrates into a protein catalyst. So they no longer
react like sugar, they react on proteins. That enzyme I've discovered in the
past 2 years, I mean that insulin-like substance, begins its destruction at 93
deg, and is destroyed by 99 deg. It still does not damage the sugar molecule
until it hits 105-106 deg. Or start altering the sugar molecule at that time. So
honey, if it's heated up to 100 deg, is not going to be good for a diabetic.
It's going to create sugar problem. If it's heated under 93 deg, a diabetic,
anybody can have it if they have a sugar problem. Regardless. Because only 10%
of it is going to be utilized as a sugar. So if you really want to know that
your honey's completely raw, and you don't want a sugar problem, get honey in
the comb. And eat the comb. And the comb is wonderful for kidneys, bladder,
anything like that. Especially if you have kidney or bladder infections,
especially, even irritation at the menstruation period. It'll help soothe the

Do you swallow it?

Yea. And if it becomes too dry if you're chewing it, put a little cheese in
your mouth to eat with it, or any food. And it'll chew, and it'll go down.

Can you blend it up in a blender with other things?

Yea you can, but you know, if it's cold, the wax is going to separate, and you
will still end up chewing it. But it's fine.

Is there a particular brand of honey that you've discovered that's kept below
93 deg?

There's several. There's one in Hawaii, I forget the name of it.

Volcano Island Honey

Yes, that's Richard. He doesn't heat his over about 93.

He observed the bees. They don't let the hive get above 93.

It depends on where they are. In Hawaii, it's 93, but in the desert, around 99.
But the bees are erratic if they eat that honey above...

They bring water, drop it on the hive and fan it with their wings.

Yes, they do that, right. In the desert, it gets up to 99 deg. But still that
enzyme is destroyed, the bees in Hawaii are probably a lot better and smarter
and healthier.

And there's no pesticides in Hawaii, pretty much. Because there are no bee

Oh, good. So, the Hawaiian honey, Y&S Honey, Really Raw honey, that's their
brand name, and they don't take out the bee legs, or the pollen, or the wax,
it's all at the top when you get it.

Earlville honey, it had all that stuff at the top.

So they're all really good honeys. But you can find local people. I've got a
local guy who will sell me a whole frame for $16. And I take it home and I cut
it into block and put it in these fat jars, and I just spoon it out. Now they
put a sheet in there which is pressed with this cone shape, this octagonal shape
that the bees make. And that's to get them to build out off the sheet. Now that
sheet is beeswax, but they pressed it at very high temperatures, so what I do is
I scrape it off. Flip it over, scrape off the other side, and then pitch it out.
Even that's cooked, I don't screw with anything. I've been where I've been, and
I'm going where I'm going, and I just want to go forward.

Is there a list of companies that you think are good?


Do you have that with you?

Yes I do. I formed a trust company called Optimal Ways of Living Trust which
handles that and it's very expensive to keep updated because lots of calls, and
doing lots of things, so it's $15. It's only 6 pages, but it's lots of good
information. And just to keep up, let me tell you, it's costing me money because
I fund it. It doesn't pay for itself, and I'm paying for it. So $15 doesn't
really pay for it. I've had people scream at me `$15? That's half your book, and
this is only 6 pages!' I say `but you have to keep up with these producers, they
are rats!' It's like, spectrum peanut oil, they were pressing toasted peanuts!
And putting on the good peanut oil. I had to call everybody. And put on the
thing until 2 months ago they started coming out with the right stuff again. And
if that peanut oil isn't clear and it's tanned or browned, you know that they're
pressing roasted peanuts again and not the raw ones. Who cares about cold
pressing? Toasted peanuts? BFD. I guess we're ready to do hands?

Actually, I'm going to have some milk and honey, and we can start.

The questions were about ACV and honey, because they both have antibiotic
qualities, and I was wondering if they interrupted the digestive system.

ACV in my experimentations had decreased bacteria levels and reduced the amount
of vitality. It is a natural stimulant, like I said in the book, and it's for
people who want to have a caffeine substitute. It's a good kick-start. It does
it by irritation, but without burning the tissue and damaging it. But it does
decrease bacteria levels. That can be good in an elderly person who's detoxing
too much. My girlfriend is really gung-ho, she got her grandmother, she fed her
some rotten meat, and her grandmother had just been in an accident, and damaged
her back, and Lori wanted to get her well quickly. I said `Lori, you don't do
that with an elderly person like that, you don't cause them the detox like that,
she may be chronically fatigued for a year!' So I talked to her grandmother,
because she said `I'm so tired, I don't know why I'm so tired all the time', I
said `well what I'd like you to do, is have raw ACV, I'd like you to have 1/2
tsp of that, 1 tbsp lime juice and 4 tbsp honey, in a warm glass of good mineral
water. And have that every day once a day for about 21 days.' And that'll
destroy most of the bacteria that's causing her to detox too quickly. She's too
old, this is the way she goes around and walks, there's too much degenerative
tissue in her. And with that accident, I mean they hit a tree. And the airbag
came up and smacked her in the face. Mashed her glasses, so she had black eyes.
And damaged her back. So she has to go to a chiropractor 3 times a week. So it's
just too much degenerative tissue to put an old person on, and start having the
bacteria go to work. So yes, lemon juice, lime juice, honey to an extent, honey
doesn't do it radically unless it's heated above 93 deg. The body will regulate
with it to reduce bacteria, won't destroy bacteria unless the body wants to
utilize it that way. But lemon, lime, and ACV, any kind of vinegar will. That
means if you're pickling anything you're going to destroy bacteria. That's why
they pickled. So it wouldn't rot. Stopped the rotting process. The normal
bacteria rotting process. It would still disintegrate the food, that's why
things that are pickled melt after a while, after a few months.

That's like sauerkraut pickles, the raw ones, not the ones you get in the

Correct. Raw ones. They will reduce bacteria levels. And for some people, I
will suggest it, if they're detoxing too much and they're really ill. And they
may get frustrated and go off the diet, I will suggest that they reduce those
bacteria and give them those things. I used to use beet juice more. But beet
juice, because of the high sugar level, I found that that would create a lot of
crying and weeping and the martyrdom stuff, and victim stuff, and when you're
feeling a victim, you are a victim, and you weep, and you're going to cry, and
you're going to have those problems and they're real. But they're real because
of that blood chemistry, mainly. I had a guy who was going to commit suicide. He
was calling me, going on and on. I said `you know I'm charging you $120/hr to do
this? You should go vent to a psychologist.' He said `no, but you understand'. I
said `I understand one thing -- how much pineapple have you been eating?' `Well
I've been eating it every day for about 8 days.' `Stop it. Just stop it. Don't
eat any more for 2-3 days.' He didn't eat any more that day, and the next day he
was fine. He called me and said `I don't know why I was so emotional that way
yesterday.' I said `because you were eating that pineapple, you've already got
herpes, and you've got candida, you go eat that stuff, and you're really gonna
be sugared out. Everything's gonna go nuts.' Long answer to that question.

And then share the honey thing, the test on your throat.

Oh, she asked if there were any way to tell if a honey had been heated. And I
can, if it goes right in my throat and burns my tongue. Penetrates into my
tongue, I know it's heated.

And then there was the question...Donna Gates in her book Body Ecology, is
really into Kefir, but she specifically says not to combine it with protein, and
so my question was do you have any recommendations for combining or not
combining with kefir?

Well, first of all, kefir is bacillus, usually caucausicus bulgarius and
acidophilus. Each one breaks down a substance. The acidophilus breaks down milk
sugar. Lactate. It takes the place of lactase if it's absent in the human body.
The bulgarius breaks down the fats I believe, and caucausicus breaks down the
proteins. Now that's great but it's better if your own body uses its own
bacteria because those bacteria that they culture are not of the human body so
it doesn't quite break it down the same. But for people who mainly eat cooked
foods, and don't have any cultures at all, they're going to benefit from even
the amount that is digested, and it's going to be helpful. But people who are on
a purely good diet, they want their own bacteria, that means you put your own
spit into the milk, and you'll have your own kefir. Seriously. And this was
something that was a homeopathic remedy long before they started putting bottles
and things. If a child had an illness or disease they would take pus, saliva,
and rub it on the udder. And the udder would actually start manufacturing
exactly what that baby needed into the milk. So then they got the idea of
putting spiddle into it for elderly people who didn't have a cow but had the
milk. And sure enough within a few days it would culture and help reverse the
disease even quicker. But you really don't have to put your own spiddle into it,
that's only if you have a problem and want to remedy it quickly. Sometimes I'll
do that, but most of the time I'll just let the milk sit for 2-3 days out and it
turns into a yogurt, a thick substance, and then I put it into the refrigerator
if I haven't consumed it right away, because once it gets to that point, the
only place for it to go is for the milk sugars to ferment, and the whey will
completely separate, and you will have lots of alcohol in that milk, and it's a
bit too much. And it can cause the other sugar reactions and the weepiness,
martyrdom. Just the milk by itself, it has its own bacteria. And letting
it...when I'm in Minnesota and I can get the milk right from the cows warm and
never heated it will coagulate or what they call clabber, in less than 48 hours.
Once it's been refrigerated, it takes about 72 hours to clabber.

So when it goes sour in the fridge you can still eat it?

