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                             Q&A Of May 29th, 2011

                                          Transcriber: Colin - Thank you, Colin!

Transcript for Audio Recording of Aajonus’ Question & Answer Session to
Attendees of a Primal Potluck

Location: Carlsbad, California

A = Aajonus

G = Group

A: Ok, firstly I’m going to talk about the raw milk issue that’s going on.
The FDA finally stepped over the boundary and filed suit against one of my
farmers. In Rright to Choose Healthy Foods we’ve contracted for their animals.
The FDA filed suit for a permanent injunction in civil court to stop them from
producing raw milk…for commerce. Now, they don’t sell to the public… so
the Amish farmer--they don’t sue--so he just filed an answer saying: ‘I’m
not in commerce, you have no jurisdiction – go away’. I filed a cross
complaint and intervention saying that those cows are mine; they belong to
‘Right to Choose Healthy Foods’ and you’ve created a false; a fraudulent
law suit – a trivial one – and you’ve manufactured a warrant against him,
and he’s not in commerce. And I warned you on May 15th, 2010 – I issued you
a notice about it – you’ve disregarded it. It’s also a conspiracy because
you’ve gone up to quite a few of the famers on this program which you have no
jurisdiction over. So I filed against them for: fraud, conspiracy, racketeering,
deprivation of civil rights and kidnapping – false arrest. You have to
understand :if I subdue you for five or ten minutes it’s kidnapping, when they
do its false arrest. Bullcrap!

G: Ahh.

A: It’s kidnapping. So, I’ve gone after them for kidnapping, not for false
arrest. Well, I put kidnapping in parentheses; false arrest – my answer. So, I
was hoping they would make this movement for a long time and they have and I
have to file the suit. And there are two high powered Attorney’s. One tries
cases on the Right to Association - which we have the right to do – clubs have
the right to associate without government interference. And then an Attorney who
wins – has one against the FDA seven times.

G: Oh, wow.

A: So these Attorneys have agreed to pursue it. I want to do it myself, and
I’m thinking about all three of us doing it…

G: Wow, that’s great.

A: … because we have – I’ve named John Doe’s, one through 15, which are
club members. If you go over any more than that it becomes a class action suit
and I couldn’t handle a class action suit – it’s too complex and too
complicated - so I prefer it was just Doe’s, one through 15 for members. And
then against all the Asians for the government – one to one hundred, Doe’s.

G: Wow.

A:So, that is the situation, we’re going to see – I filed the cross
complaint last Tuesday, so we will see – when I was in Washington, D.C. and
Pennsylvania visiting the farmer who was on his farm against whom the suit was
filed. So, I will let you know by email how that goes when I get their answer.

The judge can be a jerk and then throw it out and then I’ll have to appeal
and go through all kinds of things, but if he doesn’t throw it out then
we’ll proceed to trial. I asked for a jury trial, they also requested
magistrates and I said a magistrate is not a judge, and it will not proceed over
this trial at all… And I had a jury demand trial. I’m not going to be get a
judge – a judge works for the government; it doesn’t work for us.

G: Yeah.

A: o, that is the situation there.

G: Wow.

A: Any questions about that?

G: Wow, that’s a big step.

A: Big Step, yeah.

A: All judges work for the Government. They don’t work…

G: So how do you get around (inaudible) with the trial?

A: With the jury.

G: So what’s the amount?

G: Just to clarify: you sell farmers (Inaudible) milk and..?

A: Well, what it is – I created ‘Right to Choose Healthy Food’ which
contracts with different farmers to lease their cows; their animals; chickens;
whatever – whether we want eggs; we want meat; we want daily, whatever. So,
they are not under health department jurisdictions for all their toxins; their
poisons – they want us to put chlorine on our food, and all these poisons on
our food. I don’t want those things on my food. So, to get out of their
jurisdiction, we have to create an environment that removes them from
jurisdiction. They have jurisdiction over sales to the public… So when
‘Right to Choose Healthy Food’ contracts with the farmer, he contracts for
– even the land if we want them to grow things if we want them to be treated
the way the health department want any County, State or federal health
department health regulations – we want to avoid those because they’re all
toxicity. So, we own – the ‘Right to Choose Healthy Foods’ members – own
those animals. They’re not buying the milk – we own the milk. We don’t buy
the meat – we own the meat. We pay the farmer for caring for the animals;
boarding them; milking them; bottling our food, or packaging our food; and then
deliver it to us in the way that we want.

Then the member clubs – and I have those spread out all over and they’re
many different club names that are part – ‘Right to Choose Healthy Food
Club’ – those members sign an agreement… on how the food, so they know
they own the food. they’re not selling it, they cannot be acting ‘under
cover of law’, which means they cannot be an undercover agent. And that’s
what they did with Dan Allgyer – that farmer that they filed suit against –
they had several undercover agents sign the document and then claim that they
were sold the milk, so it was fraud. So, we have their signed – even though
they used false names – we have their signed documents. You know, so it’s a
really – it’s a conspiracy. It’s a rat race.

G:How can you possibly (inaudible). I mean they’re going to pretend to be in
the…? That makes me worried about people I tell about. Do I need to be

A: Worried about what?

G: About telling people about how to get raw milk. Do I have to careful about

A: No, you tell them you have to join the club – you have to be a part owner.
And that’s ok – you can be a part-owner of anything.

G: Right.

A: So, no, you don’t have to be afraid to tell people. It’ just that…
when you signed the membership agreement it said you cannot testify against
anything about the club, nor any-one in the club, but you have to testify
against any government agent who interferes with it. So, these undercover agents
won’t even be able to get on trial on Monday, in the courtroom. They won’t
even be allowed to get in on the stand because I’ve got an agreement.

G: Hmm, so what’s the outcome?

A: Oh, it all depends on how hard the federal government wants to prove Nazism.

G: Yeah, that’s what it is.

A: It’s Nazism.

G: Yeah.

A: Full and hard and strong.

G: (Inaudible) they all want to go forward and try?

A: Yeah, the want to control - completely control - everything so we have to
buy Monsanto’s products and everything.

G: Right, yeah.

A: They tried to outlaw three times last year manure as fertilizer, because it
has e coli and dangerous. So they’re saying Monsanto is safe. Chemical
poisons, safe, over bacteria, when our bodies are 150 bacterial genes to every
one human gene; we’re not ever one percent human. So…

G: And then you can’t take a poo.

A: Yeah… take a poo you’re breaking the law; you’re contaminating it.

A: And that’s one thing they said that Dan Allgyer was spreading disease to
the community by producing raw milk. Raw milk has never been contagious. No
disease that you supposedly can get from raw milk – or any milk – is
contagious. So, it’s all fraud. Rather than false… That’s why I went after
them hard.

A: Pardon?

G:I wonder when are they going to make breast feeding illegal?

A: They’ve tried.

G: Wow.

A: Oh, yeah, they’ve tried – yeah, they’ve tried that.

G: What about the State of California (inaudible)?

A: The State of California – no, the state of California doesn’t touch it.

A: Uhh…

G: (Inaudible) Jerry Brown - somebody like that?

G: Not Jerry Brown.

G: He’s the Senator involved in this. Is there a Senator involved in this?

G: Ron Paul.

A: Yeah, Ron Paul; he’s not a Senator – he’s a congressman.

G: Oh, he’s in Texas.

G: What’s he doing..?

A: Yeah, he’s in Texas.

A: He’s in Texas.

A: He wrote the Raw Milk Bill – I worked with him on it. And he just issued a
new Raw Milk Bill that will wipe out the FDA, of course completely of
jurisdiction over raw milk crossing State lines, but it’s very doubtful that
that will pass. Because when I spent three months lobbying, while a month
setting up, and there were five of us who went to Washington D.C. in 2007 and we
spent two months going to every congressman, Senators and House of
Representatives – all 535. And I gave them my milk report and Dr. Douglass’
Milk Report in favor of raw milk. And we had conversations with 115, anywhere
from ten minutes to two hours. And we were at it all day long – 10 hours/day,
doing this. For that period. And let me tell you, most of them thought raw milk
was dangerous.

A: Raw milk was dangerous. They believe the media scam on it – the

G: Yeah, the negative propaganda.

A: Yeah, so, and its constant… So, it’s likely that it won’t pass. I
mean, everybody’s going to have to send in their thing saying: ‘This is
false information. I’ve been drinking raw milk even when it’s soured –
even when it’s soured; even when it’s bad and not clean – and I’ve never
had a disease, so this is false information.’ Everybody’s going to have to
do that; we’re going to have to get several million people to it. That might
make a difference.

G: Hmm.

A: But if the President goes through and vetoes it, like Schwarzenegger did…
You know we got that bill through the assembly and the Senate here in California
a year and a half ago and it passed almost unanimously. Out of both the Senate
and the Assembly only two people voted against it… so a couple hundred people
voted for it. And Schwarzenegger vetoed it, just like that. So it’s a dance
that they do. Because when the President or Governor vetoes something they can
override, because they’re more votes, more representation from the Senators
and the Assembly persons, than there is one person in the highest Office. So,
all they have to do is override it. And like Michael says :it was out courtesy.
Courtesy to who? Who the hell are they working for? Are they working for the
Republican Party? Or Schwarzenegger? Or are they working for the people?

G: Exactly.

A: Courtesy to us.

G: Right… right, right, right.

A: That’s what it should be, so…

G: How does that affect organic Green Pastures? I mean they don’t cross State

A: They can pass across the State line if they freeze it.

G: Oh god, no.

G: So, right now is this law going to affect them in California?

A: No, it’s only going across State lines.

G: Ok, so we can buy Organic Pastures.

A: But I don’t like Organic Pastures.


A:Because they...

G:Nutritionally deficient?

A:They have to keep the chloroform count down to ten. The only way to do that
is use heavy chlorine in the tank and not rinse them completely. That’s why
you’ve got that funny taste. And plus he’s a greedy man – Mark McAfee –
he cut’s the cream off and sells extra cream and leaves the milk skimmed.
He’s got whole milk on there – it’s not whole.

G: (Inaudible).

A: Uh, Fresno.

G: It’s the only one with…

G: The big one, yeah. We’ve got another dairy here – Claravale – but you
know, they’re not grass fed: those cows never see grass. And they’re hay
fed. And plus they’re commercial organic feed, fed. Now, they got on me about
a year ago – they said: “You’ve got to stop bad mouthing our milk”. I
said:“I don’t bad mouth your milk. I just say you’re using a commercial
non-organic brand of feed for those cows when you milk them”. “Oh no, we
don’t”. I said: “Well send me your labels. The last time I got your labels
it was just a regular old dairy feed commercial brand. Send me your labels”.
They never sent the labels, so I just (Inaudible).

G:What’s gonna happen if we drink that milk? If I drink it am I going to get

A:No, you just won’t be as healthy. That’s why I have our milk from our
cows in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and other places.

G: Yeah, my health has definitely improved since I’ve started drinking the
Pennsylvania milk instead of the Organic Pastures.

A: And you understand why you can’t have the contract with the farmer?

G: Why?

