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                              Q&A Of July 10, 2011


I made and designed a magnetic pillow because I have a Prius. Every time I
drive 2½ hours down to San Diego I would get aches in the back of my legs and
behind my knees, especially the right one that works the gas pedal, because of
the electromagnetic field. They say that Carpal Tunnel has nothing to do with
the electromagnetic field – it’s a lie. There was no Carpal Tunnel until
electric typewriters came out. Then, as they got more design, those EMF fields
got (inaudible) computers then of course radiation along with it, then Carpal
Tunnel became a big issue. And it is a big issue. But the government denies that
it is the EMF field. I know very well that it is because the first time I got a
laptop in 1998, just about a week after utilising it I started getting all these
aches in all these joints and muscles in my hands and I thought I was getting
cancer of the bones again. But I’d moved into a new house - not a new house,
an old house but for me it was a new house – in Venice, near the beach and got
the laptop at the same time, so I didn’t know which it was. So I called in an
environmental specialist. He came in with all of his meters and gauges and went
through the house. He only found one socket that wasn’t grounded. So I went
under the house and grounded that. He said ‘turn on your laptop’. I turned
on my laptop and he put the gauge on it and the needle’s going BOOM, BOOM,
BOOM – really high. It was somewhere around 35 – 85 milligauss, and it only
takes 3 milligauss to alter the molecular structure of an animal cell. So
that’s a very mild amount when you consider I was getting 35 to 85 milligauss.
So, he said you’re going to have to get a separate keyboard. At that time they
didn’t have cordless, they only had corded and of course that’s what we used
and I suggest nobody uses a cordless keyboard or mouse. Get a rollerball mouse
that plugs in – USB. The only company that still makes them is DELL and I
suggest you buy about 5 or 6. I bought 10 because once they stop making them
you’re not going to be able to get them any more. The infrared mouse puts out
almost 50 milligauss, just for that one hand-operated instrument - 50

Q: I have this thumb that won’t heal and I have one of those infrared mouses.
Perhaps it’s that.

A: It could be that. In the car I was having this excrutiating pain every time
I went to San Diego and it got worse on my trip back, so I knew it was the car.
Going there….by the time I got there I was sore, by the time I returned home
to Malibu – 2½ to 3-hour trip – I was aching and it didn’t go away until
I woke the next morning, sometimes 2 days. I have studied Nikken’s magnetic
pillows, beds and pads from ‘89 to ‘93/‘92, and studied with people
experimenting with people and myself, on their effects. And I found that mostly
they were not good effects for a long term. For short terms they seemed to be
fine. So I would always tell people to use them in small doses – an hour a day
or if they were using a bed, no more than 5 hours at a time and no more than 3
days a week. I found it was beneficial for most people under those restrictions.
So when it came to the car I said I’m not going to go to Nikken to make a
pillow for me because I don’t know that it’ll work. I had some of theirs and
they didn’t work. So I designed my own, based on some of their scientific
research that I’d read extensively from their scientists. I started working
with Nikken and went right to their scientists - with patents and everything.
So, I made my own pillow.

Q: I tested it with my gauss meter. Down by the accelerator on my car it’s
really high, where you always have your right foot.

A: Exactly. So this pillow helps reduce that. Now, you can see there’s all
kind of sponge matter over these little magnets and there’s 3 concentric
circles of magnets here. No, just get one of these things that you (inaudible)
into, but sturdier, that you glue on to and you can use fabric glue to do it.
These are inch magnets. They have all this old foam on it because these were
taken off one of the Nikken mattress that disintegrated after 10 years. And each
one is flat because north south, north south, north south, all the way around.
And what it does is – as energy builds up in your system and your spine starts
here, it starts pulling out excess electromagnetic field energy. The first time
I used it driving to San Diego I had no discomfort in my legs at all. I even
drove all the way to Vegas - well, near Vegas - for gun training and that was a
7-hour trip – no pain whatsoever, no discomfort. Cathy and Angellea are making
these. I have a Prius, which is a hybrid car. Sometimes the electromagnetic
field is higher in hybrids, especially if it’s a Honda but if you have a BMW
or a Jaguar….no matter what type of car you have, it’s going to have
anywhere from 50 to 100, 110, sometimes 120 milligauss in the driver’s seat,
especially at the foot pedal for the right leg. So the driver absolutely needs
it. You can check the other seats in the car and if you have children in the
back, then you can make one of these for them also. So what I do is just take a
down pillow on either side – this is a little too thick, but I like it cushy.
This one is much thinner and it goes on top. So this isn’t directly on you
because when I experimented with magnets directly against the body it drew
electromagnetic fields from your own body and lowered your energy level. So you
can’t have it right next to you, it has to be about 1” to 1.5” from your
body – about an inch - so when you sit on this and crush it you’ve got an
inch between you and the magnet. So, they have all the equipment now to make
them, so if you want 1, 2, 3 or 4 - whatever - they make them and you can get
them. [Aajonus gave all the data to one lady who now makes these pillows. email
Jim at for her contact info]. People have been
trying to get me to make them for years and I don’t have the time.

Q: So you sit on it or what? Where does it go in the car?

A: You sit on it. It’s a pillow; you sit on. If you like it at your back –
fine, but the highest magnetic field is at the right foot, at the gas pedal, so
it’s best to sit on it. I tried it at my back and it didn’t work as well.
Even though you sit on it, it handles the electromagnetism on your foot. All
through the leg, it draws the excess energy out here as it goes up to your
spine. It leaves your body at the spinal cord so it doesn’t all go into your
head or into your brain.

Q: Aajonus, is that a ceramic magnet or a neodymium?

A: No these are metallic magnets.

Q: Those neodymium magnets – are they too strong?

A: I think they’re too mild. Yeah. When I was experimenting with
them….Nikken makes some of those ceramic ones and I found they weren’t as

Q: So could you also use those to shield electromagnetic radiation from a
phone, so put that on your lap?

A: For anything. If you’re directly exposed to the radiation and EMF fields -
electromagnetic fields is what EMF stands for.

Q: What about a pillow on either side?

A: pillow on either side, so I can sit on it either side. I don’t want to get
confused and end up sitting directly on the magnets.

Q: If you’re sitting at your computer what can you do to help shield yourself
from EMFs?

What kind of computer do you have? Desktop or laptop?

A: A desktop and I have a separate keyboard.

Well all you have to do is make sure your computer is 3 feet away from you –
your tower is 3 feet away. Has to be 3 feet away.

Q: With me it’s a laptop and it’s pushed about a couple of feet away.

A: It doesn’t need to be that far for a laptop. With a laptop you’ve got
about 9 inches between the bottom of the laptop to the top of your keyboard.
That’s all it takes.

Q: Did you say to alternate the magnets between positives and negatives? Is
that within the circle?

A: Yes. Each circle. They’re rotated.

Q: Does it stop radio frequency?

A: Not light. Not that kind of light.

Q: … I mean from wireless communication.

AL It will help. It will help those too.

Q: Does that go through everything?

A: Absolutely.

Q: What’s that you’re drinking?

A: It’s milk. I like to suck so it’s easy to suck out of something that
looks like a nipple. (Laughter) Heh, heh, heh. Remember to suck your milk…any
fluid that you eat, if you suck it you’re going to get all the bacteria from
your saliva and that’s where digestion starts. We have more bacteria in our
mouths than cats and dogs – so don’t bite anybody! (Laughter) …or else
you’ll start digesting them.

Q: Aajonus, phones have microwaves, right? Do the magnets affect them at all?

A: A little only. Very little.

Q: Do magnets affect them or is it all microwaves?

A: No, no. This affects the microwave only a little.

Q: What about wi-fi?

A: Same thing. That’s what she’s saying – wi-fi. It doesn’t help it a
lot. Only a little. Okay. We’ll start the Q&A now. Fred, you have a question?

Q: Yes I do. I’ve been doing the weight loss for 5 weeks now. First 3 weeks I
did OK – 3 lbs a week I lost. The next week it got really hot, so I drank a
lot of milk principally and I didn’t lose anything….

A: You won’t.

Q: ….and this last week I lost only 2 lbs because I was cutting back on the
milk and I was drinking other things though, I was drinking some water, drinking
the whey, drinking lemonade, um…

A: You’re going to gain more weight if you do that.

Q: Really? So anyway, my question is…because there’s more heat coming, I
know and I’ve just started doing the weight loss and I’m going to get into
the heat…what shall I do when it gets really hot - because I die of thirst
sometimes…I mean, I don’t even get hungry if I do that. I mean, I’m just
drinking milk all day but I want to lose the weight and not to have to do it in
the winter… Last time I lost it, no problem. I went and lost about 30 lbs in a
little over a month. I probably did it in winter – I don’t remember when,
but this time it’s harder and I know it’s going to be harder when it gets
hot, so what…?

