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Gum And Tooth Disease
Do People On Primal Diet Have More Gum And Tooth Diseases?

| I am thinking of going back on your [Primal] diet as I stopped it some
| time ago but have a renewed interest. However could you let me know what
| are the effects of consistently eating raw meat on gums and teeth? The
| reason I ask is because I have gum disease and...I noticed on Youtube a
| rant by a guy that seemed somewhat sincere but a rant none the less,
| saying that Aajonus had got it wrong. The strapline to his video was "a
| raw meat diet rots teeth". He cited that all of the people he had met on
| this diet had gum disease and then proceeded to show a photograph of a
| friend whose mouth was clearly suffering from gum disease. This he said
| was due to all of the continued acid that people on this diet would be
| exposed to. I wanted to know what you felt about this. I accept that the
| guy is a vegan and therefore obviously has an agenda but I am more than
| intrigued to know if the possibility of over-acidity leeching calcium
| from the body due to over exposure to too much protein is a possibility.

I think that the rant is not logical; you say he rants about decaying teeth
but cites gum disease. They are two separate issues although they can be
caused by the same toxins. Also, the rant is not rational because he does
not consider that everybody stores toxins in their brains, and that toxins
from brains most often detoxify through gums, salivary glands and tongue,
especially if a person does not have tonsils. Very few people I know on my
diet have gum disease and those that do, do not have it because of the
foods. It is because of the toxins dumping through gums.

Most people I know who have receding gums are vegetarians and vegans,
especially fruitarians. Most people have receding gums as they age, ask any
dentist, that is not gum disease. We are living in a polluted world of
immense airborne, medical and food contamination consisting of radical
chemicals that are overly acidic and cause gum and tooth diseases.

To get a rational view of whether my Primal Diet creates over-acidity that
causes receding gums, one can look to the Inuit (Eskimo), Samburu and
Masai. None of those tribes had ANY gum problems or carries as long as they
ate their normal raw diets of raw meats and raw dairy. They have the finest
teeth into old age that is recorded. Most people I know on my Primal Diet
stop or reduce movement toward receding gums on this diet unless they drink
too much vinegar or brush their teeth with vinegar more than once weekly,
or consume too much fruit especially citrus.

Consider my personal case:

After medical radiation "therapy" for stomach and abdominal cancer, all of
the bone around my teeth dissolved. The body eats its own bone to get
alkalinizing minerals in times of gross injury or disease. I could not chew
anything without bleeding profusely. I had to have everything blended into
a liquid or puree and suck those through giant straws. I got 2-3 blood
transfusions weekly, not because of the blood and bone cancers that the
radiation gave me but because of the loose teeth that dangled and tore from
the gums and caused so much bleeding that I lost about 1/2 cup blood before
the bleeding stopped each time. Within 1.5 years after drinking and eating
lots of raw dairy, the bone around my teeth reconstituted.

After chemo "therapy", my gums receded terribly. After consuming lots of
raw dairy for 1.5 years, much of the receded gums reconstituted. When I
switched to a raw fruitarian diet, I suffered much tooth decay and gum
recession again. When I began eating raw meat twice daily and consuming raw
dairy again, within 3 years my tooth decay decreased by 85% and gum
recession stopped and reversed about 60%.

The over-acidity that causes so much gum and tooth disease comes from
medical drugs especially injections, and processed foods with free-radical
chemicals that dissolve bodily tissue whether the tissue is soft like gums
or hard like bones. The gum disease presented by the concerned individual
on Youtube is not evidence that my Primal diet caused it.

Many people think that a good diet should automatically resolve all health
problems quickly. However, consider that our bodies are on Earth-time, not
magical time. It takes hours, days, weeks and 40 years on a perfect diet to
cleanse and replace every cell 5 times. According to doctors Pottenger and
Howell, it takes 5 generations for diseased animals to achieve optimal
health. For us, that is approximately 40 years. In our polluted
environments, it may take longer even on a perfect diet.

Would someone like to go on Youtube and counter the fellows misconceptions;
I wish I had time but I do not.