A: You’ve got to legally support him. That’s why I can’t let you make
that contract, through ‘Right to Choose Healthy Foods’ with that Farmer;
with Eli Kane.

G: Right.

Q: Alright, let’s get on with the Q & A. So, start with you, Joe.

G: I’ve got clicking in my ears. Usually it starts in the evening .It gets
associated with wax build up in there. How do I get rid of it?

A: Well, I think it’s – if he has a good beat.

A: Join a jazz club?

A: Clicking in the ear usually means that the ear is opening and expanding and
contracting, expanding and contracting, expanding and contracting, and expanding
– constantly – that causes the click. If you have a wax build-up inside
it’ll make the clicking sound as it opens and closes… because its wax –
it’ll stick together… things like that.

G: Why is it doing that?

A: Your ear’s probably going throughin-and-out of detoxification or there’s
pour circulation into it. And all the pulsing doesn’t always make it. So, what
you do is put a hot water bottle against that ear at night and sleep with it;
and that’ll help melt the wax and also increase circulation.

G: What about laying like this in the hot water bath for a while?

A: That’ll be helpful, but you’ll need it for many-many hours… The ear
drum is sunkin deep into the (inaudible) so what happens isthe circulation and
heat getting into it, would – you’d have to have your head under your water
for at least 90 minutes.

G:I was able to get a lot of wax out by doing that.

A: Yeah.

G: Just going with finger and I got an incredible amount.

A: Yeah.

G: I mean it was so plugged with wax that I could hardly hear out of this ear.

G: Do you want to get the wax out?

A: Yeah, you definitely want to. The wax is like mucous –if it gets toxic you
need to remove it. You need to put heat…

G: Heat.

A: … allow it to dissolve, soften and run out. And it’s just like bees wax
– once you hit a temperature of about 100 degrees, it’s going to get thin
and start moving.

G: That’s what I did in the hot bath. Is it a bad idea to have an Ear, Nose
and Throat Doctor to take it out? He has a little smooth instrument to take it

A:You can do it yourself.

G:Yeah. It’s fine if I..?

A:Yeah, ‘cause they’ll put a chemical on it – they’ll put, like, wood
alcohol, or, something on it to put it in your ear. They always medicate –
everything. They medicate. Medication’s poison – all the time.

G:Yeah… Alright, thank you.

A: Ok, do you have a question Fred..?

G: Yeah, last time I did a weight loss was about four, maybe even five years
ago… and I know you’ve said do it every two and a half and I keep saying to
myself: ‘You’ve got to go do it’. Cause it’s been a while. But every
time if I’m not doing one detox, I’m doing another; I’ve just had a flu
and I’ll have some pains or then I’ll go through some vomiting or I’ll
have diarrhea. I might go: ‘I don’t wanna do the weight loss while I’m
doing this detox’. So… four years is gonna go on five, it’s gonna go on
six, and seven and… I don’t know if I should just do it, or… if I should
just coast and…?

A: Well, you have to understand if you don’t do it you’re going to keep
having your symptoms. If you go through hot baths while you’re doing mainly
proteins and getting the fats off your body with the contaminates in it, then
you’re not going to have to do it with colds and flus, or vomit and diarrhea.

And it’s a good idea – you need to take it off. I think it should be every
two and a half years.

G: Ok.

A: Usually in most people it’ll happen naturally – you’ll have a cold or
a flu that’ll take a lot of weight off at the same time. Does it work for you
that way? Your body…?

G: Well I just had a flu and I maybe lost ten pounds.

A: Yeah.

G: So…

A: Well keep doing it from then on just keep the process of the weight loss…

G: Oh, the weight loss? Cause, I was thinking: ‘Geez, I just had a flu, I
shouldn’t go into a weight-loss with’.

A: No, because that’s why the flu happens – to help lose those excess
weight and toxins.

G: Ok.

A: So, you can mitigate the amount of symptoms you will experience – the
amount of colds and flus – if you go on the weight-loss program.

G: So essentially I should just do it, regardless?

A: Yeah, especially right after a flu – that’s the best time to do it.

G: Oh, ok. See, I thought the other way around.

A:If you were skinny – no – absolutely. If you were only slightly
overweight – not a problem. But I can see you’re carrying about… a good
15, 20 pounds.

G: Oh, more than that. I mean…

A: No, I mean to where it’s…

G: Oh, to where it should be.

A: I like everybody overweight. And I’m on the thin side just now because I
spent four months travelling and I can’t get all the foods that I want, but
I’m still 18 percent body-fat. You know most athletes who have this kind of
muscle structure – and they exercise and I don’t? – are about seven to
eight percent body-fat – ten at the most. I’m 18 percent body fat. That’s
because on a raw diet, raw fats are very small; when you cook them they swell
anywhere from five to 50 times their normal size. So, if I was eating cooked
foods I’d be quite overweight… looking. But, I am 18 percent body-fat and
look thin. And I’m haven’t eating cooks fats since 1972… it’s been a
long time.

A: Alyson, do you have a question?

G:Yes, the first one really. It’s kinda funny, but when I sit a certain way,
I put on shoes, or what not – and I’ve experienced this several times; more
than twice – something pops out. I don’t know what it is. It actually pops
out and it hurts. I then I massage it and it goes back in again. I don’t know
what it is.

A: It’s a hernia.

G: Is that what it is? So it means I have a hernia?

A: Yeah. You have a hernia.

G: I have a hernia.

A: It’s probably an intestinal hernia.

G: Really? So… what’s going on with that..?

A: Well, a hernia is an area that will not heal and seal.

G: Oh.

A: Ok. And it’s always because there’s some kind of industrial toxin there;
could have been from a vaccine ;it could have been from a long round of
antibiotics that got lodged in that part of that body. Whether it’s a hernia
– genital hernia; or a hiatal hernia; or an intestinal hernia – it doesn’t
heal; there’s toxins there. You have to get those removed, and in the
intestines it’s difficult.

G: But it’s like, up here. So, that could still be intestinal?

A: Oh, your small intestine covers this whole area, then your bowel comes
across here.

G: So… ok… so…

A: So, that looks like it’s in the bowel or right at the end of the small

G: So… will it – can it… dissolve, or can..?

A:Well, like I say you have to remove the toxins that are there. Without
looking in your eyes?


A: You know next time we have a consult…

G: Right.

A: …. I can take a look there and see what is causing it – what you need to
take to remove that particular toxin.

G: To remove that.

A: Whether it’s mercury, or iodine or a fungus, or an antibiotic.

G: But I did have – I was telling Fred on the way over here – it was a very
large lump; very high…

A: Uh-huh.

G: …. about a year and a half on my back. Hard. Pretty high and raised. And
then it started to get a little reddish, I started to put hot compresses – the
hot water bottle; it started getting more red; it started to soften, and
flatten, and soften and flatten. It’s completely gone – completely gone. It
was really hard. So…

A:Well, you have lymph glands all over the whole of the body and there are
normally about this size. And then you have nodes which are very small, like the
size of a Beebe all over. Now the lymph systemis the onlyimmunesystem.But we
shouldn’t think of it as the immune system because the body wasn’t set up to
be defence; it was set up to be progressive and into maintenance to cleanse out
the body. So the lymphatic system is responsible for cleaning anything in the
body… and dissolving dead cells and eliminating them. So, if you get lumps –
no matter where they are – and it gets larger and larger and hard, that means
pretty waxy fats – hardened fats – are getting into that one lymphatic gland
and it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Heat is the only way to
dissolve it and make it a liquid again to help remove it. Then it moves through
the skin – most of the time; 90 percent of toxins are supposed to move through
the skin. So, that’s what the redness was –they were starting to move out
your skin. Then, when the toxins are neutralized and move out the skin, then the
body can take that lymph somewhere else. The lymph is about 80 percent fat…
with several varieties of cholesterol – about 30 – that can dissolve and
neutralize all kinds of different substances... So that’s how that works.

A: You guys gotta take off?

A: Ok, so the lymphatic system is your primary immune system. You hear about
the phantom immune system that the medical profession talks about. It’s
phantom because it makes you stupid. They are already stupid. There’s no
phantom immune system. They talk about this hand of the body and that hand of
the body and all this. It’s all the lymphatic system, which includes the white
blood cells. White blood cells are identical to how the lymphatic system
operates – those are phagocytes that eat up toxins. Your body uses fats to
dissolve toxins and to isolate them and to neutralize them… along with good
alkalizing minerals. So, to dissolve them; your body may use arsenic and very
toxic substances when they’re above trace level, but it may use it in a
solvent to dissolve it in a toxic manner that is too toxic for bacteria,
parasites or fungus to eat. Those are our normal detoxifiers. Now that’s now
an immune thing – that is a natural process of decomposition and recycling.
So, don’t fall for this immune system stuff. It’ll make you crazy and put
you in fear and then you go take their killing drugs – like antibiotics.
It’s an insane practice. These are very bright minds that are made stupid.

G: These are our own heavy metals in our bodies to be detoxified?

A: Yeah, we can make use of them in making solvents.

G: And is that sometimes when you detox you get rid of more metals? Also,
it’s poisoning at the same time because sometimes you can taste it.

A:Yeah, if it’s a flu – if it’s a cold – that’s mainly bacteria. But
if you have a flu you’re going to use toxic compounds to help dissolve tissue.

G: Whatever you’ve got available, huh?

A: Yeah, yeah.

G: They always tell you that these antibodies attach themselves to bacteria or
viruses. Is that completely false?

A: Well, you have to understand that you’ve got attachments that take place
–unnatural attachments all the time. Especially when you’re eating cooked
food and toxic food. Let’s say when you cook a starch – now normally
everything is combined in a healthful unit, even if we can’t digest it.
There’s a healthful non-toxic unit to it. Once it’s cooked, starches
fractionate; fats fractionate; proteins fractionate and then they have an
affinity to clump together. Certain pairs – certain communities – will bind
together. And none of them are alive; none of them are active. It’s just a
reaction – like magnets are not alive but they will attract certain metallic
minerals and attach them and hang on to them. Well, all of your minerals have an
electro-magnetic field, so they will attract certain substances. The medical
profession – the pharmaceutical houses – are the big one responsible for all
this research. They identified that as: “Oh, this is what is happening,
that’s what happening”. They give us a false impression of what’s
happening. If they said: “You know the truth of it is if you ate raw food you
wouldn’t have all your problems; don’t take any medications and you
wouldn’t have most of your problems”. If they said that they wouldn’t be
in business, but they don’t say that. And that’s exactly the truth.

G: So we shouldn’t eat any starches? Cooked starch?

A: You need to read my books… more thoroughly.

A: I talk about it in the books… not very extensively.

G: So the purpose of antibodies isn’t really to go after bacteria or viruses
– as in, like what you said before – they really go after the toxins. Do I
understand that right?

A: Well, they go after waste products and toxins that may form from the waste
products, if the body’s not removing them properly.

G: Ok.

