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                              Q&A Of May 23, 2010


We Want 2 Live Workshop/Q&A

Rather than starting off with some kind of diatribe, we’re going to go
around…starting with you.

Q: My brother-in-law is in his mid-60s. He’s got silicosis. He worked in a
General Motors factory for 30-some years and apparently the doctors told him
it’s silicosis. It can’t get any better; it could get worse and what can he

A: Okay. His brother-in-law works in a factory, and got glass shavings all in
his lungs and throughout the body. It’s in the lungs, in the sinuses. It’s
called silicosis – a ridiculous name for it, it’s glass, not silicon.
There’s no way to dissolve it, the body can’t dissolve it because when they
make glass, they take sand and they heat it to such a high temperature, about
1600 degrees, to get it to turn it into glass and there’s no way to melt it
down. So the only thing you can do is to force himself to have flu’s and
colds, have lots of milkshakes so he’ll bring it up with mucous. Usually the
mucous from that kind of detoxification comes out pretty grey and sometimes red
– there’ll be break down the scar tissue. You should eat those,
with coconut cream. Any time you want to have something. Fruit is always a
cleanser. It doesn’t do anything else but cleanse. It either cleanses,
neutralizing acidic compounds into a neutral substance or it causes tremendous
alcohol to break down in the body. Coconut cream has many properties. It has a
lot of water-soluble fats. Not just oil-soluble fats. Coconut cream is 80% fat
but only 7-8% is oil, which is oil-soluble fat. The rest of that fat, which is
72% water-soluble fats that are rare to get in anything except for animal fat,
especially chicken and fish. So coconut is the only place you can get that in
the fruit world, so that is the fruit to eat so you get into the nerves. It can
get into any part of the body and protect it as you’re detoxifying with the
alcohols. It also makes a good solvent along with the alcohol – clean out the
body. Now I always say, have a little animal fat with it, so you’re protecting
your nerve cells a little bit better.

Q: Can you cure yourself of colds or flus – how do you do that?

A: By eating lots of smoothies and milkshakes, orange and any kind of fruit.
Have more smoothies than milkshakes. Once you get into the cold or flu, then you
only have one smoothie a day and one or two milkshakes, but to onset a flu or
cold you can have only smoothies – 3/day if you want to force it. … olive
oil - flax is very acidic. I always recommend flax oil for people with cancer.

A: Well, any oil will help break down scar tissue because it’s 90% cleansing.
When you have an animal fat, they’re from 40-60% nutrifying, cleansing and
stabilizing and only partially detoxifying. Any pressed oil, even if it’s
coconut oil - NOT coconut cream - is 90% detoxifying and you can cause yourself
to go into too much detoxifying. You can cause yourself all sorts of symptoms.
They won’t be controlled. Your body is going to go into fatigue. It’s going
to have to spend its nutrients and energy on remedial effects of the
detoxification. So it’s always better to have no more than a tablespoon of oil
a day for detoxification. If you’re already heavily into detoxification,
don’t go near oil. Stay away from oil. Olive oil is the same.

Q: I am quite a good walker, then perhaps a year ago my ankles began swelling. I
don’t know what to do.

A: I wouldn’t know without looking into your eyes. I couldn’t tell what
‘s storing in your legs, but most people will store a lot of lactic acids as
they get older. They have less and less ability because they’re not eating
good food. They don’t have much nutrients in them at all if they’re cooked,
especially if they’re processed. So, as it starts accumulating - lactic acid
is a by-product of metabolism. Because of blockages in circulation, the body has
to swell, to expand. The veins, everything will have to swell to accommodate
that and people will have very large swellings because of that. To relieve it,
you have to eat things like coconut cream with pineapple, coconut cream with
banana. Those are the best, or whey with some kind of fat. Also, coconut cream.
Dairy cream isn’t very good for that, because dairy cream causes a lot of
swelling - not in a bad way, it’s good for the nerves, but it can cause too
much at one time. So you have a little bit of that and a lot of butter. A lot of
butter is good for that. Cream, small amounts. Q I smoked for 35 years and I
stopped about 20 years ago. My lungs have not repaired themselves. How do I
repair my lungs? I still have trouble sometimes, walking across the floor.

A: Okay. Now, you had asthma. It was either from a vaccine or were you a ??

Q: I had polio.

A: … and it could have been from vaccines too. It was the final onslaught of
your asthma but because of your smoking, it can be very difficult to reverse it.
When you smoke, you’re cooking vegetable oils at 700-1250 degrees C so it
makes them a hard tar. They crystallize in the body. If you’ve ever seen an
autopsy of a smoker, unless they are an alcoholic along with it, they will have
crystals all over. If you’re an alcoholic, the alcohol breaks down those fats
while they first come into the body and alcoholics don’t have that kind of a
problem. That doesn’t mean if you’re a smoker become an alcoholic. Don’t
smoke! They’re very hard crystals. A herbivore has a body temperature of
101-105F - they keep vegetable oil solvent at that temperature. In the human
body, 98.6F, vegetable oils will harden. If they’ve been a part of the body in
the intercellular fat, it will cause hardening. To get that to melt down you
have to have 102, 105, 110F every day for a long time, to get rid of them. You
can sleep with hot water bottles, have two of them under your armpits and your
chest with a silk blanket and it allows for good perspiration, exiting blood.
Usually cotton will hold onto it and get really wet. Silk allows the
perspiration to breathe and let go. You’ll be heating that up and you need to
cook those lungs at 105F. No, I have a source. You just have to get the product
list on the back it tells you how to make it. On the 9h page of the product
list. Q Where does that stuff hit the ground, when you see no real clouds today,
the sky’s blue but when you see all those chemtrails come down the same

A: It’s falling constantly. If we had more humidity it would stay suspended
longer but we don’t have a lot of humidity here, so it’s constantly raining.
They start spraying it over at Oxnard and over me at Malibu, so I can’t even
go outside because it’s right above me.

Q: So it’s ok on a day like today but when you see them you go in the house
and turn on your hepa filters?

A: Yep, absolutely. I answer that in my newsletters - what to do about
chemtrails. It’s a little involved so I wrote it in one of the newsletters
last year or 2 years ago.

Q: So it’s not better to be out one day rather than another, it’s all the
time falling?

A: All the time falling. If you’re in a place where there’s high humidity,
like Long Beach right now, or in Santa Monica and Venice area, you’ve got the
fog that comes in. It wil stay high. As soon as the fog’s gone, it starts

Q: What about a day when it’s totally clear and there’s no chemtrails in the
air, you don’t see any. Is it still falling?

A: If there’s no chemtrails, it’s not falling. When you see chemtrails, it
always falls on that day unless there’s heavy rain, or before when there’s
lots of moisture in the air.

Q: Okay, that was my question - is it worse some days than others?

A: It won’t hang around more than 24 hours, that’s why they spray every
day. They used to when Bush was in office. Now that Obama is in office they do
it about ½ as much as they used to. But it’s not because Obama’s in office.
A lot of people are starting to complain. A They put all kinds of stuff in
there. I can analyse it dropping because I’m so close to the sky. I put a
piece of paper down on a platform on the back porch, to see what was falling and
there were fibres, there were the finite electronic microscope. My microscope
broke so I don’t have it ; it is so expensive to fix. It showed eggs, parasite
and insect eggs in it. In this material. It’s actually wet and put on sticky.
This stuff you breathe and inhale, so then they’ve got insects breeding in
your body, in your lungs in your sinuses, so these people who have insects
coming through their skin attached to these fibres. And that’s what ??
Morgellans disease? Also we’re doing our air testing. They’ve got barium in
it, they’ve got aluminium, they’ve got all kinds of things. Fluoride is the
latest thing..they’ve come down pretty heavy in it and you have to look at it.
What does aluminium do? It destroys the zeta potential, which is the ability for
nutrients to remain suspended in fluid. You put liquid aluminium in a fish tank
and what happens to the fish? They hit the bottom. They can no longer swim and
that’s what happens in the brain and nervous system. That’s why
Alzheimer’s is elevated highly when there’s lots of aluminium in the brain.
Then you have fluoride. What does fluoride do? Hitler used fluoride, or
Hitler’s scientists used fluoride, to make animals docile. They could give it
to cobras and very aggressive rats and it would turn them into docile animals.
You could put another ferocious animal with them and they would eat them to
pieces and they wouldn’t bite back. So that’s what they were feeding to all
of their prisoners. in Auschwitz and everywhere. Fluoride. That’s why they
want it in every household and everybody’s water system on the planet and
it’s the NSA, the Federal Government, which is pushing it heavily enforcing
the city safety. W e’re not going to give you our federal benefits unless you
put fluoride in the water. The politicians want money coming in, so they say ok,
we’ll poison everybody, we’ll put fluoride in the water so we can have more
money. That’s the whole game of politics. So that’s what they’re
bombarding. In one of my newsletters I talk about what you eat to help relieve
it, help protect you from the damage of it. As far as the fibres, it’s not
easy to get rid of.

Q: There’s no way to ? The military is the most ferocious, hungry beast in the
world. I was only 10 years old when Eisenhower left office. He said in his
departing speech our greatest enemy is the military industrial complex because
they don’t make money unless there’s war. Ike was a 5-star general of the
military, became President of the USA. He knew what caused the war, he knew that
we didn’t need it. He couldn’t stop it because of the industrial complex.
They want the money. Q Does your car have an air-conditioner? Do you keep it out
of your car when you drive a lot?

A: It does if you have a hepa-filter inside. Most cars are equipped with a
filter, or you can order them with a filter and you can change over the filter
about every 6 months. My Prius has it. I made sure that it had it when I bought
it. It was an option when I bought mine. I don’t think it’s an option now, I
think it’s almost in every car, except in really cheap cars.

Q: Is the Hepa filter in air-conditioning?

A: No. It’s an air circulation system.

Q: I want to add that we’re going to be doing air testing in 4 different
districts - Montebello, Tujunga, Long Beach & Antigua - 1 month of running that
filter outside. Then we’re going to gather the results and send it to a lab.
Aajonus has recommended a 12-page executive summary. We’re going to send it
down to the LA Board of Supervisors to be put on their agenda because we want to
be heard down there.

A: If there’s a big enough outcry. There are 13 million people in the Los
Angeles County now. If we can get 10% of that, even just 1 million people to put
it down, the Board of Supervisors would have no choice but to tell the military
they could no longer dump in our region.

Q: It takes people and you’ve got to get out there. That’s what we’re
doing. In LA centers at . We’re going to meet
on Thursday next week for our protest. We’re going to hand out tabling on this
ground for handing out information. This is what it’s all about - getting the
word out and get those people to get more word out. It’s going to have to be a
routine, gradual campaign about chemtrails.

