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                             Q&A Of January 9, 2011


A: I’ve been experimenting with pineapple to dissolve dead cells in your
skin, getting rid of moles and warts and tumors. Rubbing the pineapple on the
skin over a tumor helps dissolve it. Leave it on for a good 24 hours. Don’t
rub hard. You can only use it every four or five days though, as it will cause
break-outs more often than that. On days you don’t use it, it’s a good idea
to rub bone marrow or butter or a combination of both on to the skin. If you
look at my photo on the back of my recipe book it shows all the freckles I had.
I usually maintained a high tan because of all the huge freckles – what they
call age or liver spots – didn’t show. When I started putting pineapple on
my skin, it started neutralizing them 80% within 24 hours. And I started using
it on a big mole I had here that was starting to get inflamed and it peeled away
a little at a time. Raw apple cider vinegar will also remove moles and warts in
the same way but not as quickly and it won’t change the coloration as will the
pineapple. But you have to be careful. I did an experiment using the pineapple
every three instead of four days and got a little red rash. So I have to keep my
cycle to four days. Some people have to keep their cycle to five, six or seven
days. The amount of melanin in the skin doesn’t matter. It will also clear up
a lot of other imperfections in the skin. I had two very large moles here and
they’re down by 60%. Maybe once every three months I’ll start applying it
for a couple weeks and then I’ll forget. I do it for experimentation. I used
to have a ton of freckles all over my hands and body and they’re reduced over
50%. I’ve probably only used pineapple five times on my body, face and neck.
Even when I get sunshine, they don’t seem to come back anymore. It also gets
rid of wrinkles. Just put it on – don’t rub hard – just put it on and let
it absorb, leaving it 24 hours. On some people, the skin will stain so it’s a
good idea to get some Perrier or Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water and wipe
off any excess because you’ve got so much on, it’s affecting your healthy
cells. Normally, if you only put it on every 4-5 days, the pineapple will only
affect dead cells and make your skin younger. Old skin is your body collecting
dead cells and there’s nothing energetic about them so they sag - they’re
not alive – no muscle tissue involved. If it starts burning your skin, that
means you’ve got so much on it’s affecting your live cells or that your live
cells don’t have enough fat to protect themselves from the bromelain and other
nutrients in the pineapple. So, wipe it off and make sure you use bone marrow
and/or butter on the other days to make sure those cells that are alive absorb
enough fat to be protected so when you apply the pineapple it doesn’t eat into

Q: After a hot bath, are you supposed to shower to wash the salt off?

A: I don’t but I dry myself. The milk, coconut cream, sea or epsom salt, and
raw apple cider vinegar in the bath water are nutrifying for the skin. The skin
can absorb some of that and eat it so it’s good to leave some of it on. The
two tablespoons of sea salt are not enough to do anything except neutralize some
of the poisons in the water. Some people use a cup or two of Epsom salts and
that’s still not going to be a problem. If you were using ½ to ¾ of a cup of
sea salt, then that may be too much.

Q: I’m commuting hundreds of miles a week and I’ve heard you have something
for the EMFs coming through the floor of the car.

A: Yes, I invented a pillow. I tell people how to make them if they want to
make them. On a 16” pillow, arrange 1-inch circular magnets in three
concentric circles - 3 ½”, 6” and 9-10” diameter. Arrange 1-inch apart
north-south, north-south all the way around each circle. [Secure to cloth?]
Sandwich between two thin down pillows and put in a pillow cover and sit on
that. That draws the electro-magnetic fields out of your body. I have a Prius
which is an electric vehicle. The worst – jags – have the highest
electro-magnetic fields. I’ve experimented with lots of other EMF detractors
or absorbers and none of them work. Before making the pillow, driving my Prius
over 150 miles, I would get achy in the thigh of my right leg by the end of the
trip. With my pillow – and I’ve driven up to 2000 miles - that never
happens. No ill effects or sensations in my legs.

Q: How much should I eat and how long before exercise?

A: Depends on what activity you’re doing. If you’re going to do a high-end
activity like soccer, it’s a good idea to finish eating at least 20 minutes
before playing. Now my athletes – take Walker Kehrer number 1 high school
tennis champion in the US. He had asthma when they first brought him to me at 8
years old. When we were fighting the county for raw milk when we lost it, he
gave testimony in his weak little raspy voice. Now he’s number 1 champion. The
number 1 female athlete is also on the diet: Valerie Ngauamo Adams. When they go
to work out, they have my sport drink and that’s usually a cup of tomato
puree, cup of cucumber puree, cup of whey, a tablespoon of raw apple cider
vinegar, 1 tbl lemon juice, 1-2 teaspoons of lime juice, 2-2 ½ tablespoons of
raw honey, 2 tablespoons of dairy cream, and usually 2-3 eggs – all blended
together. They’ll sip on that quart while their competition will sometimes go
through two gallons of water in five hours. The competitors will get weak and
tired as the water dilutes nutrients in the body and dehydrates them. Milk
itself is 86% water; fruit is 92% water. That’s water that’s bound in
enzymes and ions and all the nutrients that deliver the water for proper
absorption in the cells. If you drink water without nutrients, the cells can’t
absorb it. What happens is the water dilutes everything and dries the body out -
even sparkling mineral water. But I like the sparkling mineral water for some
people because the hydrogen peroxide effect helps break down some heavy toxins
in the body. Now I consumed probably one ounce of water in ten days and that’s
because I thought I needed – not because I needed it. Water is a solvent, not
a nutrient. It dissolves rock and plants eat. Sip, don’t gulp. I sip
everything. If you gulp, almost 90% of the water goes to the kidneys. You’re
diluting the mucus membranes in your alimentary canal, kidney, bladder, urethra
– all kinds of repercussions by gulping. Even with proper “water” [e.g.
milk, juice] by gulping, the water will separate so may be 60-70% will go to the
kidneys so 1/3-1/4 of your cells will be deficient of proper water. Anything
liquid should be sipped, not gulped. I tell marathon runners, even 10 minutes
before running, start off with lots of raw butter and honey (8:1 ratio athletes
but 6:1 for normal people and 1:1 for person in coma) to build up that fat
system right away, because you’ll hit the wall later but it will be minimized.
It will shrink by half the wall they hit at 7, 13 (most major wall), 18 and 20
miles. Usually marathon runners don’t start off at high speeds like sprinters.
Sprinters may start off eating 20 minutes before running. Football player can
eat and go out on the field right away. They are not running constantly.
Basketball players, again, need a little bit of time. Use your sport drink to
sip on all the time. A long distance runner can eat a lot; it doesn’t matter.
I’ve had 10-15-20K runners eat a lot of cream right before. If you’re a
stocky runner, raw cream is not a good thing to eat too close. May be 2-3 hours
prior is OK. Butter is better; it digests easily. Cream is not so easy to digest
so digestion will take from your athletics. I told one very stocky, thick
marathon runner to have cream with orange juice 3-4 hours before running as she
already had a lot of fat on her body. She had it an hour before and puked for
the first two miles before getting her momentum up. Raw butter and honey would
have been better. For runner, 8:1 ratio; average person, 6:1; person in coma,
1:1 ratio.

