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                             Q&A Of January 22, 2000


Q&A - a transcript found on Aajonus' computer, Raw Potluck

Q: Do you use a filter for your shower? I fell asleep and when I woke up I
felt dizzy and had zig zags.

A: Yes I have a filter to take out the chlorine. I also can turn it off and
then take a shower. However I take showers when I am in that situation as when
I lived in Venice and west LA for 10 years and had to have the LA city water
which has about 288 chemicals now with the new fluoride in it, 189 plus. I
always put at least a cup of milk in my bath with a 1/4 cup of vinegar and
I always make my shampoo - I am a freak. If I don’t put it in my mouth I
will not put it in my skin because the skin eats live cells. For my soap and
shampoo. I blend one egg, 3-4 oz of green vegetable juice, about 2-3 oz of milk
and a tsp honey and a ¼ tsp of vinegar. It gets a little alkaline with the
vegetable juice in it and the little bit of vinegar will turn it acid. It will
keep the skin healthy and prevent it from losing hair molecules that are too
alkaline. So what I do is put it on my skin before I get down into the bath.
Then I put it in my hair and let it sit for 10-15 minuets. I do not use any
soap other than food. The shaman grapefruit shampoo has only one terrific no,
no in it. I still do not use any thing with a chemical in it. I do not use
that shaman stuff.

Q: Do you skin brush before you bathe yourself?

A: No I do not.

Q: Are you against the idea?

A: No I am just a wuss. I’m very sensual and scratching my skin does not
excite me. Some people like Lori loves to scrub her skin and other people do
to. It is just not my preference.

Q: What is wrong with Laurel?  A: It is a chemical, just look it up.

Q: Tell me a little more about that filter?

A: What you would have to do is attach a filter this big to the outside of
your house.

Q: So the little filters you can attach to your shower are no good?

A: They help. Let me tell you they help. I still have that on a shower head.

Q: And what do you recommend?

A: Alpine is the one I use. I got it from my patient in San Diego. I looked
into it and it looked pretty good at the time and I had a supply of them and
I do not know if they are good now.

Q: About teeth and gums: do you recommended peroxide?

A: I do not brush my teeth very often because ever since I had chemotherapy
radiation my gums went purple, bleed, my teeth dangled and all I had to do was
bite down on my teeth and I would have a cup of blood. So I could close my mouth
and use a straw to drink everything.  They wanted to remove all my teeth. I
told them if am going to die I am not going to die with my teeth out. I was
all of 21 years old. I would look like I am 90 then. Already I looked like
I was 35 with gray hair patches. I did not let them pull them. I still have
my teeth. I do not brush but every 3-4 days or I’ll eat some really rotten
meat and I will brush to get rid of the pieces stuck between my teeth. And
of course if I have clients I will brush and floss and deal with the tiny
bit of bleeding I have now. But usually I do not do that.  I am person who
wants to explore and experiment. My teeth stabilized and are very good and
I had this tooth over here on the inside was 2/3 gone because the filling I
had had popped out. That was about 3 ½ years ago. I wanted to see what would
happen. So I did not refill it. Then I was ripping on a piece of gristle and I
broke it. So I went to my dentist. He is not on the diet and had not read the
book. His wife had and his children have but he hasn’t. He is very good and
does exactly what I want. He took a look the piece of tooth I had and the piece
that was open and exposed. He check it and said there was no decay and it had
been exposed for 3 ½ years. The whole flap was gone. With that little bit of
circulation it was able to keep it alive. I had them make a tooth with a post
in it to go up in the part he drilled down or cut out the amount of nerve that
had died over the number of years it had been since I had the filling first
completed, 18-19 years. He took that out so the post could stay in there so
I could pull this out. But I still have my tooth right up to the gum line.

Q: What did he make the post out of?

A: Metal.

Q: That is not harmful?

A: I have not found it to be. I have 2 of them. One here. This was a cap. My
father got upset with me one time and picked up a spray can and knocked my
tooth and front teeth out. So I had caps on those and broke one. So I could
pull it out so I would not have glue. I do not like the epoxy. They destroy
teeth. Whenever I got a filling in, they put the epoxy in. I could feel it
was toxic. So I decided that I would experiment and just see what happens. I
am not advising anybody on dental stuff because I am still exploring it. I
do brush my teeth with cream or milk. If I am concerned about my breath I
will take a little piece of ginger and chew on that a little bit or mint
leaves. There are lots of ways to camouflage aged food breath. Hydrogen
peroxide. It burns skin. It is to destroy bacteria.  My approach is that
bacteria are your friend. There is no such thing as bad bacteria that I
know. There is a research test that they have been having for 20 years on
the vero-toxins produced by E.coli. Someone had given me the information that
shrinks tumors and reverses cancer in 20 days. After reading the article it
does it in 7-15 days. It could completely shrink brain tumors and reverse
cancer. That is considered the worst. Give it too me.

Q: So why do people get sick?

A: People do not get sick from the bacteria. It is like saying the vultures, the
crows, the worms that are eating the dead carcass caused the dead carcass. They
are a symptom. They come to eat that toxicity to prevent our atmosphere from
being a gaseous dumpsite. They are a response to the decaying tissue.

Q: The bacteria?

A: The bacteria. So lets say you have some degenerative tissue in your
stomach or colon or something like that. The bacteria swarm to that area and
start generating from that response. Going in there to destroy that bacteria
does not correct the ill condition. It just stops it so the ill condition
stays there. That is why people do not get well. It is the symptom that is
being handled. Not the cause. The cause is degenerative tissue. Now all of
the records I could obtain of people who died of so called salmonella or E.
coli poisoning, their records showed that they did not die of dehydration. That
is the only symptom of bacterial food poisoning. They died of anaphylactic
shock. Which means they died from the anti-biotics. Doctors are not going to
admit that. They label it as salmonella or E. coli. They find that environment
of bacteria because of the ill condition of that area of the body - because the
body is being eaten - because the body has degenerative tissue somewhere. And
some people, my theory on the Jack-In-The- Box incident there were 125
people affected. It seemed to be some kind of chemical response. Either
the food grinder or the conveyer belt had not been cleaned of the chemical
properly; the cleanser got into a certain amount of meat and went to only a
few places with only one McDonalds that affected people. Those people who ate
it burned a certain amount of their duodenum or small intestine and created
an environment - of course you are going to have degenerative tissue. You
are going to have salmonella, E. coli, or trichinosis going in there as a
response of that. But when they were treated with the chemical, that is when
they died of anaphylactic shock.

A: The posts are both into the tooth – not into the jaw. My mother lost
her teeth at 32 years old from gingivitis. She had dentures screwed into her
bone. This is not affecting her badly. This has been 5 years now. She does
not have any symptoms or signs

Q: What about the titanium implants?

A: I am not experienced or have observed any of that. Sometimes you can not tell
the effects of the metals because it creates personality shifts which may not
create physical degeneration, so it is like she has always been irrational and
she is still irrational it seems nothing has changed. But the original metal –
you can not tell what the metal is doing and it does not appear as a physical
breakdown. Going on that a little further, there have been a lot of people who
have been asking me about amalgams. Should they have them removed right away?
When I have a client that is in danger I say do not have your amalgams removed
because if you do, you are going to have drilling and new epoxy in there and
dealing with a lot of new stuff. I would rather your body deal with getting
rid of the acidity that causes the amalgams to degenerate and flow into
the nerves.  I would rather get your system alkalinized so you do not have
the metal deterioration, so you do not have to deal with more leaching deeper
into the cavity, the tissue and the nerve. So I suggest that everybody hold
onto the their amalgams for a few years until they can get healthy and stable.

Q: You are saying that if someone is healthy, fine, there is no pain
or discomfort, they don’t have any problem. They eat something and get
violently sick and caught food poisoning. You are saying that it is not bad
food that is causing that?

A: No.

Q: Something that the food has been exposed to?

A: Not at all. Well, in some cases where a lot of people are affected. But
lets say somebody goes to a sushi bar and has a sushi and nobody else gets
sick but them at the table.

Q: How about everybody who at the piece of fish gets sick?

