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           Can We Preserve Raw Chicken In Vinegar Or Lemon Juice?


| Somebody said something about marinating chicken with vinegar and lemon
| juice. Have you tried that?

When preserving raw chicken in raw lemon juice and/or raw vinegar for more
than several days, the chicken will dissolve the same as raw fish. Lemon
juice will dissolve whatever raw meat you marinate in it. If you just leave
it in lemon juice for 1-24 hours, and pour off the lemon juice, chicken and
fish will solidify and stay that way for 1-2 weeks. If when you pour off
lemon juice, you pour stone-pressed olive oil over the chicken, it may be
preserved for 1-4 weeks. However, there may be some gas that forms which
smells slightly rank. Remember that raw lemon juice and raw vinegar promote
fermentation, they do not stop fermentation.