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                           Q&A Of September 13, 2009

                               Transcriber: Ariela Friedman - Thank you, Ariela!

A: I’ll usually tell about what I’m doing to start off with, the
latest things I’m experimenting with. I guess some of you have noticed some of
these big red spots on my leg. :::audience::: Oh, yes. Now this one here is from
a motorcycle accident on April 12th and I was hit, I landed on Gypsum, a van hit
me on a road that was under construction, there was a lot of gypsum on the road,
gypsum is a poison and it got in that wound. I had an accident 2 ½ years ago
that took off all the skin from here down to here, and off my arm and
everything. In 12 days it was all healed because I put lime juice on it as an
antiseptic to coat the asphalt that was in the skin and it coated it so it
wouldn’t have infection. Then I put coconut cream over that, honey over that,
then thin slices of beef to act as skin. You know when they graft skin… they
wanted to graft my skin all the way from my buttocks to my hip, and put it on my
leg and arm and also split the tibia in two and the femur that sits on top of
the tibia, I broke the top of the tibia joint off so it splintered up in there.

It was pretty excruciating pain. That’s why I went to the hospital; I just
thought it was dislocated and I was in Thailand at the time and I had a big
Harley and it was my first time on a big Harley in 30-40 years, so I didn’t
know how to control it - so a bunch of Hollanders that walked out into the
street walked right into the street in front of me. I wasn’t going that fast
but a 300lb bike hit my leg and it split the bone right down the center. I
didn’t get any medical treatment; I just got two x-rays to see why I was in
such excruciating pain. It was because I had broken the tibia and fragmented it
into pieces. And they said if I didn’t have surgery that I would never walk
again. I didn’t have surgery and I was jumping in 3 months. I was walking in 6
weeks without crutches and I didn’t have a cast. My body formed it’s own
cast. I lost all the muscle off my buttocks, and my thighs and it created this
cast on my leg. And you could hit it, like a cast, hard as a cast is. And that
started dissolving as the bone repaired itself. Then I got my muscle back except
on my ass. I used to have a big nice ass, it’s not so big anymore. It was an

So I was on a little 125 bike and going over a construction road area in
Palawan Philippines and the one side of traffic was supposed to let the other
side of traffic go first, because it was a one lane section because they were
fixing one side of the road. One side of the road was paved and the other was
newly paved but drying, and there was lots of gravel and gypsum down on the road
so the van did not wait till I cleared. It waited till the cars cleared in front
of me, but not me. It bolted right on, clipped me, I flipped of the bike and it
didn't take a lot of skin off, couple of places off my foot and here, so it was
minor. And of coarse it ripped my hands open, I had deep huge cuts, and those
healed fine.

But what happened on the second or third of April, before that I was in
Taklaban Philippines in a nice hotel and I woke up in the middle of the night
and two men were pushing me down at the shoulder and one had a rag over my face.
Now it was not ether because I know what ether smells like. So I awoke the next
morning, and I just thought it was a bad dream until I looked over at my arm, 3
injection marks and they were swollen and blistered, just like a reaction to a
vaccine. A lot of foreigners are abducted there and taken for ransom. But this
wasn’t one of those areas. So, the next day I started having little red bumps
that got worse and worse and itched and blistered and cracked and crystallized.
This went on for two days and it was intense, I was picking them off, crystals,
picking them off my skin, and they would create little blisters and get very
large to about the size of a dime. So that went on for about a week and then I
had this accident. You saw the accident marks. This was the only accident mark
here, this one (showing marks to audience) but then you see this one here, and
here, and here, and here, nothing to do with the motorcycle accident. It had to
do with the injections. It got worse and worse as the months went by, and it
took till June till they stopped. I didn’t tell anyone about it, because
whatever they injected me with, I didn’t know if I was going to live, and
it’s the paranoia aspect you know… The reason I think that happened was
because just a month before that happened, I was the first one to go on radio
and talk about the Swine Flu and what a hoax it was. So I pissed a lot of people
off, including Obama, who is all for the vaccines, who is saying everybody needs
3 vaccines. And guess what I was given all at one time? So I just cut my hair
off yesterday to have it analyzed, because where I was, I was basically
incapacitated for a week. I couldn’t get to a laboratory. There was no
laboratory in those towns. I stopped using my credit card so nobody knew where I
was, I changed my cell phone, I changed everything after that. So now, I don’t
make reservations at hotels, I don’t make reservations on airlines. I go and
buy the ticket. That’s what I have to do. I finally pissed enough people off
where they’re coming after me.

Q: Were they American these people?

A: It was so dark; I had no idea who they were. I could just tell there
were two men over me when that happened. So I didn’t know if I was going to
survive that or not and of course the only way to debase my work is to give me
some kind of disease and say “see he got some kind of disease anyway.” So
that’s the only way to debase my work. If they kill me any other way, it
doesn’t work. Okay - so in the last five years I’ve found my house poisoned
twice and my food poisoned twice. One time they put rat poison - I say
“they” because I don’t know who “they” are - they put rat poison in my
office chair. Now this is a chair I built myself. So I got home about three
years ago and I was fine, I was gone for two months and I sat on my chair. Every
time I sat on my chair I started get nauseous in about 20 minutes. I felt like I
was getting stomachaches from it. I put my hand under the rim of the chair and
there was a powder on there. I thought uh oh this is a little strange. It
smelled like rat poison. So, I took the chair gingerly back on the porch, opened
it up and there was half a cup of rat poison inside the chair.

Q: But why would they go after what your doing?

:::laughter from audience:::

A: Why do you think they would go after me? You know, I’m helping raw
milk get going. The FDA wants everybody sick; they know what raw milk can do.
And I’ve been fighting the raw milk issue for 32 years now. And I got the law
changed here in California by getting it changed in Los Angeles, so I’ve been
bucking a lot of people for a long time. The medical board of California came
after me for practicing medicine without a license, eleven years ago. They were
charging me for some heavy crimes. They were very nasty to me over the phone. It
was a detective, an investigator from Sacramento, so they were coming after me
big-time. There was a complaint from a nurse who is married to a medical doctor
who said their son ate raw chicken and their son had gotten campylobacter from
it. So I said, show me the evidence, show me the chicken with campylobacter in
it, you know. Then I said do you work for the government, are you a legal deputy
of the state or federal government. He said, “... the state of California,
medical board.” And I said, “okay you took an oath right, to protect the
constitution. So I am innocent until proven guilty. Talk to me in a nice way and
I’ll answer your questions.” He says “that’s the way I work.” “Then
you don’t talk to me, you talk to my attorney, I said. You and I don’t have
anything to say to each other unless you’re going to talk to me
respectfully.” So I didn’t talk to him anymore. I put him in touch with the
attorney, we held a meeting and I said “if we get together, it will be
videotaped, I’m warning you now.” So we met in a big conference room
downtown, in one of the big offices and of course the MD, the medical doctor
didn’t show up for my hearing, just the detective did. So they had the
complaint, and I said “listen I don’t have to say anything unless you’re
going to charge me. But the thing is, “how can you charge me for practicing
medicine without a license, when I’m against medicine? :::audience
laughter:::: Not even supplements or anything, it’s food!” He said,
“you’re endangering peoples lives by telling them to eat raw chicken.” I
said “how do you know? You’re a law enforcement officer; you don’t know
anything about medicine, or health or food or anything like that.” So they
just left the room and that was the end of it.

So I have upset a lot of people. When I went on with the swine flu, I was the
first one to talk about the swine flu because I had been involved in the swine
flu in ’76 and ‘77 that whole hoax and I just happened to be connected with
Ida Honerof, a consumer advocate that was syndicated on 3200 radio stations. She
and a Doctor Mary McBean from San Diego filed suit against Ford and Rockefeller.
You know the Rockefeller family is and was into pharmaceuticals. So of course
they were pushing the swine flu vaccine.

So the government payed about $160 million, for vaccines to give to us for the
swine flu.

There is no such thing as the swine flu. You cannot get another animals flu
unless its taken from the animal and injected into you. The only flu you can
ever create is a human flu. Bird flu, absurd. Only birds can get bird flu’s.
Only pigs can get swine flu. It’s a ridiculous concept. Everybody who knows
anything in a laboratory can discover that very easily. But when they put you
through medical school in the laboratories, they tunnel your information into a
very narrow hole, and they don’t let you stretch outside of it because
you’ll learn to much. And then you won’t be able to support the medical
system anymore.

So, I spoke up and let me tell you, everybody picked it up quickly. Somebody
spent a lot of money making a video called Just Say NoToVaccinesthe song, and
guess whose voice they used in the songs? If you download it from YouTube, you
can hear me saying, “Only way you can get swine flu is if it’s injected into
you.” Then the interviewer later in the song says, “Well where did it come
from?” I said “Well, they manufacture it in laboratories and they inject it
into people. That’s the only way you can get it.” So, that was made, and
there w as a lot of money put into that little video, the song is a rap song and
it is so concise and well written. So that got out there, and then everyone
started posting my interview all over the internet. So that wasn’t within a
month before they abducted me in that hotel room in the Philippines and injected
me with three vaccines. I still have scars from the injections.

