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                            Q&A Of January 27, 2013


Q: Mercury is causing aching in my right shoulder, from injections.

A: To remove one molecule of mercury, it takes about 50-200 fat cells. The
mercury molecule is not as small as salt but is still a very, very tiny
molecule. And in each vaccine back in those days had 76 quadrillion molecules of
mercury. Multiply that 50-200 times and you can eat and digest about ten million
molecules in a day. So you’ve got a lifetime of getting rid of mercury in
vaccines depending on the number of shots you got. But you not only have to deal
with mercury in those vaccines – you have liquid aluminum, formaldehyde,
ether, and detergent. That’s another 500-600 times the toxic molecules of

Q: Why do they put that in there?

A: Here’s my theory: When I studied at the Sorbonne Institute in Paris, I
found that every animal that Pasteur injected died. When they started adding
formaldehyde - that’s the first thing they added when Rockefeller got involved
in it – and other toxins, it put the mercury on the back burner and there were
fewer deaths – just a lot of side effects. They realized putting a lot of
different kinds of toxins in it would stop most reactions from being visible and
observable. So now they put up to 63 toxins in a vaccine. The latest terrible
assault is squalene in flu shots. It causes massive death, kidney failure, with
all kinds of complications in laboratory animals. You have to understand that
they’re using maybe 60,000 molecules of virus in a vaccine so your body uses
all kinds of bacteria and hydrochloric acid to neutralize that toxic solvent
waste. Viruses are not alive; that’s a fiction. Forty years ago no MD ever
gave an antibiotic for a virus because there was no life form. All you see are
dissolved cells in some kind of solvent solution. But the cell makes the solvent
solution. When the cells and tissue are so toxic that bacteria, parasites and
fungus can’t eat it, then the cells have to make a solvent to dissolve that
waste. It can’t be recycled. So, the cells make a sort of muriatic acid to
dissolve that dead tissue that can’t be recycled by bacteria, parasites or
fungus. So viruses aren’t alive to begin with. Let’s say you have 60,000 to
100,000 molecules of so-called virus-related solution in a vaccine. That will
fit on the head of a pinprick. So the idea that a virus is going to take over
the body is an absurdity anyway and the idea of creating immunity is a farce.
There’s no science to prove it – just theory. And, of course they can’t
prove it. That’s why there’s no science behind it. All these animations
you’re seeing of viruses – balls with tentacles – are not real. I had a
sci-fi book when I was a kid that showed comical creatures from another planet
– and they’re using that same image from the book, the same balls with
tentacles. Under the microscope, viruses look very different. So, what they do
with the vaccines – they are the most toxic things creating more disease (70%)
than any other element on the planet unless you are directly exposed to mercury
in a laboratory, or are exposed in a nuclear plant.

Q: Antibiotics, too?

A: Some will put mercury in. Not all.

Q: I read that in the military, after they developed antibiotics, they had
better survival after getting wounded.

A: That’s propaganda. Look at the Spanish influenza pandemic that they say
killed 50M people in 1918. That was Rockefeller’s first flu shot. Only the
people that got the flu shot died. Only people that got the flu shot got flu
related symptoms. Everybody gets the flu now because we’re all so contaminated
with chemical food and these vaccines. Before it used to be colds which are
primarily bacteria that go in and eat the dead tissue, recycling what they can
and [unclear]. Parasites can do the same thing quicker with fewer symptoms than
bacteria. Everybody is not getting colds any more. You can tell a cold because
you get yellow mucous. When it’s clear or whitish, it’s a virus. If it’s
green, it’s mostly fungus. So almost everybody has viral detoxifications
[rather than] bacterial, parasitic or fungal.

Q: I wake up with my hand hot, swollen and tingling.

A: Those are three different symptoms. Heat means your body is trying to
perspire and remove toxins that are moving in the night. Swelling is always an
indication of more blood and lymphatic fluid getting into a toxic area that the
body is trying to clean. Swelling is good; do not disturb swelling. If you
disturb swelling with ice or cold packs, you restrict the amount of blood and
lymphatic fluid into the area so you reduce the nutrients going into the area so
you will scar. That’s why all those athletes that put ice packs on injuries
end up with heavy scarring and surgery to have the scar tissue scraped. You have
pain, because you have an injury and it needs to be dealt with – not numbed so
the athlete can be sent back out… not sent out on the field again, unless you
can wrap the injured body part so it doesn’t move and cause more injury. So,
swelling is important for detoxification and healing. Tingling means some kind
of toxin – usually some metallic toxin like mercury, cadmium or lead – is
moving through the nerves in the hand. It can also be caused if you sleep on the
hand and restrict circulation into the nerves. However, if you are not sleeping
on the hand, it means you are moving metals through the nerves in that area
causing bursts of electromagnetic energy – bursts of sensation. You may have a
block with the metal and the body is sending higher electromagnetic impulses to
get it to move. The way you can help resolve that is to put a hot water bottle
wherever that tingling spot/swelling is to help your body perspire so it
doesn’t have to go into its own fever and it will also allow a breakdown of
any toxins – let’s say – that are in the lymphatic or neurological systems
where everybody has margarine and all kinds of hydrogenated oils. Almost all
cereals, donuts, chips, and fries are boiled in trans-fatty acids, hydrogenated
oils – that is, plastic oils. The human body doesn’t handle plastic well. So
those molecules will dehydrate, harden and clump. So you have clusters of
plastic that cannot be dissolved at body temperature so you have to get up to
105-110 degrees to melt and perspire it out of the body. Another way to handle
that is to tickle the area of the body where you’re tingling and you’ll
generate more electrical impulses so that the brain doesn’t have to send them
down in bolts. Tickling releases electromagnetic energy.