Q: I just got your book today and the fats that you can have all this butter and
coconut cream. Everybody said to me “you’re going to get fat ” and I just
loved it. It’s fascinating because 2 days after I started on the fat and I had
a familial tremble and it stopped. We’re 15 children in my family and we all
tremble. It stopped and I wasn’t feeling trembly all over.

A: Yes, it stops really quickly usually.

Q: The fact that you can eat all this butter - it’s so nice but I don’t have
the proportions yet. I have to get your second book. A The 2nd book. Yes. Pages
40 and 41 of the recipe book. She had trembling. She had 15 brothers and sisters
and they almost all had the trembling and just 2 days eating the coconut cream
and butter stopped her trembles. It’s called familial trembling. It means
family-oriented, genetic. It’s not genetic, it’s just bad diet. Q But you
know, I never had chemicals growing up. My parents … we had wonderful food. My
father had an acre and he grew his own and they were ?

A: and he didn’t use pesticides?

Q: No. A Then it was probably you all had a system that reacted to the vaccine

Q: But he was the system, and they thought he was mad. this and this and this.
He was known to be unusual. We ate wonderful food. We had raw honey, because he
had bees. He shouldn’t have had something like that.

A: There had to be a chemical reason. usually mercury causes that kind of
damage. Vaccine. Usually when mercury binds with red blood cells usually they
don’t couple together, the formaldehyde and the mercury but in some people it
does. In people it causes trembles, St. Vitus dance , tremors….usually a
combination of an industrial solvent and mercury - could be fluoride,
formaldehyde, even chlorine could do it.

Q: If you have any kind of inflammation in your body, does that mean you can’t
have any dairy foods?

A: You can have small amounts of dairy cream, but mostly butter, but if
you’ve got a neurological problem you have to have more cream. Cream is more
important. Only cream will fully nutrify the nervous system, butter will not.
Butter will take care of maybe 80% of the fat needed in the brain and nervous
system. Only cream will give you 100% of the fats that are necessary in the
brain and nervous system. But it only takes a small amount : 2 tablespoons a day
- other than what you’re having in milk - is all that’s necessary, unless
you have a neurological disorder. If you have polio you probably need 2ozs a day
(4 tablespoons), plus milk. For her, the coconut cream will do it for a while
but then it won’t work. It’ll take the raw cream to do it.

Q: If I could find it in New York…

A: In Bergenfield, New Jersey there’s a co-op. It’s at the Blue Dragon
School of Martial Arts. Call them. Tell them Aajonus told you to call. There’s
a club that gets food every 2 weeks. There are some other clubs in New York
City, but I’m not familiar with them.

Q: Do you think there’s a thyroid epidemic in this country? Everybody has a
thyroid problem.

A: There’s no such thing as a thyroid epidemic. That’s what the
pharmaceutical industry wants you to believe. Also, they tell you that the
thyroid has to do with you losing hair. Do you know how many people lose hair
because they don’t have an active thyroid? Very few, but they know that men
and women are so vain, that all you have to do is tell them that a thyroid
problem will cause them to lose hair. Who’s going to take Thyroxin -
everybody, because they don’t want to lose hair. It’s got nothing to do with
hair loss. The endocrine gland system is an emergency-only system, for emergency
purposes. If you’re attacked, the adrenaline flows and you can run or fight -
fight or flight. That’s the only time adrenaline should be used. If you fall
out of a tree when you’re swinging around like a monkey, hit the ground
winded, you stop breathing and your heart stops, what kicks in? What gland
multiplied by 6 kicks in? - your thyroid. Two thyroid glands and 4 parathyroid
glands. What is so important in the body that you have to have a backup for the
backup for the backup? The lungs and the heart. That’s what controls it - the
thyroid. It’s got nothing to do with hair. It doesn’t have anything to do
with acne. It doesn’t have anything to do with adrenaline flow. The
pharmaceutical companies put all this nonsense in your head so that you’ll be
taking all these chemicals and people do. They’ll go to a doctor, a pharmacy,
they’ll get all these things because they’re advertised like that. People
aren’t educated to understand. The thymus - right here - is to protect your
digestive tract. So, you have all these glands which are for emergency purposes
only. Now, everybody who’s eating cooked foods in a secluded environment is in
an emergency circumstance. They need tons of fat to deal with the poison. So,
what are hormones mainly made of? 60-70% fat, sometimes 80% fat, so you create
all these hormones to deal with the toxicity, because you’re in emergency
circumstances but that’s not what it was intended for. If you’re on a good
diet like me you should have no thyroxin, you should have no adrenaline in your
body, you shouldn’t have anything unless it’s necessary. The fats you eat
should make the proper energy. A hundred years ago..200, 500 years ago you had
people doing heavy farm work without good equipment - all the fancy equipment we
have now -.and they worked hard in the fields. You can’t even mow a lawn along
with a push mower any more and they’ll die, from just pushing a push mower
over grass. I remember the grass would be this high on the farm and we had to
mow it and that was a lot of effort. People would have heart attacks now. So you
have to take a look at the bullshit we’re all fed. You eat the proper
nutrients, your body will make lots of fats to give you energy. John is doing
his pushups and getting into security, so I thought I’m going to start doing
pushups too. So I started doing them rapidly and he said “you’ve got no
muscle”, but I’ve got fat in my tissues. I don’t look like it but I’m
18% body fat, that’s 7% more than most athletes. Think about that. The raw
fats - you’re filled with ??? for so many years, it takes 40 years to get rid
of all the old fats. I’ve been eating raw food since 1972. I’ve had no
cooked fats. So, in 2 years I will be completely free of large fat molecules.
When you cook a fat the molecule, it swells anywhere from 1 to 50 times its
normal size. Coconut oil, olive oil, those swell the least - that’s why they
say they’re good for cooking. The rind of pig is little and thin and it swells
when it’s cooked. Pork rind in the package is small and thin, then all of a
sudden it swells this big. It’s huge fat, immense fat, so that happened when
you cook fat. So I’m concentrating all this microscopic fat in my body that
utilizes and creates energy very easily so I can do massive amounts of exercise,
but I don’t exercise. I sit at my computer. I’m not a person who has
activity rings in my body, so I wasn’t meant to be an active person.

A: lot of people have a lot of activity rings in their bodies, which tells them
they have to be high-energy, high-activity people. I’m not one of these, and
yet I can do an immense amount of exercise. I go to the Phillipines and I climb
the mountains. I’m winded for one day, the next I’m up there with the
20-year olds. All the 30, 40 and 50-year olds are way down the hill. I can get
used to exercise very rapidly because I’ve been on the raw diet so long,
eating raw fat. I didn’t start eating raw meat on a daily basis until ’82,
so you can imagine what it’s going to be like when I reach that 40-year period
having been on the diet eating raw meat on a daily basis for 40 years. Who knows
what I’ll be able to do at that point.

Q: I've been hypo-thyroid since I was 15, I lost half of my hair.

A: They say that low thyroid causes hair loss. Now they’re saying that any
kind of anything will cause hair loss, but if you had a hyper-thyroid you had
too much hormones in your body. So it probably made you very active, you
weren’t getting the proper fats in your body. You had hypo? That’s just loss
of fat - not enough fat. Now you don’t have a problem, you have enough fat on
you. It’s good. Fat, even bad fat is protective.

Q: But I was always chubby.

A: Well, it wasn’t good fat. You weren’t metabolizing your fats properly.

Q: What, cooked fat?

A: Some people can digest cooked fat - to a great extent, but if you lost hair
you weren’t assimilating some very important fats that get through to the
skin. Q You know, say that if you have hypo-thyroid, it can be a weakness in the
thyroid or they also say that it’s the Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which is
where your own immune system becomes auto-immune and it attacks your thyroid.

A: Do you know how much bullshit all that is? … with all these intricate
little scenarios and get you to believe them. They sound so intelligent but they
have nothing to do with reality.You have to understand that these scientists get
paid a lot of money to come up with bullshit for the pharmaceutical inustry, to
make money. Q You’ve got a 40-year cycle of detoxifying the cooked fats in the
body, is there a way of speeding that up by ???

A: Yes. Hot tubbing is the only way you can do it - speed it up. However, you
can get it come out too fast and your lymph system won’t be able to handle the
very toxic stuff, so you have to control. You’ve got a lot of fat on you, so
no problem. If you’re too slender - you’re way too slender and I know
you’re heavier than you’ve ever been. I remember you 15 years ago. You were
like Twiggy. So you can’t do intense baths. I have people doing intense baths
for only ½ a day, 110° F for 3 months but these people have enough fat on them
to handle it. If you’re too slender, you’re going to have poisons come out
of your body that don’t have the fat to stop them from damaging your cells.

Q: You recommend going up to 110° ??

A: Yes, only because I’ve had a few people experiment with going that high.
The first one that did it was a mistake. He was 67 years old. When I asked him
to start doing it. I said go by the book for the temperature and have that
pineapple mixture that I said to give in the book, for lymphatic baths, have an
hour and a half, 2 days a week. He didn’t hear the 2. So, he called me 3
months after that - he lives in Bangkok - and he said “you know, I still have
no energy, I’m a couch potato”. He’s retired. “All I do is watch TV,
eat, take the hot baths and sleep.” He said “it’s been 3 months I’ve
been doing these hot baths”. I said, well maybe you need to increase the
number from 2 to 3. He said the way I do them is every day, so he was doing 90
minute baths every day at 110°. I said “Oh my God, it says in the book
101°.”. He said “No it doesn’t”. So I looked in the book. There was a
typo - 101 came out to 110. I said okay, stop doing it. I was afraid there would
be lots of damage done but guess what - 3 weeks later he had so much energy he
started an international stem cell company and he’s running 3 of them now.
He’s 74 years old. I was with him 3 months ago in Bangkok, I stay at his condo
when I’m there, with him and his wife. He works side by side with me, 14 - 16
hours a day.

Q: That’s a diversion?? going from 105° to 110°? A Oh it is. It’ll make a
big difference, it did for him. It’s phenomenal. A regular bath isn’t hot

Q: After about an hour and a half is the max you can handle without some other
damage to the red blood cells or something?

A: No, you just won’t move for the rest of the day. You don’t have to be
totally submerged. What I used to do when I didn’t have a hot tub, I heated up
the bath tub for about 10 minutes with water hot enough to burn tissue. Then I
would put luke warm water in it to get it to 110° F. If you heat the bath tub
first, it’s going to take longer to cool down. It’ll take 20 minutes to cool
the water to about 103°, 102°. Then I’d let about 2 inches of the water out
and when I got down to the last ½ inch, I would turn on the hot water, I’d
tunnel the cold water to go right down the spout with my hand, as soon as it got
hot I’d release it and put the plug in, swirl the water around, put the 2
inches back in, scalding hot water again and I’d stay in another 20 minutes
before I’d have to do it again. Now that I have a hot tub it’s the same
temperature all the time. Easy that way

Q: After 2 ½ years I was able to master my diet and I’ve been 100%...99% the
way you asked me to do it. I do about 3 ½ lbs butter a week, 10 eggs a day. How
long does it take for my stomach to become flat?