Q: Were they white men or Pilipino men?

A: It was too dark, I couldn’t see. They weren’t black men.

Q: Is there anyway you can get it out of your system?

A: I’m working on it. The bumps keep coming out, crystallized, some of
them really large. And these ones, as they came out, near the end they started
forming tumors, and if anybody’s seen the pictures of Morgellons disease where
fibers come out with it, fibers were coming out with them. I’ve got pictures
of it and it’s going to be part of one of my newsletters in the next few
months. So I took pictures at the different stages when I went through all of

Q: What was your hunch about what they gave you?

A: I think they were exploring on me with the three vaccines that
everyone’s going to get for the swine flu. For children, infants, and elderly
it’s three.

Q: So what are you doing to combat the vaccines that you got?

A: I’ve had to eat a lot of cheese, take a lot of baths, do clay packs,
eat a lot of clay. I’ve eaten chlorella. I’ve been doing a lot of that with
cottage cheese in sour cream when I got back here. When I’m in Asia I eat a
tremendous amount of fish. I’m just doing anything that will chelate with
poisons. I didn’t know if I were going to make it. I had the climax when I was
in Australia. It was my day to give a 10-hour lecture. In the middle of it, my
stomach just went into a knot and I was taking 10-minute breaks every thirty
minutes, which isn’t like me, I can go for three hours without even stopping.
People usually have to stop me to get me to stop. I was in excruciating pain
trying to get through the pain. Finally I had 6 hours of vomiting and that was
the end of it, aside from little bits that were coming out here and there. But
it was pretty traumatic.

Q: They are saying with mercury now, that the levels all of the
world are very high, especially among some fish like Swordfish.

A: That's not necessarily true. I eat mainly tuna and swordfish, which
are the highest in mercury. But they are ocean fish. The oceans are only
polluted 4-8% depending upon the location. Fresh fish, those waters are polluted
35-40%. The medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry are detracting.
They are saying that your mercury poison is from your fish. It is not; it is
from medical injections. You have mercury in almost all your vaccines. The level
of your mercury is astounding. You’d have to eat cooked tuna every day for two
years to get the amount of mercury that you’d get in one injection. Think
about that. Everything you hear from the medical profession is 99% just the
opposite. But you have to figure that pollution is up to 8% in some areas, which
is quite a bit, when you figure 2/3 of the planet is water, is ocean.

Q: You once said the raw tuna actually pulls the mercury out of
your body.

A: That is theoretical. But in the tests that I did with animals eating
swordfish, when I got a fisherman to give me a fresh swordfish in the Santa
Barbara area. I didn't want it contaminated so I took that swordfish and it went
directly from my butcher block to the animals without any chemicals from the
fishing boat or a store using chlorine/Clorox antibacterial anything. I took
this 90lb swordfish and to half of the animals I gave it to them cooked, and the
other half I fed it raw. I kept their feces and urine for the entire 12 days
that it took for everyone to eat it. I also kept my own urine and feces. At the
end, in the animals that ate cooked swordfish only about 8-12% of the mercury
was found in the feces and urine. In all the animals, including myself that ate
it raw, 92% was left over in the feces and urine. So that mercury passed right
through the body. The body knows, it’s intelligent. The swordfish’s body
already knew it was a dangerous substance so it isolated it into its fats within
that animal. When my body took it in raw, it could identify that and say we
won’t digest that molecule. Because when we look at those fat molecules that
contain the mercury, the fat cells were relatively unetched with digestive
juices. See the body can be highly intelligent when you don’t disrupt it with
cooking. When you cook the fish, it fractionates all of the bonds of fats and
everything and it releases all of the contaminants. You’re digestive tract has
to deal with that.

Q: What about mercury amalgam fillings?

A: Well that is a gas, that outgases and crystalizes. It creates little
mercury crystals out of liquid mercury. So it doesn’t do the same kind of

Q: When you get the hair analysis done, will you know exactly what
you were injected with?

A: No, I can figure it out though. Now you have to remember, all of the
flu vaccines contain 60-83 ingredients, and they only name about 6-8. They call
all the other ones inert. Well if they’re inert what the fuck is it doing
there? Most people just say oh, it’s inert? Inert means, it’s not of
consequence right? Well, then why is it there? It’s all dangerous stuff, every
bit of it. But you see, I still have these sores here :::points to site of
injection::: It looks like I’ve been shot with bullets. I had blisters all up
on here seeping and oozing.

Q: Why wouldn’t somebody on the raw diet as long as you’ve
been be more resistant to that kind of thing?

A: Most people would probably be dead. The people who are theorizing for
the public to take all three swine flu vaccines are expecting that there’s
going to be a tremendous amount of deaths because of it. It’s the same vaccine
from 1976. Six weeks after the first injection was taken in 1976, it was shut
down. The vaccine was supposed to be destroyed in 1976. They put it in vaults
according to a friend of mine who works in that laboratory. It was in the
vaults. They took out of the vaults to re-sell it. So they sold it for 160
million dollars back then, this time they sold it for 7 billion dollars.
They’re expecting people to die out of all three; they’re giving them from 1
week apart to 3 weeks apart each. They’re expecting a tremendous amount of
deaths. I had them all in one night, all at one time. I should have been dead,
just like the poison mushroom. But I’m here. I’m pretty health, sixty-two
years old you know… and just in the last month I was hiking a whole mile up
into the jungles with my machete in the property I’m going to buy there.
People younger than me, 21 years old were going :::gasping sound::: and this was
some hot steamy jungle.

Q: About the swordfish, do you ever freeze it?

A: Never freeze meats because it’s almost like cooking. It fractionates
those bonds. With frozen meats, I did a test with animals just like I did with
the swordfish. I gave the same meats from the same animal frozen and cooked. The
animals that ate it frozen all got a skin disorder, whether it was psoriasis or
scabies or the mange. Every one of them got a skin disorder. The other group
that got it raw, all they got was a little water and meat. The group that got it
raw had no skin disorders, they were fine. The ones who were eating the frozen
meat, within six weeks they were ripping their skin apart. So I knew that butter
corrected skin problems better than anything else. So I took frozen raw butter
and non frozen raw butter and gave that to the sick group with the skin
disorders. The ones who ate the fresh raw unfrozen butter healed 5 times faster
than the ones that got the frozen butter. So when Sally Fallon and anyone else
says, eat frozen meat, eat frozen butter to destroy bacteria, don’t listen to
them because it is not safe and it is not true that it’s safe.

Q: So what do we do with our frozen butter?

A: It's up to you what to do with it, give it to a dog or a cat or

Q: I live in a place where I can’t keep fresh butter for very
long. So if I freeze some of it is it going to be worthless?

A: It’s not going to be worthless but it’s going to be reduced by
five times the nutrients. It did help the dogs that had the skin disorders, but
it took five times longer. Five times longer. Whereas the group who ate it raw,
fresh and unfrozen it took them three weeks to get rid of their disorders. The
others, it took them three months.

Q: So do you continually keep going to the store and getting fresh

A: No. I have 20 pounds of butter up there to last me up through December
or January. Why? Because I want the yellow butter with more vitamins in it. I
put it in the refrigerator, and if it gets a little blue its just blue cheese
it’s delicious. I make Roquefort dressing with it.

Q: If you see on certain cold-pressed oil products it says 90%
organic or raw and it’s mixed with something else what happens?

A: If you mix it with anything else, then 9 out of 10 molecules will be
spent binding, chelating and neutralizing the 10% that is toxic, so you’re not
going to get much value from it. And anyway pressed oils aren’t that good.
They should only be used medicinally.

Q: What about cold pressed?

A: Cold pressed doesn’t mean anything. Like I say in my books, it
doesn't mean anything.

Q: Road kill, I’m out on the road a lot and I run into deer in
various states of decomposition plus all different kinds of animals. I know
there’s no expiration date on raw food but if you have any pointersI’d like
to know.

A: Well it depends. If an animal’s been hit and bruised, it can cause a
massive amount of toxicity. So you’d have to go for the non bruised tissue
just to be safe. If it’s bruised tissue, it can create it’s own solvents
rather than worms and it can cause you to vomit and detox heavily. You can be
vomiting for two days and get very skinny. So road kill is okay, just be careful
about the meat. If it’s black I wouldn’t go there. Unless it’s a seal in
which case the meat is black anyway.

I’ve eaten road kill before. I went by one time, a motorist hit a deer and
the heart shot right out of it, I caught it, it was still pumping in my hand and
I ate it. I ate it right on the spot. It was the most bizarre thing I’d ever
seen. I mean, to see a heart pop right out of an animal. I'd only seen something
like that one other time when I was at Aunt Tilly’s Health Food Store I went
out to take a break and this guy in his hotrod, his low rider. There were a
bunch of pigeons out there, someone was feeding them, and this guy gunned his
car and ran right over that pigeon, the heart shot right out of it and continued
pumping on the side of the parking lot. So that was the first time I saw a heart
pop out, and that was in about 1978, 77-78. And this, with the deer, was a few
years ago in Yosemite. And I caught that heart and it was delicious, oh my god
it was delicious. I’ve eaten some road kill rabbit, jack rabbit in a bruised
area and I had a bit of trouble with it. The other tissue was okay. You’ll be
able to tell where it’s been hit or run over. because the tissue is very dark
and bruised. Just cut it away and let the vultures eat it.