A: You just have to suck. You’re gulping your food and your water.

Q: The water yep, but the milk - I only sip it.

A: Okay. If you’re gulping your water the same thing’s going to happen.
You’re going to have water retention and you won’t lose the weight.

Q: So as long as I sip the water and whey, or anything else I drink...?

A: Right, but you should keep it down to a minimum. If you’re sipping…if
you’re taking only a tablespoon at a time, you’re not going to have the
water retention. If you’re sucking down 2 ozs at a time, let’s say every 30,
40 minutes you’re going to have water retention. Too much water. I was just in
a gun-training course…yeah – guns. I was kidnapped, injected and it’s
never going to happen again. Anybody tries to do that again, I’m going to
shoot them - dead! So, I’ve been doing several gun trainings now… one up to
last Tuesday - and it was 105, 108 degrees in the high desert, outside Las Vegas
where Front Sight (Firearms Training Institute) is. What I did was to quench my
thirst – everybody was sucking water like crazy. There’s a nuclear plant
near there and everybody was turning red from drinking the water. I wasn’t
about to touch it anyway. I did drink a cup of water a day, sometimes 2 cups of
water a day when I had to ration my milk, because I couldn’t get milk there
and I only took enough for 2 quarts a day - should have taken for 3 quarts a
day. So I took slices of watermelon, about 2 ozs each and I would eat a section
of that about every 1 ½ - 2 hours. That took care of me, as well as my milk and
a little bit of water. Of course, I’d add the water only a tablespoon at a
time all throughout the day, so I didn’t blow it, I didn’t have a problem.
One time, I just got so hot that I took the water and I poured it - the regular
water – over my head and rinsed my face off. I burned, so there’s radiation
in that water. I didn’t put the water on any other time. I burned all my skin
on my face, not on my neck because I didn’t put it back here, but all up here,
all on my face and the front of my neck. It wasn’t a normal sunburn because I
was wearing a very large-brimmed hat to shield a lot of the sun. But on the
fifth day when I did that, I burned. That evening I felt the burn and when I
woke the next morning it was a burn. It wasn’t a sun burn. It was a radiation
burn. But the point about the water and the liquid intake is: you only have a
sip at a time. If I had milk, an ounce at a time only – maybe every 35, 40
minutes. Water - 1 tablespoon every hour. Watermelon was my main thirst
quencher. And there’s nothing that quenches thirst like watermelon. Of course
I didn’t eat the heart, I ate outside from where the seeds end, from there all
the way through the rind – not the green part but the white rind. That took
care of all my thirst needs. If I’d had my 3 quarts of milk instead of 2, I
wouldn’t have had that much water. I’d probably only have had maybe a ½
cup, ¾ cup of water. And I noticed when I was drinking only the milk and one
day I did have 3 quarts, my saliva got very thick and I could barely
expectorate. That’s when I realized I still needed a little water so that’s
when I started having 1 cup a day. The last 2 days I had 1 ½ quarts of milk
each day. So I had to increase my water intake or watermelon intake. I didn’t
have enough watermelon and by the time we started class in the morning ‘til we
finished - we had night classes even, so I didn’t get back in to town to get
to a market to get more watermelon. So I will be better prepared next time but
just so you know, even the milk you have to sip a little at a time, the water,
you sip a little at a time.

Q: How often between sips? Can I do a sip a minute?

A: Oh God no. That’s way too often. You don’t need it that much. If your
mouth gets dry, just remember that the honey has an ester in it – an oil ester
that will coat your lips and your tongue much longer. So just take a little bit,
put it on - a thick amount - put it on your lips. As you lick a little bit,
it’ll keep your whole mouth and tongue moist. So you won’t be drinking. That
dry mouth is not a water deficiency, it is a lipid deficiency because we put out
a lot of toxins through the gums and tongue. That takes a lot of fat out of the
face and out of the mouth. That’s what needs replacing. So, a little touch of
butter, a little touch of honey. If you’re in a hot desert you won’t put
butter on your lips very often because it’ll turn very acidic. Put honey on
your lips, put a little butter on your tongue, just let it absorb into your
tongue and into your palate and then you won’t be drinking all of that fluid.

Q: So what’s the minimum time in between sips that I could take – every 5
minutes, 10 minutes?

A: No. I’d say 20 minutes.

Q: Twenty minutes. Even if you’re doing physical work and you’re sweating
like a pig…?

A: No…if you’re doing it that often – you do it every 7 to 10 minutes.

Q: I have discussed with you when a muscle becomes hyper-extended – at least
that’s what I believe it is if I notice a little clicking around my adductor
muscles near the groin area. Do you have any suggestions besides soaking in hot

A: What are the symptoms? What kind of discomfort?

Q: Okay, for a while I felt sore when I’m lying on my back and just lifting
my head up. It felt sore here and at times, if I’ve done a lot of walking it
feels like it’s…on occasions, for a while it sounds like it’s clicking.

A: Does it feel dry and discomforting at the same time, or just sound?

Q: … more a sound. Well, as far as any feeling, it might feel - o occasions -
a little sore.

A: Sounds like the lymph system isn’t functioning very well in that area.
Those lymph glands may be blocked, so you put a hot water bottle there. If
you’ve got any kind of localised pain anywhere – hot water bottles. Not a
hot bath – hot baths take care of the whole body. If you have a localized
pain, put a hot water bottle on that area for the whole night. And if you wrap
your hot water bottle in a flannel pillow-case, it will stay warm/hot – start
cooling somewhere about 7 to 8 hours later.

Q: I think you answered it though…my question was I’ve been travelling a
lot and then unable to do the diet as much as I did before. When I got back here
I started to just do my regular prescribed amounts of everything and I would
find that my mouth was…. I felt like I could just drink…I can’t take
(inaudible) because that’s salty…but I was so thirsty….

A: Well if you were off the diet and eating a lot of processed foods, then you
would have needed a lot more water as a solvent to wash out and break down
toxins. So, you’d need a little bit more…normally I tell people – half a
cup of water unless you’re an athlete or doing sports, then you need a cup a
day. If you’re not into activity or sport, half a cup a day. I’m lucky if I
have 2 cups a month, but I’ve been on the diet longer, I don’t need as many
solvents to help dissolve industrial toxicity – and that’s what water is:
water is a solvent.

Q: Will GeroIsteiner be (inaudible)?

A: Still. And the other thing I found out about carbonated waters - not just
Gerolsteiner - is that for some reason it lowers the libido, so lowers sexual
activity. So I’ve come to the point now, when I’m in Thailand with my
girlfriend, I don’t drink carbonated water. (Laughter)

Q: What do you drink then?

A: I take the carbonated water and shake the carbon out of it because the
non-carbonated waters cost just as much as the carbonated when they’re in
glass. I trust the carbonated ones better than I do the non-carbonated ones,
because natural carbonation is like a natural hydrogen peroxide. It destroys any
bacteria that normally exist. So companies like to add anything to pass
inspection. Mountain Valley ozonates theirs…and a lot of these companies
process them. When you have a naturally carbonated water it does not need any
processing. You just shake the carbon out of it and it’s fine.

Q: They ozonate it?

A: Started about 15 years ago.

Q: Can you tell me about the clay? You said take the clay because of my vaginal
problems. I have and I notice it’s pretty good. It still…in that area it
feels really like something’s scratching inside even though I’ve been taking
the clay. Should I do something else in addition to the clay?

A: She’s having some vaginal discomfort. Women have the ability to throw many
toxins out of the female organs. Even the period is a heavy detoxifier of many
different things. So when you have that kind of ability to discharge, a lot of
poisons are going to be going out of those tissues. She’s saying that she’s
having some kind of a tightness there, some kind of a brittle feeling…?

Yeah, tight and brittle.

A: So she’s not getting enough fats for the amount of toxins that are dumping
out that area. So it would be best to take some kefir or some plain milk
that’s warm – about 105°F – and just inject 2 or 3 ozs of that and lie
down for 20 minutes. And then let it flush out if it doesn’t absorb. But most
of the time it will absorb. Now, if you have a low mucus formation in the
vaginal area, you need to do it with a milkshake, not with plain milk. So have
egg in it and a little extra cream with the milk because the body cannot form a
lot of mucus simply with milk. It takes egg and extra cream with the milk to do
it. Like this gentleman here had a lot of asthma-type reactions recently and
that just tells me he’s not producing enough mucus in his sinuses. So, I say
have milkshakes – 2, 3 a day until it settles, and it’s working. It always

Q: So I can do both of those things?

A: Yeah. So I would say if you are having dryness like that - if you’re not
producing enough mucus - therefore you need the milkshake in there instead of
just milk. Sometimes kefir will do it, if it’s a naturally-formed kefir, not
from grains. You can produce mucus from it, because the body’s pre-digested it
and the tissues can use it. It usually takes a concentrated protein from the egg
white and the egg yolk, combined with the milk to really strongly produce enough
mucus to protect you.