A: it’s probably 30 years. I was that size for 30 years. Now I’m trim. I
can still get up to a 27” waist; I can’t get up to the 36” waist. I
can’t get up to the 38” like I used to, I have to work really hard at it
now. I can sit down and eat cheese, honey and butter until it’s coming out of
my ears to gain enough weight now, but I don’t need it like I used to. All the
fat in my body’s pretty lean fat, so it takes a while. Most women, if
they’re relatively clean and they haven’t had a caesarian, take 12-15 years
if they’re under 40 years old. If they’re over 40 it’ll take 20, 22, 23
years. Men, for some reason take longer. My theory is that women have more fat
in the first place. They’ve got 25-30% fat. Men have anywere from 7-18% fat.
It’s not enough fat to protect them, so they need more fat longer than most
women do.

Q: So we’re not going to be any different as we go along - we have to wait 20
years to see a difference?

A: You go in and out of detoxification. You’re going to feel different,
you’re going to look different. You’regoing to look better, your skin will
look better. Everything. It’s just a gradual… If you take a vial of
something very toxic, let’s say anti-freeze, in a glass bottle, and you break
it in your house, it eats into your linoleum floor, it eats into the lower part
of your cabinet, it eats into the wood in your dining table and your chairs. How
long’s it going to take you to clean that up? You’re eventually going to
have to tear up the linoleum. That’s another job. You’ll have to re-make or
sand down the legs of the wooden table. It takes time. Your body’s made of
live cells - it’s not mechanical like floor or furniture - so it’s got to
re-live itself and each offspring gives some of that toxicity to their offspring
- for 5 generations, on an optimal diet, according to Pottenger’s work with
animals. It takes 5 generations to become optimal from being sick.

Five generations of cells, 7-7 ½ years for each cycle, each generation to
replace every cell in the bones. Forty years. So, you have to be patient. I
still have 12 years to go and I’m very happy. I’m 63 years old and I can do
just about anything. I got poisoned terribly a year ago April and I recovered
from it, almost completely.

I was abducted in the Phillipines and given 3 injections of some kind of
poison. It was right after I was the first one to go on the international air
waves and talk about the swine flu and how it was a hoax in ‘76. I was
involved in it then and I told them where to go to get the research. There was a
rap group in England that picked up on that. They made a video called ‘Just
Say No to the Vaccine’ and they’ve got my voice in there sometime, saying
the only way you can get swine flu is if it’s injected. So I screwed up their
8 trillion dollar business because everybody in the world picked up on that. So
they came after me to teach me a lesson.

They were going to try to do it subdued, so I wouldn’t know about it. They
came into my hotel room when I was asleep and they intoxicated me and injected
me. I just happened to wake up. My body was strong enough. I woke up. Here’s
these 2 American-looking, caucasian men above me and very stout looking, like
CIA guys - a little bit buffier than most, not like James Bond. Buffier, like
Adolf Lundgren, somebody like that. I woke to find a hypodermic hanging from
this arm, and 2 on the bed right next to me. I had a cloth on my chin, obviously
it had come off and they pulled it back over my face and I was out in a moment.

The anesthetic was odourless and it put me out. I woke in the morning, I just
thought it was a bad dream until I started to move and I was sore and achey at
every joint and muscle. I was nauseous. I started vomiting and there were 3
holes in my arm, swellings just like vaccine. I think they gave me the swine flu
vaccine and were going to catch me at an airport, because I’m always flying -
I’m in an airport 2 days a week - so they can keep track of where I go, if I
use a credit card or anything like that, they can stop me in an airport and say
“see this guy, he’s ill, we’re going to pull him aside, he’s got swine
flu”. But I caught them and I knew what to do about it. I couldn’t find
shark but I found sting-ray which is very high in ammonia. Shark and sting-ray
will elevate ammonia 2 times every 24 hours and ammonia can arrest and detoxify
those kinds of chemicals. So I was vomiting and having headaches, dizzy spells,
passing out for about a week.

Within 24 hours they started coming out… I’ve got bullet-hole scars coming
out like this, all over - all from that. Mostly on this leg, but I’ve got them
on this leg, on my back and shoulders. You can still see the aluminium and the
mercury. I had shavings taken - little bit of mercury. I had my hair analysed,
luckily a month and a half before that happened and about 6 months after and the
elevation of everything that’s in vaccines was high in that analysis. But I
pulled through. I didn’t know I was going to pull through. I didn’t tell
anybody about it until I knew I was pretty much through.

Q: What use did you make of the sting-ray?

A: I ate the meat.

Q: By drinking raw dairy and cheese and so on, I recovered from a click that I
had In my hip and I…took me about 7 years, a lot of milk, and recently I’ve
been recovering from deteriorating disks in my spine.

A: Uh huh.

Q: I had this ..(inaudible).. in traction, a lot of traction, and now I’m
starting to recover and I’m wondering what nutrition might help the
recovery... A Speed it up. Cheese, honey and butter after 30 minutes, 35
minutes after a meat meal, and you have to eat a lot of it.

Q: Cheese, honey and butter after...

A: Yeah, so if you want to speed it up to that..if anybody’s got
osteoporosis, you have at least about 2 ozs of cheese and that’s a lot of
cheese at one time and you have half that amount of butter with it and a sixth
that amount of honey, so you’d have 1 tablespoon honey for 1oz butter, 2ozs of

Q: That’ll be twice a day for like, 2 meat meals a day.

A: That’s it. Well for his condition I would say yes. If you just have
osteoporosis, overall you could do that concentration, but with your weight you
will cause massive amount of weight quickly,

A: You will cause massive amount, I would say do it once a day if you’re
going to do that - but he could do it twice a day if he wants to speed up the
healing - and then after about 30 days, cut it down to once a day. After 30 days
cut it down to once a day only. Q What were the proportions?

A: Proportions? 2ozs of cheese, 1oz of butter, 1 tblsp of honey.

Q: So...

A: You can make it into a cheesecake...that’s the way cheesecake....well,
usually cheesecake is equal amount of cheese to butter, but you just make it a
little different. It’s just like cheesecake. Q Wow! (inaudible) Q Could you
repeat that butter thing?

A: can overdo anything. If the body can’t assimilate it..give so much
to your gut – you body, your liver can only make so much bile a day to handle
so much fat. You have a gall bladder that allows you to do massive amounts but
it’s not going to hold up if you’re eating too much.

Q: So what would be the ideal?

A: I give the ideals in my books. Yeah. It says 3ozs of honey a day. If
you’re eating honey alone is about er.. the good amount you should have, um,
and butter, it depends upon the individual. I tell you how much from the size of
person. So it’s all in there.

Q: Oh good.

A: Okay. You didn’t get your question, did you?

Q: Me? A Yeah. Do you want a question?

Q: I had one. Want another one? Audience (Laughter)

A: (Laughter) You ok? You have a question?

Q: I was just at your place and one of the things you said was to eat the raw
butter, with part of the um…I can’t even look at raw butter unless it’s
mixed with something else.

A: Uh huh.

Q: It makes me nauseous.

A: Well mix it with butter…I mean honey. Audience (Laughter)

A: (Laughter) Mix butter with butter. (More laughter)

Q: Okay. So the formula you gave me that we did, if I just…because you said
add butter to the other piece of it.

A: Right. Q Just mix.

A: Mix a little honey in it.

Q: But the thing I find out about the honey is that it really does make me gain
weight, like if I…

A: Well, you could always just put enough to taste.

Q: I,’s the texture. audience (Gasps of surprise)

Q: I mean I really can’t…I can’t..I’ve tried all your mixes, all your

A: Uh huh.

Q: You know, the lubrication and all that, that’s fine, it has enough other
stuff in it…

A: Right.

Q: ..that I can handle the texture but the texture of butter – I don’t know
what it is.. and I kept saying okay, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it,
but like…NO, you’re not going to do it. So, I don’t know what to do.

A: Well, just reduce the ingredients in the lubrication.. the moisturising

Q: Well yeah, we cut down the butter in that, if you recall.

A: No, you’ll cut, well.. if you’re not going to have the butter, you know
by itself, you’re going to have to boost the butter in the lub..the
moisturizing formula back up.

Q: I just put it back basically, the way it was because I can’t do that. A
Yep. That’s what you have to do. Just be slower.

Q: What about the goat butter, would that be possible?

A: Goat..sheep butter would be the best, if you can get sheep butter, but goat
butter’s fine.

Q: But I mean in terms of…..Okay.

A: I say it’s texture..goat butter’s going to have the same

Q: I can always eat butter on something, like in the old days when I ate bread I
would put butter on bread and that was fine, but the honey with the butter…I
dunno what it does, I dunno…It’s like…and I tried to change my psyche and

A: I’d probably…I’d say that you probably have a low bile production.

Q: Oh!

A: So, put your hot water bottle down your gall bladder – probably not
working very well. Do you remember, the gall bladder does not make bile. The
liver makes the bile and stores it. The gall bladder, all it does is deliver the
bile to the intestines and stomach.

Q: So, the weight gain that I have..that I can’t seem to get that 10 lbs

A: Uh huh.

Q: .. you know, I’ve changed some of the things you said to change but the
butter, I mean I still feel like I’m…I don’t know what it is. I still feel
like I’m putting it on or not taking it off, and I don’t know…

A: Well, just keep an eye on your weight and see.

Q: Okay. And the other thing was the milk. I tried that 4 ozs and I can’t
handle that much so I switched to 2 ozs and 2ozs, and that’s…..

A: Okay. That’s fine.

Q: Okay. I mean..I guess it’ll be slower.

A: Yup.

Q: It’s enough protein, to get me through the night, the 2ozs and 2ozs.

A: Well, like I say, if you can’t do that, then make a milkshake and then
have 2 ozs or 3 ozs of the milkshake and 3 ozs of milkshake.

Q: Ohhh.

A: ...because 2 ozs of milk isn’t going to give you enough protein to go 5
hours. Right.

Q: OK.

A: OK. Do you have a question?

Q: Yeah. I’ve tried your diet two times for a couple of months at a time, and
I have a lot of food allergies which prevents me from all dairy products and

A: Well, a lot of people say they do my diet…are you doing it the way it says
in the recipe book on page 40, 41?

Q: Yeah. Yeah.

A: Uh huh.

Q: I got so much mucus from all the dairy that ...

Q: It’s good.

A: Yeah but mucus? If you’re forming see that doesn’t cause
mucus - dairy does not cause mucus - your body makes mucus. If you have toxicity
in your lungs, throat, sinuses and your eyes, you're going to have to have a lot
of mucus to cleanse it.

Q: Yeah, but all my life, certain foods I eat I produce mucus, even vegetables
like tomatoes.

A: Well, the body will use that as a detox center for some people.

Q: Yeah, but what can I do about it?

