Q&A Of May 21, 2000 (Rare)


Q&A Raw Potluck

Note: this transcript was located on Aajonus' computer. Only the first half of the Q&A was recorded and transcribed. There is valuable info here.

Q: Nuts

A: All nuts have enzyme suppressants in them. If you eat them by themselves, it will prevent you from digesting proteins. It could also make you depressed or sluggish; it manifests differently for each person. That is why I always suggest you blend them to a powder, mix in an egg or some kind of fat – cream, peanut oil, coconut butter, butter...

...4 oz of nuts (either pine nuts, walnuts, pecans halves – any combination) and 3 oz of your given choice of fat, 1 egg, 1-2 tsp of honey (depending on how sweet you like it) and blend that. That way the butter and the honey will convert the enzyme suppressant into an enzyme active ingredient.

Q: Is there an advantage to taking walnuts and nuts?

A: Yes. There are a lot of people who take drugs over the years (aspirin, thyroxin) and that dumps into the body. The body requires a high protein starch to absorb it. The little bit that is in the juices you get will have a little bit but when your body craves a potato, bread, popcorn – then you need the nut butter.

Q: What is the purpose of the nut drink?

A: For most people, it is to chelate with excess hormones or toxic hormones improperly stored in the body and any drugs that may have stored in the body and are coming out of the system. It arrests them and the fat binds with that and usually will get broken down in the lymph and discarded out the bowels or the skin.

As I said, the body discards in any way it can, because we are so toxic... of course we have the bowel, the skin, the sinuses, they eyes, the ear ducts, and of course the urinary tract, and of course women also have the vaginal cavity which is constantly throwing off mucus. That is my theory of why women live longer than men – because they have one more constant discharge to discharge poisons. Pain formula:

If nerves are involved, cream is a little better

If the pain is in the joints, knees, elbows – coconut cream is better, or butter; it gets to deep tissue. These fats soothe the tissues

Oil will not work; it dries out the tissues.

90% of oils are made into solvents and that is for detoxification to break down fats, congestion and degenerative tissue. It is a drying compound. Pressed oils do not lubricate the body. The byproduct of it is almost identical to turpentine and it is just as toxic, so it can create low grade nausea and sometimes a little depression. It destroys virus and bacteria and they are the quick way to get ride of toxicity. So eating rotten meats …

Peanut oil seems to work with the glands a little bit better including sexual. The Africans use it as an aphrodisiac. If you have it in your nut mix, it will stimulate your sexuality eventually if you have enough of it. 2 times a week will stimulate that.

The olive oil is more scar tissue oriented and helps dissolve it.

The flax oil (very unstable) is more related to the intestines and glands

You should always have the oils with other meats – you can have a solvent in there but if you do not have a good fat along with it, it will cause you to be irritable, dry or have flaky skin. It is better to have it with milk afterwards. I enjoy the nut mixes with chicken and turkey, sometimes with meat – not so much with fish.

If you have too much of the nut butter mix, it will affect your taste for meat. and fruit will do the same. It is good to rotate your oils. That way, the olive oil will not be concentrated with meat all the time. If you are having the olive oil only with the red meat it will constantly go in and clean out your liver and muscle tissue and heart – and the heart and muscles need a break - so spread it out. Fish will be oriented towards nervous system. With fowl, it will connected with connective tissue, lymph, organs and neurological tissues. Rotten meat

I started doing this in the late 70’s to break down the compounds of cooked foods. When you cook foods, you destroy the vitamins, minerals enzymes, bacteria – everything that is in the food. So its natural elements in it - all of the nutrient in it which will help dissolve the compound when it has had its life - are what is missing. First, I started doing this with grains (molding grains to break down the rice crispies). Beneficial effects of rotten meat – When you rot the meat, it creates virus and bacteria – the more bacteria the body has the less strenuous the body has to work. The body does not have to make solvents, it does not have to make the turpentine byproduct – which is highly toxic – if bacteria and virus are feeding on the degenerative tissue. It works 2 ½ times faster than your body uses a solvent and it is less than half as toxic. Then of course there are parasites. The only way you can get them is infusing them into the bowels. I tried eating them. I have not been able to take in my body. Parasites work quickest to break down degenerative tissue and work 5 times faster than your body can use a solvent. The only danger with parasites is when they are on a diet that does not regenerate cells, they will not be able to keep up with the rate the body keeps up with the degenerative tissue. And it will cause some kind of gut exchange – peritonitis and death. I have never seen that happen with anyone on a raw diet eating raw meat even if they are eating 60% raw. Let it rot for 3 weeks. Take an 8 oz jelly jar and fill it with only a 1/3 meat and every 3-4 days take it outside, open it let it get some air, then put it back in the fridge. After 3 weeks you can start eating it. You can have a marble size amount once a week. It helps get ride of the cancer quicker. The vero toxins are very important that produce E coli for shrinking tumors and reversing cancer. The best place to find E coli is from the bowels. Fruit will destroy the bacteria. Some people eat fecal matter. The Eskimos did it. They are one of the happiest cultures there is. Edward Howell – experiments with rats – rats who ate cooked food lived equally as long as those who ate raw food because they eat their feces. When Howell put a screen to prevent them from eating their fecal mater, they lived only 2 years compared to those who ate all raw who lived 3 years. I cut 1/3 of their life off. Eating their fecal matter gave them enzymes and bacteria which allowed them to live as long even though they ate cooked food.