Q: Hair loss.

A: Hair loss. That’s a difficult one. I lost a lot of hair after those
injections 2 years ago April, and it’s growing back again. Putting butter or
bone marrow on the scalp will help protect those follicles and help re-grow
sometimes, but whenever you have hair loss it occurs usually with people who
have a lot of testosterone. Even in women who have a lot of testosterone. What
happens is the body uses the testosterone to detoxify, so it will grab mercury
out of the brain, thallium, lead – anything that’s in the brain - and
remember, those are more concentrated in the nervous system and brain because
the brain uses metallic metals to conduct electricity and transfer light. So,
metallic minerals are the strongest in concentration in the brain and nervous
system. So when the brain throws it off, it throws it out through the scalp –
damages the follicles, so all you can do is try to protect it. Men and women who
are high in testosterone can detoxify more at one time because of the high rate
of fat and protein in the testosterone molecules. So it takes those out and if
you don’t have the highest quality fats – and I mean, concentrated fat and
you’re very fat - it’s likely you’re going to lose hair.

If it is thimerosol from vaccine injections, even if you’re very overweight,
you’re still going to lose hair; it’s going to damage the follicles.
Chemotherapy is a high poison that will cause it in anybody and testosterone
won’t have anything to do with that kind of chemical contamination follicle
damage. The best thing to do is to lubricate the scalp so that the fats get down
into the follicle to try and protect it, as the body builds those toxic metals
into the hair to get rid of them.

Q: You get to comb the hair, or rinse it off?

A: No, no no. You just take it and let it sit at room temperature and warm the
softer ones, let it get warm…or put it in a little jar, immerse it in hot
water and let it get very soft. And then rub it into your fingers lightly, not
wet. You just separate your hair and then brush it into the scalp – rub it
into the scalp, so your hair isn’t too oily.

Q: How long do you leave it on for?

A: Leave it. Don’t rinse it out until the next time you take a shower or
bath, If you’re using butter. If you’re using bone marrow, it’s best to
take the bone marrow out of the bone as soon as you get it and put it in a 4 oz
jelly jar. In the bone. The bone marrow will decay faster and age and become
high faster. If you pop those out of the bone as soon as you get them and put
them in a jar they last a long time – they last weeks or months. Yes. So if
you leave it in the bone it’ll turn rancid quickly. Okay? So that’s what I
do, I pop it out and then you put it in the jar and make it warm. I leave all
mine out 8 hours before I eat them anyway so everything’s room temperature –
my meat, my milk, everything. So if I want to do that, rub it thinly on, rub it
in. It won’t stink. Now butter…one time I went to a board of supervisors
meeting downtown, when I was doing the milk issue in 2000, so 1997 to
2000/2001…I went to a board meeting, a specialized one… we were all around
the big table and about half way through somebody said “OK, who’s got the
butter cookie?”, because I had used butter – fresh, warm butter - on my
scalp and on my skin. So…I didn’t tell them about the butter cookies
(laughter). But it doesn’t really smell that bad after it’s been
on….unless you’re doing some kind of sports in the sun. Then the bone marrow
might turn a little off. But if you’re not putting too much on and you’re
just using enough to be absorbed into the skin after an hour, it’s not going
to stink. And again, you’re not putting it on the hair, except for maybe about
that much of the hair because you’re spreading the hair apart and you’re
rubbing it in those areas. Okay?

Q: Are you using the butter and bone marrow together.

A: That’s good. You can do that. I make that mixture when I give massages and
I will use that for my scalp too. But I’m not as vain, so I don’t do it very

Q: You say you swallow the bone marrow after you pop it out of the bone in the

A: No, pop it out of the bone marrow and put it in those little 4 oz jelly jars
and then put it in the refrigerator.

Q: That’s what I asked – you extract the bone marrow from the bone first...

A: Yes, and put it in the jars. And then it goes in the refrigerator. Okay?

Q: I didn’t hear you when you were just talking about hair loss. Did you say
anything about coconut cream?

A: No. Coconut cream won’t protect the follicles. It’ll help detoxify more
poisons through the scalp and out of the scalp but it won’t really protect it
from hair loss.

Q: Are you saying use bone marrow or butter?

A: Bone marrow and butter are your best protection. Do you have a question?

Q: I have osteoporosis. I’ve been two years on the diet and I’m doing the 3
juices a day. It’s celery, carrots, cucumbers, zucchinis.

A: That doesn’t help osteoporosis. Those vegetable juices add minerals,
enzymes and vitamins for digestive purposes. So your vegetable juice in the
morning will help get your digestion going and also give you more electrolytes
to get your body functioning. When you want to restore bone – if you have
osteoporosis, that’s what she has – you need to eat cheese with honey after
each meat meal. Usually recommended if somebody has osteoporosis: 2 tablespoons
of cheese – raw, no-salt cheese – with about 2 teaspoons of honey, maximum.
You can cut it down to 1 teaspoon per 2 tablespoons of cheese. A small amount of
honey is all it takes. That way you will digest the minerals in the cheese and
you cannot get any higher concentration of minerals than you can in raw, no-salt
cheese. So, that’s your best mineral supplement.

Q: My question on the juice was 'can you change the proportions?'.

A: Well, it depends. I give each person different proportions if they come to
me individually. Are you having cucumber puree? – Okay, then you’re doing
fine. The only way I would change it for you if you were coming to see me and I
found that it should be different. And I recommend people who are on the diet
come and see me once a year just to make sure that everything is going well
because I find that people are detoxifying somewhat differently than they had
been a year or two before, when I had seen them. And they’re not keeping up
with that – they’re taking care of something that doesn’t need to be taken
care of as much as something that they are detoxifying now.

Let me give you an example of how well it works if you come to see me every
year. I had a woman who came to see me three years ago in Chicago, toes and
hands like this… a baseball-size mineral deposit on her elbow, knees blown out
about the size of a soccer ball, especially the left one. So, after two years
she came back to me. She was standing for the first time, with a walker –
couldn’t walk but maybe 30 seconds to a minute with a walker at that time, but
still - that was progress. That was after two years on the diet. Her fingers
were stretched out, she could utilize her hands and fingers then, after two
years - very efficiently. It didn’t look like she had any real big problems
although she had huge knuckle joints everywhere. Last year I said to her husband
– he’s a big, strong guy – I said “Listen, she needs the hot baths every
day. If you’ll give her the hot baths every day – lie in a hot bath every
day, we will get those mineral deposits out quickly because we’ll get the
lymphatic system working.”. So I said “Now I want to see you walking next
year.”. She came in a wheelchair and I said “You’re not walking.”. She
said “But I can. I can walk seven minutes now.”. After six years of not
playing cards with her friends, because she couldn’t handle the cards and she
couldn’t sit there because of her pain, she was back playing cards. And all of
her card friends… “Oh it’s a dangerous diet, crazy diet, don’t do that
diet, don’t do that diet.”. Now she is back to playing cards and walking and
her knees are in perfect shape, hands – all that bump went down in a year.
That whole hardball-sized growth of minerals, which they call calcium deposits,
was gone in a year from doing those hot baths and coming to me and readjusting
her diet every year. It worked - beautifully. You can move through things so
much quicker if you will come to see me. Okay?

Q: Just one more question I want to ask you…if you just eat meat and chicken
and not cheese and honey, will you still get there, or slowly, or not at all?

A: It will take you 30 years to reverse it. You can’t get that concentration
now, because your body’s going to be using the minerals in your juice and your
meat to handle digestion and whatever metabolism you have. There’s not enough
to rebuild bone. And just remember that whenever you have a toxic substance in
your body, your body uses alkalinizing minerals like calcium, phosphorous,
potassium and magnesium to bind with those. Let’s say you’ve got a molecule
of mercury – your body may use 20 calcium molecules, about 10 magnesium
molecules, anywhere from 5 to 30 phosphorous molecules and innumerable amounts
of potassium molecules to bind with one molecule of mercury that would just pass
out of the body. That’s how many minerals you lose if you’re removing one
molecule of mercury. And then the fats that have to go along with that can be
anywhere from 50 to 200 molecules of fat. So you have to understand that
industrial toxins cause huge deficiencies and all the diseases. Even cooking
foods is an industrial process. So you have to understand that just the mere
taking of vegetable juice and eating meat is not going to restore your bones but
very, very, very slowly – if you’re not too contaminated. But, if you have
osteoporosis that’s a sign you’re very contaminated. Your body has used your
bone minerals to bind with those poisons and neutralize them, to get them out of
the body. Do you have a question?

Q: Yeah. About a year ago I started playing basketball on a regular basis and
after a while of playing it I have some ear problems, where it would kind of go
on and off. When you’re on airplanes, they get kind of stuffed up and they
would stuff up, then unstuff until for a while it has not been so good for my
hearing when I run, so is there something I can do about that?