Yes. I had a potluck about every 2 months, in LA, anywhere from 40-200 people
attend. And it's a great community to get together. It's a smorgasborg. All this
raw food and everybody has their own recipes, and each one is a little
different. And it's amazing, how many different ways you can make meats, and
make everything look pretty and beautiful, not one thing is brown and cooked on
the whole...all the tables, so it's also rich and colorful. You can see the
energy coming off, it's beautiful. Oh, the clabbering -- when you get warm, it
clabbers very readily, ...oh, at one of the potlucks, I had of my clients
came down from Santa Cruz, just to come to the potluck. Isolated in Santa Cruz
there, just wanted to come down be with the people. And he had 3 bottles of
clareville cream that was like 3 months old. And he asked if he should throw
them out before he came down. I said `no, bring them with you. I'll use them.'
And I don't know what he thought I would use them for, when he brought them
down, I made sour cream. With garlic, I blended with garlic, I made a garlic one
and onion one, we had dip for the meats. It was great. Also had zucchini slices
and cucumber slices, you dip in that. People consumed that. He said `damn, if
I'd known that...' Ha ha ha. It's delicious. He'd just given it away.

Is there a way to ease into this diet, is there a transition phase, or do you
just switch?

It's up to you. It's easier to switch. Even though people say `how can that
be?', it's easier to switch, the biochemistry is settled, when you're going back
and forth sometimes the whole chemistry gets thrown off, and you bloat and swell
and the body becomes confused. Men can get away with it better than women.
Mixing and doing it gradually. Women are usually better just jumping in.

And what about going into the winter months when the weather is colder. You
don't have a craving for warmer foods?

Well it's a coldness to the bone that usually creates that desire for warm
foods, so if you ate meat and then waited 15 minutes and had honey, it'll
usually warm you quickly. And if you have a need for a warm food, put some
water, in a jar, immerse it in a hot bowl of water, you can have honey in it,
the honey and water, you can make a soup like a Gaspaccio, and immerse that in a
bowl of hot water and warm it. And put some hot peppers in it. If you want to
raise the body temperature, put some hot pepper, it doesn't take a lot and
you'll raise your body temperature.

There's the traditional 3 meals a day, I don't have any sense, do you just eat
when you're hungry? Or do you eat 3 times? Does it vary from individual to
individual? What do you recommend usually?

When I'm recommending for somebody who's ill, I recommend a routine, a
schedule. Usually 3 meat meals a day, sometimes more. But there's a pattern.
Juice, egg, meat, juice, egg, meat, juice. Before you go to bed. But 3 cycles of
that is best. However people who are working can't do that. So they'll just do a
2-cycle. And they'll just have more of everything at a time. That's great for
the putting-on-weight cycle. But for the taking-off cycle, that's difficult,
because you're only allowed to have no more than 2 eggs at a time, it's
preferable to have only one egg. Because you wanna just keep the blood level
fine so that it has something so it doesn't starve. But you'll take the weight
off, start using old fats. Because I don't like to panic the body.

Are you familiar with the zone diet where they recommend you eat a certain
percentage of fats, carbs, and proteins at each meal so that your hormones will
stay balanced. Does this work in a similar manner?

It doesn't work very much with the zone diet, what it does, is it prevents
proper digestion. And because they're mixing all those different foods, so
people are losing weight because they're not digesting anything. But there's
enough protein in there, even though it's cooked, to keep them from usually
going way off the deep end, psychologically.

The reason I ask is because of what I came to understand about how to keep your

That's their theory. But it does not prove out in any lab, that it stimulates
it or not.

I was having a big problem with ulcerative colitis, and tried a number of
different ways to treat it, and it seemed like I could control it, but I never
really ended the problem. Until I started eating according to the zone, and then
in 2 days it went away and never came back. So it was great.

Yea, because what it does is, when you eat that particular, those substances
together, it neutralizes the acidity, that's why you don't digest a lot, it will
neutralize the acidity that's causing the ulcerations, causes the colitis, but
if you were to have, let's say, celery and parsley juice with green cabbage
juice you'd eliminate that problem and heal it. Actually correct the condition.
Because if you went back to your old way of eating, within 2-3 weeks you'd have
that same problem again. Because that means it didn't heal, it just subsided it.
Changed the chemistry temporarily.

I haven't heard you recommend raw pork, presumably that's still a no-no because
of trichinosis and parasites in pork?

No. Not because of those, because the pork, the pig has been a garbage
collector for thousands of years. In Egypt, in Jerusalem, all of that area, and
all over the world, pigs roamed the streets to eat garbage that people...they'd
cook their foods and dump it out the window, and the pigs would come around and
eat it. Well pigs have been living and cooked foods for so long they're anemic
and they're very diseased and they're unhealthy animals. Except for the wild
pigs. But domesticated pigs have been sick animals for a very very long time.
And that's why I don't recommend them. If you catch a wild boar, go for it. I
would eat it in a second.

What about deer, venison?

Deer's wonderful. Fabulous. Any wild animal is going to be healthier than a
domesticated animal.

I've had roadkill.

Seriously, where I live, some friends of mine go around and pick up the old

deer. They share it with their dogs, they do make jerky out of it.

I would definitely do it.

Is there any danger eating the liver. It might have picked up pesticides and
toxicity from eating around edges of farms...we don't know where the deer are

Well, like my tests 9.5 years ago, that I had done, I took a huge london broil
steak, about 2" thick, and I cut quite a few portions off, gave several animals,
cats and dogs, and I ate some, animal that was raised on chemicals and hormones
and antibiotics. I ate it, those animals ate it, and we cooked some of it and
gave it to a few other animals. I refused to be part of that experiment. These
other animals -- couple of dogs and cats got some cooked pieces. Checked all of
our feces, and checked the proportion of pesticides that we knew were present in
that particular meat, because that meat was tested as well, so we knew the
concentration. The same concentration that was in the meat passed out my feces.
The molecules of fat that had bounded those toxins in the animal went through my
system relatively undigested. So the body was able to identify it. And all the
other animals, even the dogs and cats that have the high concentration of acid,
it still, even though partially digested, the fat was partially digested, the
same concentration of toxins passed through unabsorbed. In the 4 animals that
ate the cooked portions, none of it passed through. All stayed in their systems.
So when you cook those molecules, it makes them free radicals, it sets them free
to be absorbed into the body. Eaten raw, there's not a problem. So I would have
to assume that the body would probably do that. That was 9.5 years ago without
as much toxicity and pollution as there is today, but there are also a little
bit more controls on the types of pesticides allowed, so I would say maybe it's
about the same, and the test results would probably come out the same.

I've been told to not eat after 6-7 at night but that was with cooked food.
With raw, do you digest quicker, so you can...

Yup. Because of all the vitamins and enzymes present, it's good to eat a hearty
meal before you go to sleep. Because it's best not to sleep more than 5 hours
without food. Because it will cause hormonal imbalance and disturb your sleep.

With low energy in the morning, you'd eat late at night so that food would
carry through to the morning, if you have a problem with not having enough

It would to some extent, but a lot of people use up those nutrients within 8
hours, and some people won't carry through. Some people are so needy that I tell
them to put at their bedside, a glass of milk or some honey, or both, and have
it as soon as they awaken.

I didn't quite finish answering your question...about mixing meats and kefir.
Like I said the kefir has different bacteria, it's better to use your own, you
can mix meat and any kind of dairy together, I haven't found a problem with
that. If a particular individual has a problem, I found that on occasion, fresh
cold milk is enzyme-deficient for some people and they can't digest it. So if
they let it sit out and let the bacteria grow, then they can eat it fine. And
there are very few people that that happens to, but some people start getting
cramps and problems with even raw milk, but that's because it's cold and
chilled, and that destroyed the bacteria. When they leave it out it's fine.

You're saying that's the way to get your milk, the goat milk and cow milk, is
not to refrigerate it, not to chill it at all, just take it room temperature and
leave it out?


And then refrigerate it once it's cultured?

Once it's clabbered. But if you're getting it warm and never refrigerated you
can go ahead and drink it right away because it's full of those bacteria to help
you digest it. I know when I'm back in Minnesota and getting that warm milk, I
go there right when he's milking, and I fill up my 4 gallons, over that period
of about 4 days, 2 of those gallons become yogurt, and the other 2 I drink warm
for those 2 days until those clabber. Delicious.

I was asking you about when I got on your diet I started re-experiencing some
old symptoms of arthritis and you said it was a cleanse, and you said there was
a recipe for pain relief?

I have those various pain recipes in the book, I've improved on it even more,
because I keep experimenting, because I HATE pain. I'm a real pussy when it
comes to that. Pussycat. And I do not like pain. So I do anything I can not to
suffer. So he had some arthritis problems, and he stopped eating meat, years
ago, and been a vegetarian for a really long time, and those symptoms went away,
however he didn't feel good as a vegetarian, now he's on raw meat, he feels
good, but he has a little bit of pain. The uric acid and the lipid oxides that
form from the cooked meat that mainly cause that kind of storage and problem in
the joints, rheumatoid arthritis or just arthritis, rheumatitis, are caused by
that compound, and it needs to be secreted. When you get the raw meats in the
system, sometimes it will cause them to expel and you'll have the symptoms of
that disease, just like I said in the book. All those diseases are going to
re-occur. Symptoms. But this time, when you're cleansing, you're going to
cleanse properly. And when you heal, you're going to heal properly. So you get
stronger and younger every day, rather than the other way around, which happens
with cooked food. Now, if you're having pain, cheese and this pain formula are
your best bet. Doesn't work in some cases like migraines, but it works in joint
and tooth problems, bruises, knee injuries, any kind of injury. It does not work
more than 50% with headaches. And with the cluster headaches, it still only
works maybe 30%. But in every other case, it works anywhere from 60-90%. Will
mitigate the pain. Sometimes it will relieve it entirely, any pain, even tooth
abscesses. And those are the worst in my opinion. Unless you split a bone. One
egg, preferable 3oz cream, if you don't have cream, cow's cream, use coconut
cream. 3oz of milk. And 6 heaping tbsp of fresh bee pollen. Now it has to be the
bee pollen that's refrigerated, and crumbles in your fingers, just comes apart.
Very soft. If it's pellets, it's been heated, kiln-dried, and cooked. It will
not have the same effect. ALSO ADD LEVEL TSP OF LEMON OR LIME JUICE. Blend that
together, and drink at least 4oz right away and about 1-2oz every 3-4 hours as
you need it for pain. And keep re-making it as you need it. It doesn't make very
well in larger quantities. Doesn't blend as well for some reason.