Q: Dry brushing similar effect?

A: No, too rough - tears. Dry brushing is the worst thing you can do. It
actually tears. Like taking a scab and ripping it off. Using an electronic
microscope, I looked at many arms, palms and hands using a scrub brush. You know
how you have a bicycle accident and you have an abrasion? I found abrasions and
minute scabs -invisible to the naked eye - on the top layer of skin under the
dead skin layers. I found this on every person – even tough, macho guys. So a
brush is not a good thing. It’s better to soak the body getting those cells
very damp so they’re not adhering to the new skin underneath and rub gently
with a silk or cotton cloth. They’ll come off very easily.

Q: Would that apply to itching?

A: Not necessarily because some itching is dead cells with high contaminants.
An example: I put some high water towers in at my place in the Philippines and
when I was going up into the jungle I hit a patch of rattan. They’ve got these
fine thorns half the size of a needle and I got about five or six of them back
here and in my fingers. I cut most of them out but you can see my body is still
breaking them down… painful and they were bleeding for quite a while. It
itches and I’ll gently scratch only dead skin off - not new skin. If you have
toxicity moving out of that area every 20 minutes so that it itches, just keep
gently rubbing or scratching to stimulate more circulation in that area. When
you scratch hard, you’re breaking capillaries and all sorts of other things in
dry areas so it causes more problems and dryness. Usually I put lime juice on
because it surrounds foreign particles so my body can use white blood cells. But
if for some reason with the rattan thorns, I couldn’t stop it from itching and
bleeding until I starting putting saliva on them. Saliva cut the symptoms in
half. When I would stop using saliva and put on lime or pineapple juice to break
it down, it would cause more symptoms. We have more than 2-3x the bacteria of a
dog or cat – don’t bite anyone. That’s why dogs and cats lick wounds –
to put their bacteria to break down and digest contaminants in and under the
skin to move them out of the body.

Q: Migraine headaches.

A: … intense headache that can cause you to vomit. Cluster headaches increase
every ten to twenty minutes and get worse and worse. They call them suicide
headaches because they are so intense and overwhelming that people want to
commit suicide. An average headache can cause pain and make it difficult to
sleep or function but doesn’t cause vomiting. The brain doesn’t have any
nerves in it. You can be awake and talking during brain surgery and never feel
them poking and cutting around. The nerves are in the meninges that envelop the
brain which is layers of brain skin. So when you have swelling in the brain, it
puts pressure on the meninges and that causes your headache. Eighty-five percent
of all headaches are caused by salt that causes swelling in the body. Sodium is
an explosive when isolated. It is a toxin even when mixed with iodine, sodium
iodine or potassium. Iodized table salt is more dangerous because iodine is a
poison. That’s what they use as an antiseptic. So sodium causes these
explosions in the body and then iodine will kill the natural bacteria stopping
it from its job of breaking down the dead tissue for removal from the body. So
you have all this heavy contamination in the blood, lymphatic system and
neurological fluid because of the concentrated sodium that is isolated and not
linked. When sodium occurs in a raw food is will never cause an explosion or
problem. But when you cook it, the body isolates it. Any kind of salt is rock;
we don’t eat rocks; plants eat rocks. Land creatures and plants aren’t meant
to eat salt. When you eat salt, it’s like putting salt on a plant; it burns
the roots, blows up. If you want to see proof how that works, go to any search
engine you like and put “video frog legs salt.” You’ll come up with a
video of these three guys are entertainingly mocking me. They salt these
detached frog’s legs and the more they salt, the more they spasm. They spasm
for 32 minutes but you only see two and half minutes of it. You put on pepper
– a high abrasive and irritant - and you only get one twitch because salt is
an explosive but pepper is not. Even though they put iodized salt on, the legs
instantly separated the sodium from the iodine within seconds of touching the
flesh. So a headache means you have high blood pressure in the brain and it’s
putting pressure on the meninges. That’s usually from salt and you can help
get rid of salt contamination by drinking some sparkling mineral water with
lemon juice, honey and cream. That formula and several others are in the We Want
2 Live book. It almost always works except for some migraines and only reduces a
little bit cluster headaches. It is almost impossible to get rid of headaches
because you have to decontaminate the brain to reduce the swelling. Eating a lot
of cheese helps by pulling the poisons into the intestines. The cheese will
collect and hold on to it. As long as you don’t eat honey or fruit with the
cheese, it will pass it out through the bowels so you can reduce the load in the
blood, neurological fluid and lymph - so that the body can pull the toxins out
through those fluid systems and out of the brain. Even the cheese can reduce
headaches tremendously and the length of them. So headache formulas and cheese
will mitigate.

Q: My mother had serious Alzheimer’s and my dad serious dementia. Will I have
a tendency for that?