A: Well, that’s a fluid deficiency. Usually when you’re in a plane, too
much water gets into the ear. But overall in the body you’ve got a water
deficiency. When you’re eating raw foods, all of your electrolytes, all of
your minerals and all of your nutrients, whether vitamins, enzymes,
water-soluble fats, fat-soluble fats – no matter what they are they are always
bound with water molecules – H2O. Once you cook something you’ve
fractionated that. The electrolytes dissipate and those bonds between the water
and the nutrients are all separated. That’s why when you cook something you
see all the water separated. Whether you’re cooking meat or vegetables, the
water separates. So you can no longer transport the water properly with the
nutrients to your cells. So cells get deficient.

If you’re eating raw foods, 100% of all of the H2O in that food is entirely
cellularly absorbable. 100%. And all foods are about 90% water except for meats
and they are 55 – 70% water. That’s a lot of water. That’s all the water
we need. That’s why most of the time I don’t drink water – a cup or two a
month. But I’m cleaner, also. I don’t need water every day like I used to.
But you only need a small amount of plain, unsalted, reactive water. Most people
need nutrient-bound water.

Q: Would cucumbers, with a little water, maybe some mineral water, give you the
electrolytes you need if you were out there in the….?

A: Yep. Well, I have the sport drink for that and sport drink is good. But I
was out in the desert; I was standing shooting a gun most of the time. When
there were obstacle courses, they were mild obstacle courses – so no more than
10-15 minutes. So it wasn’t a lot of exercise, just a lot of heat. Had I been
in heavy exercise I would have had the sport drink. Okay? My sport drink, of
course. My sport drink is 1 cup of whey, 1 cup of watermelon puree, 1 cup of
tomato puree or you could do cucumber and watermelon purees, instead of tomato
and watermelon. You could do tomato and cucumber instead of tomato and
watermelon. They’re interchangeable. The cucumber, the tomato and the
watermelon and they all can be combined too. So we had 2 tablespoons of lemon
juice, 2 teaspoons of lime juice, 1 tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar, 1-2
tablespoons of honey, 1-2 tablespoons of coconut cream and 1-2 tablespoons of
dairy cream. If you’re an intense athlete like a basketball player, a runner
or a tennis player, you’re going to need 2-4 tablespoons of cream. Also,
you’re going to need ½ cup of sparkling mineral water and then blend it all
together. And you sip on that, throughout the whole time. Now, I have champion
tennis players. Last year the two high school tennis champions started on the
diet at 8 and 9 years old – a male and female. They would take 1 quart of that
sport drink out with them for five hours of tennis play and their opponent was
guzzling down a gallon of water in 5 hours and they get weakened. So, my players
are out there with that sport drink and those electrolytes and just can’t stop
them. Water will stop you – slow you down because it leaches nutrients out of
your body. It will wear your body down. Okay, so just add some good sport drinks
to your activity – and eat more raw foods of course. Okay, yep.

Q: How do I take care of a cat that gets sick. It really gets sick.

A: Well, cats are the most difficult. Dogs and cats have a tendency to fast
when they get ill so it’s not easy to feed them but if you want to help them,
mix some honey and butter – 6 parts butter to 1 part honey – and you put
that on their tongue. You open their mouth and you put it in their mouth. They
will eat it, even though they don’t want to and that is the only thing that I
have found that promotes cats to getting better without them getting too
irritated and vomiting all over the place. Once in a while they will still vomit
because they’re constantly - even when they’re sick - licking…cleaning
their hair, swallowing hair balls. So even if they’re sick they’re going to
be vomiting that, so it doesn’t have anything to do with the honey and butter.

Q: I want to know any suggestions you might have, since I had recent
hospitalization with major surgery and antibiotics - whatever the hell else they
put in there - what toe in the water to start off in the right direction.

A: Milkshakes and cheese. Milkshake and cheese, milkshake and cheese. Lots of
eggs. So let’s say, 2 milkshakes a day and let’s say, 8 – 10 eggs a day
and 1 meat meal. Cheese every 20 minutes. Just ¼ to ½ teaspoon of cheese every
20 minutes. Keep absorbing the poisons. Have a train of the cheese going
through. And a little bit of food at a time because you’ve had antibiotics
which destroys the digestive tract first. Remember, we’re 150 bacterial genes
to every 1 human gene – we’re not even 1% human. So antibiotics are one of
the worst things you can give anybody when they’re sick because they will not
get well. They will stay in a diseased state and grow more into a diseased state
– on antibiotics. So that’s the way to pull those poisons out of the system.
And the mucus from the milkshakes will help carry it out of the mucus membranes.
Okay? Hot, hot baths. You’ve got the weight - 90 minute baths, 105°F. If
you’re getting flushed and you don’t feel like staying in - use the yarmulke
– put that on top of your bathtub, take an ice-pack, one of those cloth
ice-packs that look like a full head and cool your brain. The brain is the only
thing that does not like to get hot. The body loves to get hot. So you get that
brain cold, that body will want to stay in the hot water. So you only leave it
on until you’re uncomfortable and the body wants to stay in the water. Don’t
leave it on there and get brain freeze.

Q: In 90 minutes the water gets cooler and cooler, right?

A: Get a hot tub or every 20 minutes you let 2 inches out of the bath and then
when the water is going down, for the last inch you turn on only the hot water.
Put your hands there to funnel the cold water right down the drain. Once the
water gets hot then you put the plug back in or flip it – however it works –
and then you stir the water around until it gets to 105, 108°F. Takes 20
minutes for it to lower. If you first fill the bath halfway with scalding water
and let it sit in there for 10–12 minutes, it will heat the entire tub. Then
you put lukewarm water in to bring it up to 112°F. Put your milk, your vinegar,
your clay and your mineral salts, like sun-dried seasalt, put that in the water,
let that sit in there for 7 minutes and then you get in. Then every 20 minutes
you have to re-heat it. For a 40-minute period you only have to re-heat it once.
In a 90-minute period you have to do it 3 times. Not so bad.

Q: I lost a tooth because it broke. Was in there 3 years but finally I had to
get it out and I don’t know what to put back in it. For one thing, it’s
terribly expensive – anything you think of, you know – a new tooth?
There’s no tooth there – gone!

A: I say get a flipper. A little spacer thing. I got this one two months ago.

Q: I want to get something more permanent really. So there’s nothing else
that’s safe that you can put in there?

A: You can get a bridge. You’ll grind the tooth – you know, the back –
the teeth on either side – you’ll grind them down and you’re losing half
those teeth.

Q: Could you let us know what a flipper is? Are they toxic?

A: No, those are pretty solid plastics. They’re not an outgassing plastic. Of
course, I soaked mine in lemon juice for 24 hours.

Q: Is it plastic or porcelain?

A: It’s a plastic. Well, the tooth is porcelain but this is plastic. I think
it’s plastic.

Q: What about the other material on there? Is there metal holding it in place?

A: No, it’s fired together.

Q: My dentist told me that I can have this one tooth ground down because it’s
a small space so they could put the bridge in just with grinding one tooth down,
which I’m considering but even zirconia, screws, anything like that is
absolutely not okay?

A: Well, I don’t want to do it because there’s someone in Thailand at 90
years old on his third set of teeth. If you go and drill something in, you’re
not going to have that ability. So I’m looking at 90 years old to put my third
teeth in. Almost all your tribes grow a third set of teeth between 90 and 110.
There has only been one documented and that only because there was a Chinese
doctor who handled the guy in Thailand. That’s the only reason it got
publicized. It went in two papers. Non-existent. Nobody ever hears about it
again because the medical profession does not want you to know. An oyster farmer
in Thailand lived on bugs and oysters. He lost all his teeth at 60 years old and
at 90 grew his third set of teeth.

Q: I’ve heard that zirconia is not toxic like the titanium. What do you think
about that?

A: Well it’s up to you. I’ve read some research – they thought titanium
was okay, now the research in the last 2 years, now that people have had a lot
of titanium they see that it causes a lot of problems. The only thing I would
say that would be non-toxic is to get a piece of bone from a buffalo or
something like that and have that made into a screw and insert it. That’s what
I would do if I were going to do it and I’ve seen people who’ve done it.
They sculpted it into a screw and screwed it right in. I’ve never seen it

Q: Last year I had 5 CT scans, 2 MRIs and an x-ray this year and I’m
wondering what should I do to detox and when should I start?