So you have 1oz every several hours?

1-2oz every 2-4 hours as you need it for pain. And what you do is, you take a
bite of cheese, about the size of a sugar cube, any of the raw unsalted cheeses,
bite that off, have a sip of it, chew them together. It will improve the pain
relief by about 20-40%, just by having the cheese with it. I'm always working on
this, folks. Always trying to improve.

When I have headaches, sometimes some of the remedies in the book are helpful,
like the orange juice or perrier and honey, those kind of things. But at other
times, they're not. Do you have any other suggestion for headaches?

Well, if you have that with the headache formula, you have all of them, you
have this pain formula and the other headache formulas that I recommend in the
book, they all work together then.


No, don't mix them at the same time, drink them separately, but have them. Have
all of them. Whichever ones apply to your type of headache.

Any new ones for headache?

Ha ha. No, that's a tough one, the headache one's a tough one. But that one
works on the headache too. But it doesn't do it all on its own. But it helps

Guess that's it, we're ready to start with the hands? Okay, I'm going to need
light now..

One more question -- in the last seminar you gave, you frequently recommended
lubrication formula. Is that still something you're recommending a lot? Because
you mentioned today how the lemon juice reduces bacteria.

Correct. The lubrication formula does not have that effect with the lemon or
lime juice in it. The lubrication formula gets deep into the tissues. And
basically, how I came upon the latest pain formula, and I forgot to tell you to
put a level tsp of either lemon or lime in that. No more. In that pain formula I
gave you. So basically it's lubrication formula with bee pollen in it. Sometimes
I don't use the lemon or lime and it works fine. But sometimes it doesn't with
the pain. Most of the time it will still work without it but some people, it
takes the lemon or lime. The lubrication formula gets deep into the tissues, it
gets there faster to lubricate the areas that don't get lubrication well like
the joints, the bones, deep into the skin, because the body's using the fats,
and the liver and the glands, just using it for fuel, using it for everything.
So the skin and bones and joint usually don't get any fat, it would take years
to get to it. So I came up with that lubrication formula to get it deep into the
tissues to bypass the normal system. And it works.

People are sometimes discouraged because they can't get butter...

Coconut cream. They're just lazy then. I know it's a lot of work, but if you
take one 2-hour segment of your week and you do 3 or 4 coconuts, you got enough
for the week. That's for one person, then. If there are several people, you can
team up and it'll still only take 2 hours. And you've got enough for 2 people. I
saw all the coconut shreds out there, it's great.

They make great mulch.

Yes. They do. Okay, we'll start in on the hands. Shall we do a lottery or
flip?...Okay who has to go early?

Very overactive sex glands. Very overactive adrenal glands. You have the hands
of athletes, people who need to be active, 5-8 hours a day. And it usually
creates quite a sexual being. So if you're not with a mate, take care of
yourself. Because that alone could drive you crazy. And those hormones during
ejaculation form endorphins, which help you relax. Because you produce and awful
lot. Now that's good because if you have low glandular activity, like your
thyroid here is very low, so that hormone can be used to replace that particular
missing hormone. And that's what looks like you're doing in this hand, but this
hand, the glands are all active, and yet this one is still overactive. So that
shows an excess of hormones, so it also compels you to be active. And restless.
You produce a lot of RBCs, you have some clogging of WBCs up in your shoulders
and the back of your neck. And in your head. Sinuses. And on the left side in
the spleen, in the spine, I recommend that you eat 40% red meat, you may eat
more temporarily, but in the long haul, only 40% red meat and about 40% chicken
and 20% fish. I'd say that'd be good for about 2.5 yrs. ..I suggest that...looks
like a lot of cooked vegetable fats. It could have a tendency to cause
Alzheimers later on, so to help clean that out I suggest that you have peanut
oil with some chicken, maybe a little lemon or lime juice with it to help make
it into a solvent that'll break it down. And have that at least 4 times a week.

Raw chicken in lime juice, marinated together?

And the peanut oil. Put the lime and the peanut oil together before you put it
with the chicken. Tastes pretty good, and it works very well. You can even put
coconut cream with it if you like. The way the Tahitians do it, the other
islanders. They mix lime juice and coconut cream, and will put it with chicken
or fish. I suggest that you eat twice a week, 2oz of olive oil with your red
meat. That'll help get rid of the clogging in the spleen. Sometimes what happens
is you hold too many RBCs in your blood and that causes you to get foggy, you
don't think well, your blood's taking all the nutrients and your brain's not
getting much. And it feel frustrated because you want to be thinking
properly but then your body puts you into like a limbo state. So that olive oil
with the red meat will help that. And 2oz with about 5-6oz, even up to 8oz of
red meat. You're very creative, so you need to do something creative. You came
from a background in this life and other lives where you were a teacher, and you
were very cynical. You need to let that go. Terribly cynical. And you were
creating some of the ugly reality that you saw, just by being so cynical. It
would manifest it. And prove you right. You need to let that go. You take it off
into relationships too. And you become a martyr. You want to let that go. You
heal each other. Don't be anybody's healer alone. You have an incredible psychic
ability. Very intuitive ability. But your cynicism completely puts a grid and a
screen against it. One of the most psychic hands I have ever seen. And it's just
like a brick wall in it. Can't even pass through. Kind of look at it this way:
yea there's lots of ugly nasty stuff in the world, but how often does something
happen to you in a day that's bad? 1%? Unless you're creating it here and here.
You're holding on to something, that has passed in a flash. And you hold on it
for days and weeks. And it's you compounding that and stretching it out into
affinity, when that really was just a moment of something ugly, that's how
cynicism makes everything really terrible. You got it. Pears are very good for
you and sapotes. Eat them with whipped cream when you can or coconut cream.

Sapotes, it's like ...squash?

No, sapotes are like a custard-tasting very thin fruit. Tastes like custard,
it's white meat inside, large seeds. We have them in Mexico and Southern
California. This kind of opposes things that I've said, but I'm perceiving it
psychically for him, putting a little lemon or lime, like only 1/2 tsp in a
quart of milk will help stimulate the bacteria you need. To help break up some
of the fatty deposits in your shoulder and your neck. Do you have any questions?

You pick up anything in my hip joints, totally on the right side of my body, is
it part of...?

Well, you have fat deposits that are back down in there along the spine. And
it's kind of taking the kidneys, and the things that I told you will take care
of all of that. And it's gonna take a while to break it down. Basically what it
is...what's that fat deposit on top of the kidney called...suet, the suet is
very hard. And that'll break it down.

Okay, so if I follow this, I'll be...

You'll get better.

The year 3000, I'll be around.

Ha ha ha. Who knows. I'll tell you, when I see you. 3000. I like this group
because I can use my other psychic abilities while I'm here.

Cool. We encourage it.

I know, takes longer, though, but bear with me.

Okay, all of your glands are very very low. Everything except for one
parathyroid. The parathyroid on the right side, right here. One, two, three.
Those are the only glands that are functioning normally. All of your other
glands are almost completely shot, your pancreas is almost like a diabetic. It
works about 5-8%. You should stay away from fruit and you have to make sure your
honey is unheated below 93 deg. So you have to get those expensive honeys unless
you can find a beekeeper that you can get the honeycomb from inexpensively.
Because a honeycomb is like $6 for a little comb, where I can get for $16 a
whole panel, and cut it up myself.

Don't you have to watch that that's organic? Honeycomb? Wouldn't pesticides get
into the comb?

You know if the bee collected the pesticides it would die, because it has to
ingest the honey. It has to eat it. And then regurgitate it. And if it got the
pesticides, it would kill it. On the flight home. Sometimes in the bee pollen,
it will carry it. But the bee pollen is separated before that. But the protein
is so high in the bee pollen, that it usually neutralizes any pesticide.

So all honeycomb is OK, pretty much?

Yes. You know, unless they're feeding the bees syrup.

Sugar in the winter.

And they do. What happens is sometimes there'll be a little bit of that, their
own secretion in that insulin-like substance that regurgitates into it. But if
you're always eating your honey with some kind of...keeping a fat level up in
your blood, it's not going to be a problem.

You definitely need to gain that 35 lbs.

I was getting that impression when you talked about it.

Cause I'm trying to see if there's a quicker way, easier way, and there's none
that I can perceive.

I had a really intense chemical exposure because of the place where I was
living before, I had a student space out at the shipyards, and I didn't know
until later on, it was a big scandal about all the chemicals, plus I worked with



What kind of paint. Oil?

Oil painting, and murals,...

