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                            Q&A Of November 18, 2007


A: I guess people got my email this morning that I wrote last night about all
the lobbying thatfive of us did. Five of us were in Washington D.C.. I went May
28th and stayed until August first. We lobbied congress almost five days a week.
We had meetings with senators and representatives, two to probably seven a day.
Very rare that there were seven a day. We had meetings with them; we convinced
them that raw milk was a safe and good thing. Out of five hundred and thirty
seven, we only saw seventy six. It would have taken probably a year to see all
of them. However we did have a plan to go to each office with the report that I
had printed ..just the printing alone was fifteen thousand dollars.

Q: Wow.

A: ... and the rental of the unit was ten thousand, for the house. It is very
expensive to live in DC in a nice neighborhood. So a family out of Colorado
funded the whole thing. So it was very good. So we went to Ron Paul's office.
His chief assistant Norman Singleton said 'you want a bill - we'll write a bill
for you'. I said 'okay let me see how many co-sponsors we can get before you
write it'. We had about seventy representatives and senators who agreed to sign
on as co-sponsors if they would get somebody to write the bill. Well, Ron Paul
was way out there, so I was afraid for him to write the bill, even though he's
an M.D.. He's a doctor so it would be perfect to have an M.D. write it; however
the stature that he accumulated in the past few months is incredible. So we've
been writing the bill for the past six or seven weeks. We were tossing the bill
back and forth. Rewriting it to make it as simple as possible like one paragraph
or less. Three sentences we were trying to whittle it down to law. He did the
final write of it and he submitted the bill to congress on November fifth and
just last Thursday, Dennis Kucinich and Peter Welch signed on as cosponsors. So
in the e-mail that I sent this morning, or during the middle of the night, I
asked people who considered themselves pretty savvy about raw milk, who
understand it, to call these seventy representatives and get them to sign on as
co-sponsors like they promised they would if we got somebody to submit a bill.
So we need people who can get on the phone in this next week and call everybody.
I will be calling some. I've got this other California law that passed that’s
going to wipe us out of milk in California. So I need people who can call in the
next two weeks to get as many to sign on as possible.

Q: ...the ability to drink milk or have milk pass state lines?

A: Right now it's outlawed. The FDA is using that as a reason to say 'raw milk
is bad' but if this law is delivered to congress by an M.D., they're going to
have a hard time using that defense anymore. I'm also planning to do a class
action suit with them, starting somewhere around April, but this class action
we're going to do against the California law legislature is about the law that
was just signed in by the governor on...I think it was October tenth or
something like that...October eighth...somewhere around there. The governor
signed it in to make the regulations for the raw milk, for the coliform count,
so strict that the milk will pass no more than fifty percent of the time. That
way, it will put the raw dairy producers out of business because they won't be
able to afford to stay in business. The same thing happened to Stuvies here in
Los Angeles. The county health commission did that very same thing. So I took it
to the legislators; I showed them all of the documentation that raw milk was a
good thing. Vicky Yun who was the doctor - Vicky Yun who was head of the health
department at the time - issued a five page letter to the board of supervisors
stating that it killed children - like one girl: she had really drowned in a
lake. It had nothing to do with salmonella. So I showed that every statement
that he put in the letter was false. He was fired a week later. They had to,
because he had set them up for a suit. I was getting ready to file a suit on
them. So with him having created all this false information, it was blatant that
they were prejudiced, in creating a situation of fraud to defraud the public of
the raw milk. So of course the bill passed four out of five, so close to
unanimous so we got the milk. So now we're facing the same thing: the state did
it - passed that law. So I have to go on a class action suit. I just got an
attorney who’s going to help. he's not licensed in California but he's
a.constitutional attorney out of Washington state. He’s the head professor at
Pepperdine for Constitutional Law so he’s agreed to do it for half price.
Three hundred and fifty an hour instead of seven hundred an hour. So we need
your donations. I have enough to probably get us all the way through to the
court steps with donations already, but if it goes to court then of course we're
going to need the extra money, another thirty thousand to get us through the
court. They don't want to do it pro-bono because that means if there is money,
that we get it. It’s all going to go to the attorney and we'll see five
dollars a piece, or something like that. I don't think attorneys deserve that
kind of money to go on pro-bono. That’s like a hundred percent interest on the
money. Not right, but then it is a high risk - a gamble - but everything’s a
risk when you’re investing with the U.S. in a savings account. So, we need
your donations to help out here. I'll be getting another large donation of
twenty five thousand from the [...] family this February. They give twenty five
thousand. That’s why I had to wait two years to receive seventy five thousand
before we could go to Washington DC to do that. That whole episode cost about
forty thousand.

Q: To be in Washington?

A: To be in it two months. That was pretty good. Most lobbyists charge a
hundred thousand a month for a lobby.

Q: Did you have to pay them?

A: No we did it ourselves. All the expenses. For five of us you know all the

Q: [Laughter]

A: The amount of food people eat.

Q: [Laughter]

A: I know you are. He's skinny now but all of us ate well and Nathan did a lot
of work there. He made our food for us. He wasn’t there the whole time he came
about a month later; it would be about four weeks after we were there. So he
prepared our food for us and even went shopping and then did a lot of computer
work too. We all worked very hard and very long hours. We worked very hard to
make raw milk available and then for them to pull this clandestine thing
in...California state legislators. They slipped a one page bill that nobody
noticed into the farm bill regulating raw milk and it didn't belong in there,
they snuck it in. So of course Schwarzenegger grew up on raw milk, he trained
with raw milk and now he’s warned California not to drink raw milk. So I'm
sure he wouldn't have signed it if he had seen it but he's the only one that can
issue a letter to the health department and say back of 'you cannot enforce this
law 'and he can do that. He can't rescind the law, I found out from the
constitutional attorney. He can't rescind it...what he had to do...if he was
going to rescind it he had to do it within thirty days. He didn't

Q: Did he know the truth?

A: No, he'd already signed it before anybody found out about it.

Q: So he signed...

A: To late yeah, he had thirty days to rescind it, he didn't do it.

Q: Why is that?

A: He wouldn't have signed it. He would have had it rejected from the bill,
from the farm bill, because he's for raw milk - unless he's in the hands of big
corporations like Enron because he's in Enron's lap. and the Bush family, he's
heavily in the Bush family so he may have... I doubt he knew about it; I doubt
he would have let that fly. Yes?

Q: Did Kucinich turn the...

A: I will be in touch with them again on Monday - tomorrow - because they
couldn’t tell me anything at that point. I’ve got an attorney in San
Francisco who looks like he will be doing the submitting of the law and the
briefs and the injunction and the law suit itself um. Martin, Charlie Sheen and
Emilio Estevez they will go and do a press release when we file the suit. They
will be part of the law suit to get us some publicity because all you have to do
is make enough noise and the health department doesn't want to be seen as a bad
guy and the government doesn't want to be seen as the bad guy so that’s what
I'm getting done. I'm also going to try Leonardo DiCaprio. Now Martin Sheen and
Leonardo worked on the Departed film that was released last year and won all
those awards . so Martins gonna call Leonardo and Leonardo was raised on raw
milk because he was a patient of Paul Fleiss you know who was a pediatrician. It
looks like everything is going very well but I don't know if we'll be able to
get Leonardo because he’s probably one of the busiest actors there is. Raised
on raw milk, he’s one of the brightest young minds we have.

Q: He did that that eleventh hour documentary also.

A: Yes

Q: It was very good, about planetary survival.

A: He's a very conscious young man. Okay so I'm going to start

Q: Did you bring the books to sell?

A: Yes I brought one of each, somebody called and asked me to bring them, it
was you? Okay. So I have one of each that I brought. In the car I have lots of
recipe books but I don't have any more of We Want To Live right now.

Q: They've got them on the site.

A: Oh the website. Also if you want to get the downloadable versions, the PDF
versions, you don't have to go through the index that way. You know in the book
you have to through it . If you have it on your computer, you just put the word
that you want and you can click on every spot that relates to what you want. You
just click through those pages. And it’s the same cost as the hard bound
books. So it’s good to have both for quick reference if you want to reference
something quickly without having to go through the hard cover books. The only
place those are available is on the we want to...the two is the
number 2. We want 2 (number) Live dot com okay? Alright.

Q: Aajonus before you start, on the legal thing is OPD [Organic Pastures Dairy]
and Claravale - are they working with you on this?

A: No, I don't want them working with me. I want their separate suits.

Q: Or they're doing their own?

A: Because we're gonna go at them...I'm thinking C laravale's attorney is doing
one and then Mark has his own attorney so we're going to go at the state of
California with three law suits.

Q: Oh wow, okay.

A: Because - it’s always better - because a judge can’t get by with
throwing out three. They may get away with throwing out one of the cases but
he’s not going to.. no judge is going to get by throwing out all three cases.
Even if they threw out mine, we're in federal court overnight because it’s a
federal issue; it’s a constitutional issue. It’s even in the California
constitution but I've dealt with California before and ended up having to take
them to federal court to deal with them so I'm not worried about all that. It
just means more money.

Q: Who started this against the milk industry?

A: The health department.

Q: Did they just want to deprive us of as much nutritional food as possible
because it's big business? Disease is big business to doctors and
pharmaceuticals. It’s like 'keep the nutritional fare very very low so none of
our brains can grow and you get stronger, get more intuitive on what’s really
right for us'.

A: And you know this stuff made me... You know, I was autistic when I was
twenty two and I started drinking the raw carrot juice and raw milk. Within
about ten days of drinking those, all of a sudden my know I was
able to read! I was able to comprehend language for the first time in twenty two
years! So for me it’s the raw milk. They don't want good minds; they want
people sick and subservient.

