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                    What Do We Do About Emerging Plagues?


| After seeing the information on a plague emerging in the Grand Canyon, I
| was wondering if you could address the topic regarding what could happen
| in the future so we could be prepared by facts and not the propaganda of
| fear. Recently I heard on the news that there could be a world-wide flu
| epidemic. Could you please address how to handle man-made biologicals?
| Looking forward to your facts and wisdom.

A manufactured story is a fabrication to get people to believe something
that has not been proved true. Such stories were manufactured at the behest
of Knudsen Dairy when they paid doctors and writers to develop stories
about raw milk causing tuberculosis and other diseases. Knudsen wanted
people to be afraid of raw milk so that Knudsen could sell its expensive
pasteurized milk that few wanted and most feared. Their manufactured
stories reversed the fear, causing people to fear raw milk because of

The first indication of a manufactured story is the factless often glib
nature of the entire article. The Grand-Canyon story is not only factless,
it is outrageous. First question to answer about this article is: How many
cases of illness and accompanying deaths does it take to label an illness a
plague? Isn't it ludicrous for someone to call an illness, as in the Grand
Canyon event, a plague? The theoretical nature of a plague is that the
illness is supposed to be easily transferred from one person to another.

That Grand Canyon story seems to have been designed to frighten people into
consuming antibiotics just like the 34 people who came into contact with
the biologist. The author claimed that all of the biologist's contacts were
treated with antibiotics even though none had any symptoms of anything.
Secondly, the author wants us to assume that dead animal carcasses (other
than human) can produce bacteria that can burst into the air and transfer
from animal to human. Furthermore, the writer had no scientific proof of
any disease from the lion that was active and growing in the biologist.
Also, notice that he mentioned some of the diseases (HIV, West Nile virus
and SARS) that have been proved to be developed by military for germ
warfare as proof of present-day epidemics. (See Dr. Leonard Horowitz' info
for the evidence). That is another case of someone who should not be
allowed to have another article of his published.

Regarding a flu epidemic, flu is already omnipotent. Because most humans
are too toxic to cleanse their bodies naturally with bacteria, parasites
and fungus, their bodies utilize viruses. Flu is predominantly viral
detoxification. However, understand that viruses are not alive, have no
nucleus, respirator or digestive systems. They are as contagious as soap.
That is what viruses are: protein structures that dissolve. They are
solvents, soaps manufactured by cells, intracellularly.

The supposed Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 occurred when the first flu
vaccine was made available to the public. Everyone who got the flu and died
had had the vaccine and medical therapy for vaccine side effects. Do you
think that the manufacturer and all of the doctors involved were going to
admit their mistakes? So they blamed it on the Spanish flu and vermin.

I know some of my readers might think that I have gone off the deep end
with the following but when you have seen and gathered facts as I have
about pharmaceuticals and medical establishment, the conspiracy theory is
valid. Dr. Samuel Epstein has stated on numerous occasions that those 2
industries are in a conspiracy to continue cancer for profits, rather than
stop it.

I believe we are about to see an epidemic, the first of this century. It
will be from disease created by the avian flu vaccine that is about to be
issued to the public with millions of dollars of free and paid press,
mainly paid with tax dollars, warning of the avian flu that does not exist
and never did. I visited several fields in Thailand and Vietnam where they
had slaughtered all of the chickens but none of us could find any virus
that was not common to farm- crammed anti-biotic fed chickens. It was
publicity development, preparing us to be fearfully willing consumers of
the avian flu vaccine that will hit the market any day.

If we get flu, we should rejoice. Flu is cleaning our bodies. On page 148
of my book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, I gave my daily dietary
suggestions to help flu detoxification run their wonderful course to create
better health within our bodies and minds.