Q: Do you expect any reaction after eating the rotten meat, like you are going to throw a sick party?

A: Most people get high, it gives them a boost – I have one of my clients who has been a client for eight, almost nine years. She is a 58 year old woman raising a child all her own from the time he was born. He is 12 now. She got on the diet because a 1 year and ½ after having him she developed chronic fatigue and couldn’t take care of him. She was bed ridden and couldn’t work anymore. She is an executive for ABC films. She has been on the diet for a long time and does about 90%. She is one of those executives who pleases people and will eat what the other people are eating when she goes to these high powered meetings. So she is about 90% or 85%. It causes her depression sometimes when she is flying a lot… going from Europe constantly. It is a lot or radiation exposure, even though it is natural radiation. It lowers the bacteria and virus levels in the body and will cause depression. She was getting depressed and fatigued. So the only way she was going to be able to resolve it - and I have never talked with her about rotten meat before because she was not in that space - so I said 'I am going to have to give you some information that you will not like, but it is the only resolution I can give you for your problem. If you won’t try it, that is up to you. There is nothing I can do about it. It is the only thing I can suggest'. So I suggested rotten meat and she hung up on me. She calls back in about 20 minutes and says 'so how do I do this rotten meat?' I said 'it takes at least three weeks and for you it will take about 3-6 months'. She said, 'I can’t wait that long'. I said 'well, I have lots in my refrigerator' and that I would send a jar over for her. So it was delivered. I get this message on my machine later “I just wanted someone to talk to. I just ate that rotten meat and I am feeling a little high and a little happy and I am nervous about what is going to happen. I just want someone to talk to. So call!” Only rarely has someone has had a little diarrhea from eating the rotten meat. But I can not tell if has to do with the ripe, aged meat or it was just something they were going into. The rate at which people have diarrhea has not changed from the people that eat the high meat. Some people need to really have it aged to handle of the amount of radiation – flying over Europe is a 14 hour trip. Put the meat into a jar that is 2/3 larger than the amount of meat so there is a lot of air. Take it out twice a week open it up, close it and put it back in the fridge and keep it for three weeks. You are only eating a marble sized amount once a week.

Q: When using the rotten meat which meat should you use?

A: Use them all. I have fish liver, buffalo liver, buffalo lung, and some steak, etc.

When you are gaining the weight, your body is detoxing. When I put you on a detox diet, that is me detoxing the fat that is already detoxing the toxins out of you. So there is the body detox and the Aajonus detox.

Q: Vegetable wash?

A: Somebody asked when you can not always get organics, the washes and the peroxides or Clorox that is used to wash them. All of those things have chemicals. Someone is selling you on killing things. You want to get rid of the chemicals – you do not want to put more chemicals on them. To get rid of the chemicals on your vegetables that you may not want on them, just use water and a little vinegar or water and a little lemon and lime juice.

Q: You do not want us to use a Reverse Osmosis filter do you?

A: If you are just using it to wash vegetables that is fine. Because then you want thirsty hungry water that is going to pull those metals.

Q: How long do you leave it in that solution?

A: 3-5 minutes.

Q: Recipe with Glands?

A: Clabbered milk equal portion of glands and 1-2 tablespoons of a salsa Salsa – 5 cherries tomatoes, 1” of red onion, fine sliver of garlic, ¼ tsp honey, 1 tsp of lemon or vinegar, 1 jalapeno pepper ( a few slices) After blending all together – use a tablespoon or 2 with the clabbered milk and the glands.

Q: Parasites –

A: If someone tells you you have parasites, you celebrate and have a party. Parasites will clean out the dead tissue in your body faster than anything else - 5 times faster than your body can do it. Most people on this diet have no side effects from parasites. Only people who lots of carbohydrates have problems with parasites.

Q: Could it be harmful if you were not on a full raw diet?