Q: Yes, like little dummies.

A: Yep.

Q: Like following the sheep.

A: The entire educational system... If you look at who created the educational
system - mainly the Rockefellers - and the Rockefellers are known to want to run
the world, rule the world. They have ways and all kinds of ideas on how the
educational system should be set up to make us dumb and there’s a few books on
it - on how the Rockefellers wrote the whole didactic approach to our
educational system in America. Okay let’s get off of all that politics now.

Q: In how many states is Raw milk illegal?

A: Well, there are only fifteen states that allow it outright. Most of the
states where you can get it, it’s not available in stores except in
Connecticut and California. Otherwise you can buy it at a farm. So that’s the
only way you can get it is buy it at the farm or have somebody who gets it from
the farm and distributes it. That’s what I created all over the United States.
We have the Rawsome club here; we've got branches of the Rawesome all over just
spelled differently. This Rawesome has an E after the R, A, W and the
E...S.O.M.E the other Rawesome clubs throughout the United States are Rawsome
and what I do is we lease the herds or chickens or flocks or whatever it is. The
club leases the herd or flocks, the herds, whatever it is, for milk or meat. The
co-op for the Rawesome club leases it so that they own the herd; they own all
the product. So the farmer works for us by taking care of the cows, feeding the
cows, housing themand milking, bottling the milk and delivering it to wherever
we need it delivered or pick it up from them. So we pay them per bottle or per
pound, whatever it is, whether its meat or eggs or dairy. We pay them per bottle
for handling all that. So that is a sure fire way. Pennsylvania tried to -was
the first one the FDA - shoot that down in court. I wrote the legal documents
for it, sixty six page and a nineteen page one because they were going into
court on the same day as these two farmers. So I had my Milk Report [Petition
and Report in Favor of Natural Milk] that took up fifty three pages of the
seventy two pages and the rest was a declaration that we are not commercial. The
FDA, the health department, has jurisdiction over commercial dairy only. This is
not commercial. This is private enterprise. This club's members own the dairy.
They're not buying it - so we can ship it across any state line we want; we can
do anything with it. We don’t have to label our milk, we don’t have to label
our meat, we put on the contracts. Each member has to sign a contract that says
we want bacteria like E-coli, Salmonella, and trichinosis. If you signed with
Rawesome club you've read what I wrote so it completely takes you out of any
jurisdiction that they can have. LA County came after Rawesome here to close
them down. James and everybody just freaked out because they were intimidated so
I called the health department and I said listen, your guy trespassed, there is
no trespassing except for members. Your guy trespassed, he broke the law. We
will not press charges but you're going to have to leave us alone because we are
not commercial, we are private. You have jurisdiction over commerciality only.
We don't want to see you again, thank you very much. That was the end of it,
they haven’t bugged us in three years.

Q: [Laughing]

A: So I sent them a copy. I sent them a copy of the lease agreements that we
have with our farmers that show that we own the milk and then the club members
agree, showing that everything out of the counties and states complies with
federal regulations because you are only allowed to have so much bacteria, we
say 'we want all we can get'.

Q: [Laughing]

A: We don’t want any kind of antiseptics - no chlorox, no bleach, no nothing
- near our food. We want bacteria so with that kind of a representation they
took it to their attorneys and they got back to me a week later and said
' are right'. We took it to the court, I didn't even go with the
farmers. I just wrote out the documents for them proper. Prose is federal,
proper is state or local. So they took their documents in there and the judge
said 'are you sure you want to bind this against you?'. And the health
department said 'no, we don’t'. So they just dropped it. They dropped the
charges for selling milk without certification and without permits and I said
'we don't need permits, we're not selling it for public'.

So all my farmers that we contract with for all the different clubs - most of
the dairy comes from Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania who supply even to my
clubs in Florida. So they have those contracts are set up now. Sally Fallon who
had a good idea but it doesn't hold up in court all the time. She has a cow
share agreement. That means you know if a judge takes you into court and says
'how much of the cow do you own?'... 'do you own the ear, do you own the legs.
Who owns the udders...the milk belongs to the udders'? A judge can pull crap
like that. So having a cow share program has been outlawed in several states and
it’s been rejected in courts. can lease anything, you can lease it
out. You can lease a person, a home, a chair or a plate. You can lease anything
in our country. If they shot down one lease all the others could tumble so they
don't touch leases. It’s a sure fire way, a method, of ownership and you the
leasee are the owner of that property as long as the lease contract is in force.

Q: I wanted to just ask you something about...if this would be appropriate to
put up on my window. I wove this material here. It’s sort of like a plastic
that I spray and seal my windows, so that air doesn't go through. This is for
when they chemically spray our air. If that’s a good thing to put up in the
window. It’s plastic.

A: Well, you've got a powder here that they use to keep the plastic from
sealing to each other when melted and form it so that powder is very toxic -
probably more toxic than what they're dumping in the air. So if you’re going
to do that, you need to wear a mask. Spread those out on your driveway out there
and then hose them down and wipe them down to get that stuff off.

Q: Just hose them down and then wipe them off, that’s...

A: Yeah and then you can cake them around your windows.

Q: Okay.

A: For that, yeah. And if you’re going to do that .. this is how many mils -
oh its three point six six millimeters. That's very thick and you don't need
anything that thick but it’s okay.

Q: What should I get?

A: It probably will tear less easily so it’s probably better to use this if
you want to use it repeatedly.

Q: And it’s all I need to do, spread them out and hose them down.

A: Hose them down and wipe them off.

Q: Wipe them off.

A: Wipe them dry so you get all that powder off.

Q: Okay.

A: Okay? Okay. Do you have a question?

Q: I have sleep apnea. Is there any nutritional stuff to help that?

A: Well, if you have true sleep apnea - where you can't sleep any time of the
day - that’s a severe protein deficiency. Sometimes a person candigest the
protein but not utilize or assimilate it because they don't have enough fat. So
that can be a problem now. If you have sleep apnea, your inability to sleep is
because you can't sleep at night time - that’s not sleep apnea. That means
your nervous system is detoxifying and you can't sleep usually between midnight
and five o'clock in the morning. If you go to sleep earlier you'll usually wake
up somewhere around two o'clock and you won't be able to go back to sleep until
around five thirty. That’s usually how it works. If you try to go to sleep at
midnight you won’t be able to and you won’t be able to sleep until like five
O'clock in the morning. You may doze a little bit, but when the nervous system
is detoxifying like that it’s like a person who's had a head injury and you
can't let them go to sleep because they may not wake up. They could go into a
coma. So when the nervous system is detoxifying during the night time - that’s
when it detoxifies ninety five, ninety two percent, something like that - it
detoxifies the brain. It detoxifies at night; everything else is shut down but
the heart and the lungs and neurological activity in the brain. So if you can't
sleep at night, it’s not really sleep apnea – okay? It's your nervous system
detoxifying. So what you have to do is sleep five thirty in the morning until
seven. You have to go to work, go to sleep at eight O'clock in the evening, up
by one or two o'clock in the morning and then do something constructive between
one thirty, two o'clock and five thirty in the morning. If you try to sleep and
you can’t you are just going to drive yourself crazy. Okay?

Q: What helps to increase blood pressure

A: To increase the blood pressure? Onions or garlic or both - and it just take
a little bit.

Q: Onions and garlic?

A: Onions and garlic.

Q: Together or separately?

A: Well you can have them together or separately but it doesn’t take a lot.
In fact having too much can create the opposite effect - it can lower it. Most
people take garlic and onions to lower blood pressure when they eat a lot of it
but it raises it when you have a little in certain people like in me,. If I have
Garlic - a little sliver - I will be horny for days. It just drives me crazy. It
just raises my blood pressure, raises hormone levels and everything. So it
depends upon the individual.

People who usually, naturally have low blood pressure that’s the way it
works. It works the opposite. It works to raise it instead of lower it.

Q: What amount?

A: It depends upon the person. Start off with a sliver. What I have used for
years: I'll take a garlic...a little garlic clove - one out of the whole bunch -
and I'll peel it or pearl it and take a very thin like a thirty to a sixteenth
of a inch slice out of the center. Then I'll blend that with a whole cup of
butter to make garlic butter and that is enough to get me going so it depends
upon the individual. But you can start off with a little amount and raise it if
he needs too.

Q: Gets a little excited...

A: Well it’s just to raise blood pressure up.

Q: Okay.

A: For him yeah. I mean it’s the same for me. It raises my blood pressure so
high. It also starts the sexual thinking and that’s just a small amount. It
used to work. When I was very ill I could eat that much. Ot would raise my blood
pressure but not cause hormones to raise or anything like that. He's not a well
individual so you know he may need just that much to get his blood pressure up
without exceeding the other functions, disturbing them, promoting them. Okay? Do
you have a question?

Q: Yeah what about dental amalgams?

A: She askedabout dental amalgams which have a lot of mercury. They're like
twenty five to thirty percent mercury and of course mercury is...methyl mercury
is mercury even when its solidified and crystallized into a metal born of
alloys. It is still highly toxic and its liquid it will link with your body
acids and get up into the nerves and go into the brain. So when you have those
removed I suggest that people be on the diet at least two and a half years
before they do that because I've known some people... I had one fellow - I
pleaded with him. He had a severe chemical sensitivity and he was getting better
and better on the diet and everybody kept telling him on the internet 'oh, if
you had your amalgams removed it would change your whole life'. I said don't do
it, don’t do it, don’t do it. You’ve only been on the diet nine or ten
months; don't do it. He did it and he's never been the same since. He can't even
recover. So he’s having a hard time recovering

Q: Why?