Q: You know I have osteoporosis, I’ve had a fracture and I just
started this diet six weeks ago. I’m trying to do the right things to grow my
bones back as quickly as possible. I am finding that I’m craving salt.

A: Just so the audience knows, this is an MD if you don’t mind my
saying. Salt is going to make it worse. Sodium is an explosive. Sodium is so
volatile it’s twice as volatile as nitroglycerine. You can take it from a
temperature from 80 degrees, get it near something cold and it will explode. You
can take it from cold and just 8 degrees more will cause it to explode. That’s
why they don’t use it as an explosive, it’s too volatile. But when you
isolate sodium completely, a rock of sodium this big is worth an atomic bomb.

Q: Why is she craving it do you think?

Because she needs fractionation, she needs help digesting. A lot of people use
it to go in there and break things apart but that’s not a good way to do it
because there are tears and rips and lesions that are left behind. Lots of red
blood cells are dehydrated and damaged forever. They shrivel up like a grape to
a raisin.

Q: Okay so is there anything I can do to ameliorate that?

Okay, your body is craving minerals and digestibility. All you do is take
cheese and honey three times a day. 2 Tablespoons of raw unsalted cheese, ½-1 a
teaspoon of honey only, eat them together in your mouth. Raw cheeses do not
digest in the human digestive tract. The body uses it as a sponge for chelation
to draw out poisons and passes them out through the feces. Cooked cheese does
the same thing but, it will absorb all of those poisons but then it gets
reabsorbed into the body because it’s been cooked, it’s all fractionated.
But somehow the body knows with the raw cheese how to handle it and just passes
it out. Unless you eat honey with it, in which case it’s all absorbed and
digested. You get to use all the minerals to resupply. It’s a mineral
supplement. Dairy is the best mineral supplement there is to rebuild bones.
That’s why babies drink it. Can you imagine that a baby can grow from this
size, in two years can grow to this size, bones and everything else? That’s a
tremendous amount of minerals. Only in dairy can humans digest that many
minerals and make them into bone as well as ligaments, tendons and all the other
tissue. Only dairy can do that properly.

Q: How often should I consume the cheese/honey mixture?

A: Three times a day, and two times after a meat meal. If you have
osteoporosis I usually suggest that people do eating schedule #2, which has
three meat meals instead of one. Thirty-five minutes after you finish the meat
meal you have your cheese and honey together.

Q: I’ve had pretty much continuous indigestion for about a
month, mostly heartburn but also some diarrhea various aches. I did what you
said to do in your book, drink the raw milk and raw honey and that pretty much
reduced the heartburn to almost nothing. My question is, what causes indigestion
and anything else I should do? I want to get back on the regular diet but I’m
kind of thinking I’m not digesting my food properly and I want to absorb more.

A: If indigestion is followed and accompanied by heartburn, you’ve got
toxins leaving your esophagus and dumping into the stomach. It also means
you’re not producing good mucus. So there’s several things you have to do.
The body uses the mucus membranes to dump toxins into the mucus, the mucus holds
the toxins, and you move them through and out the feces. You’ll find clumps of
mucus, if you break your feces up, you’ll find strands in there. If you have
your feces analyzed you’ll find lots of toxins in there, and it can be a wide
variety of toxins. So if you’re having heartburn, that means your acids are
burning your esophagus lining. You’re not producing enough mucus to hold those
toxins, so they’re staying in the mucus membrane itself, in the esophagus.

You need to find a way to produce mucus. How do you produce mucus? You need to
eat a lot of eggs, not just 3, 4, 6 a day. You need 8-10 a day to start
producing enough mucus. Or 8-10 eggs a day plus a milk shake with cream and
honey and milk to produce enough mucus to alleviate that. Now, if you have low
hydrochloric acid, beet juice and raw corn on the cop will help you produce
hydrochloric acid. If you have low bile, beet juice is also helpful for that.
Pineapple and papaya are also helpful for both protein and fat digestion. So
those are the fruits that you would add to your diet in your one fruit meal a

Some people who have really bad digestion, without having Crohns disease,
I’ll tell them to take a little cube of pineapple or papaya with their meals,
especially meat means to help digestion. If you've got a spell of very bad
digestion, you may be detoxifying from the stomach, the esophagus and the
intestines. This is not a time to eat other foods other than egg and cheese.
Cheese goes in first to absorb the toxins, egg follows to give the easiest most
digestible food that there is. Proteins in the egg white are easily digestible
and assimilated because there are no clumps of food for your digestive juices to
have to work on. All you have to do is work on getting your bacteria to
infiltrate and eat it. Now, we eat shit. Literally, we are eating the discards
of bacteria, 90% of digestion is bacteria. The particles, everything we digest
is the waste of bacteria, that is our food. The medical profession will have you
eat antibiotics and antibiotics and antibiotics, and what happens? You destroy
bacteria all throughout the body. 99% of all of the functions that happen in the
human body are bacterial. Any time you get around chemicals, you keep reducing
the colonies of bacteria in your body.

I think about some of the tribes that I’ve met and they can run down and
catch a horse with their bare feet in full run, 35 mph. Who the hell here can do
that? Even our top athletes can’t run that fast. These are primitive people
living on nothing but raw foods. It’s pretty phenomenal. So you have to take a
look at this whole bacterial thing… It’s really there to keep you sick and
weak. The greatest assault are vaccines, they make your children weak.

Q: So I should predominantly eat eggs then?

A: Well if you’re having heartburn still, you need to eat a lot of eggs
and you need to eat that cheese. Eat cheese, and then 10 minutes later eat egg.
Do this every 20-45 minutes.

Q: The problem was is that anytime I eat the eggs I got heartburn.

A: Did you eat the eggs with the milk or separately?

Q: Sometimes it was part of my juice, sometimes it was 10 minutes
after the juice, sometimes it was by itself, and sometimes it was in the milk.
But anytime I ate the egg, I noticed I got the worst heartburn.

A: Sometimes egg can pull certain kinds of toxins out of the body.

Q: Okay so I switch over to the eggs, so I can drink milk in
between the eggs, I drink about a gallon of milk day, especially in the summer I
get so thirsty.

A: You need the cheese to absorb the toxins. If you’re having burning,
you need something to absorb the toxins. So do the cheese before you have the
eggs. In regards to the milk, everybody’s got to be a sucker. I suck, when you
drink anything like the baby is sucking out of a nipple, the bacteria in our
saliva is almost twice as much as that of a dog or cat. So if your mate bites
you, you’re in trouble, get your rabies shot. :::audience laughter:::

That is the initiation of your digestion, the bacteria and saliva entering the
food. So when people just guzzle milk or any kind of fluid. The H2O is going to
separate and go into the kidney. The nutrients have no H2O to carry into the
body. There’s nothing but water that comes outside of a fluid, except for milk
but you have to suck that out of a teet. So if you’re having a fruit or meat,
even meat is 55% water. You’re chewing your food to extract the nutrients out
of it. The water is carried with it into the body. When you’re drinking juice
or milk, suck it. What I do is I run it through the top of my tongue, over the
roof of my mouth and in between the front teeth, suck it right up in there. Do
you see how little I drink at a time? 1 Tablespoon, 1 ½ Tablespoons, maybe 2
Tablespoons maximum. I’ve got saliva in there, so I’ve got bacteria in
there. When I started experimenting with that about three years ago, my liquid
intake was up to 4 quarts a day. 2 quarts of milk, 1 quart of sport formula or
hydration formula and whatever else I would drink some water. I would guzzle
everything back then. When I started doing this, my liquid intake was cut in
half. Now when I do it, because my body is getting so conditioned to it, I’m
down to a quart and a half a day, that’s all the fluids I need. Even if I’m
in a tropical place, I don’t need more than about 2 quarts of fluid in a day.
So sip, suck. Now everyone say, I suck!