I did that too. Many years. But it never bothered me because of the way I ate.
And when I was painting I never let myself be thin. I always had good fat on my
body. I had lots of fat to protect myself. And you definitely need that. You're
anemic as well, probably 60% of your RBCs don't function well. So you need about
70% red meat, about 20% fish, and 10% chicken. This should be for about 1.5 yrs.
Then you can cut back a little bit and eat more chicken to help your skin and
glands re-build. To help stimulate the hormones I suggest that you get thyroid,
you get other glands of an animal, where do you live?

San Francisco.

You can go into Chinatown or somewhere and get fish livers.

Would those be organic?

Well what you tell them is you want wild fish liver, you don't want it from a
farmed animal. And also in Chinatown you can get roe of a fish, which means you
get the whole uterus, not just the eggs. If you get the eggs alone, they salt
all of them. So get the roe. And eat lots of roe. You've got a mineral imbalance
that's pretty severe because of the low fat, you haven't been able to utilize
your minerals properly because of fat deficiency. And all that will help your
glands begin working again. And if you call up a hunter group, and you put out
an advertisement in that hunter's group, `I'm looking for glands, I want the
thyroid, I want the liver, I want the brain, I want all of those glands, and
I'll pay for them,' because they kill them and slaughter them anyway, and they
usually take them to the butcher. And they can make a few dollars. Because a
butcher charges them a lot of money. To do it. And they can at least make do
with that, because otherwise they just throw it out. Don't even make dog food
with it, just throw them out. Don't go to the butcher because the butcher will
not be able to be a liaison between you and the hunter. You have to go to the
hunters group.

They're listed in the phone book?

Yea, can call the Sierra club and ask if there's hunting groups, they
advertise, just look in Sportsmans lodge, or any of them. You'll be able to find
them. And then post in their newsletter or whatever they have, some way. And
that'll help you recover quicker. Recover your glandular activity. Always eating
lots of fats with your meat is going to be helpful. Of course, butter and cream
and milk are going to be your better sources. For stabilizing those glands. You
definitely need about 3 cups of green juice a day. 80% celery, and 20% parsley
and after about 6 months cut the celery down to 70% and add 10% cucumber, and
make sure, if the cucumber's not organic, it's peeled. It looks like you don't
have any complications, you're a good soul, your only problem is the low in
energy makes you impatient, makes you not like yourself at times, and makes you
stressed out, but you're really a good person, it's just, yours is purely
physiological, you don't have any mind blocks. So, just get your physical act

Okay, because it seems like I have all these ideas about things that I want to
do, and writing and whatever, but I just feel...I can't follow through on them,
because I just can't think clearly.

Right. Because ... is not functioning. Once that gets together, I'd say 1.5
years, and you'll be doing just about everything you want to do.

Well Hallelujah!

But that doesn't mean you can stop it because you have a tendency to think that
when you're feeling good you don't have to take care of yourself. And that's why
you're in the state that you're in. So just continue to take care of yourself.
That is your temple.


Should we just go down the line here?

Well, you've leveled off a lot, gee. So smooth. Everything's relaxing. Pancreas
hasn't changed a bit though, it is still relatively non-functional. So make sure
that you continue to eat your fruit with something and keep the fruit level way
down. Fruit consumption way down. Your right thyroid still isn't functioning
very well. Parathyroid is up a little bit here, the lymph glands in the neck are
doing well on the right side. All the ones on the left side are functional
except for these here, you did have your tonsils removed?

No. I don't think so. I think you said that before...maybe I did and I don't
remember it.

Cause this one looks like it's there, and this one looks like it isn't. So this
one may be still deteriorated, and that one's come back. But all these glands
are now functioning, and I don't remember them functioning the last time. So
you're doing better. Much much better. RBC count is good, you're still having
the clumping of the white cells a little bit, that'll work itself out in time.
Are you drinking the celery juice?

Oh yes.

Every day, and as much as I suggest?

Not quite as much. I usually get about 24 oz.

If you didn't gulp it, you'd do a lot better, you'd get a lot more down. Take
your time in sipping it down. It's like you just want to get it done with. Sip
it, and you'll be able to get more down. And when you gulp it, it's like a
little shock on the system. And that'll stop that clotting of the WBCs. You're
just not getting enough in there right now. The liver is still not back yet,
it's starting to get circulation into it, but it's not glowing yet. The spleen
is in terrible shape still. The gonad here is doing a little bit better. This
side is much better except for the glandular system, this side the glandular
system but the regular systemic problems are not resolved so your body is kind
of saying `well I'm going to take one part of you on one side and the other part
we're going to do the opposite.' And it's a nice balance. It's a good way to
give you overall well-being without just fixing one specific thing at a time. So
the body is very smart that way. And circulation in your spine is wonderful now.
Was very clogged before, all the way up to your head. And you're eating

No. I was going to ask you that. You told me to eat berries, for my prostate,
because that's the main...

Right, that's what we were focusing on.

And I'm probably eating too much, is what I've decided. I have a bowl of
berries every morning, in my smoothie, and I am experiencing the emotional
instability that you're talking about...

As long as you have cream or coconut cream with it you probably won't have that
traumatic an experience. But if you're having more than a handful like this,
it's too much.

Oh yea, I'm having more than that.

That's too much. Yes, you still have your prostate problem, and it's affecting
this gonad, but there's no more deterioration, it stopped growing and it stopped
expanding so everything's fine, you just have to take care of it. A little bit
slower. You do need, I know it may be a waste, but you need to eat

a slice of pineapple every 10 days. And no more than that. And maybe ½"
circular slice. So maybe you can go into the store...sometimes those markets
will cut some up and serve them...or go to a restaurant that has a smorgasborg,
and you can get just a little bit of it. Or just waste it. Or give it to a
neighbor or something. But I don't want you to eat the whole thing.

I don't even like pineapple so it won't be hard.

Yea, but in the few times, you're going to like it. And you do have a tendency
to like sugar too much.

Yes, I do.

And your pancreas is still very slow. It functions, but it doesn't function
well, it does not make good insulin that breaks the sugar down properly, so it
irritates you and makes you very emotional.

I become very addicted to dates. That's probably the worst thing I could eat,

Actually, it isn't. But if you'll eat it with butter or coconut cream or
avocado or whole coconut, some intense fat with it, you won't eat many. But if
you're eating dates alone, you're going to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat.

Almost like a candy bar.

Yes. Well if you have it with the fat, then a very little will satisfy you. Or
even cheese, eat it with cheese. Eat it with cheese and butter, cheese and
coconut cream, anything, or cheese and coconut. It will make you satisfied. If
you just keep eating the sugar, it's gonna keep going and going. Cause your body
is trying to make fat from the sugar and it's not going to do it easily. Before
it irritates you. It's gonna start pulling it out of your nervous system
instead, and that's going to be the emotional stuff. Are you walking at all?

Well I have a job where I'm exercising. I do have a little granola, a couple
ounces for breakfast.

I noticed. Ha ha ha.

When we had our session, when I first met you, you thought it maybe was a good
idea, but I was eating too much. Then later on you weren't too sure but I did
start eating again. What do you think?

If you're getting depressed and emotional, it's not a good thing. You've got
other conditions that I thought the starch could bind with those toxins, but
those toxins don't exist any more.

Oh, I see. So I don't need it now?

So you don't need that. That's a medicine. And it has its side effects. No
more. Okay?

I'll have a hit of honey here.

Okay, who'll be next.

The last one was Benji, and I'm Joe. Anybody with a name of Joe, I don't do. Ha
ha ha. My father's name was Joseph. Sit down. Ha ha.

I'm Joseph Francis

Hi Joe. The psychic energy is making me cook. Before we even get into diet,
you're creative, and boy you better do something creative. Relax your hand. Do
you do anything creative?

I finished writing a book right now, I do a lot of martial arts things, I'm
always dabbling in creative things but...

This needs to be something creative, not a technical teaching type thing, you
need to do some novel, some dirty stuff, some wild stuff, some crazy stuff.
You're locked up in a cage of rationality that's just a block for you. Break it

Okay, you have a lot of sexual energy. So if you don't have a friend, take care
of yourself. Your pancreas is working fairly well. It's a little edemic and
inflamed. For those who don't know edemic means water, retains too much water.
All the glands function pretty well. They are not creating the hormones in a
proper form but they're all functional. You are not breaking down dead cells.
Your liver is about 7% functional. Did you do a lot of drinking?

No, no, I never actually liked alcohol.

That's good because you're allergic to it.

That's probably why.

Did you have alcohol at times?

I come from a family history of kind of alcoholics, maybe that's a genetic
thing, I grew up never actually liking the taste, I will have a beer every 6
months, that's about as much alcohol as I'll ever have.

Do not ever have alcohol. If food ferments, that's about the type of alcohol,
even that will cause you an allergy. But there's genetic destruction by alcohol,
so I guess you got it from your family.

Both my brothers are big-time alcoholics, and was in my family, my grandfather,
that's as far as I know...

Well you have all the symptoms, even physiological of having been an alcoholic.
All of the changes as if you had been a drinker. And that's the destruction of
the liver. You're not processing your fats properly, it's funny, all your glands
work because you really didn't drink the alcohol, but for some reason your body
is forming alcohol out of carbohydrates and you're allergic to your own
processes. So you need to stay away from any cooked carbohydrate, they'll go
alcohol instantly. Breads, cakes, cakes are one of the worst for you. And you
like cake, right?

Yea, cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. I knew they'd be the end of me.

If you make that mix that I gave out with the nuts and the carob powder, it
will satisfy that and actually help clean out that problem. Right now you have
adipose tissue which is fatty extra steady skin all throughout your system. And
if your liver isn't corrected, you're likely to go into cancer. And it would be
an intestinal cancer and a liver cancer. So I don't want to scare you, but I
also want to let you know. That you're not far from it.