Q: Diane was telling you about her son who only eats 4-5 things. What 4-5
things would you do?

A: Well, I met a tribe in the Philippines a little over a year ago. They eat
mainly two foods: raw fish and raw mature coconut. They live to 140, are
completely healthy, have all their teeth up to the day they die – some gaining
a third set in their 90s – but most with one set from age seven all the way
through. They eat the coconut meat, not coconut cream. Adult males eat about a
whole coconut a day and females half a coconut, cup and half a cup,
respectively. And somewhere around a pound of fish a day. They will once in a
while eat a semi-ripe banana or unripe mango, may be three a week per person or
none at all. Living on two foods.

Q: How would that translate here in LA?

A: I mainly eat eggs, dairy and meat. I’ll eat one fruit a day sometimes.

Q: Do we get salt naturally from foods?

A: You get sodium naturally. Salts, yes. Salts don’t just mean sodium but any
minerals. You have all kinds of minerals in milk. Milk has the most
concentration – except for bone. But we don’t eat and digest those. I’ve
seen Eskimos and Thais eat bones and I thought my teeth were getting better–
broke this tooth eating chicken bone. The hole this tooth came out of was sealed
and healed in two hours. I tried but couldn’t put it back in.

Q: High meat guidelines – eating with other foods?

A: Have to look at foods that destroy bacteria or inhibit them from
multiplying: honey, fruit – especially citrus fruit which acts like an enzyme
to break down certain kinds of food substances. Bacteria is 80-90% of digestion;
only 10-20% is enzymatic, digestive juices. The latter break down larger
particles of food that you might not have chewed enough, dissolving them into
smaller compounds so the bacteria can infiltrate and eat it. The excrement or
secretions of bacteria is our food. So, basically, we’re basically piss and
shit eaters of bacteria. When you listen to the pharmaceutical-medical industry
and the health departments that run them, you get the whole idea that bacteria
are bad. The latest information that came out this year was that in the
digestive tract for every human gene, we have 150 bacterial genes. Everything
that occurs, including digestion, in our entire bodies has to do with bacteria.
There are no bad bacteria unless they are man-made. Period. The pharmaceutical
industry gets you to believe there are bad bacteria in foods but the only thing
that contaminates food is their chemicals – chlorine, ammonia. Walk into a
meat market now and you get a headache from all the Chlorox - the chlorine or
the ammonia that you smell. Those are the poisons, not the bacteria in your
food. So high meat is a very good thing. I ate the stickiest high meat chicken
I’ve ever had this morning and it was absolutely delicious. I love the leg
because it has an oilier fat than the breast which is drier. When the bacteria
breaks it down, it stinks like hell but is so tasty.

Q: Burning sensation when I eat high meat.

A: No, that just means you have low mucous protection on your tongue and throat
and need to up the milkshakes to create more. If you get a burning sensation, I
would put a little cream in my mouth for 2-3 minutes and slowly let it go down
the throat. If it resumes burning at any point, take another half teaspoon of
cream and coat it again.

Q: Thick blood causing cramps and trying to handle gout. Thanking about doing
grapefruit juice a couple times a day.

A: Thick blood will not give you gout or cramps. Lactic acid builds up in the
muscles from your body using its energy and not cleaning itself properly, so you
need be doing hot baths. And you can have raw whey. The raw lactic acid in whey
will help spent lactic acid in the body be neutralized and leave the body, if
you’re perspiring. The lymph system cleans the body. You have lymph nodes and
glands that clean the body. If you do not clean the system, all these toxins
will keep accumulating. [Improper?] metabolism causes charley horses, cramping
because the lactic acid builds up in the muscles. That causes all cramping;
that’s what even causes cramping around the heart, unless you’ve got a
chemical in there burning the tissue. So if you want to help break that down,
you drink some whey or sport formula and get into a hot bath and sweat until you
get it out. Or you can sip it the whole time you’re in – a couple cups – a
sip every minute. I recommend everybody – unless they’re an athlete who
sweats ever day - get into a hot bath for 40 minutes. It’s important because
that will stay under your skin and if it builds up year after year, it causes
deterioration of connective tissue, destruction of skin, and can lead to lupus,
MS, destruction of your nerves - all of your tissues internally. You’ve got to
perspire those poisons out of your body. If you grew up on a raw diet all your
life, you wouldn’t have those kinds of toxins and buildup to where your body
can only handle so much without having a hot bath. You wouldn’t need hot
baths. But we’ve accumulated all these toxins. Your body is so worn that it
needs this perspiration help. If you don’t have a bath – only have a shower
– get five or seven hot water bottles and put them around your body including
your neck and one between your legs. Then put towels under and 3-4 over you
because you will sweat and a down comforter on top.