A: But mostly it’s because of industrial toxins – you’ve got 60,000
chemicals that are now used in foods and that’s supposed to be safe? A shelf
life of 100 years on the cereal. Hello. If it doesn’t decompose in the box,
it’s not going to decompose in me… I mean it’sa no brainer. So you have to
understand that Doctors – even though they talk all this chemistry – are
really stupid. And you have to understand, they are stupid.

G: Uh-huh, yeah.

A: And there’s no niceness about it. They are stupid. They are leading people
to hurt themselves out of bullshit chemistry.

G: Right, yeah. False information.

A: Yeah.

A: But see if they just take the time and stop trying to make 20 grand a day,
or 60 or 80 grand a day with surgeries – if they’d just take the time to
observe what they’re doing… they would learn. But they’re so interested in
making money.

G: (Inaudible).

A: But you have to take a look at it: For every cancer patient they make about
280 thousand dollars. Big business – wow – big business. Let the cancer come
on. They want cancer.

G: They did it to my Mom in 1965.

A: They did it to me in ’67-’68. I mean, back then it cost160 grand for me
to go through all their crap. And I’ve made (Inaudible). They took 80 grand of
my money…

A: Do you have a question, Liza? And Liza thank you for hosting this.

G: Yes (Clapping).

G: Umm, I guess like baths is a lot. I want to go back to baths. Baths…

A: Uh-huh.

G: …. and getting in hot water and the difference between staying in a short
time and what the temperature should be…

A: Right, ok.

G:... and one stops the detox and the other promotes it; and what if you stop
doing baths every day verses so many times a week; if you’re attracted to do
more and you want to get in – is that a problem? Should you follow your
intuition; what’s the rules of some, and…?

A: Ok. Most of the toxins that come from the body come from hydrogenated
vegetable oils that are in every product: You go to a restaurant you get french
fries, you get chips, you get a cereal, packages in the hall markets. They do
not use animal fats any more to fry anything – they use hydrogenated vegetable
oils, which are plastic. Ok? So that hardens in the system. The only way you can
eliminate those – and those are the most grave of things you can have in the
body, as far as clogging the lymphatic system – you have to milk those out of
the body – get them to where they’re in a liquid form, so the body can start
changing the chemistry to start excrete those toxins. So, the way to do that is
with the heat – the baths, and hot water bottles. Your lymph system: like I
say you have lymph glands and lymph nodes all over the body; the network, the
vagus network is just like the blood stream and just like the neurological
system, only more complex because we have the glands and nodes attached to those
circulatory vessels in the lymph system. When the body breaks those substances
down in the nodes – a lot of times those nodes are just wait stations waiting
to be able to deliver those toxins to the lymph glands to handle - we’re
getting so toxic that the lymph nodes are starting to work as lymph glands and
they’re getting even more congested. So everything’s congested. That is the
main problem of disease – your lymph system can’t clean itself. So, when the
lymph system finishes breaking down – when the lymph system finish breaking
down a substance, neutralizing it, dissolving it, it puts it in the connective
tissue and under the skin to be perspired. If it’s waxed, hardened plastic,
it’s not going to move out of the pore; you’ve got all these large waxy,
plastic molecules that can’t pass through – they’ve got to be melted. So,
to get them melted from the connective tissue it takes at least 40 minutes –
40-45 minutes – for that to get to the point where you’re melted and
you’re melting it and it’s perspiring out of the body. So, it takes about 40
minutes, within 40 minutes-45 minutes you’ve done a pretty good job of taking
out a few layers.

G: What temperature? 105?

A:Well, 102-105. If you want to get deep into the lymphatic glands – and
they’re big ones, and they’re deep all over – you’re going to melt a
little at a time. It takes one hour to get to the point where you’re melting
it and then another 30 minutes to make a big effect.

Now imagine an inch by inch stick of butter in a 2 cup canning jar with a lid
on it in a hot environment at only 105 degrees and you’ve got a cold piece of
butter in the center. Now the heat is going to work against the cold; the
cold’s going to be generated outwards. I use cold because we have an
air-conditioning system; we have a radiator system in our body.

So, you have to stay in that bath a long time for it to get that deep. And then
heat going from the outside into the layer in between the jar – the glass jar
and the butter – takes time before it actually starts melting where it drips.
For the lymphatic system it takes about 25 minutes-40 minutes to do a good job
of just about a centimeter...

G: Wow.

A: …. of melting.

A: For the lymphatic glands it takes 60 minutes to get that point and 90
minutes to get that point where it’s just melting a centimeter. So, and if
you’re going to melt the large lymphatic glands it’s best to have a
temperature of 105 degrees. For people who are resilient against the heat, they
can go to 108.

Now a lot of times people get heat prostration in a hot tub like that with a
constant temperature, without getting in and out. That is because the brain
heat’s up and the brain does not like to be heated over about 102 degrees. It
becomes very uncomfortable. So, get a bowl of cold water with ice cubes floating
in it and a wash cloth, and don’t ring it out completely, and put it on the
top of your head and let that cold water just drip. And within a minute with
that on your head you’re going to be fine in that water...

G: Oh.

A: … you’ll be able to stay in there for hours, if you want to.

G: Wow.

G: There’s something else (inaudible).

A: Right. Yeah, but it doesn’t work for most people.

G: Really?

A: Yeah.

G: (Inaudible).

A: But, it doesn’t work for most people. Most people still can’t tolerate


A: …. and it takes a direct heavy cooling of the brain.

G: What’s the difference between sticking your head under the water as long
as you can? Does it get in to that without sticking your head in the water?

A: Yeah, it can. I’ve seen it many times, yeah. But you can stick your head
under the water if you like. Or you can sleep with hot water bottles at your

G: So how? How do you (inaudible) have covering my legs?

A: Yeah, you can cross them like this and then your whole legs can stay under.
So you just cross them like this and your whole body can come under; I go under
to here.


A:Oh yes it will, you watch.

G: So, I can get it up to my neck?

A: No, you can get it up to here.

G:Take your clothes off in the water and (Inaudible)?

A: I put a rubber stopper and then I cut it right off at the top, so it only
has this much,way up to the top of that hole. So, that water can go all the way
up that point without leaking out slowly.

G:So you’re sitting for 60 minutes up to here.

A:Up to here.

G:And you’ve submerged your entire body?


A:Well, in the bath you have to keep it warming it, but I have got a hot tub
and manipulate it.

G: They’ve just started chlorinating San Diego’s bath water. And

A:I thought you got that stopped again.


G: They finally did it.

G: It’s…

G: Oh god.

G: We won’t go there. It’s as bad as you can imagine. So, to make a long
story short of course now San Diegans are contending with this and those of us
who had the foresight to get water – whole house water systems and so forth
– have less of it, but you can’t get it all out that way unless you have a
whole house reverse osmosis system, which is virtually impossible for the
average person to have one that really works...

A: Right.

G:… so we’d like to hear your thoughts on this. I spent quite a bit of
money to get a new porcelain tub to be able to do these soaks…

A: Uh-huh.

G: Oh, wow.

G: And then… I mean seriously.

A: Yeah, but in LA we’ve had fluoride for 25 years and we’ve got 197
chemicals in that water. because the water’s used in – what’s that place
way up in the hill; the mountains there? Anyway there’s a cow [chip?] up there
they use it for, then valleys use it – and the valley’s nothing but

G: Yeah, that’s right.

A: …. and then we get it third hand.

G: Yeah.

A: You know. So, very very toxic. I always put milk in the water, vinegar –
and the formula’s in the book in ‘We Want to Live’ under baths; under
health modalities. So I put ¾ cup milk in there – raw milk of course – and
about three to four tbsp.of raw apple cider vinegar, and about two heaping tbsp.
sea salt or epson salt and then if you want to make your skin nice and supple
and keep it from drying out from being in there for so long when you get out you
put about two tbsp. - three tbsp. of coconut cream in there and it just skims
the top, so when you get out it just coats you very evenly at night.

So, that is what I use to neutralize any poisons in the water. You can also
throw some clay in there, especially now we have the threat of nuclear fallout.

G: Yeah, yeah, because that’s in the water now too.

A: Yup.

G: Can you take…

G: So, that’s going to neutralize the fluoride? The fluorides in the water?

A: Pardon?

G: That’s going to neutralize..?

A: It neutralizes any of those poisons.

G: Ok.

A: All of the poisons.

G: All of them.

G:How much terramin clay is – it’s terramin clay I take it? Put it in the

A: Yeah, I put about two tbsp.

G: Ok.

A: Two tbsp. per tub – 30 gallon tub.

G: Dry? Just put it in there?

A: Yeah, dry.

G: The thing about that is if you let it sit for about two hours it’s going
to clog out your pipes.

A: Yes.

G: So, if you take a bath every day can you build up to that point? You know,
I’d like to take them every day, but I get so exhausted in there. I want to do
them. Because you said once you shouldn’t do them every day, you should do
them every other day…

A: No, 90 minutes ones you don’t do every day. You do the 40 minute ones
every day. You do the 90 minutes ones two days a week.

G: Is that consistently detox?

A: Throughout 40 years of your life.

G: So don’t change?

A: The reason I like that is because the people who’ve done – and I’ve
seen it in the last week again in New Jersey when I’ve seen patients there –
those who did it, even for only 6 months continuously that did that baths –
the astounding look of their skin and in their iris where their skin is and all
the lymphatic fog that was there: gone.

G: Wow.

A: I mean gone.

G: Wow.

A: Not the lymphatic congestion, but all that stuff that was stored in their
congestive tissue: gone.

G: Wow.

A: 6 months to a year.

G: Oh, wow.

A:You know and before I was watching that take 15 to 20 years.

G: Wow.

A: So there’s a huge difference. On this diet, this diet can’t do
everything because of the chemical structure of our industrial pollution and
when you’ve got hydrogenated vegetable oils clogging up the body there’s no
way that our diet can do it… only. You’ve got to use the heated baths.

G:(Inaudible) the Japanese bath tub that’s very good for this; it’s much
easier to hold the heat and also the amount of water – it’s not that much
– it’s a big tub.

A:Yeah, it would work better (inaudible) cylinder. It does work well. They also
conserve space.

G:Yeah. And where do you get them?

A:Well, I only know three people that have them and I didn’t ask them where
they got them, but you could go on the internet. You’ll find them.

G:Is that the reason why the (inaudible) Japanese (inaudible)?

A:Well, the Japanese had the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. They had to take
care of themselves much more than any other race; they had to get through all of
that. So, it became a science of how to survive. Now that they eat the clay, the
raw fish, they maintain life much better to help get rid of the radiation and

G: (Inaudible).

A: So it doesn’t get there. The glands will be secreting constantly;
perspiring to make sure you’re helping the lymphatic system. Because if it
can’t get to the lymphatic system it’s going to store somewhere else.

G: Radiation?

A: Yeah, in the liver; in the pancreas; in the thyroid – it’s going to
store somewhere where there’s fat.

G: And you want to have your smoothie too, right, while you’re having your

A: Well, the pineapple smoothie...

A: … it’s important for the 60 to 90 minute bath, but not so important for
the short bath.

G: (Inaudible).

A: Every day.

