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                              Q&A Of August 22, 2011


Questions and Answers in Omaha, Nebraska

Q: about colds and flu and how it is not contagious.

A: Colds and flus are similar. A cold is always microbial. So you have
bacteria, you have parasites and you have fungus. All of those can cause
detoxification. A cold is usually 80 to 90 percent microbial. ...maybe 10
percent flu - and flu is solvent activity. Parasites can eat 100 times their
weight in 24 hours. And of course they go after dead or damaged cells. And the
waste that they eliminate is 1 - 5 percent. So, if they are taking 100% of
something toxic, and reducing it to 5 percent, that is the janitor I want. And
they are janitors. They have janitorial microbes. just like they have building
microbes. We are 260 bacterial genes to every one human gene. We are 99.9
percent bacterial. So the whole idea that bacteria create disease is absolute
nonsense. The idea that a few hundred thousand microbes or even 200 thousand
microbes can take over all the microbes, the bacteria, in the body is
ridiculous. It is ludicrous. The medical profession is just trying to hide their
chemical poisoning of the planet, the human species and all domesticated animal
species as bacterial when basically they created 70 percent of the whole
diseases, mainly with vaccines. Vaccines have 5 basic ingredients and even when
they tell you there is no mercury in it, they are lying. We've had 5 of the
vaccines, including MMR that are supposed to be mercury free. It is less
mercury. It is about 20 percent less mercury but before you were talking about
76 quadrillion molecules of mercury, now it is 45 quadrillion molecules of
mercury. Big deal. It takes 50 to 200 molecules of fat to remove one molecule of
mercury safely. It is going to take you a lifetime to get rid of one injection
or vaccine.

Q: How many molecules of fat?

A: 50 to 200. With those kinds of poisonings in the body, that causes all this
damage - biological, cellular damage. And even destroys bacteria. If we have
that much bacteria propelling everything... the energy we produce... it is all
bacteria. Bacteria is behind everything. Absolutely everything. Intracellularly,
they have... the whole microcosm of bacteria of their own. So it's bacteria on
bacteria on bacteria. And you look at science, they say 'well, it was the first
thing on the planet - bacteria'. Everything is based on bacteria

Q: [inaudible]

A: Absolutely, completely. And to believe that a few janitorial ones, what they
call pathogenic, create disease is insane. If you look at the proportions of
disease that increased as our dependence on industry and chemicals and
medications has increased, so has disease. In 1957, the rate of cancer was 1 in
1/1,000. Now it is 1 in 2 for men and 1 in 3 for women. How can you blame that
on bacteria? We destroy bacteria every day with everything. The whole idea that
bacteria create disease is insane. Out of a group of bacteria, we have
janitorial bacteria. When you take human cells or any animal cell, you put it in
a petri dish in a fluid that sustains life, does not make it thrive, what have
you done? You have taken it out of your natural environment. So, what is likely
to happen? Microbial, janitorial microbes are going to grow. And they are going
to eat those cells, those animal cells in that petri dish. So, the
pharmaceutical and medical industry and sciences that work for them say 'see!
see! ... ...creates diseases. ... destroying and eating these good healthy
cells'. They are not in the human body. They can't be healthy cells They are not
in the bloodstream flowing. They are sitting stagnant in a fluid that keeps them
alive but not thriving and healthy. So, this is the manipulation that goes on.
So, we go through a cold or a flu, we have these microbes, fungi or microbes,
that go in and eat up these damaged cells and tissue that needs to be recycled.
If we don't recycle it, what do we have? Cancer. Cancer is nothing other than
the body's inability to dissolve and eliminate dead cells so the body stores
them as tumors. There are warts, moles. The most being an expression of tumors
and to the major fibroids and then the massive development of odd shaped tumors
that can block functionality. These janitorial microbes must get in there and
break these cells down so that they work efficiently like if we don't break down
the vegetation from one year to the next, we don't build soil, we don't recycle;
it becomes stagnantly a desert. It is the same thing in the human body: if we
don't get rid of dead damaged cells, we can't reproduce them. You don't have to
go. And if you maintain dead cells, then what do you have? You have scar tissue;
you have bricks in the wall which are not alive. The bricks in the wall cannot
create energy for you, they cannot grow hair, they cannot produce anything. We
need those microbes. So, cold is primarily bacterial detoxification. I told you
about the parasites eating 100 times their weight in 24 hours. Bacteria -
janitorial bacteria - like Salmonella, campylobacter, strep - any of those - can
eat 50 times their weight in 24 hours and their waste is only one to five
percent. They are the janitors. I prefer the parasites; they are faster and
quicker and less symptomatic. When you have a parasite you don't even know it;
there is no sensation. When you have bacteria, you have the cold, you have the
flu type where the mucus is pouring and you have your nose and sinuses flowing
and your lungs congesting and coughing up the mucus. Fungal is the same way; it
does that. But fungal is even more radical. It eats about 50 times its weight
like the bacteria do however its waste products are 15 - 20 percent. So there is
an increase. That is why when you get a fungal yeast infection, it itches
because there is so much more waste it deprives the body and the surrounding
area of so much more fat. So it dries those cells out; that is the itching. And
the itching can drive you crazy, as you know. When we have flu, it is
predominantly viral. Viruses are not alive. All the pictures you see now in the
last few years of the viruses - hairy and all kinds of shapes... Those are all
computer generated, like Walt Disney making cartoons.

No such thing. Virus is when the area is so toxic - or the cells that have
died, or the cells that have died and are contaminated are so toxic - with
industrial chemicals that if the bacteria, parasites or fungi are poisoned then
they die.

How does the body dissolve those cells? Cells surrounding cells or even the
cells themselves will create solvents like muriatic acid. Any kind of a
solvent... Kerosene, gasoline is what we use to dissolve things. Well, the cells
make those to dissolve them. Now what it usually does use is water.

In the main part of the solvent. [inaudible] book, the first thing is water.
Water dissolves... water dissolves rock so the plants can eat. Algae can eat.
You see algae growing in a pond or on a waterfall. And you see them growing on a
rock. They are there because they are eating that rock. And as the water flows
down, in the stream there with the rocks, the water dissolves the rock so that
the algae can eat. That is the behavior of water when it rains. It is water that
dissolves earth so that the plants can eat and earth worms and the grubs will
also eat as a response to that. There are worms that eat dirt. Those are larger
forms but they are all made of bacteria; everything is bacteria. These solvents,
when they dissolve cells, they are not alive. So, what happens? High
contamination. It is like you taking the muriatic acid going out into your
garage and cleaning up your oil on the pavement and then you've got a 2 1/2
gallon bucket of this contaminated oil along with the muriatic acid. There is no
reduction in waste. So the body has to deal with all that intense toxicity. How
does it do it? It is very sick, like the difference between bacterial meningitis
and viral meningitis. Your doctors, they don't like to touch viral meningitis
because it doesn't react to antibiotics because they are not alive. …also a
massive amount of swelling. Most of the paralysis that happens from meningitis
is from viral meningitis because of all that fluid that causes the swelling,
tears the spinal cord, tears the axons and ganglia in the brain. And then you
have paralysis and heavy scarring and damage throughout the system. Viral
detoxifications are a consequence of our industrial pollution in everything. Is
that clear?

Q: So when we get the excrement from the bacteria or parasites - is that what
causes our symptoms?

A: No, no, no ...the damaged area... the pollution has caused the damage. No,
those are just symptoms.

Q: So what actually causes the fever and aches?

A: That is the cleansing process. The fever is necessary. Whenever you have a
cold or flu, you have been detoxing heavily for months even up to two years.
Then all of a sudden, the body is going to dump the waste all at one time. If
you were taking hot baths in hot tubs and perspiring it out frequently and we
didn't have all of the plastic oils blocking our skin and lymphatic systems with
little beads of plastic, we would be eliminating. We wouldn't be suffering colds
and flu but one time a year in the winter when we couldn't perspire out of the

Q: [inaudible] margarine [inaudible]

A: Any hydrogenated oil. And that is 99 percent of all the oils out there.

Q: Even the ones that are organic like the canola oil...

A: They are not necessarily hydrogenated. but they are still toxic. We can't
digest oils.

Q: [inaudible] hydrogenated

A: Anything fried. Anything that is produced that is in a package. They do it
as cheaply as possible. So they get these oils that are not even [inaudible]
oils and if they do get [inaudible] oils it will be something like soy oil -
something that produces a lot of oil. Mostly you get it from mineral oil from
the ground that they distill and make from petroleum. So, those oils, they
hydrogenate them to give them a long life. Hydrogenation is high heat and
pressure that they apply to oil to destroy ALL bacteria, all forms of...
Anything that can be [inaudible] so basically you've got a 100 million year
shelf life. And that is all they are after. So anything that is fried...
anything that is in a package, they have used oils in it or hydrogenated oils,
plastic oil. And that is 99.9 percent of all packaged food.

Q: So that gets in our system and we can't get rid of it until we take a hot

A: As it dehydrates, it turns into plastic and you can't get those out of the
skin. They will clump together and they will block the pores. Then, even if you
perspire, you are not going to perspire the heavier waste products like from
cells that have been dissolved. And you have got a higher rate of waste; it
won't get through the pores.

Q: [inaudible] hot tub.

A: Hot tub. You have got 105 to 110 degrees for 90 minutes a day.

Q: What about saunas?

A: Sauna is too hot. Anything over 110 degrees, you are damaging the vitamins
and the enzymes and a lot of other nutrients in the skin and under the skin.
Steam is the same way. Plus, it heavily damages the mucous membrane.

Q: Does it get the plastic out?

A: ... get the plastic out... If you are in a sauna or steam, it will take
twice as long. Instead of 90 minutes, you have to look at 180 minutes because,
when you have air space, you have more of a cushion. The heat will be out here.
and then your body will cool down to this point. How long is it going to take
that space to heat up without you moving? Once you move, you can feel the heat
all of a sudden. The heat is real intense. When you are in water you only have a
half an inch to 3/4 inch buffer. The heat is very close to your body. I mean, if
you want to be in the hot steam bath or sauna, walking back and forth all the
time - sure you are going to pass out and fall over. Because they don't want to
allow you to stay 10 minutes in there without causing serious damage. Because
that heat goes in and damages the lungs. You stop absorbing oxygen. You've got
to get the hell out of there. That is why they say only 10 minutes in the steam
bath. And 15 - 20 minutes in the sauna, depending on the heat in the sauna. If
you are in a hot tub, you can go to sleep in there for 12 - 15 hours if you
want. long as it is not over 110 degrees. I've done it. When I had blood &
bone cancer [inaudible] and after chemo and radiation I was in such intense
pain... I went to drown myself in the bathtub. I was only sleeping 10 minutes at
a time. I would wake up in excruciating pain because they cauterized my spine.
with the radiation. So I couldn't lie, I couldn't sit on anything that was
[inaudible]. I had to lie on the floor. I had to crawl around on my elbows. So,
I finally decided I wasn't going to take it any more so I got in the bathtub to
drown myself and I fell asleep like I wanted to, [inaudible] then I woke up 2
hours later freezing cold but NO PAIN, because my body was slightly buoyant in
the water. And I realized AHHH - hot baths! So I started living in the bathtub.
...change the water every 20 to 30 minutes... I had a big clawfoot tub. So, I
would sleep 14 - 16 hours in there. … painless! hour out of the bathtub,
I was in pain.

Q: How long did you do that?

A: Almost 2 years.

Q: Did you work during that period of time?

A: I couldn't. Well I worked a little bit. I became an actor, didn't have to do
anything. I made a lot of money to do nothing.

Q: Because the sauna wouldn't work as it was too hot. What if you had it at
that temperature. ...whatever that temperature was.

A: 105 to 110. The sauna again... you've got a huge buffer so you would have to
be in there let's say... In the sauna, they don't make them that low. The lowest
is 134 degrees. And the infrared ones, the lowest they go is 134. But if you
were in 105 - 110 sauna, you would have to be in there probably 8 hours to do
what you could do in 90 minutes in a hot tub.

Q: [some chatter] stay in there a half hour.

A: Then it was not the normal 116 degrees.

Q: [inaudible]

A: That is a steam; that is not a sauna.

Q: Then it probably wasn't a sauna.

Q: But the heat, you are fighting that heat all the time and you can stay in
there for hours at a time. Would you get rid of more of that plastic?

A: If you get up to 105 degrees for 90 minutes. Well, for 40 - 45 minutes you
can get that under the skin.

Q: If you stay in it longer, do you get that faster?

A: Yes. Absolutely. Let's go around the room here.

Q: Diabetes. I was reading this book. Well, I know you quit cold turkey when
you were 16...

A: No, 22. I got diabetes from getting the polio vaccine at 15 1/2. I started
insulin at that time.

Q: I couldn't quite understand in the book how you get rid of that. [inaudible]

A: Well, honey doesn't eliminate diabetes. Honey is an insulin substitute,
rather than injecting it. When the bee collects the nectar, the bee swallows it.
It collects more and swallows it as well. Then you get pre-digested nectar. And
it makes an insulin-like substance which converts the carbohydrates in the
nectar into enzymes for digestion. ... mainly for proteins and fats, not for
carbohydrates although that is what it is made from. As long as the honey isn't
heated over 93 degrees, it doesn't damage that insulin-like substance. So, when
the bee goes back to the hive, it vomits. That is what honey is: pre-digested
nectar. And that insulin-like substance can be utilized by diabetics, when they
don't produce their own insulin. So that is why I said diabetics have a half a
cup of honey a day. I have had many diabetics test their blood sugar and find
that even with all that honey they are eating, their blood sugar is way down.
That is not what I look for anyway. To me, diabetes is: your pancreas doesn't
work to the point to the point of creating insulin to the point where you are
not creating glycogen to feed the brain and the nervous system. What happens in
the worst case of that is - you can't absorb oxygen, you can't breathe, you stop
functioning, you can't move. So the true symptoms are not high blood sugar.
People shouldn't be injecting themselves based on that. They should be injecting
themselves based on 'can they get out of the chair, can they breathe’. That is
true diabetic symptoms. You have people taking this blood sugar crap, which is
going to be skyrocketing anyway because the insulin forces the body to make a
sugar molecule to break down that insulin because that insulin is a chemical
insulin. ... even if it is from a pig, They dissolve the pig's organs in
gasoline - hexane, which is gasoline - over a three day period subject to 72
hours in that gasoline. Then they extract the insulin from that. So, insulin is
from kerosene or gasoline. If it is a natural one, then they got it with

Q: Where do you get your honey?

A: Wherever I can get it from a farmer that hasn't fed their bees sugar. I was
getting it from Honey Pacifica. And when I heard that they were... John called
me and said we had to feed our bees corn syrup this year. I said 'send me all
you have'. So I bought gallons and gallons of it. And then started looking for
other sources. And there are other sources here and there. So I have gallons to
last me until we get beyond that. That whole year is going to be produced from
bees that are not very healthy. [inaudible] they always leave enough honey in
their hives. Honey Pacifica didn't do it that year.