A: It could be. 90% of the time you will find people who eat cereals and carbohydrates with tapeworms. Tapeworms eat carbohydrates. So you have to understand that if you have a carbohydrate in your body 70-90 % of it - once it is converted into glycogen (that is if it is raw) - will be converted into advanced glycation end product (AGE) glyco toxin which will store in the body. If you are a 90 % starch eater, you are going to have a great environment for tapeworm.

A: Acidophilus is not natural; it is like a hybrid.

If you allow the milk to settle naturally, clabber naturally, the bacteria is fresh, present, it is within an ecological system and it will make the best bacterial supplement for your body [for those of you] who have chronic constipation. Take the clabbered milk, put it in an enema syringe, get down on all fours, insert it, roll your belly 2 –5 minutes, role on your right side and repeat, and let it permeate your intestines.

Most of the time, when you have constipation, it is because the bacteria can not feed on the toxicity in the fecal mater; it is poisonous so they do not feed on it. If they do not have something to feed on, they are going to die anyway. So what happens is that you have little colonies of E. coli and they does not sponge out the fecal matter. Just remember that 60-80% of fecal mater is bacteria created. Normal fecal mater that your body discards, if it did not have the E coli and other bacteria would be the size of marbles, the texture of granite, and it would rip your rectum every time you move. You would bleed. If you have the E. coli and other bacteria to feed on that fecal matter, it sponges it out. The body by- products of the vero toxins, which are cancer preventive and cancer reversing, you the B vitamins which are septicides and you have the amino acids which are synthesized and that is the back up for your immune system, lymph system. [This is the text of the partial transcript; I don't know exactly what was meant here – Jim]. If you do not have those you will have constipation. So if you put that clabbered milk in there, you are giving those E. coli bacteria something to feed on and thrive on. So even though it is not feeding on the toxic fecal mater it is sponging out enough on the clabbered milk so it can push the toxic stuff through and out.

Q: So even with the high level of toxicity a lot of us have, would eating the fecal mater be a negative at this point?

A: It could be. If you are on a healing cycle, it is fine. If you are already constipated it will do you no good.

Children are much sicker these days – because of the hi amount of processed foods.

Q: Mr. Boswell Story – the constipated cat

A: You do not need fiber. Fecal mater comes from bacteria. J. Stewart sharing on constipation. Most people have the idea that they need to have a BM each day and some do because the fecal mater is so toxic that it can cause an irritation to the intestinal wall. I have had only 4 people out of a hundred with that problem.

Gland tissue - If the body is using the glandular tissues to replace your toxic glandular tissue, then yes (it will clean you out more) and more most people can not replace glandular tissue because they do not have the nutrients to reproduce it. So that is why I suggest eating glandular tissue when ever you can.

I think I have told this story now twice before that I was taking armour thyroxin T3 & T every day to have not hypothyroid systems – to either delay them or get rid of them. When I started taking the freeze dried glandulars, I stopped having the side effects, which was nice, but I was still having to take the freeze dried thyroid tissue regularly. When I began having the fresh glands from the animals I went three months before I had any hypothyroid systems. The next time it was 6-9 months. The next time it was a year and a half. The next time it was 3 years. So by eating the glands, it allows - somehow - the body to regenerate its own glands. This is the only way I have ever seen. Usually people will build their glands very gradually over 40 year period. If you eat the glandular tissues whenever it is available it will help you have more energy and bring your body back to life quicker. Eating when it comes in to replace it. Let some of it rot.

Any vegetable is best juiced. Cilantro can get rid of aluminum, mercury, and radio active minerals but never do a lot of those herbs because it will put you into a heavy detox.

Celery, parsley – you can have a lot of those and it will never cause any extreme effect.

Q: Gaining weight: when it is time to gain weight ?

A: If you eat foods alone, nothing is going to be slow in digestion. It will be easily assimilated and you will not put on weight. So when you are on the weight gaining cycle it is good to mix your milk, eggs, butter with the meat, etc. All that fat will help to chelate with those toxins out of the rooted tissues where they have been stored for years and then you take it off.

Q: AGE [advanced glycation endproducts]

A: Your body takes a carbohydrate, whether it is a starch or fruit – not mater what it is – it then converts it glycogen – which is a storable sugar that the body can call out later. Usually the pancreas calls it out. It can be stored anywhere in the tissue. When the body calls it out the body utilizes it to produce energy (whether mental, physical, or emotional). The byproduct is called AGE – Advanced Glycation End product or glyco-toxin. Once it has been utilized as glycogen - it is like the fumes coming out of a cars exhaust after it has been burned – that is the byproduct.