A: Your body starts pulling the mercury out of the nerves. So you’re in a
constant detoxification. For one molecule of mercury it takes about a thousand
white blood cells to ten thousand white blood cells to harness that one molecule
of mercury to keep it from doing damage. That takes a hell of a lot of

Q: So you’re saying there’s no safe process to remove it?

A: No, you can be safe in your mouth and you may not inhale it but it’s the
nerves that are detoxing, that have collected all the mercury from those years
that you've had it in your teeth.

Q: You can take it out safely but...

A: Then the nerves start detoxifying.

Q: I didn't have to experience any detox when i went to this diet, I was on a
high sugar, high carbohydrate diet

A: Most people don't have bad symptoms if they go onto a good diet.

Q: I did feel better after about a month and a half after removing one amalgam

A: But that was one. And maybe one done every six months you might get away
with it. So you're risking it if you’re in bad shape. I always suggest people
wait two and a half years.

Q: If someone like me already has a lot of amalgams...

A: You don't want to take that risk.

Q: I don't want to...

A: Yours are from pesticides, agricultural poisons. It’s pretty bad and
dangerous. EDTA [ethylenediaminetetraacetate]

and all that.

Q: So do you think that I would ever be able to get the filling out?

A: Yeah, as I say, about two and a half years.

Q: Eating meat without fats?

A: Could you eat them without the fat?

Q: You’ve got the butter and cream on a daily basis.

A: Yeah, that would be fine if you want to lose weight. That’s why - in the
recipe book, under weight loss - you have meat without any kind of fat with it,
except for a little bit just so you don’t dry out completely. So you eat lots
of eggs and meat without much fat to pull the fats off of the body, if you want
to lose weight.

Q: How about a person who has fat from bad foods, will the fat in the body help
with detox?

A: Well any kind of fat, good or bad, will bind with poisons. That’s why -
even if it's bad fat - people who have bad fat are still healthier than people
who are skinny. That is because those fats bind with poisons. So I like people
who are this weight right here because she’s well protected. like somebody who
has weight like this because they're well protected unless they get so old with
toxins and it starts breaking down their body. The fact that they maintain in
good quality. If you have that much fat on this diet you shouldn’t have to
worry about any kind of imposition of systems. So I like fat, fat is very
important and I know you're saying 'you don't look fat, Aajonus'. I’m twenty
seven percent body fat. For a man, that is fat. It’s just that raw fat
molecules are very tiny. When you cook and heat fat they swell ten to fifty that...fifty times their normal size! So these fat molecules get
huge when they're supposed to be tiny. So I'm full of fat but you just don’t
see it because it’s small, small molecules.

Q: So the raw fat actually interests me the most because I read your book and I
read how you healed your son neurologically by feeding him raw fat. My concern
is I want to eat a lot of raw fat but I don’t want to gain a lot of weight. I
do want to kind of...because I suffer from depression. I don't want to take
prescription pills. I don't want to become an alcoholic which could be. It’s
on the brink of it sometimes so I am interested in replenishing myself
neurologically but not gaining a lot of weight.

A: Okay, first of all a depression and psychological problems are all a
response. If it isn't a drug, it’s a response in your colon. You don't have
enough E-coli. The E-coli is the last stage of digestion for breaking down the
fat and protein molecules into the finest, tiniest little molecules to feed the
brain and the nervous system. If you have psychological problems, it is because
you have a low bacterial E-coli level in the colon. Period. That is it, unless
you’re taking some kind of medication that causes alterations or destruction
of the E-coli - or the body is using the food that would normally be produced by
the E-coli for the brain and nervous system to be used to harness a chemical in
the body. So it’s either chemical response but it’s always an E-coli, a lack
of E-coli a nutrient product. Now take a look at this: we have hydrochloric acid
and other acids that go in and help dissolve food matter. Then we have bacteria
that go in and eat that and this excrement, its urination; all the secretions
are our food. That is the way the body works. We are animals. We eat shit, we
eat urine of bacteria. That is our food. The health department and medical
profession's bacteria theory was adopted in the late eighteen hundreds to
destroy mankind, to control mankind. The bacteria, if it is low bacteria in your
body you’re going to have a weak society, a very weak society. Vaccines are
one of the worst things to weaken our society. When I was a child - I mean an
infant - even I remember the workers on my grandparents farm throwing bales of
hay, ninety, sixty, ninety pound bales of hay up twelve foot into the loft. You
see these farmers now and these young guys, they can't even throw a ten pound
bail or fifteen pound bail. It’s all forklift. We've lost a good source of
health and constitution because of our anti-bacterial activities, and to try and
get rid of disease - which is really poisonous. The vaccines all contain
mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, ether and detergent. The amount of mercury that
they use - even though you'll see now preservative-free - they’re not
mercury-free. They just changed. They used to call mercury a preservative. Now
they're calling it an anti-bacterial and anti-septic. They just changed the name
of it but it’s still mercury. They've gone from seventy six quadrillion
molecules of mercury to fifty six quadrillion molecules of mercury. When I did
my laboratory work it only took three thousand molecules of mercury to make two
CC's of fluid sterile. Why would they be using seventy six quadrillion molecules
of mercury and almost an equal amount of aluminum and formaldehyde in a two CC's
of a vaccine? To hurt you; that is the only reason. That’s the only logical
sense about it. It’s to hurt you. Nobody’s challenging it because all the
people who work for the pharmaceutical industry are under contract so they'll be
whistle blowers and we just don’t have a whistle blower yet. We have one. One
came out. Go to John Rappaport's site, that’s called no fake news - . I put up the E-mail without his permission and
wrote it a little bit at the interview with him and that man...that man from the
vaccine industry. It tells a lot about that particular activity and how vaccines
are no good and they've never proved to be good and they're just nonsense. So
your E-coli is destroyed. How do you get the nutrients if your E-coli is
damaged? high meat?

Q: Yes

A: You let the bacteria that's in the meat naturally digest and eat it and its
already digested for you. You don't have to rely upon what you don’t have, to
do that. That’s why people who've been on psychotropic drugs, like the girl
and one of the guys who was on Ripley’s believe it or not, when we ate all the
high meat. There one woman had been on psychotropic drugs for twenty two years,
twenty three years. Seven a day and when she started eating the high meat, no
more drugs, just like that.

Q: So you mean high meat as in high quantities?

Q: [Laughing]

A: I mean foul, stinky smelling meat.

Q: Oh right.

A: Yeah.

Q: Oh god.

A: Just put a nose clip. It’s only scary because you're taught to be afraid,
that’s it’s gonna hurt you. It’s all false. In fact you will get healthy,
the Eskimos do it because they go through a freezing time of the year.
Everything is destroyed by the freezing bacteria. So in September every year
they'll eat a couple of pounds each of this stinky high foul meat and the kids
smell it and they jump around like its candy.

Q: [laughing]

A: It stinks so bad.

Q: [laughing] but they obviously know how good it is.

A: It’s all predigested so you’re eating it already digested. All those
nutrients go immediately to your brain and nervous system. That’s why you’re
giddy and happy within ten, twenty minutes after eating it

Q: Oh I just wanted to know if it actually replenishes the colony of E-coli.

A: It doesn't really. It could help. It depends on what poisons
are dumping into the colon. Those are the ones that destroy the E-coli you know.
If you are taking medication, you've had a vaccine, of course your intestinal
environment, your E-coli is gonna be destroyed for quite a while. Why do you
think a lot of children go into depression for a year after a vaccine, after a
round of vaccinations? They get more irritable. Look at the kids nowadays in
their teens. In New Jersey, they give a hundred and twenty eight vaccines. In
California it is a hundred ninety two now by the time your fifteen and a half.
You sign that waiver on the back and you wonder why these kids are depressed and
have anxiety and their never satisfied. They don't want you satisfied; they want
you consuming, consuming, consuming. Food doesn't have any nutrition in it. Its
processed, you're always going to be hungry and eating and eating and eating
unless you are anorexic then you can’t because you're so nauseous from all the
poisons you can't eat. Most people are over eating constantly. I know people who
eat tons of food and can't gain an ounce of weight, every day. Jeff Slay was
that way. He was on the diet five months. You look at him. You know, his picture
is on the website on You can see the difference between
somebody who spent good raw nutrition and then processed nutrition - a whole
different thing entirely. The E-coli is very important. Now my E-coli was
destroyed from chemo and radiation therapy’s. I was depressed as a child from
all the medication so it was just continuous and I was suicidal from the time I
was six to eight years old. That I can remember until I started eating enough
meat ...when I started eating kefir and yogurts, raw kefir and yogurts. That
started alleviating my severe depression and suicidal tendencies. Of course
after chemotherapy I was even homicidal, I wanted to track down Reagan and kill
him. Any excuse to kill somebody - that’s the kind of angst that I had inside.
All this high anxiety from having my E-coli destroyed. You can replenish the
brain and nervous system by eating high meat. I have one fellow who was
chemically sensitive who hated people. So anti-social - he was homicidaland he
was on medication. He became a landscape artist so he didn't have to deal with
people and he was on and off the diet. After he heard about the diet, he was on
and off the diet for a year and a half. Of course when you’re having those
psychological problems and you’re eating good food and its not feeding your
brain and nervous system, not going to help your brain and nervous system so
he’s on and off the diet. So I finally convinced him to eat the high meat. It
changed his life. He now eats one to two pounds of the high meat a day. He
won’t eat any fresh meat. He’s a bear of a guy. He is now the funniest
congenial person that I've ever met and this is a person who hated people. The
last time I went there to do a workshop and seminar he had three, 'ten'
girlfriends. How did he get one girlfriend into a situation where she’s a
girlfriend - both of them are girlfriends in the same room. He had three of them
all supporting because he is so funny and so charming and such a great guy and
that’s what he does. He eats only high meat because that’s what he needs.
Now maybe in another ten or fifteen years his colon will cleanse to the point
where he can grow and breed and support the E-coli in his intestines but that
isn't the way it is right now. Some people only need ping pong ball sized
through the whole week and that takes care of it, other people need to eat a

Q: and you mentioned raw kefir in yogurt?