Q: Is it going to be OK some time down the road?

A: Probably yeah, next year. Not this year. If you read my newsletters, you get
all that data and information. That does not cure diabetes. What cures diabetes
is good protein and baths. And Hippocrates, the so called father of modern
medicine, said "Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food.” He
reversed diabetes just by putting them on walnut diets; eat nothing else. We
don't have that kind of excess. They didn't have refrigeration, they had milk
right out of the cow. All those various hormones were present. You know what we
are going to need to do - the dairy to reverse diabetes these days. But there
are only a few cases where I haven't seen it reverse. And that is because they
put children - like 2 or 3 years old - put them on insulin. It is like their
body is formed in a situation where they have to take insulin.

Q: [inaudible]

A: I haven't found a child who will stay on the diet, that is diabetic, to do
it because diabetics are emotional see saws - up and down all the time. So when
they do that they want to eat stuff that is not good for them. It is very
difficult to handle diabetics when they are that young. I have diabetics that
have been on [insulin] for 37 years, that are adults. They get on the diet...
One woman was taking 68 units a day for 37 years... Her sister was also
diabetic, 3 years older than she was and she had lost toes and a foot and then
an ankle on the other side all the way up to the knee and this woman was heading
in that same direction, just 3 years behind her. And she went on the diet; she
doesn't have to take any units but she takes 2 or 3 a day just to make sure. And
this woman was in her 50s. They had started young, maybe 10 or 12 years old;
they weren't infants. He was starting them off at 2 or 3 years old. That is
criminal. So that is the diabetic question. Do you have some others?

Q: [inaudible].

A: Well, the pharmaceutical drugs are not made to heal anybody. They are made
to keep you taking medication. All of the procedure manuals for doctors are
written by the pharmaceutical industry. Merck's is about this thick. And the
word 'heal' exists 53 times, always in connection with a wound or surgical

[group chatter]

Q: I do [have a question]. Have antibiotics or pharmaceuticals ever really

A: As I just explained, the pharmaceutical house writes all of the medical
procedure manuals for doctors and nurses. It is about this thick. The word heal
exists 53 times in it and it only applies to wounds - surgical wounds, whatever.
The word 'cure' does not exist in the whole book. They do not want you to get
the idea that anything can be cured. They want you on medication for a lifetime.
And that is their whole point. That is where they make their money. They are in
business. Hardcore, amoral, non-moral compassed; idiots run it. So, don't expect
any medication to cure you of anything. Antibiotics, whether they work or not...
think about it. If you are 99.9 percent bacteria, and you are taking
antibiotics... If you take 5 days of antibiotics, you destroy 1 percent of the
body's bacterial environment. So then you've got 1 percent of your
functionality... If you are on this diet, you can cover 2 1/2 percent a year. If
you do some of the new stuff that I have come up with, you can do up to 6 or 7
percent a year, cleansing but not healing. To recover, it is still about 2 - 2
1/2 percent a year to heal. So, if you are breaking down in 5 days 1 percent
with antibiotics, how is that helping you?

What it is going to do is it will poison your system. Your system is going to
stop detoxifying, which is the flu, the cold, whatever disease it is. Your
symptoms are always that are cleansing. Your body is trying to get rid of the
garbage that is causing the problems, your symptoms. So by stopping that you are
not going to get well. All you are doing is poisoning the body more. So the body
is focusing on getting rid of that antibiotic out of the system. It is attacking
it and destroying it. So people get relieved of symptoms but they are not
getting better. That is why people get sicker and more decrepit as they get

Q: Is that why people get blacker in their arms or legs?

A: Gangrene, yeah.

Q: [inaudible] Something like that. It is really nasty. Is that antibiotics?

A: Yeah, it is antibiotic, yeah, but it is... The body has to resort to a black
fungus that breaks down walls, so-called inorganic material, because there are
so many chemicals and damage in there. The body is resorting to an environmental
rather than an animal fungus to help it. The body will do whatever it can to try
to survive, try to thrive. And we just keep attacking it. The medical profession
and pharmaceutical industry gears us to attack the body. Always attacking. The
sicker you are the more money they make. Of course, that is what vaccines are
all about. And you've got liquid mercury, formaldehyde, ether, detergent and
aluminum. Those are the 5. So if you have got all 5 of those in there as the
basic ingredients, how can that be good? Because they are all toxic on their own
merit. Having it as a soup is ridiculous. Plus, they have up to 58 other toxic
ingredients in vaccines. The flu [vaccine] is the worst. They even have squalene
in it. So, when you get those, your body is poisoned. When children get it, they
have all these slight deformities; you see all these knock-kneed children,
bowlegged children or deformed ears, deformed jaws. All of these are in response
to that mercury and other contaminators in there. But that creates the
disabilities that the doctors get to treat. Whether it is making your teeth
crooked... Now look at the amount of crooked teeth in people prior to the 1940s.
...very minimal.

Q: [inaudible] the British [inaudible] coal.

A: Coal, that is one of them, yeah. But you have to understand, the king and
queen of England run the world, basically. …70 percent of all food
manufacturing in the world. They have 30 percent of the land mass all in trusts,
so nobody knows that they are the richest. They hide it. But they really control
the world. They have got more money than the Catholic Church. They own more land
than the Catholic Church. The popes used to get their money loaned from the
crown, the royal family. So they keep their people full of medication. They were
the first to drill them. The Rothschilds were their other agents in Europe.
Princes Di was a Rothschild, the first Rothschild that they allowed to marry
into the royal family and they didn't like the way she handled it so they got
rid of her in a very, very, nasty way... but very blatant, in a car crash like

They do their dirty work there in England first because those are their
servants, their lackeys. And they have got everybody just like pope can do,
everybody praises them and adores them - the king and queen - and they don't
have a clue what the royal family is doing to them. Yet the royal family has the
best raw organic herd cows in the world. And all of the family eats only the
food that is grown there. They don't eat out anywhere. They are always served
their own food. They take their own food with them. Clinton, same way. They have
their own ranches. We pay a million dollars each year to fly their food to
Washington, D.C. And those people take care of themselves and don't give a shit
about you because you are a subject.

Q: [inaudible] crooked teeth

A: Crooked teeth come from vaccines, from alcohol, lots of cooked and processed
foods - the more processed, the more likely teeth are to be crooked. But
vaccines are the worst. They get in there and damage genes more than anywhere
else. Mercury is the most toxic neurotoxin on the planet to all animals. So it
gets into the genetic structure and starts deforming everything. That is why
they want to inject babies on their day of birth with hepatitis B. They know
that that baby is going to get 5 times more medical attention as it grows up
than a baby that doesn't.

Q: I know. ...under the guise of protecting that child.

A: Yep. yep. There are lots of medical doctors and other doctors who realize it
is all a scam. And they are talking about it. I just watched the DVD 2 days ago
and in St. Louis where a multitude of - there were probably 11 - scientists and
M.D.s and different professionals even from the vaccine industry who are now
whistle blowing on it. ...on how dangerous it is and there is no verification
anywhere that it prevents disease. In fact, just the opposite. You get more
disease in the people who are vaccinated. Like in appendix D in my book We Want
to Live, I show that polio was literally almost gone by 1958 when they came out
with a polio vaccine. In 3 states and one county that kept records, it went up
almost 447 percent in one of those states... the cases of polio. And they were
from people who got 1 - 3 vaccines. Nobody else is getting polio.

Q: What was causing polio in the first place?

A: …canned foods.

Q: [inaudible]

A: …canned foods.

Q: I heard DDT also contributed to that.

A: That was the theory but not a lot of people were exposed to the DDT and
still got polio. It was canned foods. The king and queen of England started
World War 2, to get out rations. There aren't a lot of people here that would
remember it. The ad campaign was 'support your loved ones fighting the war; eat
canned foods'. What the hell does canned foods have to do with supporting your
loved ones in the war? That was all the king and queen of England's issues
because again they owned 70% of all food production in the world and wanted
people to eat this processed food.

There weren’t people going out in their gardens. My mom was hooked on it. She
didn't have to scrub any vegetables; she didn't have to chop anything up. All
she had to do was open a can, dump it into a pot and cook it.

Q: What was the deal with [inaudible]

A: ...the metals. ...where the metals go, and it also caused tonsillitis. The
metals go into the tonsils and into the spinal cord.

Q: ...from the can itself.

A: ...from the can.

Q: ...aluminum?

A: No, tin. Tin is a highly reactive poison, not as bad as mercury or thallium,
but nearly. And they will only put 10 percent tin. Tin does two things. It is
antimicrobial and it is a hardener. So they put tin in all metals. I don't care
if it is stainless steel; you've got tin in it. It is highly poisonous. If you
look up tin, you will see how poisonous it is. You can't use over 10 percent or
you will be poisoned to death. And they were putting more than 10 percent in, in
tin cans. Because they wanted very thin tin cans, but hard. They were poisoning
people. And they knew that created all the polio and tonsillitis so they came up
with plastic in 1959. And they started coating inside the cans with plastic then
you add the BPAs and the phthalates and all of that. Then you had people having
problems with sexuality... males were born with breasts and you had all that
complication going on from the diphenyl phosphates. All of these reactions are
all from industrial contamination.

So, none of those drugs will heal anything or correct anything. They will
balance the system but not in a positive way. Not in a way that will stop you
being a diabetic. They will keep you a diabetic. The cholesterol lowering drugs
won't correct your problem. They will just keep you on cholesterol drugs for
your lifetime. And that is what they want.

Q: What about high blood pressure?

A: Anybody that needs high blood pressure has high blood pressure. The body is
brilliant; it knows what it is doing. You have to have high blood pressure if
you are overweight and you have pressure on your veins. You better have high
blood pressure or the blood is not going to get to where it needs to go. If you
have any congestion, let's say you have plastic oils coating your veins and
arteries. You better have high blood pressure or you are not going to get that
blood through. People have high blood pressure for a reason. Correct the cause
of high blood pressure; don't try to lower the blood pressure because then you
are going to create damage.

Q: So what is the cause of high blood pressure?

A: I just said: overweight or pressure on veins and arteries, or veins and
arteries that are blocked or congested.

Q: What about salt. Everybody is talking about too much salt.

A: Well, yeah, salt definitely increased blood pressure. It usually creates
water pressure in the body. As you get older it will create high blood pressure
too. 85 percent of headaches are caused by salt. And salt is again the way to
make you sick. It also makes cooked food taste better. because if you eat cooked
food that isn't salted, it tastes bland. It is awful. That is why spices and
salt exist: to make cooked, bland, cardboard-tasting food taste good. Cooked
food that you don't put salt in and spices in, what do you have: the awfullest
tasting stuff in the world.

Q: That is why I never need salt [inaudible]

A: Salt is an explosive. Salt is more volatile than nitroglycerin. When you
isolate sodium, it is an explosive. The NSA - National Security Agency - and the
military department paid General Electric 2 billion over a 10 year period to
make sodium into a weapon. My father was one of those scientists on it. It was
so volatile that it would ignite with a degree and a half temperature change and
they had to isolate it. One football-size of pure sodium could take out New York
City ...all of the buildings. So they wanted that as a weapon, badly. They
couldn't control it. Sodium, when it isolates in your body, becomes an explosive
in your blood. So, when your cells normally eat and your body forms food in the
blood to feed the blood cells, whether it is red or white, you have a
smorgasbord of nutrients - anywhere from 93 to 117 nutrients. So, each cell when
it opens gets the whole smorgasbord. - a whole balanced complete diet. When salt
goes in there, it starts exploding and fractionating these smorgasbords so a
cell would get maybe 23 nutrients or 50 nutrients, but it never gets the 103 or
117 it is supposed to get to be balanced.

So every cell has been malnourished. ...eating disorders, or anxiety disorders.
And that is what they want. They want everybody to eat, to get huge.

Q: You shouldn't salt anything at all.

A: You shouldn't put salt... Salt should not enter your body. It is rock. You
don't eat salt. Plants eat rock. But if you give that to that lawn out there,
what happens to it? It will burn the roots, it will destroy them, it will just
dissolve it. There are only certain plants that can live in salt. Those are the
plants in the ocean. And in salt water beds. Salton Sea .... In all of your salt
beds that are land based, there is nothing alive in those salt beds. It has to
be in the ocean because the salt beds get too concentrated in sodium. It just
kills everything. Salt should not be near our food nor near our body except in
the bathtub; it will pull poisons out.

Q: Isn't salt an electrolyte? Doesn't the body need electrolytes?

A: Only when it is in food.

Q: its organic form, coupled with a couple carbon atoms...

A: Yes, when it is all linked in with food. But isolated...

Q: What about sea salt?

A: ...same thing. It is rock!

Q: [inaudible] sodium chloride...

A: It is just rock. We don't digest rock. Plants can digest a little bit of
sodium. If we put sodium out there the way we put it on food, we are going to
kill everything... You are going to kill that tree. And that tree is hardy. You
will kill that tree. If a person puts as much salt as they eat in one year
around that tree, the same quantity every day, it will destroy that tree. It
will kill the roots. It will just dissolve the roots by explosive activity.

Q: So, Epsom salts in a bath is a good thing?

A: Yeah, but that is mainly magnesium. It is not all sodium. Even sea salt in
the bathtub is good.

Q: [inaudible]

A: It can't pull the fat out. When I say 'take a bath with sea salt, I also say
to put raw apple cider vinegar and milk in it too so you have got a balance
there. It will keep the water hot longer because it is an explosive’.

Q: [group laughter] I used to take some [inaudible] baths before I was on your
diet [inaudible] burns. I could feel it. Oh, yeah. I won't even...

A: Put the milk in it, it is OK.

Q: [group discussion] With the antibiotics, they are taking symptoms away

A: Well, like I said, when you poison the body with antibiotics, you start
killing the body massively with antibiotics. The body stops its detoxification
wherever you have those toxins and goes after and tries to neutralize the
antibiotic and get it out of the body.

Q: The immune system.

A: such thing as an immune system. That is your body wanting to... that
is the system wanting you to support the army and all the other aggressively
imperialistic nature of governments that want to take over everybody. As Noam
Chomsky said, 'the US government has subjugated 167 countries in 110 years’.
The worst case we could do lately is Granada. Remember Granada? A little bitty
country, their military was 5,000 people... We sent over 50,000 people, heavy
ammunition, to kill some of them and take over the country in the name of
democracy. It is bullshit. They just want to take over the assets and run the
country for their own corporate needs and wants and desires.

The body is the same way when you look at it when somebody wants to control the
body. It is the same issue.

Oh, here it is. I'm getting dry. This is kefir made on its own bacteria and the
milk predigests it for me. I suck.

