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                   What Is Nutrient Value Trace Minerals?
                             Should We Add More?


| Has Aajonus addressed the question of adding more significant amounts of
| liquid trace minerals to good quality untreated water? (I have been using
| "Sea Crop" which I use for feeding plants including herbs and garden
| vegetables like tomatoes and hot peppers). I realize that such water does
| not exist in LA. But it does here in Vermont. I agree that water is a
| powerful solvent. But, it is also a carrier, and as such could be a
| carrier for beneficial content, like alkalizing minerals as found in
| nature, like vegetable juices are. I realize the vegetable juices are the
| ideal, however, I'm considering the contingency of viable alternatives.
| It is very possible that fresh vegetables may become unavailable or
| relatively unavailable in the future here in the northeast out of season.
| Also, has Aajonus changed his position on glass bottled naturally
| sparkling mineral waters like Gerolsteiner?

Water is relatively deficient in nutrients. It only has trace amounts of
minerals and adding another trace relatively does nothing because the
minerals are non-absorbable in humans. They may attract and chelate with
toxic minerals such as free-radicals and other over-acidic minerals but
they cannot be absorbed for nutrient value. Plants digest rock and that is
what minerals in water are. When it rains, rock minerals are dissolved to
the extent that plants can digest, absorb and assimilate them but we
cannot. On my raw PD, drinking more than about 1/2 cup water daily leaches
and dilutes nutrients in our digestive tracts and dehydrates cells rather
than hydrates them.

If you are interested in increasing mineral absorption, I suggest that you
drink more milk, and eat cheese with a little honey 30 minutes after every
meat meal. Ratio of cheese to honey should be about 6 to 1, respectively,
such as 1 T. cheese to 1/2 tsp honey. ALL of the minerals in milk and
cheese may be digested and absorbed in our bodies. Cheese without honey
will not digest because it is a dehydrated substance. Mixing a little honey
with it will add bioactive enzymes so that the minerals and some other
nutrients in cheese may be digested, absorbed and assimilated.

I continue to advise that if drinking water, the safest (chemical-free)
water is naturally sparkling mineral water in glass. However, the very best
water if we are going to drink water would be algae-rich lake water with
all of the bacteria and other organism in it. I have heard the tales of
malaria in stream and lake waters throughout tropical environments and I
believe it is myth just as 99% of all medical information is myth, which is
designed to keep us taking medication rather than heal.

Natives in tropics are so brainwashed now that they believe they cannot
drink their own organism-rich waters because of fear of malaria. Whenever
they watched me consume such waters, they think that this white man has
lost his mind. I have never gotten sick from any such chemical-free waters.
I have consumed water from ponds and reservoirs rich with cattle urine and
feces and, like cattle, never gotten sick with diarrhea or vomit. That
water has never made me feel dehydrated as bottled waters and rain water
does. In fact, sometimes consuming just a little has improved my digestion.