A: There was some chemical on it. Do you know they are treating all meats and
fish now with either citric acid –spraying it on or they are steam-pasturing
meats? All your major Vons, Safeway... they want to irradiate them is what
they want to do. It is usually someone’s liver. Lets say they are eating the
raw fish and they get the raw oils. So their liver or spleen or gallbladder
is able to dump toxic bile which is present in the system. And that bile is
like an acrid substance that can eat linings and even eat wholes in tissue. So
the body flushes it out with diarrhea.  Q: What triggered the bile?

A: The fresh raw oils. They can go in there and clean the liver or the spleen
or gallbladder properly. Sometimes I have even seen it in the tissues.

Q: Is that a good thing?

A: That is a wonderful thing because then the spleen, gallbladder and liver
can function easier, more readily.

A: Okay lets start off with - she is talking about damaged tight and
cramping spinal vertebrae that may be damaged or rigidity that happens in
the spine. Remember that your spine radiates connections to all areas of the
body; if you have a stomachache or a backache in the corresponding vertebra
where those nerves go up to the brain. A lot of times, in my experience 80%
of backaches apply to organ malfunction, or cramping or poisoning of some kind.

Q: Internal?

A: Internally. The others of course are damaged nerves in the spinal cord or
poor nutrition in the spinal cord that can cause that. People who do not get
enough of the minerals will have that kind of a problem… my formula for any
kind of pain except for migraines, and it works. I have even refined what I
have in the book. The one in book works 85 % of the time. Now it works 95%
of the time. At least that is what I have been exploring in the last 1 ½
years. 2 eggs, 3-4 oz of cream, tsp lemon or lime, 5-6 heaping tbsp of fresh
soft bee pollen. … My suggestion is that if you have pain do not go 5-6
hours without having another 1-2 oz. Now that formula will work for 80-90%
of the pain. The way I got it up another 10-15% I got them to eat cheese with
it. So with the first 3 oz of that formula if you take an 1” by 1 ½ “
which is the thickness of the brick of cheese and eat that along with your
3 oz the first time, then after that with 1-2 oz per oz you eat 1 sugar cube
sized amount of the cheese.

Q: If you eat more cheese does that throw it off?

A: Sometimes it can but most often times it does not. And it can cause a
little dehydration because it is not getting into the blood as quickly. If
you had a little drink of water or milk, that will help elevate that if you
have a little more cheese.  This works for any pain except migraines.

Q: ...and what if you can not get cream?

A: Then get coconut cream. Those are the only two that work.

Q: Is there a commercial source for the pollen?

A: No; I found this in Whole Foods. They have it in a refrigerated
section. Whole Foods has it near their vitamin department. They have a
refrigerated unit there. What you do is pick up the package, press on it. If
those pellets are hard and do not disintegrate softly then it is kiln dried
which means that it is cooked. If it just disintegrates just like that,
then it fresh and it has never been touched. [inaudible question]

A: That is from some kind of acidity or liver acting up, so kind of chemical
that is discharging into the muscles instead of into the lymph because the lymph
may be shut down and not working properly. And the body does not want to put
it off in the blood stream because it will destroy cells, burn them. So that
usually causes muscle spasms. That formula with a hot water bottle will ease
it. Now I am very cautious of using a hot water bottle too hot. Some people
like to make their hot water bottle 120 or 140 degrees. You have to understand
that the body heals itself in a slow way, through the solvents that the body
creates out of fats, proteins and alcohols. 80 % fat 15 % protein and 5 %
alcohol or some kind of carbohydrate that acts like alcohol. When the body
uses that substance to clean it out, the byproduct of that is identical to
turpentine and it burns tissues. It is very toxic. It creates a low-grade
nausea and will also cause more spasms in the surrounding area. The second
way is through bacteria and virus. It works 2 ½ times faster than your body
having to create solvents to melt it down. You know when the oil spills came
along they had thousands of people out there with solvents cleaning it up,
what they found out was there was some bacteria that was eating it 2 ½ times
faster. The same thing happens in the body. You do not think these scientists
know that. They get this information from the body. They know how it works. It
is about industry making money. The third way is parasites which everybody is
terrified of. Parasites work to clean you out about 5 times faster than your
body can use a solvent to do it. It is less than 10 % as toxic. We have found
now that the byproducts of bacteria, viruses, and parasites can reverse other
diseases so it is a big change of ecological operation. What I am getting
at is if you use hot water bottles that destroy the bacteria in your body,
then you are going to have to go the slow road of detoxifying to get well.

Q: Oh the hot water will destroy the bacteria?

A: The bacteria in your body.

Q: But using the hot water bottle is effective like that?

A: Yes it will get the circulation in there and kill the bacteria that is
causing the detox in that area. Do not do it too hot. Just enough to relax
and get the circulation in there. [some words are missed while changing a
tape] Even 104 degree’s will cause a problem. For example, if you know the
Landmark cheese, and Sonnet cheese that you are now getting. They now cook
that cheese at 105 degrees for about an hour. The thing is that it destroys
a lot of the bacteria that they were afraid of because the health department
is starting to shut everybody down who makes raw cheese. Okay. So they said
okay we will cook the milk at 105 degrees. So you will notice that the cheese
will mold a lot quicker. That is the response. I am working with them to try
get them to change their mind or to sue the State. It is not poisonous to
your system. It just doesn’t give us the extra bacteria that I would hope
to have. And it does not mitigate the action of the pain formula. Everything
works fine. I can just tell it does not have as much bacteria in it as I would
like to have in my food.  Q: My question is relevant to this. Letting my meat
sit on the counter for a couple of weeks. So I have been doing that. It is
almost ready. It is in a closed jar. It is smelling really bad.

A: Are you opening it to let it get air?  Q:I have not.

A: You should do that once a week.

Q: What kind of side effects will I gain from that?

A: You will probably gain about 105 lbs. Most people do not get any. They
have the discomfort of smelling that, ingesting it, and some bad breath for
about 2 days but other than that.

Q: Do you notice a cleansing out period?

A: The amount that I suggest that people eat, no.

Q: But if you have not told us to eat that we do not have to?

A: … for people who do need to build up the vero-toxins to reverse cancer. So
I do suggest that to people who are strong enough to do it. If you go and tell
people this, they will think everything is so bizarre… There is evidence
that the vero-toxins from E. coli can reverse cancer rapidly. I have been
suggesting that people wipe their finger over their rectum and wipe it on this
meat before they let it sit to make sure they have e-coli in it. E-coli from
your own body will know better. Just like hundreds of years ago the homeopaths
would take a baby's fecal matter, saliva, or mucus and rub it on the udder of
a cow. That cows udder would start producing milk that would have antibodies
and healing effect and the children would recover very rapidly. It is the
same type of thing. You want to make sure you have E. coli and this is in
family house stuff here. Maybe when it becomes better known and no so bizarre
I will suggest that you take it out and share it with as many people as you
can. But right now it is just too bizarre for most people. So if any of you
are suffering with cancer and want to reverse it quicker, I would suggest like
Hanna is doing, let it rot for 3-6 weeks. Put your hand over your rectum and
wipe in on your meat and put it in a jar and let it rot. I have never even
seen it cause diarrhea.

Q: How much? How often?

A: Well it would depend on the person’s cancer. I have clients whose bodies
are dumping and rotting away. I have seen it where it falls off, a natural
mastectomy out of it, some scaring here. They are still alive and they are
happy. In the more extreme cases I suggest people do it periodically. Let it rot
for at least 3 weeks out of the refrigerator if you want to the bacteria to grow
faster. But you take about ½ a cup and wait until it goes for about 3 weeks.
And take a golf ball sized amount after 3 weeks and then after 4 weeks take …
and it will be gone. Then you will get all the stages. Bacteria goes through
17 stages of evolution. And everyone of them along that line will give us
something else, if you look at the work of Gaston L. in Canada. I go for all
of those bacteria and if you are in danger and you may not be able to reverse
your cancer. I am here after 31 years and I am supposed to be dead and I have
done everything that I say works, works. When I was with the Eskimos they did
not even have cancer. They were eating this and letting their meat rot every
summer.  And they let it stink to where I could not get within 5 feet of it.