A: That’s a lot of stuff to go through. Subscribe to my newsletter. I’ve
got the things to do to reverse radiation and to handle x-ray toxicity and in my
book ‘We Want To Live’, how to remove radiation. It’s going to be there
forever, you’ll deal with it all your life unless you get those contrasts out
of your body. Once radioactively charged they can live 50 - 500,000 years. Even
iodine, if it happens to mix with uranium in your body – even if it’s only
one molecule, and that’s charged with radiation – could be 500 million
years. So unless you can get it out of your body it’s going to be in your body
until you die, causing a lot of trouble, keeping you from regenerating cells,
causing a lot of by-product toxicity, a lot of acrylamides, heterocyclic amines,
lipid peroxides. Clay is the best way to remove it. Put 1¼ cups of clay and 1
cup water into a 2-cup jelly jar. There’s a lot of air space in clay. Once you
mix it, it will reduce down to maybe even less than 2 cups and you may have to
add a little bit more clay and water. It should be the consistency of freshly
made plaster of Paris. Then you let that sit; you can start using it straight
away. The best thing to do if you’ve had that kind of radiation therapy is to
break up radiation therapy because it is radioactive therapy. You’re producing
it that much as a diagnostic tool. [inaudible] therapy, damaging your body that
much. I suggest you use 1 teaspoon of that moistened clay 3 times a day and 2
ozs milk… 3 ozs milk will probably be a little bit better for you. Most
people, if they didn’t have that kind of radiation exposure and contrast, 1
tablespoon a day and 4 ozs milk – for normal radiation. We don’t have normal
radiation with Fukushima. I take a pinch of clay and I put it in every milk I
drink, every liquid I drink I put a pinch of clay in it. I use Terramin clay.

Q: Is that the dry powdered clay or moistened?

A: Either. If it’s moistened, it’s going to turn your milk a little off,
like high meat – for some reason. If you put the powdered in it won’t do

They call it Bentonite, but it isn’t. Bentonite is mainly from volcano ash.
Terramin is from the Mojave desert and it’s mined from an old thermal aqua

Q: So it’s better?

A: Well, if you get it from lava you have molten metal, predominantly.

Q: What about charcoal? Does that the same thing?

A: Not the same. It depends on where you get the charcoal from, but that’s a
whole different subject.

Q: I have a lot of radioactivity, uranium and heavy metals in my lab work.
I’m developing some neurological problems. I’m a neuroscientist and I’m
observing myself…also heavier hair loss so I know that there’s a lot coming
through my scalp, but I notice I’m becoming ADD and flustered. My attention
span is getting shorter and my memory has become very bad. A lot of things are
getting better, but this is getting a little bit worse, progressively…

A: Are you having your vegetable juice?

Q: …Yes, I have vegetable juice every morning.

I’m having trouble reading, it’s getting a little bit worse. I’m becoming
a poor listener and I’m starting to invert numbers when I’m copying them

A: All that contamination you had, from formaldehyde and everything that poured
into your body is in your brain. And as it moves it’s going to cause more
damage. Now that you have the good weight on you, you should have less of that
but there’s less circulation into the brain than other areas unless you sleep
on the slant. So you can put a pie-shaped board, or something to raise your feet
up so your head is down so in the night you get more flushed into the brain but
you have to eat a meat meal before you go to sleep at night. And you can use
sour cream with your meat and/or butter. Don’t use fresh cream with your meat
– ever - because it will coat it and you won’t digest more than half of it
usually. Sour cream is already broken down and there isn’t a lot of digestive
process. Raw cream is very difficult, complicated to digest. It requires 60
varieties of bile to make 60 varieties of cholesterol to do all the chores.
Butter only requires 1/3 to 50% of that, so butter is much easier to digest.
Sour cream is a good thing for the brain because no fat feeds the brain and
nervous system like raw cream but when you eat it with meat it’s very
difficult unless it is already pre-digested as sour cream. And also you need the
clay with the milk to help protect your brain and follicles.

Q: Can I use a sauna instead of a hot bath or does that not replace a hot bath?

A: Doesn’t replace it at all. That would be a whole question because it is
very different. When you have air space around you, the air space of control
from your body, that’s a whole 12 to 14 inches away. When you have water next
to your body you only have 1 to 1 ½ inches. You’ll notice that when you’re
in hot water and you don’t move for 5 minutes it starts feeling cool because
your body has mediated the temperature between the water and your body. All you
have to do is move a little bit and you feel the heat right away. When you’re
in a sauna you have to move around to move out of that 12 – 14 inch space to
feel the heat again. So when your body can be cool with that much distance,
it’s not a good thing. Water heat is direct and constantly close. Air produces
too much space. A steam bath is the same way, plus the steam and sauna get so
hot they will damage your mucus membranes, your sinuses, your eyes, your nose,
your throat, your lungs and your bronchials. All will be damaged with that high
heat and then you’ll start producing mucus, you’ll start having allergies as
you get older, you’ll start having sinus congestion, nasal drip, all kinds of
problems for people who regularly go into saunas and steam baths. Hot tubs are
the best thing; the temperature is constant.

Q: I had back pains some months ago. At times I detox and it varies. Is there
something I can do so I don’t have to do this?

A: The same way I helped my back, and Barbara helped her back – hot baths.
You may have to get in it several times a day, maybe 2 or 3 90-minute baths or
45-minute baths. When you’re lying down sleeping you can have 2 hot water
bottles along your spine. The heat is the important thing. In the spinal cord
are all those vertebrae along your spine - hard bone, the cartilage between
them, tendons, ligaments. It’s all tight and solid. Whenever you have pain,
it’s swelling. Your body has increased the flow of blood, lymph and
neurological fluids to help cleanse the area and rebuild it. Swelling puts the
pressure on the nerves: that’s pain. If you take a hot bath or hot water
bottles at your spine it will relax all the tendons and ligaments. You will be
able to expand and relax the nervous system so it will have space for the
swelling for the increased nutrients.

Q: I could sleep for days.

A: You were heavily detoxing something out of the spinal cord. It could have
been anything from just tin from canned food waste or vaccine.

Q: When I detox, 80% of the toxicity is some kind of back problem? Could have
been vaccines….

A: Could have been just that. Remember when people had tonsillitis and polio in
the ‘50s? It came from canned food. Canned foods really caught on in ’47,
the year I was born. The king and queen of England helped get World War 2 going
over the whole planet because they own 70% of all food manufacturing in the
world. So they wanted canned foods to catch on. So even though it’s completely
inane and incongruous, the issue was - “Support your loved ones fighting the
war – eat canned food”. That was the whole model that was going on at that
time. My mother jumped on it like a hot cake because she loved not having to
wash the vegetables, not having to slice them. Everything was pre-prepared in
the can. All she had to do was open a can, dump it into a pot and cook it. She
loved it, absolutely adored it. So that’s all we ate – canned food. The one
thing that wasn’t canned was meat, however canned tuna, canned pork soaked in
pineapple and cloves in the can already, which is even worse for getting metal
poisons out. Anyway, that whole generation in the ‘50s and early ‘60s was
contaminated by the metal waste in their spinal cords and tonsils. That’s why
there was a tonsillitis and polio epidemic in the ‘50s and ‘60s. So what did
the king and queen of England do? Plastic. Remember the first time we heard
majorly of plastic? Anyone remember what movie that was?

The Graduate?

A: The Graduate, that’s it. 1967, but the screenplay was written back in the
early ‘60s by someone who was in the elitist crowd that knew the king and
queen of England started coding the cans in their countries, not in America, in
other countries with plastic. They sprayed plastic inside. That created a lot
more homosexuals, a lot more lesbians because it created a crossing of genders.
It disturbs the female and male hormone activity and I don’t think there’s
anything wrong with homosexuality at all. If that’s your thing – that’s
your thing, it’s a physiological thing, a biochemical thing. It’s not a
choice. So if that’s the way you are, that’s the way you are. But
(inaudible) of it came from that if you look online now, look up male and female
hormonal disruption, especially female hormones from plastics. So they just
traded one illness for another. The king and queen of England still own, that
family still own 70% of all food production in the world plus they own 35% of
all land in the world. Richest family in the world and most powerful.

Q: What about stevia?

A: Stevia is a leaf; it’s a vegetable. You won’t digest it well. It’s a
sugar substitute but not a healthy one. It’s not poisonous like Equal but it
won’t digest very well and will interfere with digestion of other foods. Honey
and dates are the best things to use to sweeten your foods.

Q: Honey has a lot of calories

A: No, it doesn’t. When the bee collects the nectar, it swallows the nectar
and pre-digests it. It converts 90% of the sugars into enzymes that help digest,
assimilate and utilize fats and proteins so it’s only 10% sugar and stevia is
8-9% sugar so it’s the same ratio. However, when you heat the honey over 93
degrees, it destroys the insulin-like substance bees produce in the nectar to
make that conversion. When they get back to the hive they vomit. That’s what
honey is: bee vomit. From 93 to 100 it increases. Heating over 100 degrees, it
goes back to high sugar.

Q: I have Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia and am supposed to avoid high
glycemic foods. Unfortunately, I’m on sugar.

A: If you have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia you need sugars for digestive

Q: It makes me feel bad

A: Well, you’re taking too much. Take 3 drops – like ¼ teaspoon every
hour. That’s not going to hurt you. You could put it in your milk.