G: Every day.

G: Yeah.

A: And a hot tub is always the best because you have a constant temperature.

G: Saunas.

A: Dry heat. It’s going to dry out your sinuses. The heat needs to be
directly in contact with the skin – you’ve got an air pocket here…

G: Yeah.

A: …. your body is an air-conditioner and you would have to constantly move
in either steam or a sauna to keep it contacting directly with the skin because
your body creates an air pocket to cool itself. It does that in water too but it
doesn’t work as well. You’ll notice that you can be there and the water
feels comfortable and then you to start moving and all of a sudden the water
gets hot…

G:It gets hot.

A: … with your skin again.

G: Yeah.

A: …. Well, when you’ve got an air pocket it’s very easy to do that and
the air will flow with the body, but when you’re moving in the water it’s
too heavy – it breaks up the cooling system; the buffering water between you
and the heat.

G: When I get out of the bath sometimes I get under the covers and I sweat

A: Yeah, keep doing it. Yeah.

G: Yeah.

A: Keep doing it.

G: So it melts.

G: (Inaudible).

A: Well, I would say you still need some fats in there, so coconut cream;
there’s got to be something left over you can put in there.

G: (Inaudible).

A: If I were going to do this, I would use a half a cup if I didn’t have half
the milk. Instead of two to three tbsp. I would use half a cup.

G: (Inaudible).

A: Oh! Let me tell you your hair will be such a mess when you get out.

A:But yeah, you can use that. Just remember that in the coconut cream – 92-93
percent of the coconut cream which are oils – are water soluble fats, so it
disperses in the water. You put oil – olive oil, any kind of oil – it’s
going to float on the top and it’s not going to get in there and…

G: Right.

A: … and arrest the toxins.

G: I just couldn’t find anything else so… I don’t know I was just asking.

G: If you do not want to rinse this off your body – what you put into the
water that you soak in, you want to leave and dry just yourself off, you don’t
want to shower it off afterwards.

A: No, what I do is I take a wash cloth – either a silk or cotton soft –
and I rub it off because I want all the dead skin off as well so that way I can
make sure I can perspire properly. So, while I’m in there after 20 minutes,
I’ll be cleaning all the dead cells off because they will have softened in
that time. And before I get out, anything that’s come out of the skin –
which may be mercury that’s locked onto the skin with some coconut cream, or
some milk, or some clay – I will rinse that, wipe it off and then get out of
the tub and dry.

G: (Inaudible).

A: I just rinse it with warm water. Sometimes the coconut cream will make a
line, but I just rub it with my hand in warm water and it comes right off. Use a
wash cloth and it’ll probably be a lot quicker, a little easier, but then
you’ve got your coconut cream in the cloth. You know…

G: (Inaudible).

A: Yes. Now that the radiation is here – absolutely.

A: Marilyn, do you have a…

G:I’m not quite ready right now.

A: Ok, we’ll come back.

G: Ok.

A:Suzanne? Is that how you pronounce it, right?

G: Suzanne. Yes, I know, correct, that is correct. I have read both your books
online and I was wondering what to do regarding having the adrenaline surges, or
adrenaline rush, especially at night and it causes severe insomnia. And… in
your experience what is the best way to try to manage that just as people in…
minimizing that, and to sleep through the night? I mean you’re talking about
someone that works during the day and to then get up in the middle of the night
and to prepare some cooked rice? What is your experience with that?

A: Well, I use many different things because it’s a difficult… Adrenaline
– one little pin prick of adrenaline – can allow you to lift a car.

G: Wow.

A: It’s so concentrated; when you’ve got toxic adrenaline running it takes
a lot of nutrients to bind with it and neutralize it. So, now I suggest people
use the nut formula first and foremost; cheese regularly – like every 30
minutes if they’re going through it and also clay and milk. Clay and milk
works wonders for helping to sleep and it will work all through the night, as
will cheese.

G: Just putting a little bit of clay with the milk?

A: Yeah, you take a tbsp. of the moist clay and you mix that with two to four
oz of raw milk. And it tastes a little like chocolate milk if you’re using the
terramin clay.

G: You do this before you go to bed, or is this what you do when you wake up?

A:You do it before you go to bed. You know, I would say in the evening some
time, somewhere... You go to sleep at 10-10:30 you should have it at around
7:30, so it’s already starting to rinse stuff out. And it takes 24 hours to
move substances through the human body; it takes 19 hours to get to the bowel
and then five hours to clear the bowel. Sometimes it will hold onto it even
longer – it’s called constipation. But that’s when the body’s trying to
get all the nutrients out of the feces that it can. It’s really not true
constipation; true constipation is when you’ve got a block in your intestines
– in your large intestines – and nothing’s moving. Not just because your
bacteria is holding fecal matter up in the sigmoid colon to get every digestive
thing it can out of it…

So, the clay will be moving though it – you’ve taken it two hours before
you go to sleep – that still has 17 hours to work, while you’re sleeping.
Cheese: you have cheese every 30, 45 to an hour. You’re going to have that it
in there from the time you go to sleep all the way through that 19 hour trip…
so the body’s collecting poisons. As long as it’s raw no-salt-added cheese
and you don’t eat honey with that cheese.

G: Why?

A: You eat honey with the cheese you’ll digest it and reabsorb your poisons.

G: All honey with the cheese?

A:You eat honey with the cheese twice daily and for people that are very
underweight they can eat it more, but you make sure that’s separate from where
you have your cheese to detox. So, I usually recommend that people have cheese
and honey together 35 minutes after their meat meals – after they finish their
meat meals. And have anywhere from one to two tbsp., and if they were a big
person it would three or four tbsp. with a tiny bit of honey – 1/6-1/12. So,
let’s say you have one tbsp. of honey the maximum would be one tsp… one
tbsp. of cheese ,the maximum would be one tsp of honey – it’s 1/3. But, I
recommend even less: one tbsp. of cheese to 1/2 tsp of honey, unless somebody
has huge depletion of minerals (Inaudible) and enzymes in the body.

G: Yeah... (Inaudible) Rocky she’s very constipated. I can’t (Inaudible).

A:Yeah. Well, you need to do that suppository. You have to understand Michael
that the colon – the bacteria in the colon – gets the scum of whatever’s
left and it’s not healthy; it’s not that good. So they’re getting
pre-digested this, toxic that – everything in the colon that goes through
there is… they’re getting whatever’s left – the dredges. Plus all the
toxins that are moving through the intestinal tract and out the intestinal
tract. The cheese helps mitigate that, however the body is absorbing all the
best fats through the small intestines; the bowel’s not getting much. .So I
suggest that people take three tbsp. each of: butter; dairy cream and coconut
cream and ¼ tsp of honey, mix it all together in a four oz jelly jar – and
you do this before you go to sleep – and you immerse it in a bowl of hot water
for about four minutes – hot enough to make your hand uncomfortable, but not
burn it – for four minutes. Then take a bulb syringe and then stick that in
your rectum. And you’re going to feed that E.coli in the bacteria from the
back end. It no longer will hold up the fecal matter trying to get every
particle it can. That’s not true constipation – that’s deficiency. So, the
best way to do it is you get down on your knees on a bed or the floor – in the
bed you can tilt on yourself to support for a long duration…

… So it’s better to get off the solid floor… And then stick it in this
way, or this way – whatever’s comfortable. But get down after you’ve put
it in and roll your stomach, like a belly dancer... so you can move it up the
descending colon. Then you lie on your right side and you can lift your leg and
roll your stomach like a belly dancer again to get it to move up the transverse
colon. You’ve got to be feeding those bacteria, you’re going to sleep
better, you’re not g hold onto the fecal matter forever and you may only have
to do it once a week. Some people like Michael may have to do it every three

G:So, it’s butter, dairy cream. Is it coconut cream too?

A: Yeah, coconut cream. three tbsp. of each. You can do it without the coconut
cream, but the coconut cream helps moves things a little better.

G: Ok.

A: And don’t let it out of the body – keep it in all night. You let those
E.coli and other bacteria eat. They’re starving.

G: Yeah, it got all over my car seat this morning.

A: Well, did you do what I said? Did you roll your stomach; did you lie on your
right side?

G: Well, it was too heavy.

A: Well, you left it in the sigmoid colon.

A: Try doing it that way.

A:Or not. It’s up to you. Michael?

G:Aajonus(inaudible) for getting milk? Warm milk – would that work?

A: No, she asked about an adrenaline problem.

G: So, how do you determine if you’re having an adrenaline problem?

A: Well, you can’t sleep and you’re hyperactive.

G: So I’m only allowed to (inaudible).

A:No, you’ll know.

G: I feel like someone’s got a gun to your head.

A: Then I would say… you’re on the thin side up here. You’ve gained good
weight and I like that.

G: Yeah, well, I need to get rid of it.

A: No, you don’t.

A: You’re perfect and you’re safe the way you are... Now your skin is
looking better; everything’s looking better and you’re not half as dry as
you used to be. You’re still very dry, so you’re not getting enough
nutrients and fats to the system – to the skin. ‘Cause your insides were all
dried – they’re using it up all faster to get to the skin. So you need to
feed your skin from the outside too.

G: Right.

A: Bone Marrow’s the best.

G: Ok.

A: So just rub bone marrow and go to North Star Bison and order some bone
marrow out of the bone. You’ve got to pay for shipping of the bone (inaudible)
and then you have to pop it out of the bone anyway. And sometimes you’ll get
bones that have no bone marrow in it.

G: Yeah.

A: So if you order the bone marrow, you’re getting all bone marrow –
there’s no question… And then just let it stand out at room temperate; put
it in a small oz jar – like a small pollen jar, or a royal jelly jar – oz
one – stick it in the warm water, and let it get very soft and put it on your
skin, then eat the rest.

G: Salt.

A: No, salt is an explosive – sodium isolated is an explosive. It’s more
volatile than nitro glycerine.

G: Uh-huh.

A: One football size sphere of sodium will take out New York City and all the
buildings – one football size. And my Father worked on – with General
Electric – trying to make it into a weapon – a bomb. It was so volatile that
one and a half degree of temperature change could set it off. They spent 60
years trying to make it into a weapon and still have not been able to, at two
billion dollars. So… If you want to see how volatile it is there were three
guys who went on to the internet, they were going to ridicule me about salt…

G: Really?

… and they got three frog legs that had been killed within 24 hours and they
salted them. And they’re giggling and laughing, expecting nothing to happen.
Within about 15 seconds of salting these things, these legs started… jumping
– just jumping. Now, these are dead; they’ve been off of these frogs for a
while – hours – and they are jumping. You cannot stop it; it is volatile –
it is an explosive. And it only took about 15 seconds or less for the salt to
touch the peeled leg of the frog – so it was open flesh – to isolate the
sodium from the potassium, or iodine, whatever table salt they were using and to
cause the explosion.

Now, and I said: “What do you think will happen if you use pepper on it
‘cause it’s very caustic – it gets hot”. And I said: “It won’t do a
thing”. So, they take just one leg and they pepper it and they’re putting
probably ten times more pepper than they put salt and the leg jumped once. But
with the salt – I mean it was just a few sprinkles – those legs were
jumping.Now they only leave it on for 30 seconds, but it went on for almost two
and a half minutes.