Q: Sauna?

A: A sauna is too hot 138-169 degrees. It burns the tissues in your eyes, all
the mucous membranes - causes scarring and thinning of mucous. Over time, very
bad and it gets too hot. In a hot bath, you keep it 105 to 108 degrees – 110
for some people who are really fat and overweight. Steam is even worse up to 112
degrees – even more scarring to the bronchials and the lungs. Far infrared
sauna is a problem because it doesn’t go below 131 degrees and not a balanced
radiation like the sun and it’s in a spectrum of non-isolated radiation waves.
You get into ultra-violet and you’re going to imbalance your whole system and
stop making vitamin D.

Q: Would you substitute your sport formula for the pineapple formula?

A: No, if you have deep lymphatic congestion, you need to stay in 60-90 minutes
and want that pineapple mixture before you get in and you can have the sport
drink and sip on that in the bath, too. A sip every minute and you’ll keep up
with the amount you’re perspiring. That way, when you get out, you don’t
start chugging your liquids so they don’t go to your kidneys.

Q: What about a sauna and you just turn the heat down like to 108?

A: They don’t set down that low. None go below 131 degrees. Infrared ones go
the lowest and when I tested them they went to 138 degrees. Up to 107 or 108 is
really enough.

Q: I’ve been in some that you can regulate down to that.

A: It’s still dry heat and not a good thing. It will dry out your sinuses,
eardrums and eyes and cause problems.

Q: Hospital tests for acceptable thinness or fitness.

A: What do I tell everybody about the pharmaceutical industries, medical
profession’s tests and measures: they’re all designed to trap you into being
unhealthy. They do not make money if you’re healthy. My blood is so thick they
said I should be dead.

Q: I just had blood tests done but they have lowered normal ranges of blood
sugar and cholesterol.

A: Fifty years ago I caught them. Then, 200 cancer cells per million was
treatable cancer. They weren’t making enough money so they lowered it to 50
cells per million to panic more people into treatment. Medical terrorism.
Everybody has cancer cells. Most people under age 25 have may be 25 to 30 cancer
cells per million healthy human cells. At about 35, you can fluctuate between 40
and 75 cancer cells. If you happen to see the doctor when it’s up to 50 or
above, they’ll say you have treatable cancer and scare you into treatment.
Don’t listen to it. It’s the pharmaceutical industry that creates this not
the medical profession. The medical professionals are nothing but computers for
the pharmaceutical industry. They only tell you what they’re told. If you’re
not taking medication, they don’t make money.

Q: What do you add to the bath water?

A: Ratios are in my book: milk, sea or Epsom salt, and APV. Adding coconut
cream is good for the skin.

Q: Drinking water.

A: Don’t drink water. You need maybe half a cup a day. Sip on milk, the sport
formula, and eat raw foods. It’s full of water. Water goes to the kidneys –
will dissolve and neutralize intestinal bacteria, will deteriorate the mucous
lining, irritate the body and over-alkalinize the system, neutralize and dilute
digestive juices.

Q: Macular degeneration.

A: Macular degeneration is because you do not have enough good fat and good
protein to clean the eyes. Theoretically, white meat should be for the eyes but
in all my experiments with eye changes, red meat and butter are the only thing
that will change the eyes quickly.

Q: Effect on nutrition of freezing red meat.

A: Eighty percent loss. Once in a while you might be able to eat some frozen
meat with non-frozen butter. I’ll tell about my experiments in my newsletters.
I took two groups of animals and fed them the same meat but one frozen and one
fresh - just meat, no water. Every one on the frozen food got a skin disorder
within six weeks. They were also anxious, irritable and thirsty all the time.
They barked and growled at each other. One had the mange so bad the skin was
oozing and seeping like psoriasis. The group that ate fresh meat got no water
– nothing else. No problems, anxiety, or thirst. Then I split the group with
skin disorders into two and gave one group frozen and the other non-frozen
butter. The group with non-frozen butter healed five times faster than the one
given frozen butter. That’s an 80% decrease in the value of butter when
frozen. The meat showed it to be actually poisonous. So if you’re going to eat
frozen meat – say you’re going to a restaurant to get carpaccio. - they have
to freeze it to slice it that thin - so you’d better eat a lot of raw butter
before you eat it.

Q: Fish?

A: It depends on what fish. It is less damaging to eat northern fish– frozen
tuna, halibut - may lose 15-20% maximum.

Q: I have beginning cataracts.

A: Again, red meat and butter are the best things ... and, of course,
pineapple. Eat an ounce of pineapple with a tablespoon of cream and a tablespoon
of butter every day, and red meat with butter. You can also warm a smidgen of
butter on your palm and go like this to get it all around [eyes]. [He pulls down
his lower eyelid and puts a small amount of butter on it then closes his eye and
rolls his eye around]. It is best to do this before you go to sleep since it
fogs the eye. You can use egg white any time during the day because it only fogs
the eye for five minutes. These are things that feed the eye directly.

Q: I have been putting both large and small pork intestine a tablespoon at a
time on meat. The skin was moldy so I scooped out the insides and put them in a
mason jar in the fridge.

A: Just scrape it off. I don’t recommend the ingredients out of the small
intestine too much – mainly intestinal walls – as it’s too alkaline. It
depends what they’re feeding the pigs. If it’s skim milk and animal
by-products, that’s fine. If they’re feeding a lot of vegetation, it’s
fine in the bowel but not the small intestine. Taking a tablespoon at a time is
fine. Take it out of the refrigerator three hours minimum before you’re going
to eat it - like I took my high chicken out and left it for two days before
eating it.