Q: What if you can’t get near it? I gag acutely just from general smells. I
can’t use public restrooms.

A: You do what I do when I was with Eskimos. They took caribou and beat it into
a mince, rolled it in whale and seal blubber, and then buried it 6” under
the ground and let it rot for 6 weeks. When it smelled a half-mile downwind,
it was ready. It was so bad that I could not get within 5 feet of it and I
was up wind and I could still smell it. And they were smiling. I took cotton
balls with musk oil in them and stuffed it up my nose. Even though they had
beat it into a mince it had become a very hard pack.

Q: Did you chew it?

A: No I swallowed it.

Q: Is it helpful for things other than cancer?

A: Yes it will work on other diseases too. There is something else I was
going to say about that. After ingesting that golf ball of that rotten,
stinky, repulsive meat - for the first time in my life I was not cold in a
cold climate. I mean it was summer time in September and in Alaska it was
already getting cold. If the temperature dropped below 72 degrees my bones
got cold. After eating that golf ball sized amount of rotten, stinky meat,
I was not cold for the whole 30 days that I was there. Now Owanza took a
glass sized container of the meat and let it rot on the counter out the
refrigerator in Beverly Hills. It stunk the whole hallway up and the whole
apartment building. I am surprised that nobody ever complained. At the end of
that 6 weeks after that beef being in that open container with just a cheese
cloth over it there were worms, flies, mold there was everything growing
in that. She ate it all at one time. She has done crazier things than I
have. She ate it all and in the next 18 months, you know she had 63 tumors in
her body, the reversal of her tumors in that next 18 months was much greater,
10% greater than she had previously. I couldn’t get her to eat rotten meat
before that. I got her to eat moldy berries, moldy grains. But she just took
the bull by the horns and did this one. So the answer to your question: one
time - I do not think so. One ingestion of a lot of bacteria is not going to
take care of what is necessary, if you are very ill like she was.

Q: Would the rotten meat address liver issues?

A: Yes

A: With the moldy berries and vaccines, I recommend only doing that once
a year unless you are using a different system than I am using now. People
eat maybe 3 moldy berries once a week or once every two weeks, that have gone
moldy for at least a week. Do it slowly. I would rather not take the chance of
someone going into chronic fatigue for a year. It is a rare incidence but it
does happen some times. But it does happen if someone has spent a lot of time
overseas and has had a lot of vaccines. A lot of those people have gone into
chronic fatigue and anaphylactic shock anyway. I have a lot of those people who
have - one person put up a web site for the Aajonus diet. He was a missionary
and went overseas and got massive amounts of shots and vaccines. By the time
he had been over there a few weeks he found himself with chronic fatigue
and fibromyalga. He has come around on the diet and is able to function and
work as a human being again. It is a slow process. Vaccines can do that,
and sometimes - if they store deeply in your tissues - the moldy raspberries
bring it out in your system and re-circulates some of that and if you do
not have enough fat in your blood at that particular moment it could cause
some damaging of the system – systematic problems. It could cause chronic
fatigue for up to a year, so do it gradually. On the rotten meat thing, maybe
once every week. It depends on the severity of the cancer; if it is serious,
I would say once a week, a golf ball size amount until it is gone.

Q: What kind of meat is this? Is this ground beef?

A: It depends on the cancer – if it is in the liver, I suggest red meat or
liver. If it is in the lymph system, I would like them to use chicken. If it
is in the nervous system I would like them to use fish.

Q: So you can do it with any of those things?

A: Any of those things...

A: Berries help get rid of the mutant antibodies that are created from
vaccines. I suggest that you let the berries go up to 3 weeks in the
refrigerator moldy. Pull three out a week. Lets say you have a pint of
berries. Just let them start molding and you let them go up to 6 weeks in the
refrigerator. Each week take out about 3 berries and eat them until they are
gone in about 6 weeks. That is general to get rid of the antibodies.

A: What about cherry tomatoes?

A: I try to stay away from mold on them because they seem to cause too much
diarrhea. Some people are not as affected by it but I have seen too much
diarrhea from it. You want chicken for the lymphatic system, intestinal,
mammary – chicken I have observed has worked the best.

A: With the berries, you may want to sprinkle a little water on them to make
sure they mold properly. If they are in an open container in the refrigerator,
sometimes they will dehydrate and then you have dried berries instead of moldy
berries. I suggest that you keep the berries in a closed container and open
them up once a week. Take them out and put them back in, otherwise they will
have a tendency to dry up without mold.

A: Rotten chicken – we are speaking of the rotten chicken for particular
bacteria in particular meats for particular cancerous conditions.  I would
say it works for anything because what you are going to do is create bacteria
that are void in the system from years of antibiotics and medications that
destroy bacteria, viruses and parasites… Like I tired to infuse parasites
into my system and my tests revealed that animals that ingest raw meats,
only raw products without any de-wormers, healed slowly but when the healed
they were like pups and kittens again. So I wanted parasites. So I went out
and ate rotted salmon, which undulated with pinworms like a moving blanket. I
ate them and had my feces checked for 10 weeks afterwards and no parasites –
not a one. I did it with fluke worm, infested brain, tripe. I could not get
them. I had so much chemotherapy and radiation that I could not get those to
thrive in my body. I think it was 19. I had the chemo and radiation in 1968
and chemo in 1968 and it was not until 1982 after the poison mushroom that
I was able to get colds or flu’s as a detox process.

Q: About 6 months ago - when I stared this diet - I weighed in at 125 lbs and my
body fat was 15 % and just last week I had it checked and I am up to 175 lbs now
and my body fat count is 27 %. My personal trainer seemed concerned about that
because he knows the type of diet I am on.  So I am not particularly concerned.

A: A good question. On this diet, you will become a fat head. I am sure some
of you have seen that chiropractor who sits outside the stores and checks your
fat level. I was so curious what my fat level was in my body. I wanted to see
what my fat content was, so I sat down, he put it on my arm. He told me you
should keep it around 12% as a maximum or under if you want to be athletic. He
wrapped it around my arm and it was 26%. His face went white and he said, 'oh
I can help you'. I said 'you know something - I am very happy and well. Maybe
for me this is the right amount.' He said 'oh no, all the tests have been
done...' I said 'how much is your body fat?' I have to admit it is about 16
% and I said look at the size that you are. Probably the same height that I
am, probably close. And probably 6” bigger in the waist. And you have your
flesh sagging. And here I am 52 years old, probably 10 years older than you
are. I am like this. I do not exercise but have 26% fat. What is wrong with
this picture?' 'Well I do not know. How do you fix it?' I said 'if you want to
know what I do, you can go to Co-Opportunity and buy my book. It will tell you
how I do it. I do not worry about fat levels. The higher the better. I would
love to see it go up to 30% but I have never seen anybody go over 27%. I have
not exercised in 21 years since this April. I mean, Lori can get me to take
a walk maybe once a month besides sex when she is in town.'

Q: I know you talked about weight loss – I know it was so strict – egg
– vegetable juice. Is there something that is more palatable? Do you know
what I mean?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I tell you one thing what Owanza is having me do right now? Totally
milk. That is it – she said I was not digesting properly. All I am doing
is milk. She said she felt my stomach shrinking just a little bit; maybe you
should not eat after 5 pm.