A: No, raw kefir and raw yogurt; those are predigested proteins. In the human
body you know at least those are broken down way in advance of going into your
system. So your bacteria and your intestines can break that down and feed on
that bacteria. Then when it gets to the colon, the E-coli can do it easily and
take care of you even if you don't have good colonies of it. It is already so
reduced that when they get a hold of it, it can produce it pretty easily. The
meat has protein concentrations like tryptophan that are not high in milk,
they're high in meats and tryptophan is good for relaxing, for sleeping, for
things like that. That is still not quite the value that high meat can give you
but it can still take care of a lot of the problems psychologically.

Q: instantaneous?

A: Within ten to twenty minutes, I've only had one person that didn't react in
ten to twenty minutes. He wasn’t that depressed anyway.

Q: And that’s how you experiment individually, like on how much you need?

A: Right, on how much is proper for your system. Now if I were to do a consult
with you and I could see you colon I can tell you the likelihood of how much you
would need and how long it would take your intestines to be clean enough to
foster and nurture the E-coli on your own.

Q: It was actually part of my question. When you do our individual
consultations do you conduct different tests like blood work...?

A: No I do iridology and then I check the glandular activity and the blood and
everything else by hand. Similar to the Chinese method but I did all of my own
because the Chinese method was built on the Ayurvedic system which is prejudiced
toward yin and yang, hot and cold. It’s too narrow of an arena to be able to
distinguish what I need to distinguish.

Q: Didn't you mention looking at the colon and how would you do that?

A: It’s in the iris.

Q: Oh it’s...

A: It’s in the iris. Yep all through the iris

Q: I had many tests with a doctor...and they tested my lungs too...

A: Okay, let’s just take a look at this test. This is going to show you how
ridiculous tests are. You have to understand that the pharmaceutical industry
has made sure that they have created tests that convince you to take drugs, take
medical therapy, okay? Now, if you've got a high ketone level in your blood they
automatically say you've got a kidney problem. Ninety percent of people who have
high ketones don’t have a kidney problem but they want you to think you have a
kidney problem so that you start taking medication and treatment for kidney
problems and guess what, the medication from the kidney problem usually creates
kidney problems so you say 'yeah they were right I've got kidney problems'.

Q: [Laughing]

A: So you have to be very careful. I don't accept their tests. Not one of them
because - look what they're doing! They're taking a shot of your blood, a
photograph of your blood for one moment in your life and they're basing all of
this stuff about your health on a blood test. Oh, well it’s got to be this
chemistry and this balance well everybody is so different. So all of these tests
are ridiculous. I'm talking about blood tests, chemical analysis. You go for a
colonoscopy. You go up there and see cancer what do they want to do? Surgeries,
chemo, radiation. This doesn't nurture the body. This destroys the body more.
It'll make you sicker in the long run. According to Hardin B. Jones - who has
been the head of medical physics and physiology at Berkley for I don't know how
many years - headed the oncology department there.... he testified before the
California senate in congress that his research, his follow up on people who had
cancer and therapies: the people who were diagnosed with cancer and refused
therapy at Berkeley lived an average of twelve and a half years. The people who
were treated lived an average of three years. That tells you right there that
they're telling you will help extend your life.

Q: I have cut my ligament and they did surgery.

A: You cut your ligament? What makes you think it is going to grow back?

Q: … had to sew it back

A: Why did they sew that?

Q: I had to.

A: It would grow back; if you are on this diet it will grow back. I ripped
thetendon from here. I got a rope on them here and here and here. Just last
March fifth I ripped this one down here and this one up here this one
down here and this one up here.

Q: Totally ripped?

A: Pardon?

Q: Totally?

A: Oh yeah, completely ripped them off the bone and they were bundled up here
and here. Within a week they had grown back and attached. I still had a slight
bit of pain there and I split the Tibia in two. They said I would never walk
again. I would never be able to stand again unless I had surgery.

Q: [Laughing]

A: I didn't have any surgery.

Q: [Laughing]

A: The leg doesn't stretch all the way completely yet, it’s straightened but
it’s still...

Q: I needed surgery.

A: If you have surgery what do they do? They put chemicals in there and then
they put in the anti-septic. Its either merthiolate or mercurochrome. Both of
those are liquid Mercury. Or Iodine which is highly anti-bacterial just like
mercury is only it's radioactive if you get an X-ray.

Q: They said they could just sew it together...

A: They always coat you with something... with an anti-septic. They always coat
you inside and outside and its usually if they're using merthiolate or
mercurochrome or even the Iodine. It will look yellow - kind of orangish yellow.
If you took your bandage off you would have seen it. They do it on the inside so
it may be ten years before you heal. This one will heal in a year, completely
and this is a split tibia. I split the tibia in two in a motorcycle accident.
Ripped this and this. I ripped the tendons off of this ankle and shaved this
whole bone down on the pavement...shaved all this bone down on the pavement. You
don't see any scaring there. All the skin was gone.

Q: So what did you do besides...?

A: Well, what I did first was I put lime juice on it because lime juice is an
anti-septic. It will coat any particle that’s entered the body and coat it so
your body doesn't have to use white blood cells to surround it, so you don't
have a mass infection. Then I put coconut cream over that. Everything stings.
Then honey over that. Then the areas where I lost more than just skin, where I
had muscle and bone removed, I put thin slices of meat over that. Then I took
little pieces of plastic and then put that over so the meat wouldn't dry out and
then wrapped it in a ace bandage. That was all over the leg and all over this
arm all the way back to here so I had taken all the skin off and I healed all of
the skin in two weeks. Just this little bit of scaring here and here I had this
little bit of scar here that’s a dark color - that’s all I have left of it -
just a few little discolorations here.

Q: What should i do?

A: Stay on the diet and you'll heal eventually.

Q: I need the high meat?

A: Well, high meat isn't necessarily appropriate, that’s for the brain and
nervous system. Meat is good. Red meat and fish together would be good to heal
that a little quicker and you could put lime juice and coconut cream on the
outside to try to draw all those poisons out

Q: No operation?

A: I'm saying no operations. I went to the hospital because I thought...I was
in so much pain that I thought that my knee was dislocated because I had a lump
here and a lump here. The whole knee looked like this but after the x-rays it
just showed that was in place...and these tendons here had ripped and they were
bundled up like that...

Q: Did they grow back or...

A: They grew eventually grew this way and reattached; no...It was the other
way. There were lumps here because the pain was still here when it was ripped.
It was ripped from here, completely ripped from here and bundled up here,
bunched up here so in a week it grew all the way back. Right back to where it
was supposed to attach and it reattached.

Q: Did you stay off of it?

A: Oh I stayed off the foot for six weeks. I did very little you go
to the toilet, to get in a wheel chair for six and ah half weeks. I did go into
the ocean twice a week, once in the morning and once in the evening to walk. I
did walk in the ocean where my body was lighter so I walked about a mile each
day in the ocean - no two miles each day in the ocean - almost every day.

Q: Why in the ocean?

A: Well I didn't...for a few days I got them to turn the Chlorine level down on
the pool in the hotel I was staying . So I was stuck in a hotel for six and a
half weeks. I got sick and I started getting ear infections and tooth aches from
the chlorine even though they had reduced it for me in the pool. I stood by for
five days and that was it. I couldn't stand it anymore so then - the hotel was
about this far from the ocean. So that’s all I had to do was walk out there to
the ocean with my crutches through the sand and then I went into the ocean.
Exercise. Okay do you have a question?

Q: I'm still experiencing kind of like fogginess of mind. It comes and goes and
it always accompanies nausea and what feels like blood sugar drops and that
accompanied by irritability and anxiety. It kind of comes and goes in waves but
it still comes in waves.

A: Well, just remember whenever you get nauseous you are dumping poisons from
the stomach walls and the esophagus into the stomach. You'll get nausea from
that. That’s an indication to eat cheese. I don't care if it’s just a little
sugar cube sized amount, which is about half of a teaspoon of cheese. That may
be all it takes, but if it gets to dumping every few minutes you may have to eat
a sugar cube sized amount of cheese every ten to twenty minutes until the nausea
is relieved.

Q: With the dairy I get bloated

A: Bloated's good...bloated's good. Look at children, babies...they're all
puffed out in the stomach because they have to digest a lot of food at one time
and then provide it to stretch it out to the rest of the body to grow. If you
want to gain weight that's when you have to get a big stomach and you have to
let that bloating go on for a while.

Q: What about rampant diarrhea?

A: Well then you should be drinking cold, are you drinking it cold?

Q: No, no.

A: Okay, then you better make kefir. I have that once in a while. When I can't
drink any fresh milk, I have to let it get thick in the Kefir but that's rare

Q: And you mentioned that for weight gain purpose eat eggs?

A: No, no not weight gain, that's weight loss.

Q: Because...?