Q: What are your recommendations currently for standard juice
formulas versus what you’ve put in your recipe book. I know some things have
changed since your recipe book. I know you’ve switched from lemon to lime

A: No that’s just for certain conditions and certain people. I never
recommend much lime because it’s an antibacterial. You put much lime in
anything it’s going to destroy the bacteria, just like antibiotics do. So lime
is something I use in a formula to destroy penicillin. Penicillin is a bird
fungus. It doesn’t belong in the human body. Grains are for birds, seeds are
for birds. When birds eat them, the penicillin grows on seed or grain starches,
sugars. So what they do is they made penicillin. Just like in birds, they
sterilize it. When they sterilize it, there’s no ‘off switch’ for
penicillin. Once you’re injected with it and you eat grain based foods,
cookies, cakes whatever, penicillin is going to grow in your body forever. So
lime helps destroy that, lime and vinegar destroys it better. Lime, honey and
vinegar mixture is even better. So I give people a formula with lime juice when
they are inundated with an unnatural fungus that shouldn’t be there, like a
fungus in grains and they’re overtaking their intestines or something else.
So, to get to your question, what I recommend for juices as a base is usually
10% parsley, which is full of vitamin D vitamin A, and all of your oil soluble
vitamins in a vegetable base. Now dogs and cats when they need those kind of
nutrients, you’ll see them chewing on the grass and spitting out the pulp.
They take the juice, and it’s just a minute amount. They probably need 10-12
drops, if that. That’s all they need. We are much more toxic, so we need a
greater amount to balance our systems. Dogs and cats haven’t been eating
canned foods before sixty years ago. It’s been since World War 2 that dog food
was available in cans. It’s very toxic. Those animals are much healthier than
we are even though they’ve been fed cooked discards from table scraps. So they
haven’t been eating a lot of cooked foods for very long. And if they were farm
animals, and most of them were, not many people had house pets back then unless
they were rich. They kept them as guard dogs. But even then, in places like
England they fed their dogs raw meat. Then during WWII and the canned foods, the
“pet industry” came out with all of this cooked food and that crap kibble
which has absolutely no nutrients for an animal. So what’s happening is that
animals are dying at twelve years old. Dogs and cats should be living twenty-two
to twenty three years.

So we need more nutrients from the very green leaves like parsley, the vitamin
E and D and all of that but in micro amounts. Not like the people taking bottles
of vitamins which are all chemical, and all rock. They’ll help plants grow but
they won’t help us. They’ll make you toxic enough to where your adrenaline
will pump and you think you’ve got energy. Cocaine works the same way, can you
get energy from cocaine? Yes. Is it healthy? No, it’s toxic. So, 10% parsley
is good. If you have heavy metals in the body, most people do, put about 5%
cilantro. If you don’t like the flavor of cilantro and it makes you repulsed,
that means you have a lot nasty metals in your body, mostly in your stomach. In
that case, start with 2% cilantro, try to get some in there and start pulling it
out. Eat a lot of cheese throughout the day if you have that reaction throughout
the day. In fact, most people should be eating a lot of cheese all throughout
the day to absorb those toxins that are always in the linings of your stomach or
intestines or dumping into those tissues into your food. Because you don’t
want your food to be contaminated and then you reabsorb those poisons. The
cheese will help move it through. If you get nauseous with meals, always eat
cheese 10 minutes before the meal. If you still get nauseous, you grate some
cheese and have it with that meat meal or whatever meal that causes you nausea.
Then add 10-25% carrot 10-25% celery and the rest cucumber puree. Always peel
the cucumbers. Slice them, put them in a jar, pour your juice from your other
vegetables in there and blend it together. The reason I changed that formula is
because after all the years of watching people on the diet, about 2% started
having connective tissue problems and going into MS or Lupus and both of them
have disintegration of connective tissue. So we weren’t getting enough
collagen precursors to replace the collagen, because on this diet you’re not
consuming enough fruit to get enough collagen. Cucumber is a fruit, a low carb
fruit so we can have a lot of it. It’s also not so high in certain kinds of
alkalinity that it would imbalance the body. So you have cucumber puree instead
of cucumber juice. Always peel them unless you grew them yourself, because even
the organic cucumbers have 15% petroleum oil, motor oil, in that wax.

Q: When I switched over to the carrots, I started gaining a lot of
weight. I was already at my max and didn’t want to be gaining anymore, any
recommendations about that? Just keep it within the 10%?

A: Yea, just cut it down to 10%. Were you very skinny your whole life?

Q: Yes

A: What I do with skinny people is I’ll give them a lot of carrot
juice, because they haven’t had the fats to bind with the poisons. So, the
body is usually taking bile and surrounding the toxin. The bile fractionates the
fats so you can make cholesterol to do three major things in the body: protect,
clean, and energize. People who have been very thin all their lives have lots of
toxins in there with bile which makes a very caustic reaction in the system.
Everything is exaggerated and extreme. Carrot juice helps bind and pull out that
bile. And that may cause tremendous weight gain not directly due to the sugars
in the carrot juice but because of the toxic bile, and the body says, well
I’ve got to have a lot of fat to handle this. Honey is a fairly good
preservative so put about 1-1 ½ Tb of honey with your vegetable juice. Maximum
honey should be 2 Tb per quart. Some people hate honey with their vegetable
juice, so don’t have it. When I see people using more they start having heart
palpitations, the shakes, so it’s not a good idea.

Q: What is the difference between mixing an egg with the juice
versus eating them separate?

A: Sometimes people's bodies are starving for vegetable juice and
they’re highly acidic. Sometimes in can cause detoxification. If there’s
detoxification and you’re having juice first thing in the morning without an
egg in it, without the protein and fats already liquefied, ready to bind with
those toxins, you could cause yourself a bad day. Like having a bad hair day,
it’s a bad mood day. So I suggest for a lot of people to have an egg with
their vegetable juice. If you’re fat, no need for an egg, you’ve got it
readily available, and you’re not fat enough.

Q: What’s the difference between mixing the egg in the juice
versus eating the egg after the juice?

A: Well, you’re not mixing it so something’s going to get passed the
egg. You’re body works in layers, so if you eat one food after another your
body will actually make a layer with the mucus and seal them off. So we digest
in layers. If you mix them together it can’t layer it like that. Layering is
usually better for digestion, but if you’re working on my program for remedy
purposes you have to have mixes together or else it won’t happen. So it’s
one egg unless you’re a large person put two. When you have the eggs alone,
the eggs digest in 27 minutes. Like I said, they are liquid. Your digestive
juices take big chunks of food and fractionate them so bacteria can eat them.
That’s the only reason we need digestive juices. Bacteria do all the major
digestion activity.

Q: I recently stepped on something that I think might be a
splinter and it’s been bugging me for about a week. Just wondering if
there’s a way to quickly get that out or if you just kinda have to wait for

A: Well, what you can do is put vinegar on it, raw apple cider vinegar,
lime juice is also helpful and add some clay to that. When the clay dries it’s
no longer functioning, so you have to keep that clay moist. So you have a clay
pack on there with a little wet gauze behind it, wrap something around it to
hold it together all night.

Q: I have a weird question.

A: There are no weird questions, only weird people. :::audience

Q: My nose became red and swollen about three years ago, nobody
can tell me what it is.

A: I had this too. And when I put the tissue under a microscope, guess
what I found? Dristan, the stuff you take for runny noses and colds. Mine looked
just like yours and covered the whole nose area here. Now it’s just a faint
freckle. I kept packing it with clay. Depending on how it reacted, if it would
burn or pus, I would put honey or saliva on it. One time it stunk pretty bad so
I put some feces on it, because feces eat the most degenerated of tissue.
That’s why e coli is in the bowel. It is the end of digestion, it reduces fat
and protein molecules to the finite particles that feed the brain and nervous
system. That’s why people who do enemas and colonics are very unstable people.
They are never feeding their brains and nervous systems, because they keep
washing out their e coli. So, it depends on what happens with it, if it’s sore
and swollen put mud packs and clay packs. You have to keep it moist during the
day. Mostly I would put butter and honey on it. Mix them together, just a small
amount of honey. When it turns white and starts pussing use the clay packs.
Terramin clay is the best. When I had these spots on my legs, I was in Asia and
I didn’t have much butter I was using lime juice and coconut cream and honey
and I put bandages around it because if any of those sores touched my pants it
was like taking a needle and sticking it in an open nerve. I could only wear
silk pants but mostly I wore shorts with them rolled up so it wouldn’t get
near the one on my knee and it was excruciating. They didn’t improve as much
as I wanted it to, so I started using the butter and it immediately ameliorated
the pain and the problems that I had with those sores as they were discarding
from the injections. Butter is incredible for the skin. Also another result that
happened when I started using butter on those is the hair around grew twice as
long as twice and fast. So I started putting it on my head and my hair started
getting thicker, there was more hair! So I was thinking, I don’t know why this
was, but I did know that the body gets rid of many toxic minerals by building
them into hair. So I didn’t know if it was a result of all those toxic
injections I got that the toxins were going into the hair to be built, and the
butter was allowing that process to happen or if the butter was actually helping
the hair to grow. So that’s what I’ll have to experiment with people. So if
anyone wants to try those experiments, let me know what happens. Do a report on
it and let me know because this is the only way I get to learn.

Q: I have been jonesing for sugar terribly. What does it mean
andcan you help me to stop it?

A: If it’s mainly sweets like carbs, you’ve got a digestive problem,
you don't have enough digestive juices. Let me give you an example. I was
spearfishing off the coast of Koh Samui in Thailand. In July, the fella I was
spearfishing with shot a certain kind of fish with incredible and edible bones,
the vertebrae. And I thought, wow to be able to eat bones. And she said these
bones are incredible, they taste like popcorn. So she gave me a piece and
:::making chewing noises::: there was no way I was going to chew on that bone. I
worked on it for an hour and a half and didn’t dissolve 1% of it. So then I
took some honey cause my mouth was getting dry from it and that bone dissolved
in five minutes. It just disintegrated in the mouth after five minutes of having
honey in my mouth. So I got to digest that bone. Anytime you have a sweet
craving, it’s for digestive juices. Have honey. Don’t have a lot at one
time, just keep having little amounts. Put it in your milk, whatever it is. If
you’ve got a chocolate craving, you’ve got a tremendous fat deficiency with
an inability to digest fats. So you have butter and honey together. Take ½-1
tsp every hour. Or make yourself some raw chocolate from the cacao beans.