Q: [unclear]

A: If you have honey and butter, you can do that. If you have dates, cheese and
butter, you can do that.

Q: Should I stay away from cheese because of all the mold?

A: Let me tell you, these therapists don’t know their butt from a hole in the
ground. All they do is listen to doctors. They think the same way as doctors.
The body is attacking itself. If you’re eating raw cheese that’s molded, and
that’s how you make cheeses - the molds predigest the cheese just like
lactobacillus predigests your yogurt, your milk to make yogurt and kefir. It’s
not a bad thing. If it’s mold grown on pasteurized cheese, you’ve got a
problem. But my people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue – it depends on
what’s caused it – all eat cheese and honey and some fruit. They just have
to eat it with a lot of fat.

Q: What if the chronic fatigue is caused by intestinal overgrowth?

A: It’s a lie. Never happens. If you have low bacteria, you’d better have
molds in there to digest. You don’t have either very well, you’d better have
parasites for digestion.

Q: Do you have a diet for chronic fatique and fibromyalgia?

A: A diet depends on what’s caused it. It is caused in different people for
different reasons. I can name 30. Chemotherapy: When I had chemotherapy, I went
into chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. When I was a child – as young as I can
remember – I had chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia from vaccines. Some kind of
industrial pollution has caused it in your system. A whole lifetime of
collecting it. Got to the point where your system can’t handle it any more so
now all your nutrients are going to isolate and harness those toxins instead of
going to the activity of your body.

Q: Clay.

A: Clay, cheese will pull those toxins out of the body. It has to be raw,
no-salt cheese and if it’s moldy on the outside – if you see some white –
just scrape it off. The mold inside is fine but if you look at the white
hair/moldy stuff under a microscope you’ll see hundreds of thousands of
microscopic mushrooms with spores. You can get too many spores at one time in a
sick body. Just scrape off the surface; there are no mushrooms inside. Only on
the surface. If your body is not sick, you might be able to use the mold.

Q: Bonnie Bassler did a talk on bacteria.

A: She did that TED talk seven years ago and at that time they believed there
were 100:1 bacterial to human genes. But in the last two years they’ve started
breaking down the genomes for bacterial and they’re saying it’s a minimum of
150:1 bacterial to human genes.

Q: She injected mice with bacteria, and made them sick.

Q: She’s growing [the bacteria] in a petri dish and not using bacteria that
occur naturally in the body. If I take your cells and put them in a petri dish,
they are no longer functioning with your blood supply, your neurological and
lymphatic flows. It’s completely chemistry – a foreign environment. You put
bacteria, salmonella, E. coli in a petri dish, it’s going to start digesting
those cells…but not inside the human body unless the cells have already
decayed. It won’t tackle live cells in the body like it will in the petri dish
or in the mouth. She’s taking a petri dish bacteria that she’s cultured in a
laboratory solution outside of the body and injecting that into mice. Not a
natural bacteria; nor is injecting it in one place in the body a good thing.
You’re going to deteriorate the tissue at that site of injection. As shallow
as the medical thinking is, they get away with it because nobody thinks deeply.
And the doctors stay stupid; they’re not conditioned to think deeply. The
scientists have tunnel vision, too.

Q: [unclear]

A: Is it pussing – turning colors?

Q: [unclear]

A: You have penicillin and tetracycline in those joints discharging out that
toe. You may have it in all those toes in that foot. The only thing you can do
is put lime juice on it, rub it in a little bit and let it soak into it. Then
put a wet clay pack on it, wrap with a gauze strip and wet the strip after
it’s on there. Then tape it in place. Replace once every two days applying
lime first. If it feels like it’s getting dry, put a little water or milk on

Q: Constipation. I eat plenty of onions, butter.

A: You’re so thin – so fat deficient – your bowel is dry. You have to
double up on your butter. The only way you’re going to get enough fat to your
bowel is to put it in the rectum. So I suggest people take 3 tablespoons each of
butter, coconut cream and dairy cream. Sour cream is the best. Mix it together
with ¼ teaspoon honey in a little 4 oz jelly jar, shake, put in a bowl of hot
water until 103-105 degrees and insert into rectum with a bulb syringe, and
leave it. I suggest you get on all fours and bark like a dog. Need an extender
to get it past the rectal area into the sigmoid colon. Once in, you rest your
face on your hands and roll your belly like a belly dancer. That will move it up
the descending colon, and up the transverse colon. Three or four minutes. Then
lie on your right side, left leg up and roll your stomach again like a belly
dancer, moving farther into transverse and and little bit down into the
ascending colon. So what you’ve done is directly fed your E. coli and other
colon bacteria with fresh fat that they never get. Usually makes people more
positive, happier and you don’t have constipation. True constipation is when
you have a blockage in your intestines. Most people’s constipation is that
their bacteria – their bowel - is holding up fecal matter in the sigmoid colon
to get as many nutrients out of it as possible. Remember, bacteria is 80-90% of
digestion – 90% if you’re real healthy. Bacteria eat the food that you’ve
eaten. Their fecal matter, their urine, their sweat is our food. So never be
squeamish about it. That’s what we eat from the bacterial – their shit, piss
and sweat. So those colon bacteria – since you’ve been on a toxic diet most
of your life – are starved for good, fresh nutrients. They only get what’s
leftover remains from being on a toxic diet so long. If you feed them from the
back end your whole life will change. You’re skinny. Someone who has a lot of
good fat on them doesn’t have to do it frequently but you will because
you’re thin. Your body is so starved for nutrients everything is being ripped
out in the small intestines and you’re not going to have much left over for
the colon. If you do this once a week your body is going to be so much happier.

Q: Will high meat help him?

A: Not unless it’s a high fat meat and most meats are not – not grass-fed

Q: Where do you get that bulb syringe?

A: Cara brand. Like $7 online. Can only get little 2 oz size.

Q: My CVS has 8 oz for $7. 101 E. Alameda Ave., Burbank, CA.

Q: About two weeks ago I broke out with eruption on my back and it spread out
into an area about that big with multiple hard, stiff raised areas like deep
boils that wouldn’t come to a head. Not a rash. What do I do?

A: Too deep. The lymphatic system has to break it down so it can be perspired
out of the body. One day you put pineapple on it. The next two days you put
butter on it. The day after that you rub papaya into it. Then two days of
butter. Then pineapple [again repeating sequence]. And keep the heat on it. You
need a hot water bottle on it all night long so all of that will be dissolved
and moved out. And if you’re sitting down you can put a hot water bottle on it
then, too. You have to move it into the lymphatic system. The more heat and
hours, the quicker it will break down to be removed from the system.

Q: How to gain weight.

A: Eat a pound of meat a day with a lubrication formula two times a day.
That’s what I put my weightlifters on – bodybuilders. If you don’t want to
gain that much weight that fast and you’re not working out to help, eat about
2/3 of a pound of meat a day with about ¾ of a lubrication formula twice daily.

Q: I have a strange growth – right there on my foot and it’s sharp like a

A: That’s a wart that’s very quickly disintegrating so that’s a good
sign. Most will grow and stay a long time; his is already turning into like a
scab and you can break it off. You can soak it in hot water. Like here [on my
foot] – all those spots those came out from all those injections. Every
anniversary of those injections in the first week of April, I start having
cancer again covering the foot and it’s just now finishing. And these were all
cancer tumors. This one was the worst – very thick and very high. What I do is
take a bucket – even if I’m in a hotel room – fill it with hot water with
coconut cream, milk and sea salt and I’ll soak my foot. Sometimes five hours a
day so that the tumor will break up, dissolve and not stay hard. I’d have to
wait for cancer cells to die to secrete their fluid and dissolve it. So the
growths wouldn’t get bigger and bigger. When it was so bad my foot was covered
– you can see all these spots – big things like this. They come and they go.
This one lasted a full four weeks; this one lasted three weeks; most lasted two
weeks at a time. This one’s going to go probably a full six-seven weeks.

When I went three days in the desert for the gun training, I wasn’t taking
the time to soak it and this thing got very thick and very hard; it kept growing
and growing. As soon as I started putting it in the water, it began reducing
immediately. I will shoot anyone who tries to inject me again. Let that be known
and spread the word. This was in 2009 after I talked against the swine flu and
got a lot of death threats for a month. I went to Asia and was abducted in a
hotel room and given three injections in the arm.

Q: Did you get rid of the effects of those shots?

A: They’re still coming out. It’s in one of the newsletters. Most of those
newsletters are going to make up the next detoxification book. The next
newsletter will be coming out this week. I know I’m six months behind but
you’ll probably be getting two in July. They’ll be a lot of pictures on my
cancers – how I went through it from April to now. I also have pictures of the
bladder stone I had in 2006. There are all these rumors about what I had so
I’m going to set the record straight. Show what I had, what happened, and why.
So stop all these frickin’ rumors.