Q: How to get rid of plastics locked inside your [body]…

A: Pineapple and coconut cream… Grapefruit is helpful. Those are about the
only things that will dissolve plastics. Your body does not want to absorb the
phthalates so it doesn’t break them down easily. The best thing is to move it
in a larger molecule form into the intestines not out the skin. If it goes out
the skin, it will give you a lot of skin problems. Will give you intestinal
problems, too, but will pass out more easily through the intestines than skin.
Vinegar is also helpful but you have to be careful. For a safe mixture, I would
blend together a quarter cup each pineapple, kiwi and mango and add a teaspoon
each of lime and lemon, one and a half tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of
coconut cream, and maybe a teaspoon of dairy cream. Then you need some sort of
natural hydrogen peroxide type reaction and you’ll get more from Gerolsteiner
than any other water so you pour the blended mixture into about 2 ½ ounces of
Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water. Sip over 15 minutes. I got an email this
week saying, “Gerolsteiner got an F according to the water board.” I went to
the site and Gerolsteiner got an “F” because they do not clean, filter or
process the water at all so it’s got bacteria and everything in it. They
[water board] are looking for decontaminated, purified water. Their idea is
bacteria is contaminating. I want the bacteria. So it was the only water that
had absolutely no processing. It did not show any heavy toxic metals, no uranium
– nothing. So Gerolsteiner is good. When Gerolsteiner started six years ago,
with my patients alone, they grew rapidly in two years until they switched to
plastic and we stopped. I wrote letters and everything and they went back to

Q: How much vegetable juice?

A: It depends on your weight. In my book, I give recipes. If you come to me and
I look at your eyes, I will tell you what I suggest depending on what I see. But
I would say for the average person, if you’re highly acidic and irritable, a
little more vegetable juice is better. If you on an even keel, two cups a day;
vibrantly healthy and not an athlete, one cup a day. I’m at the point now
where I have a cup a week – two cups maximum. I don’t need all that
alkalinity any more. I drink two quarts of milk. I have plenty of alkalinity
with the phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and calcium in the dairy to handle

Q: Enlarged prostate and they’re recommending [unclear] pills. What do you

A: That pill creates cancer. Put a hot water bottle there all night long and
let it perspire because it’s usually a water buildup. Do this every night and
it will bring it down through perspiration. If it’s enlarged, there’s
something toxic in the prostate that needs cleansing. So if he gets in there and
neutralizes toxins with fluids during the day and eliminates those fluids with
neutralized toxins during the night, the prostate will stay a pretty reasonable
size. There are synthetic and true rubber water bottles. The Vermont Country
Store carries ones from Germany but you can find 100% rubber online for about
$10. Just fill it with hot water and put it wherever you want the heat –
between your legs or against the back if you sleep on your side. Then cover area
with like a silk cloth to keep heat tented in. Anytime you have pain, swelling,
or ringing in the ears, you have too much fluid. Put the heat there for as long
as you can during the night and it will perspire it out of your body. Ringing in
your ears, you have too much water on your eardrum. Put the water bag on one ear
per night and drain it - evaporate it - and the ringing will disappear. If you
have some toxicity in your ears, during the day the water - fluid is going to
build up in there as you’re delivering nutrients to clean the area and to heal
it. So you’re going to have more swelling so use the hot water bottle at night
so the ringing isn’t too bad.

Q: [unclear – expense of adding ingredients to baths?]

A: Everything having to do with food is expensive these days. And that’s
purposeful. Its going up higher than medication. That’s why we have to invest
in farms and have true farmers that are going to be honest and support them. You
have to keep your eye on it regardless. I even check by dropping in unannounced
on my Amish farmers who are entirely trustworthy just to make sure they aren’t
making changes from how I want things done - grown and fed a certain way - which
may be farming different than they may have been taught. [Tangent about 62-acre
Happy Acres Farm that has cleanest water in southern California. Talks about his
overseas farms in primitive areas so he doesn’t have to worry about health
departments.] But those people planning to live in the United States for the
rest of their lives better find some place where there’s good property and get
a farm together as a group I will be writing all of that up in the next few
months. What to feed what, what to grow.

Q: There’s a family with acreage in Texas that made a DVD that will tell you
how to get started instantly growing your own food with garden and rabbits on
your own land sustainably. I can send the link.

A: Anytime you have animals you have to move the grazing areas.

Q: [Bath ingredients expensive?]

A: You can buy old milk and old coconut cream for economy. But would you rather
be cheap with the ingredients that go in the water or absorb that? You know, the
water that you get here in LA has been used three times. All the factories all
the way from Saugus up there use it first, then the northern valley, Northridge
area , then southern valley area and then we get it from them. So you have all
those industrial chemicals. They don’t give a shit about industrial chemicals;
they just want bacteria out and so add fluoride and more chemicals like
chlorine. They don’t separate anything else. By the time it gets here LA
basin, you have 192 chemicals in that water. Do you want those absorbed into
your system damaging your skin and the rest of your body?

Q: In your book you give an alternative, clay and I think vinegar.

A: Yeah – but now the clay is so frickin’ expensive.

Q: You told me once to buy this fertilizer that has pig blood in it. I just
wash the pig blood out and it was really cheap compared to the others - twenty
dollars for huge bag. With the hot tub, I just reuse the clay over and over
because I keep the same water in there.

A: No, because that’s processed blood that will mix into your filters and
everything so I would still wash it. It becomes labor intensive. If you want to
get a group of people together and go mine the clay in the Mohave Desert because
that’s where the Terramin comes from, go do it. Just don’t get caught.
It’s not easy. In book I say 1 ½ milk. If you’re using ¾ cup milk, 2 tbl
sun dried sea salt (or 2-3 heaping tbl Epsom salts) and 2-3 tbl fermented
coconut cream, and 2-3 tbl vinegar, that’s enough for normal size bath.