A: Well, Owanza and I have huge vast differences so it is not a good idea to
bring that up because that means I have to criticize Owanza. But when some
of my clients have gone to her by word of mouth like Daniel, Owanza loves
fruit. She is a fruit addict but she cannot control her emotions. She is
a recluse because she cannot deal with a lot of people at times. She just
emotionally can not handle life the way most people want to handle life
because as a psychic nutritionist purporting my diet – she does not have to
be social.  She does it all over the phone. She does not see people like I
do. When she has to deal with people, she does not do it well. She eats too
much fruit and it makes her very emotional. She won't let go of that. She
likes the high that it makes her feel, the mania that it makes her feel. She
just figures the depression is from the physical and sexual abuse she received
as an infant until she was age 21. And I see that it is not that. And I have
lots of clients and here they can say they have called me when they have
been emotional, suicidal, off the wall. Then I say 'how much fruit have you
been eating?' 'Oh, I have been eating a lot and I love the fruit'. And I say
'stay off it for a day or two and see how you feel.' They will call me in
24 or 36 hours and say 'Wow I feel great!' They will forget to call me for a
couple of months and then call me and say how terrible they are doing. Then
I ask what are they eating. Yeah for about 5 days all I craved was fruit. So
cut out the fruit, they go right back to being normal. So there are things
that Owanza and I see differently but for different reasons. And I love her
dearly. She is one of the sweetest spiritual people I have ever met. But I
have to bring it back down to earth just a little bit. I like to be social,
functional. I do not think that is such a bad thing. If I am having trouble
sometimes with any of the food, I will have nothing for 3 days but the milk.

Q: I noticed that my stomach was gurgling.

A: If you want it to pass sooner let your milk sit out and spoil for 3-4
days. But if your liver is dumping into your colon or bile is dumping and you
do have some yellowish sensitive skin, that means you have bile everywhere in
your system and when it dumps you are going to have bloating and diarrhea. And
there is nothing that is going to stop it except the cheese. The cheese can
absorb bile without creating the diarrhea.

Q: But isn’t it good to dump that anyway?

A: Yes, but if you have the cheese there to do it, your body does not have
to flush everything out with it among the diarrhea. It will still absorb it.

Q: I am having itchy, watery eyes. What should I do about that?

A: Put egg white in your eyes 2-3 times a day. Put about ½ a tsp in an
eyecup. Hold your eye open like this. Hold your head back. Do that about 4
times. Bring it back down. Hold the head back again, stretch the eyelids back
again and then roll the eye for about a minute.  And then take a damp cloth
and rube excess off around the outside or it is going to crust and it will
look like you have sleep all over the place. It is usually acids dumping out
through the mouth area, dumping out the eye sockets out the tear ducts causing
burning. Sometimes it can be the acid, or bile in the brain that is dumping,
which can cause that. I have checked fluids somewhere between 18-20 times when
my lab technician was still alive. We would find different compounds. One time
we even found mercury in the eyes. That is why I say that some came from down
here. It can be from different substances. Sometimes we found a variance of
10 different substances each time. One of them was bile.

Q: So could conjunctivitis, which is an inflammation of the conjunctive,
be from the brain?

A: Conjunctivitis means that the cornea has been damaged in some way and the
body is trying to get rid of that toxicity that has gotten into the cornea
so the body is working directly on the cornea to take care of that and egg
white corrects it.

Q: How long is it going to take – you said I had a white cataract on my
eyes. How long is that going to take to heal? I still have a cloud over my eyes.

A: Well that depends on what your body is working on. Has everybody
read Appendix X? I had this aerospace epoxy that came out of my nose and
caused melanoma. And it burned a hole in my nose. My whole eye membrane was
gone… all part of the bone. That compound went into my cornea and burned
my cornea. I had 20/20 vision until then. Now I do not, in this eye. The
scar tissue was pretty heavy. 3 ½ years ago when this happened I went to an
optometrist. About a year and a half after that I said 'What do you think?'
'...Well, there is such scar tissue there. Is it from an acid? The only way
you can correct that is from a cornea transplant and it usually gets worse
because scar tissue has a tendency to keloid in the eye. It’s bad news so I
will see what happens.' About 6 months later I went again, just to take a look,
because it seemed to be getting slightly better some days. She looked at it
under a microscope and found that a vein had gone right between the cornea and
the iris to that scar and was pulling the scar tissue out. I took photographs
a year and three months ago with that eye and compared them with one that I had
taken this month. Half of that scar tissue was gone that was there a year ago.

Q: Just from the diet?

A: … just from the diet. And I am not even using the egg white.  Sometimes
when I feel it burning and it turns red, I will use the egg white.  Like on
my way here, all of the sudden it stared burning and was irritated so put in
some egg white.

Q: You had told me to have my juice after my meat. Do I still need to do that,
or is that something specific?

A: Well you were so...  this is another gentlemen who came to me as skinny as
could be. He was 138 lbs.  and he is 6’0”... 135 lbs... and I am 172 lbs
so you can imagine what he would be like at 135. His eyes were all bloodshot
and red. Very sallow.

Q: That was actually better. At my worst I was 123 lbs.

A: So he has turned it around.  His liver stopped working so he stopped
digesting fats. Which means he could never put on weight and never digest his
proteins properly. Proteins need fats and fats need protein to be utilized
properly. He was not absorbing and utilizing the nutrients that were in his
body. So when he went on the raw diet, it corrected that. Because of that,
it tends to collect bile in the tissues; he would become very acidic in the
blood with nausea. So I needed him not to have the alkalizing before the meat
as I have most people do. I wanted him to have it an hour after his meat so
he would not get nauseous and start vomiting and stuff. You are still full of
bile in your skin. Sometimes when you hear me say these bizarre things like
bile in the skin, I have had classes where I am teaching people my techniques
from observation. I can’t say diagnosis because I am not an MD. An MD in
California can diagnose. So I analyze. So when I am analyzing, some of the
students that I have had cannot see what I see. So I do not know if some of
you can tell what I see when I look at it when I see. So I do not expect you
too. And do not feel if there is something wrong with you if you cannot see
what I see like bile in the skin.

Q: By the way, I weigh 169 lbs as of two days ago. And I started the diet
right before Thanksgiving.

Q: When I started this diet, I had complete digestive shut down for a week. And
then I took some aloe enzymes. I still have major constipation. I do not want
to do any personal stuff here but I wonder if people have had this general
experience and if you have any specific suggestions.

A: Well, people do their own version of the diet from what is in the book. I
would say that 60-70 % of the people have written me or sent some kind of
testimonial can do it from the book. Another 30-35 % cannot reach that balance
because I could just not give enough information about everything. [some words
were lost while changing the tape] This is the cost of the book and this is
what it cost to get out there. No publisher makes $$$ on a hard back cover
unless it is a didactic that goes into a school system, unless you are Stephen
King. They do not like putting books out in hardback. However, 100 books are
released a day. You do not have a prayer - unless you are famous - of getting
reviewed unless it comes back in the elitist hardback edition. So that way my
choice. First edition comes back in the hard back for the reviews; taking a
chance that it will get reviews. It does not mean you will get them. It does
not assure you that you will get reviews. So I took the option of not making
any money on the hard back.

Q: Is it hard to find it?  A: My publisher tells me he gets orders from Amazon
several times a week. It is just a long process. Amazon takes their time to
get it to the distributor in Coopus, which has to address that out.

A: As far as people being able to do the diet on their own, 30-35 % cannot
do it without help.

Q: One time I had 3 eggs rocky style and that helped with constipation.

A: Well I have a new constipation formula because I have had some really
hard cases. These cases are so difficult that if I can find something that
works for them, then it works for everybody.  And the new formula is 1 egg
(if it is a really hard case then 2 eggs) 3-4 oz of vegetable juice, 2 oz
of milk or 2 oz of cream, tsp vinegar, and tsp-tbsp of honey. If you are not
moving in 24 hours have it again. But most people have it less than 24 hours.

Q: With the vegetable juice, do you have a particular combination or is it
different for each person?

A: With each person I give a different formula. But my main advice is that
people drink 80% celery, 20% parsley. This is my general suggestion.

Q: On juicing …

A: Green Power cracks too often. I have had to replace my parts 3 times now.

Q: What do you recommend for diaper rash for a baby?

A: Raw cream or coconut cream. A baby’s skin is a little more sensitive. For
adults, I will say 3 oz of cream or butter - which is a little over ½ a
stick. Blend it with one tbsp of ginger juice. For infants, it should be half
of the ginger juice. So you take ginger root, organic. You take your tbsp
and blend it with 6 oz of cream. – whip it into a cream so you have whipped
cream. Then it is a nice lotion cream and you keep it in the refrigerator. Warm
it up on your hands before you put it on the tyke. And that usually takes care
of the rash and takes care of the skin so there is no peeling and drying of
the skin. And you can leave it on there. Do not wipe it off.

