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                           How To Use An EMF Meter


Simply turn the dial to one of the magnetic settings and put the meter at
the electronic gadget and slowly move the meter from the gadget until the
reading is only 0-1 milligaus. That is the distance we must be from
electrical objects to reduce harmful exposure to EMFs. When using
computers, I suggest laptops over desktops. Laptops have much less EMFs but
you have to use a separate keyboard and mouse that would be plugged into
the laptop. Roller-ball-type mouses are non EMF-producing. Wireless and
infrared mouses generate very high EMF-levels. I have not tested many
headsets but headsets that I have tested all have magnets in earpieces that
directly emit EMFs into ear and head. When you use the TriField meter, use
Magnetic (0-3 range) and Radio to test each at the ear piece. If you get a
higher than 1 miligaus reading, get a tube ear piece to move the magnet
away from your ears and head. Consider also, that EMFs may be generated
into your home from power equipment outside homes, including electrical
generators. If you have a high EMF-field in your home that remains
relatively constant after you turn off the power in your home, EMFs are
generated outside your home. Get the electric company, electrician or
landlord to fix it. Or, I suggest that you move to another home.