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                                (Appendix K)


All nutrients - proteins, starches, sugars, vitamins, minerals, enzymes
and millions of unknowns - interact. Each requires all of the other
nutrients in varying amounts to be properly utilized. All supplements
lack most of the balancing nutrients, especially bioactive enzymes. If
all are not present, the body leaches nutrients from its own supply (if
it can afford to). Supplements create a balance/depletion see-saw effect.

I experimented with supplements for two years. I started this research
while I was the nutritionist at a health food store. Of the 1,200
supplements we carried, I observed that only nine had any significant
benefits. Those nine supplements were all prepared at temperatures below
82° Fahrenheit and were not chemically treated or extracted.

Over those two years, I observed that the remaining 1,191 supplements
created toxicity throughout people's bodies, especially their glandular

For example, many people who regularly consumed iron supplements had
iron deposits somewhere in their systems. The worst deposits appeared as
rust spots in Iridology. Almost all mega-dose-Vitamin C- takers suffered
irritability, psychological problems and frequent hunger - sometimes
compulsive - for ice cream, chocolate and/or other rich foods. This is
because supplemental Vitamin C is spiky, like glass, irritating blood
and nerve cells. It depletes fat from the blood and makes the blood
highly acidic.

People often reported an increase in energy from taking supplements but
I observed that the increase in energy was most often a toxic effect.
The toxicity forced certain hormones to rush into the system, similar
to caffeine or nicotine rushes that ultimately have damaging effects on
the entire body.

Unless supplements are prepared correctly, the side effects outweigh the
benefits. By the time I left supplement research, 6 of the 9 beneficial
supplements had been destroyed: wheat germ oil, 2 brands of cod liver oil,
shark oil and 2 brands of primary yeast powders. The pharmaceutical houses
and the American Medical Association created a myth that synthetic,
natural and organic were all the same; so why pay more? The media
circulated the myth. So preparation and temperature quality controls
became moot points. Manufacturers altered their processing to compete
in the cheaper markets. The public are deprived and consequently suffer.