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            Chemicals Used to Protect Food From Bacteria; Harmful


| The fresh fish in my local supermarket has been looking very shiny lately
| - like plastic. I called the buyer and during the course of our
| conversation, he told me filleted fish was run through a Chlorine Bath to
| kill bacteria. I was a little stunned and questioned him further. He told
| me as far as he knows ALL fish that is filleted is run through this
| chlorine bath; he saw the process.
| Whole Foods told [a friend] recently they are spraying their fresh fish
| in the case with ionized water to keep it fresh looking. Neither of us
| knew what ionized water would do to the fish.
| [Another friend] said she was told to wash oysters because they are being
| irradiated.
| What is your safest recommendation of fish? Or do you, or has anyone
| found a GOOD MAIL ORDER FISH SOURCE ? I am going to try to research that
| soon.

Adulterations to our food increase daily. That is why I stress that people
have to invest in and own farms, period. There is no escaping the onslaught
of chemicals in food purchased at any market, including Whole Foods because
they embrace toxic genetically modified foods and carry very few organic

If you rinse meats with water rather than scrape them, you would probably
wash the chemicals deeper into meats. Therefore, I suggest scraping meats.
As soon as I arrive home from markets in industrial cultures, I scrape all
surfaces of meat (red, fish, seafood, pork, etc.) no matter what kind. From
a 1 lb. slice of meat, I remove up to 3 T. of meat by scraping it with a
sharp flat-bladed non-serrated knife.

Food-irradiating machines are very expensive and hazardous because they
handle radioactive waste material. Only major food-manufacturing plants can
afford it. Therefore, I assume that only the major oyster-producing
processors would be able to irradiate oysters, such as canned and processed
oysters, not in-shell oysters. Only buy in-shell oysters. However, with
Fukushima disaster, I would check oysters monthly for radioactive material
with radiation Geiger counters.

Ionized water neutralizes much proton-activity that helps bacteria digest
food. Therefore, fish sprayed with ionized water will not predigest when
exposed to oxygen. When you consume fish that has been sprayed, the ionized
water will interfere with your intestinal bacteria's ability to digest. So,
scrape the surface of all fish, as I do as soon as I arrive home.