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          What Should We Consider For Health When Buying A New Car?


| I am looking into buying a new car. Do you have any recommendations for
| things to look out for? Hybrid or gas? Leather or cloth? Particular
| things to eliminate or request to reduce toxicity? I am planning to get a
| large enclosed truck or van to cart around things and dogs. Honda, Ford,
| or Toyota?

Hydrogen vehicles would be best of any offered because they do not produce
gaseous monoxides and reduce dependency on oil but refueling is nearly
prohibitive because very few fuel stations exist. Electric vehicles are my
next preference because they do not produce gaseous monoxides and reduce
dependency on oil, unless the electricity used in your town is powered by
oil or coal. Yet, we must consider that, as all vehicles, electric vehicles
produce very high levels of EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Hybrids use less
gas and are a step toward reducing gaseous monoxides and other airborne
combustion pollution but they produce high levels of EMFs, as most cars do.

The accepted safe level of EMF is considered 3 miligauss amongst more
health-conscious individuals. I notice that if I am exposed to higher
levels of EMFs for more than 2 hours, I develop symptoms of mild
fibromyalgia. If I expose myself to 5-10 hours, symptoms increase
proportionately, I become not only sore but achy and stiff. I can sit for
hours at my computer and not have the same results, so it is not that I am
sitting for so long without moving.

I suggest that you test all vehicles for EMF emissions. Consider that EMFs
emitted in the driver's seat are usually the highest. The next worst, I
found under back seats in cars where batteries were stored under seats. If
children sit in back seats, their gentle cells are much disrupted and may
modify behavior unfavorably, making them weak, sore, achy and cranky.

When you shop for a vehicle, I suggest that you take an EMF meter with you
while someone else drives. You will find that all vehicles are much higher
than the safe 3 miligauss limit. My 2003 Prius hybrid (Toyota) has EMF
levels of 8-50 at the foot pedals. The faster my car goes, higher EMFs are
produced, especially at foot pedals. So, most of the time when I drive, I
place my feet on the mound between driver and front passenger where EMFs
are rarely over 18. My 2003 Prius does not have a console as the later
Priuses do, so I have that advantage. Best to keep legs and feet as far
from pedals as possible and drive as much as possible with Cruise Control
feature. Be sure to get a car with Cruise Control.

However, if a CD or tape plays, EMFs increase to 50-150 miligauss. It would
be best to install a CD player in the trunk of the car but far enough from
back seats so that children and other passengers are not affected by the
high EMFs.

I had leather installed in all of my past vehicles because fabric
upholstery is plastic and creates lint. It is unhealthy to breathe plastic
lint. It must be dissolved in the body to eliminate it in the mucous
membranes of sinuses, throat, esophagus, bronchi, bronchioles and lungs.
Plastic contains many hormone-disruptive chemicals as well as toxic
carcinogenic polymers and epoxies.

After you buy a new vehicle, there will be many noxious toxic fumes
produced by various products of which cars are made. I suggest you open all
windows and doors and let the vehicle bake in the sun for up to 30 days to
help speed the major outgassing process of new products. When driving
during that 30-days drying period, leave all windows down and wear a gas
mask to prevent inhaling exhaust fumes from other cars. If you live in
areas with inclement weather, I suggest blocking rain or snowfall with an
awning to prevent rain or snow from filling your open car during that major
outgassing process. Also, get a car with a good air filter for interior of
vehicle to help absorb further outgassing and environmental pollution while
driving or riding in your new vehicle.