A: Well, like I say, it’s a good thing. Just go through it and let the body
clean that first. It won’t last forever.

Q: I had it for 45 years.

A: Yeah, but you weren’t on a raw diet for 45 years. Most people who have
that reaction..most I’ve seen it last is 18 months.

Q: ..and then?

A: All of a sudden it goes down because you’ve cleaned out these tissues
enough. So then you only produce that kind of mucus when you go through a major
detox or a dumping of a cold or a flu.

Q: I’m still going through a lot of it. . A You go through cold and flu. I
pray for them. I had my first 3 ½-week one probably in 10 years, probably
because of the injections I was given and I filled a bath towel, not a beach
towel but a regular bath towel of mucous every day.

Q: Wow!

A: For 3 weeks. It was wonderful.

Q: And it carries out the toxins.

A: It carries out the toxins, so all that shit that was injected into me that
went into my brain, because it’s mainly metals in the vaccine, so all that
stuff that went into my brain, was in my lungs, were coming up. I was coughing
up and spitting out and blowing out grey mucus - not talking about light grey
we’re talking about major grey matter, which is metal in the mucus. If I
didn’t have that mucus ability to dump, I wouldn’t be clean. That mucus is a
good thing.

Q: Yeah

Q: And what about another thing that happened when I tried the diet was that my
heart rate, my heart started beating after a couple of days, very, very hard
which made it impossible to sleep. It went boom, boom, boom.

A: That’s usually because you have very loose heavy metals, especially

Q: If I eat high fat diet in general does that affect my heart ??

A: Yeah, you start cleaning out, so the heart has to pump fast so those don’t
settle in the heart, and if it moves the blood faster by pumping heart faster,
the blood will move faster and when it moves that fast, the only way, the only
place it can store is in the intestines and it dumps into the intestines. If
you’re eating cheese, will take it out, so you can lower that heart rate by
just eating the cheese and helping pull it out of your intestine.

Q: I ate a lot of cheese last night. Audience Laughter

Q: That’s why I had to stop tonight, because the…

A: But you will stop, just don’t be afraid of it. It’s not going to hurt

Q: I’ll catch up on sleep. I can stay away all night.

A: The nerves detoxify at night. You won’t be able to sleep at night. I say
it in my book too, you’re not going to sleep between midnight and 5.30 in the

Q: What about (inaudible)?

A: … because you’re detoxing your nerves. You have to sleep, 5.30 you go to
sleep, you get up at 7. You get home from work. You go to sleep at 8 o’clock.
You get up at midnight, 1 o’clock. That’s your schedule. Then you have that
kind of a detox.

Q: If he’s having a hard time sleeping at night how about some cream before he
goes to bed to calm his nerves down.

A: It depends on the individual. If he’s going through a nerve detox, that
isn’t going to help him. It may soothe his body, make him feel better but it
doesn’t mean he can sleep.

A: If the body sleeps……pardon?

Q: How long should something like that go on?

A: The worst I’ve seen it go on is for…. Where is she? There you are. How
long’s yours been going on?

Q: Well, I’ve had both.. I mean I’ve had the irregular heart rate

A: Right.

Q: So… A We call hers a dancing heart. So. It goes off and on..

Q: I’ve been on the diet for 7 ½ years, so it’s like I’ve had a lot of
detox and I’m thin, I mean I’m lean naturally, so I feel everything that’s
happened to my body, so I mean I just identified with the pounding heart. I had
the irregular heart rate, um, I was having…I was weak. Like, I just go
through, I mean it was just like it was a martial arts judo expert and my heart
was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

A: (Laughs)

Q: I mean, it was awful. It was so, so scary - boom, boom, b,b,b, boom, boom,
boom. A How long was it going on for?

Q: And it would not let up for, say 15 to 24 hours…and then it would just
stop. It was just like a steady beat but it was beating really fast.

Like that I would – uh, I’d be calm I’d be eating something, I’d be
feeling happy…. b, b, b, b, b, b, b, and all of a sudden it stopped doing

A: (Laughs)

Q: And I like that…I didn’t even pride myself on cardiovascular fitness, so
anyways, it’s very, very scary. Trust your body, trust your body, you know,
your body’s trying to tell you to keep the toxins away from your heart and so
then I started increasing my meats. I went through a period of 44 days when I
had nothing, and then I started getting constipated so now I’m back but I can
definitely tell you…I feel very happy and I feel a certain amount of energy
and a very loving person. I just love the diet. It’s helped me in so many ways
and… but it has not been easy and I really had to go through that.

A: Any skinny person will always have a lot of trouble.

Q: ….and I’ve read on the internet that people who have a high-fat diet,
that can make the heart…

A: The heart gets to clean and the whole body gets to clean and the heart pumps
fast so the toxins don’t store in the heart muscles, because, remember, the
heart is 80% fat, like the liver. It’s the most concentrated protein of any
part of the body. The heart and the liver are always working so with that high
rate, with the low fat level, the heart can’t afford to have anything store in
it because it could cause a cramp, a charley horse – that’s a heart attack.
So, when your heart’s beating fast, it’s beating hard for a purpose. It’s
not an allergy to the food that you’re eating, unless it’s a toxic thing
that you’re eating.

Q: The heart beats hard because of the high fat content.

A: No. That’s a lie.

Q: ...because I notice that if I increase..if I have a lot of fat in the diet,
even vegetable fat, then my heart rate goes up.

A: Yeah, because the fat causes detoxification. It’s not the fat directly
that’s doing it; the body isn’t saying…you can take…in a person who’s
clean – they can eat fats ‘til the cows come home. I can eat ’em ‘til
the cows c… my heart doesn’t beat like that any more but I had heart attacks
from the age of 15 ½ to the age of 22 from my last polio vaccine… as soon as
I started eating all that fat, within probably a month, 2 months, I had no more
heart attacks, but I had to deal with that increased heart rate on a daily,
hourly basis. When I used to just get the cramps and the heart beat hard, you
know, once a day, once every other day… but when I started eating all that
fat, it happened every day for almost 2 ½ months.

A: You need to go through it. You’ve got to trust your body. If you’re
eating the right foods, there’s nothing on this diet that can cause an allergy
that’s poisonous to the body. Even if you have the worst body in the world.
There’s all the vitamins, all the nutrients; everything’s in it. This is
called the body. Nothing can cause it. What’s damaging is what’s already in
the body and when it moves it becomes toxic again – it becomes dangerous,
unless there’s enough fats to arrest it. People who are too thin… that’s
why I keep saying in my book – you’ve gotta get fat if you don’t want
symptoms. If you want to reduce your symptoms to 20%, get fat. If you want to
look good and you want to suffer, stay skinny. It’s your choice.

Q: It’s not easy to get fat.

A: It is. Ah…

Q: It’s extremely difficult to get fat.

A: No. I know how to get you fat, fast.

Q: I was really skinny. You remember when you first saw me…. In 3 months I
gained the 40… you said you need to gain 40 lbs. In 3 months on your diet I
gained 40 lbs.

A: But that’s because I told you exactly what to eat.

Q: Right, and that’s my puzzle that these people.. how come they’re not
gaining weight and I did? A Because they haven’t come to me and they
haven’t done the diet that I’ve given them.

Q: I still think eating should somehow know, I eat like a horse,
(inaudible), I mean my parents are’re like an eating machine. All
you do is eat.

A: Well, you won’t eat the butter and cheese and honey because you get
constipated, so there you are.

Q: I wish I got constipated. Laughter

A: See, you’re more fortunate.

Q: But I still have the weight, so it’s weird.

A: Yeah, but you don’t have her symptoms either. This poor girl was on the
phone with me several times thinking she’s gonna have a heart attack. Audience

Q: Well, I do get the heart palpitations.

A: Yeah, but they’re not like the heart… see, when you’re skinny, every
little bitty movement is intense, because when you have fat you can buffer the
amount of information that goes to the brain. If you don’t have it you’re
going to have more symptoms.

Q: Do you think she should live through the constipation?

A: No, there’s no way to handle it. You know, what you do is you take 3
tablespoons each of coconut cream, dairy cream and butter, ¼ teaspoon to ½
teaspoon of honey, you mix it together in a 4 oz jelly jar, you put it in a bowl
of hot water, get it melted and you do the salt right before you go to sleep.
Take a bolt syringe, you get down on all fours, you bark like a dog, (audience
laughter) you put it back there, you insert it and get it in. You gotta feed the
E. coli to the back end. You see, your body, when it’s so toxic, will use up
all the good fat before it gets to the bowel. By the time it gets to the bowel,
the poor E. coli are getting bad, toxic fats that have been cleaned out of the
body with very little good nutrients and people who have constipation or are
very slow, the E. coli is starving, so you feed it from the back end, directly
and those E. coli will be happy, you’ll feel happier. E. coli is the main
bacteria that breaks the fats down and the protein molecules into the finite
form to feed the brain and the nervous system.

Q: Is that in the book?

A: No, that’s in the newsletters, because the book was re-written in 2005.
I’m learning stuff all the time. So, I don’t stop experimenting. A Steve.

Q: I just recently had a flu… about 3 weeks ago and it lasted about a week,
erm… A I’m sorry - it only lasted a week - ha, ha. (audience laughter)

Q: And then…but ever since then I’ve had this dry cough that seems to come
from really deep within and I don’t know how to get rid of it. You know, I
have raw eggs, I have smoothies, I got my lub..

A: Are you having your lubrication formula every day? Q Every day, yeah.

A: Then I would boost it to 2. What happened was you probably stopped a little
too quickly. You weren’t eating enough milkshakes during the flu.

Q: Okay. I always had 2 a day.

A: You had 2 milkshakes a day, and 1 smoothie?

Q: Yeah. Apart from one day.

A: Okay. Like I say in my recipe book, for colds and flu – 2 milkshakes a
day, 1 smoothie.

Q: Okay.

A: So you didn’t get everything cleaned out yet, and it stopped. Just
remember that when you have a cold or a flu, it is the end of a long
detoxification. All the stuff that’s collected in your tissues is now going to
dump, you’re going to dump mucus, you’re going to dump all kinds of things.
You may vomit, diarrhea. That is the end of getting rid of a lot of stuff. You
could have been detoxing for a year and a half before it dumps. If you’re
lucky you’ll have several a year.

Q: I live in a condo, on the 3rd floor and all our bedrooms overlook (the
abbey??) at the back of the building and right in front of one of the bedrooms
is a large wooden pole under the transformers and the large wires run through
the ?? bedroom…part of the transformer. Looks like it’s the last leg of
transformers (inaudible) of buildings.

A: Uh huh. Well what they do is throw off electromagnetic fields for up to 20

Q: (some inaudible) how high for magnetic fields?

A: It shouldn’t get over…I cannot sleep over 1 over 1, 1 milligauss. They
say it takes 3 milligauss to negatively alter the molecular structure of an
animal cell. How close, or how far….?