A: Not if you don’t eat the same bad things that they did. Dementia is
usually caused by aluminum and Alzheimer’s usually by mercury. It used to be
believed that the majority of Alzheimer’s was caused by aluminum, too, until
researchers at the University of Calgary demonstrated how neurons are destroyed
by mercury [transcriber’s note: Drs. Fritz Lorscheider and Naweed Syed -]. They showed that the neurological damage done by
mercury is identical to that seen in Alzheimer’s. Aluminum does not create
those lesions. Mercury comes from vaccines, coal power plant emissions, fish,
fillings. Now with the increasing contamination, you’d have to eat a lot of
butter and cheese. I did tests in 1988-92 showing that 92% of mercury in
swordfish left the body. This is many years later and the levels grow every year
because we keep burning coal to produce energy. You have to eat cheese and a lot
of butter and maybe coconut cream before and with the fish. In one of my last
two newsletters I have a lime formula to help remove heavy metals. This is the
way I handled mine – when I was kidnapped and given those three injections
after I spoke out against vaccines - H1N1 [swine flu vaccine]. I’ve spent the
last two months aching right here. It’s so sore and hurts so bad sometimes I
even had to change which hand I use for the computer mouse. And I started
getting wrinkled, sagging skin all over the place within about four months after
the injections and exploding tissue all over my body so it looked like I had
been in a shrapnel explosion. What I do to reduce those is I have a kind of
sports formula: a cup of whey, a cup of blueberries, 2 oz pineapple, 5 medium or
4 large eggs, 2 tbl lime juice, 2 tsp lemon juice, 1-3 tbl raw ACV, and then add
enough milk to give you a quart. This will remove heavy metals and toxicity.
This is the current formula; I keep experimenting. It works a little bit better
on the vaccine toxicity stored in my arm than the earlier sports formula. ACV
carries those particular amino acids used in chelation therapy. So why do they
use these false amino acids that they produce by processing to the hilt with
hexane which is either gasoline or kerosene? Even though these chelation drugs
may have removed some loose metals like mercury, cadmium, or lead, most of the
chelation therapy contaminants themselves don’t come out of the body. ACV has
three of those four particular amino acids and the lime juice has the other. So
the combination takes care of it without putting frickin’ poisons in your
body. But they don’t make money if you’re just going to your food cabinet
and getting food. They want to put this chemical into you - even alternative
doctors – saying they want to get rid of these metals. But the contamination
they create is astronomical. So you feel better for the first few years and then
after that you’ll go downhill…unless you’re from Krypton.

Q: [unclear] formula did you say?

A: No, one to two tablespoons of honey. I don’t like too much honey in mine.
More than that and I’ll drink it too fast – too delicious.

Q: Do you put raspberries in it?

A: Sometimes I’ll put raspberries in it. It depends. Most often I’m after
mercury and the other heavy metals that go in vaccines and blueberries,
boysenberries and blackberries – dark berries – are better for that. Going
after iodine and iron, I’ll use more raspberries.

A: So your question was about genetics – whether you’ll have the same
problems with Alzheimer’s and dementia as your parents. If you continue to
contaminate your brain, you will have those and you’ll have glimpses of them
when you detox. Just remember, your disease is your detoxification. Your disease
isn’t the problem, it’s the cure. What you have to do is aid the body in
detoxifying. You have to assist the detoxification process that creates those
symptoms. It’s the contaminants that are causing the problems, not the body
attacking itself. The most ludicrous thing in the world is believing your body
is attacking itself. There is no such thing as an autoimmune system. The
pharmaceutical houses use that to scare the doctors who use that to completely
scare you. Doctors don’t know any better. They accept this mythological
fairytale - this nonsense – horror B-Class movies from Hollywood - as truth.
Ridiculous. You have a lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for
removing all waste in the body. The bacteria in the body are responsible for
breaking down dead cells, digestion and everything. The body is 99.99% bacteria.
You have [something like] 360 bacteria to each human gene. You’re barely 1%
human. So the idea of destroying your bacteria is absurd. The bacteria will
break down dead cells, recycle them if they can - re-digest them – and send
the waste to the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system absorbs them. If
you’re lacking all this bacteria with vaccines and antibiotics, the lymph
system then has to take the dead cells, make a solvent to dissolve them, and
discard the waste. All of it will be waste. It can’t recycle any of it. The
lymphatic system can’t recycle any waste. Only bacteria, parasites and fungus
can recycle – but mainly bacteria. So, if you eat a good diet and take care of
yourself you won’t have dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Q: Yesterday you said you scrape the cheese. I have a five-pound block of
cheese. Do I have to cut it all up and put it in glass jars?

A: I leave the block in plastic, take a piece and scrape all the areas that
have touched plastic and put it in a glass jar. Or, I put it on a plate with a
bowl over it and let it sit out, if I want a lot of fungus to grow. It gets a
lot of white molds that predigest it. You can scrape off the fuzz unless you
want to go into a heavy mold detoxification – that’s up to you – whether
you can handle it or not. It can be a strong detox that can be debilitating. It
is fine to eat the mold unless you’re already heavily into a detoxification.

Q: Have you eaten unrefrigerated, fertile eggs with developing chick for their
stem cells?

A: I’ve eaten bunches of them in China. They eat a lot of those in Asia and
usually go older so that when you open it, the chick is more developed -
sometimes with cartilage and bone developing – rubbery. Stem cells is a theory
that hasn’t been proven. You’re not going to digest most of the egg when it
is developing into a chick unless you’ve been eating a Primal Diet for 20
years, know how to generate a lot of hydrochloric acid, or you blend it into a
solution. In an egg, you have every nutrient on this planet. You can let it
start developing but once the sinew and tendons start developing you’re just
not going to digest it well unless you’ve been on the diet a long time.

Q: Other ways to generate stem cells?

A: Well, you can eat eggs, bone marrow, testes or sperm but have to find a
healthy animal or person. Feeding a chicken a vegetarian diet is the worst thing
you can do. Chickens are not vegetarian. They’re mainly scavengers and eat
rotten meat and bugs. If they eat rotten meat – which they prefer, they
won’t eat bugs. They eat carcasses like vultures. That’s why I have Amish
farmers butchering their animals and leaving what they don’t use for the
chickens who eat it as it rots as well as the ensuing maggots. Usually you see
chickens going around pecking each other – because they’re starving. These
Amish chickens that are fed my way are walking around rubbing against your leg
like a cat and never pecking each other – none of that. If you have to buy
eggs, buy eggs from New Zealand. Going to get very excellent eggs from Amish
farmers. [unclear] or

Q: Chickens on sprout diet?

