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| How should we view medical establishment, including in government?

Understand that medical procedural manuals are written by large
pharmaceutical companies who have vested interests in everyone receiving
drugs. All drugs are foreign chemicals that have side effects, usually
gradually as they accumulate in the body. Doctors believe that microbes
instead of chemical contaminants cause most diseases.

If that were true, humans would not have thrived for at least 4 million
years. Now, most people do not thrive but linger through a long life with
poor health. We have many more diseases than we had 100 years ago. We have
cities of drugs and no cures. The world needs to get a grip on reality and
face the fact that industrial pollution especially medical drugs cause most
of our diseases. Health departments are run by doctors or medically biased
people who continue the microbes-cause-disease myth that poisons our food
supply in the name of sanitation. They order us to contaminate our food
with chemicals that kill helpful bacteria and poison our cells.

There are no natural microbes that cause disease. Vomit and diarrhea are
not diseases but means to detoxify a poisoned condition, ultimately
preventing disease. Every epidemic of food-poisoning is from a reaction to
a food additive that mixed in a volatile way with manufactured cooked and
processed foods. Microbes are never the cause of diarrhea or vomit.
Example: One of my patients experienced many weeks of vomit and some
diarrhea. I had one of her vomits chemically analyzed. In that mere 4
ounces of vomit was 3,000 times the toxic dose of thallium, which is many
time the lethal amount of thallium.

Our bodies are marvelous creatures and should be trusted when vomit and
diarrhea occur. We should not attack them with antibiotics and other
medical nonsense because prejudiced minds tell us microbes are the cause.
Many microbes are our janitors, not monsters that intend to kill us.