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             More Clarity On Food-borne Bacterial Contamination


| I am confused about the bacterial issue with foods. If I understand you
| correctly, bacteria feeding on raw foods do not cause disease but they do
| when feeding on cooked foods. In laboratories, I have seen the damage
| that bacteria and fungus have done to cells, causing them to mutate or
| die. How is it different?

There are several scenarios. First, consider environment. Bacteria and
fungi infused into a fertile Petrie dish exist in an unnatural environment.
Unnatural fluids and solids fertilize Petrie dishes. There are no
bio-generated, self-perpetuating and naturally flowing fluids present as in
eco-life forms wherein bacteria and fungi live in harmony within bodies.
Cells that divide and multiply in such an unnatural environment are
altered/damaged/poisoned; they frequently degenerate and/or become mutant,
distinguishably or indistinguishably.

Certain bacteria such as many forms of salmonella and listeria are janitors
that eat damaged cells, or particular parts of damaged cells trying to
generate and maintain an ecologically sustainable environment that is their
role in life. Many forms of salmonella and listeria are digestive aids.

In unnatural Petrie-dish environments, all byproducts/ wastes from cells
and bacteria and/or fungi remain in the Petrie-dish solution. Contrarily,
in our bodies, we absorb most of that as food. In Petrie dishes, there are
no natural waste removal systems wherein the wastes can evacuate, evaporate
or perspire. Only mutant bacteria that are chemically forced to survive
will survive. They have little relationship to the natural forms of the
same species of bacteria and fungi.

Many parts of cells or specific cellular tissues are damaged and require
more janitorial bacteria, fungi or parasites to consume and help eliminate
much more waste. Unnaturally toxic environments created by cooked and
processed diets cause vicious cycles in which all cells cannot live
healthfully but instead mutate or become diseased. The behavior, chemistry
and habits of those cells change. The entire chain of life inside us
becomes toxic and mutant, our cells, bacteria, fungi, fluids and tissues.

More thoroughly, bacteria and fungi that feed on cooked and/or processed
"foods" become diseased quicker because most food cells of those substances
are bio-inactive. Also, many cooked and/or processed foods contain
additives and agricultural chemicals that poison and mutate the bacteria
and fungi. Digestive bacteria feeding on cooked and processed foods release
much of the toxic additives. Even their byproducts that are meant to be our
food become dangerously toxic. Consequently, our bodies progress slowly or
quickly toward diseases, depending on the health of each individual.

When raw foods pass through a creature's body – natural environment –
digestive bacteria eat much of the food cells. They and their non-toxic
waste are healthy food. It is a symbiotic relationship that allows
creatures to thrive healthfully. In such healthy environments, janitorial
bacteria are active only in small colonies because there is no natural

In an animal's body, if something such as food additives poisons cells,
bacterial or fungal janitors will feed on the damaged cellular tissue.
Often, white blood cells enter the digestive tract and eat the toxic
chemical additives and suffer death. Very often, janitorial bacteria are
termed "pathogenic" because they seemingly feed excessively on human cells.
However, the extent of cellular feeding always depends on cellular damage
not the opposite.

E.coli is the main type of bacteria in the bowels and is responsible for
eating and digesting the final stages of our food. Their
byproducts/secretions/ wastes are the richest nutrients that feed our brain
and nerve cells. E.coli are responsible for the release of most of the
Vitamin B complex, including B12. Naturally occurring E.coli are never
disease-causing. E.coli 0157:H7 is a man-made creature that exists and
grows only in unnatural environments such as when feeding on
cooked/processed food with chemicals that cause mutations.

Most often diarrhea and vomit that could be associated with food-poisoning
are the result of additive and agricultural chemicals being released from
the food and causing sickness. If blood and intestinal fat levels are high,
many of the toxins will be bound in or by fat, preventing the need for
diarrhea or vomit to eliminate the dangerous chemicals. Fats chelating with
chemicals prevents cellular damage, unless they are phagocytes (living fat
cells, such as white blood cells). If the fats that arrest the chemicals
are white blood cells, the white blood cells will often be poisoned to

If blood and intestinal fat levels are low, many of those chemicals could
be discarded through kidneys. If the kidneys are heavily damaged, then
janitorial bacteria feed heavily on damaged kidney tissue. Although it may
look as if the bacteria ate and destroyed the kidneys, it was the chemicals
that destroyed the kidneys. The bacteria were simply doing their best to
mitigate the damage by feeding and eliminating damaged cells or parts of
cells, readying the body for replacement cells.

The bacterial, fungal and parasitical misconcep- tions disseminated by the
medical industry are all indoctrinated into everyone by the pharmaceutical
and medical industries that make fortunes on people poisoning nature's
janitors. Our educational institutions, government and media take their
sciences for granted as true and parrot the rhetoric.

If you truly realized that food additives, industrial toxins and medicines
caused 98% of all diseases, you would not make pharmaceutical, medical and
food industries rich. They will continue to blame bacteria to confuse you
and most people are likely to fall into their fraudulent fear-trap. People
will continue to feed on their nutrient deficient, additive-poisoned foods
and contaminate their bodies with toxic drugs as therapy.

Raw foods that are non-poisonous can never cause diseases even when
naturally decaying. Remember that I had all of the vagus nerves to my
stomach severed over 40 years ago for stomach cancer. Therefore, I have had
no stomach hydrochloric acids to kill bacteria, fungi and parasites that
entered my stomach in food. I have never gotten vomit or diarrhea as direct
result of an abundance of bacterially rich food that is usually called
spoiled or rotten. Sometimes I ate overly fermented foods that contained so
much alcohol that I vomited and/or experienced diarrhea. There were times
when I ate too many glands, causing a detoxification into my stomach of old
toxic hormones, like adrenaline that had stored in my body. Consequently, I
vomited or had diarrhea.

About 99% of vomit, diarrhea and intestinal bleeding result from chemicals
and not bacteria, even in cooked food. The medicine-related and food
industries are not going to test for chemicals because they would be the
culprits. If we eliminated chemicals there would be no medications or food
additives. There would also be gross profit losses by the medical-related
industries, The food industry would lose because of short shelf-lives of
most foods.