Q: I’m curious about fruit cravings.

A: Same thing, you need digestive juices.

When you exercise is it okay to have more fruits because the lactic acid that
builds up is highly acidic and you need alkalinizing minerals and sugars to help
alkalinize those unless you’re drinking whey. That will do the same thing
without the high carbohydrate content. Bananas and pineapples are highest in
potassium to relieve buildup of toxicity in the muscle from exercise and
activity. Some people need other kinds of minerals other kinds of nutrients. If
you exercise and you crave a certain fruit, have it a little at a time or blend
it in your sports formula and disperse it throughout the day without creating
imbalances and causing cravings.

Q: I had X rays a year ago and it heavily damaged my whole body.
I wasn’t clear as to how long the radiation stays in my minerals.

A: Well if you have particles of uranium stored in your body or iodine,
any isotope it’s going to be radioactive for 55 thousand years. So you have to
get it out of the body. The damage done from X rays is highly bacterial. 1 X ray
is like having 100 doses of antibiotic. Eating lots of orange and avocado helps
that, but really eating lots of high meats. Stinky rotten smelly foods,
including cheeses get rid of it quicker. You need to build your bacterial levels
again. Terramin clay every day.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for travel?

A: In my recipe book I have a whole list of suggestions for travel. Take
your butter and cheese with you, and possibly honey. Always take your food on
carry on, never put it in your storage bag. The storage bag goes through
radiation which is 40-50 X rays worth of radiation. When it goes through the
hand scan one time it won’t harm it. Make sure your butter is refrigerated and
cold when you bring it on. If it spreads, they argue. I say well this is not a
liquid, it’s solid. Put the honey in the fridge over night and it’s solid.
Say it’s solid. I carry a letter from an MD and I write letters for patients,
they last about 3 months and they take anything. In LAX they give you trouble,
but what you have to do is you have to be very insistent. Say, listen I’ll get
very sick, please read the letter and you’ll understand it. If you don’t
have the authority, please lets call your supervisor, and if they reject it say
please let me speak with your supervisor. By that time they want to get the hell
rid of you. Sometimes it’s taken me 45 minutes to get my food cleared. Only
twice out of two years was I stopped. If it goes through the hand X ray one time
I’ll eat it, if it goes twice I won’t eat it. The metal detector stick is
fine, they are just trying to detect metal.

Q: About two years ago an interesting phenomena happened. What
I’ll do is I wont sick, I’ll feel fine, I’ll sit on the toilet to make a
bowel movement, an incredible amount of water just goes through me, I call it my
butt taking a piss, it’s like a river, it’ll go on a long time. This could
happen two to three other times. I don’t drink much water, but I do drink
coffee. Is it the coffee?

A: On a raw diet, your body is going to dilute the caffeine and it’s
going to come out the bowels cause it doesn’t want it in the kidney.

Q: But I was drinking coffee on the diet a long time before this

A: Yea well, it’s just building up. The way you can find out is to take
some of that feces and have it analyzed. It’ll only cost you twenty three
hundred dollars. :::audience laughter::: Or you could stop drinking coffee for
five months and see what happens.

Q: I’m not trying to be perfect on the diet.

A: Do you put raw cream in your coffee?

Q: No, I just drink it black.

A: Put some raw cream in your coffee. A couple of Tablespoons.

Q: I like it hot, I’m just kind of addicted to the heat.

A: Okay… then enjoy your loose bowels. If you want to slow that down,
eat lots of cheese.

Q: So you’re telling me it’s from the coffee?

A: Well it’s from a nerve toxin, a neurotoxin. Caffeine, theophycine,
theobromine, mercury, thalium. Any of those are neurotoxins. When you flush it
out through your bowel, it’s not the greatest place to do it because you’re
destroying the e coli in your bowel. Eat a lot more cheese to absorb it. About
how much coffee do you have a day?

Q: About two sixteen ouncers in the morning.

A: Holy Christ. Well, I used to drink about 11 cups a day.

Q: I just kinda feel like I’m getting out a lot of toxins.

A: If you’re drinking 32 ounces, you’re drinking a quart a day.
That’s a lot of coffee, that’s a lot of toxins you are consuming in a day.
Coffee is a neurotoxin unless it’s decaffeinated. However to decaffeinate,
they use a kerosene derivative. How many of you would soak your peaches in
kerosene for 30 minutes, then rinse them off and eat them? Almost all
supplements are made that way. 98% of all supplements use a kerosene derivative.

Q: For well over a year now I’m living off milk, honey and
eggs. It’s so easy. I don’t have to spend time fussing in the kitchen. It
tastes good, it feels good, I have so much time and energy in my life for
everything else I love to do. But my question is whether I am heading for a
deficiency? I’m not having all of this other food that everyone else is

A: Well that all depends. I have several people, at least 12 elderly
people, that eat on that diet. They are fairly healthy, although they don't have
solid muscles. Without meat you don’t reproduce cells quickly. If you had milk
fresh out of the teat, unrefrigerated, those hormones wouldn’t be altered.
Once you cool it below 75-73 degrees, you’ve lost those growth hormone factors
that allow the meat to act like milk does which is to reproduce cells quickly.
Freezing the meats does the same thing. It destroys the ability to reproduce
cells quickly.

Q: Can you speak more to what you said earlier about adding eggs
to vegetable juice?

A: If you’re going to pull toxins out of your body, you need the fats
and the proteins there immediately, especially for that first juice in the
morning. You don’t yet have protein the body, and very little fat. So that
first juice better have some egg in it. The egg binds with the toxins that are
drawn out by the juice. The juice can do it alone without the eggs, but then you
don't have any protein in the digestive tract which could cause nausea or a bad
mood. With egg in there you’ve got the proteins and fats to bind with those

If someone is highly toxic, for instance if they’ve come off of a week or two
of antibiotics or just come out of an operation, always have an egg in the
juice. Always whip the egg with the juice, never blend it. You can blend eggs
with dairy and cream, but in the juice you can whip it. Whip it inside the

Q: I take bone marrow regularly and I have a formula that I put in
the food processor with the bone marrow, some raw cottage cheese, milk, onion,
honey. I was putting lemon in it but you said no lemon. I tried pineapple but it
fermented too quickly within a day. Should I use lime in it instead?

A: Then you just eat a cube of pineapple with it at the same time. Lime
is an antibacterial, so I wouldn’t use that.

Q: I get rashes on my scalp, is there any relation to candida?

A: 90% of the toxins are supposed to leave through the skin unless
you’ve got damaged connective tissue. And we shouldn’t be just discarding
toxin, we should be discarding waste products. But because people have eaten
cooked foods all their lives and they have been exposed to pollution, you’ve
got 90% of those toxins coming out of the skin. The body wouldn’t be digesting
good food - if it were being eliminated through the bowels and the urinary tract
- because it interferes with digestion. The skin is the main detoxifier.
You’re always going to have breakouts if you were raised in this society. You
went by their rules of medication, food intake, etc. You will always have some
kind of breakout when poisons are leaving through the skin. Rash is one of them,
it could be fungal, it could be candida related, yeast infection, it could be
any kind of a fungus. Mainly fungus grows under the skin. That is the final
place to break down things. We don’t have fungus internally unless it’s an
aerobic place like the bowels or the intestines. Gangrene is a fungus that can
grow internally wherever air can pass in. In the vaginal area, there are air
pockets where yeast fungus grows. Yeast is a fungus. All yeasts are fungi.

Anytime you have an elimination through the skin, you want to help the
elimination. You could put clay on the area. You could put lime juice around the
area so the poison doesn’t damage the skin as much. Butter is the best thing
to nurture the skin to make it stronger, more resistant, and less vulnerable to
the toxins moving through the skin. Put it right on the surface of the skin. The
Primal Facial Body care cream is the best thing you could use, but people are
lazy. So those lazy ones just use butter. The Primal Facial body care cream
should last about 7 months in the refrigerator. If it goes bad, skim the spores,
the mycelium off the top. Remember that just like a cheese, a good cheese is one
that’s been predigested with molds. Germans love those stinky old cheeses that
have been broken down with the raunchiest molds in the world. Look at their
strength when they used to eat so much of it. Look at the 1800s and 1900s when
they thought they were the greatest race. Part of that was because they ate so
much steak tartar, even more than France and they ate all of this raw moldy
cheese. So they were an incredibly healthy country of people. I can’t call it
a race, because it wasn’t really a race. It was a combination of a lot of
different cultures and racial groups. But it was because of the quality of those
foods. So in molds and fungi, the mycelium are fine. The spores, which are the
mushrooms, the black stuff on the top don’t eat. That will cause you
tremendous detoxification.

Q: How about the toothpaste, how long does that last?