G: Find it on YouTube?

A: It’s on YouTube. Put: frog legs youtubesalt.


A: You don’t want salt you want sodium in the form of sodium.

G: Yeah, but you still have us put salt in the bath water.

A: Yeah, but that doesn’t get absorbed into the body. If you put two cups of
salt in that water, you’re going to absorb it – probably one cup of salt in
the 34/35 gallons – you will absorb salt.

G: What about the ocean?

A: In the ocean you will absorb salt – sodium. Yeah, sodium and salt.
That’s why you can’t drink ocean water.

G: Right. Is Epsom salt better?

A: Yeah, Epsom salt is a little better; it’s not so concentrated and mainly
sodium. But you know if you’re using sea salt you’re getting a variety of
nutrients, but in Epson salt you’re getting a higher ratio of calcium and
magnesium, you know, than just sodium, being the highest.

G: You do one, one time and one the other time? Vary it?

A:Sure, you can do anything you want.

G:Yeah. Would that be good or not?

A: I think it would be good.

G: Ok.

A: Epsom salt is probably less expensive than sea salt.

G:It’sway less expensive.

A: Yeah.

G: I thought it was mainly Epsom salt that was (inaudible).

A: Well it’s got a high magnesium content, it’s just not magnesium.

G: (Inaudible).

A: It’s supposed to have all those minerals in it; they just accentuate
because it’s the higher ratio…

G: Oh, right.

A: … of sulphur and magnesium.

A: ok, next – Jennifer, right?

G: Janette.

A: Janette – I’m sorry. Janette.

G: I’m sorry I can’t read your writing.

A: You asked before.

G: I have been reading a great deal online about radioactive fall-out and how
it’s affecting everything…

A: Everything.

G: … including – I put fruit trees in this little tiny yard that we have.
It turns out in Germany Today: from Chernobyl – in the forest where mushrooms
grow and the wild boars eat the mushrooms in these forests – that if a hunter
shoots a wild boar they are required by law to have it inspected for its
radiation content because there’s so much radiation in the wild mushrooms –
you have these very porous sorts of spores in the forest because of how the –
that the mushrooms takes it up like a sponge before it heats – it concentrates
in the boars’ body – and up to a thousand boars a year are not allowed to be
consumed because of the radiation levels are so high. This is from Chernobyl,

So, I’m reading this and of course what did I use in my yard that’s nothing
but hardpan concrete. I got forest products to amend the soil to put in the
(inaudible) to turn it into these things. So I’m sitting here thinking:
“Wholly crap” – pardon my language. So, I covered some of them up around
the base to keep the rain-water off and I’m putting filtered water on them.
I’m just wondering – and I’ve read that there are many creative farmers in
that region that came up with ways to amend soils with clays and so forth with
minerals to neutralize the toxicity from the radiation…

A: Right.

G: … because you have so many contacts with these farmers – and I don’t
have the luxury to live on a piece of land where I can be a farmer – which I
would love to do that – if there are certain things that they are doing or
you’ve heard of to help deal with this..?

A: Well, always look at this, this way first: when you cook something, you
fractionate everything and you release a radioactive material that will be
damaging and harmful. When it is bound in other nutrients, it is neutralized to
a great extent. So, they cook the pig they’ve got big problems – because
it’s high in radiation. If you don’t cook the pig and eat it raw, most of
it’s not going to be stored in your body; it’s going to pass out of the
body, either in the feces, or in your urine, or less in the urine: in the
faeces, urine and your perspiration. So, it’s not going to get into the glands
and areas like that.

Now the mushroom – how the mushroom works: the mushroom is just a fruit of
the mycelium. Mycelium is a solvent – a living solvent – a fungus – that
goes into the ground and it eats dead roots. That’s all it does – it eats
dead roots. If it finds an insect with hardened arteries or a dead insect it can
alter (inaudible), but its main purpose is to dissolve dried, dead roots –
anything – whether tree, grass, bush – doesn’t matter what it is – it
eats roots. Once it finishes and gets to a location it will sprout mushrooms for
the spores to spread and it looks for more dried roots to do it. And of course
with grass you cut it all the time – like this grass is dead; there’d be a
mycelium excellently to break the dead roots down to free up the soil so you can
grow grass again. So, the mushroom: when the radioactive material gets into the
dirt and gets locked in with the minerals – and the mycelium breaks down its
adjacent roots and that radioactive material gets involved in the mushroom and
the mycelium – and then it’s part of the mushrooms as it spores. And [if]
you consume it raw – the likelihood of you having a problem is very minimal.
If you eat it cooked you’re always going to cause contamination. You’ve got
arsenic, you’ve got lead; you’ve got mercury – you’ve got all these
trace toxic substances in every food you eat. Once you cook them that makes them
available to do damage. Otherwise they’re beneficial – in small amounts,
they are beneficial when they’re in conjunction and coupled with other
nutrients. So, remember: [if] you want to have the greatest resistance to any
type of nuclear fallout you have to do what the Japanese do: eat lots of raw
sushi, or raw meats – it doesn’t have to be fish – and lots of raw foods.
They’ll even have orange with their sashimi meals; a slice of orange at the
end, in Japan. They have mostly raw foods – they’re the only country in the
world that mostly eats raw foods, besides the Masai tribes, the Fulani and the
Eskimo. Of course, they’re eating sprouts, and they’re eating seaweeds.
Stuff like that is very difficult to eat, but still they’re not putting so
much contamination in their body from cooked foods that will allow those toxic
substances to infiltrate and do damage in their body, even though they’re not
on the best diet like the Masai, the Samburu, Fulani and Eskimo – used to be,
before they were ruined by Great Britain. And we’ve ruined the Eskimos; Great
Britain has ruined all of Africa, and those tribes.

So, the point is: you can protect yourselves more with the raw food; cooking
will damage you in more ways than one now that we have all this radioactive

A: Yes?

G: (Inaudible). What are they doing besides eating the raw fish – are they
eating more (inaudible) product or is that contamination too?

A: Well, of course it’s going to be contaminated now, but the Japanese are
between a rock and a hard place. The U.S. Government’s going to destroy them.
They’re coming out with a car that ran on water this year.

G: Yeah.

A: It’s been ruined. It’s over. It’s not happening. They were purposely
ruined. That country will never survive now because you can’t stop the China
syndrome. It’s too late.

G: Let me get back to the fish…

A: I won’t eat anything that isn’t out of the deep ocean. I’ll eat shark;
I’ll eat swordfish and I’ll eat tuna – any deep sea fish.

G: You won’t eat salmon?

A: No, I stopped eating salmon two years ago, because every time I ate it I got
sick. And they’re lying like a rug: the salmon industry with Monsanto and
their GMO fish – genetically modified fish – they released it over 15 years
ago to the wild. Every time I eat salmon – even if it’s from good waters –
I get sick. So, I stopped eating it about three years ago.

G: So, I eat tuna – is that deep fish?

A: Yeah, that’s deep.

G: On the mushroom – can we eat raw mushroom?

A: You can eat anything raw, but what I suggest is – let’s say somebody who
has Multiple Sclerosis – a mycelium will go wild in the body like that,
because that’s what’s going to eat up all these dead dry nerve cells
throughout the body. They will go into a massive toxic state and they will be an
invalid, even though they will mostly become in invalid anyway as they advance
in MS. So you just have to try a little bit every day of the same one and see
how you tolerate it because it will be a heavy detoxifier.

G: The mushroom...?

A: Mushroom, yes.

G: How about miso? Japanese have that miso.

A: Miso is full of salt and toxic stuff.

G: Salt?

A: Yeah, it’s like a 1/3 salt.

G: What about oysters and scallops, right now?

A: The oyster has the ability to store all the poisons – even radioactive
materials – in the shell, so I don’t mind oysters. Clams: it depends upon
the clam and what waters they’re in.

G: Mussels?

A: Mussels, usually are pretty good too.

G: And what about scallops?

A: Scallops – I haven’t tested the scallops, so I don’t really know.

G: What about the liquid in oysters – is it too salty?

A: No, because that’s sea water that’s already been filtered and a lot of
the sodium’s been eliminated – but it’s still high in sodium. So, you have
to be careful – some people will react to it and some people won’t.

G: I got headaches from it – really bad headaches from the water – from the

A: Yeah, some people don’t have problems. I have a (inaudible) to do with a
Canadian model and she’s six foot tall – big boobs like Dolly Parton – a
big girl – and I got a call one evening – it was probably late afternoon –
probably five-thirty my time and eight-thirty their time in Toronto – and she
said: “This is [ ]. I’m at a restaurant and I’ve eaten 28 oysters already
and I’m just hungry for them and I want to eat more. Is it ok?”

I said: “You can eat as many as you want – as long as you don’t get a
headache and you’re not horny – you don’t want to be horny in a restaurant
and they arrest your boyfriend.”

So I hung up. I get a call an hour later and it’s her boyfriend saying:
“She’s eaten a 115 oysters already – is there going to be a problem
here?” I said: “No – when she gets full she’ll stop eating them.” She
ate 128.

G: Jesus.

A: 128 oysters. She was horny for six weeks and her boyfriend loved it.

G: Is there a problem if they are farm-raised? I got some oysters and asked
were they came from and the said they were farm-raised.

A: Ok, farming with oysters and clams and scallops – it’s in the ocean –
all they do is fence off an area and they break off and re-plant them –
they’re still getting fed from the ocean; they don’t get any supplement.
They have to call that farming though because it’s been organized.

G: What about mountain stream or mountain lake fish?

A: Well, as long as it’s pure and no industry dumps into it.

G: Do you go?

A: Oh, I’d definitely eat it. Like at Aruba Lake in the Colorado mountains
– north of Alamosa in Colorado. I go fishing there and I’ll eat that trout
and the catfish – I love catfish – they’re fatty.

G: Ok.

A: Wonderful – as long as they’re not polluted. However, I’m very nervous
about everything now so I’m taking clay with almost all the milk that I drink
just to make sure that I’ve got enough to bind and I’m eating cheese
frequently to bind with any radioactive material; I had so much radiation
therapy I can’t risk it.

A: Do you have a question?

G: I do. You talk about the terramin clay – I’ve been using zeolite –
I’m just wondering what you have to say about that?

A: Zeolite is really not good – it’s not really a clay that isn’t
processed. I like the clay from the Mojave Desert – terramin. It’s from an
old thermal aqua bed and they mine it where it’s never reached over 98
degrees, so the phosphorous is contained. When you get a clay from a volcano bed
– what happens in a volcano? You’ve got temperatures of 1900-3200 hundred
degrees. What is burned off in gas? All the alkalizing minerals; all you have
left is molten metals. Who the hell wants clay from molten metals? Doesn’t
make a friggin’ bit of sense to me. Even though new algae and processes are
going to break you down, I don’t want heavy metals in any form. I’ll feed
them to plants – they can handle them – but I can’t.