I'd rather know.

And will be pretty easy to reverse. To clean it up, it's going to take many
years, about 12, but to reverse it, you can do. I recommend that you have 40%
red meat, 40% chicken, and 20% fish. Now that isn't what you're necessarily
going to have a taste for, cause you'll have a tendency to like red meat more,
because you're slightly anemic...

I actually like the red meat a lot.

But unless you get that particular chicken in your system, you're not going to
dispel those dead cells, and you're not going to help get rid of all that
adipose tissue that's likely to throw you into cancer. Now I'm not a doctor, so
I don't diagnose, I'm analyzing health, so not diagnosing that you have cancer.
Protecting my butt. These indications are what I see with people who have
cancer, how they got it, and why they got it. And a lot of that clotting is
around the back. Around the mid-back. Do you have soreness?

Especially on this side, and some on this side. Or does it shoot to the

It's usually on the one side, I think it's on this left side,...

Well it's actually on the opposite side, but it's shooting the pain over here.
Sometimes if it's butted right up against the spine like that, it'll shoot to
the other side. So what I'd like you to do is get a hot water bottle and place
it on this side, so lie on your side at night, put a pillow between you and the
hot water bottle to keep it propped up against your back. And as many night as
you will, and you'll'll relax you and get the blood circulation in
there with the nutrients and help heal it quicker. Juice is going to be
important for you -- 60% celery, here's where we need some – you're utilizing
bile throughout your system, so I'd like you to have 20% carrot juice, once in a
while you can go up to 40%, but that's when you're not feeling emotional or a
little bit crazy. Just when you're feeling okay, that's the time when you can
handle up to 40%. But don't let it be often. Keep it around 20%. So 60% celery,
20% carrot juice on a main basis, and 20% parsley. You need to eat about 1 1/3
lb of meat, work up to that. That's how much you need to eat to help get your
body full of new cells so you can eliminate the old. That's usually more than
what I give somebody. But work toward that. I don't care if it takes you a year
to get up to that. Some people take a lot longer. Do I smell popcorn, or am I
just going nuts? Are they trying to upset me, it smells so good. Ha ha ha. I
think that's the only thing that still turns me on. Cooked. Cooked buttery
popcorn. But I get sick when I have it, so... Pears are good for you, apples
once in a while. Cantaloupe. Most of your melons, not so much watermelon.
Cantaloupe, Muskmelon, Honeydew. Small amounts. Don't have any more than a thin
wedge of it at a time. And make sure it's with cheese or something to really
slow it down. Even though your pancreas works, it doesn't put out good insulin.
None of your hormones are put out properly. All of them function, but none of
them function properly. That alcohol destruction that was passed on to you is
pretty severe. Liver's a good thing for you to eat. And if you can, I'd eat it
once a week. I would try to find some good liver and eat it once a week.

All right, I'm Rosemary

Hi Rosemary. Relax. Lots of bile. Your liver is about 20% functional. Your gall
bladder is mainly producing bile to handle the lack of fats. There's a great
background of cynicism here. You also need to let that go. Remember those bad
things happen in a moment, you stretch them out, they're a lifetime. And that
seems to have created a lot of your tension, yours isn't as much biologiocal as
it is your rigidity. Not everything has to be rational. Very psychic, you have
the fish on both sides, very large fish. A good spiritual psychic at that, very
much with a large conscience. Your direction line of

life is connected with that fish so you could be a very good psychic healer and
do that , develop toward that. Very anemic. Doesn't mean that you have a low RBC
count, but those RBCs are anemic in themselves, and not functioning properly.
You need about 60% red meat, you need 3/4-1lb meat a day, 60% red meat, 40%
chicken, and you need fish about once a week, sometimes twice a week. Very good
writing ability. Even music. Do you do anything with music?

I dance.

Have you tried singing at all? It will help relax some of that cynicism. Looks
like you had been an opera singer in 2 lives. And
thought that an opera singer was like a prostitute. And you tortured yourself
with that image. So you thought that that was really low class that you did
that, you were everybody's puppet, and you wanted to be a queen or a prince. And
you felt even though you got all this adoration from queens and princes, you
felt that to be the queen or prince you needed somebody singing for you. Those
kings and queens would have changed places with you at any moment. So you need
to realize that you doing whatever you do, be happy in that. You have a tendency
to beat yourself up a lot and not be satisfied with your talents and your

And in relationship, you're a little sterile, be more touchy feely, be more
sensitive, not so analytical. Because you have great even touch healing ability
here. So realize the sensuality and the exchange, it's almost a sexual exchange,
that's almost a better high for you. If you'll just feel it and realize it. This
is getting into a lot more than just diet here, so, carrot juice, because of the
high bile, only have 20% though because it might start irritating, drying your
skin. And we don't want to see wrinkles that may create. So don't let the carrot
juice go over 20%. Celery -- 40%. Cucumber – 20%. Cabbage -- 10%. That's
certainly a lot more than 100. What you need is to have those proportions but
you're going to have to vary them.

You got 90% so far.

Thought I just skipped something then. Oh, the parsley. But the parsley should
be normally up to 20%. So, some things you'll shift and change. And it should be
green cabbage, not red cabbage. Once a while you can use red cabbage, that'll be
fine, it won't irritate you. Once a while. But mostly use green cabbage. I want
to soothe your intestinal system, not excite it. I recommend that you eat,
whenever you eat fish, let it be eaten with beef, and that'll help your liver,
in your particular situation, the chemistry of the two will help the liver.

Any particular kind of fish?

Wild salmon is very good, shark is good, swordfish is good. And you might want
to make a sauce with coconut cream and lime juice, butter and lime juice. Once
in a while use lemon. Mostly lime. And you need to deal with color a little bit
more other than just your clothes. Even if you just stare at it. Colors.


My name is Ted.

Hi Ted. Relax your hands. You've had very overactive glands in your lifetime,
you have the hands of a very hard worker. These mounds here are that of an
athlete, the adrenals have been excessively overactive. You must have been
pretty intense in your day. Ha ha ha. This one is fatigued and breaking down,
and debilitating the left one. But it's still overactive. This one is still
overactive but it is not debilitating like the left. The right sex gland is very
good and intact, the left one is debilitating. The pancreas is very edemic,
swollen, mutated. Like a diabetic, don't handle sugars well. The tonsils and
adenoids area, very swollen, very active. Do you have your tonsils and adenoids?

Tonsils no, they were never removed, but just disappeared.

Disappeared? Well, they're still active in the tissue, even though they may
have disintegrated, you have the cells and they're active. I mean it's a thin
mound, it's not a wide one, but they're still active. So you're still able to
have that glandular activity. The parathyroids are overactive, the left thyroid
is okay, the right one is non-functional. Circulation in the intestinal area and
in the pelvis is very poor. And the testes are poor – little complications in
the prostate. For some reason you have a tendency for 5 lifetimes now to choose
people who are cynical around you, and you are not even a cynical person. You
have the misconception that that's intelligence. Cynicism is not a sign of
intelligence. Being rational does not make you intelligent or wise. You have all
the wisdom, necessary, you just need to let go of that concept. Cynicism is not
wisdom. Cynicism creates its own reality. A reality where you stay cynical. You
are very positive person, but you take all that cynicism, and think it, and you
adore it. You do produce RBCs very very well, you're a person who probably
would've done very well as a vegetarian.

25 years, yeah.

But because you were eating cooked carbohydrates with it, you collected all
these glycotoxins, and now they've made you need meat. And they're gonna make
you nauseous. So what I suggest that you do, is even though you need a lot of
red meat, because your liver's in pretty terrible condition from the AGEs, I
suggest you always eat cheese with your meat. I'm going to suggest that you eat
about 40% red meat. Normally I wouldn't suggest any red meat for you, just
chicken or fish. But to get the liver back together, to be able to utilize the
other meats, you need to get the liver in shape. So for about 2 yrs 3 months,
I'd like you to eat at least 40% red meat. You need about 40% chicken, and 20%
fish. After about 2 years and 3 months you can start eating 60% chicken or fowl.
Turkey, whatever you like. And make sure that you can grate the raw unsalted
cheese with it, or eat cube-size amounts, eat the cheese with it so you don't
get nauseous. Because those acids are going to start dumping into the stomach as
you eat it. And the cheese is there to absorb it. Then you're not going to have
that nausea, that problem. Or you may feel it coming on and passing instantly.


So I would suggest that just for you to get the psychic and tangible feeling of
the warmth, sleep with a hot water battle or 2 hot water bottles one on your
solar plexus and one on your chest. And just go to sleep as if they're teddy
bears, hugging them.

Hot tub wouldn't do?

No, if you do that, what's gonna happen is, you're very sensitive to heat, and
you're gonna cook your own vitamins and enzymes in your system. And that's going
to make you tired. So you need to stay away from that intense amount of heat on
your whole body. You don't have the fats necessary to make that heat dispel from
your system. You will just cook yourself. So, hot tubs are not good for you. At
least for a while. Maybe 3 years. So take those hot water bottles and embrace
them. Every night that you can. Because your body can handle that much heat and
dispel it with it cooking your system. And it'll help you relax. Because you're
rigid everywhere. Your tendons, everything is rigid from that. It's like you've
blocked your vitality and you'd be normally very vivacious and excitable but
that doesn't show your intelligence and wisdom. You understand what I'm saying,
what you've done to yourself?

