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                         Vaccines; Nice Shots Or Not


| I do not think that just this one article "Nice Shot" could change your
| mind about vaccines but what do you think.

On October 10, 2007 The New York Times published an article by Gary Taxali
reviewing the book Nice Shot by Jessica Snyder Sachs. The review was not
really a review but hashing support for Sachs' view that we should give our
children flu shots. In his article, he berates parents for shunning flu
shots for their children. He argues that we cannot become naturally immune
to certain bacteria. He further argues that allowing particular sicknesses,
such as flu and pneumonia, to run their course weakens children and makes
them more prone to worse diseases later. He states, "health agencies have
expanded their flu shot recommendations to include all children ages 6
months to 5 years in addition to adults over age 50, and anyone, child or
adult, with a chronic condition like severe allergies, asthma or diabetes."
The rest of the article lays the ground to support it unequivocally.

To even consider that his arguments should be accepted as basis to get our
children, or anyone injected with flu vaccines is nonsense. Viruses are not
alive and always changing. Viruses that exist in one person are not the
same in another, and viruses change completely within a person about 72
hours. Therefore, the idea that flu vaccines are efficacious is absurd. It
takes about 18 months to manufacture, market, promote and distribute one
type of flu vaccine. Therefore, the vaccine is obsolete 18 months before
there are plans to create a flu vaccine. If flu vaccines had any efficacy,
they would have to be available within days of that particular virus being
produced within our bodies. In either case, there is no scientific proof
that flu vaccines create immunity from anything.

There is evidence though that vaccines are very harmful. Many people,
especially children have severe reactions to vaccines, such as colds, flu,
complete paralysis, hepatitis, pneumonia and death. Yet, Sachs and Taxali
argue that to let pneumonia run its course is ignorant, idiotic, dangerous
and irresponsible. Neither mentions all of the poisonous substances in all
vaccines, such as liquid methyl mercury, aluminum, ether, formaldehyde and
detergents. The quantity may vary but some or all of those substances are
in all vaccines, including flu vaccines. What educated parent with
knowledge about those toxins is going to believe the rhetoric from the
industries that profit from vaccines, that flu shots are ultimately good
for anyone, especially children?

How many of you would watch me dump a bunch of rotten eggs with disease
into a blender with the neurotoxin methyl mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde,
ether and detergents, blend them and offer it to your children, elderly
parents and you as a preventative for flu? Who would drink it and allow
their loved ones to drink it? Who thinks that we have better chances with
microbes, with which humans have interacted for at least 4 million years,
rather than a blatant soup of poisons? Natural immunity should always be
our choice.

However, Maryland State government has begun to force vaccines on
everyone's children. If parents do not get their children vaccinated, the
parents will suffer jail time. I suggest that if you live in Maryland and
you have children, move to another state quickly.