G: So, if I were to get terramin clay – I would just go online at..?


G: You can get it from the (inaudible) brother’s right in San Diego.

A: Well, it’s probably cheaper if you get it right from the source.

G: Can I have a second question?

A: Yeah, go ahead.

G: I have a water ionizer and I have a coral based calcium mineralizer that
goes into it because it’s purified. Is that ok?

A: No, you’re electrically altering the natural charges of the minerals and
you don’t know what soup it’s going to make inside your body. It’s like:
‘The brain uses electrical charges and light – is it ok to get shock
therapy?’ It discombobulates the whole nervous system. Most people that I know
who have shock therapy had to re-learn language; re-learn math – re-learn
everything. So, not a good thing.

A: Do you have a question?

G: I have this little mole on my face. And I’ve got moles and warts. How can
I get rid of those? Can I use iodine or apple cider vinegar?

A: Apple cider vinegar can help peel it off a little at a time. Pineapple:
apply it once every five days – you don’t want to do more than that. So, you
can use vinegar every day; you can use pineapple once every five days.

A: But don’t use the vinegar and the pineapple on the same day.

G: Just apply it?

A: Yeah, just to the area – not all around.

G: Just apply?

A: Well, you can drink it too.

G: But don’t use the apple cider vinegar and the pineapple?

A: Together – not on the same day.

G: Yeah.

A: Just one or the other.

G: And also papaya – you can also rub papaya on.

A: I tell people to rotate – pineapple, vinegar, papaya – every five days.
And they can put the vinegar on every day, if they want. But I like to rotate
the papaya and the pineapple every five days.

A: Lorraine.

G: Smart meters.

A: You know you can refuse them?

G: Well, it’s not on my house, but it’s on other houses (inaudible) from
the bedroom to the bathroom.

A: That’s not legal – they have to have at least six feet between houses,
so it has to be at least six feet away from you.

A: Is your bed right up against the wall where the smart meter is?

G: No.

A: You’ve probably got ten feet, so you’re getting a fall-out, but you’re
not getting the direct effects of it – but you’re pretty sensitive. And you
can use the clay and milk to help buffer that.

G: And how much clay and milk?

A: You can use it two to three times a day – one tbsp. of moist terramin clay
– that means pre-soaked terramin clay in water – and then you put one tbsp.
into three to four ounces of milk. You can do that two to three times daily.

G: Any other (inaudible)?

A: Well, that should help a lot – the clay should help buffer a lot of that.
And the hot water of course helps perspire the toxins out of the body that are
left over. If you’re not perspiring those toxins out, they’re just going to
collect in your body and make you worse and worse – collectively.

G: Right.

G: What is a smart meter?

A: It’s a new measurement of electricity that’s used in a house and they
create a huge magnetic and radiation field – it goes like six to ten feet. So,
if you’ve got one on your house and you’ve got a bedroom behind it or a
child’s room, you’re in trouble.

G: Do you have one on your house?

A: No, I wouldn’t let them.

G: But it’s mandatory in San Diego. They said they can’t refuse it.

A: Well, you can sue them. All you have to do is get enough people together and
sue them.

G: I could have refused it.

A: As a City, he doesn’t want to touch it.

A: Well, what you need to do is get an attorney who will write it for you and
you can file it yourself.

G: But, they will not (inaudible).

A: Yeah, well, that’s ok – you pay him to write it – they only charge six
to eight thousand dollars to write the complaint.

G: (Inaudible).

A: No, I said you get a group of people together and do it as a group – so
you get 15 people and it won’t be a class action, with 15 to 18 people. So
each one puts in five hundred.

G: Aajonus, have you heard of a company called EarthCalm?

A: Earth..?

G: Calm: C-A-L-M.

A: It vaguely rings a bell.

G: They created a product that acts like a ground. So, you can either wear it
or you can plug it into your house and it grounds the wires from your house. I
have one that plugs into my wireless and grounds all my wireless networks.

A: Did you take a Trifield meter and test?

G: Well, I took a meter to my surrounding area before I bought the system for
the house and I’d love for you just to take a look at it some-time – she
seems like a very knowledgeable woman who was…

A: Yeah, but I’ve seen very knowledgeable people selling all kinds of gadgets
– and I put it there between that and a trifield meter and the source and the
only time I got a reaction was a biochip that you put on a cell phone and it was
half a milligauss.

G: Well, I have to tell you I feel better from using this – I can use it
without getting headaches. My daughter can use her computer in her house without
getting the same experiences of the same thing. So, I don’t know if it’s a
cure, but maybe it helps a little bit?

G: But it’s still travelling through the air… through the walls.

A: Yeah, see – maybe they buffered the symptoms of it, but the collective
harm done can be even worse.

G: Where would you measure on the Trifield meter?

A: I check on each one – electromagnetic; electrostatic and the radiation –
I check all three waves.

G: Ok.

G: This guy has an (inaudible) – they can paint a coating on the walls of the
room – that’s one way – and he has a silver cloth that can block – you
can put it over the meter and you can’t read it anymore.

G: Yeah, I have the silver cloth.

G: (Inaudible).

A: An oven.

G: Yeah.

A: They don’t know all of it – they work out one thing, they’ve got a
side effect of that, so you have to work out that angle – and you’re taking
40 medications.

G: Yeah, I suppose if it was inside the house then it’s not going get out –
it’s going to be bouncing off…

A: Right – bouncing off, back and forth, inside.

A: Now, what I did for my Prius – like any car – they all have a very high
electro-magnetic field – I took inch round magnets and made them in three
centrifugal circles and I spaced them an inch apart all the war around –
north-south, north-south, north-south – all the way around. So what it does,
it repels – so it doesn’t allow any frequency to stay steady. And I have
that between two down pillows and I sit on that in my car. When I first used to
drive down here – when I first got the Prius – that’s a hybrid car with
electric and gas – my legs used to ache and I mean ache – especially back
here with this foot on the pedal. And the highest amount of electromagnetic
field is at that gas pedal – it can get up to 75/80 milligauss. Back a ways
it’s 8 to 13, depending on if it’s running on electric or gas. So, I made
this pillow – now I never have a problem.

G: They do sell material of these types of things on the internet that does
have shielding properties. I stuck an electric shaver into a galvanised steel
plate and then took the meter next to it and that seemed to work.

A: Did it work – did it lower the field? How much?

G: It just completely eliminated it.

A: No kidding – completely? Galvanized steel?

G: Yes, galvanized steel plate.

G: That’s what this guy said: if the meter is facing out – usually
there’s a plate behind it, so it won’t be in the house…

A: Goes into the house – It’ll keep broadcasting out the house.

G: Yeah.

A: So use that.

G: The meter? The false meter?

G: Well, no – the back of it is a steel plate – so it doesn’t go into the
house. But if you’re standing in front it’s sending out…

G: But it’s facing me.

A: Yeah, I know – you have a problem with your neighbor.

G: Exactly. They say it’s radiating at me and I have approximately
(inaudible). It radiates 360 degrees and he said it goes up about 15 feet, so
they’re all broadcasting.

G: It has to be (inaudible).

G: Well, all you could do is ask your neighbour… and the wall – put a steel
plate that will block – in front of it.

G: Yeah, but it has to be (inaudible).

G: Well, if it goes up like this it’s going to miss your house.

A: Well, you have to understand it broadcasts in a circle; in a wave like this.
So, if you have a plate that is close to it – the waves that are going to go
are going to go above the house and into the ground and it’s not going to hit
your house – depending on how large the plate is and how close it is to the

G: (Inaudible).

A: Then you’d have to have a big plate in your house to cover the wall, or on
the outside of your house – that would be very expensive. But it might be
worth it if you’re suffering.

G: (Inaudible).

A: Well, everybody’s getting bombarded with radiation; everybody’s getting
more symptoms. If they’re on the diet they’re ok, but other people who are
coming on the diet have lots of symptoms and all kinds of things – radiation.

G: But I’ve been on the diet.

A: You’re one who doesn’t handle it.

A: Are you doing the hot baths?

G: Not as much as I’d like to.

A: Then you need to do them because your system is very broken down. You
don’t clean the waste out – you don’t clean the waste you collect – so
it’ll collect, then you’re just going to get more sensitive and more

G: Well I (Inaudible) near my head and it’s microwaving.

A: Absolutely. That’s why I won’t use a cell phone next to my head – I
absolutely won’t do it.

G: Yeah, and you have an electrical tube, but I couldn’t find anything like
that on the internet. The closest thing…

G: Airless.

G: Bluetooth?

G: Those are airless.

A: Airless – well there’s air – they’re not air less.

A: I have no wire in it at all.

G: But a wire comes up the…

A: There’s no wire – in mine there’s no wire.

G: Dr. Mercola has one.

A: Yeah, but that’s got wire.

G: I thought it didn’t have wire. I thought…?

A: No, it has an airtube from here to here – then it has a wire.

G: Yeah, well I got that one, but mine didn’t work – it didn’t have the
right charger for my cell phone and he sent me one that I had the adaptor for
and when I used it.

A: Well, what I did with the Mercola’s – that one – I went online to a
security company that sells for CIA and the military for security and all that
– they have the white spiralling tube and I added that to the blue – so I
had it way down here, instead of just to here. I didn’t want it near my
thyroid; and I didn’t want it anywhere round my neck – so I just put an
extension on it.

G: It’s two tubes and it sort of comes down – it comes over your heart

A: Yeah, I didn’t want anything near my heart. So, what I have now is a tube
– it’s just pure air and it’s this long and I just clip it to where the
speaker is and it takes the sound in through the air.

G: You made that yourself though – it’s not manufactured?

A: No, I bought it in Thailand.

A: Go to They’re very cheap – I think I paid 23
dollars for it, which beats Mercola’s 35 dollar one.



G: But you made it even longer – you put in extra….

A: No, no, no – that was on the Mercola one.

G: Oh.

A: I’ll get it and I’ll show you.

G: Oh, ok.

A: Take a break.

A: Ok, you see it? … It’s nothing but a tube and there’s a piece that I
lost on here that helps to stick on to the back. And here’s my mic – not the
mic, I mean the speaker. So, I just clip it on like that and the sound goes
right in through here all the way up to here so I can keep far away from it.

G: Aajonus, do you use that on a home phone also?

A: Yeah, I use this on my home phone too.

G: Any when you talk do you fix it up?

A: Yeah. Oh well, it goes in through here – so as long as you’ve got a good
mic in your phone, it’ll still pick up. So, there’s no sound attached to
this like there is with Mercola’s.

G: The wires, right?

A: Yeah.

G: Did someone make that for you, or you bought it?

A: No, I bought it in Thailand.

G: Oh, do they have it here?

G: They have it here – that’s where they come from, but I don’t know who
makes it – who manufactures it.

G: It just goes through the air, right?

A: Pardon?

G: It just goes through the air, right?

A: Yeah.

G: And you said you can check it out on the internet?

A: Thai Organic Life sells them.

G: How do you get it on your cell phone – I don’t get it?