Q: What do you do for pulled ligaments in the knees?

A: Chicken is your best bet for replacing and eating cartilage from a chicken
bone. You can take a chicken bone and shave off the cartilage. And just wash
it down with milk or what ever you want. HCL will dissolve it. Just raw. Your
rotten meats will not build you.  They are there to get rid of degenerative
tissue in the body, via bacteria. So if you want to build something, it has
to be fresh raw meat.

Q: What is the bone marrow for?

A: It is for reproducing RBC [red blood cells] for your own marrow.  Q:
[inaudible question]

A: There are two reactions from that. When the bees collect the honey, they
swallow it in their stomach. In their stomachs, they produce an insulin-like
substance which converts 90% of the carbohydrates, which is sugar, to a
protein catalyst… good to eat with meat, good to eat with eggs.  As long
as you can eat honey with eggs. I can’t stomach it. 10% will still go
into carbohydrate and sugar. If that honey is heated above 93 it starts the
destruction of that insulin-like substance. Diabetics can eat honey that is
produced under 93 degrees with no problem mostly. If it goes above 93 degrees
and reaches 99 degrees or 100 degrees, it is all destroyed. The sugar is not
destroyed. A good sugar is not a radical sugar until you go over 105 degrees.
However, the insulin-like substance is destroyed by 99 degrees. It starts
to be altered by 93 and is totally destroyed at 99. So a diabetic will have
a real problem if that is heated at 93 degrees. People who have candida,
if they do not know that that honey is heated above 93 degrees, will have a
problem because - although it is not a destructive sugar - it will go help
them clean out AGE products that have created their candida experience. Those
yeasts feed on toxic sugars. That is not a bad thing. It is a cure. But most
of the people who have that are very slender people who have no fats in their
system and women who want to stay model-like. So they get so dehydrated that,
when those yeasts feed on those toxic substances, there is no fat buffering
anywhere. So their skin starts drying out. The byproducts of the yeast start
causing rashes or eczema on the skin and the skin dries and falls off. And
then they are itching all over. Those people, even with the 10 % in the honey,
may have a detox reaction so they should have some kind of fat – butter
or cream. Butter is preferable because it gets to the skin and will carry
some of that honey to the skin so at least when it neutralizes yeast that
are there, or it helps them draw out the AGE products that are stored there,
that are plaqued there. It will have some lubrication with it so it does not
destroy the surrounding tissue.

Q: What is the proportion of the honey to the cream or the butter?

A: It depends on the person’s condition but with someone with candida I
suggest 1/6 honey to 5/6 butter. So if you have 5 tbsp butter you have one
tbsp honey.

Q: Can you use coconut cream?

A: Yes, you can, however the coconut cream still has a little carbohydrate
in it so I would make the proportion 1/8 honey and 7/8 coconut. So if people
have a destabilizing effect on honey similar to fruit, either the honey is
over heated or they are not taking enough fats with them. Natural Rush still
has not contacted me. They are heating it or doing something to it. They are
processing it. Honey will naturally crystallize. If the honey is coming from
the desert the honey is no good. The bees will fan it to try to keep it below
99 degrees. But it gets so hot that the bees start dehydrating and the honey
alone cannot keep them cool. They go down to a lower level and let the honey
burn. And they will not eat that honey unless they are starving.

Q: Is it okay to have the honey with your green juice?

A: Yes. I have 1 ½ tbsp per quart. It is better that you not use too much more
than that. We are talking about juicers. I find the Green Life is better because
it is a crushed process. There is no mastication first. Less oxygenation. The
Juiceman – it is centrifugal and does not get a lot of juice out of it.

Q: What about the Champion?

A: Yes that is a good one. The RPM’s are twice that of the Green Life but the
EMF is half that of the Green Life so it healthier to use. If you have Champion
juicer, the way it masticates, you put the celery in and it will train and
wrap around that shaft and it will cause everything to cook and heat up and
then you have to take it apart. So what I did when I had a Champion was that
I would dice it, cut it in half portions. That way it will move through. Also
on the Champion, it will have a tendency for the shaft to move out. Food can
get behind it. Q; What is your opinion about the relationship of voluntarily
underfeeding to reduce body weight as a function of increasing longevity?

A: That goes into the weight loss program. If your body is all gummed up like
oil in a car your body is not going to function as well and of course it will
cut your life span if your body is not functioning well.

Q: Suppose it is?

A: Then I did not see any point. Even though your body may be functioning well
and you think you are a healthy person, I have never seen a healthy person,
except for natives. If there were no toxicity in the body at all there would
never be any point to gain or lose weight except to keep warm and keep cool in
the summer like bears do. It is their process. If they are going to hibernate,
they need to say warm and not die in the winter so they get fat. When spring
comes around, they exercise a lot to take more fat off before they start
eating again.

Q: So it could be very harmful to lose a lot of body fat.

A: Yes, especially for people who are not well. It would be damaging to go
onto a fast. I have seen it hundreds of times.

Q: What about progressive reduction?

A: I do not mind progressive reduction, as long as you need to lose the
weight. Like I said, I encourage my patients to go on diet where they become
15-30 lbs over weight. Most women go… I say 'well, I cannot help that'. If
you want to get well faster, gain 15-30 lbs over weight over a 3-month period
and then take it off in a month period. Andrea said when you have us on that
it is so bland and so awful. Well, for me I have not noticed that. When I
get that hungry, I am too hungry to notice that it does not taste good.

Q: I did not mean bland; I just meant rigid. I mean you could never go out
and… I just thought it was rigid and thought there was a way to do it where
you do not take it off so fast but would be more gentle.

A: Well, you mean that would be more convenient?

Q: Yes.

A: You can do that; it just may take you an extra month.  That is all up to
you. Anytime I give advice, it is not written in stone. You can do what makes
your life work, comfortably… unless you are in danger, then I suggest that
you follow 99 % of what I suggest unless your body is absolutely having a
fit about it.

Q: About this diet, how long did the dump diet last?

A: About 3 months but most people do not have to wait that long. It will come
off quicker but some people do.

Q: And part of the question is one day you do juice-egg-juice-egg and then
the next day juice-chicken-juice-chicken.

A: You do not use any olive oil with the meat. It depends on how quickly you
want to remove the weight. If you want to slow it down then go ahead and
have the olive oil with it. When I suggest that people put on the weight,
I suggest that people have the fats with fats to help dissolve the toxicity
in their body. When I put them on the weight loss program, it is about taking
it off not about getting rid of the pollution that has already been pulled
out of the deeper tissues, and is sitting there solvent like in a car. Change
the oils 3 months later you got black gunk in there. You are not going to put
more oil in it. You are going to take it out and then put more fresh back in
there. Basically that is how I look at it. But you can do it anyway you want.

Q: And no honey when you are doing that?

A: That is fine.

Q: There is no Jiffy Lube.

Q: I am still having a really rough time with caffeine, heavily craving it.

A: Are you drinking your green juice?

Q: Not always.

A: If you do not have a pint of juice a day, you are going to have those
cravings. People who drink the juice do not have those cravings.  Q: Do you
have any update on cleansing and supporting the liver?

A: It depends on what is wrong with the liver. If the liver is full of bile, I
try to do it with olive oil and liver - calf liver or adult bovine liver. That
will help break it down. I really tred cautiously when it comes to the liver
because people get flu’s and colds because the liver is detoxing or severe
diarrhea or bloody stools because the liver is dumping all this bile. It makes
a lot of people panic. So if you want to clean the liver out eat liver with
olive oil, peanut oils, cream, and some kind of extra fat. You better believe
is you are going to try to clear the liver out you are going to have loose
bowels for days at a time or diarrhea and maybe some blood. It is not harmful
but it usually causes people to be able not to function normally because they
are going to the toilet so much. It is a good thing to do. I am not with
the old detoxification of lemon juice and olive oil and cayenne pepper and
that kind of thing to detox the liver because that is like punching it. And
if you want to do that you will probably burst it and will probably cause
some scaring, cirrhosis of the liver.  That is what I have seen happen with
that kind of a diet. When it is utilized many times in a person’s life. I
think if you are going to do it once you are going to have a little bit of
scar tissue, unless you are a person who is extremely overweight. Then you
have so much fat in there that the liver is not damaged. .. There is a liver
formula that has been going around for years which is lemon juice, olive oil,
cayenne pepper and sometimes garlic.

