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                              Non-organic Meat
                                (Appendix N)


"Where did you get the beef?" Mary asks me, worried.

"At the shopping center."

"Isn't raw meat toxic from all the antibiotics and injections animals
get nowadays?"

"Yes, but most toxins store in glands, some organs and bone marrow because
of the concentration of fats in glands, bone marrow, and some organs. I
don't recommend eating glandular tissue and certain organs (that is,
pancreas, thyroid, adrenals, testes, ovaries, liver, kidney, brain,
etc.) and bone marrow unless they are from organically grown animals
raised without injections and without deworming medication. Fresh muscle
meat - steaks and ground - are okay even if you buy them at regular
markets as long as they don't add coloring and you don't cook them. If
toxins are in the meat, cooking the meat releases the toxins from the
fat and some or all will accumulate in the body, eventually causing
disease. Organically grown is always more nutritious and preferable. But
if organic isn't available, regular is healthier than none."