Q: Coconut cream is mandatory?

A: It is nice for the skin; it stays on top of the water and coats your skin
when you get out.

Q: Spraying heavy metals - how to protect ourselves from breathing into our
nose and mouth.

A: My newsletter last year details what to do. Just look at that because it’s
a little involved.

Q: GM foods.

A: When I’ve had GM salmon, I ‘ve gotten deathly sick each time, vomiting.
So I think it’s very bad. For millions of years everything developed together.
[With genetic modification now you are] missing bacteria that have evolved over
time. [unclear] Destroy your own bacteria and you won’t digest anything.

Q: Whole house water filtration.

A: Three-tier system is best. A canister 3 feet high, 10” or more diameter.
The first one should be paper like a HEPA filter. The next one should be carbon
from coconut shells. The last one should be untreated sand. You have to find
them. It’s been 11-12 years since I looked into it. For my hot tub in which I
used coconut cream, I got a 300 pound sand filter of the type used for swimming
pools. I used it eleven years without changing sand and it kept water crystal
clear. Now you have to understand that the medical profession’s ideology is
that you don’t want anything that’s not clean and sand is not clean.
There’s dirt and bacteria in sand. So they say to use it as the first filter.
No, I want it last. I don’t want paper as some of the most atrocious chemicals
in the world are used to produce paper – even HEPA [an acronym for "High
Efficiency Particulate Air" or "High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance"]
filters. So any chemicals coming from that will get arrested in the carbon side
and anything passing through the carbon side is going to get arrested in the
sand – absolutely. So you tell your plumber that, “I’m not asking for
advice, I’ve already got the expert advice on that. Do what I want. I want you
to find tier filters like this: paper, coconut carbon and sand filter. Install
in that order.” They have their own ideas about what’s healthy and the way
it should be. They want to help you and do it right but don’t have open minds
about what filtering should be.

Q: Reverse osmosis?

A: Doesn’t get rid of your chemicals.

Q: Removal of amalgam mercury fillings.

A: They definitely need to be removed. I tell everybody to be at least 80% on
the diet for two and a half years first because you’re going to have
detoxification. Once the amalgam is removed, the body is going to start draining
metals such as thallium, mercury and tin that have collected in the nerves from
all the years that the amalgam was in that tooth. You will experience a lot more
unhappy – and even traumatic – detoxifications if you haven’t been on the
diet long. Not everyone, but very bad responses from 7-10% of the people who
haven’t been on the diet long enough. When you are going to have them removed,
go to a dentist who uses a dam and knows how to remove them safely. The thing
they won’t tell you is that if they don’t give you some oxygen to breathe
through here and enclose, you’ll inhale the dust and it will get into your
brain, spine, bronchials, lungs and esophagus. So what I did when I had my 16
amalgams removed in two days: four hours of drilling one morning and four hours
the next. That was back in 1978 when they had no water jet and the bit would get
so hot from drilling it burns the nerve, causing a blister on the nerve and
that’s your major pain that doesn’t stop for weeks – months sometimes. So
back then I had a signal; I would tap his arm or elbow, he would dip the drill
in cold water for about 10-15 seconds and go back to drilling. Now with the
water jet, there’s no problem. But if you’ve just got two tubes up your
nose, you’re still going to get the mercury dust. So don’t breath while the
drilling is happening or for 3-5 seconds after and exhale strongly through your
nose. So I take a deep breath when he’s going to drill and let it out a little
bit at a time during his 1 – 1 ½ minutes drilling. So have a signal and avoid
inhaling that stuff as it can be highly toxic. There are quite a few holistic
dentists in LA but they don’t consider that you are breathing that dust in. I
don’t know of any that puts a complete mask over your nose with oxygen. I
didn’t use it because I don’t like synthetic oxygen and there was nothing to
stop dust coming in.

Q: Diagnosed with sleep apnea. The muscles in my throat are really lax; they
close and I stop breathing.

A: You’ve got dead cells in the sinuses so when you lie down in a prone
position gravity pushes your sagging, dead cells to close your sinuses. It’s
usually the sinus membrane that shuts it off. Put pineapple two days and bone
marrow one day on your neck. Also put bone marrow in your mouth, mush it, and
let it slowly drip down your throat. You can snort some. You can take bone
marrow from one of the softer sections, get some of the oil out of it, drip some
back in your nose. This can happen to some people sleeping on their side, too.
On your face, it usually doesn’t happen. Sleeping sitting is an easy way to do

Q: Skin sagging under my chin.

A: It can be many different things but it’s always dead cells. Remember,
wherever there’s heavy lymphatic activity... What do you see sagging on people
first? Neck, arms, breast, thighs and butt – wherever the lymph glands are.
The lymph glands take the toxins, neutralize them, and send them to be removed
through the skin. They’re going to do damage to the skin. The more dead cells
you have there, the more the skin is going to sag. So you need hot baths, you
need to perspire, you need to put the pineapple on to get rid of dead cells so
they don’t collect and then put half bone marrow and half butter on to
strengthen the skin in those areas. Can immerse in a jar in hot water to blend
them, and rub into the body. If you get massages, can have them rub this into
the whole body. When I get massages, I’ll mix together about 2 ounces of
butter, two ounces of bone marrow, a teaspoon of coconut cream, and a tablespoon
of pineapple. That’s because I get lazy about putting pineapple on my skin
directly. Putting the pineapple directly on the skin and leaving it for 24 hours
will be more effective in getting rid of dead cells.

Q: I got two cavities in a period of ten months, even though I’ve been using
the tooth formula and flossing every night.