Q: I have stomach pain and I cannot finish my meals…

A: It does not sound like it is the stomach; it sounds like something is dumping
into the stomach causing a gaseous reaction. The liver will do that. The spleen
will do that. Any of the glands, which are near the stomach, can dump directly
to the stomach so the HCL can neutralize that toxicity so it can pass through
the system. Sometimes in people this will cause nausea, even vomiting and in
some people it will just cause gas.  When you have that I suggest you grate
a little cheese and have it with whatever you are eating. And also let your
milk sour. That will help absorb it. The problem you have when you have that
kind of poison dump into the stomach is that it destroys intestinal bacteria
that digests your food. So all of a sudden you are not digesting the way you
were. So if you are eating soured milk, that has stood for 2-3 days you are
going to feed them wonderfully so proper digestion can carry on while your
liver is detoxing or the other glands are detoxing other poisonous matter.

Q: By doing that, you are just keeping your milk out on the counter for
2-3 days.

A: Correct.

Q: You are making it like a yogurt?

A: Correct. The first day it is off it has a sour taste that I am not
comfortable with. My body isn’t anyway. After the second day it is still
thin but it is palatable. But on the third day, somewhere along the day
it solidifies.

Q: Do you get the same effect with yogurt?

A: There is no raw yogurt.

Q: Raw buttermilk?

A: Raw buttermilk will not do quite the same because it is not cultured. If
it is cultured buttermilk, well then yes, it is allowed to age and its own
bacteria grow.

Q: There is no raw yogurt available?

A: No. Kefir used to be available, however it was made with gelatin. I tried to
get Stuves over the past 12 years to use agar-agar and they are thinking about
it now that they have a new producer for them. But they may not until they make
more money and get back into it because they are so much in debt. The kefir you
would buy has lactobacillus, vulgaris, and acidophilus in their kefir. Those
are all great bacteria. They will digest similar to your own bacteria but
not the same. So if you just let the milk sit out, its own bacteria grows its
own environment which is identical. That is what milk is all about: preparing
an infant for digestion of bacteria to carry on proper digestion. If we got
it right out of the cow, we would never have to let it sit, sour, because it
goes right into refrigeration and has to reach a temperature of 38 degrees at
the plants where they hold the milk. It destroys bacteria and takes 3 days to
regenerate it to get it back into full bacteria content in order to help us
create good digestive environment. So those bacteria that you will create -
like yogurt and kefir - are good but not as good as your own body will create
by souring milk. I eat it any time and every time except with my juice. I do
not drink any milk within about 20-30 minutes of my juice. Otherwise I will
drink milk with meat, with anything else, soured.

Q: Do you put the milk back in the refrigerator when it is clabbered?

A: Yes, after the third day when it is completely solid like that if you leave
it, it will completely ferment and separate. The only thing you can really
do with it, if you do not want too much alcohol, is not having it or make
cottage cheese with it. That means just straining the whey out and adding
some cream to it - coconut cream or whatever cream you like - with it. Then
you have cottage cheese.

Q: It is not too solid to drink after 3 days?

A: After 3 days or after the point that it is solid.

Q: So how do you drink it?

A: Shake it up until it is a little thinner, put it in a different container
or do whatever you like.

Q: Refrigeration does not kill that present bacteria?

A: No it will not. If it did, it would melt down again more than half a day
in the refrigerator.

Q: What about putting the honey in the milk?

A: You always put it in before because blending will destroy the bacteria. You
blend it in there and then shake it up and then let it sit.

Q: How about if you spoon a little in your mouth and then take it in?

A: That is fine.

Q: This is a two-part question. One of my challenges is that I will go
many hours and I am not hungry… The question is that he does not have the
appetite to get all the food in and he just does not have the hunger. If he
has the milk it will even curb the hunger even more.

A: Yes.

Q: But will I be able to absorb the milk if I have a quart at a time or will
I just piss it all out?

A: When I usually hear this kind of thing, that I do not have an appetite,
guess what I usually hear. The question I usually ask is are you drinking your
vegetable juice. On this diet you are constantly going to be detoxing. The
blood is going to get acidic, you're going to get nauseous, and you're not
going to have an appetite. So if you do not have your 4 cups a day you are
not going to be able to eat the foods and not be able to get well fast.  Q:
Do you need to take the 4 cups separate or can you have 2 16 oz juices in a day.

A: It should be spread out. If you don’t, your going to piss out a lot of
that nutrient. Because your can handle about 8-9 oz at a time over a 6 hour
period. If you have more than that it is going to thin your blood too much
and you are going to urinate. You will pass it out pretty quickly. So first
thing when you get it have a cup and then stick another cup in 2 at mid day
some where and then before you go to be have another.

Q: Should I be concerned about blood work that shows a lot of clumping and

A: You should be jumping for joy.  Clumping and fibers collecting in the blood
means that they are being ejected from the tissues. Like my clients that have
cancer there PSA will shoot up. Yet it is not spreading. A lot of the toxicity
dumps. I remember a woman who was one of my first clients in 1980 before I ate
the poison mushroom. She owned a health food store in Georgia. And she had a
severe liver problem and had a liver transplant. Liver cells showed up in her
blood after being on the diet for 3 months and it was such a concentration
that the doctor fought her to death because he said your body is rejecting
the liver. I am finding massive amounts of liver tissue in your blood. We
need to get you another liver or you are going to die. He panicked the hell
out of her. I said no you are not. You do not have any signs of it. Looking
in the eye there is no deterioration. All it is doing is getting rid of old
dead liver cells that you have not had the nutrients to get rid of before. Do
not panic. How do I know that? I said I do not. You either have to trust
my thinking or go the other way. It is up to you. She trusted my thinking
with phone calls everyday. I mean I had to talk with her 10-15 minutes a day
to help her pass through that psychology. And after a few months she went
back to the doctor and he said your liver cells are too high, too high. Your
liver is deteriorating. But she said I have no ill symptoms. I feel good. I am
digesting my food fine and I feel better than I have ever felt. So you have to
be wrong. And after two years she proved he was wrong because the blood was
fine and blood did not have any liver cells in it and she was normal. The
Masai tribe lives on blood, meat and milk and they do not have any heart
trouble at all. And they have terrible blood according to science data.

Q: She is asking about the LDL and the cholesterol. Why should we be having
it so high?

A: 80% of the body stabilization of detoxification happens with cholesterols.
Like I said in the book, if the fat is cooked, it hardens in the system and
doesn’t stay fluid at body temperature. It must get to higher temperature,
so it dehydrates. All of the bacteria is gone. All of the elements that
naturally go along with the fat are naturally lost. So it is drying out,
dies and is dehydrating. That can cause hardening of the arteries, which can
cause hardening of everything. However, during WW II the greatest problem we
had was we switched to vegetable oils. The high temperature of vegetable oils
turns it into the exact molecular structure of plastic. That is how plastic
was invented. All hydrogenated oils are how we discovered plastic. So the guy
sat there and feel asleep while the vegetable oil was being hydrogenated. He
feel asleep and ended up with hard plastic. Thought he was going to get
into a hell of a lot of trouble but what he did was, by accident, created
plastic. And you have been eating it ever sense.

Q: We were talking about letting the milk sit out. And somebody asked about
putting honey in the milk. Can you do that before or after blend it with
the milk?

A: My response was as soon as you get the milk, blend it with the honey if
you are going to let it sit out because if you start blending it with the
honey before you drink it, you are going to alter and oxidize some of the
bacteria and oxidization destroys some of the bacteria. So you want the full
potential of the bacteria. Do not blend it before you let it solidify.

Q: There is not any limit on the amount of milk you can have with wheat grass
is there?