A: It depends upon the equipment, the wiring, how old it is and whether it’s
wired properly and if it’s grounded properly and if it’s set to the ground,
so you have to get a meter. I talk about it in one of my newsletters last year.
So, you buy that meter, and you just...well, you can get a cheaper meter but the
meter I suggest, there’s a Trifield meter that registers radiation, 2 levels
of radiation, several levels of electromagnetic fields, pure electrical and
electromagnetic fields so there’s a lot of things you can measure with it. But
you can go get a cheap one for $35 from RadioShack to register electromagnetic
fields and you put it there, and I tell you, if you’re tired, I would change
your bedroom to somewhere else.

Q: About that, I heard this necklace that you have, and it doesn’t protect…

A: Half a gauss, that’s all it reduces. There’s things that go on the
telephone that reduces by half a milligauss – half a milligauss. It’s if
you’re working at…let’s say 12 milligauss or 7 – 12 milligauss are
coming in to his bed and you reduce it by half a milligauss, it’s not much.

Q: So you don’t think we’ll have a problem with computers and all that?

A: Well, you have to know. You can take your meter and see how far you have to
be away from your computer. If you’ve got a desktop, you put it 3 feet away
from you.

Q: I have a guy who knows how to go around the house and check for EMFs if
anybody wants. A But by the time you pay him….that’s what I did, I hired a
guy to come in and do mine. So I wouldn’t have to hire him again I made him
sell me his equipment before he left my house, so I’ve been using it all these
years. If I’d had to use him, it would have cost me thousands of dollars;
instead it cost me 160.

Q: (Jim) I’m going to put them back on the WW2Live site. I had them when this
newsletter first came out about this; I had them available at a little bit of a
discount. I’ll put them back on the site. Give me a few days and if you want
one you can order it. Q (inaudible) to myself (??) special cream (??) under

A: No, there’s nothing that will reduce it. They say that aluminum will
reduce it, so you have to have an aluminium sheet, I think about ½ inch thick
over that entire wall.

Q: Lead doesn’t work?

A: Lead, it’s supposed to do for radiation, a radiation beam like for an
x-ray but for electromagnetic field radiation they say it’s aluminum. Now
I’ve seen in a radiation laboratory that does x-rays, a woman accidentally
left a lead plate over the place that was to be x-rayed and it took an almost
identical x-ray even with the lead over it. So, it’s rather bullshit too. So
they lie out their teeth to get you to do anything they want you to do. The
medical profession’s the most corrupt industry in the world besides politics.

Q: (inaudible) aluminum handle EMF?

A: That’s what they say. People who work in the electrical field tell me. I
haven’t experimented with it to know. I don’t have time. I’m dealing on a
biological level most of the time. Okay, do you have a question? Q Yes. Healing
- slowly. Remedy? A It depends…you could have stones, you could have - he has
trouble urinating – slow urination. It could be that your urethra… was it
like that as a child or is it just recently?

Q: No, it’s only been in the last 3 years. If I have a shower or bath – no

A: Well, it could be that you have a bladder stone and a bladder stone can be
huge. I started developing a bladder stone when I was about probably 3 – 6
years old, the urologist said, because I had the biggest one in history. My
stone was this big.

Q: From what?

A: Kidney stones, bladder stones come from collections of minerals, cauterized
minerals that are highly magnetic and they usually become highly magnetic from
vaccines. So, I got a lot of vaccines from a very early age, especially
tetanus….a lot of electromagnetic mercury in tetanus shots. I started
developing that stone and usually it takes them just a few minutes to break up a
stone with a laser electrical current. It took him 2 hours to break mine down.
He said the entire center was mercury, a ball of mercury and it was so hardened
from being in there for 53 years.

Q: What do they have tetanus shots for?

A: If you step on a rusty nail, getting lockjaw from rust is the most absurd
fact in the world. Rust is a fungus. Yes, but you would have to have a
phenomenal amount in your body and your lymph system would not be working at
all. You wouldn’t have any white blood cells operating to help you, so it’s
almost impossible to get. If you had a large piece of rust that was rusted
pretty much through, lodged in your body, you might be able to develop it, but
it’s doubtful. How many cases of lockjaw or tetanus are in the world? You
never hear because there’s one in a million – and it’s mostly from taking
iron supplements as a child, mothers taking iron supplements because the doctor
said to take iron supplements. It’s like telling you to take rock – iron
rock. We don’t assimilate iron rock and what’s going to do if it gets locked
in the body – it’s going to rust, oxidize. Those are the people that get
lockjaw. It isn’t from a puncture wound. But the medical profession gets a lot
of people to take tetanus shots and that means tetanus shots are given a year
for that one out of a million….about 60 million in this country, 60 million
tetanus shots a year….over 300 million people. Think about that. You got an
automobile accident, you go into a hospital, first thing they give you is a
tetanus shot. They don’t ask you, they give it to you. You have a bicycle
accident, you have a cut, you gotta trowel that goes in there – automatically
get a tetanus shot. They don’t ask you. They give it to you. It is standard

Q: Is there anything you can do about that?

A: Oh yes. I have a card that I carry that says I refuse all drugs and
anything, unless you need to put a limb back on me. You can only use a local
anything. No tetanus shots, no anything else.

Q: Where’d you get that card? A I made it up. I typed it up and I keep it.

Q: … you said the bladder stones?

A: Yeah, well, it’s a collection of toxic minerals in the body and your body
doesn’t handle them.

Q: What’s the prostate? All these guys have these prostate problems.

A: You’re giving me questions outside of that…

Q: But I thought that’s what he was talking about.

A: He’s talking about a bladder, I mean peeing slowly. So when you heat the
body, it allows for the expansion. Now what’d happen is that you may have a
lot of toxins in your urethra wall and that’s swelling and the way to do that
is put a hot water bottle at night, between your penis and your scrotum and
cover the area, and let it cook. Then you have a hot dog. Audience (Laughter)

A: That’ll help the area relax and detoxify.

Q: Without the relish.

A: Yeah - oh, you can put relish on it. Roger, do you have a question? Q Is
there anything that I could eat for Paget’s disease?

A: Paget’s disease. I’m not recalling what that is….

Q: Well, it’s a bone disease. You can get it from a fall. The doctors say
there’s nothing they can do about it.

A: Well, that’s because they don’t know shit about health. Like I told you
out there, you need the cheese the butter and honey together and that will
repair any bone problem. Also what you want to do is you’ve got a bone problem
like that from an injury, you’re not making the proper fibres to grow the bone
properly, so you need pineapple – 2, 3 days a week. Then all you need is the
honey, butter and cheese together. Okay? Right. Do you have a question?

Q: You may have already answered it in part. For years I have been taking
mega-doses of magnesium in order to have bowel movements and since being on the
diet I’ve stopped taking it but I’m having problems with constipation and
I’m just not…..none of the remedies in your books have done anything.

A: Then you need to feed your bio-bacteria. You don’t have true constipation,
your body’s holding up the nutrients to try to get everything from it.

Q: Yeah, and so, how often should I…

A: Because the older and longer it is, the more bacteria builds up in the fecal
matter so it holds on to it trying to get everything it can. So you just put -
every 2, 3, 7 days - in your body. Your E. coli could be very happy with very
little or they may want a lot. If you’ve taken magnesium a long time…taking
magnesium by itself…the reason we have movements is because it is highly
toxic. It destabilizes calcium in the body: causes osteoporosis terribly. So
you’ll shit well…lose your bones. So it’s a great imbalance. You need half
magnesium to calcium and if you put all this magnesium in your body, you’re
going to draw all this calcium out of your body and it’s going to start
leaching it out of your bones.

Q: But the two together – it’s ok.

A: Doesn’t make any difference. It’s rock. We don’t eat rock. Just feed
the E. coli from the back end.

Q: What about [inaudible]?

A: Once it’s dried it is a rock. It’s no longer a food. Any dried food
is…..plant food is not a human food. That’s why the North American Indians
and Eskimo, they would take meat and they would dry it out and beat it into a
flour and then they would mix lard with it, bake it in the sun and make these
hard cakes. It’s dried, good food, right? No. They knew that in the absence of
enzymes it would leach a lot of nutrients from the body. Only half of it is
digested properly, so they would carry it only in emergencies if they couldn’t
get good food, couldn’t hunt and they would make a 90lb block. They still do
in northern Canada and all throughout Alaska. It’s called Pemmican. If they
don’t need it, they bury it; they do not eat it. Now all that rich food that
took them so long to make, they don’t eat it because it’s not the quality of
food that is best. Anytime you dehydrate a food, it is no longer active in
enzymes. Your body’s going to have to rebalance and replace – not as badly
as it does with cooked food, because in cooked food you create contaminants.
When you dehydrate food you lose nutrients. Cooking food, you destroy most of
your nutrients and you’ve got toxins, at least 32 toxins that I address in my
recipe book. Okay? Do you have a question?

Q: I’m not strictly on the raw diet and then I noticed I was peeing brownish.
I have no symptoms of anything.

A: Everybody should be peeing dark orange or brown. All animals pee that
colour. If you’re not peeing that colour, you’re drinking too much water.

Q: I mean, it’s the first time that I…..

A: That’s right. You should see mine Audience [Laughter]

A: All animals…you collect their urine, they’re all dark. No animal except
humans would drink all that water. If you have clear pee, then you’re really
toxic. If you’re peeing out clear, it's because you’ve diluted everything.
You’ve diluted all the nutrients in your blood. All that remaining fluid from
the blood should be rich in nutrients, not all water. There should be very
little water in there.

Q: But you’d be very fatigued, diluting everything. Right?

A: Correct. You can get fatigue.

Q: Chronic Fatigue.

A: Yeah.

Q: And, about the stone, in case he has a stone…we’d need to find out first,

A: Well yeah, just put the hot water bottle on it again, and have the formula
that I have for getting rid of stones in the book.

Q: And the laser?

A: Well, he doesn’t have to have that. It’s probably a small stone. I
started so young with mine I never knew it existed until I was 56 years old, 7
years ago. And let me tell you, I’ve always had slow urine because of that –
the stone. I didn’t know it was a stone. Never caused me any pain. And all of
a sudden, at 56 years old it started causing pain and I was having to lift my
leg like a dog so I could pee. It would move the stone aside so I could pee.
When it was sitting in there it was hitting the urethra and it started getting
particles on - it was stabbing and that’s what was causing the pain. The pain
was mainly at the end of the penis, not back under so I didn’t know what was
going on. So I found a urologist that did ultrasound and that x-rays. He took
one look at it and couldn’t believe it. He had to keep looking at it - it was
the biggest thing he ever saw. And I was talk of the whole office – the
biggest stone in history. I have the pictures too.

Q: The laser treatment doesn’t harm you?