A: Well, remember my email about all the mercury and uranium that was in the
eggs and the chicken for two years. That’s what damages dentine – when it
comes from the brain and dumps out onto the gums and damages the dentine.
Bacteria do not cause dental decay. Heavy metals come down, damage the dentine,
and then the bacteria is there to get rid of the damaged dentine. Not the other
way around.

Q: Fruit and fat combinations.

A: I pretty much have it down to coconut cream almost always because it’s a
cleanser but still has a soothing effect. Any of your animal fats will be
predominantly nurturing, healing and soothing rather than cleansing. Pressed
oils like flax and olive oils are 90% solvent reactive and cause a lot of heavy
detoxification and drying of the system. So coconut cream, but always with
animal fat. So, with a fruit usually I’ll tell people 2-4 tablespoons coconut
cream, depending on the person and what they have to cleanse, with half to 2
tablespoons dairy cream. So the dairy cream is about half the amount of the
coconut cream. Now, if you’re going to eat apples, I suggest 2-3 tablespoons
of cheese and 1 tablespoon of butter. Apples are very detoxifying and have a
tendency to irritate the body, especially adrenal glands and butter is a little
more soothing and the cheese will pull the poisons out along with the pectin
from the apple.

Q: Eggs with fruit?

A: Not a good idea. Not going to digest the egg very well. Except for specific
combinations like the papaya custard in the recipe book. Papaya has papain that
helps digest the protein in the egg. Pineapple’s OK, too. With eggs I don’t
suggest many other fruits. Blueberries sometimes help to detoxify certain
conditions but then we’re getting into specifics of metal detoxification where
you need the egg fats and egg protein along with it to keep from doing damage to
the body when the cream and butter won’t do it alone. There’s a lot of fat
in an egg and some people that are very dry, have psoriasis, eczema or nerve
damage like MS or MD [multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy] –- I’ll ask
them to put half a teaspoon of cream with each egg. But that’s very specific
for certain people.

Q: I train with the top rugby team in the US. In November, at the age of 65, I
took 12 raw eggs plus two cups of raw milk and a big tablespoon of honey and
noticed my 100-yard time dropped within two weeks from 16.5 to 15.5 seconds.
I’m running with guys that are an average of 25 years old. When we run the 400
meters about 4-6 of the 30 guys get 40-50 yards ahead of me. Can I hope to run
the same time as these guys?

A: I’d have to see your eyes to see the condition of your lungs and legs to
tell you that. But, yes, it’s possible. I have a martial artist who jumps
rope, who is 66. Before the diet, he was coming in 35th place in the 40-70
[martial arts]age class. The next year on this diet, he came in fifth place and
last year, in first place. He gets better ever year and he’s not getting
younger. [See testimonial at]

Q: I tend to drink the mixture very fast in the morning and around 11 am I
started getting acidity – burning – in my stomach.

A: You are drinking too much too fast and you need to eat cheese to absorb the
poisons that are in the stomach. If you are getting acidity, you’ve already
washed too many poisons out of the stomach lining. So you sip a cup, have some
cheese, and keep repeating. Take fifteen minutes - and certainly no less than
ten minutes - to drink one cup and don’t gulp. Take a tablespoon every two
minutes. A lot of people gulp and it goes right to the kidney. They don’t get
what they need to get dispersed throughout the body.

Q: Abscessed back molar and associated conditions including itchy scalp.

A: Pain and headaches? [answer: no] Then, you’re just detoxing through the
scalp. It has nothing to do with that tooth. It may be detoxing a part of the
brain that goes to that tooth and anything along that channel will be detoxing
at the same as that area of the brain. When the brain detoxes, it goes into the
skull and from the skull out through the scalp and causes heavy itching. The
body needs a lot of fat to harness the poisons coming through the scalp. If you
don’t have enough accumulated fat in the scalp, the toxins will take the fat
out of the cells which get dry and scaly and start itching. When you go through
that, take bone marrow or butter or both, keep parting your hair and apply it
very thinly on to your scalp. This will protect the cells when the chemical
comes through so your scalp doesn’t dry out. You leave it and don’t rinse it
out even if it makes your hair slightly oily. You can brush it into the hair,
distributing it in the hair for the “oily look.”

Q: My wife doesn’t like our filter showerhead as the water doesn’t come out
fast enough. Recommendations?

A: Difficult. You have to have some sort of filter. You can put a pump on the
water system for the whole building rather than showerhead.

Q: Filter for on-demand water heater…

A: You would want to put it on before the water enters the on-demand heater.

Q: Juicing seaweed.

A: You would have to rinse it to get some of the salt off or it will be
concentrated. At sea, fill big barrels up with seawater and after twelve days
most of the sodium salts go down to the bottom so you can take 1/5th from the
top and toss the rest. Then use that fifth to rinse the seaweed and juice it. It
is more concentrated so you would drink less than vegetable juice.

Q: Would just seaweed juice and fish be a decent diet?

A: I’ve done it for 30 days – nothing but fish, mainly tuna fresh off the
boats in the Philippines for five dollars a kilo.

Q: The Ball jar canning lids you recommend are lined with PBA.

A: The lids I recommend are the ones with slightly dark white enamel inside and
are PBA-free. If they’re gold looking or white looking, then they’re coated
with a plastic. The ones who sell the Ball jar lids say they’re plastic but
I’ve scraped and examined them under a microscope a dozen times and I don’t
see anything but enamel. On the ones that are metal inside, I scrape and can see
plastic every time. I think people selling both Ball and Kerr products are
ignorant about the products. [Note from transcriber: Here is a link to an
article with clear photos showing how to tell BPA-free from other white lined

Q: Colitis.

A: Cabbage juice is the only thing that will stop the bleeding but you can’t
drink alcohol; have nothing too fermented. You can have fresh kefir. Milk should
be warm, never cold. You can eat cucumber – lots of raw eggs. Milk shakes are
second-best, if she won’t eat raw eggs by themselves. Things that aren’t
difficult to digest – that are more liquid than solid, except for the

Q: I have a swollen knee and am sick with something going around.