Q: ...immune system, explain to me…

A: There is no immune system. You have a lymphatic system. This system is
responsible for cleaning all waste out of the body. If that goes bad and is
congested because of the wax, I mean plastic oils in the body, it gets
congested. It can't do what it needs to do. It is not cleaning the body
properly, so the body starts storing toxins in your liver and they say 'oh, the
liver is a filter'. Absolute nonsense. The liver is the place to dump things in
the whole body. You can dump them anywhere; you can dump those toxins anywhere
in the body. Of course, each cell is going to react and try to thrive in the
midst of toxicity. And they say ‘all those reactions are the immune system of
the body protecting itself’. Well, hell, the body doesn't have to protect
itself unless you are poisoning it. ...industrial toxins. So, there is no real
immune system. That is what they are creating out of this contamination of the
body. We have the lymphatic system which cleans the system. That is the normal
process. Get rid of the industrial toxins that do all the damage and the
contamination of the body and the body will function without any of the defenses
going on all the time. And they want you to think of the immune system like
being an army. It isn't necessary. People thrived for millions and millions of
years. I mean Look at the Maasai tribe, the Samburu, the Malani. All those
tribes that were very co-operative. Once in a while there would be one like the
US government to go in and take over somebody else's land and of course they
battled them.

The US government goes around and says democracy - you know they create these
puppet communist governments and then they go and take them over and say 'see,
these guys are bad guys'. It is all a manipulation. And that is what the
pharmaceutical and medical industry are getting you to think. by thinking
'immune system'. You always have to be in defense. Your body always has to be in
counter-reaction to all the poisons that go in the body. So it is not really an
immune system. If you get to thinking that way, you are going to be lead off
into wrong thinking. You would be thinking 'my body isn't working; it is
attacking itself; its immune system is bad'. Once they hook you on that, you are
lost because you will do nothing but attack your body.

Q: There is known to be [inaudible]

A: Well, the body is attacking the body. [inaudible] Hashimoto's: attacking the
thyroid. Ha! You've got toxic iodine in the iodized salt that goes into the
thyroid. And what does it do? It starts dissolving your thyroid. 'Oh, that is an
auto-immune disease;'. No it isn't. It is iodized salt.

Q: [inaudible] iodine from our doctor.

A: And remember when I saw everybody the next year; 'who the hell has got
everybody taking iodine?’ Any kind of mineral in any form except in food is
rock. We don't eat rock. It is going to store in the body. And your body can't
process iodine. Iodine is a rare mineral. It is only mined in 3 places on the
planet. 3 places on the planet where it is mined. It is rare. When they get you
thinking about [inaudible] iodine. They have got all these smokescreens to get
you thinking that you need to buy these things to be well. And it is a lot of
crap. You are going to get sicker and sicker. That is what they want because you
keep going back and trying more things and more things. ..,people taking vitamin
supplements... You know 50, 60, 80, 100 a day! And for this magic bullet
promise. And what are all those supplements made with? ...Kerosene and gasoline.
If it is coming from a food, they have to dissolve that food, like I said; they
have to dissolve the pancreas of the pig. If you've got an ear of corn... the
same thing with Standard Process: 'Oh, it all comes from our food that we grow
that is organic' ...what I said in the Chicago Workshop, and there were two top
sales people from Standard Process in the audience. I said 'even Standard
Process' I told them. I got a call on Monday morning from a law firm saying 'we
represent Standard Process'; you need to put a retraction in 5 major newspapers,
in the front section. It was about 500 grand they were demanding to put these
ads in retracting that their food was contaminated stuff. So, I was still in
Chicago at the time; I got back a few days later and I called the attorney and I
said 'I got this message from you. I will tell you what. You go to your
laboratory that is making your… and you find out how they take their corn and
you find out how they take their alfalfa, your parsley and dissolve it down to
extract the nutrients you are getting out of it to encapsulate or make into pill
form and sell’. And I said 'you tell me that isn't kerosene or gasoline and
you tell me the process that they use because it has got to be new, because I
haven't heard about it. And I talked to the laboratory, the head technician that
runs a major laboratory in the United States. that is on my diet. And he said
there are still only 2 things that they use: kerosene and gasoline.' I said 'You
go find that out; you bring me a, you bring me a letter, you bring me the
documentation. I will borrow five hundred thousand dollars and put those adds
in.' I never got a call back because that's it; there are only two products.

So, they have been steeping in kerosene or gasoline for a minimum of 72 hours.
If you take their food, dissolve it in kerosene for 72 hours, wash it, rinse it
for 2 minutes... They don't. That is IN it; that is what I am saying. So people
that were getting high on supplements were getting high on the toxicity created
by the gasoline or hexane I mean gasoline or kerosene that is in their blood, in
their system, the adrenaline rush. The body uses adrenaline and or other
hormones and that increases hormonal activity because hormones are 60 to 80
percent fat. The body uses fat to harness toxins. So, all of a sudden the body
is flushing out all these hormones that are supposed to be for emergency
purposes only 'and this is an emergency'. So these people get high on these
hormones caused by the kerosene and gasoline.

Q: So you say most of those supplements...

A: Not most: every one.

Q: [inaudible] fish oil.

A: It depends... If it was made by Green Pastures and is fermented, there are
no chemicals in it. It is a fermentation process. Anything else has used
chemicals. And if you are using the Green Pastures variety, if it is flavored,
you've got the same thing in the flavor. So the only way you can get the good
cod liver oil - it has to be nasty tasting and burn your throat and stink.

Q: [group buzz] I have problems

Q: I am going to embarrass myself here. I used to take 300 - 400 dollars a
month of [inaudible] products for several years. [inaudible] my navel...

A: I would have to see which toxin is coming out but any time you have anything
coming out of the skin, it is industrial toxins and damaged tissue. You may have
human cell tissue involved but it is always those chemicals [inaudible] and if
you are using a virus, you know a solvent, to remove the [inaudible], you are
going to have oozing all over the place.

Q: What is your thought of [inaudible] where they make it only from raw
vegetables? It is the only vitamin I take. I don't know if it...

A: How are you going to… a concentrated substance?

Q: I don't know how they do it.

Q: [inaudible] the same.

A: It is the same. There are only two things that they do to it. And if they
press... let's say they bake the vegetable and they press it or grind it or
ferment it and then juice it and then dry it, once it is dried, there are no
bio-active enzymes. There are no bacteria, no bio-active activity. So you have
no bacteria generating the enzymes, no enzymes to digest and utilize your
vitamins and supplements, you are just taking...

Q: Does Standard Vitamins make from vegetables...

A: ...juice ...vegetable juice.

Q: What was the name...{inaudible] Green Pastures.

A: Green Pastures. ... called Blue Ice.

Q: Yeah

A: ...and it has to be the non-flavored.

Q: ...and it does taste nasty. [group laugh]

A: Man, you need it so badly. I get people who need something, rotten meat ,,,

Q: [group laugh and chatter]

A: ...the body knows what it needs.

Q: When it hurts so bad, we will buy anything.

A: I know; I've been there. I tried to drown in a hot bath and discovered it
healed my body instead of killing me. Eat raw meat... I did it to kill myself. I
[inaudible] to fast to death and look what it did! I am working on my 67th year
and I was supposed to be dead at 21. And I only sleep 3 - 4 hours a day and I am
constantly running.

Q: Do you juice vegetables and eat raw meat?

A: Yeah, but not together. I never have vegetable juice with raw meat.

Q: Yeah, separately.

A: Yeah. [inaudible]

Q: [inaudible]

A: That is all in my books. [inaudible] books [inaudible].

Q: I could never eat raw meat, there is no way...

A: Do you know how many people have said that to me?

Q: [group chatter] I don't even like [inaudible],

A: With the [inaudible] there is a whole difference.

Q: All my life, up until I heard your lecture about a year ago, I always
[inaudible] to my family: 'you cook your meat, you do this, you do that'. Your
one hour lecture changed my mind. I went to raw meat. It digests so easily, it
is incredible. You don't even know you are eating it.

Q: [other voice] It tastes good. [group chatter] You know it tastes like... the
meat tastes like steak.

Q: But I don't like steak.

Q: That is why: because it is cooked.

A: Maybe you are a fish or chicken person.

Q: I like fish. It is up to you.

A: That is fine. Everybody has their own. OK, now we are going to go around the
room. Do you have a question?

Q: I've got a couple. What is the ratio that you would do with the baths if you
live in the city and have the city water with chlorine [inaudible] salt. Does
that help to neutralize...?

A: Yes, it does. It depends on if you have fluoride in the water. If your water
is really slimy, you've got a lot of fluoride in it. If it is not slimy, you've
got a low concentration of fluoride. Fluoride is one of the worst. If your water
is slimy, then you need about 2 cups of milk to a large bath. If you have a
large, which is to say 50 gallon, bath tub, which is the old clawfoot, you need
2 cups of milk. If you've got a 30 gallon bathtub, one cup of milk would do

Q; That would neutralize it?

Q: Yeah. Also, we've got the other ingredients. That alone won't do it. You
have 2 - 3 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar and then either sea salt or
Epsom salt - 2 tablespoons.

Q: ... put the apple cider vinegar [inaudible].

A: Well, you are having a minimal amount. 3 tablespoons... Or you can use clay.

Q: I use clay.

A: Yeah, you can use clay. It makes the bathtub messier but that is OK.

Q: [inaudible]

A: No, just 3 tablespoons of clay.

Q: [inaudible]

A: That is really nice if you are going to do that. There is a spa in Nha
Trang, Vietnam where you can go there. They take big fire hoses and you get into
these either 2 person hot tubs or you get into one of these concrete one with
the whole family. And they pump hot clay onto you and you get to stay in it for
20 minutes - just hot clay... just coat yourself. I mean you are down to here.
Just coat yourself. Then you get out and get in a hot shower then get into hot
springs, hot waterfalls, hot swimming pools. Everything! Nothing is
contaminated. It was phenomenal! So, if you like heavy clay, that is the place
to go.

Q: Where is that at?

A: Nha Trang. And it is not obvious. You have to say 'Where is that spa?'. ...
about 20 minutes away, back in the mountains.

Q: Where?

A: Vietnam. It is about 8 hours north by bus - if the bus doesn't break down -
8 hours north of the Ho Chi Minh City (also known as) Saigon. I went on a bus
and it broke down. I was there for 16 hours to get to Nha Trang. It is an hour
flight from Saigon.

Q: And the [inaudible] river, too.

A: Oh, yeah, a fabulous river.

Q: [inaudible] clay there?

A: Oh, yeah. It is expensive, but that is up to you.

Q: Another question I had: I heard something the other day that the weather
patterns are starting to bring all the chemicals from wars and things going on.
What can you do to protect yourself?

A: Well, it is not really... The winds aren't blowing this from Afghanistan,
Iraq and all those places where the wars are going on. The last report I read,
there is 1,800 times the level of radiation there is supposed to be. And the
deformities of children and the miscarriages are something like 30 out of a
hundred deformities and miscarriages. So it is that bad there. What we are
getting is from Fukushima. In March of 2011, every tuna that was caught had all
of the isotopes from Fukushima. So I don't eat any food from the Pacific Ocean
unless it is Baja all the way down to Chile.

And nothing unless it is up in Alaska. And that is even debatable now.

Q: And Ecuador?

A: Yeah, Ecuador is fine. Anything in the gulf all the way down to Brazil.
Nothing up to northern Carolina - anything in North Carolina on up is OK. Nova
Scotia, New England - any fish around there [is OK]

Anything from the Gulf - anything around there - that is contaminated with the
chlorides - you know, that was the king and queen of England [inaudible] oil
spill - they used to pour Chlorhexidine in there to dissolve it Chlorhexidine
causes bleeding from every orifice. All the fishermen were using it, were
helping. You know bleeding out the eyes, nose, penis, vagina, the anus.
Everywhere - even bleeding out the fingernail. It has killed over 3 million
people and they just keep it hush. There were only a few doctors who were
working with these people on a daily basis and they are being banned from
posting and stuff like that. Every once in a while someone will get their
information and post it. I used to be in contact with it but now all the lines,
you know, their phones are tapped and interfered with, they can just send a
signal; you can't reach them... can't communicate. They are not allowed to
communicate with the world. It is that bad. The king and queen of England own 80
percent of British Petroleum. Again, it is all their plot to get back at us, to
suffocate us. Did that answer your question?

Q: Yeah, it did.

A: Do you have a question?

Q: I was wondering if you could expand a little bit on the iodine [inaudible].

A: And what do you think it is going to do for you? Why are you taking it?

Q: [inaudible] a naturopath

A: Obviously it is not a naturopath because iodine is not natural. It is not
mined at all in this country. It is mined in China and South America. How can
that be natural? See, you have to get out of those twisted concepts. He is not a
naturopath if he is using rock, chemical rock. What do they use iodine for? What
did you use it as a child? You put it on a cut, right? It is a poison. It is an
antiseptic; it is a poison. It is like mercury - they use mercurochrome and
merthiolate - a liquid mercury. Those are not good; those are not healthy. Why
would a naturopath have you eating something poisonous? You have to get out of
that concept altogether. A true naturopath is one that works with nature.
Animals eat food. Vegetation eats rock, soil. So, why would you be eating rock
if you are not a plant?

Q: So [inaudible] to put on your skin?

A: No, it is poisonous. It is poisonous. The bacteria help you. If you want to
limit the white blood cells that the body takes out of the bloodstream to eat
the dead cells that are damaged by foreign matter, take lime juice and put it
on. It will stop it like that [snaps fingers] It coats and surrounds anything.
Lime juice. Now, women - lime is a bacterial agent; it fights bacteria. That is
why it is good for marinating. The lime juice stops it.

Q: [inaudible]

A: It will melt you. It is destroying your body. It is killing your bacteria.
...all the processes. It is like taking an antibiotic. It IS taking an

Q: I am also having a lot of brain fog. That is probably a pretty general

A: So, iodine isn't going to help that. ...for the bacteria in the brain that
fires the synapse. The synapse is not going to work. If you want to get your
brain working, you suck eggs. OK. The way I tell everybody in the morning: eat
your cheese, absorb the poison - a tablespoon and a half to three tablespoons of
cheese, depending on how toxic your intestines and stomach are. And I can tell
that by doing the irises. So, I tell you how much cheese to eat first thing in
the morning. The next thing after that is downing an egg. Downing an egg; ten
minutes after that another egg, ten minutes after that another egg. Minimum of
three eggs. If you are a bigger guy, then have four eggs or five eggs. I would
tell you to have four eggs or five eggs.

Q: You told me two eggs two years ago.

A: Yeah but now I am upping it.

