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                          What Water Should I Buy?


| Gerolsteiner recently switched to using plastic bottles in my area. It
| used to be my favorite water for the occasional drink, but does not seem
| to taste the same in plastic containers. In light of Bisphenol A research
| do you rec- ommend avoiding all plastic water containers and switching
| brands?

I suggest that people do NOT drink much water and never from plastic
bottles. Water is a solvent and leaches toxins from plastic. You taste
plastic, as I do, because there is plastic in water that is bottled in
plastic. Our taste buds are alive and well enough to taste it.

Gerolsteiner has stopped exporting water to USA in glass. It is still
exporting water to other countries in glass. Maybe that German company does
not like Americans.

I have not consumed any bottled water in 3 weeks. In the week preceding, I
drank 1/2 cup of bottled Naturally Sparkling Apollinaris water. Presently,
if I were to sip a little water, it would be Apollinaris. Others are San
Faustino, San Pellegrino and Perrier.

Your mention of plastic coincides with my next newsletter in which I will
discuss plastics and their effects on us.