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          How Long Does It Take To Understand The Primal Diet(TM)?


| Do you know it has taken me all of these years [11] to understand the
| theory of the diet: We age rapidly (and die quicker) through toxicity,
| built up day after day, year after year, decade after decade, eating
| cooked foods that bodies have not been designed (almost all) to digest
| and assimilate. Those residues lodge somewhere and everywhere in our
| systems.
| There are those that push the diet and use various methods to do
| deep-cleansing, cleansing that the body may or may not get to [without
| extra effort], down the road. The body has infinite wisdom in attempting
| to balance and heal. For me, I have been faithful, no cooked food for the
| 11 or 12 years that I have been on the diet, but have not done the high
| meats, the [long hot] baths or weight gain/loss flush. So, perhaps I am
| like a turtle, slowly progressing by not adding so may toxins, at least
| through food. Alas, still I introduce new toxins environmentally through
| my work and just breathing air (car exhaust, factory fumes, etc.). So my
| body does it's best to keep up and now and then go deeper.
| I am involved [in a new relationship] with a young woman who is a fitness
| instructor. Being with her pushes me in certain ways to think a bit about
| the future and ways in which I can slow the aging process. This is
| actually what drew me to you in the first place. I saw you and then again
| one and a half years later, and you looked younger. Now, looking back,
| you had cleansed your body of deeper levels of toxicity in that time
| frame and your body was functioning at a higher level.
| I have begun, in the last four months to work out, lift weights and such.
| This feels good, stronger in the body.
| Aajonus I am grateful for your teachings and the opportunity that you
| give me with choice. This is all that can be asked for, just to give
| people the information, the understanding and offer them the choice of
| what they want to do with their bodies.
| I am thinking again of going to the Ukraine and to photograph at
| Chernobyl. It is imperative that Chernobyl remains in people's
| consciousness as to the dangers of nuclear and risks of radiation.
| Chernobyl is misunderstood here in the west. 500,000 Ukrainian/ Russians
| were involved in the clean-up. All of these people were exposed to
| dangerous levels of radiation and all are sick. Generations are and will
| be affected.

Thank you for your continued appreciation for my work. It takes many people
a decade to understand their bodies and my Primal Diet. I am delighted you
understand and thankful I was helpful in your well being.

Since the forced injections almost 2 years ago, I am aging. I am sad for
the corrupt minds that have to hurt others to achieve their goals of
complete control of other people for profit and power.

Looks as though Chernobyl will be overshadowed by Japan's new
China-syndrome nuclear disaster at Fukushima which is much worse. I saw a
commentary this morning by a scientist who stated the radioactivity is
1,800 times greater than the hydrogen bomb. I hope that you do not go to
Japan to photograph that disaster until the radiation dissipates enough in
500,000 years.