Q: ...eggs with your [inaudible"]

A: Eggs stimulate... Well, the body makes glycogen - likes to make glycogen for
the whole day - in the first six hours of your day. If the glycogen is made from
a carbohydrate, the glycogen is very sticky. So, when it gets into the blood and
neurological fluid, it limits brain activity because the synapses as they fire
will skid; it is too sticky. You know, it is like if you are in water, you are
going to move pretty good, when you are in sugar, like when you are cooking for
icing, you try to move in that - you are not going to move like you are in
water. So, if the body makes the glycogen from a pyruvate, which is a protein
sugar, then there is no stickiness in it. The egg white is all egg protein. So,
the body can make a phenomenal amount of this glycogen - non-sticky glycogen.
Plus, the egg yolk contains every vitamin, mineral and nutrient in the world.
Eggs are the only food that contains everything. All that is going into the
brain with the glycogen so it makes the brain really sharp. Kids who have a lot
of trouble in school, in the last two years I tell them when you are going in
for a test - go in the bathroom if you are embarrassed, suck a few eggs then go
back in that classroom. At least one egg. They are all getting B’s and A’s
now. These are kids that were getting Cs and Ds. Every one of them is getting an

Q: [group chatter]

A: Only raw eggs will do that.

Q: [group chatter] suck eggs all day long.

A: It is not easy. If you start at the first of the day… If you have the
cheese at the first of the day, that is when your body builds the glycogen.

Q: Can you put it in something else besides just raw egg?

A: Eggs digest in 27 minutes when they are alone. When you eat them with other
food, it takes almost as long to digest as the other food you mix it with. Milk
is the next quickest thing to digest and that takes 6 - 10 hours. Meats take 19
to 24 hours - meat, raw meat.

Q: You have to do that raw.

A: Yeah. By itself, raw. It depends on what you want.

Q: You get used to it.

Q: I don't know but I'm going to be bringing it up

A: Well, you do it like I do it. I sip a little of the egg white at a time. Or
it is like slimy salt water. Like going into the ocean and getting salt water in
your mouth. It is tasteless. Egg white is tasteless. But my throat never
developed because I was given too many tetanus shots before the age of 18 months
that turned me autistic. So my throat never opened and developed properly. So if
I try to drink a whole egg at a time, I will bring it right back up. So I sip it
and take it down. Other people do like Rocky. That is just what Stallone did in
that movie. He did it in real life. He came into the health food store I worked
in and I knew his wife very well. He would suck down 5 eggs at a time. Many
times a day.

Q: Do they have to be organic though?

A: Yes

Q: [group chatter] ... every 10 minutes?

A: Wait 10 minutes in between each one. Well, after the third egg, it doesn't
matter very much. You can do it in 5, 7 minutes, ... after the third egg.

Q: [inaudible] brain fog

A: No, whenever I brain fog, I just suck another egg. Like when I do my
workshops, they have to make me take a break. I will go 10 hours without
stopping but all of a sudden I get... I lose a word... I suck an egg and 10
seconds later I have it. But my body is used to it. I have been doing this a
long time. It used to take me 5 minutes before my brain would get active again.
I'd have that word in a split second. Then it was 3 minutes then it was one
minute and now it is like seconds. Suck an egg and [snaps fingers] I am right
back. So my body is responding quickly.

[inaudible] glycogen

A: Yeah. Good clean glycogen. You make it from carrot juice or fruits or the
worst is a starch. ...grains, cereals... And that is what people are eating ever
morning; their brain just gets thick.

Q: Even oatmeal?

A: Even oatmeal. Thick. Makes thick brain fluid and nervous system fluid. So
that is why I have everybody eat the cheese first to absorb the poisons from the
stomach and intestines then eat the eggs. Then [inaudible] toxicity. If you are
toxic and with a good amount of weight on, the vegetable juice. Then after that,
a meat meal. And just continue through the day what I recommended in the recipe
book. And over the last few years, I got some people to do it here; I have been
using cheese a lot eating a sugar cube size every 15 to 60 minutes. The results
of that, again: in St. Louis, the people who did that, they were cleaning their
intestines, pulling poisons out of the intestinal walls and stomach. It would
normally take 6 - 8 years to do it; they would do it in one year. For some it
was three years, but from three years to eight.

Q: just the raw cheese...

A: ...just a little bit every few minutes.

Q: [group chatter]

a: If you eat salt with your cheese, you are going to re-digest your poisons.
Salt is just like cooking. It explodes it.

Q: [group chatter about where to get unsalted cheese]

A: Did you get a consult with me?

Q: No

A: When you get a consult with me, you get a product list. Or you go on and buy the product list
[]. Then you
can order it and have it shipped to you.

Q: [inaudible] newsletters

A: The newsletters are supposed to be every two months but I am behind.

Q: [loud chatter]

A: I have 5 of them in the works so you will get one every two weeks for a

Q: I just want to make sure...

A: With all these law suits and court proceedings, It has been hectic.

Q: Could you explain about glycogen one more time?

A: The body has to make a fuel for the brain and nervous system. It is called
glycogen. It can be made from 2 things. It is a sugar form that is made from a
carbohydrate sugar. It gets very sticky and thick wherever that goes into the
brain and nervous system. It is very thick and sticky.

So things don't work so well. If the body makes it from a pyruvate which is a
protein sugar, there is no stickiness to it. Egg white is the best thing for

Q: On the diet you are making some other things as well. The meat...

A: I am saying don't eat any high carbohydrates in the first six hours of the
day. Don't have your fruit until noon or later.

Q: ...only vegetable juice

A: You've got the carrot juice in the vegetable juice but you have got celery
in it. Celery is a negative in carbohydrate. There is not enough carbohydrate in
celery to digest celery, even in an herbivore - an animal that normally eats
carbohydrate vegetation. So that is a negative. That will counterbalance the
over carbohydrate in the carrot juice. You are not having a great deal of the
carrot juice. The most I have ever given anyone is 40 percent carrot juice. And
that is somebody that has a tremendous amount of bile all over in the system in
her jaundice. Mostly, it is anywhere from 20 to 30 percent carrot.

Q: Is that what causes dark meat intolerance in a lot of people?

A: No {inaudible]. But anybody can get it. Any kind of a sugar toxicity when it
builds up. Your body doesn't handle it; it starts storing and multiplying in
your system. Then that next one will be the one that does all the damage.
...seems to do all the damage. It is just an over [inaudible]. Then after that,
if you've got an allergy to that, just a little bit, it is going to trigger a
reaction from the body from having too much. That is what an allergy is. You
have too much of something in your system and you haven't been able to get rid
of it. Then any more is going to cause someone irritation in the system which
can cause degeneration of tissue. So you have an allergy [inaudible] sneezing.
Somewhere your body is going to say 'don't eat that'. '

Q: What if you ate something you didn't know you had an allergy to?

A: If you have had processed food, canned...

Q: ...shellfish...

A: [inaudible] but in a lot of foods, they are manufactured. So you've got a
lot of waste products in the fish industry. These food companies will buy that
stuff and use a chemical that will dissolve it in kerosene or gasoline and then
put it [short gap in recording] chemical process [inaudible].

Q: I am definitely allergic to shellfish. [inaudible] right away. Purple

A: They put a lot of that in baby food.

Q: Oh, really!

A: ...a lot of that in baby food because it is mush already.

Q: After eating cheese first thing in the morning, how long do you wait before
you eat?

A: ...ten minutes. Yeah, ten minutes. And you should always eat cheese 10
minutes before you eat anything else so you don't have those toxins pumping from
the stomach and intestines into your food. So it goes in to clean it up ahead of
you. And if you are eating meat, it takes so long to digest, grate a little bit
of cheese with your meat meals.

Q: [inaudible]Raymond got sick. He had access to everything. You said that
Raymond had his own food and...

A: ...Raymond still bought the crap. He got injections, he got doctors... He
got shot in the heart. He got shot in the heart and lived. I don't like the guy
but boy. you tell me he was eating his own food from his own ranch - his own
beef. He ate all of it rare. I mean it was singed on both sides. He was a pretty
strong guy until they shot him. Then when the shot him, all the chemicals that
went in to him during that surgery caused him to develop palsy. All of that
started within months after that. But they heavily... they put antibiotics in,
they put him out, they did anything to him that they wanted to. Maybe it would
not have been his choice, had he been awake. But they really contaminated him...
ripped his whole breast plate open, took the bullet out. It was wide open heart
surgery. ...Not like it, it WAS open heart surgery. They had to mend the heart.
And then they coated it with iodine and mercury. and mercurochrome all inside.
Poisons! So all that went up into his brain. All of a sudden he had palsy.

Q: ...and about 2 years later he had Alzheimer’s.

A: Yeah mercury causes Alzheimer’s. If you go online and you put Alberta
University mercury neurons You Tube you will come up with a video that shows you
how the mercury causes lesions in the brain exactly how they appear in
Alzheimer’s. And lead doesn't do it, aluminum... none of those other things do
it. Only the mercury. So, mercury causes Alzheimer’s.

Q; ...also aluminum.

A: Aluminum can cause misfiring of brain synapse. and congest the ganglion and
axon. But it is mercury that dissolves and causes lesions where no information
can get to it. OK. Do you have a question?

Q; I have three. The frontal part of the eye is losing its visual clarity.

A: Is that because the cornea is warped or because you are actually getting a

Q: It is called myopia, that is what the ophthalmologist says. You know,
getting older.

A: Yeah, that is the warping of the cornea.

Q: I have 20 20 vision; it is just not...

A: That is warping... myopia is a warping of the cornea. Egg white. Butter some
people use...

Q; Just a little of that in the corners of your eyes?

A: Yeah. What I ask people to do is... You used to take an egg cup then you got
this all over the place. Eye dropper... all over the place. My suggestion is
break an egg into a bowl then just dip it in, look up and rub in to the white of
the eye. Then roll the eye around like you are a circus master and it will coat
the eye. If you use butter you have to do it before you go to sleep because it
will take 5 minutes to unfog. Some people's eyes improve 3 times faster with
butter if they use it at night than if they use egg white. It depends on how
fast you want to do it.

Q: Can you do both?

A: Yeah. You could do egg white in the morning and butter at night.

Q: How much butter?

A: ...just barely... not even a drop. Just a little dab of melted butter and
you melt it in your hand and get it warm then just dab it and rub it on. But do
it when you are already in bed. Or you will be fogged over.

Q: [laughter]

A: ...unless you know your house very well.

Q: Would it matter if the butter is real oily?

A: Yes, it will burn more. It will have the sensation of burning but it doesn't
really burn. In fact, it will help. It is bacteria that will help eat away the
excess layer of the cornea. So it will work faster. But man does it burn for
like 5 - 10 minutes.

Q; Older butter will eat the bacteria [inaudible]?

A: No, the bacteria in the butter will eat the dead cells on the cornea which
are causing the fog and the warping of the cornea in myopia. ...eating the dead
cells from the cornea that are causing the myopia.

Q: I have been diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia - Irregular heart but not life

A: arrhythmia

Q: He didn't call it that. Like heart attack symptoms. That kind of thing.

A: Heart attack symptoms...

Q: No, not heart attack symptoms [inaudible] the pressure... It will be brought
on by stress if I get myself really worked up.

A: You mean you just get a fast heartbeat or an irregular heart beat?

Q: It is irregular. It might drop down to 32 beats a minute. It will go up and
be 120 then bam it will drop down to 65.

A: Yeah but that is not irregular heartbeat. Irregular heartbeat is when you
skip a beat and skip a beat.

Q: [inaudible] it will either go really, really, low or sometimes even...

A: No, it is not irreparable. When you have stress you have a lot of
byproducts. You have a lot of lactic acid and other byproducts that build up. If
those build up, you don't absorb oxygen, you lose energy. Your heart has got to
pump faster to get more oxygen into the system. So your body is doing what it
should do. You've just got to take hot baths to get rid of the poisons because
you are not detoxing them. Of course that is going to raise your heart level
rate, while you are in the hot bath.

Q: I get real tired and with this heart monitor you measure every single beat
or two beats - it is a rhythm problem.

A: Absolute bullshit. It is absolute bullshit. If you don't have any energy,
you are not utilizing your oxygen because you've got too many waste products in
your blood and other areas of your body. That is the only reason you will have
weakness unless you get in an auto accident and it burns every muscle in your
body. ...or break a leg. You are going to use all the nutrients for that damaged
area. Then you will be weak and you will be bed-ridden until the body has
finished concentrating all of its nutrients in a particular area. A lot of
people were sick and don't have the energy because the body is using all those
nutrients to try to resolve those health issues. So, they need to eat and sleep,
eat and sleep - like a baby.

Q: [group chatter] What about how hot [inaudible]

A: What is the highest the body temperature gets during exercise? 141. The very
highest. Most people stick around 99 something. Normally you are supposed to be
around 99.6. You are only going to go up one degree. Really. Only one degree.
When you are working your hardest and you are perspiring. You rarely get over
that. In order to melt those plastic oils out of the body, it has to be 105
degrees. So, you can exercise all you want. Let's say you got a jar, a 2 cup
jar, and you got a cold stick of butter in the center. And you get on a
trampoline or [inaudible] and you've got that thing strapped to you. How long is
it going to take the airspace around that cold stick of butter that is going to
be broadcasting cold and your body is going to be broadcasting the heat and the
room is going to be hot again, how long is it going to take before your movement
causes that to even melt?

Q: Isn't there a benefit to sweating all that out?

A: Remember, if you've got beads of plastic blocking the larger substances that
need to come through and they are getting blocked and collecting underneath, you
can perspire all the liquid you want, all the water you want; you are not going
to get rid of these poisons.

Q: Does it bring them out of the lymphatic system?

A: Your lymphatic system dumps its waste under the skin and in the connective
tissue to be perspired.

Q: [inaudible]

A: Yeah. Exactly. That is what I tried to get you to do a long time ago.

Q: [different voice] The water won't stay hot long enough. Then I run out of
water... [inaudible]

A: Well, turn that thing up all the way.

Q: I do.

A: Then what you need to do is take a metal coat hanger, a very strong tight
coat hanger, and go in there and break up all that crusty plaque on the bottom.
Or get a new water heater. And drain that thing. As the minerals from the water
cake in that hot water tank… Then when it gets this thick, your water will
never heat over 120 degrees. And you need up to 140 and 170.

Q: Do you need it that hot?

A: When I bathe in a bath and not in a hot tub... A hot tub has a constant
heater and pump and filter. In a bath tub you have to heat the water - scald it
- Put scalding water in for half-way. Then I will let it sit for 5 to 10
minutes. Sometimes longer. It heats the entire tub. Then I put lukewarm in and
bring that down to about 112. Then I put my milk and my other ingredients in
that and I let that sit for 7 minutes, then I get in at 110 degrees. Then in 20
minutes, it will go down to 102, depending on the bath tub.

Q: ...that is pretty fast.