A: Well, the toothpaste is the clay, the coconut cream, and the vinegar.
I never make any more than would last me any more than 10 days to two weeks.

Q: Can you define the term mycelium?

A: The mycelium is a milky substance that goes through and breaks down
certain foods. If you go to a forest and you see a clump of wood and you see
that white milky stuff on it - that’s mycelium. Then you see the mushroom
growing from it. That is the spore of that mycelium, the sperm of that mycelium.
Actually the sperm and the ovum together.

Q: I have some crowns they are fully ceramic, you recommended
against that in your book. Is there anything that I can do that would make it
last a little bit longer. There’s not much too left. Is there anything I can
do to strengthen it?

A: That’s fine, you don’t need much tooth. I have quite a few of
those. My father took a paint can and hit me in the teeth when I was 16, and
those two teeth are like pinheads and they’re holding on these two teeth. If
you do the diet, it will recalcify inside gradually and slowly as long as you
have some tubules there.

Q: I’m thinking about how thick or thin blood is, and you know,
I understand that the human body has a small range of thickness or thinness. The
thick side you get clots, on the thin side you bleed and stuff like that. How
does that work on the diet. Can you tell when your blood is too thick or too

A: If your blood is very thick, uncomfortably thick, you won’t produce
any saliva. You’ll be spitting thick, hard mucus. That’s when your blood is
too thick. The blood will be thick and thin at a large range if you’re on a
healthy diet. When your body wants to cool itself, it will hold more fluid and
thin the blood. When your body wants to warm itself it will get rid of the
fluid. Do you ever notice when you get cold, all of a sudden you’ve got to pee
a lot to get rid of the fluid. Also, the spleen helps in the same way but not by
getting rid of fluid. The spleen holds extra red blood cells. So if your blood
needs to get thick fast, it will dump a lot of red blood cells into the
bloodstream as the kidneys are getting rid of H2O and the other nutrients in
your urine. All other animals in nature don’t pee much unless they live around
a water hole. There is very little urine, so they have very little loss. This is
because all of the nutrients in your blood serum are nutrients, it’s not just
a stream with blood in it. You’ve got red blood cells, you’ve got white
blood cells, you’ve got fat cells. It’s concentrated and thick with
nutrients. So when you urinate, you lose a lot of nutrients. That’s why in
India they drink their urine. There’s a lot of vegetarians there, so they
urinate to recycle those nutrients. When I’m in Asia and I’m down to very
little butter, and I can’t get enough meat, then I start drinking my urine.
And boy do I keep healthy and strong that way.

Q: So lets say I have a clot problem and I can’t spit.

A: You’ve got a clot problem because you’ve got a lot of toxins in
your blood and a lot of damaged sugars, waste products like advanced glycation
end products that cause the blood to be sticky. Then the blood starts sticking
together. That’s what causes dangerous blood clots, not because the blood is
too thick but because it’s too contaminated with byproducts, sugar byproducts.
Being on the diet should handle that within ten days, but you have to stay away
from cooked starches, processed sugars, and reduce the amount of fruits that you
take unless they are unripe. Eat any fruits low in carbohydrates like
grapefruit, cherries or berries. Cherries taste very sweet but they’re very
low in carbs.

Q: Down the road, or at some point, you’ll be able to put into
print all these wonderful experiments that you’ve done.

A: That will go into the detoxification book once that gets finished.

Q: Do you have any idea when that will get done?

A: I promised it four years ago and it’s still not ready, there was the
DVD and the newsletters to get out. I’m way behind on everything.

Q: The gentlemen was asking about his tooth, and I have a problem
with my teeth because I’m losing bone in my lower mandible.

A: Eat cheese and honey to increase the minerals in the body, sipping on
milk all day long. This helps restore bone. You have to remember that when you
got injections like Novocain, nothing dissolves bone and hardens bone more than
Novocain. Also injections of mercury go to the brain and dumps out the gums.
That’s what causes cavities, not bacteria. The heavy metals sit on the
dentine, damaged the dentine. Bacteria then forms to eat the damaged dentine. So
the bacteria are the janitors, not the cause of the problem. So if you have a
lot of that coming down and getting stuck in the bone, a lot of it deep down in
the tooth, instead of making it’s way to the plaque, then it will damage and
eat away at your bone. So you’re going to have to pack your mouth with wet
clay, like kneading, when you knead clay for pottery. Line your gums with a rope
of it in your upper and lower mandibles. Help it draw out at night so it
doesn’t keep removing the bone.

Q: What are your thoughts on food supplements?

A: All supplements are chemicals. They have pictures on the DVD of
Vitamin C when it’s raw and right out of food. It looks like little cotton
balls. Then next to it you see the same cotton balls made into a supplement and
it’s like rock and glass. In the same size, same magnification, you see these
little bitty balls that are the vitamin, and next to them these big sharp glass
like mirrors and rocks. Who can tell me that this Vitamin C is going to do the
same as the chemical cauterized substance. It doesn’t happen. Even though the
supplement is made from food, it’s this big spikey, rock slate like substance.
I have the same pictures of Vitamin B1 in it’s raw food form and it’s
supplement form. All supplements are made that way. They are made with kerosene,
even so called natural supplements. They can call kerosene all natural. The
person with good intentions goes to a lab to make this. He says to the lab “I
want an all-natural, all food-derived vitamin, can you make it? The laboratory
wants the work so they say, sure. Where’s the lab going to get that from a
food, where’s he going to get the food to do that? If they have to grow it, it
will cost you 1,000 dollars a pill. He would have to grow it, cultivate it,
process it. So what does the laboratory do? They go to Purina or General Mills,
buy their waste product that's already been heavily chemically treated,
processed with heat and who knows what else, sells it to this laboratory. The
laboratory can say, “I never used any heat, I never used any chemicals except
for natural ones”. They never tell you it’s a kerosene derivative. And then
they say, here you go, you’ve got an all natural food based substance. It’s
all marketing. It is not good, it’s all poisonous stuff.

Q: What about the green powders they sell, the super foods?

A: Same thing, they have to dry it and process it. When you dry and
process the greens, they change back into a mineral. Plants eat minerals, we
don’t. We can’t digest them.

Q: If I want to explain to somebody who doesn’t know about this
diet, how can I explain that fat is good for us.

A: Just tell them to read the book. If they’re asking me, I tell them
read the book. If I want a quick little story I give, I say “how important are
fats? You get your greatest strength from fats. There is 2 ½ times more energy
from a fat than from a carbohydrate or a protein. Look at your weight lifters,
they are fat, your wrestlers. If you’ve got a weight lifter who isn’t fat
he’s a dead man. Fat is so important in the body, it binds with toxins”.
Then I say no more. That’s all it takes. People get it. Everybody wants
strength, protection and energy. So I give them those reason for the fats. There
are a lot more reasons, but they can read that in the book.

Q: What is gout and how do I prevent it?

A: Gout is from acids that collect in the body when they accompany some
kind of other toxin from a food based substance. Eating too much cooked meat
will do that. The tribes that eat nothing but cooked meats, no vegetables or
anything, they only have five diseases and one of them is gout. So eating a lot
of cooked meat substances causes a lot of uric acid to form that causes gout.
Other acids can cause it too. Do you eat a lot of cooked meat? If you’re
eating cooked meat you have to eat a raw vegetable salad with greens in it, or
some pineapple. You need to eat something that will help to neutralize that uric

Q: I have a quick question about warts, and a question about
cooked starches, has anything changed?

A: No, you just use them medicinally if you need them. If you’ve got
hyperactivity and problems then you used cooked starch. If you’re too hungry.
Like when I was in Asia, I didn’t take enough butter with me, and the meat fat
doesn’t fill me, I can get ravenously hungry. In this case, I will have a
third of a cup of rice with no salt in it, with coconut cream or butter if I
have it. Put an equal amount of rice with the butter and that will take care of
my hunger for two weeks. White or brown rice, but not wild rice. If you’re
using wheat, it’s better processed to take the grain out. From my experiments
with wild rice, it caused intestinal problems. People had all kinds of reactions
with people who tried it.

Q: Do you have anything topical for warts?

A: Well warts are tumors. Usually tumors come from dead cartilage cells
that build into the skin because the body can’t dissolve them. The body will
make tumors on the surface of the skin. Onion and vinegar will help dissolve
them, topically. You want to dissolve those cells, so don’t put butter on
them. I had a large black mole my whole life. At one point it got bigger,
swollen and inflamed. They usually say that’s going into cancer. So I took
vinegar, put it in three times a day, and after the third day it peeled off in
layers. Now it’s small again, the way it originally was. The color is now
light to medium brown. Some people with warts and tumors on their skin need
vinegar one day and onion one day because vinegar alone won’t work for them.
If the wart is close to the eye, do it before you go to sleep so your eye
isn’t open. This can’t be used as an exfoliant on a large area of your body,
but a wart or a mole is a tumor that’s already a dead cell. You don’t want
to put it on live skin for any longer than 15-20 minutes if you’re using it as
an exfoliator. You could squeeze the onion a little, get a drop out so it’s
localized, so you’ve got a bubble of the onion on there, not one that’s
enough to run, but enough to be absorbed over a period of time. Any onion will
do except the green leaf onion; use bulb or root onions.