A: It can cut right through your urethra. It can cause all kinds of problems.
They have to be very slow and delicate with it, but the thing is, I wasn’t
going to have them give me any gas or put me out and I was going to say give me
a local but I saw the tube was this big – that they stick up your penis and
you’ve got this little bitty hole….I said, you put me out. No way you’re
going to get that up in me without me being out. Audience (Laughter)

A: I was peeing like a horse when I came out. My whole life my mother used to
slap me..’come on, what’s taking you so long to pee’, because it would
take me 3 minutes before the pee would flow and then it would be really slow. My
mother would get so frustrated when I was a little boy because she had to wait
for me to pee and she had 3 other boys waiting. So she always used to get angry
and slap me sometimes, like I had a choice. So here I was 56 years old, peeing
like a horse. It was great.

Q: What about people who pee white instead of yellow colours? Does that mean
it’s still bad…? A White. That means you’re not digesting fat, so your
liver isn’t working properly or you’re drinking too much water. Do you have
a question?

Q: Yes. Well, you’ve answered questions I didn’t know I had and also
you’ve answered some I did have. I have a question but I want to say something
first. When I met with you 4 years ago, it was just a good start for me. You
gave me so much to chew on….it’s been 4 years and one of the most
significant parts of the healing process for me – and I’m about 120 degrees
from where I was – has been the, as I regained my health I’ve also gained a
lot of emotional courage and that’s very significant because we need that,
especially at this time when we’re being assaulted from all sides. And so, I
would just encourage everybody to not be afraid, I’ve heard others talking
about the worries they have when they have a condition, and what I say is 'trust
your body'. I do trust my body.

A: Well, you’ve got the extra weight too, so you’re not going to have the
symptoms that they have.

Q: Yes, but when I saw you at that time I was 45 lbs lighter A Yeah. I

Q: I developed a love affair with butter and I’m just really grateful. Butter,
honey and cheese - that’s….ask everyone. The question I had was – you said
you fly a lot and you’re flying most recently and I’m very concerned, my
family wants to fly. I won’t fly anymore but they want to fly back mid-west
and I heard they’re going to start implementing the backscatter x-rays. Do you
have anything to say about that?

A: I take a doctor’s letter with me for my patients. I write a letter for you
which says that you cannot get…they have to hand check you. It’s worked
every time I’ve gone through the scanner. I give them the letter, they pass it
around, avoiding the magnetic levels in the radiation and they take my food and
hand check that most of the time, so it doesn’t have to go through the little
bitty x-ray machine that looks goes through your carry-on luggage. But the food
can pass through that one because it’s pretty mild. You do not want to put any
food in your check-in luggage. That is a huge x-ray that is worth about a 100
doses of an x-ray. My food goes through twice because sometimes I go from one
country to another and I have to go through a hand check again, or scanner, but
it only happened to me twice. I throw the food away. I won’t eat it if it goes
through twice. If it goes through once I’ll eat it.

Q: Would you recommend getting rid of your luggage every couple of years if you
fly a lot?

A: It depends on how much metal was in it. They’re using hard plastics now,
with not much metal in it, but let’s say there’s a lot of metal in it –

Q: Get rid of your luggage? A Yeah. Because it will build up in radiation. The
metal will become radioactive.

Q: Plastic luggage is ok?

A: You’ve got reinforcement in it, if it’s plastic reinforcement….then
that’s fine.

Q: What about the personal scanner that they use to seek any metal – that one,
those little ones

A: That’s magnetic, that’s not radiation.

Q: Another question – shipping stuff through UPS airmail.

A: They don’t x-ray anything…they x-ray maybe 0.1%, just to make TSA happy.

Q: I was just thinking about Amos and all the shipping he does

A: If you ship the parcel through the US postal system, it’ll get x-rayed a
lot. If you ship it UPS or FedEx, it’ll rarely ever happen.

Q: Do it overnight.

A: Priority mail will get x-rayed. Okay, do you have a question?

Q: Yes. I have a tooth that the filling came out and it broke in half and I
wanted to know….I know you mentioned getting injections…I don’t really
want to get the novocaine. I wonder, could I still handle that pain? Is the
Novocaine really necessary?

A: It’s never necessary. In fact, it causes hardening of the tissues even up
into the brain. They know this. I’m telling you, the damage that novocaine and
xylocaine and all of them do - they cause more tooth decay. It’s injected into
the gum, into the bone and it actually causes bone damage and gum damage.
Severe. And it even causes mouth tumors, jaw tumors, brain tumors – all kinds
of stuff. So, no you don’t need it. In 1978 I had 16 amalgam fillings in my
mouth. I had 8 of them removed one morning and 8 of them removed next morning.
Four hours of drilling each morning.

Q: How did you manage?

A: They didn’t have the water jet at the time. The water jet cools the bit so
it doesn’t hurt. Back in those days there was no water jet so I had a signal.
I’d tap the dentist on the knee…I wouldn’t hit his elbow, because he was
in the middle of drilling….and let me tell you, some of those were very deep
and very big and it got down to the nerve, sometimes he would hit the nerve and
it would bleed. But you have to understand that scraping the nerve is no worse
than…except for that one split-second..milli-second. It hurts, but it’s the
burning of the tissue that causes the swelling. The burn will last for days –
the pain of a burn - but a scrape will not. That’s the difference. So I had to
tap him every time the bit got too hot. He’d dip it in a bowl of cold, ice
water, then he would go back to drilling again. That’s why it took 4 hours to
drill out 8 teeth, but I had no novocaine and I had no xylocaine. I had no
number whatsoever, except that I did have a little bit of marijuana that I
chewed before I went in. I chewed it and spat it out. Just got a little in there
because it does create a little numbness in the mouth. (inaudible)

Q: I’m getting a broke..the filling came out so I have to get it

A: You’re going to have the whole tooth pulled? You don’t need the tooth
pulled, you put a cap over it. So, you can have them put a post in it, do a root
canal and put a post in it and a cap over it. They will try to talk you into
some kind of metal post to put in there so you can put a tooth on. That’s a
lot more toxic. It’s better to have your own tooth in your bone, until your
body rejects that tooth, because it’s still your own bone, attached to your
own tooth bone, attached to the jaw bone. The mandible bone. Q Do you put resin
to fill in the hole, or do you put….

A: Well, once the nerve is out there’s most of the tubules any more. What I
did with mine – I took some bone, some horn and I carved them and let them
pack calcium around it and put it in there, and then of course, when they put
the cap over the tooth there’s epoxy..(??) you’ve got a dead tooth. It’s
not going to absorb anything. There’s no nerves in there to absorb the toxins.

Q: What, even though it broke in half, I can still save it?

A: Absolutely. All of these are broken off. My father hit me with a paint can,
when I was 16 and broke my teeth right off at the gum line. These are capped. I
still have my teeth. These are capped over them - so you can save them.

Q: What material do you suggest that we use for fillings where it’s not dead?

A: I suggest that people use porcelain, in my….is the best but if it’s a
facial use the harder plastic. Okay…let me get him first.

Q: Sometimes I have a queasy stomach or a stomach ache after having cheese and
then the egg, and then it’s time for the meat.

A: Cheese and egg is hard on your…. How much space are you leaving between
eating… Q 10 minutes.

A: You’re starting that problem after 10 minutes.

Q: Yeah, and sometimes …usually after the egg I start to get…not very queasy
or horrible but I’m just wondering…, I usually wait to eat any meat or
anything, because I’m figuring something’s dumping. But should I wait, or
should I just eat 10 minutes after the egg, or…

A: Well, if something’s dumping very heavily, you might wait 5 more minutes -
make it 15 minutes. You’ve got 25 minutes to eat that meal, from that time
that you’ve taken, so if you waiting another 10 minutes or 15 minutes and then
eat the meat meal. How long does it take you to eat the meat meal?

Q: It varies. Sometimes I’ll take ½ hour, sometimes I’ll just eat it really

A: Okay. When you eat it really quick, it’s fine. If you’re going to take
time then you need to take a break, have a little cheese, wait 10 minutes again.

Q: Okay. A You’ll have to have another egg. Just wait that 10 minutes after
the cheese.

Q: Well what about some days I have just a queasy, achey stomach and no
appetite. Shall I just not eat much, or shall I just say ‘Now it’s time to

A: Have a little cheese and butter all day long to collect the toxins. Any time
you have nausea, toxins are dumping from the stomach lining into your stomach,
or your intestines, and that causes nausea. Your body wants to bring it up. Now
when the nausea happens, what happens? It triggers the stomach into making
hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid neutralizes a lot of poisons. If you have
cheese there, you won't have so much nausea most of the time. It means you
don’t have to experience as much nausea. The cheese will absorb it and hang on
to it, and as long as you don’t have the honey directly with that cheese you
won’t reabsorb those poisons with the nutrients in the cheese. You have to
have honey with the cheese to do that, or you have to have pasteurized cheese
that’s already broken up, or you have to have salted cheese, and then you will
reabsorb the poisons. So no salt, raw cheese then the poisons will pass out.
When I tell you to replace your bone…your mineral levels and get your mineral
supplement, that’s when you eat honey with your cheese. With salted, you’re
going to reabsorb your poisons. Just remember, salt is an explosive. Besides
nuclear weapons - besides plutonium it’s the most explosive mineral we have.

Q: Even Himalayan salt?

A: Even Himalayan. When you isolate sodium, one block this big…crystal this
big is worth an atomic bomb, and that’s why they put iodine or potassium
chloride with the salt, something like that so it won’t be explosive. What
happens in your body - it creates all this breaking down of the food so it helps
you digest your food, but not in a nice way. Plus, the sodium gets released in
your blood and these explosions go off all the time. Now, normally a cell when
it eats, it eats a smorgasbord of food. I hear now that in the new age of talk,
it is called micro-clusters. I like to call them smorgasbords because I don’t
want to put it down on that chemical level. Yeah, maybe a nutrient cluster or
whatever you want to call it. It is a smorgasbord of nutrients – it’s a
whole variety of nutrients and it is 92 - 117 nutrients. Every time a cell eats,
that’s what it gets. When you have salt in the blood, isolated, the sodium
explodes and breaks up these smorgasbords and the cells end up getting a third,
a fourth or only 50% of their nutrients, so they’re always malnourished. Salt
is a toxic, dangerous thing. That decreases your lifespan by more than any other
thing. We’re supposed to be living to 150. We live 60, 70 years old, on the
average – half the life we should be living – and it’s mainly because of
salt. People were living a long time before they got into salt. The Jews went
into Israel and started using salt for everything because it would harden so
quickly in the desert and they started using salt very often and the bad things
started with that. And then the king and queen of England picked it up and they
made a whole industry of salt.