I have an impression.

Okay. Pineapple with coconut cream, pineapple with cream, pineapple with
butter, 3 times a week will help dissolve some of the stuff. I normally don't
recommend water ever, but I'm going to recommend that you have 2 quarts a week,
and you need lots of milk.

I drink gigantic amounts of water.

Yea. Well you need to cut it down, okay?

Spring water, it's fresh spring water.

Doesn't matter. 2 quarts a week, because it's drying out your system and
helping you buckle up. So no more than 2 quarts a week, that's like 8 cups a
week. So you're looking at 1 cup a day, or a little bit more than 1 cup a day. I
drink maybe an ounce a week right now, this time of year. In the summer I'll
drink 1/2 cup a week, unless it's really hot, a cup a week. Drink milk. That's
gonna help relax your system.

I've been drinking the raw milk...

2 quarts a day if you have to. Get your fluids from that. But if you're eating
more raw foods then you won't need so much fluid.

Yea, I'm making a transition..

Good. You need to make it a little more abruptly off that much water. Any more
than 2 quarts is way too much. That's the place that'll cause you to have

Thanks very much.

Jill, would you get me some more milk please? Thank you. Let me dance a little
bit. Do you want to turn this down? It may be noisy. I'm jumping up and down...

All right. You have overactive sex glands. All your other glands are
underactive. Your adrenals are still pumping though, a little bit. They're
fatigued. Pancreas doesn't work at all on the right side. Maybe 30% on the left,
it doesn't work well. Lack of proteins is pretty severe here. It's causing all
of your tendons to shrink. Gonna need a lot of white meat like chicken. Your
liver is probably 20% functional, within about 6 weeks it could be about 60%
functional, that's pretty quick. Do you like coconut?


You need to eat whole coconut. At least 1 1/2 a week. Coconut cream is good
too, but you need whole coconut. For some reason the fibers are similar to...the
condition in your's just going to help reverse it. Also, walnuts.
Usually condition I don't recommend, but you need walnuts, and you need to blend
them with egg, peanut oil or butter and honey. Without the carob. Meat -- should
be about 60% chicken 20% red meat and 20% fish. Any time that you eat red meat
you should have it with fish. Chicken is fine alone. When you can get hold of
raw cream, just drink it as if it were water.

I crave it.

That and chicken will help the shrinking of everything. Because it looks like
it's causing irritations, and it's been going on for a very long time, even
before you were vegetarian. The tendons have been shrinking, and it causes the
joints to rub together, and that creates the inflammation. So yours isn't a
normal arthritic and rheumatic condition. Yours is from irritation of rubbing
together. It isn't just toxicity going in there and causing inflammation. Yours
is actually having bruised the cartilage.

And what will help that?

Raw cream and eating lots of chicken will provide the fats to lubricate the
area so it can allow it to stretch, so it'll have elasticity, and the white
meats, so you can build cells, to build it out, so it won't be so tight.

This life is supposed to be a life where you're supposed to be relaxing.
Because you've been a healer and a helper all the time in so many lives, and
this one was just one you're supposed to come in and just smell the flowers and
play music and just enjoy yourself. And do it for you. And you really need to
understand that. Your momentum is the other. Always thinking about other people.
And you need to just forget about it this time. But because you came in with
such as strong sexual thing, once you heal, you should allow that sensuality to
let you enjoy your life because this is very unusual for you, what you've
normally chosen, you've normally chosen a very austere existence, and it didn't
allow you to involve yourself sexually, and now you've been given it. You've
chosen it. And once you get your health back, fraternize. Enjoy it. The music
mound is the largest mound that you have, all of your writing lines, your
activity lines all come off the mound, and there's even a spiral in there, on
this hand, and this is the left hand, so you're chosen to even make money as a
musician. I'm gonna recommend that you really stay away from fruit. I mean let
it be a taboo for you, like sex used to be. Ha ha ha. And just eat fats, and
nuts sometimes for some carbohydrate, and stick with the meats and milk, and
just flake out and relax. You will need some flax oil, some peanut oil, and the
olive oil to help break down some of the dead tissue. Dissolve it. And have it
anytime you want, mainly with meats. Lots of coconut. Anything that'll soothe
you, nothing that'll fire you up like fruits. And cooked carbohydrates are
poison for you too.

They turn directly to alcohol.

Not only that, the AGEs. And they will just make those tendons more rigid. And
they'll shrink the space between the muscle and the tendon. Okay.

I decided I have to switch sides. That was a lot of energy coming from him.
From the past. So I need to just re-align here.


Okay, you are a very hot young lady. Very sexual. Enjoy that. Your pancreas is
pretty good, your adrenals are low, melled, it's nice to have, except for
your...that hormonal secretion can make you as crazy as the adrenaline, but
it''re not high in adrenaline, which is nice. But you're very high in

the sexual stuff. And you should enjoy yourself because that can make you
almost as crazy as adrenaline. Thyroid seems to be excellent in the right hand,
parathyroid's not functioning in the right hand, you have your tonsils?


Looks pretty good. The left side, the tonsils aren't functioning, the
parathyroids are ok, and the thyroid is not so good, inflamed and edemic. You're
retaining an awful lot of water, 45-47% of your weight is water. You need to
stay away from salt like it's the plague. You need to eat lots of tomatoes 1 day
a week, I suggest that you eat 10-13 tomatoes. And have nothing else but 2 eggs
on that day. And not with the tomato, let about 1/2 hour go by. Have the egg and
then you can start eating tomatoes another 1/2 hour later.

And that's all?

That's all you'll have for that one day. Then other days, have meat, you need
to eat up to 1lb a day. You're pretty anemic. Liver's only about 50% active. How
old are you?

I'm 27.

Your liver is like 37-38 years old.

What happened to it?

Got old fast. Ha ha ha. Trying to see...vaccines. Tetanus shot. Some kind of

Paint maybe.

Do you paint?

Well I was always...they were remodeling the house when I was a kid, I was
always into everything, so...could have been

Because it was damaged a long time ago. Okay, to rebuild that liver, I suggest
that you do eat some liver, once a week, even twice a week if you really want to
promote it because even though about 1/2 of your liver is active, it's not
producing any of the cholesterols properly. So none of the fats are being
properly formed. And that causes all that water retention. Just a little bit
more acidic than normal, so the body's diluting that. So it doesn't disrupt and
burn the tissue. You're not producing bile in place of it though, which is a
benefit. So red meat, about 60%, see, you have very contradictory stuff, so it's
taking me a minute to figure this out. Cause you have, even though your pancreas
is in OK shape, you have all the symptoms of having diabetic type chemical
conditions in your blood. How do you handle sugars?

I usually don't handle them that well. Goes up and down...

So you're not forming proper insulin at all. I'm gonna suggest that 3 days a
week you have wheatgrass juice, 2oz, with a quart of raw milk. That'll help
acidify your blood a little bit. And it might, because of the growth hormone
potential in it, it might help that liver grow and restore itself a little
quicker. You're over-alkaline, and yet I'm still sensing that every time you eat
red meat you're going to get over-acidic. So what I'd like you to do, is every
time you have beef, I'd like you to have fish with it. And that'll alkalinize.

What proportion?

If you're having 60% red meat, and 40% fish, I don't perceive any chicken for
you for maybe a couple of years. Ha ha ha

I don't like it.

Well it's just not right for you right now. You watch, when it's time for you,
you'll like it. So what you'll do, is have 60% of that meal, let's say it's 1/2
lb, which is 8oz, so you'll have about 5 1/2 oz of beef or lamb and 2 ½ oz of
fish in that meal together. Even though you have that sugar condition

I'm gonna suggest that you have 10-20% carrot juice because even though I can't
see the bile in your skin, it's in your system inside, in your gut and cavity.
So, it's gonna have to come out. Just make sure that you don't have more than
20% of your juice carrot, and when you drink your juice, have no more than 5oz
at a time after the first time of day. First time of day you can go ahead and
have a whole 9oz. But after that, only 5oz at a time or else you'll have a sugar
up and high from the carrot juice. Even if it's that small proportion, 20%.
Because that'll be about an ounce. If you have 5oz. It'll be just 1oz, but
that's still enough to throw you.

I'm not gonna recommend parsley in juice, I'm just gonna recommend 10-20%
carrot and the rest celery. But I would like you to have about 10 leaves of
parsley, chew them whole, not with any meat meal, just with cheese, every day.
Have only 10 leaves. If they're the Italian parsley leaves, still have 10.
Although the curlier are large. And you don't need a lot of cheese with it, but
some. And you have to make sure your honey is unheated, completely unheated
below 93 deg, or else you're gonna have a sugar problem. And you're an awfully
big girl to go around crying. Ha ha ha. Very creative, and good sense of
balance. This is a whole new beginning for you, this lifetime is a
whole new thing. It's just like you're starting over, you're just, you've
basically said `I'm going to be retarded toward anything, any old perception'.
So that makes you feel sometimes a little alien in your nature, like you might
not quite know yourself. That's because you're going to create a new you. So
don't let that confuse you. Say `what would I be if I had the choice', because
that is your program this time. And have a lot of sex. Ha ha ha. Where's that
other guy, you should get together. Ha ha ha. You do need about 3 cups a day of
juice. You can have up to 4, but at least 3. You have a tendency to want to
drink and have a lot of fluids, you will once you start eating all the meats
and everything, but try to keep it to vegetable juices and milk. If you're
going to have water, make sure it's a naturally carbonated water because you
have a little oxygen problem. And it's mainly in the intestines. And that'll
help correct that. I'm gonna alter that juice just a little bit. I'm gonna take
10% off the celery and give you 10% green cabbage. Because you have some cells
on the left side of your body, some veins that are rupturing. You got a lack of
vitamin K and vitamin U. And that'll correct it. They're bursting. Which would
lead you to thrombosis and varicose veins later in life. So that you can take
care of pretty quickly because it hasn't gone very far. Honeycomb would be a
good thing for those veins too. Beeswax. Fruit -- not too much at all. Banana,
maybe 1/2 banana a day. That's a very slow-moving fruit, and there's starch in
it, so, and make sure you have some cheese with it. I know that may be binding a
little bit, but you can even have a little carrot juice with that. So if you
want to separate your carrot juice and have some cheese and banana together with
some carrot juice, about 2oz, probably be OK. If the next day you're crazy
though, and very emotional, then it didn't work. Okay? But I think with the
cheese that it will. And if you're only having 1/2 banana at a time and only 2oz
of carrot juice with that, I think it'll be OK.