A: Well I have not done any tests on that. My lab technician died a year ago.
So I am not going to spend another million dollars on research for something
like that. So I am just using it by exploration and experience. And I use
myself mainly. When this HGH [human growth hormone] stuff started coming out,
people were paying 125$ for a months supply. Owanza is big on it. It seems to
have helped a few people. I tried it on 3 different cases that I knew could use
the help. All of them had severe, almost deadly reactions to it. So I said okay,
if this can really help certain conditions and I can find it in a form that is
in food and I can create a formula to do that then I can utilize it as a tool
as well. So I started looking at where they were getting the growth hormone and
they were getting it from grasses because it grows so fast. Then they would
isolate them and separate them. Even if they did it at low temperatures once
the isolation took place it became toxic to people and worked for some reason
on a few people. So I took the wheat grass juice and asked what is the best
complete food that I can mix it with that will keep it active and fresh for a
longer period of time and not neutralize its activity. The only thing that I
could come up with, and I tested it and it worked, was raw milk. So I started
using 1 oz per quart or wheat grass juice. And have the milk right away, the
next day, the next night and then it still was okay. I could tell that the life
in the wheat grass juice did not lose its tang or its vitality. And after 3-4
days it started to change a little bit which is the time I usually have milk
consumed anyway.  Then I tried 2 oz and that seemed very comfortable. Then I
got Kari and Lori who wanted to be gung ho to do 4 oz in it. I tried it with
the 4 oz and it is really strong. It seems a little overbearing but I do not
know that anything is wrong with it. So maybe I can let you know at the next
potluck after trying it again and letting it sit for a little while.

Q: What long-term effect is expected from it?

A: Just more rapid regeneration of cells.

Q: Then what do you recommend right now?

A: 2 oz per 1 quart of milk.

Q: Have that daily?

A: Well for my body, my system, it is maybe once a week but having 4 oz at
a time several times a day will be over a 3 day period.

Q: With the thought that you have been doing this over a 17 year period and
the rest of us have not been doing it that long, would it be a better idea
to do it more often than you?

A: I would not say that I because I have been on it 17 years that I am
regenerating cells faster, because 60% of my brain is scar tissue that does
not regenerate. Most of my bronchials will not regenerate because they are
scar tissue, all around my heart. I would say that about 1/3 of my body is
still scar tissue. I have cleaned out plaque, AGE products, all the other
problems but my body is just now starting to get rid of scar tissue and doing
that I am forcing it with olive oil and other oils and it causes some nausea
discomfort. But I am also able to regenerate cells more than I ever have
before. I am focusing on that. And I haven’t found that my body wants it
anymore than that. So I just trust it. If some other people have more cells
to regenerate and they can utilize more of it then I would say great otherwise
I do not that it would be a harm or a benefit either.

Q: So wheat grass is good for someone... Is it okay for me to drink wheat
grass even though you did not recommend it to me?

A: Correct. If you are after the GH, you have to get it in its growing stage.

A: Regarding wheat grass, I lived with Ann Wigmore for years and what I learned
is that wheat grass is really a detoxifier. It is not regenerating. You
can only use that much for regeneration because detoxification does not go
away. Like I used 32 oz of wheat grass a day to get rid of colon cancer and
it did it and I have seen it used that way. But they did not regenerate. They
were like living skeletons. They were not human being. That is why I say
vegetable juice by itself is all detoxification. That is why it neutralizes
acidity in the blood and gives you lots of enzymes and minerals. And that
is for supplementation for all those years of eating cooked foods. No life
in. This is to replace it. That is why I put the wheat grass juice with GH
in it in milk so it could alter it and if there was a possibly of using those
GH in the human body to regenerate cells, you would do it in that substance.

Q: Preventive measure?

A: No it is an increasing of stability.

Q: How do you preserve vegetable juice?

A: The way I preserve vegetable juice – everybody knows the canning jars:
12 8 oz jars. I will juice 3 quarts at time and that will last me 3 days. After
I juice, I will take one of those 4 oz jelly jars and put 2 oz juice in it. I
will bring the level of honey to above the first rim so I’ve got 2 ½ to 3 oz
of honey in it. I screw the blender blades on that and blend it for 5 seconds
so you do not oxidize while blending the honey into the whole 3 quarts. You
are just going to oxidize that 2 oz of juice and it is not going to oxidize
that much because it is going to be coated with honey instantly. So you only
blend it for 5 seconds. I pour that around into the other 3 quarts. Stir it
around just a little bit so it mixes in it. Then I will put one quart in a
jar so I do not have my refrigerator overflowing with jars. So, one quart
goes into a quart jar. Fill it all the way to the top. Just slightly to the
top. The lids are recessed so you need just a little space to get the lid on
without spilling over. You put the lid on to keep the juice from oxidizing.
That is the last quart that I eat. The others I put into the 8 oz jelly jars
almost all the way to the top. They say they hold 8 oz but they actually hold
9 oz so you are going to be a little off. That last one is going to equal 7 ½
jars. Then I have that last one as the ½ cup. So now when I pull that juice
out it does not oxidize. As along as it stays refrigerated for 78 hours it
will only lose 7-8 %. Any juice that you buy from a health food store in a
plastic container has lost 30 – 40 % of its value by the time it hits the
shelf because of the porousness and the content of the plastic puts in acids
that destroy the juice. So if you keep it in the glass jars without any air
in it for 78 hours it is going to keep with only 7-8 % deterioration in it.

Q: Can you put a little lemon in it?

A: What I do to help the flavor sometimes, if I put some nasty herbs in it:
I will put in a little bit of the rind, 1/3 of a lime for 3 whole quarts. If
it is the weight loss program, I will use a lime or a lemon for the whole 3
quarts. It helps to lose weight. If you want to just put 1/3 of a lemon or a
lime in while you are juicing your other vegetables and that will give it a
little more tang. Also the oils in it with the high vitamin C will act as an
antioxidant. Probably it will not even have 7-8 % deterioration but I have
not done that test.

Q: I have a question about the wheat grass: if they put the honey in that
as well or will that throw it off if you mix the juice the milk and the
wheat grass?

A: Because of the oxygenation, it could cause a little problem; it might help
the digestion if you are already using a tbsp per quart before you put the wheat
grass in. He asked if putting honey with the wheat grass juice and milk formula
work against the regenerative powers of the mixture. I would probably say no,
as long as it was a smaller amount. As long as you blended the milk with the
honey previous to putting the wheat grass in, it would probably be fine.

Q: Glandular supplementation. I remember reading something about that in
your book.

A: … when I did experiments with freeze dried glandular supplements... If you
take them 5 days a month they work very nicely. They are very helpful. However
since then I have done work with the actual glands because - as I said
the last time - the first time I ate it to try it, I went 6 months without
having to take any t3 or t4. Instead of the freeze-dried supplement, I went
for more of the thyroid. Then the next time I went 9 months before I had to
take it again. Then the next time I went 18 months and the next time I went
3 years. So eating glandular tissue will help you rebuild your gland so you
do not have to take supplements.

Q: I was just thinking about supplements because I tried an experiment with
the thyroid and I really could not get it down me. It just rotted away in
the fridge and that was the end of that.

A: Well, try it less concentrated then. See what I do is put an equal amount
of thyroid with an equal amount of milk, some red onion and it taste like
clam chowder.

Q: Can you do that with liver too?

A: Yes

Q: Where can you get thyroid?

A: Whole Foods. You can order it from Whole Foods but make sure that it
is not salted. So what you might do, Joanne, is take a smaller section.
Use 1/10 glandular tissue to 9/10 milk and some onion and drink it down. Or
do what Lori does and just slice it and swallow it down. She will just take
a slice of it and wash it down with milk.

Q: Does liver fall into this same classification?

A: Yes it does. Lori will do it that way but I hate my liver in milk. I will
put it in a food processor with onion and make a pate out of it.  And love
it. However I hate it with the milk.

Q: I just wanted to share about the adrenal glands. I would not eat them. I
got nausea and sick for about 3 days and then afterward I learned that they
only got adrenals that they use for lab work and it is heavily contaminated
with negative bacteria.