A: I had some people eat only eggs because they don't digest. When you eat an
egg, an egg is the easiest food in the world to digest. It takes twenty three
minutes to digest an egg. Only three inches of your small intestine are utilized
to digest and absorb that egg. That means your body gets all this small,
pre-digested or easily digested liquid fat and protein. It goes right into the
system to heal - cleanse and heal - the body. So if you've got a bad digestive
tract you eat lots and lots of eggs, now not enough to lose weight. You have to
eat twenty five, fifty a day so you don't lose weight for somebody your size.
I've eaten up to fifty a day but if I eat let’s say only eggs all day long.
Twenty five and I won't lose weight. If I eat twenty two I'll still lose a
little weight. So I just need to find my level when I'm just doing an all egg
and when I do an all egg diet it’s because something is dumping into my
intestines poisoning the bacterial environment in there so they are not
digesting food particles anymore. I need to digest...I need to eat things that
don't require much bacteria and that's the egg, egg's the only one. It takes
milk a minimum of six hours to digest and that’s if its kefir. If it is whole
milk, un-kefir'd or yogurt...yogurized, then you’re looking at nineteen,
twenty hours to digest. Even twenty four hours to digest.

Q: Oh my god...

Q: And the high meat is that good for anyone?

A: If you’re depressed because - you’re getting nauseous - because those
poisons are getting in and poisoning your digestive tract, you'll need the
cheese to absorb the poisons and deal with your bloating.

Q: So bloating will go away? Like it won’t be there all day long will it?

A: Yep, usually it’s there all day long. You know it usually takes somewhere
around...depending upon how severe somebody's digestive system is... I've had
people deal with the bloating for about - if they never had a child - they can
get over it maybe in a year to a year and a half. They don't have to experience
regular constant bloating. If they've had a child then it could last three
years. If they've had a Cesarean it can last six years, the bloating. Okay, do
you have a question?

Q: Does eating pancreas help digestion?

A: Well, the pancreas does have a lot of hormones to pull nutrients out of your
body. It doesn't necessarily mean the pancreas is providing nutrients to do
that. It’s just providing you with your own hormones that it uses to attract
and recombine enzymes for enzymatic activity for us so when you take in an
enzyme from a food your body has to re-align, it has to fractionate it and then
have to realign it for the cellular structure of the human body. The pancreas is
mainly responsible for that. If you’re eating cooked foods the pancreas is
responsible to form hormones that leech it from the rest of the body, to provide
it and then of course that just spends your bank account. If you have that
reaction you know it’s best to just wean yourself off of the pancreas if you
don’t want to eat the pancreas all the time then eat more honey. More honey
with your meat, honey with butter because right now your body does not have to
work so hard because it’s got all the enzymes already inside all ready for
fractionation and recombining nutrients so your body hasn’t had to do anything
with it. If you wean yourself off, your body is going to start building its own
ability to do it. If your pancreas were healthy it wouldn't be doing that. It
wouldn't be taking a vacation. Do you have a question?

Q: Yes, anything to help with generating bone? I have your bone growth formula.

A: Does everybody know what the bone growth hormone stimulator is?

Q: No

A: It’s pineapple, like I say in the book, to help heal and regenerate bones.
Pineapple. Pineapple helps. I don't know if you've ever seen under a microscope.
Bones have a web system that grows out and then it fills in. Pineapple for some
reason stimulates this. Pineapple - I had it every day. I had a cup of it every
day, when I broke this leg, because I split that tibia in two and it was
separated in the back and they wanted to go in and push it back together and pin
it. Plus the tibia, the top of the tibia, looks like this and the top of the
bottom of the femur sits on it like this. It broke off the top of the tibia and
it jammed up in the femur. They said that there’s no way that the body can
dissolve that and get rid of it and that they'd have to go in surgically, go in
and cut here to here, open up the leg and do all the surgery and I said "shit if
I do that, that’s gonna take me five or seven years to heal just from your
surgery, you know" I can eat pineapple...

Q: ;Laughing]

A: … and they thought, 'this guy is crazy'. I was walking; I said, 'listen,
if I can’t walk in six weeks I'll be back for your services”. I was walking
without crutches within six and a half weeks. So it works. So eat pineapple
cheese and honey together. Any of those things. Cheese and honey together in the
mouth helps digest all the minerals and the fats and the proteins in the cheese.
Cheese when it’s raw will not digest. The body will always use it. In every
lab test I've done with any kind of animal, I've given them raw cheese. It
passes out the feces with toxins attached to it - which is good! That’s what
we want. Okay, if you’re eating cooked cheese, pasteurized cheese it’s all
fractionated anyway so it just attaches the poisons and stays in your body
instead of coming out. Now to get the cheese to digest... I've racked my brain;
honey is a digestive enzyme, a mainly digestive enzyme because when the bee
collects the nectar, the bee swallows the nectar, predigests it. It creates an
insulin-like substance which converts the sugar to carbohydrates into enzyme
structures to digest mainly protein and fats. So when you’re eating honey
that's unheated above ninety three degrees - when it’s not heated above ninety
three degrees - it has all of those insulin-like substances available for
digesting whatever food you are mixing with it. If you lack good digestive
enzymes, bacteria or the acids in your stomach, honey will help any kind of
digestion. So when you have the honey, eating it after the cheese, or before the
cheese and still it comes out in the feces. When you mix the cheese together in
your mouth or mix it...mash it together or make it into a cheese cake fill with
the honey that’s directly mixed into the cheese, it digests. So that’s where
you get your mineral supplement. That’s where you get your highest calcium,
magnesium, phosphorus, potassium. All of that to strengthen and take care of the
bones. If you’re taking a mineral supplement that is clay or anything else
thatis rock, you are not a plant. Plants eat rock. We are not plants. We don't
spend our lives in a pot, in the dirt absorbing minerals because it takes a
phenomenal amount of energy to eat rock and to make it into a bioactive form
like the plants do. We are mobile individuals. We need everything already in a
stage that can make us react instantly and that’s mainly meats and dairy and
eggs. That’s our main diet and if we’re too alkalinized, it’s like the
gorillas will chew a few leaves spit out the pulp and there they have some green

Q: Yeah…if gout comes from an inability to process uric acid and uric acid
comes fromdigestive proteins - is animal protein any different from vegetable

A: Well, if you have vegetable protein, you are already going to have vegetable
fats accompanying it. You’re also going to have a high amount of alkalinity.
That is not something that the body utilizes properly - so it’ll take you
twice as long to heal with that kind of mixture and also vegetable oils in the
human body. Remember, herbivores - animals that eat vegetation - have a body
temperature of a hundred and one to a hundred and five degrees, all the time. If
they go into a fever, it can get up to a hundred and seven degrees. - even a
hundred and eight, sometimes, a hundred and ten. Ours can go up to a hundred and
six point eight. That’s the highest I’ve ever seen and on this diet, no
brain damage. Even if it goes that high. Just eat some tomatoes and the vitamin
A and all of that acid in it will bring the temperature down anyway. Not that
you’d want it to, but if people start panicking. That’s what I suggest in
the book, if they panic from fever. The herbivore has a very high body
temperature so it handles the vegetable oils very well; it keeps them fluid. The
human body normal temperature is ninety eight point six and lower. If we use
vegetable oils in our cells to structure the cell it will have a tendency to
crystallize. That’s what causes hardening of the arteries and heart - not
animal fats. Again, they want to confuse you. Take a look at the tribes who only
eat cooked meat and almost no vegetables. They’ll chew on some vegetables once
in a while; eat a little bit of fruit like in New Guinea. These are ninety
percent cooked meat eaters. They have no arterial sclerosis and no heart

Q: They eat raw meat?

A: No, they eat cooked meat. They still won’t have it. That’s what I’m
saying: even cooked meat. Raw fats do not cause arterial sclerosis or heart
disease. Yet our medical profession and pharmaceutical industry are conditioning
you every day. They talk about drugs, they talk about food, advertising of food
'oh, this will lower your cholesterol level; this will keep you from hardening
and disease' and they’re selling margarine and vegetable oils which do just
that: create heart disease. When people mainly ate animal fats before pressed
oils came into fashion, how many heart attacks we’re there per year? How many
people died of heart attacks? One in five hundred thousand. Now what is it, one
in three. So we can’t listen to them because they’re just lying to us. So
your vegetable oils aren’t the problem. If you’ve got gout, that just means
you've got a lot of toxic proteins in your body from having been thin a long
time. When you're thin, you’ve got no fats to arrest the poisons. They go
intercellularly and damage your cells. Great example I like to use is I go
usually once every year and a half to Ashville North Carolina - a bunch of
hippies there.

Q: Earth haven.

A: Earth haven. I mean everybody there is a hippy from way back. Sixty, seventy
year old hippies. All the way up to young new-born hippies.

Q: [Laughing]

A: And they were all vegetarian. One of the guys therewas so sick and skinny! I
mean really, he looked like a raccoon. He had dark circles, black all around and
it went up above his eyebrows and all the way down to the bottom of his cheeks
and gray skin,. So he started doing the diet in the closet, all around these
vegetarians and he started blossoming and getting healthier and they were
saying, what are you doing? Can’t tell you…can’t tell you. So finally
after a year everybody started getting upset because they saw this
transformation in a year and he said 'okay, if I tell you have to promise me
that you cannot take any kind of action against me and you cannot kick me out of
here' and they agreed but they still tried to kick him out when he told them.

Q: [Laughing]

A: But then eighty percent of them within a year were on the diet. They were
raising pigs, chickens, goats and cows... milking and everything. So when I went
there to visit there was a huge transformation. All of a sudden during the third
year there a guy comes in and looks like he’s right out of a motorcycle gang.
Drug abuse and everything. Skin was thick and hardened, like he’d used drugs
and alcohol for twenty five, thirty years. So I had a consultation with him and
looking at his irises I said this is just not possible, you know are you from
this planet. You know because his insides were so clean and his skin showed me
that he had abused himself terribly with drugs and he admitted thirty years of
drug and cocaine andalcohol addiction and abuse. I said 'well, it doesn’t make
any sense. You are maybe twenty five pounds overweight'. He said “before I
went on your diet four months ago I was three hundred pounds”. Even bad fat
will protect you from toxins. Of course it’s going to make you sluggish.
There’s going to be lots of problems, functioning, breathing and stuff like
that - but at least your cells are protected. The poisons won’t go
intercellularly and damage the RNA and DNA of your cells and make you diseased.
Kills cells.