Q: I have a question about Co Q 10, and if you can take it in one
of those pills that they’re provided in.

A: It’s still toxic. Co Q 10 is a chemical, it is not natural. Even if
it’s made from natural substances, it is chemical.

Q: All substances are chemical. And what about Vitamin E?

A: I'm not looking at it that way. In the Philippines, they have a lot of
biochemists in their pharmacies. That guy is no more a biochemist than a frog is
an ant. Vitamin E is the most toxic vitamin there is out there. 99% of the
vitamin E out there is from Fuji and Kodak. It’s the byproduct of developing
film. It is one of the most toxic substances on the earth. Fuji and Kodak spend
millions of dollars every year in scientists, trying to figure out what to do
with this toxic waste substance. They would spend hundreds of dollars a year,
all over the planet burying the waste in thick stainless steel cauldrons under
ground. The cauldrons were 55-100 gallons large. So they had to pay to have
these caves, these tombs built, plus to maintain everything. The process of
transporting the stuff was frightfully expensive. So one of the scientists came
up with the idea, “...Hey this looks like it has 70% the molecular structure
of Vitamin E, lets call it Vitamin E and sell it as Vitamin E”. So even the
natural substances that say ‘natural vitamin E from corn or soybeans’ five
units per 100 will be natural. The rest is Kodak and Fuji garbage. So it’s
very toxic, vitamin E is the worst. If you look at what happened to Diane
Cannon: when I worked at Anthony’s Health Food Store, she used to come in and
consume a bottle of Vitamin E a week. It ripped her skin and made it into tissue
paper. You know what happened to her psychologically if you know her story. I
warned her, and I warned her every time she took that capsule. She would say
“but it makes my skin so soft.” It’s going to dissolve your whole freaking
body, and it did - her mind, her brain - everything. So vitamin E is one of the

Q: A friend of mine has white stripes, not spots but stripes
across all his nails, what is that?

A: He took some kind of calcium supplement at some point that is rock and
his body is just trying to get rid of it through the nail. The body tries to get
rid of a lot of toxic minerals through the hair and nails. That is usually
calcium build up. Sometimes if you’ve been a big salt eater, salt will cause
destruction of calcium in the body. Then that can cause white streaks or spots
too. If it’s yellow it could be penicillin involved in that. Penicillin lives
in the joints mostly and it discards through the nails often.

Q: What’s going on with vaccination. Are they going to force us
to all be vaccinated?

A: They are threatening to. You know we have the Geneva Convention laws
that were signed into law, but they can try and do anything. Right now, I had a
two page write-up on vaccine responsibility that they have to take
responsibility for your damage if they force you to take one. I’m just
finishing up a four page write-up, you give it to them and say “sign this and
I’ll take it.” That means they have to pay you a phenomenal amount of money
if anything happens to you, they have to pay you the rest of your life. It’s
going in the next newsletter. It will be posted right around October 1st.

Q: In your opinion, do you think they will get away with doing
mandatory vaccinations?

A: Not in this country, not so easily. They already have 194 countries
sign on to do it, including England. Once they read your exemption form,
nobody’s going to sign it. It’s going to go all the way up, just like the
airport. Essentially what is says is that if something happens to you because of
this vaccine, I will take care of you for the rest of your life. Anyone who
makes you take a vaccine is an authority. If they are taking the responsibility
for forcing you to take a vaccine, they have to sign it.

Q: What do I do with my leg, with the poisons going out through
the bottom? What do I do just put a hot water bottle on it?

A: I can see that you have connective tissue damage. When the lymph
system dumps its waste products, it dumps it between the skin and muscle. So
when you perspire, they get removed from under the skin. Your entire connective
tissue is backed up. You need to take 35-45 minute baths at least once a day
every day. You have to do that for probably the rest of your life. If I were
you, I’d be taking two a day. It will help get it out, right now the waste
products are stuck under your skin and they’re causing a rupturing of your
veins and capillaries. You also need to have some green cabbage juice 2-3 oz.
every other day. That has a lot of Vitamin K and Vitamin U in it, which prevents
ulcerations, prevents bleeding. She’s got a lot of bleeding under the skin.

Q: I’ll be in a hotel and the bathwater is toxic? And what about
oxygen machines if the room is lacking in oxygen?I feel like I’m lacking in

A: They sell milk at several health food stores there. Put milk, vinegar,
and salt in the water. If you can’t find milk, use coconut cream and put that
in the water. Oxygen in cans is not natural oxygen. Rinse some plants and put
them in your room. It could be that your lymph system is so backed up that your
body is now discarding toxins through your lungs and your using it as a detox
center instead of an absorption center.

Q: What can you tell me about hernias and ulcers?

A: Just remember if you have an ulcer, you’ve got toxins in that tissue
that won’t heal. You’ve got to remove the toxins first. Clay packs there,
wet, all night long will help draw those poisons out. Vinegar in the clay will
help draw out and neutralize poisons from the skin a little bit better. You can
put butter all around the area outside of where you apply the clay pack. Anytime
you have anything close to the skin, you can feed it from the outside. When you
first go on to a raw diet, every other cell internally is going to take the
nutrients. The skin and anything near the skin gets starved. It’s like an
orphanage. The big, strong kids always get food first. The little weak ones
don’t get much. That’s the way it is in the body.

Q: I get allergies, something in the air. I can’t say it’s
seasonal because it’s not always in the fall.

A: Where are you from?

Q: Around here, Orange County.

A: We’ve got chemtrails, they are dumping heavily. Chemtrails have
uranium, barium, all kinds of poisons. They've been doing this to us for 15
years now from what I’ve observed. Most people think chemtrails started in
1998. I don't know where they were. I was on Venice beach, and I watched it
happen almost every day starting from 1989. You've got all that stuff dumping.
Whenever the toxins build up in your mucus membranes you’re going to have a
problem. To deal with that, I eat chlorella and clay with milk. Also vinegar and
milk. Anything that’s going to pull the poisons out of the body and neutralize
them. Cheese is also a great binder of poisons. Eggs help build the mucus to
bind with the poisons.

Q: What would be the recipe for chlorella, clay and milk?

A: I didn’t have that. I put the vinegar in the milk, the clay I just
eat and the chlorella I mix with egg and cottage cheese. I have 1-2 heaping
teaspoons of chlorella a day. I have 5Tb of cottage cheese, egg and chlorella
with my meat meal. I’ll also do sour cream with chlorella and meat, when
they’re bombing us. See - you can look out the window. By the time it reaches
Los Angeles, it’s going to spread out and you’re just going to think it’s
a cloud. Someone had an analysis on many of the chemtrails and there was
something like sixty six or sixty seven ingredients in them. They are definitely
getting rid of military waste products by dumping them on the world. Just like
Fuji and Kodak selling us Vitamin E.

Q: So they just want to poison us, is that why they’re doing it?

A: I think they’re just trying to get rid of waste products, just like
Fuji and Kodak, they don’t to buy land and bury it. They can use their money
for more destructive purposes.

Q: Like with fluoride and the aluminum industry.

A: Fluoride is forced into our water, in order to get rid of it. The
military industry is the greatest user of the products that are produced with

Q: When it comes to sunlight in the eyes, is there a health
benefit to that. Does it matter if you wear shades?

A: There’s always a benefit. You even absorb vitamin D into the brain
when sunlight enters your eyes. There’s a period when I used sunglasses, when
the cancer when in and burned my cornea creating eight layers of scar tissue. I
was just trying to block and reflect the light for a whole year. When it was
overcast the light was so glaring, I had to use sunglasses but only in cases
like that do I suggest people use sunglasses. My sunglasses are John Lennon,
little beady round ones so lots of light still passes in. So if you wear
sunglasses like that, sunlight will still get into your eyes. Your brain needs
vitamin D, even your eyes themselves will get stronger and healthier. You
don’t have a lot of muscle in the eye, but the iris is all muscle. There are
several muscles internally and they need vitamin D or else your eyes will warp,
the muscles will buckle. Then you get warped eye sight, either far sightedness
or near sightedness.

Q: Tell me about pathogens.

A: First of all I say, there is no such thing as a pathogen when it comes
to bacteria. Pathogen means disease causing. Bacteria never cause disease.
Chemicals cause disease. The pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry and
the industrial complex don’t want you to know that everything they produce
causes cancer and disease. They call all the natural things pathogenic so
you’re completely confused and stupid. Bacteria that clean up, they are
janitors; they are just janitors. They eat decaying, dead and toxic tissue.
Depending on how toxic the tissue is, the bacteria may not be able to eat it
because it would kill them. In that case, your body creates virus which are not
alive, they are just solvents that will dissolve that matter that is

Q: Is there a chance that, in eating raw meat, a particular
parasite can enter your brain and actually thrive in your brain tissue? I’ve
talked to my dad whose a doctor who has seen cases of that happening when
parasites enter the brain. There is also a program on TV about that.

