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                     Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine


| Could you please consider the topic of this HPV vaccine for girls
| for a future newsletter on It is a travesty that
| governments are considering making this mandatory for school attendance.

Firstly, let's consider the nature of HPV. It is a virus. It is without a
nucleus and respiratory system. It is not alive and cannot be contagious.

Secondly, because of our much polluted life styles, most girls are
contaminated with so much toxicity that the only method of cleansing
their bodies, including the reproductive areas, is virus. Our normal
janitors that are parasites, bacteria and fungus do not have much
of a chance to survive in toxic bodies. Therefore, the body resorts
to a viral detoxification (cleansing; calling virus an infection is a
misnomer). Viruses are solvents/soaps made by cells. Those solvents/soaps
dissolve toxic tissue and compounds in and around cells.

Thirdly, Merck's tests do not prove that their HPV vaccine prevents
any type of virus although they claim that it prevents partial HPV,
and only reduced the incidence of believed/accepted-but-not-proved
cervical cancer precursors by 17 percent. The partial- effective claims
in Merck's reports make all Merck's claims outright suspect. However,
if we understand the first and second considerations above, the third
is an absurd consideration regardless of test-results (that appear to
be contrived).

Any state official that adopts such a mandatory program is completely
misled and ignorant of biological facts and the predatory, greedy
nature of big pharma, or is simply an opportunist with interest in
big pharma. They are dooming girls to reproductive and other diseases
from the toxic substances that are in those vaccines. Power coupled
with ignorance is dangerous to the public in our present industrial
capitalistic political government.