Q: Is that why people that are heavier don't have heart issues as much ?

A: Exactly. Fats are holding the poisons and not going out through the skin.

Q: That makes sense…always checked out his heart, everything’s fine.

A: Yup, but the medical profession tells you you are now over weight, it’s
terrible. Now they’re going after children. Why? They want to make the
children even sicker. They’re going against fat children. It’s the best
thing we can have is fat children, with the garbage that’s in the food. They
get rid of fat children and what are we going to have? We’re going to have the
same thing we had with killer monkeys. The skinny killer monkeys that go on all
this carbohydrate. They eat the fermented fruits and what do they do? They go on
a killing spree for twenty four to forty eight hours and kill everything in
they’re sight - snakes, other monkeys, tigers, moles, rats, birds... They kill
anything that they see. They hunt and they move fast because they’ve got all
that sugar alcohol in their systems and they are rapid and fast and they will
slaughter thousands of animals in twenty four hours.

Q: Can you elaborate on that?

A: These are killer monkeys in the jungles of Africa.

Q: Okay.

A: They feed on sugar, fermented fruit, very fermented fruit. Like figs.

Q: They’re called killer monkeys?

A: Killer monkeys. Theres another technical name for them.

Q: Well isn’t that like most monkeys or gorillas – primates - eat fruit and

A: Gorillas eat meat. Gorillas will eat forty to twenty ah…pounds of meat
every twenty eight days. At one time they will kill an antelope and they eat it
within a day or two.

Q: They do?

A: Yep. You see nobody hangs around with them to know that but John Goodall did
and made a film called The Beginning and he got an academy award for it in
seventy two. I shared an editing room with him and he told me that because he
lived with the apes for about eight months.

Q: But it’s not normal

A: They don’t do it every day. Nobody advertises this. The Gorillas…well
they’re laid back. They roll around, pick each other, they live a good life,
they live a good life. Rolling around with each other, play with each other.
Groom each other and eat green bananas. They don’t eat any ripe fruit, they
eat green. If you’ve ever tried eating a green banana... they eat the rind
with it.

Q: Might as well yeah.

A: The peel on it. They have all this digestive juice and fluid which digests
it, there’s no high sugar in it, lots of enzymes.

Q: I read in a book that mentioned that raw unripened pineapple or banana… It
didn’t sound very appetizing.

A: Once you make the change it’ll be a big difference. You’ll have less

Q: Less Fermented?

A: Well it ferments in the body. The high sugar causes stickiness in the brain
and nervous system fluid.

Q: So when it’s unripe there’s less…

A: Sugar, less fermentation.

Q: Meat is okay.

A: As long as it’s raw.

Q: And ah…

A: Tribes thatdo eat cooked meat you get gout, you get gout and you have a
little arthritis and rheumatism and some bone loss from eating all that cooked

Q: How about if I substitute a meat meal for a yogurt or some pre-fermented

A: That’s fine, yeah. That’s fine. Sometimes, when I’m having bone
problems…because I had cancer of the blood and bone - Multiple Myeloma -
sometimes I don’t eat meat for three or four days and I’ll eat dairy, dairy,
dairy, dairy. Lots of eggs and dairy and then my body will break with the meat
but that’s mainly people who have bone problems. Most people don’t need to
abstain from meat unless they have a bone problem or a gout problem; that’s

Q: What can you eat fermented milk with? anything?

A: Absolutely most anything. Anytime that you eat a dairy that’s pre-digested
you’re going to get a lot more from it, no matter what you eat it with. With
whatever you eat it, its fine. You can eat it with food or you can eat it with
fruit, fish, fowl, anything. Dairy will go with anything even vegetable juice
but it’s kind of a little contradictory there because when I give somebody
vegetable juice I don’t mean it to be utilized with the milk, I want it to
take care of the blood. So if you mix those together it’ll do something
different, it won’t put you in a bad situation but it won’t do what I want
to do which is alkalinize the blood, Okay. Do you have a question?

Q: Okay, yes. Regarding the diet you put on people who are sick from colds and
flus: does that preclude eating anything else on a regular routine?

A: No, in the recipe book on page one forty six I have the regimen I suggest
for people who have colds and flus. That is mainly milkshakes and one smoothie a
day. A smoothie is a milkshake with fruit in it, that’s what a smoothie is. In
it I suggest orange, maybe a little banana. If you’ve got soreness throughout
the body and the muscles or where ever, the high potassium in the banana will
help remove that and on a slow process because banana is one of the hardest
foods to digest. It is one of the longest fruits to digest so that is a good
slow time release as long as it’s not too ripe; as long as it’s not really
ripe at all. It should be half yellow half green at the most ripeness. So you
can if you feel fine eat meat, eat anything you want. Tat’s just for people
who are really overwhelmed with the cold or flu. Just remember, a lot of people
say 'I don’t want to eat the dairy, it creates mucus'. What the hell do you
think a cold and a flu are? They’re a detoxification through your mucus
membranes with some diarrhea involved in it. The mucus binds with those poisons
which are coming through those mucus membranes. It holds on to the poisons and
you want good mucus, you want lots of it to hold this poison because if it
doesn’t, its going to create more vomit and more diarrhea. So you want the
mucus to bind with it. So you want the dairy, you have to have the dairy. Now
the difference between cooked dairy, pasteurized dairy and raw dairy is that if
you drink pasteurized dairy a lot of the mucus that you form is to get rid of
the toxicity from the pasteurized dairy. When your body makes the mucus from raw
dairy it does not create mucus to get rid of the poisons in itself because there
aren’t any. So all that mucus will be used just on the poisons already in your
body to remove it from the system. Yes?

Q: Why do colds appear to be contagious?

A: Because they are seasonal. Okay, why does the sun rise when the the rooster

Q: What about a family getting it?

A: Not all of them get it. Why don’t all of them get it? If every household,
if everybody died, you could say there’s a good probability it’s a
contagion. But it isn’t. The bacteria that you find in one individual is very
different from another. It can be the same strain and whenever you hear, 'oh, we
fingerprinted the bacteria'. Big fricken deal. All finger printing does is tell
you the strain – the particular strain - of E-coli, listeria or salmonella. It
does not tell you anything about 'yeah, the bacteria that’s in you is the
exact same one that’s in the food you ate'. Absolutely bunko. So
fingerprinting bacteria is not like our fingerprints that are individual to the
person. My finger prints are on a crime scene. I was most likely there or I had
been there at that location at some time and I may be a suspect but did I do it?
Don’t know. In bacteria - in the fingerprinting of bacteria - all you know is
strain. That’s like knowing a race. Okay an Irish person was at the scene of
the crime, so okay we blame all Irish people for the crime. That’s what
happens when the health department and the pharmaceutical and medical industries
attack bacteria and say it’s contagious. It’s not contagious. Everybody has
bacteria in their body. Everybody is cleaning. Most families eat the same
things, the same garbage so of course they’re collecting the same kind of
poisons, relatively, uniformly together. So what happens? They detox together.
The whole planet detoxes together. That’s why we have a flu season – not a
flu epidemic or pandemic. You know they are advertising the avian flu epidemic,
pandemic soon, right? Plastered all over the news is this avian flu vaccine that
they created. That virus was active eighteen months ago. It’s not active now.
Flu's - Imean the viruses - flu’s are mainly viral detoxification. Colds are
mainly bacterial detoxification which can involve a little bit of virus. Okay,
so you don’t have a contagion involved in that. Viruses are not alive.
You’ve got no nucleus; you’ve got no respiratory system; you’ve got no
digestive system. They are protein structures that either disassemble or
reassemble and during flu you have specific viruses which will disassemble
certain kinds of tissue. So let’s say you are going to clean out your
respiratory system and the cell itself is cleaning out its respiratory system.
The viruses - you could have three hundred thousand viruses just for the inside
of all the various tissues within one cell. If the body had all those viruses
working at one time, the whole cell would dissolve. Your whole body would
dissolve and you would be dead and that’s what the pharmaceutical industry
wants you to believe. So they show you a little picture of one virus working to
dissolve a certain tissue and they say 'oh, it will spread and go all over and
it will destroy your whole body'. No, those viruses are specific to that
particular tissue. It will only disassemble that tissue. That is it and then
they say that it's contagious. Is Tide soap contagious?

Q: They use antibiotics to kill the virus

A: yes it does. Well they said to kill but yes. Thirty years ago doctor
understood that viruses are not contagious so they didn’t use antibiotics with
the virus. Pharmaceutical industry says hey we can make a lot of money just say
that they’re alive and contagious so now they’re giving antibiotics for
viral infections. It’s the most absurd thing in the world. Going on their
premise even. Yes?

Q: So when you say that it’s a lie, that people say a hundred years ago would
catch a cold and die. Is that not true?

A: Not true. You have to understand people froze to death all the time or died
of heat stroke. Do you know how many people would be dead if we didn’t have
air conditioning and heat the way we have it? The bubonic plague, the black
plague... Do you know what that was from? England was making their first killing
on a big product besides salt and tea from China: coal. They sold coal. People
were burning coal in their homes, cooking with it, heating their homes. Do you
know what’s in coal? Mercury vapors. A hundred and ten years of that and what
happens to all generations/ You’ve got three generations full of mercury in
their lungs. Finally it breaks down and it takes three generations for a whole
civilization to disintegrate according to Pottenger's work and Howell's work. So
all you have is this lung disintegration. It didn’t happen to the people who
lived on farms; they were still burning wood. They didn’t get the bubonic
plague or the black plague. In was only in their cities where all this coal was
being burned.