Is there anything I can put with meat to make it taste better?

No, you've gotta eat it just the worst it tastes, and you gotta let it rot for
5 weeks before you eat it. Ha ha ha. No, you can need tomatoes, and
you need them on a daily basis. Blend tomatoes and cheese together, put onion in
it, garlic in it, whatever sauce you like, throw it together. Tomato and cheese
is a good one for you. And like I say, the garlic or onion too. Make a very
tasty meat.

Just a few more to go.

It's Jennifer. Okay,...Let's change sides. Are you gonna let me in Jennifer?

Ha ha ha. Maybe it's my block. Okay, I need you to put your hands there.

(Long silence)

Jennifer, how wonderful, you're a person that doesn't need my help. Ha ha ha.
You may think that I'm kidding but I'm not. I didn't know what it was, and that
way I was able to tell, you have just as much ability as I do to read. And if I
do it for you,...

I knew you were gonna say that! Happens to me all the time!

I won't let me do this easily.

But you know exactly what you need to do. And you don't even need it confirmed.

Wow, okay.

And that's wonderful. I've only met 2 people in 20 years that have been that
way, that's wonderful.


Ha ha ha. Yea, sure buddy. I mean, I can go ahead and do it for you on an
intellectual level, but it just won't let me do it on a psychic level. On an
intellectual level, the pancreas is very inflamed. It is in a healing crisis
right now, it is detoxifying. The spine is in a slight meningitis, and it's
re-aligning. Great healing energy in your system. Nothing I can even add to. One
of the clearest I've seen, it's very very rich. Most of your glands are not
functioning, though. And it looks like there is, now this is something I didn't
necessarily believe in because I'd never seen it, so I guess I'm going to have
to accept that it can happen, there seems to be a psychic energy that's actually
supplying all of those hormones for you from another level. Your soulmate is on
the other side. And your soulmate is actually yourself this time. And it's
basically to connect you with the other side a lot more. Your head-line and your
orientation goes right toward all psychic ability and psychic phenomena. And
it's very red and it's very rich, and all that energy is passing through, so
don't think that that makes you infallible on this plane, but you certainly have
a lot of help that other people don't even glimpse. I hadn't even...I'm envious.
Cause I've had to go the hard route. There's a lot of damage in your system that
still has to be healed and corrected. But you know how to do it, you've got the
answers now.

Ha ha ha. Thank you.

You're welcome. Go ahead, kick me. Ha ha ha.

I'll go home now. I have a reading tomorrow too.

That'll be in the eyes.


Hi Ray. Okay, what's your diet like Ray?

Totally strict, but not this diet.

Yea, but what, what do you eat?

`Beef, about 1lb, and I have smoothies, which are honey and milk, goat milk,

I've been having steady cream for the last 6 months, and half a banana, and

then some juice. And the juice is every other day.'

And how much juice?

When I have it, it's probably 24oz or something

You have all these intense dark molds growing in your skin and your bones and
your lymph. And your body's just not getting the vitality. To come back,
you're going to need a lot more juice than that. At least a quart a day. Maybe
even 5 cups a day. And you need to keep up with it. You're maintaining
yourself OK, but with those molds growing in there, you're really not
progressing very well. As far as stabilizing your system. Everything's
improving, yeah, but with those molds growing there, they're interfering and
creating a lot of toxins. So you need more juice, and you need a lot of
sunlight. And where do you live?

New Valley

You can get sun?

Yea, when it shines...

You really need to concentrate on sunshine. It'll help cause those molds to
become inactive.

What are the molds from?

Could be from antibiotics, could be your allergy to's a bit of
everything, antibiotics, allergy to breads that were created from antibiotics
and vaccines, and basically they run your body. What you're doing is very good
for you. It's cleaned up your skin, it's cleaned up a lot of things, you're
handling the toxins. However as far as healing things, it's not happening.
You're not regenerating the pancreas, you're not regenerating the adrenal
glands, the gonads are not regenerating. Everything is pretty much staying the
way it was when I saw you a year ago. Except that you're handling the toxins. Is
there some reason that you don't drink the juice?

I was on the diet before, was really a lot of juice, maybe I just got a little
bit tired of it.

I'd like you to have 60% celery, 20% carrot, and 20% green cabbage. What might
help you enjoy that juice a little bit is to have a little cheese before you
drink the juice.

I love the juice when I have it, it's just being lazy.

Oh. It's just something you can't be lazy about that. You know what I mean? It
makes that big of a difference. Do you see that in your hands? I have a feeling
that if you saw it, you'd understand. Do you see the molds in the hands?


Let me show you the results of it. See how this...relax your hand the way you see how this tissue looks sallow and really lifeless? Have you ever
seen a corpse? Okay, if you looked at a corpse, that's about what it looks like.
Tissue's not vital. You lack too many vitamins and enzymes. Because that mold's
burning up everything, it's eating up everything. So it's not leaving any for
your tissues. Okay? So if you look at a dead person, that's about what it looks
like. But that's all over in your system, not just in your hands. So you need to
infuse that with the electrolytes, the alive biochemistry, the vitamins, the
enzymes, the minerals, everything that are electrolyte-bound. So all this will
pick up right now, it's just all still fatigued because of that.

This will help with weight gain and all of that?

Everything. Of course getting either coconut cream or cream or butter is going

to help that too, or lots of eggs.

But the fact that I had cream...

That will help, but it isn't quite the same as butter. You could eat a lot more
eggs, eat up to 10 eggs a day.

I have about 6 a day now.

You could use a little bit more, as long as you're getting your juice, you're
gonna be able to handle it. Without the juice you're not gonna have an appetite
to be able to handle that much food. Also to let's say try to eliminate some of
that mold, you got that formula I gave with the cream and the ginger juice? I
want you to double the ginger juice, I want you to have 4oz of cream and 2oz of
ginger juice. And I want you to put that all over your body. And from the
outside in will be able to arrest some of those molds.

And ginger juice, you just make?

Yea, just juice it through power champion, whatever you have. I guess they just
weren't active the last time that I saw you. Because I would have remembered
this. Because these are the hands of a 70-year old man, with this kind of mold.
I've only seen in elderly person who are...molds have taken over their body. Do
you eat any clay or anything? Gonna suggest that you get some Rosbud clay, which
is a red clay, and eat maybe 1/4 tsp every day, and you can put it in juice, you
can do anything you want with it, or just put it in your mouth and wash it down.
Don't chew it because that's usually a lot of gravel in that one. It'll break
your teeth.

I work with them. I used to clean pools for years, a lot of chlorine and acid,
I don't know if that made any difference.

Well usually that kills molds. That's what they're for. Ha ha ha. This looks
like molds from food and from cooked food that went a little too far.

I haven't had any ...since the last time...

This is years and years and years ago. This is at least..started 18 years ago.
And before that, when you were a child, and antibiotics, all those other molds,
you've just got quite a mishmash of molds here. Are you on the internet at all?
You are? There is a probiotics company out of Florida, fellow's name is
Reuben...I'll give you a call and I'll give you his name. He's got some soil
bacteria that I like, and I think it'll work for you, help knock those molds

What timescale do you see these molds being...

Six years. If you're diligent. 12 years if you're not. Still keep with the
proportions of meat that you're eating. You need more tomatoes. Are you eating
tomatoes? For some reason flowers have an enzyme that'll help retard some of
those molds, so get very brilliant vibrant flowers of either violet or purple,
just make sure they're not poisonous, and eat them.

Just use my intuition?

Yea. Well make sure that you know that they're not poisonous. Also very
brilliant rosy colors. Violets are very good though. You need something with
cream, you're not breaking down the cream properly. You like that cream though,
right? Gonna suggest that you make 1/2 of it into butter, until butter comes

Just churn it?

You just take a mixer, and get a tall...(TAPE CHANGE), but hasn't

frozen, and you put that in there, and you beat it some more, and put a little

honey in the cream before you start it, very quickly makes butter. And the

cold causes they whey to spin out of the...but you really need some butter,

you're not handling the cream. The cream's getting to areas fine where it

needs to, but it's getting more to those areas than necessary, and even to the

joints and bones where the molds are.

Okay, thanks.

You're welcome. You're certainly looking stronger.

For a 70-year old man.

Ha ha ha.

I hope I didn't upset you today, I just had to tell you what I saw.

Okay, strong sexual glands, strong adrenals, pancreas is almost shot, like a
diabetic, the thyroid's okay, parathyroid's okay, this side, the tonsil
adenoidal area looks okay, this area looks like it's overactive. So all of your
glands are working. But how well? Pretty well. Everything's in a pretty good
balance. Just too much dough in there. Ha ha ha.