A: Well, there’s supposed to be another piece here that I broke off – but
it goes like this – it just clips on.

G: Oh.

A: The speaker is right here

G: One of them they were trying to sell me – the short one.

A: Yeah, well this was long so I keep it far away from my body. See Michael?

A: Well, you know your phone goes like this when you talk, so the speaker is
always going to be up near your ear – that’s your speaker, so you put this
on. Like I said: it has normally a rubber thing that (inaudible)

A: The copper wire goes up to your ears and it’s magnetic.

G: And heating blankets are not good?

A: Very bad. You get a hot water bottle – a couple hot water bottles – and
let that do you all night and it’ll take care of you all night.

G: Can you use that on an iPad or something?

A: Pardon?

G: Can you use that on an iPad or…?

A: You can use that on anything you can clip onto the speaker. Just remember
you can only open it this wide, but it has another piece that broke off that’s
like this rubber, that keeps it from sliding off – that makes a good grip.

A: Ok, we were over here.

G: Do you have anything else to say about teeth and gums? Do you have to have
dental work done..? Cavities..?

A: Well, I’m going to say if you’re going to have them done, find a dentist
that will do what you want – do without x-rays – but you won’t find any in
the United States – won’t find it. You have to go to Mexico. I use Dr.
Brittan – Tomás Brittan in Mexico. He does exactly what I want – even if he
doesn’t agree. And when I have a filling pop out I have him scrape off the
epoxy – he’s not allowed to drill anymore – and he’ll fill it in and my
teeth have starting regenerating. So, I have a filling that’s filled like this
and as my tubule and dentin fills in, it pushes out the filling and then the
filling pops off. So I’ve got new growth. If I have him drill them out it’s
going to go back to this size again, so for the past ten years I haven’t
allowed him to do that. So, now my filling – which was this big – is now
this big.

G: Wow.

A: So, I don’t let him drill anymore – I only let him scrape off the old
epoxy and any black mold that might be there because the mold is there to break
down the toxicity there – the fungus.

G: Where can I find this address?

A: He’s in Mexico – he’s in Tijuana: Tomás Britton – you’ll find him
on the internet.

G: The drug lords.

A: Oh no, you’re not going through that area – that area’s not drug

G: I went there by myself – all by myself

A: Yeah.

G: I went there…I got help.

A: Yeah. No, you have to go further east of Tijuana to get to there. They’ve
got too many military men with machine guns, so don’t mess with them there.

G: Do you just go through the boarder ID and take a taxi?

A: No, I drive through.

G: Oh, you drive?

G: Well, I think you actually park on the American side and then you walk

A: That’s if you want to walk and take a taxi. I drive through. You just have
to have your passport.

G: Oh, ok.

G: How do you spell Britton?

G: It’s B-R-I double T O-N.

A: No, I’ve gone there for six years now and never had a problem… No
problem… They love Americans – they take their money over there.

G: How’s the price?

G: The price is incredible.

A: Yeah, it’s like 1/3 of what you pay here – or a 1/2 of what you pay

G: This is a flipper.

A: Yeah.

G: And for one tooth flipper – I saw a listing that was listed here in the LA
and it was…

A: Three thousand.

G: No, it was like a thousand – it was a thousand dollars.

G: This – two teeth – and it looks very real: eighty dollars.

A: He only charged you eighty?

G: For this. It’s a flipper though – I can take it in and out – it’s

A: Yeah, but he charged me for a flipper – he charged me three hundred.

A: You’re too pretty, that’s how.

A: But when I wanted to have it done in LA, they wanted a thousand dollars for
it – and he charged me three hundred.

G: Oh, wow.

G: I just wonder – so he cannot see an X-ray to see inside what’s

A: He doesn’t get to see inside (inaudible) part of my body.

G: Oh, ok.

G: (Inaudible).

A: Yeah, you could wait and see…and if they’re not getting bigger, then
don’t worry about them.

G: Ok.

G: That Ramiel guy that wrote the book ‘Heal Your Teeth’ or ‘Heal Tooth
Decay’ – I mean I have that book and he basically talks about the diet –
and if you’re on this diet that it will fill up naturally; it will heal itself
naturally – cavities.

Yeah, but it takes years – I had to be on the diet 15 years before it started
making a difference in my teeth.

G: Yeah?

A: Yeah, but I had radiation and chemo…

G: So, yeah.

A: … and surgery, so it may have been just that. But, I don’t know.

G: Yeah.

A: That I haven’t studied thoroughly with other people – just my own
situation; my own case.

G: He mentions your diet kindly in the first book, but in the second edition he
takes it out.

A: Why, what does he say in the second?

G: He doesn’t say anything about it.

A: Oh, ok, fine, because he says it in the first one, he doesn’t have to say
it in the second.

G: Well, he took it out.

A: Oh, the second edition.

G: Yes, I’m almost positive about it – it wasn’t there

A: Uh, I don’t think so…

G: No?

A: … I don’t think so. I read it a couple days ago.

G: Do you think there’s no dentist that will..?

A: It breaks the law. There’s a law in this country where you have to follow
the dental AD…

G: The ADA?

A: …ADA’s rules. And the ADA’s rules are: now – in the last five years
– you have to have x-rays and you have to do this whole procedure… And with
certain procedures you have to do certain things – I don’t go along with it.

G: Wow.

A: Yes?

G: State Board?


Ok the State Board do it.

We don’t have any (inaudible)

A: Well, who do think makes up the government office? They’re working for the
ADA – like the FDA and they are working for the AMA – the pharmaceuticals.

G: And Monsanto.

A: Yeah.

A: Ok, um, did you ask a question?

G: I did.

A: Ok, and Lorraine did – now it’s your turn?

G: No, it’s his turn – I’m there.

A: Ok, yes.

G: I got a flu – for about a year a half I had the flue – and it was so bad
that I asked my physician and he said to take grapefruit seed extract and he
said that it’s a natural antibiotic.

A: Yes, it’s natural poison.

G: It’s grapefruit.

A: Yeah, but it’s not natural when it’s extracted because they use heat and
a solvent to extract – they use a kerosene derivative.

A: So, what you did was poison your body. You have to see, antibiotics and
medication poison the body to stop the symptoms.

A: So, you’ve got a symptom there because you’ve got toxicity in a
particular area doing damage – that is why you detox. If you stop that
you’re not remedying the problem – you’re adding poisons to the problem.

G: I was so desperate – I thought that because of flu it was…

A: Well, you have to read about that in my newsletters because that’s a whole
hour – two hour lecture.

G: So, basically if I have a flu I just let it go?

A: Absolutely. Well, you eat the right foods – the ones I suggest in the
remedies book.

A: That’s not good – that’s a cleansing.

A: I suggest everybody have three detoxes a year – two colds and one flu. I
pray for them.

G: So, how do you force one? I haven’t had one for over… I just don’t get

A: Well, if you’re taking the hot baths regularly you won’t have to do it
because you’re already taking care of it.

G: I have the phlegm coming out – inflamed phlegm – I think that’s what
you call it.

A: That’s what you’ve got – your mucus is taking the moisture out.

G: Yeah, yeah.

A: Yeah.

G: So, the food is unusual for me – my mouth was (inaudible), but I got used
to it.

A: Uh-huh.

G: But I didn’t know how to deal with that.

A: Uh-huh. Do it the same way – you take it out with the mucus – you have
to have milk – like milkshakes… It’s in my recipe book – page one forty

G: One-forty-five?

A: One-forty-five or one-forty-seven.

G: On the second book?

A: Yes.

A: One-forty-five or one-forty-seven.

G: Ok, so just let it come.

A: Michael, do you have a question?

G: Ahh.

A: You’ve already asked one, right? Your question, right?

A: Yeah, you’ve got a personal one.

A: Ok, do you have a question?

G: I was just going to ask about asthma – I mean I eat more eggs, but I
should probably do more

A: Yeah, but you have to understand – anybody that has an allergy is not
making proper mucus. If you look at mucus under a high-powered electron
microscope it’ll look like layers of cloth, one on top of the other. The more
layers – the thicker and stronger. If the mesh is wide open and not tight in
the weaving then particles will pass though, get to the mucus membranes and
irritate them. And that’s what allergies are. So, you’re not building your
mucus properly yet. And milkshakes are the best way to build it – and of
course eating enough protein.

I had a patient in South Africa that set up my lecture tour there. He went on
the diet doing great, but he was staying away from mucus-forming foods to deal
with his allergies. And I said it’s just the opposite – just the opposite:
you need to form mucus. So he started drinking two to three milkshakes a day and
after two days, he had over 50 percent relief.

G: I know there’s some-days that I get a lot of mucus coming out, but if not,
then I get tight.

A: Then you need the milkshake right away.

G: Ok.

A: You need to eat one or two every day when you have your kind of condition.
Don’t let it dry out – don’t let your mucus get too dry, because when your
body’s using at as an expelling point, you’ve got to have more mucus to
replace it.

G: Ok.

A: Ok?

G: Yeah.

G: Do you have to drink the milkshakes? Can you just drink the milk and eggs
and stuff separately?

A: No, it will not do the same.

G: You’ve got to have it together?

A: You have to have them altogether, yes – and with the cream in it too.

G: So, if I have a lot of phlegm coming out – that’s definitely fine?

A: You’re doing great because you’re getting the poisons out of the body.

G: That’s the way it goes?

A: That’s one way for it to come out of the body: secreting it. 90% is
supposed to come out of the skin and perspiration. That’s why you do the baths
every day.

G: You’ve got a bee on you.

A: Let him go.

G: Ok.

G: Aajonus, how bad is caffeine for you? Like, whether it’s coffee or tea or
one of those things?

A: Well, it’s a stimulant and it’s a high metallic one because you cook it
and you fractionate it. The components of caffeine are some parts mercury; some
parts lead; some parts arsenic, so it’s a toxin and that’s what stimulates
the nervous system. And they don’t tell you that – they don’t tell you
that’s the ingredients.

G: That’s interesting. Really?

A: Yeah, so when you cook it you make into a very toxic substance and it
irritates the nervous system; it poisons the nervous system, and the nervous
system tries to resist, so makes the whole body hyper.

A: I remember when I was on General Hospital they would stick me on tellies a
lot and I had to look like I was drinking coffee and they actually serve coffee.
I would get so buzzed from just touching my tongue; I would stand there and be
shaking from it. So I had to learn to put it up to my lips and down again.

G: So why do some people feel better?

A: Because they have chronic fatigue and it gives them a little energy.

G: I came from a Country where people have six, seven or eight espressos a day.

A: Well, this country does it. I drank eleven cups a day. I had no energy – I
had chronic fatigue. I was taking Benzedrine. I was drinking 11 cups of coffee a
day and smoking 2 packs of non-filtered Lucky Strikes [a brand of cigarette] a
day for my energy. Then I couldn’t sleep at night so I drank fifth tin of
Bourbon and I ended up with an ulcer – I couldn’t eat: I was vomiting,
coughing blood at the time. So those aren’t healthy ways to stimulate yourself

G: How about tea, no?