Q: Bucket soaking details.

A: I would have a bucket that went up this high. To 2.5 gallons of water I
would add about half a cup of milk, a tablespoon of sea salt or Epsom salts, and
two tablespoons of coconut cream.

Q: Seafood? Fukushima?

A: I recommend deep-sea fish, right now not from the Pacific Ocean. From the
Atlantic; fish caught anywhere from South Carolina on up north.

Q: What about from New Zealand, Hawaii?

A: Not Hawaii but New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Finland, Sweden are fine.
Hawaii is getting radiation from Fukushima. According to Lorie in Hawaii, there
is 1200X the radiation level. In the east, in Dubai, it’s 8200X the radiation
level - way over NE Africa. The reports are that Alaska has taken more radiation
from Fukushima than anywhere else. I stopped eating it four years ago and
won’t eat salmon ever again because every time I ate it – no matter where it
was from – I got sick. They’ve been lying to us all along. They released
genetically modified salmon thirty years ago and now it’s pervasive in all the
salmon. The law has allowed them to do it and they’ve only admitted it in the
last three or four years because now people are detecting that there are
genetically modified salmon. They needed to get the government OK on it because
people started suing them for releasing the salmon. They were not supposed to be
releasing genetically modified salmon. They would have gone bankrupt.

Q: What about oysters from Canada?

A: Oysters are the only shellfish I know that put all the toxins into the shell
so as long as you’re not eating the shell you should be fine no matter where
they come from – wouldn’t buy anything from Hawaii, though.

Q: Any other fish?

A: No trouble with other deep-sea fish: halibut, sea bass, shark, tuna.
Swordfish is my favorite but highest in mercury. I have my hair analyzed
frequently. One time, Green Peace sponsored it, other times I had paid a small
amount. I sent seven samples of my hair all from the same period to see if there
would be different concentrations of mercury coming out of my hair. The area
where I have been bald since chemotherapy and radiation therapy spits out the
most mercury so it keeps me bald. There is starting to be some regrowth there
and if I hadn’t had those injections I’d be 20 years younger than I am right
now - the way I was before those injections. [skipping a bit here at 30” mark]
Anyway, I like swordfish best and my mercury levels before these injections were
anywhere from 1.45 to 3.2. You’re not considered contaminated until you’re
10 or 11. So, I’m down toward the low end and I eat a lot of swordfish. It
[mercury] doesn’t absorb unless you’re eating it cooked. You always get it
freshest from the Santa Monica Seafood Market. Whole Foods buys it but then
holds it up distributing it to their stores.

Q: Hot Bikram Yoga.

A: The exercise is fine but it’s not going to melt the stuff out of your
body. Even in a hot room, your body will never get over 100.1 degrees. In order
to start melting that lymphatic congestive toxicity from waxed hydrogenated
plastic vegetable oils – your transfatty acids – it takes 102 or 103 to 105
degrees or hotter. So exercise isn’t going to do that. It will help get rid of
lactic acid from your metabolism. It will help you perspire your normal daily
wastes out but it’s not going to clean up your lymphatic system.

Q: I know the lymphatic baths help with insomnia – what else helps?

A: Eat protein before you go to sleep. Milkshake, meat. Eggs probably not a
great idea unless you’re going to down about five eggs in 20 minutes because
you get hungry too quickly. Milkshake – milk, eggs, honey, little bit of cream
- better. Most people need eight hours of sleep. Can nap. I only get about 3 ½
to 4 ½ hours and that works for me. When I was out in the desert I was active
in all that heat - walking, standing, shooting for hours – I was sleeping 6
hours. My normal exercise is being hunkered over my computer keyboard and
carrying my groceries once a week.

Q: Recovery from discharged cancerous tumor.

A: She just discharged a six-inch long tumor that was analyzed to have been
cancerous. Remember, a tumor – whether cancerous or benign – is a collection
of dead cells your body was not able to dissolve and remove from your system.
Industrially, toxically damaged and hardened cells. The body may not even want
to dissolve them and instead builds them into a tumor and women have that great
ability to discharge it through the uterus. So, she discharged a 6-inch tumor
through her uterus. Great way to get rid of a lot of dead cells fast so the body
doesn’t have to dissolve it. Nor did the cancer cells have to die and let out
their viral like serum which is a solvent to dissolve all the dead cells that
surround each cancer cell. Now the cancer cell is the remedy for cancer not the
problem. Your cancer cell has a fluid inside it that is a viral-like solvent
that dissolves dead cells. Around each cancer cell you will not find another
live cancer cell; you will find it surrounded by anywhere from 50 to 200 dead
cells. The serum from one cancer cell can dissolve that many dead cells. Your
cancer cell is a way to get rid of dead cells fast. If you have a benign tumor,
there’s no cancer cell to dissolve all that dead tissue and you’re going to
live with your benign tumor your whole life. There’s no blood circulation into
it – nothing. You’ll never be able to get rid of it. So I prefer cancerous
tumors. Your cancer cell is your cure. So, she discarded that tumor and wants to
know how to recover. She has had spinal cancer for five years and her body is
taking all those dead cells along the spine, building them into the cervix and
she has started dumping tumors out of her uterus [just like Owanza did in my
book]. Perfect. There is no quick recovery for that because the body has to
replace spinal cells. Spinal cells are slowing in growing. The only way to speed
that up is to have Jim rub bone marrow all over your spine every night and eat
one piece of bone marrow seven times a day. Have it with milk or meat. But,
don’t ever have it with fruit.

Q: Baths for her recovery...

A: Baths are still pretty important but not as long - 40-45 minute baths until
she gets a little bit stronger. Not 90 minutes. Ninety-minute baths help you
detox faster. Forty minute baths will help you detox the loose stuff from the
daily detox of the lymphatic system and help bring the fever up to help
regenerate cells. The 90 minute baths bring the heavy lymphatic detoxification.

Q: Hot water bottles didn’t help my headaches – made worse.

A: Usually it will make it worse for 5-10 minutes. It takes 20 minutes. I say
in my book that if you use a hot water bottle for headache, it will make it
worse for 5-10 minutes. You have to understand the fissures in the skull are
tightened together with these tendons – ligaments - and they do not relax
easily. So when you put heat on your skull, guess what swells up first – the
brain. You’ll have more headache the first 5-10 minutes. After that, the
ligaments start relaxing and the whole skull expands relieving that pressure. A
headache is the pressure from the swelling in the brain on the meninges – the
skin of the brain. You don’t have a headache in the brain. Neurons don’t
have any nerves. Migraines, too. It’s the swelling in the brain that puts
pressure on the meninges – the skin of the brain that’s anywhere from 8 to
11 – sometimes more layers - thick. So, it takes 15-20 minutes to get that
skull to relax, to expand. You just have to get through that 5-10 minutes of
headache. You take it off after the headache subsides.

Q: Headache starts again.

A: You must have something awfully toxic in your brain. Could be formaldehyde.
I don’t know anything that causes more swelling than formaldehyde. Squalene
causes that kind of brain swelling in mice and rats. Have you had a flu vaccine
within the last three years?

Q: No.

A: It’s not squalene, then. Salt can do that. Ninety percent of headaches in
the average person are from salt. Were you a heavy salt user when you were

Q: [unclear]

A: I think it’s probably formaldehyde. Did you work with chemicals at all in
your lifetime? Antifreeze? Freon? Those will cause headaches and brain swelling.
Are you eating [unsalted, raw] cheese regularly?

Q: Cheese makes me too constipated.

A: Eat it with butter. Put that injection up your butt. You’re too lazy. One
key thing is cheese because that cheese can pull that stuff out so it doesn’t
stay in your brain easily. In your case, you need to put that suppository in
there every three days. I know, it’s a pain in the butt. Leave it in all
night. It’s to be digested and absorbed. That’s why you roll your belly like
a belly dancer to get it to move up in there. Once a week for the average person
but he needs it every three days. Getting well is not easy in our industrially
toxic society. When they try to rob us of our milk, filing suits again Amish
farmers providing milk for private individuals, you know that’s a serious

Q: Growth, wart...?

A: That’s a benign tumor so there’s several things you can put on it. If
you want it quicker, you can rub raw apple cider vinegar on just the top area
two to three times a day. It will scab the top layer and just keep peeling away
every two to three days. Will probably take six or nine months to get rid of it.
You can put pineapple on it, too. It will go deeper but slower. So what you can
do is put pineapple on it one day and vinegar the next three days.

Q: Skin tags.

A: One day pineapple and two to three days vinegar. Skin tags are a smaller
network of them not as complex and hard [as warts]. They’re not predominantly
dead cells, some of it’s cartilage from her elbow – not dead cells but they
don’t function well as cartilage any more. They’re still alive and soft –
not like Jim’s which are hard because they’re completely dead, dry and
scaling off. When she puts the vinegar and pineapple on there, it will kill the
cells. She says, “I don’t want joint cells here on my skin. If you’re not
going to work there, get the fuck off.” When gone, might leave a little
whitened area.

