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               What Place Do Energy Therapies Take In Healing?


| There are many people who claim that energy work can cure anything. What
| is your experience?

I have experienced favorable and harmful energy therapists through my
journey to optimal health. I have seen many people further damage
themselves because they were told (and believed, without wisdom) that
energy is more important than structures in this reality. That is, they
were told energy is more important than the physical, including diet. They
were told that if they controlled their energy-producing thoughts, they
could eat anything without harm.

Every energy worker and "master" who had disseminated that rhetoric did not
prove it to me with their experience. None of them surmounted health
problems. All of them had worsened health problems while adhering to that
concept. Even the life-long- committed vegetarian Dali Lama dropped his
vegetarian dogma and began eating meat when his health deterioration began
to affect his daily functions in his advancing years. Health-related
miraculous events are exceptions and far removed from normal.

I have been health conscious as a health researcher for over 40 years. I
experimented with all sorts of energetic modalities. They were relatively
ineffective in making radical changes toward better health and never
created homeostasis because they did not permanently change the structures
(cells) that contain and generate energy.

I found several energetic practitioners who mitigated my pain and suffering
for up to 3 days but without cure. I was very grateful for their help. If I
were in pain that I could not control on my own with diet and heat, I would
again seek their help.

Yes, everything is made of electricity and light however, cells are GROWN
over time to hold, convey and generate bio-active energies. On this
physical plane, without those structures (cells) there is no live
self-sustaining manifestation, containment, conveyance or generation of
those energies.

I have known thousands of people who had been misled to believe that
energies are more important than cells. Acting on that belief resulted in
no cures at all. It does not matter which came first, energy or structure
(cells). Once structures are formed, it is relatively improbable that
normal life and spiritual energies can immediately restructure our cells.
Time and growth are prevalent in our reality.

Energies that can immediately alter physical matter are often those that
can disrupt natural flows and destroy. I have found that man-made
mechanical energy devices generate non-bio-energies. Those energies are
usually in a large or small manner destructive to living cells. I suggest
that we consume raw foods and absorb sunshine to provide everything that
helps us re-energize ourselves, our cells.

The following is a miraculously natural event from Mother Earth's kitchen
of therapies that I discovered through trial and error. Renee Bentall, 47
years-young at the time, caught one of her index fingers in a grinder. It
was ground including bone. Not even one cell could be saved and reattached.

I advised Ms. Bentall to apply lime juice first to open wound and
surrounding area. Lime juice surrounds particles and dead cells of flesh,
blood, lymph and nerves so that white blood cells would not amass in the
area that could complicate healing and re-growth. I suggested that she
apply coconut cream over the lime juice, and apply unheated honey over the
coconut cream, then lay a very thin slice of fresh beef or buffalo steak
over her finger's open wound. I asked her to cover the meat with a piece of
coconut-cream-moistened gauze to prevent the meat from drying and
contracting her wound. I instructed her to place a piece of plastic the
size of the gauze to cover the gauze and prevent the gauze from drying,
then tape it all loosely with adhesive gauze.

The following photos recorded her finger's healing progress while Renee'
adhered to my Primal Diet and followed my advice for her finger. The first
photo was taken within 3 days of injury on 12 September 2007. The second
photos was taken on 6 November 2007. The last was taken on 22 September
2008, one year after the incident.