A: Well I do not believe that it is contaminated with negative bacteria,
but you have to understand that one drop of adrenaline would be enough to
lift a car with it.  Here you are eating a concentrated free amount and it
gets into your blood, your blood may try to dump it into your stomach with
some compounds to remove it quickly. So I would suggest for anyone who has
an adrenal problem to blend it, strain it and just get tissue out of it so
they are not eating all that stored adrenaline out of the tissue, unless you
are going to run a marathon. Then eat the whole frickin' thing and take off.

Q: I want to know if bee’s wax has benefits to any of your organs.

A: Yes. Kidneys and all the tissues in general.  It helps strengthen and
helps make resilience towards penetration of any acidic cells. The wax that
is dissolved by the HCL the body can use it along with fats to make a sealant
with the cells. It is especially beneficial for the kidneys because of all the
ammonia that the kidneys manufacture. Now, in the wax there is a sheet, and all
the squares of honeycomb there is a sheet in there which is heat cooked pressed.

Q: So that is toxic.

A: Yes. So I suggest that you just scoop off the top and then flip it over
and give the rest to the ants.

Q: I know that any kind of vegetable matter with the meat creates an energetic
result for energy.

A: Wait, you mean vegetable with meat?

Q: Yeah, like your green juice or avocado with meat if you want sexual energy.

A: No, green juice and meat will give you a problem. Green juice will neutralize
your ability to digest the meat and the meat will neutralize your ability to
digest the green juice. All flesh food is acidic. If you go putting an alkaline
juice with the acid food neither of them will digest and you will neutralize it.

Q: So do you put any kind of condiment with your chicken, like cut up onion?

A: Bell pepper will do. Just a little to flavor it. But an onion - even though
it is a vegetable - is an acid.  So is garlic.

Q: So is a tomato.

A: It is a fruit. It is an acid fruit and can be eaten and cheese. As long
as you keep it as a flavoring you will get away with it.

Q: So eat separately avocado and meat?

A: No. You can eat avocado and meat together but my experience is that eating
meat and avocado together will create more energy. Either sexual or whatever
you are doing to let off your adrenaline. You will just have more energy. It
is be used as fuel verses regenerating cells.

Q: Seaweed with meat is all right?

A: Seaweed for a human is almost impossible to digest. It is like any

Q: The seaweed I am talking about is juicy from the Japanese market.

A: It is almost impossible to digest in the human digestive tract, just
like vegetables.

Q: I have a question about St. Johns wart. I do not think I have ever heard
you talk about an herb like that. I tried it one time and it really helped me
get up in the morning.  And I think it caused some anxiety. I stopped taking
it a long time ago.

A: Well you know some people are taking St. Johns wart as a mood
enhancer. Others are taking it to alter their depression or schizophrenia
or psychological problems.  You can take them fresh and just eat a little
bit of them or you can juice it and it will work pretty well. If you ate it
with something that would neutralize it with its digestibility, then you are
going to have a little depression.

Q: Where can you get it from?

A: Usually farmers markets.

Q: And you do not think it is so fabulous one way or the other?

A: No I think it is good. It is a good mood enhancer and you only need a
little bit of that.

Q: You did not speak of those other juicers like the wheat grass juicer
Sundance, the real work horses.  What do you think of those?

A: Well think they are a great idea but I hate that they are made out of cast
iron because it leaches toxic metals into the system all the time.

Q: So the Green Life - you prefer that because it is entirely crushing.

A: Yes.

Q: And it is efficient with wheat grass too?

A: Yes, very good.

Q: I want to know, you recommend several things from your book to handle
cellulite internally. Is there something you can do topically on the skin to
handle it faster?

A: Ginger.

Q: Just rub it on?

A: If you want to break something down without burning the skin, put 2 tbsp
of ginger and 3 oz of cream and rub that on the skin. Just remember this: the
cholesterol in your system is the cellulite bound to some radical toxins. So
breaking down those toxins at one time – there is no telling what that
toxin is – there is no telling what you are going to disturb.

Q: You could get ill in other words.

A: Yes. Lets say you have mercury or a barium test at one time and that
radioactive material got stored in a pocket, and that is where your body put
it in the cellulite. You are disturbing that. Then the barium gets freed and
starts disturbing tissue, it could burn your entire leg.

Q: Are you talking about burning something from the outside?

A: Yes. You see, the ginger will help break down toxic scar tissue and
matter. It gets in there and breaks up cellulite that is bound to something
toxic and frees it up too quickly without the body being ready for it; it
could cause a problem coming out through the skin.

Q: After 6 months, it has started to go away after being in the diet.

A: Good. Let it go in its own time. To me, cellulite is a dangerous
substance. If the body has locked into a hard substance like that it does
not even remove it; it better be a slow process.

Q: What is it?

A: It is fat, toxic fat that the body has not made properly which is bound to
serious toxins that the body does not even want to remove so it stays locked
in lumps.

Q: If you go on the weight loss program will it take it away faster?  A:
Yes it will.

Q: Back to the juicing. What are your thoughts on the Norwalk Juicer?

A: The Norwalk Juicer is a bad juicer because it has two processes. It
masticates it so oxygen can infiltrate and then you take it and press it. Two
oxygen processes. The tests that I have seen showed the juice does not hold
up as long. You get more juice from the food but you not get a more longer
lasting juice and it is already oxidized by the time you are drinking about 10%

Q: Now you mentioned that eating meat and avocado are great energizers; what
would you recommended for regenerating tissue that relates to ingestion of
protein and meats?

A: He asked what helps for you to regenerate tissue. Eat royal jelly with any
of the meats. And you only need a small amount. Only the size of a pea every
couple of days. If you want to regenerate nerve tissue or intestinal tissue,
have it with chicken. If you want to regenerate liver, muscle or blood,
have it with red meat including liver. If it is muscle meat you are after,
have it with steak or ground beef.

Q: The size of a pea every other day?

A: Yes.

Q: Is this like the lubrication drink?

A: No. The lubrication drink goes in deep to the tissues to stabilize and
lubricate and protect the body. The royal jelly helps the regeneration of
tissue when it is eaten with the meat. It helps people become alive, become
younger, have more cells alive in their body.

Q: You were talking earlier about letting the meats spill. Is that the same
kind of thing?

A: That is detoxification. No that is not for regeneration. That is for
detoxing toxic dead cells in your body with scar tissue that your body can
not break down for some reason. It is slacking bacteria, toxic bacteria,
that was cooked with the meat that you ate years and years ago.

Q: You talk about in your book about using honey to aid in the digestion of
meat. It is not the same with the royal jelly. Is it totally different?

A: Honey helps digestion of protein.  It does not help for regeneration. It
will help you regenerate, yes, if your protein digests properly. The royal
jelly actually helps the bulk of splitting of cells double time.

Q: Is the Y & S royal jelly a good one?

A: I do not know. I have not tried theirs.

Q: What kind do you recommend?

A: I get it right from the beekeeper at Honey Pacifica. Or I have several
different suppliers that I have tried it form.

Q: I am one of those people that spoke last time, for detoxing benign tumors
or cysts in the body?

A: That is a rough one. That is just regular scar tissue. They are all clumped
in a place where they are isolated, where there are no veins in it. In a
malignant tumor, they’ve got veins going through it. You have live cells
in there. But in a benign tumor you have a collection of a dead mass. It is
a tomb. So the only way your body can get to it is from the outside to break
it down. A malignant tumor can die, dissolve, and its fluids will go out and
melt the surrounding scar tissue and that is why you can have spontaneous
remission. That is why with benign tumors it takes years to break it down -
because your body has to eat away at it slowly from the outside.

Q: How would you track it that it is dissolving?

A: Well, I have one back here. Since I had cancer so long ago, I would massage
it. I would put hot water bottles on it because once and a while it would
cause aches in my spine when it was detoxing so I would feel it going on but
the last tumor that my body got rid of was benign. And it was the hardest to
get rid of and it was the most painful to get rid of because it is so slow.

Q: Was it sticking pain?

A: No it was bruised pain, sore and stiff, burning sometimes.