A: You scald the tub first. That is the thing - scalding the tub first. Then it
will take 20 minutes, sometimes, 25 minutes, before it gets down to 102. Then
you let 2 inches out. After the first inch, you turn on the scalding water,
letting the cold water down the drain. The water level is here, you turn it
here, so the cold water is not cooling the rest of your warm water because then
you are going to have to add even more water to it and let me water out. As soon
as that water is hot coming out of the spout, you cap the drain, pop the plug -
whatever you want to do - trip the lever and then you swirl that hot water
around until you have filled the 2 inches and your water will be up to 110 or
111. Then you sit there for 20 more minutes, 25 more minutes, and let 2 inches
out. So you are in there 90 minutes, there are really 3 times.

Q: Does it have to be 90 minutes?

A: ...if you want to get deep to the lymph glands and lymph nodes. If you only
want to get down to the skin, like - you have a lot of waste product under your
skin. See all that? That is not muscle I am holding. It is all waste product,
all of the food that you are not perspiring out of the body.

And people will keep swelling [inaudible]. The older they got, they just kept
swelling. They didn't used to do that before hydrogenated oils came out in the
60s, people never... Some people bloated out on candies and chips and lots of
salt. But you didn't have the amount of people that you see now. Do you see me?
There is no waste under there; I keep it clean.

Q: [group laugh] So, it is because you are not...

A: Yeah, you are not eliminating. It is staying in your connective tissue.
...under your skin and in the muscles.

Q: How long does it take to get all that out if you are bathing like that?

A: ...maybe 10 years.

Q: You can speed it up though by what you are saying about cheese, more

A: Yeah. Then you will stop throwing all the waste out the skin. Normally,
naturally, 90 percent of the waste is supposed to leave through the skin, not
the digestive tract. But what I figured out was to take the cheese, no-salt
added raw cheese, and no honey or fruit with it. It will PULL the poisons out
and you are evacuating all your poisons with 96 percent of the cheese.

Q: You are just eating it...

A: You are just eating it, it is passing through, you are taking out the
toxins. So then the burden is taken off of the skin...

Q: Even the hardened plastic too?

A: Hardened plastic what?

Q: ...the hardened plastic oils.

A: Well, not that are under the skin and around. [inaudible] If they are
mineral bound - but there are always mineral bound [inaudible]. The body won't
set them free. There will always be something attached to them.

Q: Do you recommend how many baths...

A: One bath a day, 90 minutes, before you go to sleep at night. Get a hot tub!
That way you can just spend your first 90 minutes of sleep in the hot tub. Then
you can get out and go to bed and go to sleep for the rest of the night.

Q: [inaudible] chemicals

A: In the hot tub? I had a 300 pound sand filter that belongs to a swimming
pool on mine. I never changed the sand once in 12 years. And then they tore the
house down because he didn't get a permit for it. They were after me. There was
no permit on that house. Tear it down.

Q: But you still put your stuff in that... you had to put your vinegar...

A: No, I had well water. If I didn't have well water, I would put that in
there. The sand filter will clean it. I did put coconut cream, a lot, in there
because I would clean my body with fermented coconut cream. And that water would
always get out crystal clear. And I only had the sand filters.

It allowed the algae to grow though. So I let the algae grow, very thick.

q: ...and green.

A: Yeah. Well the water wasn't green. It was on the side. And it was so
great... [inaudible] and silky. And the algae eat rock, like I said. So it pulls
it out of your skin so it will help you eliminate metals from your tissues.

Q: [inaudible] algae create a ring.

A: In my swimming pool in the Philippines, there is NO, not any kind of
toxicity. I don't even have a sand filter. I just let that algae get as dark and
as thick as it can. And you can feel it. You can see the skin - how radiant it
is when I am out for an hour. It is phenomenal. OK. Finished?

Q: I have a question. I am guilty of this iodine. I have very low body
temperature or had very low body temperature 95.6 [inaudible] because I had read
[inaudible] type 2 so I started adding iodine drops to the skin. It solved one
problem and probably created another one.

A: It doesn't. Low bacteria levels.

Q: Tell me. [inaudible]

A: hyopER and hypO... OK. Did you watch my DVD... Workshop DVD?

Q: No

A: There is so much information about the human body in that. Buy the DVD. You
can watch it 100 times. It is 4 hours of information about how the human body
works. The minute I tell you that ALL endocrine activity is for emergency
purposes only. Each gland has a different thing I go to.

[brief gap in the recording] ... from those guys when they were out. It is just
a tiny amount of blood but it is enough to know what hormones were in that. Now
normally your football players are already high in adrenaline and estrogen and
testosterone. That is normal. That is physical… hormones as they are beating
each other up. So those are normally high. But what happens in the situation
when you have the lungs and the heart stop, thyroxin skyrockets every minute.
Skyrockets. And then it is like an electrical shock when they give it, the lungs
and the heart a start instantly. They don't ...two guys were taken off the field
to the hospital; they didn't create that thyroxin. Thyroxin stayed low. It
doubled in 5 minutes but it wasn't high enough to kick the heart and lungs like
it did when those other guys had popped out on the field in 3 - 5 minutes, 3 - 4
minutes. ...5 minutes, they took them off the field.

Q: [inaudible]

A: Thyroids weren't working properly. ...maybe a lot of iodine. They took and
poisoned the thyroid. ...many reasons for that.

Q: [inaudible]

A: Unless you fall out of a tree or get in a football game and knock the wind
out of yourself and your heart stops, you don't need thyroxin. This whole crap
that it affects your weight and your hair. That is all... Your pharmaceutical
house knows how vain people are. Men and women. And you tell them it is going to
prevent their hair from falling out... They are going to take thyroxin. And how
many people are losing their hair because of vaccines and poisons, chemical
poisons? Everybody. Absolutely everybody. So how many people out there take
thyroxin when they don't need it? When it doesn't have anything to do with hair
loss or weight gain. It is all a spin to get you to buy, buy, buy, buy and not
get better.

Q: There is a guy who tells you to put iodine in your juices.

A: OK, you aren't on the Gerson diet. You are on the daughter's diet.

Q: Charlotte...

A: Charlotte's diet. His diet was nothing like hers. She thinks she is smarter
than her father. Let me tell you: When she started taking the raw liver out of
the diet, the rate of cancer reversal was around 22 percent. When her father ran
it, the reversal rate was like 62 percent.

Q: They don't even have the liver any more.

A: I know!

Q: [inaudible]They can't even do that anymore. That is what she did. I did do
that and I know that causes problems. But my thyroid is [inaudible]. I took a
bath today. And just when my heart starts pounding, it starts to pull and I
start feeling it. And I can't have anything real close to my neck. [inaudible]
around my neck.

A: And you put a hot water bottle around there at night now to perspire that
stuff out of your neck because that lymph gland is going to clean that thyroid.

Q: OK.

A: What do you think of Jolie? Angelina Jolie, cutting off her breasts?

Q: [group chatter]

A: She cut off her breasts to prevent breast cancer.

Q: Did she really do that? [group chatter]

A: No, she really did it. It was done. She did it.

Q: She is not the only woman that has done that.

A: Oh, yeah but I mean this is a famous woman that is supposed to be smarter
than that. She was told that she had a gene that there was 86% chance of her
getting breast cancer. Absolute nonsense! Absolute nonsense, but she bought it.
...chopped off her breasts. Now, think about that. You've got 11 major lymph
glands on your breasts. Lymph glands are responsible for cleaning the lungs.
Those in here and here. So, if she is not going to get breast cancer now, what
is she going to get? Lung cancer.

Q: They tell people that. I have friends that have been told that about that
gene or whatever.

A: It is bullshit. Absolute bullshit. Don’t swallow it. She has 22 less lymph
glands to take the toxicity out of her lungs.

Q: I love it when they say that about cancer.

Q: They are great. They are doing their job!

A: Exactly. It is insane. Do you have another question?

Q: The only other question - raw meat source - I have been buying it from Whole
Foods. I have been told that their grass fed raw meat isn't really grass fed for
the last 10 days of their life. Any knowledge, any information on that?

A: If it tastes like really gamey meat, it is grass fed. If it doesn't taste...
if it is like normal food, meat, it is not grass fed. Gamey meat... Grass fed
meats are not very nice tasting. They are very gamey.

Q: What is your thought about meats that are frozen? It is pretty hard to find

A: You have to find somebody who will sell it to you unfrozen. My animal tests
in the late 80s took one group of animals and fed them the same meat frozen - a
side of beef, a half of a beef. I split it and froze one of them for 10 days and
I fed that one group frozen, from the same meat, the same animal. I fed the
other group non-frozen, I did refrigerate it. ALL the animals that ate frozen
got skin disease within 6 weeks. One of them had the mange. Those that had it
unfrozen didn't drink much water. [the others] guzzled down the water and they
all had skin disease. So, there are a lot of toxins produced by freezing your
meats. You could create heterocyclic amines, lipid peroxides, all kinds of
[inaudible]. What it is, I didn't test for it as that would have been about
$80,000 to test chemically for it. I was interested in the results. So then I
knew that raw butter will heal any skin disorder, no matter what it is. So, I
took butter from the same batch froze it for 10 days Some I began giving to
them; I split that group in two. I gave unfrozen raw butter to those animals.
The ones that got the frozen butter took 5 times longer to heal their skin
disorder. So, if I break that down statistically, that means that destroyed 80
percent of the healing nutrients in the butter. In the meat, it actually made it
toxic. I have watched people feed their animals frozen meat and I watched them
get skin disorders. It takes longer because I am giving them raw butter and I am
giving them raw eggs. But they figure, ‘oh, it is just the animal. I will just
feed them regular meats - frozen meats - from the store’. But there is a
repercussion for it.

Q: I try not to buy raw meat but it is very hard to find it fresh.

A: I've been buying Whole Foods meats, intermittently, and it is nasty tasting
so to me, I believe it is grass fed for their lives.

Q: I have a question about Whole Foods...

A: The Bushes own Whole Foods in a trust. The [Bass?] family and the Bush
family. That is why it is a racket, a scam.

Q: Whole Foods is a scam?

Q: Whole Foods is a scam. They say 'go, go, go organic'. They carry about 2
percent wholly organic foods in there and 90 percent of their products have

Q: ... and they won't label them.

A: Nope. 90 percent of their products contain GMO products.

Q: Their produce...

A: Well, their corn could be GMO, any of the fresh stuff. There is very little
organic produce in there - like 2 percent is all.

Q: One guy in Whole Foods here will say 'there is nothing organic in the

A: ...not in your regular markets but if you have your own market. ...anything
directly from the farm.

Q: But what if you can't do that? [inaudible]

A: You can do that. I make connections with farmers. I have made a connection
with over 100 farmers. And 60 under my umbrella. They supply all of my patients
and many others.

Q: Vernon...

A: Yeah, Vernon is still doing it now.

Q: [group discussion]

A: And we won all the important battles except he broke the seal... But that is
going to be very, you know... They are probably going to punish us. They might
send him to jail. And Vernon just told me this morning... I talk with Vernon
regularly... He said 'I want you to sue the judge'. I said 'wait a minute. You
do your crusade thing. Don't get in my way of my crusade thing because I am
going to sue the state as soon as this is all over. Your court stuff is
finished. Your sentence, whatever it is, you are absolved. I am suing the state
for destroying 2200 pounds of my milk... putting a body in it. That was my milk;
I have a contract for it. I am going to sue them. And I am going to sue
everybody else involved in the whole thing. I am not going to let them get away
with it because they will just keep doing it. They are going to pay me 10 times
what that milk is worth. And I will give it to Vernon to help rebuild that
burned-down barn.

Q: They burned the barn?

A: They burned his barn down. They burned one of his barns down; they destroyed
all of his chickens. And all of his new tractors.

Q: Why?

A: They are just trying to destroy us. Let me tell you. They are out to do us
in. They don't want us to win. Government people and business people are
ruthless. Mercenary. Question?

Q: Yeast? I know you like that.

A: What yeast are you talking about? Yeast inside your vagina? Yeast in your

Q; ...a biopic scan...

A: And what did I talk about before? All yeasts are fungi. You have cleaning
fungi. When you have got things so toxic that bacteria and parasites can't be
your scavengers, you have fungus. And when that is too toxic, then you have
virus. And remember, the waste products of those fungal janitors are 15 times
what it is from the bacteria. So they cause all that itching.

Q: [stuttering]

A: You have got to take hot baths. You have got to sleep with hot water bottles
to get it out of your body quickly so it doesn't hang up in the skin because it
will rip the fats out of your cells. That dries the cells and causes the

Q; I have dealt with that for... I was 17 when it started, and have gone back
and forth but can I see [inaudible] an OK thing?

A: That is a good thing. But you've got to keep treating the skin. You are
going to have to put bone marrow and butter on there.

Q: I feel like... it is vaginal.... I am just not used to it. I just deal with
it. I kind of change my perspective and say 'Hey! I'm alright.'

A: Yep. Absolutely.

Q: I don't dump a lot. I used to deal with that. I would go through these heavy
dump sessions and I do get a little concerned sometimes. I know I am toxic. But
I have had that where I dumped heavily through that area. So I am thinking that
is the way my body...

A: ...throws that away. This is the best I've seen you. Finally, you've got
some weight on you.

Q: I have lost a little bit. I haven't been doing my boxing lately.

A: So you [inaudible]

Q: Oh, yeah!

A: I like weight.

Q: I know. [group chatter] You should have seen her two years ago.

A: Skinny?

Q: [loud group chatter]

A: That is good. That is good. One woman who was chronically in fibromyalgia
for 13 years. She was in bad shape and finally she was really overweight this
time. All of her conditions, all of her irises had improved triple what she had
done before. The body puts toxins in fat. If you don't have that fat, it is
going to go into your cells and cause more damage, cause more disease. When
you've got excess fat, lots of excess, the body just dumps in there.

Q: So, once you get rid of it, will the fat go away too?

A: Yep, toxins go with the fat.

Q: It is not going.

A: 2 1/2 months ago, I was this big. I was a 47 waist. I had to [inaudible] my
pants for the first time [group laugh] but I felt the best since I was kidnapped
and injected with those 3 injections. I just liked that fat. I was eating 3/4 to
a cup of cream a day, about 2 sticks of butter a day. I gained it in 7 weeks. I
went from a 34 inch waist to 47. And I have gone down in the last 2 months
because I had to go to South Africa and you can't get a lot there could get some
milk and some cream but not butter and not much cream. And then I had to go to
Australia and that is the same situation there. Everybody is giving as much as
they can but not enough. Then I went to Asia where I can only get milk - no
butter or cream there. So I lost some; I am down now to about a 35. But I am
working up again! In St. Louis, I started downing the cream.

Q: What do you do then when you are in those areas? What do you eat?

A: I eat the same things. I just don't get as much cream and butter.