Not the green stuff

No, ha ha. Just the doughboy. You have lots of AGEs that are just staying
almost like jelly, they're not hardening into plaque so they'll be easier to
remove that way. So it'll be easier to clear. So we won't have to go in with the
chisel and hammer. Lots of eggs, and lots of meat. I'm going to suggest that you
do the weight loss program, you're already ready for it.

I'm sort of subconsciously doing it, because when I was first trying this I was
doing bread, and I said `no, I'm not gonna do any more any of that stuff', it's
amazing how much better I feel.

But what you need to do, is you need to have juice, meat, juice, meat, juice,
meat. The next day I want you to do juice, egg, juice, egg, so I want you to do
alternate days. Okay? However on the 2nd round I want you to have
juice,meat,juice,meat 2 days in a row, one day egg, then meat again 2 days, and
then juice,egg,juice,egg for 2 days. I don't figure this out, I did not do it.
Ha ha ha. Juice is very important for you.

That's been the hardest part to stick with.

Naughty girl.

It's a lot of effort, I don't have a good juicer.

Well you have to get one, won't you.

But they look very inferior to ...

Ha ha ha...Don't know what to say to that...ha ha ha...step on the food, crush

I've been hanging onto my only machete because it still seems better...but it's
a lot of work to clean.

You know you can make juice for 3 days in a row.

I thought it loses it if you don't.

I got a way to do it. What you do is you juice 3 quarts at a time. That'll take
you through 3 days. But after you juice it, you put it in like a gallon jar. So
you keep pouring it in there. Then you take a 4oz jelly jar. Those little jelly
jars. And you put only 2oz juice in it, and 2.5oz honey. Screw the blender
blades on top, blend it for only 5-6 sec. Take it off, pour it into the whole
vat of juice. Put a lid on it, mix it around. Then you section it out into 8oz
or 4oz containers or both, depending on how much juice you're gonna have at a
time. And you put it almost to the top, cause the top recedes a little bit, and
get the Ball jars, because they are enameled, the Kerr are not and they rot and
rust quickly. So just almost to the top, and you put the lid on, screw it in ,
so the oxygen, it only loses 7-8% in a 72-hour period. So that gives you 3 days.
And it works. That's the way I do mine. And it works very very well. And you
need to eat mostly red meat. Lots of red meat. You do need some lamb, have you
tried lamb?

Yea...I used to eat it cooked, but tried raw, and I just can't get into it...

Make a sauce. Try a sauce.

Well I'm gonna try the drying thing.

You need the enzymes. I'd rather you make a sauce. What kind of sauces do you

I've just been...

When you liked sauces, did you like ketchup, did you like mustard, what did you

Probably mayonnaisy and mustardy and ketchupy

It's very easy to make mustard. Take the mustard seeds, you put 4 heaping tbsp
into an 8oz jelly jar, you put 1.5 tbsp of vinegar in that, and then you fill
the water level all up to just above that first big fat lip. Put the lid on it,
put it in the refrigerator, let it stand for 24 hours. Take it out of the
refrigerator, put a couple tbsp of honey in it, put the blender blades on top,
blend it for about 40-50 sec, there you have mustard. Easy. And when the butter
comes out to make your mayonnaise, you mix equal amounts of butter and egg. So
it's 1 egg to about 1/2 stick butter. And you put 1 tsp-tbsp honey in that, 1/4
tsp vinegar, and 1 tsp lemon juice. Mayonnaise. Voila. And you need lamb once a
week for about 6 months. You have some toxic lamb substances in you that can't
be removed unless you eat lamb. And that's interfering with the assimilation of
the starches in your system. I can't explain that , it's just what's happening.
I'll meditate on that one.

Now, fruit, just, when you have to. I'd rather you have juice.

I'll try to do more juice. But I find right now in my present state that the
fruit is not knocking me out to emotional places like it did in the past.

Right. Because you need the enzymes so much. You'd be a lot better if you used
the vegetables.

So the juice combination you gave me before...?

Well right now I'm going to say 60% celery, 10% carrot, 20% green cabbage, for
a few months 10% butternut squash. Juice it. It'll be a little heavy. Like
juicing a potato. But at that proportion it won't be much. And you need
honeycomb. You need the beeswax. And you need lots of pollen. So I would say
that every other day you should make the pain formula. And have it. Pain in the
butt. Ha ha.

I have one question. At times, I'll get something here. Where it feels as if
it's not going to be moving through. And this is the area where it will feel,
it's almost as if the intestine is blocked right here.

That's the liver right there. Juices.

What about clouge? Is that something everybody should take?

No. I mean it wouldn't be bad for anybody to take, it would be helpful, but
some people it will fatigue them, if they have it too often. If you have it once
or twice a week anybody can take it once or twice a week and it'll be helpful.
But to have it every day like he needs it, it's...

Hi Terry,

You used to have very very overactive adrenals, still somewhat overactive. Some
things will always sound so rude when they come out, so I try to buffer them. Ha
ha ha. There's a lot of control issues here. Ha ha ha.

That's true.

A lot of control issues. And you used to have so much vitality and spirit, and
so much magic there, and it's just drive yourself crazy trying to
control things you can't. You're just too linear and too logical. You'd been a
great attorney.

That's a good compliment.

Ha ha ha. Exactly. See I told you those things, no matter how you say them,
even if they're said in humor...but you're moving into a place where you can
transfer that to something very creative, good creative writing. Your sex glands
are pretty debilitated. Your pancreas is pretty shot. Thyroid seems to be fine,
parathyroids are fine. A lot of excessive activity in the throat, neck,
esophagus. Lots of blockages on the right side around the liver, liver is
probably barely functioning. Do you have a light where I can look in her eye? I
need to verify something. Please? Flashlight, can be a huge one, if it's close.
Lots of good vibrancy, good energy, lots of good chemistry going on except in
the liver, and in the pancreas, right in here on both sides, nothing's working
well. And right around the hips there's difficulty too. These lymph glands. So
here, in this area. Difficulties. And it's biochemical. Mainly a biochemical,
it's not an energy block, it's a biochemical block. Right up here, that way I
won't blind you. Okay, right now you have an infection in your liver, so it's
trying to heal and clean out. And both of the lymph glands near the liver, the
major lymph activity near the liver is really eccentuated. Usually see that kind
of eccentuation in people who have lymph problems, severe lymph problems. So,
and everything that I would suggest for that is not going to work, so ...may
work on this. Okay, you're going to have to have walnuts, need to eat walnuts
with eggs with butter when you can get it, if you can't get butter, you need to
make butter out of cream.

What about the coconut butter?

Coconut cream will work. So, coconut cream, egg, have 3oz coconut cream, 1 egg,
and about 1/2 cup of walnuts, and blend those into a powder before you mix the
rest of the ingredients. And only 1tbsp of honey in that, and no carob powder.
No peanut oil.

Just with that, or in general no peanut oil?

No, just with that mixture. Peanut oil will be very good for the liver
actually, but not in that mixture. I'd like you to have that every other day.
And cut one day out. So it's 3 times a week. And then let 1 day go by that's not
even counted as an in-between day. Do you like tomatoes?

Yea, if I eat them cooked I get a headache, but I can eat them raw.

Yea, I want you to have them cooked. Ha ha ha. It's not that you need them, to
make some chemical change, it's just that you're so in tune with the tomato that
it will help give you a little bit more stability and self-esteem so that it
will help get rid of the control issues. You also need to place hot water
bottles on your abdomen, at night, during the day if you get cold during the
day, you can even strap one on your waist and walk around while you're at home,
if you want. Also up here, up around this area, hot water bottle here and here.
Occasionally you can put one down here but these two are the primary areas right
here. And don't get them so hot they'll burn you. You have a lots of molds
growing in your bones too.

Yea I have been diagnosed with candida so I was wondering how I'm improved and
if honey would be for me...

Well you're going to have to have the honey that's heated below 93 deg. Doesn't
reach temperatures above 93 deg. The aztec clay would be better for you. And
have 1/4 tsp every other day for about 6 weeks and then twice a week every 4th
day after that for another 3-4 months. And then couple of times a year. With
chicken I'd like you to have coconut cream and lime juice and a little honey. So
if you have 3oz coconut cream, use 2 tbsp of lime juice and 1tbsp of honey. It's
a little sweet but it's what you need. You have an incredibly creative bone
here. What do you do for creative?


Well, shame on you. No wonder you're a control freak. See, that's what I
couldn't say. Ha ha ha.

I knew it!

If you do something creative, you've got a great writing talent, so that's
probably how you should do it, just, I don't care if it's poetry, as long as
it's not anything rational. As long as it's about beauty and humour. Ha ha ha.
Colors, shapes, forms, sensuality, tangibility, anything other than all that
mind stuff. And that'll help you a lot, come out of that. You need milk. I'd say
at least a quart a day. You have the martyrdom triangle on both hands, in
relationships, that usually is somebody who has tremendous difficulty choosing
somebody that's as together as they are because then they don't feel needed or
necessary. Choose somebody that enjoys you. And is your equal. For a change. And
if you seek that out, and you don't feel needy, and you don't have the control
issues, that'll open the door for that person. How old are you now?


You have somebody coming up in about 3 years. That's gonna be very nice, so get
in shape for it. Ha ha ha. Otherwise you'll scare him away. Okay?

Thank you.

You're welcome.