A: Again, it’s a vegetarian diet and not that great. Animals that live on
sprouts die young. The Amish will feed them sprouts but germinated in whey or
early fermenting milk. The animal product gets into the germinating sprout
absorbing all the nutrients – freed minerals - and the chickens do very well.
The sprouts don’t have to break it down like they do rocks. Plants put out
juices into the soil which along with rain help break down the rock to free up
and make very fine particles of minerals that can be used inside their
cellulose. With milk, the minerals are already there in the proper form and
it’s easier. Of course, the sprout would not grow into a healthy vegetable –
it would break down and die. My Amish farmers feed it to the pigs, too. But when
the sprouts are grown on water and chemicals, then you’ve got a toxic

Q: [unclear] sprouts in milk for us?

A: … still not good for us. Chickens have a gizzard – we don’t.

Q: So either Marilyn’s eggs or New Zealand eggs?

A: Marilyn gets hers from the Amish. She doesn’t sell hers as they’re

Q: Refrigerated.

A: I know. Just take them out of the refrigerator, put them in the sun in a
brown paper bag to get that bacteria growing. I take them in at night but put
them out two days – not in direct sunlight which would break down stem cells.

Q: Yellow and watery rotten eggs stimulate intense detox?

A: That’s just barely fermented. When they’re black they’re really rotten
eggs - that’s the way the Chinese eat them. They’re as good as they’re
predigested. No detox – just feeds the brain and nervous system. I talk about
rotten eggs in my newsletter. I have 1500 pages in my newsletters. I decided not
to do any more books. They’re expensive to print and put in storage. The
publisher is losing money on my books so I’m doing newsletters.

Q: So, to make a high egg do you just poke a hole and put it outside?

A: No hole or you’ll have maggots and tiny flies. They would digest
differently and would feed the glands a little bit but wouldn’t necessarily
feed the brain and nervous system. When I really want an egg to rot well and
predigest, I take the rounded side of a metal spoon and tap it until I hear a
big crack. Then I’ll keep turning and tapping all the way around getting big
cracks, not tearing the membrane. Then the oxygen isn’t really getting in.
More light is passing in - not enough to cause it to harden but to blacken with
bacteria. Outdoors, it needs to be above 80 degrees. Indoors it could take six
weeks. [Rotten eggs] don’t really smell until open and then only within 6
inches. The taste is like a really salted hard-boiled egg. Have to put blinders
on because it looks ugly and the smell is not too good. Use swimmer’s nose
clips. This is something you should eat if you have depression, your mind
isn’t clear and you’re not thinking well.

Q: If it needs to be 80 degrees can’t do it in the house in winter.

A: What temperature is your house – 68? Everyone should be having a hot
house. Your house should be 79 or 80 degrees to perspire these poisons out of
the body especially if you’re not taking hot baths every day. If you have a
warm house and are taking hot baths, you’re going to get healthier much
quicker. I use one of those insulated radiators that has fluid inside. So it
doesn’t have that orange filament that dries the air so badly. I got it

Q: Sears.

A: Do you have a question?

Q: Would it be OK to chop and liquify about 8 to 12 oz grass-fed beef liver or
chicken liver with 8 or16 oz of juice composed of celery, kale, garlic, ginger,
and lime? My question is the alkalinizing effects of vegetable.

A: That is the issue: What happens when you put alkaline juices with the meat
that needs acid bacteria and digestive juices? They’re going to neutralize
each other and you’re not going to digest much of it. May be 60% of the meat
and less than that of the vegetable juice. Like I said in my books – never
combine them or you’re not going to feed the brain and nervous system very
well. If you’re going to have vegetables with your meat meal, it should never
be anything other than an herb - and no more than 2 tablespoons with an entire
meat meal.

Q: Your recipe book [unclear]…

A: In my recipe book, I combine the liver with MILK as they’re both acidic
and require acidic bacteria to digest. You have to wait at least an hour – or
two hours - between after meat before vegetable juice unless it’s juice you
have first thing in the morning and then you wait 45 minutes to have meat.

Q: I have to have an egg in my vegetable juice to be able to drink it.

A: Too alkaline [for your system].

Q: Onion with liver?

A: Liver and onion are good together. Gorillas eat a lot of onions to help them
digest all kinds of food. They’ll chew on leaves and roots and spit out the
pulp so they consume a lot of vegetable juice. They eat onions especially when
they eat meat. People don’t know that gorillas eat meat. Like a menstruation
cycle, every 28 days gorillas will eat a whole antelope – up to 13 pounds of
meat in 24 hours.

Q: Less than a cup of onions with the liver?