Q: [inaudible]

A: No, I usually do coconut cream, lots of coconut cream. I go through
probably… I take the [inaudible] of the coconut that is not completely ripe -
it is about half ripe - and I will blend it with regular water and I will drink
2 liters of those a day and get all that fat. ...and get as much meat fat down
as I can. And I drink 2 quarts of water or milk a day. I don't drink any water.
I drink 2 quarts of milk a day. Maybe I have a cup [of water] a month. ...a
tablespoon at a time or an ounce at a time. Everything is water. Meat is 50 to
70 percent water. Milk is 86, 96 percent water.

Q: [inaudible] thirsty

A: Then you sip about 2 ounces of milk after your meat.

Q: It is not enough. I want more.

A: Do it, over a period of time. Have an ounce, wait 3 minutes, have another
ounce, wait another 3 - 4 minutes, have another ounce. That is the way you do
it. You don't just gulp.

Q: I want cold milk.

A: The casein and lactate will go right through the stomach and into your blood
without digestion. You will lose a lot of nutrients trying to police that. Can
you imagine digesting those in your blood? contaminated that can get?

Q: You can swill it in your mouth before you swallow it.

A: Yeah, before you swallow it.

Q: it is cool.

A: Yeah but there is not much bacterial activity. I take mine - 12 to 24 hours
before I drink it. Like this - I never refrigerate it. This is right out of the
cow. I never refrigerate it. In 12 hours it was already kefir.

Q: [inaudible] cold milk.

A: Not a good idea.

Q: I want things cold and that is not cold.

A: Then you just take a cold pack and put it on your cheek. or if you don't
want that, put it on your wrist.

Q: tissue is so hot. I want it to cool down.

A: Well, that is iodine. Iodine heats up and burns. It causes a lot of heat; it

Q: Oh my God, I feel like I am on fire.

A: That is iodine.

Q: Will the iodine [inaudible]?

A: That is a natural, natural, natural therapist.

Q: [group laugh and chatter]

A: Oh, it can take a long time. Raspberries, zucchini juice, zucchini pulp,
strawberries. All of those will help you eliminate it. Cheese will eliminate it

Q: Maybe that is what is going on. I feel hot; my tissues feel hot.

A: Just take some packs, little tiny ones, put it on you to cool you once in a

Q: Prior to the diet, I would always feel cold.

Q: I couldn't understand the people who could drink ice water or iced anything.
Now I have totally become that person. I want the cold now. I feel warmer.

A: Another thing you can do... The brain doesn't like to get hot. That is what
hates to get hot. So when you get into a hot tub and you get heat prostration,
have a bowl of cold water with ice cubes floating in it and a washrag. Just
wring it a little bit. Stick your hands in [the bowl] up to your wrists - fisted
but not tight fisted so the water gets in there. You will get cold to the bone
and it will chill the skull. And then the brain lowers its temperature; do that
for 2 minutes and you will be able to stay in there easily. ...because the body
loves the heat; the brain hates it. So, you get that, you take some good
drinking water, whatever you need. I mean Gerolsteiner or Apollinaris or any of
those and you put it in a glass container and put that in the freezer. Don't put
it in plastic, don't put it in aluminum because you are going to get those
phthalates and PBAs into your ice water. Make a tray of it, dump it out, pour
lukewarm water over the glass pie plate or whatever you are using, knock the ice
out and crack it up, and put it back in the container, put it in the freezer and
take a little piece of that and keep it in your mouth. That is a way to counter

Q: I have a metal pan.

A: …not anything you freeze, anything cold ... substances of the container.
Glass is what you want.

Q: I need to use ice cubes though, in plastic.

A: You can't make ice cubes. You make a whole tray of ice. you dump it out and
you break it up. Like the old days! You get an ice pick or something.

Q: [group chatter] [inaudible] ice in the metal

A: Like I said, that is aluminum. You are going to get aluminum. You are going
to get tons of bisphenol phosphates and phthalates.

Q: What are you making the ice in? [many voices answer]

A: Pyrex is good. Corningware is good.

Q: OK.

A: Even stainless steel has tin in it. I ran into somebody two weeks ago who
actually used silverware. They were on the diet for 7 years. Real silver. And I
said 'do you know what is in silver? It is 5- percent mercury and thallium. And
that mercury and thallium is getting into you every time you use that
instrument., those utensils’. ‘Oh, but it is my silver’. I said 'well sell
it if it is worth something and buy good food with it. Buy wooden utensils or
stainless steel if you are going to eat with it but don't eat with silver’.

Q: [inaudible]

A: Well, now it is especially not a good idea because the government allows 7
percent spit uranium. In building materials, they allow 22 percent. Because our
government is getting rid of the old atomic bombs made of uranium because they
have gone down from 70,000 nuclear weapons down to 16,000 right now and by 4
years it is supposed to get down to 10,000. So, all the armed countries, Russia
and all of them, had agreed to get down to 10,000 nuclear warheads. What can you
do with 10,000 nuclear warheads? You can destroy the world several times over.

But that is from 70,000. The government is taking those bombs and selling them
to the steel industry and the government has said you can use 7 percent in
jewelry and 22 percent in building material. That means in your home, anything
that is steel that you buy now can be 22 percent spit uranium. Spit is a lie. It
doesn't mean anything. It means that it has been used but the radioactive
element in it has not been diminished. It takes 550,000 years to diminish it.

Q: How come nobody thought of that?

A: These people are so greedy. ... any way to get your money from you. So they
can spend your money. These are just parasites. These politicians are just
parasites. OK, another question?

Q: You mentioned a dog. [inaudible]fat. She has a big dog...

A: Is she going to continue?

Q: Well if she doesn't do that, if we feed her fat, literal fat cut off of
whatever we get at the grocery store. My husband will freeze it.

A: So you lose 80 percent of it.

A: Yeah, frozen fat. You can't utilize 80 percent of it.

Q: And of meat, I am sure. I let him take care of that [inaudible]. It is an
experiment. He would feed him a left over apple. [further monologue]

A: The poor dog is an experiment.

Q: She is better off than what she was. [monologue]

A: Well, good. Your kids got to see all the changes. They really will
understand. And your husband. He will understand.

Q: He [husband] is superman. He's got a 20 year old kid who can't do half of
what he does at 52. He is very choosy of [inaudible] restaurant. He burns it off
because he is working all day.

A: All those people usually last through their fifties and then they go like

Q: Sweet milk.

A: Are you getting milkshakes?

Q: He has a smoothie every night with cream.

A: That will preserve his life a little bit.

Q: I think so! I don't have it in the house but when of course he leaves he
eats it. Sweet milk. I have been craving it for 6 months, I have been downing a
quart a day with a ton of honey. I hated it before. Am I healing? Is it a
healing thing?

A: According to a Navy doctor, in the 70's, he lived with the tribes in
Guatemala for I think it was 16 or 17 years... He found that whenever they get
sick they would consume a lot of honey. ... They would get well 5 times faster
than anybody else. He [the doctor] started experimenting on troops that were
stationed down there. And he found the same results.

Q: We go through the honey a lot. The kids just want to eat it. What about
craving... I want an orange and a lemon, the whole peel in my juice.

A: You are not taking the baths.

Q: I know.

A: Those are signs that your body is trying to get rid of plastic oil. And you
will never do it enough. You would have to have a ton of it and demineralize
your body. If you eat a lot of that citrus, you are going to demineralize your
bones and your teeth... everything.

Q: Pineapple too?

A: Pineapple too. That is right.

Q: I eat a lot… I crave pineapple.

A: Well, that is OK but you've got to control it.

Q: I always have fat with it.

A: That is good. Like I said in my book, if you eat a lot of pineapple you are
going to get overly emotional. You are going to get up and down, around and all
over the place.

Q: Uh Oh! [laugh].

A: That is why I say you've got to keep pineapple to a minimum. If you are
going to eat a lot of pineapple, you've got to eat a lot of cheese with it. That
will make you fat.

Q: OK. Fat and happy!

A: …raw cheese with pineapple. Or raw cheese with... I had a New Zealand
model in 1979. Skinny as a rail. 6 feet tall. Very good looking, to be a model.
I got her onto the diet. She loved the cheese and honey together. It obsessed
her. She was eating a pound a day with half a cup of honey a day. And she
couldn't stop eating it for 30 days before she finally stopped craving it. She
gained 40 pounds. Her agent went bananas and crackers. He wouldn't even send her
out. It all went here first. When it goes that fast, it goes here first. Then
like with me, and then it gets distributed. It takes time to distribute it. It
is like a baby. [inaudible] he's got to have that reserve grow. It has
got to get sent out. You've got to have a big reserve. You notice that babies
have got to have that big tummy and that excess. They grow thick and strong. The
skinny ones that don't have that tummy always stay skinny. That tummy is good on
a baby. ...on anybody, especially when you are sick.

Q: [loud group chatter] the opposite... [inaudible]

A: No, it is not. But they are out to make you sick, to buy lots of clothes
that you are never going to be able to wear. When you are up and down...

Q: [laugh and group chatter]

A: Do like me, plan on having made...

Q: I will do that!

A: Cheap! I have silk suits made for $100. And you can say 'I want that pattern
there an Armani or any of them’. And they will make it for $100. ... actually
fit you and tailor to you for $100. 2 pair of pants plus a vest and a suit coat:

Q: I will have to go there! [group laughter and chatter]. Free consultations?

A: No, I have to make a living too.

Q: I have a question about my son is schizophrenic and has been for about 28
years. What do you think causes schizophrenia?

A: Is he skinny?

Q: No. He eats junk food. He started off with depression when he was about 12.

a: What was his weight at that time? Was he skinny?

Q: Yeah, he was thin.

A: OK. That is the problem. Usually people to get schizophrenia like that have
problems is they have no fat to fill the myelin so they keep burning the myelin
off. That is the fat in the coating of all the nerves. What that does is - the
myelin [inaudible] the information. I can stick a pin in your finger and there
will be 200,000 impulses that go to the brain. By the time the myelin filters
and it gets to the brain, there should be only 50 to 100 impulses. When you have
no myelin, there is no filtering. All that stuff is going... all overwhelmed.
They body... the person doesn't know what decision to make.

Q: What should he do? I would say get off meds. He has been so sick this year.

A: Just remember the meds will cause intense violence and even murder.

Q: I know it has and I also know that he has been [inaudible] but right now he
has been made to work and he really [inaudible]

A: But he is also drugged

Q: Kind of drugged, yeah. He does OK at times.

A: There is a formula. He has 3 tablespoons of fish, 1 tablespoon of the cod
liver oil that I talked about and 3 tablespoons of raw cream. Raw cream is the
only fat that will completely soothe the nervous system. He can do that 3 times
a day. It is a half a cup three times a day. So it is 3 tablespoons of raw fish,
3 tablespoons of raw cream and one tablespoon of the cod liver oil. ... all of
it together.

Q: OK, when you do that, will he still be on his meds?

A: Within about 10 days, you can start cutting it down - 1/2 every three weeks.

Q: Every week I care for him.

A: And if he needs and wants... He still, with all those chemicals from the
psychotropic drugs, he is going to have bouts. He is going to have an hour or 6
hours of that maybe 3 times a month. And he does this for about 30 days and it
will work down from that. When he has those bouts, then he takes then he takes
the medication.

Q: [inaudible]

A: But he only takes those when he needs them. If he does this diet. I am
talking about a good diet and ...

Q: He won't get on a diet; he is extremely stubborn. And he craves junk food.
He craves sugar...

A: If you can get him to drink milkshakes, that will calm him down. Milk shakes
and those formulas. Give him a milk shake first then try to get him to eat

Q: The milkshake is just the raw milk...

A: ...raw cream, raw eggs and honey.

Q: Do you think that will calm him down?

A: It will help. definitely. But that formula will replenish his myelin.

Q: And you said that fish... What kind of fish do you get? [group discussion
about fish and cutting it up] ...tuna

A: As long as your tuna is...

Q: Ecuador. Ecuador. [group discussion]

A: Wild salmon is all GMO now. I haven't touched salmon for 6 years. because
every time I have 3 bites I just have to vomit. And there was always some GMO
type reaction.

Q: Salmon didn't taste that good to me.

A: I loved it. I can't eat it any more. It is all GMO. Monsanto has been trying
to create GMO salmon for 30 years. 28 years ago they were hoping the same thing
would happen like pollination. You got a salmon and it registers for their
patented gene you had to pay them a royalty if you were a fisherman. So that is
where they were heading with this. So their fences on their fish farms were so
low that two thousand fish were jumping a year going out into nature. That was
28 years ago. So you can imagine how many... It has infiltrated the whole
planet. Every salmon in the world is partially GMO. So I don't touch salmon any
more. And I tell people not to touch salmon any more. I don't care where it is

Q: What kind of fish do you eat then?

A: Anything that is wild caught. Anything else.

Q: So it doesn't matter what kind. I always get tuna...

A: I like tuna. But tuna you know is getting heavily contaminated with
radioactive material [inaudible]. Keep an eye on it.

Q: What about the mercury in the water?

A: Well, the mercury is getting higher and higher. When I did the laboratory
tests years ago, the mercury level was the highest in swordfish and tuna and I
found that it wasn't absorbed if you eat it raw. But that was at that level. Now
it is double. I haven't done any tests again and I don't know if we can handle
that much without some repercussion.

Q: Does it matter what kind of fish I eat?

A: Well there is just for the halibut

Q: [group laugh]

A: There is halibut, there is bass, sea bass,, a little salty.

Q: Orange roughy?

A: Yeah, those are OK.

Q: unfrozen, right?

A: YES. There is some Alaskan fish that can be frozen. [inaudible]. But they
are Nova Scotian, New England fish, Alaskan...

Q: What kind...

A: Just the fish that come from there. They can be frozen. They have acclimated
to very cold and it doesn't affect their proteins and fats the same way. Seal,
whale, anything like that.

Q: If it is frozen, would that be all right?

A. With those animals that are acclimated, they swim in ice. I saw a fish come
back to life when I was there in Alaska in '76.

Q: So just those big things that happened a lot [inaudible]

A: He can have a milkshake and 3 of those a day. You can make them all at once
and put them in little 4 ounce jars and all should be blended together. Put it
in a food processor like a Cuisinart and blend the fish and the oil together.

Q: I would put it in a blender.

A: You could put it in a blender. And put it in little jars and give him one
little half ounce jar at a time.

Q: [inaudible] want it. Usually you crave things...

A: Usually those psychotropic drugs just spoil good appetite. Just say 'this is
medicine. This will help you get your life back together. Explain now, explain
the myelin The fat buffers you know, you got too skinny and you used all those
fats in the body and the body ripped the fats out of the myelin so he doesn't
buffer his information.