A: Tea’s also a toxin – caffeine’s in a lot of them and a lot of heavy

G: Can you detox from the caffeine with the nut formula?

A: It’ll help because you’ll have the starch in there to bind with the
caffeine, but I think that the clay and the milk work a little bit better and
the cheeses.

G: Ok.

A: Ok, Marilyn?

G: I have chronic infection under – I don’t know if you remember I had a
tooth that I succumbed to getting a root canal.

A: Ok.

G: And they reamed out the thing, but I’ve managed to keep from getting it
filled – It’s been like three years now.

A: Is it turning black and rotting?

G: Yeah.

A: Well, how wonderful.

G: Well, if I don’t have enough juice every day it starts to gets irritated
at the base and I can’t chew on it – if I can’t put pressure on it or
I’ve been grinding my teeth at night or something it gets irritated. Now,
I’ve haven’t been doing the baths so it’s maybe that I’m just not
releasing it. I mean if you’re…

A: I can see you haven’t been doing the baths. You’ve got a collection a
waste in your connective tissue.

G: Yeah, I need it obviously.

A: Yeah.

G: Would that be enough to probably relieve this, or do I just need to go ahead
and get the teeth out?

A: Or fill it.

G: Or, go ahead and fill it.

A: Yeah. I’ve filled all of my root canals.

G: What do you fill them with?

A: I had them filled with calcium – like dolomite. Now, I would use terramin
clay, but when I had it done I had used a dolomite product.

G: (Inaudible).

A: And then have put a plastic over that.

G: Ok. Yeah, then it’s maintained, right.

A: You’re on a good diet.

G: Yeah.

A: Anybody that didn’t get a question? Yes?

G: (Inaudible).

A: There’s no need for surgery – I’ve got the recipes in the book to
remedy that: the vinegar, and the lemon juice, and the olive oil and stuff like

G: I also feel very tired

A: Ok, there’s a lot of things you need to read in my books because you’re
asking questions that are already answered. She’s says: “I don’t feel
energy in the morning.” She feels very tired. It’s mainly because people
sleep over five hours without eating. The protein level in their blood
completely drops to nil. So the red blood cells become cannibalistic and eat
each other. So if you sleep eight to ten hours you’re going to lose one to two
tbsp. of red blood cells – that’s anemia. And it may take the spleen
anywhere from 40 minutes to two hours to replace that one to two tbsp. So for
the first two hours of your day you’re going to have anemia. If you will
awaken, eat and then go back to sleep then you won’t have that problem.

G: Can you eat protein?

A: Yeah, egg, milkshake or milk - or some meat – whichever you like. As I
said if you eat meat in the middle of the night you might get too much energy; a
milkshake is more relaxing. Milk is also relaxing.

A: Yes Lisa?

G: It’s not really a question. Are you aware that there’s a Primal Diet
group running on Facebook? Actually, a roommate of mine (inaudible).

A: Yes, I’m aware of it.

A: They threw a question out and then a bunch of people answered. And I thought
about and they answered the questions wrong. Like, they got onto this thing
about essential oils.

A: There’s nothing I can control about that.

G: And they put your picture in there. So, there’s you and they’re saying
all this stuff.

G: Wow.

A: Well, then they need to put up an address up there and say: “The people
who give information are not doing it from Aajonus unless they’re quoting from
the books.”

A: Do you know this person yourself?

G: Yeah.

A: Ok, well then tell her she needs to – is it a woman?

G: We just had a discussion about it and it makes it look like a (inaudible).

A: No, you can’t do that – if you’re using the Primal Diet, that’s
trademarked and they can’t do that. So, if she’s going to use that with my
permission she had to put there: “The advice you get here is from other people
and other thoughts; they are not Aajonus.’”

G: (Inaudible). Computing and arguing. I just wondered if you were aware of it?

A: No, I wasn’t aware of it. I don’t get on Facebook. If you sign up for
Facebook you allow them to use any photograph that is up there on your website
and they can re-write any of the dialogue and they can make use of the material
in any fashion in any way they want. They’re not going to get that from me.

G: Well, I’ve got myself and best friends on there – stuff like that.

A: Well, you’re not a public figure.

G: Yeah, (inaudible).

A: Ok. Yeah, it needs to be posted on whatever page it is.

G: What if he asks about essential oils?

A: All essential oils are distilled at 267 degrees if they’re Young’s.

A: And even Young says it in his book nature does it from 52 to 67 degrees –
not 267. Just because he’s 200 degrees lower than everybody else doesn’t
make it a good oil – it’s a solvent when it’s distilled at that temperate
and eats right into a cell; a cell doesn’t have a choice – it’s like
gasoline and kerosene.

G: Can you make your own essential oils? Like on your own?

A: You put the oil in and you would have to somehow let it sit and ferment
until the oil separated.

A: But then again any kind of an oil separation is going to become more solvent
reactive – a cleanser. It isn’t like butter or cream which stabilizes and
strengthen the body – it will act as a cleaner. Now, most people are full of
plastic wax and fats so when they use the distilled oils, it goes in there and
breaks them down – but the bi-product is very toxic. So, they may feel better
because now their lymph system and other things are flowing. And maybe they are
perspiring now in their neck or wherever they’re using them or in their
sinuses, but it will start at some point – within a few months of using it –
to deteriorate your tissues and dissolve them. So what happen is that you use
them for 10/15 years and you’ve got mucus membranes that are all scar tissue.
Then it happens in the lungs – what’s going to happen if you can’t absorb
oxygen? You’ll be a vegetable.

G: (Inaudible). A: Most people put it on their neck.

G: Right.

A: Right, and also it’ll start breaking down all the lymphatic congestion in
the lymph, but it doesn’t do if safely.

G: Toe nails.

A: Yeah, it’ll dissolve them – it’ll definitely do that.

G: It’s not dissolving – it allows the nails to come out.

A: No, it stops the detoxification of heavy metals that cause the warped toe
nails. I’d rather have warped toe nails for a while and let it remove from my
body. Of course if you start doing the hot baths you’ll eliminate a lot of it
and won’t have to build it into the nails and hair. But I’d much prefer
gnarly nails than have the poisons remain in my body – the heavy metals.

G: What about live virus?

A: Let me finish this first… After I got abducted and got injected I had all
kinds of detoxing – this is all numb here – completely here – I can barely
feel anything – very thick pads. See how thick that is? That’s a 1/3 of what
it was – I used to take a knife and just peel them off. I mean that thick –
I would peel the pads off. I’m about ready to do it again in this area after
that. And this is some of that – this is a cancer tumor that came about –
and I got them all over my feet – about two months ago. See, I got rid of all
of them except for this one – and this one is starting to dissolve, but I have
to soak it in hot water for a couple of hours every day just to keep it from
going hard again. It’s starting to get hard again right now, so I’ve got
soak it. But you can see all the damage and see what it did to the nails. I had
perfect feet – everybody admired my feet – nails were perfect – they’re
not perfect anymore, but they’re getting better. This one was this thick; this
one was this thick… You’re body builds toxic metals into the hair and nails,
so it just went nuts. Now this one is starting to become nuts; this one is
starting to become normal again. All of these are normal except for this one;
this one and this one, but they were all gnarly since two years ago when it
happened. So, I’m just now coming to a point of detoxing all of it.

G: What happened?

A: I was abducted – I talked against the swine flu vaccine on national radio.
I created a cold campaign against it because I was in the swine flu fiasco of
1976. I got death threats and everything. Six weeks after that I was in the
Philippines and abducted in a hotel room and given three shots and I got very
sick – I got sores bigger than this all over.

G: Sharps?

A: Yeah, injections.

G: Probably swine flu injections.

A: Scar here; here and there was another one here.

G: The sharps for what? You don’t know..?

A: I’d imagined there was swine flu in it because on the radio station I
said: “The only way you can get the swine flu is if you get the swine flu
shot.” And a famous rap group in England heard my broadcast, so they made a
million dollar video within a week. I mean it was very complex and they had my
voice in there several times throughout it and one of them is saying: “You
cannot get the swine flu without getting the swine flu vaccine.” So, I just
think they wanted to give me the swine flu and say: “See you get the swine flu
and you die.” So, they just die.

G: So, if someone get skin tags a lot (inaudible) build-up of toxins and you
need something to smooth it out and move it away?

A: Yes, dead cells – cancer is always a collection of dead cells because your
body can’t dissolve the dead cells. The lymphatic system is too jammed or your
liver is. 90% of the cancers I see, it was a liver problem where the liver was
not making the bile to digest the fats properly, so the lymph system could
dissolve cells. And the body was so toxic that bacteria and parasites and fungus
couldn’t break down those dead cells because they were poisoned to death by
some industrial chemical. So cancer is nothing than the body’s inability to
dissolve dead cells.

G: What about it’s just skin tags?

A: That’s cancer – any kind. A wart – a mole is a tumour; they’re all

G: Ok.

G: (Inaudible).

A: Anything’s moving out of the body – yes. So, it’ll back up and

G: So, Aajonus I know you want us to have the water (inaudible).

A: Well, no if you have a snorkel you can’t put your entire head.

A: Absolutely. Just remember you’ve got your main lymph glands here. Ok? And
here – and here. That’s your main lymph glands – those would need to be
underwater the most.

G: But if you do one part at a time – you do another part a different day and
focus on nothing but…

A: Well, it’ll work but as well – immersing the torso under is best. Even
if you have just the water up to here, you’re still going to have all these
glands – maybe not these up in here – but you’re going to get most of

G: Even if you had to have your feet out of the water or something?

A: You’ve got glands up to here but like I said if you cross your legs like
this there’s plenty of room in a small tub – I do it all the time. People
are saying: “Well, you know I have to lift my legs up to make it down and
in.” I said: “Well, you’re not crossing your legs like this.” It’s

G: Yeah, it’s a good idea too.

G: So, is all that skin under your arms is that all just congested lymphatic

A: Well, not only that you’re not dissolving dead skin. Now, after I got the
shots..? First time... See that skin? I’ve never had skin like that. And it
also dropped there. Since I dropped that heavy detox two months ago all that
heavy skin that was sagging here is now gone.

G: Because the baths?

A: Well, I went to a hot baths when this started coming out and I lived in the
hot springs. I mean I was in there eight hours a day.

G: Which hot springs?

A: Philippines.

G: Was that American people or…?

A: Yeah – well they looked Caucasian. Definitely, yes.

G: It tells all about the episode in one of my newsletter from last year –
about a year ago.

A: Ok. What time is it?

G: Five.

G: Six o’clock.

A: Ok, that’s it folks.

G: EMF’s. I know there is an outlet around the wall. If I put my bed outside
the wall – my bed is against the wall – does it help the skin?

A: Yes, it definitely helps – but if you’ve got an electro-magnetic field
that goes farther than this from a socket, it’s not grounded. You just go
under the house and ground it or you get somebody to put a ground wire on that

G: That’s it.

A: That’s it.

G: Water from the eyes that goes onto computer (inaudible).

G: Well, putting egg whites into your eyes, but I’ve got all that in the