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               How Much Energy Should I Expect To Experience?


That is the big question that depends on how poisoned your body is
and how well it will function, including how much much quantity of
hormones your body produces for physical energy. There are many factors
to consider. Eating meat normally increases the body's ability to produce
hormones for physical activity, such as adrenalin and testosterone. Eating
red meat is said to produce more than eating other meats. However, I have
seen people who are too acidic eat red meat and become sleepy after eating
red meat. Most often, those people have more energy when they eat poultry
or wild-caught ocean fish with red meat, and/or mainly eat poultry or
wild-caught ocean fish. For people who have been long-term vegetarians
or fruitarians with a great deal of toxins within their bodies, energy
levels may often be erratic and inconsistent. They may require years
of patience until their bodies recover properly to have high energy
levels. The same may be required of people who are chemically sensitive
because their bodies are so toxic with industrial chemicals. Often,
their bodies utilize most of the hormones they produce to bind with and
control the toxic chemicals that are constantly poisoning their bodies
instead of utilizing them for physical energy. This was a major problem
for me after radiation and chemo therapies.

Some times digestion is impaired and a loss of energy results. In such a
situation, I suggest making 1 blended mixture of 1 cup good drinking water
and 1 cup unheated honey each day for 1-2 days only. For that 1-2 days,
I suggest that you eat 1 raw egg Rocky style (or Aajonus style of sucking
the egg out of the shell) every hour, and 30 minutes after each egg,
sip a little of the honey water mixture (1-1 1/2 tablespoons). Because eggs
require only 13-26 minutes to digest, that brief diet allows the body to
focus all of its time on balancing digestive environments and other tasks.