Q: What about smoke? [inaudible]

A: Yes, it does. People like that use the tars as fat. He is using it as fat.
...tars in the cigarettes. and that is a good thing because he could be out
hurting people.

Q: So it is good to have him smoke?

A: Absolutely, until he balances [inaudible]

Q: I take him to the hospital sometimes. He lives with me. He talks sometimes
the least bit scary. I call the police sometimes to come and pick him up. I
don't mess with him because he has [inaudible] before.

A: I tell everybody if they have a child like that or an adult like that in
their house, they have a cage nearby.

Q: Oh, that is a good idea. He never hurt me and he can talk to me and he
trusts me enough that he can say [inaudible]. I know that. I don't trust him
always but I will immediately tell him I do fear you.

A: The longer he takes psychotropic drugs, the more dangerous he is going to
become. I had one kid who was on it and - in another country - he was the
president's son and he was partially down's syndrome and partially autistic. And
he would get very, very, violent. And I said 'put him on this diet and withdraw
him gradually. She took him off too fast. I said half every 30 days. She took
him off half every 10 days. because she heard me say that about insulin. So she
didn't even listen to me about the psychotropic drugs. [inaudible] time. So the
kid got violent and started breaking glass and then jumping on it so jhe just
ripped his whole body apart. And I told her when we had that consult. I said
'Listen, this is a big guy. He is twice your size. I don't care. He is 20 years
old, he is your son but he is a violent creature. He is not chemically stable
and you can't feel love for him and say 'oh, my poor son.' You get a Taser gun
and if that boy moves to hurt himself or anybody else, you Taser him and you put
him out.' She didn't do it. She would not do it. Why, he just cut himself to
pieces. So now he is in a mental institution and they won't release him to the
parents. because that was some serious damage. He cut arteries, he cut... He was
near death. to have a Taser gun. Taser is a [inaudible].

Q: [inaudible] sizes.

A: Oh, they are all different sizes.

Q: My son is very big. He is 6'3". He is about 320 [pounds] now.

A: Get a 5 million watt one. 5 million volt one. One second will knock him

Q: You have to be pretty close though to use the Taser though.

A: Well, if you've got a gun, it shoots.

Q: [group chatter]

A: I carry with me a 5 million watt hand Taser. Touch them like that, even
through their clothes - even if they had a wool coat on.

Q: It will knock them out.

A: It will knock them out in one second.

Q: Do they go unconscious?

A: Their muscles stop working. And they will fall to the ground. Then, if he is
real big you may need to Taser him for 3 seconds. But that is not long; in 3
seconds you can have him down and out. He won't move for 5 - 10 minutes. That is
enough to calm the body.

Q: [group discussion]

A: You have high blood pressure because you need high blood pressure. Remember

Q: What should she do then?

A: If she wants to unblock, some of it could just be pressure on the veins
because you are overweight. To me, you are not overweight. You are just the
right size if you want to protect yourself. But you are going to have pressure
on your veins and arteries. You are going to have to have high blood pressure.
So you are going to have to lose 50 pounds and if you have congestion in your
veins and arteries, then you have to take vinegar - raw unpasteurized vinegar.
And you should take a tablespoon with 3 ounces of raw milk, so you don't
demineralize because vinegar will demineralize you. So you need to eat cheese
and honey twice daily and have that vinegar three times daily - one tablespoon
with 3 ounces of raw milk.

Q: How much vinegar?

A: One ounce of raw vinegar and 3 ounces of raw milk.

Q: Cheese and honey...

A: 2 tablespoons of cheese with 2 teaspoons of honey. Do you have a question?

Q: I have a couple. I have a problem with my neck and spine. Its [inaudible].
What can I do to help that?

A: I don't know what is wrong with your neck. Is it tight?

Q: It is compressed. I had a problem as a kid. If you look at the x-ray the
cushion is very thin

A: You have a very flexible neck. You are whipping your neck... [group
laughter]. But if you are losing cartilage between your vertebrae, then honey
and cheese together.

Q: [inaudible] Well, I do.

Q: How much cheese? ...and how much honey?

Q: Did I do? I don't do any

A: You need it 3 times in a day. 3 tablespoons of cheese, 2 1/2 teaspoons of
honey 3 times a day. It is a little bit more effective when you have it after a
meat meal. 35 minutes after a meat meal. If you have 2 meat meals in a
day, you have it 2 times after that; one time each after that. And then one time
in the middle of the night. And the one in the middle of the night, you have
your 3 tablespoons of cheese, your 2 1/2 teaspoons of honey and 4 ounces of
milk. Whenever you said you were thirsty after your meat, sip your milk after
there and your milk will mix with that cheese and honey once that cheese and
honey is eaten later, 35 minutes after the meat meal. During the night, you need
to put the milk with the honey and cheese, right away. I tell everybody to wait
10 minutes before you eat anything. In the middle of the night eat cheese right
on top of it; you don't wait 10 minutes.

Q: You have the cheese and honey before the milk in the middle of the night.

A: Yeah.

Q: [inaudible] I wake myself up.

A: You will have so much more energy. You will feel so much better.

Q: I don't know how to....

A: You set that alarm because your body will eat its own red blood cells. And
you are going to wake up with anemia and you are going to be tired for the day.
It will make all the difference between night and day when you do that... Did
you [other person] notice a difference?

Q: I just wake up about 4 or 5 in the morning. And I need something because I
don't get back to sleep if I don't eat something.

Q: OK, so that will build back up though. And that again is 3 times a day

A: Well let me put it this way - it has in every other case. I. With that
cheese regimen there, I have had women... I am not God so I can't say it but in
every other case and I can't imagine it not happening in yours. Unless you are
taking fosamax or one of those There are a lot of people who take the bone loss
medication; it prevents it. It prevents the body from rebuilding cartilage. It
causes bone loss! …with 32 percent bone loss regenerated within one year. All
32 percent in one year. Of course they are doing the whole diet too. And they
are eating cheese frequently to pull the poisons out so they are not using their
food minerals, other food minerals, to bind with the poisons. So the cheese is
good. When you mix cheese, you have about... In 2 tablespoons of cheese, you
have a quart worth of minerals. ... 2 tablespoons of cheese, you have [the
equivalent of] a whole quart of milk.

Q: Does this have to be the plain cheese or do you have the other flavors?

A: You can have the other flavors as long as there is no salt in them.

Q: OK. it can be smoked or whipped...

A: Smoked is no good.

Q: Swiss is OK though?

A: Often Swiss cheese is heated to 127 degrees. You have to find a farmer that
doesn't heat the Swiss cheese.

Q: Amos doesn't heat the Swiss.

Q: I have prickling under my skin. When I get upset of whatever, it prickles.
What is that?

A: That is the plastics sending electrical signals trying to move those balls
of plastic. Sometimes it is nerve damage, where your body is trying to reawaken

Q: That is what I wondered because I noticed it in certain places. Now it is
all over more.

A: It poisons out the area, it damages the nerves... [inaudible] comes to life.
If you've got those plastic molecules blocking your nerves, collecting in one
place, your body has to send a signal down there to burst that.

Q: How do you keep a hot water bottle on your body at night? I have put them in
the pillowcase on my feet. How do you...?

A: Very easy, very simple. How would you do it?

Q: I have tried all kinds of things.

A; Put a hot water bottle there, take a towel and wrap the towel around it.

Q; They are not big enough.

A: Well then get a big towel.

Q: [group discussion].

A: Then take sheets and do it with sheets. You can even take one of your
towels, wrap it around then put a band around it, an elastic band that is not
too tight. Just tight enough to keep it to your body.

Q: Do you use towels?

A: I use a towel and wrap it and it around twice.

Q: How do you keep from moving at night?

A: I move it and it moves with me. The hot water bottle moves with me.

Q: [group discussion]

A: You wrap it around you. You wrap the sheet around you so they move with you.
But you can also do it a very simple way. You are not going to move very far if
you have a small bed. So get a small bed.

Q: [group chatter]

A: Put 3 beach towels underneath you. You are lying there with 7 hot water
bottles. You have a towel over you, on top. And you have a down quilt on top of
that... You are not going to move that far unless you are going to fall out of
the bed. You are going to stay under the...

Q: ...every bag ... every [inaudible] so I can sweat it out. [group chatter]

A: If you have a small bed, it will remove that.

Q: ... falling off the bed.

A: You would be surprised; you won't.

Q: There won't be any room for the dog. Even though you do the bath, you would
do the hot water bottles.

A: The bath is for the whole system. If you have a pain in a particular place,
that is local to the hot water bottle.

Q: What did you say, if you have pain?

A: If you have pain or discomfort or a problem anywhere, you put the hot water
bottle in a localized area.

Q: ... right here.

A: Yeah, then put one right there and wrap your towel around to hold it in. Or
your burlap or whatever you would like to use. Burlap is pretty scratchy. I
sleep naked...

Q: [group laugh] I didn't say burlap. [group chatter] It is cotton. It is not

A: Then that would be fine. I would use that.

Q: It is muslin. [loud group chatter]

A: [laugh] ...whatever you want.

Q: One other question is when you sprain something, whatever. What heals your
muscles or whatever, is there anything else that you would suggest?

A: Heat.

Q: Just heat.

A: Heat and meat.

Q: Put meat on that?

A: …raw meat. It helps draw. If you get a bruise, you have ruptured some
veins or capillaries and blood has entered the tissue where it doesn't belong.
The blood belongs in the blood stream period. So when it gets out of that
system, your body has to break it down so the bacteria in the red blood cells
will start decaying it. So they will turn black and blue. Then it turns yellow
as the bacteria eat it up. Their waste is yellow. And then that comes through
the skin. Now if you put meat on there, it happens very fast. The bacteria in
the meat will go in there and break those cells down very quickly. Like your
boxers. You see those poor guys come off of there, you've got cuts here, they
are swollen. Then you see them a week later and maybe they have had plastic
surgery and say 'How the hell did they do that?’ With almost no scarring or
anything. Because they put whole steaks on their face. Anywhere where there is
bruising, they strap it around. They go through $500 of meat in a week. You just
take a thin slice, you put it on there, you put a wet cloth over that - cotton
cloth or silk - and then you put a piece of plastic on that and put an ace
bandage over that... They don't have to use all the meat that they do. They put
it on there, it dries on top, and then they are going through $500 of meat in a
week! They may only have to go through $20 of meat in a week to take care of it.
So, put some meat on it, a thin slice, put a wet cloth over that, and damp
cloth, plastic on top of that and wrap it around. with an ace bandage or
something. Keep it on. And then heat on top of that.

Q: Plastic will keep it from drying out. Could you use, instead of plastic,
could you use the paper?

A: No. Parchment paper, all those papers use nowdays a tremendous amount of
chemicals. I would rather have plastic touch my food than paper. I lived on
Jekyl Island in Georgia and over in Brunswick which is 35 miles away was a paper
mill. and whenever the winds would change and it would go from inland to out to
the island everybody on the island got a headache and the odor was tremendous.
The children had a brain cancer rate of 43 percent. ... a miscarriage rate
around 40 percent. Paper is one of the worst.

Q: Myron wraps his butter in paper.

A: I know. Scrape it. He is into the old style. He doesn't think that paper is
made differently. But I would scrape it off. You can see that brownish top on
there. You scrape it off

Q: Orange yellow

A: brownish yellow... scrape all that off.

Q: better?

A: If you are using plastic, if you are using ziplock bags, which I use, I
rinse them out first. because there is a powder that is just as bad as the
paper. I rinse that off first. If I get anything in plastic in a store, I scrape
the outer layers off to get rid of that. The powder they make like from WD-40 so
that the plastic won't stick together. And Seran Wrap is absolutely the worst. I
will never get near food that has been in Saran Wrap.

Q: But what do you suggest?

A: ..ziplock bags.

Q: What about if you want to cover something? You shouldn't do it at all then?

A: Get a ziplock bag that is big enough, a gallon ziplock bag and put it in

Q: What about storage containers?

A: ...all glass.

Q: but the tops are never glass.

A: That is OK as long as the food is not touching it. And you don't freeze it.
And you don't heat it.

Q: But if you do freeze it with the LID not touching it...

A: It doesn't matter. It will outgas. even if it is near the plastic. The
plastic will outgas during the freezing process.

Q: [group chatter and laughs] If you are going to freeze something in a ziplock

A: Don't freeze. Except for fruit. if you do fruit, put it in a glass jar.

Q: You can put them in a bowl, freeze it and put the lid on it after it is
already frozen, right?

A: It will still outgas.

Q: ... get the metal lid...

A: You can get the jars with the metal lids with the white.

Q: ...with the white...

A: ...with the white. That looks goldish; they put a very thin plastic on that
that melts off very easily. And even though they are similar, the white one is a
very hardened plastic. You have to scrape it off. But the other one will
actually dissolve and melt.

Q: Those are Kerr usually.

Q: Kerr are the ones you DON'T want?

A: ...don't want, yes. Ball jars are the ones you want.

Q: But the solid white plastic ones you don't want.

A: [group discussion]

Q: When you go to the store to get your vegetables and put them in plastic

A: Rinse them.

Q: You are buying cilantro, you put it in a plastic bag. You are buying celery;
you put it in a plastic bag.

A: You are still going to get that powder on there so what I do is I just rinse
them off. ... rinse the powder off.

Q: You rinse the vegetables off, that have already been in the bag. Or take
your ziplock bag and do it.

A: Absolutely. It depends on how long it is going to take you and how hot is
outside. If you put it in a ziplock bag, that will last a long time.

Q: That is a great bag to put celery in.

A: Get a smaller one. Get a quart one. They are in all different size. Choose
your size.

Q: I just know when I buy my vegetables for juicing, a third of them I put in

A: They have the powder in so what you can do is fill your sink with water and
put your milk and your vinegar in there and rinse them. And let them dry.

Q: ...about teeth and gums. Anything you would recommend?

A: Cheese and honey.

Q: Cheese and honey.

A: You need lots of cheese to make sure your minerals - your food minerals -
are not being used to detoxify the poisons in the stomach and intestines.

Q: 3 tablespoons of cheese and...

A: 2 1/2 teaspoons of honey. -- And then at night also if you want to

Q: Yeah, in the middle of the night. And then I will share an experience. I
told Christy I wasn't going to tell. It is not a big deal. I started with the

A: Whose clay? Terramin or Aztec or what?

Q: Terramin? I am not that familiar with the two. -Terramin is designed to be
used externally.

A: Terramin silk.

Q: [female voice] He just wanted to make sure you weren't buying stuff from the
store. [inaudible] You got the right one.

Q: OK. I put 2 tablespoons in my milk. -It was like I took the clay and the
milk alternating. Because when I put the clay in the milk it was just like a big

A: You are not reading my recipe book. I said you pre-moisten all clay

Q: Oh, yeah, I did all that. I put it with the water and it sat then once it
was ready... I guess I skipped that step. Once I pre-mixed it with the water
then I would have 2 tablespoons with the milk at night.

