Dangers Of Salt

"I just want to make sure you understand that salt is dangerous. Salt is an explosive. It is more volatile then nitroglycerin. If you have a pure cake of sodium as big as a football, it would take out all of New York city. Just like a 200T hydrogen bomb, could take out the New York city, and all of its buildings, one crystal this big, would take out all of new York City. So the war department, the industrial military complex, president Eisenhower called it disparagingly, he said that we would never have peace as long they run the government, they run the military. Because they want to make a profit on war.

Anyway the government, the military gave General Electric 2 billion dollars to make a weapon out of salt. My father worked at the project for 6 years. It was so untenable they could not make it in to a bomb, thank god. Because one and a half degree temperature change on completely isolated sodium could set it off. So they could never temperate, never break it down and utilize it.

So salt is a very bad thing, the reason that i say don't have salt with cheese is because when it goes in to your body it starts breaking up the cheese and then causing your body to digest it, the problem that happens in the blood is that if you have salt in there, of course your body will take the sodium chloride or the sodium potassium, however you are getting the sodium and separate it, isolate it because it is in rock form. We don't eat rock plants eat rock. So what happens is they start exploding in the blood. So you have all of these nutrients, a smorgasbord of nutrients, anywhere from 93 to 170 nutrients that feeds the cell every time it opens to eat, if you have salt in the blood, it breaks those up and fractionates it, so a cell maybe getting 23 nutrients in stead of 93 to 170, maybe it will get 15. Never getting a balanced diet if you are eating salt, any kind of salt. Because it will be separated and it will cause explosions and fractionations through out your body. You saw how it exploded that one guy skin as it came out, he was a heavy chip eater, and that is how his body handles it, throwing it out through his abdominal area, so it must have been stored in the abdominal area somewhere to do that. So salt is not a good thing, it is a horrible thing. It is the next worst thing to cooking."

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