A: Just put hot water bottle on it at night for any discomfort. And with flu,
you need to take hot baths; perspire to throw off toxins. Sleep with hot water
bottles if you can’t take hot baths or only have a shower. You can go to page
147 of my recipe book that has my cold and flu regimen which is mainly just one
smoothie a day and at least one milkshake a day… no meat, unless may be fish
or chicken. But mainly you need to eat eggs, dairy, honey and cream.

Q: I also got sick, had canker sores, and my lips cracked. It was horrendous.

A: I can see. Were you taking a lot of olive oil?

Q: Maybe once or twice a week.

A: That may be too much for you. I wouldn’t eat any pressed oils in your
situation. No seed oil, no seeds: too hard to digest. Take an aloe vera leaf and
scoop out and eat about half a cup a day until all the sores are gone. You can
do a tablespoon at a time throughout the day – that’s fine.

Q: What is the difference between olive and flax oils.

A: Both are highly acidic and 90% solvent-reactive. Somebody that’s very thin
shouldn’t be eating oils – ever.

Q: Orange juice.

A: I say in my book, “No fruit juices at all.” Fruit juice by itself will
go in there and rip the fat out of your blood. That means your whole body will
not be protected for about two hours. Holds for grapefruit, too. Eat the whole
orange with some of the white pith and get all the bioflavonoids, oils, esters
in that. The juice has very little of them so you don’t digest it properly.
You could balance by having cheese before and cream before or with the juice
unless you’ve had a lot of fat beforehand. Always eat a fat with your fruit.

Q: Coconut cream alone.

A: Never eat coconut cream alone. Have it with some animal fat – butter or
cream - half the amount of coconut cream to protect your tissue – your cells.

Q: So I can juice a whole orange?

A: For you, absolutely not. You need to eat the cheese and cream and the whole
orange [minus rind]. He has some weight on him and can get away with juice with
cheese and cream.

Q: Coconut oil.

A: It is even more concentrated, like any other fat. It is not as acidic but
it’s 90% solvent reactive so it will cause heavy detoxification and dryness in
the skin. All pressed oils will cause skin dryness.

Q: Does coconut cream?

A: Coconut cream can cause a little dryness. That’s why you need a little raw
animal fat with it. If people are having olive oil, I say make a mayonnaise with
lots of butter and a little olive oil, say 3:1 tablespoon ratio.

Q: Avocado with orange? Stay away from eggs with orange?

A: Avocado and fruit go together fine. When I have avocado, I still have a
little bit of butter. Stay away from eggs with orange, unless you’re having an
Orange Julius with cream and honey. Orange Julius used to be orange juice and
ice cream made with eggs, dairy and cream.

Q: Coconut cream in shakes?

A: Only a little. Don’t use more than a teaspoon for someone your size.
Someone bigger could add a tablespoon. I don’t normally recommend that because
if you’re having one fruit a day with coconut cream you’re already having
your detoxifying meal of the day. You want to do more healing and stabilization
than cleansing.

Q: Avocado and pomegranate?

A: Yeah. Avocado and fruit go together fine. I would still have it with a
little bit of butter.

Q: How about grapefruit juice with cream stirred into it?

A: That’s fine as long as you have a little cheese first.

Q: How to get rid of a brain tumor.

A: I would eat pineapple with tomato sauce that has a little bit of flax or
olive oil in it. So don’t make the sauce in my recipe book that has two ounces
of olive oil and can only be eaten once a week. People with brain tumors need a
small amount. Let’s say you make a sauce with half a cup of tomato, one
tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of olive or flax oil (or one tablespoon
each), one teaspoon of honey, one tablespoon each of butter and cream, and then
onion, garlic – whatever else you want in it. Have – may be – three
tablespoons of that with your meat meal. And this would last for four days -
over eight meat meals. And the sport drink would be very good to assist in
removing brain tumors.

Q:[unclear question]

A: Don’t every try to talk anybody into it. Give them my We Want to Life Book
and it will seduce them into opening their minds at least.

Q: Taste plastic packaging on meat.

A: I always take a paring knife and scrape the meat on all sides. Don’t rinse
as it will wash it deeper into the meat. And I will rinse the hand that touches
the plastic.

Q: Sometimes coconut cream looks like it has oil.

A: Coconut cream always has 7-8% coconut oil. All vegetables – all coconuts -
have 7-8% oil in them. If you’re juicing wheatgrass and let it ferment, it
will separate and you’ll have 7-8% oil. Some vegetables, if the soil is not
full of bacteria, may only have 4-5% oil esters in them.

Q: I had German measles when younger and have raised areas – warts - all down
my left side. I was born in Ireland and wonder if it was because I was given
inoculations. How can I get rid of them?

A: Always. You cannot get warts or moles from nature unless you work in a coal
mine, live near a coal mine, or burn coal in your house. Warts and hardness of
the skin are always from injectable medication. Put pineapple on the skin and
that will break those hardened tumors down. Remember, any growth on the skin –
whether a mole or a wart – is always a tumor. It is just not malignant.

Q: I have keratosis and can’t get it healed. They said it’s like beginning

A: Use the pineapple on it every three days for a week and then every four
days. Put butter and bone marrow on it [other days?]. Usually resolves in ten

Q: Swimming in a public pool, will coconut oil on the skin wash off?

A: No. You can keep pouring water over your oiled skin and see how it stays. If
you stay an hour in a heavily chlorinated pool, it’s going to work it off in
an hour. Then you put it on again. You can smell whether a pool is highly
chlorinated. When I want to go in a pool, I’ll go in the middle of the night
and turn the chlorinator off and put sometimes two cups of vinegar in the water
that night. And it usually takes them 2-3 days to realize it’s off because
their pool man isn’t there every day. They may be cleaning it but they’re
not adding chlorine. If the chlorine is low, then I know they’re going to add
more soon so may have to turn it on and then off the following night. In all my
years of travel, I only got one person to turn it off. After six days their pool
was full of algae so that chlorination went right on.