A: It is too thick. Big clumps in there is too thick. You are not putting in
enough water; you are letting it dry out.

Q: It is kind of the consistency of maybe peanut butter.

A: No, it is supposed to be plaster of Paris. That is what I say in the book.
It should be the consistency of fresh plaster of Paris.

Q: ...runny. That is just 1 1/2 times....

Q: So I [inaudible] with the water?

A: Yeah, not enough water with the clay so it wouldn't mix with the milk
easily. It sometimes changes

Q: It will absorb warm water.

A: Sometimes it will be more calcium in that particular batch because it is
mined in a big area - as big as this yard - so some areas are going to have more
calcium, some areas are going to have more magnesium. You are going to need more
water. I said mix it to the consistency of fresh plaster of Paris.

Q: Well I never eat plaster of Paris. [group laugh]. I did that for maybe 3 or
4 nights and I started to develop a rash in my right side here. And so I thought
hmm that is probably not a bad thing. I talked to Christy about it a little bit
and we thought rather than taking it internally, I will just spread some on here
and see what that does. -So I did that.

A: And is it all right?

Q: It dried and then I actually washed it off. But what it did, where I
originally had that rash, then it really started pulling things out. And it
opened up those wounds on my side. And I thought 'this is probably doing some
good but how far do I want to take it?'. So I stopped.

A: Stopped eating it or stopped applying it?

Q: ...stopped both. ...stopped eating it and stopped applying it. And it pretty
much just went away.

A: You are detoxing something. ...from inside. [inaudible] your liver probably
[inaudible] bile.

Q: Is that where the liver would be? So what would you suggest?

A: Oh, this is much too thick.

Q: So what is [3 inaudible words] Is that OK?

A: That is fungus in there.

Q: Yeasty people are OK with that?

A: Yeah! That will help break down the yeast that you have. That kind of yeast
is already toxic yeast because it is built on sugars. This is not built on
sugars. It is built on minerals. So this is 5 times more effective. You need 5
times more yeast to do what you are doing in this fungus. This fungus is a

Q: [group discussion] How much can you have of that in a day?

A: Oh, I wouldn't have over 2 tablespoons a day. Cheese I find works much
better but if you have a yeast problem, it is a good idea to have water too.

Q: I take the minerals.

A: That... you cannot... that is rock. We don't eat rock; we don't digest rock.
That will help pull toxins out of your body so you are not using your food
minerals. to bind with poisons. That will.

Q: So you recommend this for people that... what...Who should do clay?

A: Everybody.

Q: Well, the guy that sells it claims that is all he ever did. [inaudible] But
he still went from shooting himself with insulin to not. Where does the clay
come from?

A: California. Yeah, but he was starting to dry out. Did you see him?

Q: Yeah, I see him on videos and stuff.

A: And let me tell you, when I met him 10 years ago he was young and vibrant.
And he had just gotten involved with that. He had just started eating it and I
say 'Ray - you are going to get very dry eating that. It will start pulling fats
out of you everywhere.' That is why I tell people to have it with milk. Put this
Terramin clay with milk. It gives it a hint of a chocolate flavor.

Q: Yeah, it does!

A: It is like chocolate milk. It is easy to eat it that way. You have to
understand: real chocolate beans get moldy and they have that smell. So real
chocolate - the old chocolate - kind of smelled like dirty feet, moldy. Yeah.

Q: Can you put honey in it, make it a little more...

A: This, no. You don't want to carry that into your blood.

Q: Oh, I see what you are saying. OK.

A: That will carry it into your blood. You don't want that.

Q: One more quick question. What about [no sound for a few seconds]

A: Yeast on the tongue is a good thing. You are breaking down the toxins from
the brain and minerals. Remember, yeast eats rock.

Q: are breaking down the minerals...

A: You are breaking down minerals that are coming out of the brain to the
tongue. Coated tongue is a good thing.

Q: You said minerals or metals?

A: Minerals/metals from the brain. Metals are minerals. Some minerals are
metal. When you have plaque on your teeth, that is from your body dumping
poisons out of the brain out the gums. And your body uses the minerals from your
teeth to bind with that and that causes plaque. You don't need to remove that
because when you are eating cooked foods, when you have old cooked minerals in
there. Your body uses those to chelate, to bind, to cake those to the teeth. It
doesn't do it to the tooth personally, it is those magnetic minerals. that come
out of the brain and they adhere to the teeth because the teeth are full of
minerals. So that magnetizes the teeth then your body uses the calcium,
phosphorus and magnesium to attach to that and try to neutralize it because it
is highly acidic. Your four alkalinizing, main alkalinizing minerals - calcium,
phosphorus, magnesium and potassium - are alkalinizing. So it is supposed to try
to neutralize it so it tries to neutralize the acidity, so it doesn't burn into
the teeth. People on cooked food cauterize all their alkalinizing minerals so
then those heavy metals that come down - mercury, valium, lead - all of those
eat into the dentine and that causes dental decay. And then their bacteria are
incited to break down dead damaged cells. But of course the
pharmaceutical-indoctrinated doctors say 'Oh, it is the bacteria that cause the
decay'. It is NOT the bacteria that cause the decay. It is the metals coming out
the gums. 90 percent of the poisons from the brain dump out the tongue, the
salivary glands and the gums. ... the gums, the salivary glands and the tongue.

Q: What can we do to get those minerals and metals out of there? What is the

A: Well, they constantly dump out the gums every day. So a lot of people will
oil pull. They will put a teaspoon or a tablespoon of oil in their mouth; they
will swish it around for 15 - 20 minutes. Some people even do it 30 minutes. ...
long time, also very expensive, not a very nice way to do it.

You can do it with cheese! First have your cheese down to take care of the
poisons in the stomach. Then take a teaspoon of cheese. Just chew it and swish
it around and pull it out because then you have magnetics involved.

Q: ... spit that out.

A: Yeah, spit that out. You don't swallow it.

Q: How long do you do that?

A: Anywhere as long as you want. Some people do it 10 minutes, some people do
it 15, some 20, some 30.

Q: [group chatter]

A: You are going to spit a little bit out and keep some in there and keep going
with it.

Q: Just like gum.

A: Yeah, you don't swallow it. The cheese is better because you have fat and
the minerals! The oil only has the oil. If you have minerals in there, you have
magnetism. With the oil you have no magnetism.

Q: Yeah, with the gum issue, that can be a problem. [brief group discussion]

A: And if you are using olive oil, it can be acidic. ...make the gums raw.

Q: [discussion within group] the gums start to dry out without minerals.

A: Absolutely.

Q: …brush with butter. I have read your recipes before. It was butter

A: … coconut cream and clay

Q: ... clay and cream

A: Any fat will do.

Q: Butter will probably strengthen the gums better.

A: Do you have a question?

Q: You mentioned a sand filter for a swimming pool. Where do you get those?

A: Sand filters. They are anywhere.

Q: We have one for our [inaudible] pool.

Q: Do you use chlorine then? You've got kids, right?

Q: Yeah, I have got that salt thing that changes...

A: Salt chlorine. They use salt water. Use only a fifth of what they say. Use
the salt chlorinator; use only a fifth of the salt that way.

Q: So with the sand filter you use a salt chlorinator?

A: You can, if you don't want algae to grow in your pool.

Q: But algae is a good thing, right? [group discussion and laughs]

A: She had a question. She said if there is no immune disease, then what is
arthritis? 80 to 85 percent of arthritis is Crohn's disease.

Q: What is Crohn's disease?

A: Crohn's disease is when your intestines do not manufacture mucus to coat the
lining. So your own digestive juices and your own high-acid bacteria... Either
way, the intestinal wall gets thinner and thinner and thinner. Then when you eat
a lot, the intestinal tract tears and then undigested food particles get into
the gut. It is called leaky gut. Your body sends those to the cartilage for
digestion. The stomach is the most resilient tissue. It makes hydrochloric acid.
It can dissolve bone but it doesn't dissolve itself. The cartilage is the next
best thing to that. So your body will send out undigested particles that leak
into the gut, into your joints, wherever it may be. It can be all over. And then
they will digest in that cartilage. Then the digestive acids start eating away
at the cartilage, slowly. It isn't like the stomach. It isn't completely
resilient. But it will do it slowly. So the bacteria that they find there
aren’t the bacteria to break down the cartilage; they are the bacteria to eat
away these food particles, to digest them. It deteriorates some of the cartilage
very slowly.

Q: How do you change the leaky gut then?

A: You have to eat eggs and eggs and more eggs. Get on an egg diet. I have
people eating 22 eggs a day to 30 eggs a day when they have leaky gut. It is the
only thing that will resolve it fast. I had a famous senator from California -
his grand-daughter. They brought her to me at 13 1/2 years old. Her knees were
blown out from Crohn's and the doctors had treated her for 3 years and she was a
MESS. She went into leukemia from it, from treatment for this. And you know
[inaudible] blown out, her wrists, her elbows but the knees were the worst. 6
months I had her on raw milk. I had her sucking eggs and milk shake. ...eggs and
milk shake. But older people, I just have them suck eggs and have honey and
butter, honey, butter and eggs all day long. That is all they get to eat for
about 3 - 6 months. And then after that, they need lots of milkshakes to build
the mucus. The eggs will repair the intestines, build them quickly and I need to
do that before the body coats it with a lot of mucus. Then after the intestines
get rebuilt, I say lots of milk shakes to build the mucus.

Q: [inaudible] to tell if they are ready to go on to the milk shakes.

A: Oh, I can tell by the irises. Those kind of people - people with cancer,
people with severe Crohn's - I see every 4 months. Until they thoroughly ...
thoroughly takes a year and a half to two years.

Q: Do you see the arthritis on the iris?

A: No, they tell me but I can see if the intestinal tract - how that is.

Q: OK. And what about lupus?

A: Lupus is a collection of heavy toxicity in the connective tissue. So it
dissolves the connective tissue. And it could be from... let's say you started
collecting dead cells under there and the body uses a virus to dissolve it. And
you couldn't get it out through the skin. ...couldn't perspire it out through
the skin. It starts dissolving the connective tissue. That is lupus.
...dissolution of connective tissue. Very painful.

Q: So arthritis and lupus are two different things.

A: Completely. Yeah.

Q: How do you treat lupus?

A: baths. ...lots of milk shakes. ... eggs, cheese, anything to draw t
he poisons somewhere else. so that it is not discarding through the skin all the
time. ...getting the wastes and acid that are already under the skin dissolving
the connective tissue - get it out with perspiration in hot baths, sleeping with
hot water bottles, sipping 2 - 3 sport formulas a day to replace the fluids.

Q: Does the sport formula demineralize you at all because it has the lemon and
the lime?

A: …the lemon and the lime and the vinegar. It will demineralize if you are
not eating the cheese.

Q: Do you mean during the day?

A: Yep. You are eating cheese all throughout the day plus your honey and cheese
after your meat meals. And if you have a severe mineral deficiency, also have it
during the night. But it will demineralize if you are not eating enough cheese.

A: Yeah. Most of it is without honey or fruit. You don't digest that cheese if
you are not having honey or fruit with it to pull poisons out and go. I know
that seems like an expensive loss but let me tell you. When the poisons are
removed - it was like 9 days when I see people's mercury destroyed! Oh Jesus,
this person will never get well their whole lifetime - then I start trying to
see if it will work. A lot of those people, lots of cheese. Some I give every 15
minutes. Everyone who has done it - the amount of poisons that has been
removed... even mercury. It takes 5200 molecules of fat to remove from the body,
That is even going out fast! It is like maybe 2 or 5 molecules of fat to take
out one molecule of mercury with cheese. It is just phenomenal!

Q: So the cheese is pulling that out.

A: Yeah, the cheese is pulling all of it.

Q: Is that magnetic to it or is that part of the ionic...?

A: ...ionic pull...ionic magnetism.

Q: I couldn't figure out why cheese did that.


Q: minerals in the cheese. [inaudible] take the clay too?

A: This is not a food. This is not a bioactive substance. This is rock.

Q: [inaudible] pull the toxins out.

A: This will dry out the intestines

Q: It could dry out the inside of you.

A: That is why only two tablespoons a day.

Q: ...because it is drying you out instead of pulling it out.

A: Right. Like Ray, pulling all the fats out of his body.

Q: But he did it for a short time just to...

A: ...dry everything out and pull every bit of mucus he has off of the
intestinal lining. He has more than 2 tablespoons a day. And if you don't have
it with milk ...

Q: or if it is not pre-moistened...

A: If it is not pre-moistened, it is going to adhere to your intestinal walls
and turn it into clay itself. a desert. You are not going to be able to
manufacture mucus. You could put it in vegetable juice with a little cream in
it. You could put it in a lot of things, but milk is the best.

Q: [group discussion]

A: The cheese by itself will not digest. Anything that is dry, any food that is
dried has no bioactive bacteria, has no bioactive enzymes. You are not going to
digest it unless the body is robbing enzymes and nutrients from some other part
of your body to do it. And only if you are starving would you do that. So the
body takes that cheese; it will just grab onto everything poisonous and just
pass out. It won't digest unless you eat it with honey or fruit that provides
the enzymes to digest the cheese.

Q: [inaudible]so your body can utilize it.

A: Yeah, those minerals, since they come from a food source, can be utilized to
rebuild the muscles, the bones ... everything.

Q: Her mom is 88 and has bad knees...

A: That is a good thing to give her.

Q: So that is supposed to do what for her?

A: It will help get the toxicity out of the knees, if she will eat the cheese
without honey and butter and then eat the honey and cheese and butter. It will
help rebuild the nerves and the cartilage.

Q: She will eat that. She got mad about the drink the other day. She didn't
like it.

A: Which was what?

Q: ...milkshake.

A: ...bananas and melon. ...lots of female hormones in it. ...good for the
skin, good for the joints.

Q: That is a good question too, because I have hormone issues. In your book,
you talk about yam juice...It advises you to have yam juice every 3 minutes...

A: That is for ovarian cancer. That is not for...

Q: But it helped me. I think it helped me. Yam juice and coconut cream. Then
you said to have a banana a day and meat every day. Do I have to do all that to
keep my hormones working? What do you use to do?

A: Honey and butter and eggs. Honey and butter and eggs every day will just
keep your... Remember, hormones are for emergency purposes only! The pituitary
hormone is for when there is a wild fire that destroys all the food and you've
got your tribe around eating vegetation for a week or two until they get to
migrate to somewhere where there are animals again. And the children won't grow
unless they have the pituitary hormone. But normally you grow without the
pituitary hormone. But in a situation like that, the body can still grow even if
it isn't getting the proper nutrients.

The body can still grow. OK, we are going to have to call it an evening, folks!

Q: [many voices thanking Aajonus]