A: You only need a little bit of onion, unless you want diarrhea. One time I
intentionally developed a tapeworm. I had had constipation my whole life – 58
years - and I mixed this formula I thought would give me a tapeworm and it did.
I was in Vietnam several weeks later when I noticed I had the tapeworm –
little flat noodles moving around in the toilet. A tapeworm is actually a colony
of hundreds or even a thousand [individuals] linked together. I got this craving
for onion so I went across the street from my hotel to this outdoor market and
ate half of one like an apple. Delicious for the half I ate and then it became
repulsive tasting. Within six hours I had diarrhea and I lost 45 feet of
tapeworm. I was furious because I had worked so hard to get the tapeworm to take
care of my constipation problem. I only moved about once every five days as a
child and adolescent. Then when I went on the raw diet I went almost every day
but the first part of the fecal matter was as big as my fist and like granite.
The rest [of the movement] would be smooth. Unless I only ate liquid foods in
which case I would go may be every five days without much to discard. So onion
[unclear – can purge?] a lot of friendly things in your intestinal

Q: Why would the first part of your bowel movement be rock hard and the rest

A: It happens to a lot of people. When we eat raw fats, the intestinal tract
and organs will absorb almost all of it. So when the food gets down to the bowel
where the bacteria breaks down those protein and fat molecules to finite size to
feed the brain and nervous system, there’s not much fat left in that food. The
body will hang on to it and keep trying to draw all that fat out and it gets
very hard and brittle and it’s like passing granite. I bled every time I had a
bowel movement up until I had that tapeworm. After that, from age 58 - I‘ll be
66 in less than a month and a half – I’ve had just a little bleeding when
I’ve had large movements may be eight times. Used to be every time. By the
time I was 21 years old, I had an inch of scar tissue all around my rectum that
would tear and bleed. I figured out that the tapeworm helps the intestinal
environment by eating up dead cells in the colon, like the scar tissue. Sure
enough – it did it.

Q: Doesn’t it also eat a lot of nutrients you’re trying to get?

A: No. In third world children that get tapeworm, they’re being fed cereals
and it feeds on high carbohydrate stuff in the intestine so it saves the people
from getting too much carbohydrate. Pharmaceuticals and medical profession want
you to attack anything that will make you healthy. They do not make money unless
you are unhealthy.

Q: Bill Gates gave these African children vaccine that paralyzed them.

A: [unclear] disease. [transcriber’s note: MenAfriVac – new vaccine touted
as a preventive cure for meningitis – ca. 50 children injected December, 2012,
stricken in village of Gouro, northern Chad.] The U.S. and British governments
gave Africa 125 million doses of smallpox vaccine contaminated with AIDs.
That’s why they got AIDs.

Q: How did people over here like Rock Hudson get it?

A: Hepatitis B vaccine. AIDs was created in 1961/1962 at UCLA and given
immediately to the War Department. The War Department was doing a lot of germ
warfare experiments and had to find “undesirables” on whom to experiment.
They decided on homosexuals so they looked at health conditions in the major
cities of New York, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. They found that 90%
of the people that were getting hepatitis were homosexuals taking amyl nitrite
[poppers] – with all the drugs they were using. These people were partying a
lot – sometimes 5-6-7 days a week and coming down with hepatitis because they
were destroying their livers. Hepatitis is a viral cleansing meaning that cells
of the liver are creating solvents to dissolve and eliminate damaged liver
tissue. Viruses are good things but they are not alive. They said they had a
remedy - Hepatitis A and B vaccines. Absolute bullshit but these homosexuals
were going for it. So 90% of the people with Hepatitis B in those cities were
delivered that vaccine specifically by the NSA War Department. Ninety percent of
those people who got AIDs were homosexuals who got that vaccine. Ten percent
were heterosexuals who got that vaccine contaminated with AIDs. The real story
if you want to look at it is that there were 234 or 236 cases as of 1996 where
one of the partners was diagnosed with AIDs. They used contraceptives for the
first few years but then stopped. After 14 years of having sex with a partner
with AIDs, the other partner never got AIDs. Not one of them. The only way you
can get AIDs is by injection with something that has that contamination in it or
you get a transfusion with contaminated blood. Just as the only way you can get
swine flu is swine flu vaccine. The only way you can get avian flu is avian flu
vaccine. You’re not a pig; you’re not a bird and you cannot catch these
viruses. It is possible if you have birds or pigs that are highly contaminated,
sloughing off dead cells and you inhale them that you’ll get a virus that is
similar. But it will never be a pig’s or bird’s virus; it will be a
human’s virus made [by that body] to digest and break down the pig’s cells
in a human body.

Q: AIDs is not sexually transmitted?

A: No.

Q: I saw [Dr. Robert Willner] inject himself [with HIV positive blood] on
camera. He says there’s no such thing as AIDs; it’s just a category of
disease that already exists; if you die from pneumonia and you are HIV positive,
then it’s AIDs. If you’re HIV negative, it’s not. If you go to Canada they
don’t have as much because they rate it differently.

A: There is an AIDs with specific symptoms created by the toxins put in a
vaccine, like the smallpox vaccine in Africa. Basically, it damages the body’s
ability to digest and utilize fats. It damages the lymphatic system. That’s
why they say it damages the immune system. There is no such thing as a fucking
immune system. You’ve got a cleansing system called the lymphatic system. If
you break that down, the body can’t cleanse itself. So the contaminants they
created in the experiments at UCLA and the tests that were done were said to
create cancer in laboratory animals to study cancer. If that was what they did,
why did they give it to the War Department? To use as bacterial warfare. It was
a smoke screen and front for the use of it. Dr. Strecker uncovered all of that
with his brother, Attorney Theodore Strecker [who wrote a book on it]. Anyway,
in the bibliography of We Want to Live it says “Bio Attack Alert.” That is
the documentation gotten from the War Department with the Freedom of Information
Act with the help of a Senator either from Wisconsin or Minnesota
[Transcriber’s Note: I think he means Illinois State Representative Douglas
Huff of Chicago]. Both his brother and the Representative were dead within three
months of publication of that book. And no one would publish it; he had to
publish it himself [Transcriber’s note:].

Q: How to increase hydrochloric acid?