Q: Cell phone protection.

A: There’s no wire inside. It’s just a rubber tube that clips on to your
phone. I bought it in Thailand. I’ve got a good phone now that the
speakerphone is all I need to use most of the time. Once in a while I get
somebody with a bad connection. Just put it on like this. Here’s the earpiece
where you listen clips right on to there. I never hold the cell phone. I put it
down at least a foot away from me and talk like this. Talking into there and
hearing out of here. If in the car, I put it in the door slot.

Q: Is that superior to Biopro and their hollow tube piece that’s supposed to
be very safe for cell phones and insulate against any harmful…?

A: You’ve got an electromagnetic field coming out near the heart and that’s
a bad thing. Instead of the left ear it’s near the heart right at the thyroid.
Not a good thing.

Q: What phone do you have?

A: This is an AT&T Life is Good LG. One of their smallest phones. What I do is
take my EMF meter in and test every phone for the one with the least radiation
– EMF field. I only turn my phone on when I’m using it. It doesn’t put out
much of an EMF field except when you’re on a call. The EMF field is very low.
It will send out a signal communicating with a tower every 3-4 minutes. I
don’t like AT&T but I’ve got no choice where I live.

Q: Is the milk situation getting worse or better?

A: It’s getting worse. The FDA filed a suit in April against Dan Allgyer, one
of my Amish farmers. They filed a civil suit – not criminal –because the
Supreme Court gave corporations the right to be persons. So now the U.S.
government corporation can sue in civil court. Before they could only take you
to criminal court. So they filed a civil action to get a permanent injunction
against him producing raw milk. In that plea they said that raw milk is
dangerous and causes epidemics. There’s no science for that or anything. My
Amish farmers do not sue so all he did is get a legal advocate to answer that
“We are not commercial. We produce the milk for somebody else. We’re owned
by somebody else. We do not deal in commerce. And government only has
jurisdiction over commerce.” That’s how I set it up. So that’s how he
pled. I filed a cross-complaint and intervention in which I said the FDA is out
of their jurisdiction. We are not in commerce. These cows are owned by a club.
They have jurisdiction only over public commerce and no milk goes to the public.
I wrote the FDA and the HHS (Human Health Services - the big branch of
government that houses the FDA, USDA and other health services) a letter in May,
2010, and warned them that the animals were owned by a private club and the milk
was only being produced for them – not being sold to the public. You had to be
a paid member to join, sign a membership agreement that we want the raw milk
with all the bacteria in it and that you have no jurisdiction. The next time you
come on the property, you better have a warrant. If you have a warrant, it will
be illegal because you will be out of jurisdiction and it will be based on
forged documents. I said, “We will get you for trespassing and harassment.”
So, they came back a year later with a warrant. I filed suit a “cross
complaint in intervention” against them for $480,000 for trespassing and
kidnapping. They have double standards. When a government agency seizes you,
they call it arrest. So it would be a false arrest. Bullshit. If you seize
anybody for two minutes, it’s kidnapping. So, I filed kidnapping charges
against them, not false arrest. I put “false arrest” behind
“kidnapping.” Got them for racketeering, fraud, for false information they
put up on their and the CDC websites. I asked for an injunction against them
putting any non-scientifically based information on raw milk on their website
again ever. And, The DOJ (Department of Justice) flipped out when they got my
cross complaint, “He’s bringing issues in that have nothing to do with it”
and I responded back, “You opened the door to Pandora’s box when you said
that raw milk causes epidemics.” Can’t get out of that now. The judge
hasn’t ruled on anything yet so I don’t know how it’s going to stand.

Q: Clinic in Thailand?

A: I was going to build a clinic in Thailand and I spent seven years looking
for a piece of property. That means I took a 4-wheel drive everywhere in
Thailand except some of the islands. I just didn’t want to be on an island
when there are earthquakes around there. I finally found a piece of land in a
remote area at the foot of a national forest that’s at the foot of a mountain.
There’s no pollution coming down that mountain into my property. Only great
water, leaves, etc. coming down from the forest to fertilize my land. So I
bought 73 rie (about 34 acres) two-thirds of which are national forest that I
wanted to keep. There was a pond that I started to expand to a 90x90 meter lake
and they freaked out seizing my backhoe and tractor. I didn’t cut down a
single tree. I only got the lake two-thirds dug and not as deep as I wanted so I
could grow catfish there. Thailand has some of the biggest fish in the Mekong
Delta River that are 200 pound catfish. I love raw catfish. It’s just hard to
find catfish in unpolluted water. I still need to dig it out more. So the
government came in and threatened to seize my land, take over two-thirds of my
land. This went on for a year and the last time I met with them, they called me
in for a conference with a judge, the district attorney, the land authority, the
forest and police departments. They tried to extort me for $200,000. I lost it.
Have not screwed with me since; however they’re not going to let me build any
more buildings on the property. I have my house, my barn, and the house I had
built for my workers. They don’t want any more buildings that close to the
forest so I have to buy the adjacent land – adjacent my property but away from
the forest - which will be for sale pretty soon. But I got those people very
angry with me and I may have to have somebody go and buy it for me.

Q: What was their objection?

A: They don’t want any contamination on the land adjacent to the forest. They
let Thais do it. There’s a fish hatchery right up against the forest and they
cut all the trees down. I do have fish but they’re small and I have to catch
and butcher them all the time.

Q: What kind of clinic?

A: People will come to get well on the primal diet, have food prepared for
them, be with other people on the diet. Can be a clinic, a resort. Lessons on
how to prepare food but my recipe DVD is out now so you don’t have to come.

Q: Philippine clinic?

A: It’s way out, no paved roads, very rough territory to get to.

Q: Do you grow raw herbs?

A: I’ve got my land now in Thailand. I’ve converted about five acres [from
rice] to coconuts because there were not coconuts on the property. There were
already coconuts on the Philippine property. I’ve planted avocados, papayas,
mangos, jackfruit, citrus and tropical fruits. I’ve got more of that already
growing in the Philippine property already mature – jackfruit 100 feet high.
Just planted pineapple in both places. So I’m developing it slowly. I have
three cows in Thailand, one horse. And in the Philippines I have 11 goats –
about 5 more by the time I get back. Lots of chickens in both places.

Q: What do you do with the land in the Philippines?

A: That’s for me; my time away. It’s on a mountain overlooking the ocean.
It isn’t like Malibu where the mountains are very far from the ocean. It’s
only about ¾ mile down to the ocean. So close but about 2000 feet above the
ocean. Property goes from about 2000-10,000 feet with panoramic view of the
ocean. You can’t see Vietnam, though. The only boats you see are itty-bitty
3-person fishing boats. A ship may be once every 2-3 months and maybe once a
month a boat going to Japan or Taiwan from the copper mine 100 miles south.
There are no cities on the west side of that island – only on the east and
south sides. Completely pristine.

Q: Will you be treating or having someone to treat people with stem cells?

A: I won’t be doing that at the clinic. They can go to Bangkok have it done
by one of my patients. No, there are just certain things that they do. Have to
have doctors that are willing to inject for certain things. He has it for heart,
for pancreas, for liver, for kidneys. I think that’s it – those four.

Q: Stem cells..?

A: Bone marrow from Northstar Bison or one of the Amish farmers. Those stem
cells are not animal. Those are vegetable stem cells and won’t act like bone
marrow and meat, milk.

Q: Why those places rather than South America?

A: Well, I didn’t go to South American because Cheney and Bush bought up more
than 200 million acres and I don’t want to be anywhere where they are. Nobody
likes the Philippines because there are so many volcanoes - 52 volcanoes and 19
are active. Called the ring of fire. Only place in the Philippines where they
don’t have volcanoes, earthquakes or typhoons is the island I’m on. The
island I’m on – Palauwon - is way off between other Philippine islands &
Vietnam - on its own table and belt so it won’t break off. No earthquakes,
volcanoes, typhoons. It is the only island I could find in a primitive area that
wasn’t threatening. Palauwon has only 2% population. The biggest city has only
50,000 people. Only 2% of the roads are paved on the island. Everyone lives in
huts the size of this porch. My house is 60x20 feet and it’s seen as a
mansion. Most eat right out of their own gardens.

Q: How do you get your food supply?

A: In the Philippines there is a government run dairy where I get my raw milk.
Not many cows. Next time I go in October or November I’ll be getting my own
cows. In Thailand there are dairies all over and they have no problem with
selling me raw milk. Both places advocate pasteurization but have no problem
with raw and will even deliver it raw but not my remote location. So I go in
every 3-7 days to get it. I did get my own goats for milk in the Philippines.