In a healthy body, it stores at a rate of 70-90%. When you cook a carbohydrate of any kind the body identifies it as already having been used as glycogen or a sugar so, instead of turning it from a carbohydrate to a glycogen, it will turn it right from a carbohydrate to a glyco-toxin. It says “oh I have already burned you so I am going to store you so I am going to put you aside as a toxin – as an AGE product”. That causes allergies for people who do not produce mucus in the bronchioles, lungs or throat. It stores it immediately because it has already been processed by cooking it.

People who have allergies do not form proper mucus to protect their mucus membranes so if a sugar, a byproduct of a sugar, acid touches that membrane it is going to irritate it because the mucus is not protecting it and it is going to irritate the skin as if you were to take an acid and drop it on your skin; it will irritate it. That is what happens with an asthmatic or a person who has allergies. Dander is the same thing. Someone has allergies to cat dander like Lori - she would walk into a house and her eyes would turn black in about 5 hours; she would then be laid up for 4-5 days. If you breathe in that dander, you do not have the proper mucus to protect your mucus membranes so that foreign protein gets into your skin and is absorbed. So foreign protein in your body sends all these mutant, sends all these antibodies to try to break it down. It causes a tremendous allergic reaction where the byproducts will try to go into the eyes, absorbed into the sinuses, into the mucus membranes, into the salivary glands, everywhere – that is why it causes all the swelling…

The eggs and milk act together as the best [way of] mucus forming, because you can make lots of mucus. But it would have a short fiber.

There are two things that can happen. A woman who is trying to get pregnant never gets pregnant, she will never carry a fetus because the fibers are too short – the same thing happens – it is screen and mesh, then nothing can penetrate. But if it is fluid, it can go right in there. It can cause an allergy, an irritation, so by having the milk and eggs together it gives the body the perfect combination of nutrients to produce mucus. But because it is not cooked, it will not produce mucus just to get rid of itself. It will only produce mucus to get ride of toxicity that is stored in the tissues and to help protect the tissues. It will pull the stored toxicity into the mucus.

A person who has allergies has a lot of scar tissue from toxins in areas of the face. When they start dumping, they can dump right into the mucus membranes; that is what a cold or a flu is. So what happens is, when you have a cold or a flu, that is why you put out so much mucus - because it is going out through the mucus membranes. If you have to produce a lot of mucus because if it is passing through and you do not have that mucus there, it could damage the mucus membranes; they will scar and it won’t work at all.

If you did not have mucus, you could not have enjoyable sex; there are lots of people who do not have enjoyable sex because they have no mucus.

Q: Honey butter combination

The butter is mainly a fat that is so easily utilized and broken down in the body, rapidly. It can get into the tissues and protect you very quickly. It is there to bind with the toxins; it is there to lubricate the system; it is there to give you energy and will do all three. It does not sooth the nerve tissue as much. Cream is better for that. Butter can be utilized in 3 hours. Cream in 6-8 hours

The honey provides the body with enzymes to search out proteins to be able to utilize the fats properly, either as a lubricant for protection or as fuel for energy or as detoxifier as a solvent. It delivers it and makes it available instantly and there is is about 10% sugar in the unheated honey so it gives it that proportion that is necessary to make a slight bit of alcohol to utilize the fat as a fuel or solvent. The only time I recommend 50- 50 is in an emergency situation otherwise I recommend it 1honey to 4 or 5 parts butter

Q: Mushrooms?

A: Mushrooms are the fruit of mycelium; it helps break down toxic connective tissue. Lets say you have capillaries, all kinds of connections circulating through your system where there is blood, lymphatic. You have all these places to circulate lymph blocked and neurological information and fluids. If these get jammed and locked up, the mushrooms produce a substance that breaks those down readily. That is what they do in the ground and what they do to roots.

Q: Should we eat mushrooms an a regular basis if on the raw diet?

A: That all depends. If you want at heavy detox, then go ahead. If you eat it with the meat, it will help you digest the meat. It will help break it down. But if you eat a lot of it, it will cause a heavy circulatory detoxification which may not be bad. Shitake will do it. They are highly genetically bred.

Q: What about kombucha tea?

A: It is all garbage – you have to cook it to make it. It is not a real mushroom.

Salmon is a very heavy oil, one of the hardest to break down. He had some milk with it and some onion. Then you have a gaseous reaction. His liver started detoxing and it couldn’t handle that combination. Vitamin A in Salmon is difficult to digest. If you have a lot of salmon you do not want to drink a lot of milk.

For some people, I will recommend that they eat liver and eggs but Daniel was chronically fatigued and has lots of bile stored throughout his system. Liver is a gland that is 60-80 % fat already. Then he puts an egg with it with lots of fat. Then what happens? Too much oil in the liver, so the liver has to reject some of the oil that the liver has stored in it - so what kind of oil do you think it is going to reject? Bile!