Q: Are there still chlorine vapors, though?

A: Yes, chloroform is very bad and damages all kinds of nerve tissue. That’s
why so many swimmers have asthma, emphysema and earaches.

Q: What about the salt pool systems?

A: They put sea salt in the pool and as it passes this electrical chlorinator
at a certain electrical charge, certain voltage and certain angles, the salt
changes into a chlorine that has no chloroform vapors. But most of these people
still put too much frickin’ salt in there so it tastes like you’re in the
ocean. You don’t need to use that much – especially if you’ve got a sand

Q: Receding gums.

A: Receding gums are because the brain is dumping toxicity out the gums. To
heal those gums, you need to control the amount of toxicity that flows down and
deteriorates the gums. If you have any of the wrong kind of plastic in your
mouth, that will deteriorate gums to the point they won’t recover. If any of
the glue they use for a temporary cap gets on your skin, make sure it is cleaned
off immediately. Bring a toothbrush and some clay, some coconut cream, and a
tiny bit of vinegar to the dentist’s office with you and rinse it off
immediately because that will deteriorate a gum and it will not grow back. It
damages the genetics in it. So it depends on what caused the recession. You can
brush to keep the heavy metals from sitting on the tooth because when you get
plaque on your teeth it’s your body using calcium, potassium, phosphorous, and
magnesium to bind with heavy metals. Try to harness it because those
contaminants were cauterized at one time; they can eat right through that plaque
right into the dentine or into the gums and cause problems. So you need to brush
every day maybe with a little coconut cream and terramin clay. Just make sure
the plaque is off and your gums will be protected. And, of course, eating cheese
and honey together 30-35 minutes after a meat meal helps rebuild the mineral
level. Usually a low mineral level won’t allow the gums to heal.

Q: Will brushing with that formula remove old, hardened plaque?

A: Like I said in one of the newsletters, you can use vinegar with sparkling
mineral water, coconut cream, lemon and clay to clean the teeth – but – only
once in ten days, because it will break the enamel. It will eat/dissolve that

Q: Is retainer plastic harmful?

A: Depends on what plastic they use. If it causes your tongue to be dry and
burn, if you eat a piece of pineapple and it burns your tongue, it’s likely a
bad plastic.

Q: Big molar filling fell out. What material is best?

A: Porcelain inlay is always your best. Second best would be a composite
that’s bio-compatible with your system.

Q: Bone spurs in the back. Cure?

A: Pineapple rubbed on the back – the spine, about once every four to five
days. May cause some blisters on the spine. Bone spurs are mineral buildups
where magnetic minerals like lead and some tin will collect and cause calcium
and other mineral deposits to build up around it so it doesn’t damage the
spinal cord. Feet and spinal cord are the main places bone spurs grow. That’s
where you have a lot of heavy metals: in the spinal cord and the feet.

Q: Passed another kidney stone. They’re not finding them in the kidneys. So I
think kidney stone must be a misnomer. One of the people thinks it is actually
things floating around the blood that need to come out of the system and
they’re filtered by the kidneys. They start coming out and sometimes one is a
little too big. One of my friends told me to collect urine for 24 hours to check
for stones when you’re close to passing a stone.

A: It can be in the blood, urological fluid or the lymph. [Collection]
doesn’t make any difference. I’ve had them analyzed hundreds of times. I
hardly ever pee in the toilet because that’s good nitrogen for the plants. I
always collect it. One time for over two years there were always crystals in my
pee or that formed afterwards. Depends on what you’re discarding. If you’re
eating food from tin cans, you’re going to have magnetic minerals in there
because that is part of keeping the molten metals together when they’re making
tin - you’ve got magnetic properties in there. So when they collect in the
kidneys or bladder, they’ll make stones. The only thing you can do to lower
the magnetic ability is vinegar but then if you use too much you’ll
demineralize your system. One tablespoon a day is plenty. One-quarter teaspoon
with your osteoporosis. You won’t develop big ones. May sting or hurt when
you’re passing [small ones].

Q: S510 bill.

A: Passed. They stuck it in a bill about junk cars and passed it. The front
that some were working against it was all bullshit. Could have contested it in
the final hour but they wanted it through so now the FDA has 2.4 billion dollars
a year to hassle us more about our small farmers. Only thing that’s going to
save us is my lease contracts with farmers.

Q: What about the Tester-Hagen amendments that was supposed to exempt small
scale and local food producers from certain penalties?

A: Have to make $500,000 or less gross to be exempt. A small ten-acre farm has
to pull in $750,000 a year just to be OK. So that was a bullshit amendment. That
will take care of your little farmer who has three cows servicing ten neighbors
and that’s it. Under my lease agreement, you own that product and it takes it
out of commercial. If you want good eggs like these here grown by Amish farmers
and coconut cream, join Raw, Healthy Co-op Club and pick up your food every
Saturday. They’re renting the lot of the Arco Station on Cloverfield in Santa
Monica on Saturdays 11-4. [Note: the location has since changed.] So you order
and pay online and pick up your packaged food. They have eggs, fruit &
vegetables. The only thing I’ve ordered every week and not gotten is blue
cheese. The website is Order by Sunday, pick up next
Saturday. Amos Miller. Chickens are fed barley, oats and meat scraps. We’ve
been experimenting. I’ve asked him to give me some legs and breasts in whey --
predigesting chicken in whey instead of lemon. I just received the first batch
and will try it tomorrow. Lemon is ready in 20 minutes; whey will take a week. I
just got it and will try it tomorrow. Whey will turn into vinegar in about 6