A: Either beet juice or corn. It has to be organic; can’t be GMO. Two ounces
of beet juice a day or a whole ear of corn will increase it pretty rapidly.
Urine may turn a little red.

Q: Can you mix it with other juices?

A: Yes, but it won’t work quite as well. I prefer you have beet juice first
(by itself – no cream), wait five minutes, and then sip the rest of your

Q: How long?

A: If your stomach or intestines are not making hydrochloric acid, you have to
take it every - or every other - day for up to six years… if severe. But the
only people I’ve seen that need to take it that frequently are in their 80s
and 90s as they’ve stopped manufacturing hydrochloric acis.

Q: Any truth to A-negative blood being associated with low thyroid?

A: No. That is a random culling; there are just as many people with that
condition in other blood types. The pharmaceutical industry and medical – even
alternative – are always trying to find some measurement to say you need this.
Every person that came to me from Dr. D’Adamo’s blood type diet had anemia
and one had leukemia from his diet. He told some that they shouldn’t eat meat.
Dangerous man for certain people.

Q: I don’t feel like my bladder is fully emptying when I urinate. When
sexually aroused, I have urge to pee. Inflamed prostate?

A: No, that’s a weak urethra. Could be a weak bladder but if you’re have
the sensation in the penal area, it’s the urethra. If the tension and pressure
is up here, could be the bladder, too. Your nerves are probably not fed well.
You could use some high meat and rotten eggs to help those nerves. When a male
mammal has sex, he always urinates during sex. The ammonia cleans any high acids
or contamination out so the sperm won’t die when ejaculation finally happens.
And those people who say you can get pregnant in pre-sperm ejaculation –
absolute crap because the ammonia in the urine destroys the sperm so it’s
impossible to get pregnant until you ejaculate.

Q: I’ve heard that if you go twice in a row without urinating in between
could be semen left inside.

A: It depends how long between. If you’re having sex for a while you’re
going to be peeing a little bit constantly. It’s going to be draining. I’ve
looked at probably 92 samples and it’s always mucus and urine but never sperm.
Because it’s mucus-y people think it’s sperm. I didn’t see one sperm cell.
If someone has already ejaculated, they may have some sperm in the ammonia,
urine and mucus. But with urine involved, those sperm are dead; they will not
swim. The whole point of ammonia in the body is to harness toxins. The kidneys
form most of the ammonia in the body and that is to keep the red and white blood
cells from entering the kidneys. If they were in the kidneys every time you
urinated, you would lose them and become anemic. The body is so simple if you
don’t get caught up in the crap that the medical profession instills into you
with fear and confusion. I go all over this in the workshop DVD – how the body
works and why the diet works.

Q: I have a torn tendon in my ankle that’s not healing – three years trying

A: If your tendon is not attaching, you have some metal, formaldehyde,
chemicals or something where it won’t join. Just like an ulcer. Ulcers won’t
heal as long as they’re contaminated. Once the contamination is gone, the
cells can fuse together. Mix clay with coconut oil (or olive oil which is second
best) and a tiny bit of water and into a firm paste and pack it on that area and
cover with a damp piece of sock or cloth. Then piece of plastic food bag over
that so it doesn’t dry. Finally, wrap it with an Ace bandage. You don’t want
the clay to dry because it will damage the skin. You want to pull it out through
the skin. Use at night, all day long. You can use a piece of plastic food bag
over it but never cellophane which out-gases forever. It is one of the most
toxic plastics there is; it has petroleum powder on it so it won’t stick
together but that powder will get into your food. …not too tight – you want

Q: Immobilize?

A: No, if you keep mobile, you’ll clean it out faster. Blood and nutrients
will flow through faster. When people are sick, it is always best to keep
mobile. [Take] hot baths and [use the] hot water bottle on it, too, with a towel
to tent that heat in. When I had that motorcycle accident and this tendon went
here and that one went there and they wanted to reconnect them, clean out all
that bone and everything, I said no. It only took 12 days for them to grow back
and mend but there was contamination from toxicity in my body and I felt they
were connected only weakly. I didn’t put clay on [regularly?] and it took 2 ½
years. If I had done clay diligently every day, it would probably have been 3-3
½ months.

Q: Diet?

A: Pineapple is good and, if you’ve got heavy metals in that area,
blueberries. If it’s iron, iodine in that area, then you use raspberries. Use
vinegar to help remove toxicity from that area. Then, once you feel strong in
that area, you put bone marrow on it.

Q: Old bone marrow?

A: Stinky but it’s predigested so you’ll absorb it into your skin faster.

Q: Scrape surface of marrow because of packaging?

A: I scrape the top of everything that comes packaged in plastic.

Q: When I first came to see you ten years ago one of my many complaints was
long-term constipation and in my regimen- I took notes - theoretically there was
a cup of olive oil in there but I didn’t do it right away because I didn’t
know how to go about drinking it but eventually somebody showed me a recipe for
chicken ceviche where after you pour off the lemon juice you add olive oil,
onion and cucumber. That tasted good and I had it for years. Then I had olive &
vinegar salad dressing and detoxed like a neon light. Then you saw that I was
thinner and you said cut out the olive oil; that was to help me sleep because I
was detoxing too much at night. I want to add the olive oil back in the chicken