Q: But the ]inaudible] is ok. A But you’re not feeding, you’re not
ingesting it into your blood. You’ve gotta stay pulling stuff out. Different.
Okay. Q Oh, just one last thing on mine, just to be clear on it. While I'm
having the queasy, I shouldn’t be eating the meat – just wait ‘til the…
A: Wait ‘til..yeah. Keep eating a little bit of cheese until it stops, because
you may be dumping more than you’ve eaten…

Q: So, if I don’t eat meat all day because I’m queasy, that’s fine. Okay.

A: As long as you’re eating at least eggs to get your protein with fats.
Yeah, it’s ok to do that once in a while. Fine. I’ve done up to a week –
had no meat. By the end of the week my brain is about gone, even though I’m
having all of the eggs.

You say in the recipe book that your formula will neutralize the enzyme
inhibitors in seeds and nuts. I think you’re talkng about phytic acid.
Everything else I have read and heard says you have to sprout or ferment them,
which was traditionally done, so I’m wondering how just breaking it up in that
mixture neutralizes it.

A: The sources that are talking about neutralizing the phytic acid are
vegetarians. They’re not using butter or honey, which are animal products.

Q: I read that from a Weston Price article, so you’d have plenty of raw fat
with seeds?

A: They haven’t done the tests then. I did the testing. Phytic acid wasn’t
active. It had no activity when it came out of the bowel and there was no
problem with mineral absorption and protein utilization. They say that the
avidin in the egg white will bind with the biotin in the egg yolk. However, in
raw eggs I have never had that happen. Sometimes I eat up to 50 raw eggs a day,
I’ve eaten at least 100,000 raw eggs in my lifetime and I have never had a
biotin deficiency. What they do in the laboratory has nothing to do with what
happens in the human body.

Q: So, empirically there was no phytic acid

A: In the nut form, no active phytic acid. In the lab the phytic acid binds to
the minerals, preventing them from being utilized. This causes a cluster. If you
can’t digest your minerals you’re not going to digest your fat, if you
don’t digest your fat you’re not going to digest your protein. It’s all a
chain reaction. What they don’t look at is that when you sprout it there are 3
new enzymes that act the same way as phytic acid, so then you have 3 times the
amount. If you feed a bird only sprouts - it will die in a week. Seeds have
phytic acid galore in it, the bird won’t die but feed them sprouts only and
the bird will die. Any animal will get sick if you only feed them sprouts. You
can feed them grain and the deterioration will be slow. Feed them sprouts and
the deterioration will be fast. There’s such shallow thinking out there and
that’s because it’s intended. If you’re not sick they don’t make money.

Q: If I stay up too late - until midnight - the following night I develop a
headache and it’ll keep me awake the entire night. What I need most is sleep
and I can’t do it because the headache keeps me awake. None of your remedies
really seem to do it. They don’t last probably almost until morning. Sleep is
what I need most and I can’t seem to do anything with the headache.

A: When you stay up for a long period of time you’re doing mostly detoxifying
and if you’re not handling your toxins well enough, then the toxins build up.
Then when you try to sleep, your body wants to go into a sleep state to do its
healing. What happens is it locks the poisons away where there’s no [??] and
that’s the brain. So then you have swelling in the brain. What you have to do
is make sure you take care of that if you’re going to stay up late. You have
to eat cheeses and butter - something that’s going to absorb the poison.
It’s going to pull them out of your blood so they don’t get locked into the
brain. Also, when you’re up that long sometimes the nerves can build up and
then when you’re heavily into detoxifying the nervous system, between midnight
and 5am, you’ve got too much going on in the brain. You can always take hot
water bottles and put them on either side of your head. The headache will be
worse for 10-15 minutes but once the fissures on the skull relax enough and
expand, then your headache will reduce by 85%. That’s going after it directly.
Usually my recipes in the bok handle toxicity in the blood. They do not handle
it in the nervous system. Usually the toxicity is in the nervous system when
it’s in the brain, as in migraines. Cluster headaches - it’s in the nervous
system. Those remedies don’t work with the nervous system; they’ll only help
a tiny bit. So you’ve got to eat a lot of cheese, got to eat eggs, got to make
sure that you don’t go to sleep at the time when the nervous system kicks in
to do its detoxification, at midnight -until you get better.

Q: Survival Kit?

A: In the second to last newsletter. I call it Survival Kit. It’s for

Q: Gastritis

A: Gastritis happens a lot of times when you have gas. You have toxins that
dump into the intestinal wall and there’s not enough mucus to harness them -
in the mucus lining. It’s almost always in people who are too thin, especially
when you have Crohn’s disease or any kind of inflammatory bowel system. They
don’t create mucus properly, enough to protect the lining. So the poisons
don’t get locked into the mucus, they get into the digestive tract where the
food is. Then your digestive juices mix with those poisons and it creates gas.
Gas can cause severe pain, diarrhea, headaches. You have to eat cheese until
you're relieved. You have to eat a lot of milkshakes to get your mucus producing
properly. A lot of people have very thin mucus. Under a microscope, it looks
like a piece of fabric; it’s layers and layers of woven fibres. If you can see
through it, it’s not tight. Toxins and even your own digestive acids can get
through and eat at your intestinal tract. That’s the worst case of Crohn’s.
When you eat the proper proteins, everything is so tight nothing can get
through. You’ve sometimes got 80 layers of these mucus fibres protecting your
intestines, especially if you’re a sick person - you should have a lot. He
probably has a good size. He has a lot of weight there to protect so he can
afford to manufacture a lot of mucus. That’s another reason I like people to
be that size so they get well. I was that size for 20 years, to get well. Even
up to a year and a half ago I got that big. I had a 38” waist and I’m only
5’ 7 ¾”. I was 190 lbs, 20 lbs more than I am now. So, lots of milkshakes
to create the mucus, cheese to absorb the toxins so they don’t create as much
gas. Processed sugars eat right into the mucus lining. In the intestines, the
villi determine whether there is enough hydrochloric acid or other enzymes to
break down the larger food particles so the bacteria can eat them - 80-90% of
digestion is bacterial. Only 10-20% is enzymatic - digestive juices. So it’s
mainly bacteria which perform your digestion. When you’re taking antibiotics
you have to rely on only the enzymes in digestive juices and you only get a tiny
bit of your nutrients. People get very, very weak after taking antibiotics.

Your body is 99% bacteria. You take 5 days of antibiotics you reduce it by 1%.
That’s reducing 1% of the functions of your whole body. Take them for 2 weeks
and it’s 3%. They put my mother on antibiotics for a year and I didn’t know
about it. I got a call. They said ‘your mom’s going to die, come, she’ll
be dead in 5 days’. She stopped eating because she couldn’t digest. When I
found out about it I knew right away what to do. I fed her custards, with papaya
to help the enzymes start working again, and the butter, the honey and the eggs
- everything very easily digestible. I gave her ½ cup of that early morning,
6am. At 10 o’clock I gave her the other ½ cup and she ate 3 meals that day.
Cooked of course, but she ate 3 meals. ?She wouldn’t eat the papaya the next
day, because the butter was too much for her, because of the damage from the
antibiotics so I gave her ½ cup of papaya every day. She ate 3 meals a day. She
recovered. She’s still alive at 91 and she was meant to die from that years
ago. So you see what antibiotics can do. The major part of the body is bacteria.
If you buy into the pharmaceutical and medical industries, that bacteria is the
cause of disease - you have just counted yourself as a disease because you are
99% bacteria.

Q: … and the sugar in the papaya didn’t counter what you were trying to do?

A: It’s raw sugar, and I put it with fat - the butter and egg yolk. The good
stuff. So the sugar was harmless. Always eat fruit with fat, unless you’ve
just eaten a big meal of fat.

Q: Following your diet recommendations on pages 40, 41 can we do anything else
to thin the blood naturally and avoid strokes?

A: Beet juice and grapefruit but almost any bland fruit, cucumber, zucchini
juice, tomato - any of those will thin the blood. You don’t need to eat fat
with the bland fruits. Tomato can be eaten alone. They’re low in sugar and
high in sodium, so they hold more water and will thin the blood. They are acidic
but you will know if you have eaten too many because your mouth will feel raw.
Some people can eat tomatoes til the cows come home but I don’t have that
luxury. You can eat cucumber all day. You don’t want a lot of grapefruit
because it’s a fast-reacting fruit. Celery juice will do it too, but if you
have too much it can cause other imbalances. With watermelon, don’t eat the
centre where the seeds are because it’s high in sugar. Eat the pink and the
white. Watermelon is high in sodium, like tomatoes and avocados.

Q: Is it ok to eat in the night if you’re hungry, even in the detox hours?

A: Yes, absolutely. I always say, if you wake in the night, eat something. If
you go 5 hours without eating your red blood cells eat each other for the
protein. You can be 700 lbs, it doesn’t make any difference. It doesn’t have
anything to do with the fat, it’s the protein level in the blood. In our toxic
society it’s gone in 5 hours, so the red blood cells start eating each other.
Milk has protein in it, so milk is fine. If you’re hyperactive and you wake
after 5 hours, you may not go back to sleep, so you can wake after 3 hours, eat
and go back to sleep for 5 hours. You can eat cheese, butter and honey together
and go back to sleep. Cheese on its own won’t be digested. Vegetable juice is
fine and you can have cheese first. If you’re really hungry and you’re not
thinking well - you’ve got brain loss from protein, or it makes you hyper, it
makes your heart pound hard, it makes you nervous, you start shaking and it
gives you blood pressure, then put an egg in..

Q: About six years ago I had a [??]...scopic surgery. I was perfectly healthy
at that point, not on a raw diet. It caused an embolism to my lung. I was on
coumadin for about 6 months, then all of my problems started. So I started
taking some concentrated brain-functioning supplement; it was concentrated
egg-whites. Then I got on to your diet for about 8 or 9 months. I didn’t do
the weight gaining program; I just maintained strictly for 8 or 9 months the
regular recipe. After that I mixed it with [??] and some Chinese herbs. I was in
good shape for a while. Then not long ago I had chicken pox. I’ve been
suffering from chronic fatigue over the years, no matter what I tried to do. I
had a blood circulation problem that occurred from the coumadin, that caused me
to look for diets and special remedies. Eventually I got little red spots on my
skin and then about 2 or 3 months later, I got chicken pox. I took high
anti-viral medication - that was in the doctor’s hands in Italy. I didn’t
know you weren’t supposed to take anything. From that for about 9 months
I’ve had a muscle spasm in my back that caused a small curve in my spine.
It’s causing major back pain. I’ve also suffering from bloating, wind,
chronic fatigue, teeth-grinding…I’ve got pressure behind the eyes with fever
symptoms which don’t allow me to concentrate very easily so I’m looking for

A: Everything was one injury after another. Chicken pox is another bullshit
disease. Any time you have a skin eruption, it’s a toxin coming through - just
like swine flu. It’s nothing to do with any pig tissue; they just named it an
animal tissue to make you afraid of nature. It’s a composition of toxicity
that chicken pox comes from vaccines, coming through the skin. Ninety percent of
all toxins are supposed to leave through the skin so you’re going to have skin
eruptions, pox. Like these, if I didn’t have these come out all over my body -
and they started within 24 hours and were bleeding and oozing with stuff that
stunk of chemicals, metals, everything you can think of. They oozed for 4 - 4½
months but at least I relieved a lot of it out of my body through the proper
channel - the skin but you can see what concentrated poisons can do. So your pox
is a reaction to chemicals. It could have been the coumadin was the straw that
broke the camel’s back. I’ve had too many chemicals. You’ve got to have a
heavy detox here. Whether it’s hives, rash, acne, those are poisons leaving
the body. It’s not some chicken that caused your problem.