Q: No involvement…

A: Yet again, they want to drain anything in nature that they can, they want
you to be afraid of nature.

Q: My question: What is the purpose of eating chicken as part of the flu
formula regime?

A: Well, that’s because usually the body is trying to heal itself and it
needs some extra proteins. Usually the proteins in the eggs are enough because
you are having lots of milkshakes and a smoothie - two to three milkshakes a day
and one smoothie. That’s a lot of eggs. It should be enough protein. However,
if the body needs to restructure a cell and start healing quicker you need meat
to do that. The body does not produce growth hormones with egg protein for some

Q: You told me to do eggs two days a week um can I drink anything with those
eggs or eat any fruit?

A: If you do, you’re not going to gain on your weight loss. Remember eggs
eaten with other food causes weight gain, eggs eaten alone causes weight loss.

Q: Okay, the reason I ask is because I even put the coconut cream on my lips,
but I get so incredibly thirsty. Not that bad nowbut it did happen in the
summer. Finally, when I drank the milk with cream and honey I would drink that
and I would polish two quarts of milk after that because I had to drink

A: You're drinking it too fast. You have to sip it. If you get thirsty too
fast, you take a tablespoon of milk at a time.

Q: Really?

A: Yeah.

Q: Okay. A tablespoon of milk at a time and what about…can I do vegetable
juices throughout the day too?

A. Yes, you can do vegetable juice while you’re doing eggs.

Q: Lots of it? If I get really thirsty?

A: Well I would say no more than a quart a day.

Q: Okay.

A: It might demineralize the body.

Q: But not eating fruit.

A: No, no.

Q: Not even tomatoes?

A: Tomato’s, yes - bland fruit – tomatoes are okay…

Q: Ok

A: Absolutely! Tomatoes are fine. You can eat cucumber, peeled. That’s fine
when you’re doing an egg day. Either inWe Want To Live or the recipe book
it’s that athletes mixture, hydrolyzer, of about two cups of cucumber, one cup
of tomato juice, a little bit of lemon juice, lots of honey and cream plus a
little coconut cream. Blend that all together and you can sip on that.

Q: Okay.

A: But just leave out some of that cream don’t put as much in.

Q: Now is the purpose of the eggs to lose weight or was it to…

A: The purpose of the eggs was to burn the fat off, excess fat so you put new
fat on the body.

Q: Because I thought it was because of my weak digestive walls.

A: Well, your intestines weren’t healing like I wanted them to do quickly. So
I thought if we take off the weight and we put on good fat your body is going to
be able to clean the intestines faster.

Q: Oh okay.

Q: I think you kind of answered it. I don’t get involved in the water as far
as washing myself and I do a lot of work out in the dirt and stuff like that.
The ocean, can I bathe in the ocean? I’m looking at the drying out the skin; I
run into that.

A: Well you’re going to dry out the skin anytime you get in water.

Q: Any water at all?

A: Any water and of course salt water is going to be more dry.

Q: Oh okay.

A: … because salt dries things out.

Q: I was curious as far as the chemicals in regular water.

A: That water’s pretty sticky so I’m not sure you’d get very clean. You
might not feel clean but it will clean you because that salt will break down the
fat on your tissue, on your skin. It will help open a layer up so that nutrients
can flow through the skin and that’s okay. I’ve done it when I’ve lived
near an ocean and didn’t have a lake to go into People on this diet don’t
need to take baths every day. I take a bath - when it’s not winter and it’s
not cold - I take a bath once every five days. When its winter and I’m cold I
get into my hot tub every day …but I never use soaps. I use fermented coconut
cream, my own coconuts creams, for my bathing.

Q: Is that well water?

A: Yeah, I have well water. So I don’t have to put the milk and all that
stuff in there. I still put coconut cream on my body and then go in. After a few
months of using it I go away for some time. It's not working while I am away.

After I do that - after I’ve gotten in there with enough coconut cream - all
of a sudden it comes out. When I back wash it, it’ll start spraying out this
this clay because I use a sand filter. It breaks the coconut cream down into a
clay that feeds my algae. The sand filter keeps the water crystal clear but it
allows algae to grow and that algae is nice and soft. I don’t want to destroy
the algae and then when the clay comes out. The clay made from the coconut cream
it helps speed the algae, it’s a very strong algae.

Q: What’s the benefit for the body with the algae?

A: Oh, on the outside it helps give nutrients and pull metals out of the body.
Algae eat rock. They feed on rock. They eat metals. That’s why people take
algae as a supplement. But dry, it’s not going to do you much good. So you
soak it for a while and then have it with maybe a quarter to a half a teaspoon a
day with some vegetable juice. If you have a cancerous condition you have a
teaspoon a day but break it up into two. Do you have a question?

Q: I do, I have two questions …what is a great detoxifier for the lungs?

A: One of the best detoxes for anything is coconut cream, okay? Have any
fruitalong with that, tomatoes and coconut cream are a good combination for the
lungs. Ice cream is wonderful for cleaning the lungs, if there’s lime or lemon
in it. Eating raw ice cream.

Q: Raw milk ice cream?

A: ...raw milk ice cream, raw milk and raw cream ice cream with raw egg in it
… especially with lime, lime and lemon. Lemon, lime combination. There are
lots of people who have lung problems and as soon as they eat the lemon, lime,
lime, lemon or just straight lime ice cream. Usually within ten, twenty minutes
they’re coughing and choking because it’s already moving it out of the
system. Already moving it out of the lungs.

Q: Okay, my other question is: could you share one extra thing for the
intestinal tract?

A: You weren’t here at the beginning when I talked about the E-coli?

Q: Oh yes I was here.

A: Colonics, enemas, wash out your e-coli so what don’t you have? Brain and
nervous system food. Take a look at all the people who live on colonics and
enemas. They have a lot of psychological problems. They’re very needy and
very, very dependent people and they just keep flushing it out and look at what
happens after the…the enema and the colonic they feel really good, why?
Because they’ve flushed the e-coli out of some of the food they’ve digested
directly into the blood stream. Hundreds of millions of bacteria’s and
particles they’ve flushed into their systems but they’ve prevented their
bodies from utilizing the e-coli…they’ve destroyed the e-coli colonies for
forty five sometimes sixty days. It takes that long to build it up and there are
some people who have enemas every day and they are going to get psychologically
worse and worse every day and more dependent. Co-dependent. Co-dependent I mean,
more co-dependent and ah…let’s hope you’re not on the other end of that
co-dependency because you’ll never satisfy it. Do you have a question?

Q: ...just how to counteract the effects of chemical sensitivity, to like
cologne and stuff like that and working with people like that and inhaling it
all the time.

A: You've got to have a lot of fat in the body... got to have a lot of fat in
the body. He’s talking about people who have allergies to colognes and
perfumes; how to desensitize yourself to that.

Q: What would you do?

A: Lots of fat. You’re fine.

Q: What to do for it, externally?

A: Yeah. What it can do is - some of those pendants that you can wear that say
clean the air - what they do is they generate ions. In California we all know
about too many protons. It goes a long time without raining and everybody gets
crazy. You have more road rage. Everything increases, substantially.
Psychologically buttons are pushed very easily. We are very sensitive at those
times and then when it rains, the body brings all these ions there and balances
the intensity of protons. So what happens? People feel better so those things
are ionic generators. However the problem with that is that when you send out
these new ions, guess what happens? The protons start bombarding anything so
they’re going to go into your lungs, into your respiratory system …into your
mucus membranes and bombard and cause proton toxicity. So it’s going to
imbalance your own electrical system. That’s not the way to do it, especially
right up against your face and over your chest. Sure it will work but it…the
end result is not, longevity-wise, proper. Okay, I tell people and they say
'well, you know, I’m in a toxic area; should I use an ionizer in my house?'
Sure, use an ionizer in your house but you put it in a room that you’re not
in. At night, you put it in the living room or the dining room, that should take
care of those rooms and you close your bedroom door and you put a towel down at
the bottom, okay. And then during the day - half an hour before you’re going
to get up and move around you set your alarm - go out there, turn it off. Hold
your breath, keep your eyes squinted, turn it off and then go back and…most of
the protons will already be bombarded into your rug, walls and everything. So
it’s not likely to harm you - it’s just in case, but you turn it off and go
back to bed for thirty minutes and then get up. Take it to the bedroom, close
the bedroom after you’ve…after your dressed and everything and let it do it
in the bedroom. Or if you want to do it the perfectly natural way, get three
plants per room and they’ll take care of it for you and on the website
……I wrote a newsletter about …three newsletters back…I
put in there about the plants that are most effective in pulling toxins out of
your home. Either building materials and toxicity that’s airborne. So those
plants can help you maintain a very healthy environment.

Q: What about air filters?

A: Like I say their least…I mean they are an option and they will help but
they’re not the best.

Q: The ionic breeze formula…

A: What I just talked about, I have…


A: That’s the problem. Your HEPAfilter is okay. It’s just going to run the
air present in the system through, a filter and help pull out the toxins and
poisons that are larger particles but the protons, it’s not going to pull out
the protons out of the air. You need plants or an ionizer to do that.

Q: When I first started doing your diet I ate a pound of meat a day and…or
more and I’d eat the meat and I would feel my stomach like wrap around it and
then like an hour and a half I’d eat another meal, it would digest really

A: You were so hungry then.

Q: I know…

A: Now you’re not so hungry.