A: You’ve been on the diet too long to be eating a lot of olive oil. You need
to use the suppository. The ninth page of the product list tells you how to do
the suppository and what it is: put 3 tbl each of coconut cream, dairy cream,
and butter with ¼ tsp honey in a 4 oz jelly jar, shake it and put it in a bowl
of hot water (not hot enough to burn hand for 6 seconds but uncomfortable),
leave in 4-5 minutes and fill bulb syringe. Get on all fours and bark like a dog
injecting it as far up as possible in the sigmoid colon. Do this right before
bed and hold it in and go to sleep. The reason you have chronic constipation is
– as I said earlier – the body is absorbing all of the fat in the small
intestine so it’s going to the organs and not the brain and nervous system. So
there’s very little fat that’s getting into the bowel so you’ve got to
feed some fresh fat to the bowel to correct that. You only have to feed it every
three to seven days when the bowel bacteria is deficient again. Some people that
have a terrible condition with that when they start on this diet - I have them
do this every day. It is much better than using olive oil which is mainly for
detoxification. The butter and cream are mainly for healing and stabilizing
tissue. The coconut cream is a milder detoxifier than the oil. You’ll see your
mind works better – everything works better because now the bowel which
digests the fat, the brain and nervous system gets fresh fat that it never gets.
Now [unclear] the nervous system.

Q: Where to get a syringe…

A: It is on my product list. The only thing you can find at the drug store is
the 2 oz ear syringe.

Q: My daughter has a dislocated hip that goes in but then goes out again.

A: It would heal unless there’s some kind of toxin there. Dogs and cats do
not perspire through their skin – only through eyes, ears, nose, mouth,
urethra and rectum – so that is not going to work. Put clay on there unless
it’s already being built into the skin. Feed her lots of cheese and butter.

Q: What is normal body temperature? In the morning mine is 96.5.

A: It depends upon the person. Your body is always doing the best it can and
it’s a genius. It varies, but the guidelines are always to make you think
you’re screwing up. And what happens if you take high blood pressure medicine?
If you’ve got high blood pressure, it’s because of congested arteries or
you’re fat and have pressure on your arms and you’d better have high blood
pressure. Lower blood pressure and you get depressed. Blood pressure,
cholesterol fluctuates but everything should be high except for hormones that
should be low. Fasting levels are not a true test. Your blood is [unclear]
itself. Don’t even do them – they’re senseless. Any of their tests are
basically to scare you. For example, the cancer treatment test: before sixty
years ago, if you had 500 cancer cells per million, that was treatable cancer.
Sixty years ago, they changed it to 50 cancer cells per million. Why did they do
that? There’s money in treating cancer. The last time I had blood work was at
Washington University in St. Louis. I did not fast. I drank milk probably two
hours before I went in there for the glucose tolerance test. They give you
sugar, wouldn’t let me take honey and let me tell you, I was shaking from that
little bit of sugar. Raised my blood pressure, heart beat - everything it was so
toxic. My sugar level for the first time was 191, I think, and within three
hours it was down to 104 and within the next 30 minutes it was down to 92. They
said that was great that usually it stops at 104 and I had been an
“incurable” Type I diabetic.

Q: You don’t exercise, right?

A: No. I don’t have activity rings in the irises of my eyes. They indicate
how much hormone you produce for physical activity – activities that keep you
moving - every day. I dance around on the computer may be 20 hours a day, talk
on the phone for two hours, when I’m seeing patients, talk to them may be 5-6
hours, carry groceries may be once a week. That’s my exercise. But other
people have to exercise. Only way you can determine how much exercise you need
is if you have anxiety; you have hormones for physical activity that are not
being spent. People that have six activity rings need six hours of activity. [I
consulted a] twelve-year-old girl with 14 activity rings. Her parents brought
her to me. The most I had seen before that was 11 rings in professional athletes
who live to exercise or heavy-duty construction workers …heavy-duty activity
requiring strength and endurance, like a marathon runner. I said she has 14
rings – I had never seen it before - and they couldn’t put her in a regular
school. They have to put her in a sports school or some kind of school with
activities – athletics, singing and dancing. If you put her in a regular
school, she will not be able to focus or concentrate unless she’s exercising
strenuously 10 minutes every hour. If she can’t focus, the body will take over
– muscles, glands will take over. They said that’s why they brought her.
They have to find some sport she likes. I said basketball was hardest and she
said she hated basketball but loved baseball. I said I that I hoped she was the
pitcher and she said yes - and that solves it right there. She was a tomboy with
so much adrenalin, testosterone along with estrogen. She’s sitting there
kicking and fidgeting in the chair. Her parents thought she was crazy. She’ll
have to always be involved in sports or become a massage therapist, or something
else very physical.

Q: Importance of sweating.

A: Remember I talked about the plastic fats in the body. No matter how much you
exercise, your body is not going to get over 101.2 degrees. You need the water
to get up to 102, 105 or 106 or even 108 or 110 to melt those things –
eliminate those toxins.

Q: Keep your house hot.

A: Yeah, and when you go to bed take several [seven?] hot water bottles with
you. Put three beach towels under you and put a bottle here…and here…and one
at the head and sweat. Neck, underarms, breast, crotch and thighs. Steam room or
sauna are too hot – minimum of 132 degrees. Infrared is lower but then you
have 215 milligaus.

Q: I’ve been taught that a fever of 105 can damage your brain.

A: I’ve had even infants go up to 106.7 degrees and never cause brain damage.
If you’re in the hospital and they’re injecting medication, it gets into and
damages your brain. It’s the chemicals in the medications that do the brain

Q: When I put hot water bottles by my head when I go to sleep, I wake up after
an hour or two... wide awake.

A: That’s good. Wait until you get tired again, then go to sleep again. I
woke at ten o’clock last night, worked for a couple hours to, then took off
and watched movies all night long and all of a sudden at 6:30 start to get a
little sleepy - half an hour before my call-in time and I can’t go to sleep so
I get on my computer and work. I slept three hours.