Q: ..and I’m glad????

A: You have multiple problems and I can’t talk about them all right now. If
you want to get started - cheese, butter and honey will help you get the
minerals to settle things down. You can take clay and milk together, a lot of
things, so you’d better call me on that one because I would prefer to give you
a good diet, rather than just give you some remedies that you’ll do it not
quite right, if you want to get rid of it fast - probably within 10 days, on my
regular diet you could have it under control.

Q: What about raising sex drive?

A: There are so many things - from the book - avocado and oranges together;
some people can do pineapple and avocado together. Oysters are excellent for it.
I had a model from Canada, 6’ tall, 260 lbs, she ate 128. She gained a lot of
weight, so her agency hated that. She had a sex drive for 28 days. Her boyfriend
loved it. She ate them in one sitting. She called me when she had eaten 2 dozen
and said “What’s the limit?”. I said you can eat as many as you want. Her
boyfriend called me to say she had just got through 100 - was I sure there
wasn’t a limit? He didn’t mind paying the $700.

Q: In your recipe book everything has got eggs. I’m severely allergic to

A: Not raw. I’ve never met a person who is allergic to raw eggs.

Q: ...but I had salad dressing with raw egg white….

A: … but you’ve got salt in that dressing, and all sorts of other crap in
it. Rocky style is breaking an egg into a glass and eating it that way. This is
‘Aajonus style’ - first damage the fatter end of the egg by hitting it flat
on an eye tooth - without making a hole in it. Then hit the other end down on a
tooth to make a hole. Make sure the egg white is liquid, not slimy. Suck slowly.
Breaking this allows the membrane to move up and the egg white to come out
without the yolk bobbing up. If you feel the yolk come up, relax it, shake it a
little to free up the egg white and do it again. When you get to the yolk you
won’t see any residue because I allowed the membrane to collapse.

Q: What about the potential chicken shit on the outside?

A: Perfect. (Laughs) The bacteria has some E. coli. How many animals go round
licking each others arses to get extra bacteria? Every animal except humans.
You’re missing out on all the bacteria. When I go to the farmer I take out all
the eggs with shit on them. In Asia they don’t clean their eggs and I take the
ones with most shit on. Where I poke it I’m eating the shit. Absolutely. Hi
Barbara, you have a question. Oh yes - we want to thank the hosts, Jim and
Barbara (cheers and applause).

Q: I have gained weight and I was diagnosed with bone cancer in the spinal
column. The medical community considered me a corpse long ago. Having gained all
that weight I have actually very few symptoms. I have symptoms, but nothing like
the heart pounding and the stuff you’re talking about, so there is something
to weight gain, just from a personal point of view. I have many, many symptoms
but they’re not scary as all get-out. One of them is I’m coughing a lot
during the night and I’m wondering, is it just straight detox or is there
something in my room? I can’t even tell. My intuition fails me at this point.
I have 2 milkshakes during the night.

A: OK. Good.

Q: Can you talk about how to get rid of Tetracycline?

A: Tetracycline is a fungus that they use as an antibiotic. It’s very similar
to gangrene. You get rid of it with lime juice and you do the same with any kind
of fungus in the body. Depending on the size of the person, you use about 3
tblsp lime juice, 3 tblsp honey, 1 lemon, 2 tblsp coconut cream and 1 tblsp
dairy cream. Blend that all together and pour it into sparkling mineral water,
depending on the size of the person - 3 ½ ozs for her.

Don’t pour water into the mixture, the mixture goes into the water. It’s
going to foam up a bit so you need a slightly larger jar to accommodate it. Sip
that over a 15-20 minute period. Don’t guzzle it because it’s going to rush
to the kidneys. You’ve got to get it into the system. That’ll stop any kind
of too-heavy bacterial or fungal detoxification. It’ll destroy penicillin
which is a bird cleanser. Remember these aren’t really diseases. Penicillin is
a fungus that birds use to break down substances that have accumulated in their
body if they’re somewhat toxic and they’ve been too active. When they’re
flying 3,000 miles changing climates, excess carbohydrates will build up if
they’re eating grains - mainly seeds and not eating any bugs or animal
products. The birds who don’t are vegetarians, they’ll build up a lot on a
trip like that and need the penicillin to help break down that substance and
it’s a good thing. When they give it to us they’ve sterilized it. They’ve
damaged the fungus so it no longer knows when to go into hibernation. All fungi
will have cycles - they’ll go in and out of hibernation.

A cycle may be 6 - 9 months on, 3 - 6 months off depending on the need in the
body. Since we’ve eaten all these cooked grain products we’re full of stuff
that penicillin thrives on. So once penicillin gets into your body it works 24
hours a day, 365 days a year the whole time you’re alive unless you’ve been
on the primal diet for 40 years. I still have penicillin in my brain. It’s the
only spot I have left in my body besides the prostate gland. My irises show
metallic minerals and toxicity. So I’ve still got penicillin working in my
brain because I haven’t yet detoxed my brain altogether. I’ve got 2 major
spots in my brain. A quarter of my brain is still feeding the penicillin. I’m
healthy enough I don’t need to slow it down but I find that a lot of
people’s digestive tracts are in their nervous system where it needs to be
tempered - I need to slow it down. So that’s the formula I give them - one 2
days a week only, for no more than 3 months because it will destroy good
bacteria too, if you have it too much. I would have to look at your irises to
tell you how long to take it for. It’s so delicious. Do not drink it fast.

Q: I wonder how that raw milk ?? buy it from other places?? I buy the ?? milk.
When I buy milk from the roadside I leave it out for a day - 7 or 8 hours it
goes sour. I still like it and drink it but this [?] milk - I notice it stays
there for 2 days and still doesn’t go sour. Are they doing something to it
after the pasteurisation?

A: It’s the feed that’s not a good, healthy feed. It’s a regular dairy
feed that they’re giving them. They put heavy chlorine in their tanks to clean
them. They have to keep the coliform count down to 10. Organic pastures has to
do the same; they’re worse now since that law went in. So when you get it at
Rawsome, we’re getting it from Pennsylvania. It’s the only one I drink.

Q: Is massage a necessity or a luxury and what is its role in optimum health?

A: Massage always helps people get healthier quicker. Some people have to have
very gentle massage, if they have a lymphatic problem - so it’s got to be a
tickle massage. Massage will help you get well quicker because it moves things
around. If you’re going through a heavy detoxification, it’s not a good idea
because you’ll have too many things moving when you already have enough.

Q: What’s its role in muscle development, body building and that kind of

It depends upon the individual but if they want to build muscle faster they can
make sure that everything is flowing through. Better with massage, it’s always
more helpful. It can also help the body relax. It can get tight knots,
congestions and help move them through. Now a lot of massage therapists will
work hard to try and break those but they need to be gently moved, because you
can break substances and cause cutting and lacerations. I may be different
because I’ve been on this diet for a while - I don’t have all the lumps that
other people have so I can handle a hard massage, though I don’t like them.
Other people need things worked out of them gently. The problem with most
massage therapists is they have a technique. Once they learn the technique,
it’s in their head and they’re stuck with the method when they first learned
massage. They were in tune with the body, they felt how much pressure was
needed. When they learned all these techniques, their finesse with the body is
gone. You have to find a massage therapist who can keep in touch with the feel
and not just think about the routines and the style of massage. Hands-on touch
can be a massage. When you’re very sick - that’s helped me many times when I
couldn’t be touched. Someone just holding my feet, holding my shoulders or
just touching my neck was enough massage to give a change for my body. So
massage is always helpful; it just depends on what kind you need at the time.
I’ve always used massage. I have at least one a week. I used to have to go to
chiropractors sometimes twice a day when my back was in so much pain from
cancer. The cauterised spine was the main problem there, from the radiation
therapy. I don’t think it’s necessary to go to chiropractors unless you need
to, because you can always go to yoga and stretch yourself out and that’s what
I learned to do. You can’t massage yourself and relax at the same time. Heavy
massage damages the [?] system too much. Let’s say you have hardened veins,
varicose veins, any kind of damage - hard massage can cause internal bleeding.
You can bleed lymph, neurological fluid, blood all throughout your tissues and
it will cause more toxicity. You have to know what your body is; know the

Q: What do you think of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid?

A: Awful. They’re not real enzymes. You have to build your own digestive
enzymes, so have pineapple, papaya - things naturally concentrated. They will
help you build natural enzymes. Hydrochloric acid is highly toxic. It’s not a
biological hydrochloric acid. So, you increase beet juice, pineapple and raw
corn on the cob. They will help you build hydrochloric acid.

Q: What can you start on to get rid of the mercury in vaccines.

A: Yes, there’s clay. You put it with milk, not in a milkshake. You can have
it in juice. You have a waist, you can do it. If you’re very thin or on the
slimmer side - have the clay with milk – calcium - not juice or water. Always
have moist clay, never have dry clay in anything you ingest. You make the clay
first in a jar, until it’s like plaster of Paris. If it’s 5 days old it’s
best. It can last up to 2 years without turning black and even that mold can be
helpful. For the bathtub I’m talking about the powder. There are recipes in
the book. Milk, vinegar, sea-salt, himalayan salt and coconut cream… yes,
that’s fine. That combination will work. For people who don’t have the salt
or the vinegar - they have to use the clay.

Oysters are the quickest way to get rid of mercury. Six a day, 3 at a time, 3
with each meat meal, 6 days a week. The best results I’ve had is eating 3
twice daily, 6 days a week for a yearQ: When are you going to start training
people to do what you do?A: I’m having trouble with the Thai government.
I’ve already got the land and got the first house, my house built - 10 days
ago. I got the lake half dug and they stopped me from finishing that. They’re
saying that most of my land is forest because I’m at the bottom of a national
forest so they’re telling me I can’t. The people who sold it to me said I
could do all this. I should have gone to the Forestry Department to check first.
I’ll have to see what they allow me to do. If my request comes through, it
will probably be at the earliest 3 years because I have to get crops and
animals, everything set so I have the exact foods that I need, to have people
come to the clinic. It will be a clinic/college. It will be in Thailand, not The
Phillipines - that’s my personal getaway. It’s 12 hours drive from Bangkok.
I’m out in the tulies where there’s no electricity, no road. I had to get
them to create a road in, a mile road there too.