Q: I know but it’s like…

A: And he’s happier.

Q: Now when I eat meat, like it’ll just sit there for like four hours, I can
feel it kind of…it won’t go down and digest as well, like …even like with
milk and like cheese and stuff. It’s not…

A: What did I just say? When you have a problem like that, you need the eggs...
all day long, for days, until it stops. Until you’re rebalanced.

Q: Okay.

A: Remember eggs only take twenty three minutes to digest, so you get to
utilize all those proteins and fats to heal and cleanse the body.

Q: Okay.

A: So you don’t have to worry about digestion.

Q: Okay because - it’s weird - because I’ll crave meat and I'm eating meat
and then I do it…

A: Well just eat a little at a time.

Q: Okay.

A: Eat like a half a cup with some butter, cheese - maybe once or twice a day -
and the rest of it,do dairy. I mean do, eggs and just a little bit of dairy.

Q: and in general I’m not really craving any foods, like I don’t really
enjoy the foods anymore, you know what’s…

A: Again you’re not digesting right now; you’ll be dumping some toxins in
and out of the pancreas and your intestine.

Q: Okay so it’s…thank you.

A: It’s a cycle. One time like I wrote in my book that I went sixteen months
doing that, eating eggs and dairy only because I couldn’t eat the meat, I
couldn’t digest the meat. It caused bloating and problems. One time I
couldn’t eat anything but chicken for six months, I talked about that in the
book. You have to go with what your body needs. If you have a digestive problem,
eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs because it doesn’t take much to digest them. Your
body can spend its energy and those nutrients for cleansing and healing. Okay,
do you have a question?

Q: my cousin doesn't have muscles, his father was very athletic when he was
young and it surprised me that he didn’t have

A: Well he stopped digesting his proteins, he digests his fats. Lots of eggs.
Eggs, eggs, eggs.

Q: You said you eat eggs with a meal to gain weight right?

A: Yeah, but sometimes when you can’t digest, you have to just eat a lot of

Q: Okay.

A: themselves. For me it’d be twenty two eggs a day, I lose weight. If
I eat twenty four a day I don’t lose weight but I force my body to heal, to
cleanse and heal rapidly and only focus on that so that I can go back to eating
meat and I can digest it.

So when he has a situation like that he needs to eat as much eggs so he
doesn’t lose weight, maybe even gains alittle bit of it if he eats enough of
them, until he can digest properly and can eat properly.

Q: So you just eat the eggs and nothing else?

A: Well, he might still want, you know…usually when you’re having eggs
you’re going to get very dry. Starts using…the body starts using a
tremendous amount of H2O with it. So you may need to just sip on you know likea
tablespoon of milk every twenty minutes just to keep hydrated and the coconut
cream on the lips, little bit of honey with some coconut cream on the lips and
on the tongue, just to keep moisturized. Remember, it’s not mainly the H2O
that causes dry mouth. The poisons leave the brain out through the gums, the
tongue and the salivary glands. This just pulls all the fats in the face.
That’s why all people who eat cooked foods get wrinkled in the face before
they wrinkle anywhere else - because all the fats are being pulled out of the
face to bind with all the metals that are in the brain. Remember, the brain is
sixty percent fat and where do the main toxins store? In the fat and if they are
thin people, they only have two places to store it: the brain and the bone
marrow. So, when those poisons dump out, it rips all the fat out of the face. So
people get dry mouth. You need to put the coconut cream with honey on those lips
because the coconut cream will absorb quicker into the tissue more than anything

Q: Having the hydration formula, can you add more coconut cream to it?

A: You do not want to add more coconut cream than I suggest because then
you’re going to detox more. You’re going to go into diarrhea and you’re
going to have a lot of other problems. Coconut cream is mainly for cleansing the
body. Any kind of fruit or vegetable oil is cleansing. Ninety percent cleansing.
So no, you can add other fats, you can add dairy cream to it, you can add more
eggs, more honey…fine - just not more coconut cream.

Q: Right, okay.

A: I always push everybody’s limits with the coconut cream. I always push
everybody’s limits with the coconut cream so please don’t add more than
I’ve suggested. That’s the one thing I ask you not to change. You can have
less but not more.

Q: What about washing with it?

A: Washing, you can wash as much and as often as you’d like. That isn’t a
problem. When I was in Thailand, it costs eight dollars an hour for a massage
and it costs me eighty cents per quart or a liter for coconut cream. So I go
instead of sleeping a normal five hours like I do, four to five hours, four and
a half to five hours, sometimes I only sleep three and a half hours but I’ll
go take my naps during my massages so I will have coconut cream massaged into me
sometimes four hours a day while I sleep

Q: Is the coconut cream organic?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Okay: the green drink - I've had heart palpitations after having juice with

A: Okay whenever you have heart palpitations or pounding hearts after a
vegetable juice, you have to whisk an egg into it. What’s happening is the
enzymes that you’re getting in the vegetable juice are pulling out heavy
metals. The heart does not want to allow those heavy metals to lock into the
tissue part or any other glands, so it sends the blood more racing through the
body. So the blood passes through the intestinal tracts more often and that
poison will hopefully dump into the intestinal tract and not the heart, brain or
one of the glands.

Q: What do you mean, do you just stir it?

A: You just whip it.

Q: With a spoon?

A: You don’t blend it. Just whip it right before you drink it.

Q: With a spoon?

A: With a spoon or a fork.

Q: Okay but you would still add the cream to it?

A: Well, the cream is not doing it; it’s the protein you’re missing so you
have to have the eggs.

Q: put the three together?

A: Don’t put in the cream. You stop using the cream, you use the eggs. Egg
has plenty of fat. So you don’t need the cream.

Q: Okay, eggs and I, we don’t have a real compatibility.

A: I know but you’ll have to get acclimated to it. If you've ever broken an
egg for baking a cake…

Q: Yeah, yeah…

A: Okay well use half of it. Just get one of those little one ounce jars

Q: yeah, I have those.

A: Okay, just take out half of the egg white, half of the egg yolk and put them
in one of those one ounce jars and save it for the next time.

Q: Okay.

A: Okay, use half of it and you should be able to be okay.

Q: I have four ounces, twice a day.

A: Yeah, okay. I’d like you to work up to an egg at a time if you’re having
heart palpitations.

Q: I want to do a whole egg regime.

A: You could. Do you have a question?

Q: Just general heart restimulation and circulation build up in general. What
food formulas...?

A: If you really want to build a heart you get a heart and eat heart. Chicken
heart, Buffalo heart. Any kind of red meat is good for the heart with something
like tomatoes, red meat and tomatoes is good. Sometimes the peel isn’t as good
so you might want to peel the tomatoes because it can interfere with digestion
in a lot of people, especially over the age of forty, forty five. If you’re
having tomato with meat, it would be best not to eat the peel on the tomato.

Q: I noticed that I was eating more raw food and whenever I do I feel like I
have soreness right here and you said you would examine the hands and so I was
wondering, what does that mean by the left hand right here.

A: Did you have some kind of toxin stored in those joints, in this joint, this
on or this one.

Q: I don’t know, it was right here. I hurt bad.

A: Okay, its coming from this joint, goes out here, leaps out and tries to
eliminate - and it causes damage to the muscles. Probably…usually penicillin
or tetracycline antibiotics that live in the bone.

Q: I saw in your book that you have a recipe for making chocolate. How
much…it says you can have as much as you want.

A: I didn’t say you could have as much as you want.

Q: I can’t remember what it said.

A: I said I have probably two tablespoons over a ten day period. Maybe five
times a year.

Q: that will eliminate the chocolate cravings?

A: yeah it will like I said in the hard book it's usually butter and honey that
you need, not the chocolate. Butter and honey is what your body is craving.

A: Cathy has an announcement, I don’t know what about.

Q: Ah yesI just wanted to know.I talked to a producer in Alaska; he went out
already hunting for some Seal. If there’s anybody on the list...

A: Now that seal’s incredible meat.

Q: This is near Russia. So we have to know from the list from you because we
need to have enough money because this costs…last time six hundred dollars.

A: What it amounted to was about thirty seven fifty a pound and you say
that’s a lot to pay for meat, let me tell you this. Seal is a specialty.

Q: Once a year.

A: …one quarter of a cup is worth a whole cup of any other kind of meat. So
you don’t have to eat much of it; it’s extremely concentrated and the fat is
phenomenal! I bought ten pounds last year. I spent four hundred dollars because
I gave her forty extra dollars so I bought most of it. I let some of it sit in a
jar and to see because you can let, like you do in a snake, you let the oil
ferment as it sits. So I let them sit in the refrigerator. The oil that I got
from that half of a cup of meat filled the entire cup.

Q: Wow.

A: So it reproduced itself. Reproduced it. So seal is phenomenal stuff.

Q: Did it stay ok in the refrigerator for that long?

A: Oh yeah it’s just high meat…

A: That’s black meat. The seal is black meat, it tastes like cooked sirloin.
It is a real treat.

Q: Okay.

A: It tastes like cooked sirloin.

Q: You’re not really feeling like you’re eating something very neutral but
it is unusual.

A: It is very unusual, yes. It’s good for anybody.

Q: Check out the blog on Jim's website, my Amish diaries of when I lived with
the Amish family for thirty days.

A: And that’s where you found out about this diet right?

Q: [Laughing]

Q: All the Amish products you can get at Rawesome because I [Nathan] hooked up
Rawesome with Amos in Pennsylvania and talked about what it’s like to
transition off the diet as well as what it’s like to live with an Amish
family. It’s really fascinating. They did a great job setting it up as a blog.
So you can actually read the blog as a dairy. So that’s really cool. [note
from Jim, read these entries from the bottom up at]