Q: [unclear]

A: When I first met you, everything was red and inflamed all around here: your
eyes, your mouth, teeth, nose. Your whole body was inflamed with poisons. Now
look at you. It’s been a slow process but I see the whites of your eyes.
You’re not squinting all the time like this. You were in very bad shape. And
you were skinny.

Q: What can I do about Raynaud’s disease - which is a circulation issue in my

A: Every night wrap a towel around a hot water bottle and your hand and go to
sleep like that. If you’ve got bad circulation in there, it’s trans-fatty
acids blocking your lymphatic system and your circulation.

Q: Pineapple?

A: Pineapple can help. You could rub pineapple there but if you put pineapple
on more than once a day, you are likely to burn your skin. Say one day you put
pineapple on your hands and wrists before using the hot water bottle for the
night. The next night you could use vinegar and that will chelate some of those
toxins, break them down. But the heat is the main thing to get everything

Q: How do you keep the water hot?

A: Put the hot water bottle in a flannel pillowcase, wrapping the extra
material around it in several layers so it won’t burn you. Then put your hand
on that and wrap everything in a towel. It will keep hot for seven hours.

Q: [unclear]

A: But you can’t make it quite as hot if you use their flannel that is only
one layer.

Q: Will it take years?

A: No, not necessarily. Everything expels pretty fast through the hands and
feet. I doubt it would take a year doing that every night.

Q: Advice for family member not on Primal Diet. He was diagnosed with late
stage Barretts. He says it was healed because his esophagus is now clear but
it’s moved to the stomach. So he’s being told to take … antacid…

A: He just needs to eat cheese about every 30 minutes to absorb those poisons.
He’s cleared most of the heavy toxins from the esophagus. Now he has those in
the stomach lining to eliminate.

Q: Does he need to rebuild hydrochloric acid?

A: Does he have a hydrochloric acid problem when he eats raw milk or raw meat?
He may not need that unless he took so many anti-acids that he has damaged his
stomach lining. If so, he needs to have 2 oz beet juice a day or a small corn on
the cob.

Q: Activity after injury.

A: Not saying to exercise with it - just don’t sit there and baby it. Get up
and walk, go the bathroom.

Q: I’ve had flu the past several weeks and all I want to do is stay flat on
my back and rest.

A: It is not good to be sedentary the whole time. Be active at least two hours
a day. Get up, make your food, take a shower…

Q: I love egg whites and butter in the eyes. I wore glasses since I was 12. I
had my eyes examined and had to go down three levels on my prescription – this
is after may be 4-5 years [on diet]. Butter really works but gives me blurry
vision and red eyes for a couple days.

A: That is a sign you’re not building enough tears to protect the eye. It’s
like mucus. Have one milkshake a day. And, make sure the butter is fresher so
it’s not so acidic.

Q: A lot of times I do leave my butter out.

A: Not for the eyes because that will cause that acidic bacteria to pre-digest
and it’s very acid. Especially if you don’t have good tears.

Q: Butter and egg white in the eyes?

A: Yes, it helps heal the cornea and improves vision. Butter works a little bit
better. Melt it and [gently] tap it like this …pull the lower eyelid down, rub
it along the bottom of the white, and roll your eye around. With butter, you
will have foggy vision for about 30 minutes, with egg white for about 2 minutes.
You could alternate days or do egg white in the morning and butter at night
before bed.

Q: Why do they tell you that you need thyroid?

A: They’ll tell you any kind of scare stories to get you to take medicine
whether it’s hormones, insulin, thyroxin, testosterone or estrogen. Like I
said in my DVD, endocrine glands are for emergency purposes only, hormones are
for emergency purposes only. People that eat cooked food, take chemicals all day
long in their food, medicines – their bodies are in emergencies all the time
so their bodies are going to be producing a lot of hormones. If you’re on a
good diet, your energy comes from fat and a little bit of protein. So, as long
as you’re able to digest your fats and proteins properly, you’re going to
have plenty of energy. You don’t need hormones to back you up in energy. But
the pharmaceutical industry loves pointing to hormones – you’re low in
these, take these - $1200-1800/month. It may cost them 10 cents a pill but
they’ll charge you $18-$50 or $60 per pill when it comes to hormones. And
those hormones are never real. They’re synthetic developments of what look
like hormones in protein structure, certain limpid structures. They manufacture
something that looks like it but it will never truly work like a hormone should.
It will only partially be used and the rest will be toxic leading you toward
greater disease. Also, that gland will shut down. If you have a thyroid problem,
eat dates, cheese and butter. It specifically stimulates the thyroid.

Q: Raw meat, too.

A: Raw meat provides the proteins you need to form hormones.

Q: That juice you make out of raw tomatoes and lemon juice with a little apple
cider vinegar keeps the thyroid moist?

A: Uh-huh.

Q: … two baths a week with coconut cream, salt, milk, and vinegar. The area
between my shoulder blades across my back got tight and then there was a burning
sensation and the following week was itchy.

A: Well you probably have iodine, salt or sulfur coming through your skin. Any
one of those three moving out dries your skin pulling the fat out of your cells.
If you have that again, rub in butter. The toxins are coming through and drying
out the skin causing itching. On scalp, it will help hair grow because when
follicles are dry can’t build hair properly.

Q: You mentioned putting butter in your nostrils. Great idea.

Q: And it’s good for removing eye make-up. So healing.

A: You could remove it with coconut oil or olive oil first and then put on
butter because you don’t want to absorb the make-up with the butter. You could
use fermented coconut cream and make-up will come off faster.