A: I’ve broken it up in a movie where I talk about that video. You will
see that they are not the same cuts, not the same worms, and they are not even
coming out of the brain tissue. You can even see the line where they infused it
in. So that was a false video created to scare people, and it’s not a true
one. However, there are parasites in the brain, but again, parasites in brain
tissue and I’ve eaten brain tissue that has parasites in it from calves brain
– it doesn’t pass through there. If the animals have had a vaccine like
dewormers, they cause a lot of dissolution of the spinal chord and the brain.
You have your own natural parasites in your brain tissue. When you die and
decompose, suddenly you have all of these worms. That’s part of the
decomposition process. If it’s happening while you’re still alive, then
you’ve done something pretty toxic to damage your brain. But it’s not going
to pass from one tissue to another. You don’t get an intestinal parasite that
lives in the brain. A heart worm lives in the heart. Intestinal worm lives in
the intestine, it doesn’t move out. Unless that person is on their way out and

Q: So you’re saying there’s no risk in eating raw meat and
getting a parasite?

A: That is absolutely fiction. After thirteen years having worried about
getting a parasite or a brain fluke that would make me an idiot again, because I
was autistic, I said to myself - I’ve eaten all kinds of parasite infested
tissue and never gotten a parasite. So then I said, let me go see whose backing
this information that says we get parasites from eating raw meat. Not one
university has ever done one laboratory experiment. I have. Not one of the
animals, even though they were sickly animals, that I fed parasite-infested
tissue to, and I also ate them, none of us ever got a parasite. So as far as
I’m concerned it’s all fiction.

Q: What about the doctors I’ve spoken to who said patients have
gotten tumors after the removal of a parasite?

A: That’s their theory, there’s no laboratory experiment to prove
that this happens. There are a lot of laboratory animals that get cancer because
they’re not eating naturally, they are not living in natural environments,
they are being injected and fed chemicals.

Q: You mentioned once Dona Parigliano who mentored you for 3 ½
years about nutrition.

A: He was about a 70-75% raw person. He’s dead now. He took the
Hepatitis B vaccine, got AIDS because of it and went the regular medical route
and they killed him.

Q: I am starting to experience random nerve fires, sporadic
spasms for the last four days. I’m wondering what’s causing it. I actually
noticed it happened more when I smoked marijuana. Now I’m out of that, I
don’t deal with that anymore.

A: When I was thin and a vegetarian/fruitarian, I used to get muscle
spasms all of the time. It’s because you don’t have enough fats in the
muscles and lactic acids will build up. I had it tremendously when I was
cycling. I’d get spasms all the time because I was exercising and didn’t
have any fats in the muscle.

Q: I’ve got pretty consistent firing whereas before I could tell
the difference between an exercise spasm and a neurological thing of some kind.
I’m not shaking or anything, it’s just heated, flashy kind of electric

A: That’s how mine reacted. Eat butter, not as much cream, but with
some cream. This happens when someone is so thin at times. I notice that thin
people are much more phobic and hypochondriac so [I recommend] the lubrication

Q: Cultured or uncultured butter?

A: It’s up to you. I’ve found that uncultured butter doesn’t digest
as well in my system as regular butter.

Q: I have a friend who drinks a lot of wheatgrass juice, what do
you say about those?

A: The wheatgrass juice causes alkalinity in the digestive tract and
acidity in the blood. This is just the opposite reason of why we are drinking
vegetable juice. It takes an herbivore to break down wheatgrass juice properly.
This is true of any grass. They need acidity in their blood, they need
alkalinity in their digestive tract. We need just the opposite. I’ve
experimented with wheatgrass because there’s a certain growth hormone factor I
wanted to experiment with, so I put a tablespoon and 3 oz of milk and that
curbed the negative but I didn’t see any results.

Q: What about cats and dogs, they are carnivores, why do they like
to eat grass when they don’t feel well.

A: They will chew on grass to alkalinize their system a little bit, but
they are only taking 1-6 drops a week. They use it medicinally in very tiny
quantities. When people take 2 ounces., 6, 8 ounces a day they are going to
damage their digestion pretty badly.

Q: I eat the butter and honey pretty regularly but as far as
eating raw milk, cream or cheese, I start getting headaches. I also get
headaches when the weather changes being as I live in a more Northern climate.

A: Well the milk can have a detoxification effect and when you’re going
into a climate change it will help pull out fats that have toxic substances in
them. Make sure to have honey in your milk and sip your milk slowly. Use 3
Tablespoons of honey per quart of milk. If you’re having that reaction during
certain times of year, eat cheese regularly while you’re sipping your milk.
Usually salt causes headache. Sodium toxicity will cause high blood pressure in
the brain. Also try the headache formula, but if it’s due to drinking the
milk, then it’s better to add the cheese.

Q: What do you advise for high blood pressure?

A: Like I say in the book, blood pressure can be lowered or increased
with raw garlic or grapefruit. It will do whatever your body needs it to. You
can put garlic in butter, make a garlic butter. Half a grapefruit a day will
help regulate blood pressure.

Q: I’m encouraged to eat more eggs, rocky style but whenever I
do it I feel a sense of dread, like it’s not going to be a good day.

A: Are you eating cheese before you have the eggs?

Q: Sometimes but not all the time, when I do it doesn’t seem to
make a difference. And I’m not sure if I have enough acids to digest them.

A: Then just have a little bit of honey with it in your mouth, at the
same time. The proteins and the fats in eggs are liquid so they are easily
digestible, so you don’t have to have a lot of acids to digest it. If you have
trouble digesting eggs you’re bacterially deficient in your digestive tract,
so you need to eat foods to help digest it. Honey is a quick fix, but it’s
really bacteria that will help digest the eggs in the final stage. Eating high
meat, rotten eggs is how you build your bacteria.

Q: I have a congenital heart problem and I’m fighting potential
surgery. I’ve altered my diet quite drastically, not sure what else I should
be eating?

A: Bone marrow and heart from any animal, eat them together. Buffalo
heart is one of the best hearts to get. It’s the smallest heart for such a
large animal, and it powers the whole buffalo, it’s incredible. Northstar
Bison is a good brand, Rawesome carries it. They have the bone marrow right
there too. Once a day eat half a cup of heart with at least one marrow from one
bone. If you do it every day it should clear up within a year or a year and a

Q: Unwashed eggs vs washed eggs?

A: I get unwashed eggs whenever I can because they use a detergent that
destroys some of the bacteria. It deprives the egg of the ability to reproduce
and it does stop the bacterial growth inside the egg, from the outside in. I
like bacteria, it’s 99% of any organic function in any animal. I want
bacteria, I want as much as I can get. In Asia, people see me, I go and I buy
these chicken shit eggs and I suck it out and they go eeeeek you’re gonna die!
:::Audience laughter::: How many chickens, how many animals do you see going
around licking each others butts? Their butts, the feces is full of e coli.
I’m just having it off of the egg.

Q: Are Rawesome eggs okay?What if you wash them with water?

A: Yea they’re okay. There’s no soy in them. They wash them. I tried
to get them not to but she’s afraid. Washing them with water is okay, but you
still destroy bacteria. Water is a solvent. There is a protective coating on an
egg. Even if it’s just washed with water, the coating is removed.

Q: How much better are Amos' eggs then regular unwashed eggs?

A: Well Amos raises chickens the way I want, he takes the guts from a
butchered animal, throws them out on a pallet, let’s the flies lay all their
maggots, the birds peck on the rotten meat and the guts and everything in them
along with the maggots. His chicken’s follow you around like cats, they’ll
rub up against you, they never peck each other. They have everything they need,
they are a happy, wonderful healthy chicken. He gives them buttermilk, whey,
kefir, or sprouted grains like oats.

Q: How good can a typical pastured egg be compared to a chicken
like Amos’ that eats that much meat and other foods. Like compared to the eggs
we get around here from Rawesome and the farmers markets?

A: Considerably better.

Q: Tell me about liver spots :::question muffled:::

A: Your organs like your liver, pancreas, spleen, and bladder have dark
tissue. Once they no longer help create hormones and function in that organ or
gland they go to the skin. They are still live cells that function on your skin,
but not as a gland as an organ. The cells are not functioning in the liver,
they’re not alive in the liver, but they’re still alive so they can function
as skin.

Q: Is there anything you can do to get rid of them?

A: They’re just your skin for a while. I have a lot of them. Ever since
I got those injections I’m loaded with them. I have probably 100 times the
freckles after those three injections. That’s due to the damage to the liver,
pancreas, gall bladder and spleen. So you stay away from any injection. This
last time I hired a Chihuahua to make noise as a body guard. I figured with big
dogs, you can fool them easily, get them to smell raw meat far away easily. All
you would have to do it feed them and they’re dead. So if you wanted to get to
me, the Chihuahua is going to bark at the faint sound of anything moving.

Q: The vaccines required when you go abroad, can you get away
with not taking those?

A: The only countries that demand vaccination demand it for yellow fever,
for instance if you are going from Peru to Brazil you have to have a yellow
fever vaccination, but not really. If you quote the Geneva Convention, they will
hold you up for 24 hours. I know many people who didn’t get the injections and
they still got in. If you put up a fuss about it, the most they’ll do is hold
you for 24 hours.